TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida
January 19, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up this week with a quick video recap of the drama surrounding the World Title.

James Storm’s music hits as we come into the arena and the NEW #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship makes his way down to the ring. Storm says it feels good to be back in the Impact Zone now that he is the #1 Contender to the World Title again. Storm says he did exactly what he said he was going to do, beat the best wrestler to ever step foot in the ring. Storm says he knows Angle IS the best but last night Storm was just a little bit better. Storm says at Against All Odds Bobby Roode is going to have to stand across the ring from him and look him eye to eye before he whoops Roode’s ass. Storm says all he has to say to him… SORRY BOUT YO DA… and then Jeff Hardy’s music cuts him off.

The FORMER #1 Contender makes his way down to the ring as Storm looks confused. Hardy says he got screwed at the PPV and got screwed last week and the creatures keep getting screwed. Hardy says nobody is getting a title shot against Roode until he gets his final encounter with him.

Storm says Hardy comes out here talking about getting screwed but a few months ago Storm was the World Champion and Bobby Roode screwed him over first. Storm says you would think with all this screwing Roode’s been doing he would have a lot of child support to pay (which gets a humorous nod from Hardy) and then Roode’s music interrupts the two former World Champs.

Roode walks out and says he’s totally flattered that they are both bickering over a shot at his title, but says he must have to remind Storm of the stipulation Sting laid down last week. He says that Sting said the winner of Storm/Angle would become the #1 Contender to the winner of Roode/Hardy, but unfortunately there was no winner in the and Hardy’s match that means Storm’s #1 Contendership is now null and void.

He then looks at Hardy and says when it comes to Jeff he’s all about giving to the needy, but come on, he already gave Hardy two shots in the span of just 5 days and both times Hardy failed so no more title shots for him either. I’m thinking Sting is going to have something a little different to say.

Sting’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring as well. Sting says Roode found himself another loophole kind of like not getting himself disqualified last week and instead Ray doing it. Sting says tonight they will do something about that to fix it with a #1 Contenders Match between Hardy & Storm! It goes down tonight in the Main Event! Roode screams at Sting as Sting leaves the ring.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Backstage Angelina Love is b*tching about Eric Young and says she feels dirty after EY put his hands on her last week. She says if EY wants to touch her then she can go one-on-one with her tonight and tells him to come alone, without ODB.

Gunner w/Ric Flair vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

This is the “Phenomenal One’s” first match since his boy Kazarian turned on him a few weeks ago. Tenay puts over that Gunner has put 4 wrestlers in the hospital over the last few months, including RVD at “Genesis.” AJ and Gunner lockup and Gunner forces AJ into the corner, but AJ quickly turns it around on Gunner. Gunner shoves AJ so AJ slaps him in the face. Gunner then charges at AJ but he ducks him and then hits a leg kick to the bigger athlete. AJ locks in a side headlock but Gunner shoves him hard into the corner and then hits him from behind. Gunner whips AJ into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but AJ counters into a backslide by catching Gunner’s arm! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! They lockup again and this time Gunner gets AJ in a side headlock but then AJ shoves him into the ropes and then leapfrogs over Gunner followed by the Phenomenal Dropkick! Gunner rolls out to the floor and pitches a fit until Flair comes over to calm him down. Flair tells Gunner to focus and make AJ come to him. Gunner rolls back into the ring and then Flair distracts AJ allowing Gunner to catch him with a cross chop to the throat. Gunner then hits a Vertical Suplex for his first nearfall. Gunner locks in a Waistlock now and tries to wear down the high flyer. AJ fights up to his feet and is able to maneuver himself around and break the hold by slamming his arms into the sides of Gunner’s head. AJ then connects with a right hand followed by an Irish Whip. AJ attempts a backdrop but Gunner stops and then tosses AJ into the ropes and connects with a Running High Knee! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Gunner slams his elbow into AJ and then picks hits a Knee Drop for another nearfall. AJ attempts to fight back until Gunner cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Gunner whips AJ into the corner and then charges at him but AJ gets his boot up! AJ follows up with a Running Lariat and then a back elbow! AJ goes for another clothesline but Gunner ducks and then picks AJ up and dumps him over the top rope to the apron. Gunner grabs AJ by the head and then tries to slam his head into the ring post but AJ blocks it with his boot and connects with a right hand. AJ then hits the Springboard Flying Forearm! AJ gets fired up as he gets to his feet until he sees Kazarian & Daniels walking down to the ring. Daniels tells Kazarian to “do it” and then Gunner catches AJ from behind with a knee to the gut. Gunner picks AJ up and goes for the F-5 but AJ blocks it and hits a Leaping Enziguri to the back of the head! Flair gets up on the apron and distracts the referee as Kaz jumps on the other side and nails AJ with a running clothesline from the apron! Gunner gets back to his feet as Daniels tells Kaz to watch. Gunner hits a Spike DDT! 1…2…3!

Winner: Gunner via pinfall (Spike DDT)

After the match Daniels claps as Kazarian puts his head down. Gunner tosses AJ out to the floor and it looks like he’s going to take AJ out now! Gunner rips the matting away and picks AJ up for another DDT, but AJ shoves Gunner away. AJ then climbs over the guardrail and gets away from Gunner through the crowd.

In the back Magnus and Joe cut a promo with Magnus saying he’s going to take it to “that meathead” Crimson and show him what he’s all about. Crimson & Morgan walk up and Crimson asks if he’s sure about that because tonight he will END Magnus. Crimson says he’s screwing with the wrong son of a b*tch and they can do it right now if he wants to. Morgan tells Crimson to chill and beat his a** in the ring. Crimson and Morgan walk away as Joe smiles and Magnus calls Crimson “sweetheart” or something.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Ray and Sting are in the back and Ray tells Sting not to get intimated because he won’t smack him around the place tonight. Ray says he needs a favor and he says he hasn’t lost a single match since he’s become a singles wrestler and he deserves a Title shot more than anyone. Sting says Ray screwed Hardy over last week and now he wants him to do him a favor. Sting says Ray doesn’t tell him what to do, how to do it, or when to do it, it’s the other way around and he better remember that. Sting says the answer is no and next time he wants to talk to him he better make an appointment. Ray asks Sting who the hell is for him to have to make an appointment and he does what he wants and when he wants. Ray says if an appointment he wants then he’ll get it but next time he’ll HAVE to listen. Sting punks Ray out by slapping him on the chest and saying he’s looking forward to that. Ray doesn’t do anything back so Sting says “I thought so” and walks away.

Magnus vs. Crimson

Neither Joe or Morgan is at ringside for this one. A clip of Joe & Magnus jumping Crimson & Morgan last week is shown as Magnus comes to the ring. Magnus jumps Crimson before the bell and nails him with repeated right hands and knees. Magnus whips Crimson into the ropes and connects with a clothesline for a quick nearfall. Magnus chokes Crimson with his knee and then connects with a Vertical Suplex for another quick nearfall. Magnus immediately grabs Crimson and covers him for another nearfall. Magnus picks Crimson up and tosses him into the corner repeatedly, and then starts slapping him on the back of the head. Magnus goes to the opposite corner and then charges at Crimson but gets caught with the Red Sky! 1…2…3!

Winner: Crimson via pinfall (Red Sky)

After the match Joe runs down and hits Crimson with a brutal clothesline to the back! Joe continues to beat on Crimson and then he even socks the referee! Joe beats the hell out of Crimson while talking trash to him the whole time and then Magnus comes over and joins in on the beatdown. Finally Matt Morgan runs down and takes out Joe and then goes after Magnus until Joe chop blocks the big man! Joe tosses Crimson into the MDD (Mag Daddy Driver aka Michinoku Driver) from Magnus! Joe hits Morgan with a Running Back Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri and then a Snapmare Takeover, and Magnus dives off the top with the Flying Elbow Drop! Magnus picks up one of the title belts and poses with it as Joe stands over the prone body of Morgan. Joe looks down at Morgan and screams at him before they leave.

Earlier today EY is looking at poster for Bellator and wonders if he could be a MMA fighter, then some random chick walks by and EY rambles about nothing. She tells EY that she’s a caterer and EY calls her “Cyborg” (a reference to MMA fighter, suspended MMA fighter at that, Cyborg Santos). ODB then walks up and talks about her match with Angelina but EY says he can’t fight girls and he thinks it’s against the law. ODB tells EY to be a man and if he does a number on her tonight, ODB might do a number on EY later. She slaps EY on the ass and walks away as EY says he knows what that means, they’ll hold hands!

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Footage of the Bischoff drama last week is shown and then a video package highlighting Garett’s training is shown all the while Eric’s promo from last week is played in the background with him saying that his son will never make it. Actually a pretty cool sequence is shown with Garett mat wrestling several guys in a circle. Garett then looks at the camera and says he can’t wait to see the face of his dad when he finds out who’s training him.

A video package hyping up the Cage Match tonight is shown focusing on Madison continually costing Mickie the Knockouts Title. In the locker room Madison Rayne says people don’t belong in cages, dogs do and she rambles about having to face Mickie until Gail cuts her off and tells her to calm down. Gail says she’ll be there for Madison tonight and reminds her they’re a team. She says that she’s here for Madison.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Steel Cage Match
Madison Rayne w/Gail Kim vs. “Hardcore Country” Mickie James

This is actually a rematch from last year’s Lockdown where Mickie beat Madison (very quickly) in a Hair vs. Title Match inside a cage. Gail tries to get in the ring with Madison (halfheartedly) until Earl stops her and tells her to go to the back which Gail does without too much argument (she just shrugs, playing it up like she wanted no part of that anyway). Mickie grabs Madison and slams her to the mat immediately and then nails her with a clothesline. Mickie slams Madison into the corner repeatedly and then puts the boots to her. Madison kicks Mickie away and then starts climbing up the ropes and then starts to climb up the cage but Mickie stops her and Superbombs her off the top rope! Mickie picks Madison up and chokes her in the corner with her boot. Mickie hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a sliding dropkick! 1…2…NO Madison kicks out! Mickie picks Madison up and then slams her to the mat for another nearfall, and hten locks in a modified Sleeper. Kind of looks like the Tazmission. Madison tries to fight the hold but Mickie nails her with a forearm and then attempts to whip her into the ropes but Madison blocks it and the connects with a vicious head kick! Madison then connects with a Forearm Smash and attempts to whip Mickie into the corner, but Mickie reverses it!

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Back from the break Mickie hits Madison with forearms in the corner until Madison pokes her eyes. Madison tries to climb up the cage but Mickie grabs her by the hair. Madison hits a back elbow and then climbs back in and charges at Mickie but eats a Flapjack! Mickie climbs up top but Madison quickly knocks her off the top and then hits a Neckbreaker onto the top rope which causes Mickie to bounce off the ropes and slam into the cage wall! Madison grates Mickie’s face on the cage and then picks her up and hits a Snap Suplex! Madison rolls through it and holds onto Mickie and connects with a Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Madison rakes at the face of Mickie and then picks her up just to slam her back to the mat by her hair. Madison then gets Mickie in a Headscissors and slams her head to the mat repeatedly with the Scissors Stomp. Madison rolls Mickie over and covers her again, 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Madison grabs Mickie and locks in a Sleeper of her own. Mickie fights to her feet and tries to break the hold with back elbows but Madison cuts her off with a knee. Madison then whips Mickie into the corner and connects with a Running Hip Attack, and then she hits the ropes and connects with a Bulldog. Madison whips Mickie into the corner again and then hits another Running Hip Attack. Madison comes off the ropes with a clothesline attempt but Mickie ducks and hits a Neckbreaker! Both girls get to their knees at the same time and take turns slamming each other’s heads into the mat and hitting each other with forearms. They both get to their feet and exchange forearms and slaps again. Finally Mickie blocks one of Madison’s slaps and then connects with a series of forearms. Mickie hits the ropes and connects with a clothesline and then a second one followed by a Running Back Elbow. Mickie goes for another Flapjack but Madison rakes her eyes in mid-move! Madison kicks Mickie in the head and covers hers, 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Madison nails Mickie with repeated forearms and screams at her. Madison then grabs Mickie and tries to slam her into the cage wall, but Mickie counters it and slams Madison into! Mickie then slams Madison into the other side, and follows up with the Mickie-DT! 1…2…3!

Winner: Mickie via pinfall (Mickie-DT)

In the back Austin Aries gloats about how entertaining he is and says that he’s so entertaining that people can’t turn away from the TV when he’s talking about what he’s going to be talking about in a few minutes, so tune in because you’re going to love what he’s going to talk about.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

In the back Tara and Velvet congratulate her on the win and then Mickie says she still has one more person on her list, and that’s Gail Kim. Mickie talks about how quick Gail was to bail on Madison tonight despite all the times Madison helped her. Mickie talks about a knee injury she suffered at the PPV match with Gail, and says it’s just nagging and she’ll fight through it because she’s a fighter.

Jeff Hardy puts over Storm beating Angle last week but Hardy says he’s been screwed over too many times. Hardy says he’s desperate for a payoff and this business isn’t fair, but what would be fair is him and Roode in a No DQ Match.

A vignette hyping Austin Aries and his great X-Division Title run is shown. He talks about beating 3 other guys at Genesis and he says there is no one left at his level, and he needs some new competition. Aries says that everyone looks at his tights and the colorful designs and they think “look at this fruit booty”, but it’s psychological. He says it’s to throw every one off because he’s a tough MF and they don’t realize what he’s got inside of him. He says no one has been able to outsmart him and maybe they need to get rid of the new weight limits and bring back the big guys, and he says he may just have to retire with the belt because no one can beat him.

Austin Aries’ music hits and the X-Division Champ makes his way down to the ring. Aries tells the fans to keep it down because he has something to say. He says once again it’s that time of the month when A-Double comes out after yet another successful X-Division Title defense and states that there is no one in TNA that’s in his league. Aries says week in and week out and beat everyone that has been put in front of him. A “you suck” chant starts and Aries says they can chant that all they want but if he sucked so bad he wouldn’t be holding that belt which gets more boos. Aries says he doesn’t need a bunch of nobodies like the fans to tell him how great he is because he KNOWS that he’s the greatest man that ever lived. Aries says there is no one in the back that can compete with him so maybe he just needs to go see if there is competition elsewhere since it’s obviously not here. The Machine Guns music hits!

The returning Alex Shelley makes his way down to the ring! Aries says, “look what the stray cat drug in.” Tenay reminds of us that Chris Sabin is still sidelined with his injury and Taz says both guys suffered a ton of bad luck last year with injuries (I believe Shelley got hurt first and Sabin was on his own for a couple of months and the very night that Shelley made his return was the night Sabin blew his knee out). The fans chant for Shelley and then he says he missed them, and says one year ago he separated his shoulder. Shelley says four months later he came back and the day he came back, Sabin tore his ACL which deprives the fans of watching the Machine Guns until 2012. Shelley says he’s sympathetic to Sabin’s injury but his entire life has revolved around wrestling so he thought he would wait at home and come back with his boy because he knows the tag division needs it and the fans want it, but he thinks the PPV’s should come with a stool and noose for Aries’ matches. Shelley says Aries couldn’t beat the piss out of a urine soaked sponge.

Aries says he’s sure Shelley sat around for a month thinking that one up and he asks if there is any men in the back that can challenge him because he’s sick of little boys like Shelley trying to step up to him. Shelley says he’s sick of a douchebag being the champion of HIS division. Shelley says he talked to Sabin and Sabin had no problem with him coming back clean to get the belt. Shelley says last time they faced each other Aries beat him but he didn’t beat him clean and points to his crotch and says “you hit me here”, but Aries says that shouldn’t have been a problem because there’s nothing there to hurt.

Aries says he’s sorry he didn’t bring a box of tissues out here to listen to Shelley’s sad story and it is sad Sabin isn’t here because Shelley has been riding his coattails for the last 3 years because before he latched on to him he was a nobody. Aries says Shelley needs to go home and wait for his partner because that’s the only chance he has at success.

Shelley says he is right that Shelley has excellent choice in tag partners but if he isn’t a threat or he sucks then Aries should have no issue at all putting the belt up against him. Aries starts to try and cut him off but Shelley gets in his face and says “I WANT MY SHOT!” Aries says Shelley is no threat to him, he is scared of his hair but that’s another issue, but he needs to EARN his shot. He tells Shelley to go in the back and find somebody in the X-Division and if he beats them he can get his shot.

Shelley says he’ll do him one better, he can pick his opponent and after he beats him he’s coming after the Champ at Against All Odds.

In the back ODB says he wants EY to rip Angelina in half but then Winter jumps her from behind! Winter and ODB brawl around backstage until Winter picks up a pipe and slams it into ODB’s gut! Winter takes her belt off and nails ODB with it repeatedly. She then chokes ODB with the belt and screams at ODB.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Shoutout to whoever that is in the front row with the Alabama hat, ROLL TIDE!

Intergender Match
Angelina Love w/Winter vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

EY stalls at the beginning locking up with the referee and then the fans at ringside. EY offers a handshake but Angelina is having none of it and then EY goes to lockup with the referee again. Finally Angelina gets irritated and field goal kicks him in the nuts.


After the match Angelina & Winter beat on EY until ODB runs out with a strap and takes Winter down! Angelina hits ODB from behind and they beat ODB down now. EY gets back up and grabs Winter and tosses her out to the floor and then tosses Angelina to the floor. He helps ODB up and ODB kisses him as Angelina looks like she’s about to puke at that site.

In the back James Storm says he’s been in TNA since day one and has helped build this company. He says it’s his time and he won’t let Jeff stand in his way. Storm says he’s been watching Jeff & Roode’s matches to prepare for this one and this is what it’s about. You have to be the #1 Contender to become the World Champ. He says he’s tired of saying what he’s going to do, it’s time to show everyone that he can be the World Champion of this company again.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Main Event
TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match
“Cowboy” James Storm vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Boxing style intros for this one. Storm and Hardy lockup and Storm gets Hardy in a side headlock takeover and holds onto the headlock. Hardy rolls Storm over and gets a one count before Storm rolls back over and holds onto the headlock. Hardy rolls Storm over again but again Storm rolls right back over, the whole time squeezing on the head of Hardy. Storm gets to his knees and Hardy fights up but Storm hits another Side Headlock Takeover. This time Hardy counters with a headscissors but Storm quickly escapes it and gets to his feet only to eat a side headlock takeover from Hardy! Storm counters into a headscissors of his own, until Hardy breaks it. Both men get up and Storm hits an armdrag but Hardy answers back with one of his own and then locks in an armlock. Storm fights to his feet and counters into a wristlock and then another side headlock. Hardy shoves Storm into the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Storm. Storm then hits the ropes again but Hardy catches him with a back elbow. Hardy attempts to whip Storm into the ropes but Storm reverses it only to have Storm bounce off the ropes with a Flying Forearm! Hardy then Leg Drops Storm in the nuts and then goes for a Corner Splash but Storm moves out of the way.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————————

Back from commercial Storm charges at Hardy in the corner but Hardy backdrops him. Storm then goes for the Leaping Enziguri but Hardy was ready for it and blocks it sending Storm crashing into the guardrail on the floor! Hardy then hits a dropkick through the ropes followed by a Slingshot Plancha onto Storm on the floor! Hardy slams Storm into the apron and then rolls him back into the ring and covers Storm for a nearfall. Hardy hits a Leg Drop and then picks Storm up as a “Cowboy” chant starts. Storm fights back with right hands and then attempts to whip Hardy into the ropes but Hardy counters it. Storm holds onto the ropes instead of bouncing off so Hardy charges at him but Storm catches him with a boot. Storm then hits a Slingshot Vertical Suplex bouncing Hardy off the ropes! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Storm locks in a chinlock on Hardy wearing down the high flyer. Hardy fights to his feet but Storm cuts him off with a shot to the back. Storm then picks Hardy up onto his shoulders for something but Hardy blocks it and connects with a Russian Leg Sweep and then floats over and Leg Drops Storm’s leg into a pinning attempt! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Hardy gets to his feet and then waits for Storm to stumble to him and then catches him with a back elbow followed by the Whisper In The Wind off the top! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Hardy gets back to his feet and locks in a headlock on Storm. Storm fights it after several minutes and gets to his feet. Storm breaks the hold with back elbows and then hits the ropes. Hardy goes for a backdrop but Storm stops and then goes for the Eye of the Storm but Hardy blocks it! Hardy then goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks and then hits the 8-Second Ride (over the shoulder suplex spun into an STO)! Haven’t seen that move in a LONG time! 1…2…NO Hardy still kicks out! Storm calls for the Last Call but Hardy blocks it and then hits the Stunner of Fate! Hardy climbs up top for the Swanton Bomb but Storm gets to his feet and crotches Hardy on the top rope! Storm climbs up with Hardy and goes for a Superplex but Hardy blocks it and shoves Storm off! Hardy calls for another Swanton but Storm gets back up and nails Hardy with a Leaping Enziguri! Storm climbs up with Hardy again and hits the Superplex! Both men are down! Finally Storm crawls over and covers Hardy but suddenly Bully Ray slides in the ring and attacks the referee! Ray then nails both Hardy & Storm with the chain repeatedly. Earl Hebner runs down but Ray hits him with the chain! Ray then takes Storm’s beer and spits it in his face. Another referee runs down and Ray lays him out too and then Ray continues beating on Hardy & Storm. Finally Sting walks down with a bat and lays Ray out with it! Sting chases Ray to the back with the bat as both Storm & Hardy are out in the ring. Bobby Roode slides in the ring with the title belt and takes Storm out and then takes Hardy out! Roode laughs and then asks for the microphone. Roode says, “ladies and gentlemen, with the power vested in me as the most dominate World Heavyweight Champion in the history of Impact Wrestling, I declare this match a NO CONTEST…and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: BOBBY ROODE!”



Another Main Event, another great match, another bullsh*t finish! This has GOT to end! Yes, I get it. I understand they are attempting to put heat on Roode, yes I get it they are attempting to put over that he would “do anything” to make sure he retains the belt, and yes I understand they are probably heading toward a 3-Way with Storm & Roode but enough is enough.

Overall yet another solid show from TNA, I really enjoyed it again this week.

The opening segment was really good and set the main event up well but again they are shooting themselves in the foot by doing these big matches with no hype before the show.

Gunner/AJ was okay and AJ really doesn’t hurt from losing the way he did and this was just there to give Gunner another win and continue the Fortune drama.

Crimson/Morgan should have been far longer and I am really sick of Crimson winning with these surprise pins when he should be seen as more of a dominant star rather than a guy that “surprises” his opponent every week. Sometimes I tend to forget just how big Magnus is (in stature) until he gets in there with near 7 footers like Morgan & Crimson. The beatdown afterward was great and gave the heels their heat back. I love this team.

Steel Cage Match was a really good match. Not near as good as Tara/Mickie from a couple years ago but both girls worked hard and was a more serious type of match despite Gail bailing on Madison.

The vignette and then promo between Aries & Shelley was EXCELLENT. I love it when they give these X-Division guys more mic time and both guys hit it out of the park. I also like that they are making Shelley win a match rather than just give him the title shot right off the bat as that seems kind of cheap. I loved that they repeatedly mentioned Sabin too, because it should be close to time for Sabin to return in the next month or two and the tag division desperately needs them. SAVE US SABIN!

Some people like the EY stuff, it’s just not for me but I can’t front, I at least smile once during his stuff.

World Title #1 Contenders Match was excellent until the finish, both worked well together and that match could have been REALLY good.

1) Gunner def. AJ Styles
2) Crimson def. Magnus
3) Steel Cage Match: Mickie James def. Madison Rayne
4) Eric Young def. Angelina Love via DQ
5) TNA World Title #1 Contenders: Jeff Hardy fought James Storm to a NO CONTEST

Promo/Segment of the Night: Aries/Shelley
Match of the Night: Hardy/Storm (***1/2)
Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion (if Shelley wins, he gets a shot at the X-Division Title at AAO)
– Knockouts #1 Contenders Triple Threat: Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Tara
– Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan
– Jeff Hardy & James Storm vs. Bully Ray & Bobby Roode

Against All Odds Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Bobby Roode (c) vs. TBA
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Crimson & Matt Morgan (c) vs. Magnus & Samoa Joe
– TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) vs. Mickie/Velvet/Tara winner
– TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. TBA