TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida
January 12, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Just got to start off this week with a big ROLL TIDE!

Fresh off the heels of TNA’s “Genesis” PPV this weekend Impact Wrestling opens up this week with highlights from Genesis focusing on the disappointing finish of the Roode-Hardy match. If you didn’t see it, Roode intentionally got himself disqualified when it looked like Hardy might get the win. Roode says he doesn’t need friends or family, the only thing he needs is his title.

Roode’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Roode says in his humble opinion after his dominant effort at the PPV he can honestly say that he has become the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in the history of TNA. Roode says he is simply the greatest and Sting keeps lining up while he just keeps knocking them down from Storm to AJ to Hardy. Roode says he has to tip his hat to Hardy because the way he’s turned his life around in the last few months almost brings a tear to his eye…almost. He says on the biggest night of his career he failed against Roode and he won’t embarrass Jeff anymore on his defeat so instead he will call Jeff out to the ring to “humbly accept” his defeat and shake the hand of the champ.

Instead of Hardy coming out, Sting makes his way down instead to the dismay of Roode. Sting says he doesn’t know how many times they’ll have to go through this but here they go again, “Me: Sting, boss… you: Roode, employee” so Roode interrupts him and says, “NO…Me: World Heavyweight Champion!” Sting says Roode is like the punk kid sitting in the back of the class disrupting everything making the teacher very angry. Sting says the teacher wants to take out the big ruler and spank him which results in a “spank his butt” chant. Sting says he has something much more harsh for Roode though. Sting says tonight Roode will defend that belt tonight against Hardy again! Roode freaks out as Sting leaves the ring.

Earlier today Matt Morgan and Crimson show up at Direct Insurance together and shamelessly plug the company and then Morgan says he and Crimson have a match tonight against The Shore. Crimson says it’s time to destroy lives.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

Non-Title Match
Crimson & Matt Morgan vs. The Shore (Robbie E. & Robbie T.)

Morgan and Crimson are coming off their win over Samoa Joe & Magnus at Genesis. Terry and Crimson kick the match off. Terry gets Crimson in a side headlock but Crimson shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block from the bigger Robbie. Terry tags in Robbie E. so Crimson shoves him hard into the corner and Robbie tags Terry right back in. Terry kicks Crimson and then lifts him up for a big Scoop Slam. Robbie tags back in and climbs to the top but as he dives off Crimson catches him in the air and then slams him to the mat. Crimson Elbow Drops Robbie and then Terry comes in only to eat a clothesline from Morgan. Crimson grabs Robbie and slams him into the corner and then tags Morgan into the match. Morgan hits his Corner Elbows on Robbie and then Crimson whips Morgan into a splash on Robbie in the corner. Robbie then stumbles into a T-Bone Suplex from Crimson! Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint on Terry knocking him off the apron and then he and Crimson hit the Double Chokeslam on Robbie to pick up another win.

Winners: Crimson & Morgan via pinfall (Double Chokeslam)

After the match Samoa Joe and Magnus QUICKLY hit the ring and jump the Tag Champs! Joe slams one of the title belts into Morgan while Magnus stomps Crimson out! Joe hits a Running Back Elbow and then Enziguri on Crimson and then he hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by the Flying Elbow Drop from Magnus off the top! Joe and Magnus pick up the title belts and hold them up in the air while standing over the champs.

Eric Bischoff arrives to the arena.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

A vignette airs hyping the history between Immortal and Garett Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring mocking the fans the whole way down. Bischoff says Sting hands Garett some wrestling boots and all of a sudden he thinks he’s made it. Eric says he doesn’t blame Garett for dreaming to be a wrestler and then he compares himself to Van Halen saying that they make playing the guitar look easy but it’s far more difficult than that. He says that he made building a billion dollar company (WCW) look easy so he doesn’t blame Garett. Eric says he burned everything and everyone that didn’t benefit him while building that company and that includes people he worked with. Eric says that he encourages Garett to give up his dreams because those dreams are going to get him hurt. Garett’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Garett says he hasn’t burned all of his bridges and he HAS friends unlike Eric. He says he isn’t going anywhere. He says that he’s proud to be in the ring working with and learning from greats like Sting, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles and that’s what he’ll continue to do and nobody, Eric included, will take that away from him. He says that he tried to take it away when Gunner took him out but he came back and Gunner can do it again and he’ll still come back. Garett then says he has a new trainer and he’ll be shocked to find out who he is. Garett tries to leave but Bischoff grabs his arm. Garett backs his dad into the corner and tells him to never put his hands on him again.

In the back Winter and Angelina talk about the drama in the Knockouts division. Winter says she thinks it’s about time people remember who Winter is and after tonight people will not won’t to forget her again. Angelina says it’s also time people remember who she is, a former 5-time Knockout Champion.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

A vignette for the weird Eric Young/ODB stuff is shown. We cut to ODB saying that she kissed EY because she was horny and then walks off. EY starts mumbling and then ODB walks up, pinches him on the ass, and tells him to come on.

Winter w/Angelina Love vs. ODB w/Eric Young

Winter & ODB lockup and ODB forces Winter into the ropes, and then they break. Winter gets ODB in a Waistlock but ODB bucks her off and then hits a running Chest Bump! ODB goes for the Carpet Muncher in the corner but Winter moves and then drags ODB to the center of the ring by the hair. Winter hangs ODB upside down in the corner and then starts choking her. Winter slides out to the floor and starts pulling on ODB’s head while she’s still hung up until EY chases her off. Winter rolls back into the ring and gets a nearfall. Winter slams ODB into the mat and then locks in a rear chinlock. ODB fights to her feet and breaks the hold. Winter shoves ODB into the ropes and ODB explodes off of them with a shoulder block. ODB then whips Winter into the corner and hits a Splash followed by the Carpet Muncher! ODB picks Winter up and hits the Fall Away Slam! Angelina slides into the ring but EY comes in and Airplane Spins Angelina. Both of them fall out of the ring due to dizziness. Winter sneaks up behind ODB but ODB elbows her in the head and then connects with The BAM (DVD)! 1…2…3!

Winner: ODB via pinfall (The BAM)

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

AJ Styles music hits and the Phenomenal One makes his way down to the ring as footage of Kazarian turning on him last week is shown. AJ says he has some questions for Kazarian and he better have some answers. Kaz’s music hits and he makes his way down the ramp. AJ says he has to admit it, that Kazarian caught him by surprise because out of everyone he didn’t expect Kaz to turn on him. AJ says that Kaz was always the voice of reason in Fortune. AJ says “why did you turn your back on me?” and then AJ stops and says he had almost the same conversation with Christopher Daniels after he turned his back on AJ just like Kaz did. AJ tells Kaz to man up and answer him now.

Kaz cuts AJ off and says he can’t tell him why and then we hear “But I can” over the speakers as Daniels walks down to the ring. Daniels says Kaz finally sees AJ for what he is, a lost cause. Daniels says that ever since he beat AJ the first time, Kaz has seen AJ lose match after match and he finally asked himself why he was standing with a loser like AJ while a winner like Daniels is standing right there. Daniels says Kaz is done carrying AJ and then he calls AJ a “worthless piece of sh*t.” Kaz tells Daniels to chill but then Daniels gets in Kaz’s face and tells him to leave which Kazarian does. AJ then throws the microphone at Daniels, literally THREW it at him! AJ beats the crap out of Daniels until Kazarian pulls Daniels out of the ring away from AJ! AJ screams at Kaz while Daniels laughs and Kaz holds him back.

In the back James Storm is getting ready to come down to the ring.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

Footage of the WILD Monsters Ball Match from Genesis is shown and then we cut to Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. Ray says he was trending worldwide on Twitter Sunday after what he did to Abyss in the match, but Roode asks him if he heard what Sting said to him. Roode is freaking out about having to face Hardy again. Ray says he destroyed Abyss and the whole word was trending on Twitter, something Sting has never done. Roode says this isn’t about Twitter, it’s about Sting throwing his weight around again. Ray says he has Roode’s back tonight but he’ll have to owe him one. Roode agrees to it and then Ray says his favor would be a “shot” at the belt and Roode says “sure.”

James Storm’s music hits and the “Cowboy” makes his way down to the ring pissed off. Storm says things are starting to get a little sketchy in Impact Wrestling and he’s about to call someone out, and he’s calling Kurt Angle out right now. Angle doesn’t make the pissed of Cowboy wait long either. Kurt keeps trying to talk but Storm tells him to shutup and then slaps the microphone out of his hand. Storm says everyone knows that Kurt takes the low road and he wouldn’t expect any less from him. Storm says Kurt can run around and claim that he didn’t beat Kurt but he’s pretty sure that if you look in the record book it will say “James Storm: former World Heavyweight Champion…by beating you” and that he also set the TNA World Title record by beating Angle in 30 seconds. Storm tells Angle to go get his gear on so they can have another match tonight and Storm can set another record tonight, the record for kicking a mans teeth so far down his throat that he poops them out in the ring.

Storm hands Angle the microphone and Angle says he came here tonight but he’s not on the card tonight and he’s not dressed to wrestle. Angle says he came to see his buddies and it’s his night off and there is no way in hell Storm is getting a rematch. Angle says he proved that he is the better man at Genesis and Storm will have to live with that. Angle says he’s on to bigger and better things, the World Title. Sting’s music hits and he walks down to the ring.

Sting says he’ll get to Storm & Angle shortly but he has one quick piece of business to attend to regarding Roode & Hardy first. Sting says that if Bobby Roode intentionally tries to get himself DQ’d in the match then the title WILL change hands tonight and Hardy will win the belt! Storm says Kurt will get a title match in due time and since Storm won at Final Resolution and Angle won at Genesis they have to have a rubber match! He says that rubber match is tonight and the winner of that match will face the winner of the Hardy/Roode match! Angle says he’s not prepared or even in his gear and he better hurry up because the bell rings right after the commercial break!

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match
“Cowboy” James Storm vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

Angle’s music plays through once without him walking out so Earl Hebner calls for the bell and starts counting Angle out! Hebner gets to 7 before Angle runs down to the ring and gets in and Storm jumps him immediately! Storm puts the boots to Angle in the corner and then lights him up with an Uppercut and then he starts stomping on the hand of Angle. Storm slams Angle headfirst into the corner and then slams him into the opposite corner. Storm continues to beat on Angle until Angle rakes the eyes of Storm to catch a break. Angle then charges at Storm but Storm sidesteps him and Angle runs shoulder first into the ring post! Storm slams Angle into the corner and then slams Angle to the mat shoulder first working on that shoulder now. Angle stomps on the arm of Angle and then picks Angle up and tosses him out to the floor. Storm follows Angle out and continues the onslaught on Angle on the outside! Storm slams Angle into the ringsteps and then rakes at the face of Angle before tossing him back into the ring. Angle rolls out to the floor on the other side and as Storm follows him Angle kicks Storm in the gut and then connects with an uppercut. Angle slams Storm into the ring steps now. Angle tosses Storm back into the ring and starts putting the boots to the Cowboy. Angle attempts to whip Storm into the ropes but Storm reverses it and connects with a back elbow. Angle rolls back out to the floor but Storm gives chase and again Angle kicks him and then hits a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex on the outside!

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

Back from the break Angle gets a quick nearfall on Storm and then puts the boots to Storm in the corner. Angle is working on the leg of Storm now attempting to take away the Last Call. Angle picks Storm up and hits a Snap Suplex and gets another nearfall. Angle goes back to stomping on the leg of Storm and then steps on his head. Angle hits a European Uppercut on Storm which seems to wake Storm up as Storm bounces back with big right hands. Storm then attempts to whip Angle into the ropes but Angle reverses it and takes Storm out with a Back Elbow. Angle taunts the crowd and then continues the beatdown on Storm. Storm again attempts to right back with right hands but again Angle cuts him off. Angle whips Storm into the ropes and then goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks it and then both men go for a Cross Body Block at the same time and take each other out! Both men down now! Both men get up and Storm blocks a right hand from Angle and connects with a series of rights of his own! Storm whips Angle into the ropes and then hits a Leaping Clothesline followed by a Back Elbow. Storm attempts to whip Angle into the ropes again but this time Angle reverses it only to eat a Running Clothesline from Storm again! Storm goes for another clothesline but Angle ducks and then goes for a clothesline of his own but Storm kicks his arm away and then connects with the Backstabber! 1…2… NO Angle kicks out! Angle’s lip looks busted open. Storm picks Angle up and hits a Backbreaker and then climbs up top and dives off but Angle gets his foot up. Storm catches Angle’s foot and locks in Angle’s own Ankle Lock! Angle fights it and almost taps but then rolls over and kicks Storm with the free leg into the corner. Angle gets to his feet and hits the Angle Slam! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Angle sells the leg after the nearfall. Angle gets back to his feet and starts stomping on Storm again and then mounts Storm and hits him with repeated right hands. Angle climbs out to the floor and grabs Storm’s beer bottle. Angle takes a swig before Hebner saw him. Hebner takes the bottle away from Angle but when he turns around Angle spits the beer into Sorm’s face! Angle Superkicks Storm! 1…2…NO Storm still kicks out! Angle is pissed now and starts slapping the head of Storm and talking trash to him. Angle slaps Storm hard but Storm then bounces off the ropes and hits the Codebreaker followed by the Last Call! 1…2…3! Storm did it again!

Winner: Storm via pinfall (Last Call)

In the back Jeff Hardy talks about his match with Roode and he says tonight the “Enigma ends the Selfish Generation.”

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

A video hyping up the gorgeous Brooke Tessmacher being a part of Speed Channel’s Hooters Girl contest is shown.

In the back Madison Rayne approaches Sting and she says they need to start over because they got off on the wrong foot. She asks Sting to go ahead and officially name her the VP of the Knockouts. Madison says when there is a job to get done she will get it done and Sting says she saw how she helped Gail Kim keep her Knockouts Title and asks if that’s what she meant. Sting says he won’t put Madison inside a little cage anymore because she deserves bigger, that’s why next week it’s Mickie James and Madison Rayne inside a Steel Cage Match! Madison freaks the hell out.

Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
*if Roode gets himself DQ’d then Hardy wins the strap
Bobby Roode (c) vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Boxing style intros for this one. At Genesis Roode intentionally got himself DQ’d by kicking the referee in the balls. If Roode gets himself DQ’d in this one, Hardy wins the title. Roode refuses to get in the ring to start things off and instead talks crap to some kids at ringside. Hardy takes the fight to Roode by hitting a Dropkick through the ropes onto Roode on the floor! Hardy slams Roode into the guardrail repeatedly and then slams him into a chair nearby. Hardy kicks Roode repeatedly and then slams him into the ring post. Dixie Carter is sitting at ringside with Bellator’s CEO. Hardy slams Roode’s head into the steps and then actually stands on Roode’s head! Roode finally starts to make a comeback with a kick to the gut and then he attempts to Piledrive Hardy on the floor, but Hardy takes Roode down with a double leg takedown and then Catapults Roode into the ring post! Hardy attempts a Twist of Fate on the floor but Roode shoves him away only to eat a running clothesline from Hardy! Hardy finally rolls Roode back into the ring and the match officially starts. Hardy tosses Roode into the corner and puts the boots to him. Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode reverses it and then eats a Flying Forearm from Hardy for a nearfall. Hardy follows up with a shortarm clothesline for another nearfall. Hardy picks Roode up and hits a Sitout Front Suplex! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out again! Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode reverses it and then goes for a backdrop. Hardy stops and kicks Roode and then clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor!

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————–

Back from the break Hardy slams Roode into the ring apron and then whips Roode into the ring steps! Hardy pulls the ring steps out and then charges and dives off them with a little Poetry In Motion attempt, but Roode moves and Hardy eats every last damn bit of the guardrail HARD! Good lord that was vicious! The look on Hardy’s face as he hit it says it all, damn. Roode rolls back into the ring and the referee begins the 10 count on Hardy as he looks like he’s laid out and the fans at ringside try to help him up. Hardy finally gets up and rolls back into the ring at the last second. Immediately Roode grabs Hardy and starts beating on him as he comes back into the ring. Roode locks in a headlock and as Hardy tries to break the hold Roode slams his fist down on Hardy’s back repeatedly. Roode slams Hardy into the corner and then Roode climbs up top and hits the Blockbuster! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Roode puts the boots to Hardy and then screams “there’s your hero” at the fans. Roode picks Hardy up for the Payoff but Hardy counters with a Jawbreaker and then a Russian Leg Sweep! Hardy then grabs Roode’s legs and Leg Drop’s down onto them in a pin! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out and then Hardy grabs Roode and hits an Atomic Drop! Hardy then Leg Drops the abdomen of Roode followed by a sliding dropkick for another nearfall! Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the corner but Roode reverses it. Roode charges at Hardy but Hardy hits him with a back elbow and then springs off the top with the Whisper In The Wind! 1…2…NO Roode still kicks out! Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Roode shoves him into the ropes and then hits the Double-R Spinebuster! Roode picks Hardy up and goes for the Payoff again but Hardy blocks it and hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy climbs up top and goes for the Swanton Bomb! Roode rolls out of the way and covers Hardy! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Roode screams at Hardy to get up and then he climbs up top and dives but Hardy kicks him in midair! Hardy then hits a Stunner followed by the Twist of Fate! Hardy climbs up top again and hit’s the Swanton this time! 1…2…NO Bully Ray pulls the referee out and then kicks him! Hardy hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Ray on the floor! Hardy rolls back into the ring but Roode has rolled out to the other side. Hardy screams “what the hell just happened?!”


Roode holds onto the title since he didn’t get HIMSELF DQ’d, Ray did.

Ray screams “you can’t beat Roode” at Jeff as Roode hugs his title belt.


I have no problem at all with TNA putting on big rematches like Angle/Storm and Hardy/Roode on free TV but they are really shooting themselves in the foot CONTINOUSLY by just doing it right away rather than setting it up for at least the next week so they can hype it up. I just don’t get that. Also, the bullsh*t finish to the Title Match at Genesis is just ridiculous. Especially since that’s two months in a row. A finish like that is fine for Impact, but on PPV you have to deliver more than that. I understand that heels cheat, that’s booking 101, but have him cheat to WIN not close out your PPV with a DQ in the Title Match especially after you had a draw the next week.

The opening promo was okay between Sting and Roode.

Nice squash match from Crimson & Morgan, they are finally starting to look like the big monster tag team they should be and man I love Magnus & Joe as a team. I’m really glad they are keeping them together.

Winter/ODB was okay but I continue to care nothing about the ODB/Young combination.

I care even less about the Bischoff drama, please stop. PLEASE.

Excellent promo from Angle and Storm minus the poop reference.

I’m really interested in the Kaz/AJ stuff, I want to see where this goes. AJ and Kaz have a LONG history together (just as long as he and Daniels just about) in TNA as both enemies and partners so that feud should be interesting and will obviously lead into another feud with Daniels which I have no problem with.

Storm and Angle put on another excellent showing and went a different route this time around by having Storm go right after Angle from the start rather than the usual early minutes mat wrestling. The fans sucked but both guys busted their asses. Angle should really be commended for the what he is doing for James Storm, something MANY vets like Angle have been known for NOT doing.

Main Event was great as well, just another crappy finish. Hardy worked hard and is really trying to redeem himself, that spot on the guardrail was just NASTY. I’m not sure where they will go from here, Hardy really doesn’t have another feud set up anywhere and Storm just won the #1 Contenders Match.

1) Matt Morgan & Crimson def. The Shore
2) ODB def. Winter
3) TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match: James Storm def. Kurt Angle
4) TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy def. Bobby Roode (c) via DQ (Roode retains)

Promo/Segment of the Night: Angle/Storm
Match of the Night: Angle/Storm (****)
Overall Grade: A –

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Steel Cage Match: Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne
– Gunner vs. AJ Styles

Against All Odds Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Bobby Roode (c) vs. James Storm