TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
February 16, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up with highlights from Against All Odds this past Sunday. Garett Bischoff says he isn’t going away and Bobby Roode says he had Sting in the palm of his hand. Hardy says he doesn’t know where Sting’s mind is at and he wants a No DQ Match with Roode for the belt. Roode says he will remain the World Heavyweight Champion for a long time to come and there isn’t a damn thing Sting can do about it.

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring with a heavy chorus of boos serenading him. Taz is back on commentary tonight (prayers go out to his family after his brother-in-law passed away this past weekend causing Taz to miss the PPV). Roode grabs a microphone and says it’s so loud in the arena with the fans chanting “ROOOOODE” (rather than “boo”) he couldn’t hear so he asks her to announce him one more time. She introduces him again and the fans boo him again. Roode introduces himself and says that has a nice little ring to it and asks the fans how many thought he wouldn’t be standing there tonight the World Champion, and Roode responds by saying “well screw you because I’m still the World Champion!” A big “Hardy” chant starts as Roode talks about his win Sunday night.

Roode says Sting appointed himself Guest Enforcer and it was so sweet to see Sting be forced to raise his hand in victory. He says he played Sting for the fool he is and month after month Sting attempted to screw him, but he couldn’t get the job done. He says Sting constantly points the finger of blame at Roode but now Sting has to point the finger back at himself. Roode says Sting can try all he wants but there isn’t a damn thing he can do about Roode being the World Champion. Sting’s music hits interrupting the champ.

Sting walks down to the ring and says he’ll admit that Roode got under his skin, but HE was the selfish one because he let his anger get the best of him affecting the outcome of the match and once again screwing over Jeff Hardy. Sting says he’s here tonight to make things right with Jeff Hardy and he’s so glad that Roode is such a fighting champion and he can tackle anything that comes his way because tonight Hardy is coming his way! Sting says tonight Roode vs. Hardy for the big strap…NO TIME LIMIT… NO DQ! Roode absolutely loses it when Sting says it will be No DQ! Sting leaves the ring as Roode pitches a fit, but then Sting stops on the ramp and says there is one more thing… the match starts after the commercial break! Roode continues to lose his mind in the ring as Sting laughs.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

New York Giants Tailback Brandon Jacobs and MMA Uncensored Live (upcoming new SpikeTV MMA show) host Mike Straka are shown at ringside. Brandon Jacobs played at Auburn for a season so I can’t stand him, moving on.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
No Time Limit, No DQ Match
Bobby Roode (c) vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Jeff is wearing that creepy a** faceapaint that he wore Sunday again tonight (he actually painting his damn eyelids so when he closes them it looks like he’s still looking at you). Hardy storms the ring and goes right after Roode! Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode reverses it only to eat a clothesline from Hardy! Hardy follows up with another clothesline and then a back elbow followed by an Atomic Drop! Hardy then Leg Drops Roode in the groin followed by a sliding dropkick! Roode retreats to the corner and Hardy nails him with a Corner Splash! Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode counters into a Fireman’s Carry Slam! Roode charges at Hardy but Hardy backdrops Roode over the top down to the floor! Hardy hits a slingshot dropkick through the ropes knocking Roode back and then he dives over the top with a Slingshot Plancha onto Roode on the floor! Hardy grabs a chair and hits Roode in the gut with it and then slams it across Roode’s back! Hardy tosses Roode into the guardrail and then tosses him into the guardrail on the other side! Hardy puts the boots to Roode and then he slams Roode into the ring apron followed by slamming him into the ring steps! Hardy really taking it to Roode in the early going here. Hardy tries to slam Roode into the guardrail a second time, but Roode blocks it this time and slams Hardy into it. Roode attempt to Suplex Hardy on the floor but Hardy blocks it and reverses it into a Vertical Suplex of his own! Hardy slams Roode into the ring steps yet again and then he climbs up the steps and dives off them with a clothesline on Roode. Hardy grabs a chair and slams it across Roode’s back again! Roode begs off but Hardy kicks him in the gut and slams him into the guardrail again! Hardy whips Roode hard into the ring apron and the fans start chanting “one more time” so Hardy obliges them and whips Roode into the ring apron again. Hardy plays up to the fans and then sets up for something else but Roode punches Hardy in the gut and then attempts to whip Hardy into the steps, but Hardy reverses it and Roode slams hard into the steps flipping over them! Hardy grabs the steps and pulls them away from the ring and then runs from across the other side and dives off of them with Poetry In Motion onto Roode slamming Roode into the guardrail! Both men are down now as Hardy sells the high risk move.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Back from the break the action has spilled back into the ring where Hardy hits a Sitout Front Suplex on Roode, 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the corner but Roode reverses it and then charges at Hardy, but Hardy catches him with a back elbow! Hardy climbs up top for the Whisper In The Wind but Roode shoves the referee into the ropes causing Hardy to crash and burn! It’s No DQ remember! Roode grabs Hardy and tosses him hard out to the floor and then he taunts the fans. Roode follows Hardy out and puts the boots to him and then he grabs Hardy and slams him into the guardrail. Roode sets up for a Piledriver on Hardy on the ramp, but Hardy blocks it and backdrops Roode out of desperation! Hardy Leg Drops Roode on the back of the head and then hits him with a Snapmare Takeover and drags Roode all the way up the ramp onto the stage. Hardy tosses Roode off the stage down to the concrete! Hardy then dives off the stage onto Roode! Hardy whips Roode into some nearby guardrails and then attempts a Twist of Fate on the concrete but Roode shoves Hardy into the stage side! Roode then attempts to Spear Hardy but he moves and Roode slams into the stage! Both men are down again! Hardy tosses Hardy into the side of the ramp and then drags him back toward the ring and tosses him in. Hardy calls for the Swanton Bomb but then Kurt Angle comes from out of nowhere and slams Hardy into the guardrail! Angle tosses Hardy back into the ring and Roode hits a NASTY Spear! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Roode via pinfall (Spear)

Angle stares down the ramp as Roode celebrates with his belt.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

In the back Roode says that once again “the It Factor” retains his title and then asks how many chances Hardy gets to try and take his title away from him and he keeps outsmarting Sting. Roode says he has prove he is the most dominant…Sting grabs him and says Roode is just bragging about cheating the system and cheating Hardy again. He says he’s not done because he knows a few more gentleman that want a shot at that belt so he’s going to make a #1 Contenders Match tonight. Sting says he needs to remember it, he’s not done. Roode says “GOOD!” but then when Sting walks away Roode screams.

We cut to Eric Young playing a guitar and the halfwit says Tuesday was he and ODB’s first Valentine’s Day and he forgot to get her something. He runs down all the stuff he has to do on Tuesday’s and he says he blew it with ODB. He says he has come up with something real special to win her back tonight.

Sting says he’s pissed off because he wants to get a grasp on this World Title situation and he is talking to two people off camera about having unfinished business. The camera pans back and James Storm & Bully Ray come into the frame. Sting asks if they’re in and Ray says this match shouldn’t even have to happen because he already had the title won and he should be the champion. Storm asks what match he was watching, and he had that match won. Storm says he’s kicking Ray in his face tonight and walks away.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Back from the break a disclaimer saying the following footage is graphic pops up and then footage from the EXTREMELY scary injury Jesse Sorensen suffered Sunday night against Zema Ion is shown. Mike Tenay narrates the footage as several replays of the move are shown. Tenay says it was a somber situation to watch it live but also very frightening. He says there is nothing worse than having to see a very talented young man with a bright future laying motionless on the floor. Tenay says that after tests at the hospital were done they discovered that Sorensen fractured his C1 vertebrae, calling it a life threatening injury. The closeup of what is a very visibly frightened Sorensen as medical staff is attending to him is a pretty intense thing to see. Tenay says that initially Sorensen had very little feeling from the waist up and NONE from the waist down, but four days later he can report that Jesse has regained feeling throughout his body each day and calls it “truly a miracle.” He (on behalf of TNA) wishes Jesse a speedy recovery and he says that Jesse told Tenay himself that he wanted to tell the fans “thank you” for their support. He says that TNA will keep us updated on his recovery. I want to send my prayers to Jesse and his family and wish him a speedy recovery in what was a truly scary moment and what hopefully will be a 100% full recovery. Get well man.

Zema Ion & Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley & Shannon Moore

As Zema & Aries come down to the ring Taz wanders out loud what might be going through Zema’s mind after Sunday night after being the one that caused Jesse’s injury, accident or not. Moving forward here, Zema & Aries is an interesting team as Zema is now the #1 contender to Aries’ belt. All 4 of these X-Division stars battled at the PPV (Moore faced Robbie unsuccessfully for the TV Title, Aries defended his belt against Aries, and Zema faced Sorensen). Aries and Moore lockup and Aries immediately gets Moore in a side headlock but Moore quickly shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Aries then hits a Side Headlock Takeover. Aries holds onto the headlock on the mat but Moore counters into a headscissors. Aries stands on his head to escape it and then dropkicks Moore in the face! Aries lies across the turnbuckles and taunts the fans which causes Zema to tag himself in. Zema comes in and goesf or a Back Suplex, but Moore lands on his feet and then attempts to whip Zema into the ropes. Zema reverses it but then Moore springboards off the middle rope with a Cross Body for a nearfall. Shelley tags in now and he dives off the top with an Axe Handle Drop on Zema followed by a nasty chop. Shelley puts Zema in a wristlock but Zema breaks it by stomping his foot. Zema puts Shelley in a side headlock and Shelley attempts to shove Zema into the ropes but Zema holds onto Shelley’s head by his hair. Shelley grabs Zema’s arm and hit’s an arm drag followed by a clothesline attempt. Zema ducks and then hits the ropes and catches Shelley with a Hurricanrana! Zema follows up with a kick attempt but Shelley catches his foot so Zema goes for an Enziguri, but Shelley ducks. Shelley holds onto Zema’s foot and Zema uses his other to back kick Shelley. Zema tells Aries that’s how it’s done and then Aries slaps him on the chest to tag himself in. Moore tags in while they’re arguing and dropkicks Zema into Aries in the corner! Moore whips Zema into Aries and then nails Zema with a Back Heel Kick followed by a Spinning Heel Kick to Aries that sends him down to the floor. Moore hits a Baseball Slide Dropkick to Aries on the floor and then follows up with an Asai Moonsault off the middle rope onto Aries on the floor! Zema hits a dropkick through the ropes onto Moore as Moore picked up Zema’s hairspray and taunted him with it. Zema sets up for a dive but Shelley catches him with a Forearm Smash to the chest that sends Zema down to the floor. Shelley then tells Moore to drag Aries back in the ring and he complies. Moore hits a Scoop Slam and tags in Shelley! Shelley goes for the Diving Double Foot Stomp, but Aries rolls out of the way and then knocks Moore off the apron! Shelley catches Aries with a back kick and then goes for the Sliced Bread but Aries counters by crotching Shelley in the corner! Aries then hits the IED (running dropkick) to the back of Shelley in the corner! Zema blind tags himself in as Aries sets up for the Brainbuster. Shelley blocks the Brainbuster but Zema comes behind Shelley and rolls him up! 1…2…3!

Winners: Aries & Zema via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Shelley gets in Zema’s face and shoves him. Aries has a confused look on his face as Zema celebrates and then holds the belt up in Zema’s face.

Gail Kim & Madison Rayne talk backstage and Gail says she can’t understand why the Knockouts don’t understand how gracious of a champion she is. Madison says she understands that she and Gail have had some tension but she is right she is a gracious champion and she is going to make sure that all the girls tonight in the Battle Royal understands that they’re being given a golden opportunity. Gail says she is so happy Madison understands how their friendship is supposed to work.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Clips of the World Title earlier are shown.

TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contenders Battle Royal
Tara vs. Brooke Tessmacher vs. Sarita vs. Rosita vs. Winter vs. Angelina Love vs. ODB vs. “Hardcore Country” Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Mickie is looking mighty bouncy tonight. Every single girl in this match has held either the Knockouts Title or the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Gail Kim & Madison Rayne come down to the ring and Madison grabs a microphone. Madison climbs into the ring and says they all need to understand what a gracious champion Gail Kim is and she doesn’t owe anyone anything but out of the goodness of her heart she is giving each lady in the ring right now to become the #1 Contender. Madison reiterates that any girl in the ring right now could be the next Knockouts Champion and then screams for the bell to ring. All the girls start scrapping as Madison sits at ringside with Gail. Winter charges at Tessmacher but she ducks and Winter goes over the top but lands on the apron. ODB comes over and knocks Winter off the apron and then tosses Tessmacher over the top! WINTER & TESSMACHER ARE ELIMINATED! ODB picks Rosita up and Press Slams her over the top onto Winter & Tessmacher! ROSITA IS ELIMIANTED! ODB tries to eliminate Mickie but Mickie counters her with a Mickiecanrana over the top but ODB blocks it by holding onto the ropes! Sarita, Tara, & Angelina come over and dump ODB over the top but she lands on the apron and holds onto the ropes, as does Mickie. Mickie climbs up top but ODB shoves her off down to the floor! MICKIE JAMES IS ELIMIANTED! ODB goes to climb back in the ring but all the other girls quickly knock her off the apron! ODB IS ELIMINATED! Tara whips Sarita into the corner hard and charges but Sarita lifts her up into the air and over the top rope to the apron! Tara holds onto the apron and then Angelina hits a nice Sliding Dropkick that sends Tara crashing to the floor as Tara sells the knee injury from Sunday night! TARA IS ELIMIANTED! Velvet goes after both Sarita & Angelina as they surround her but Sarita cuts her off and whips her into the ropes but eats a clothesline from Velvet! Angelina hits Velvet from behind and now the two heels double team her. They whip Velvet into the ropes and go for a Double Clothesline but Velvet ducks and takes them both out with a Double Clothesline! Velvet attempts to eliminate Angelina but Sarita cuts her off and then the two heels both choke Velvet in the corner. Sarita gets Velvet in a headlock while Angelina puts the boots to her. Velvet breaks the hold with back elbows and then springs off the ropes with another clothesline and then a back elbow to Angelina! Velvet tosses Sarita over the top but Sarita holds onto the ropes and Angelina comes from behind Velvet and tries to dump Velvet over! Velvet holds onto the ropes and then Sarita comes over and goes after both Angelina and Velvet! Now she asks Angelina for help and they whip Velvet into the ropes and connect with a Double Back Elbow. Angelina picks Velvet up and whips her into the ropes and then connects with the Botox Injection! Angelina picks Velvet up and tosses her over the top but Velvet hooks the ropes. Angelina is struggling to get Velvet over the top but Sarita comes behind Angelina and tosses her over! ANGELINA IS ELIMINATED! Sarita hits a dropkick on Velvet and then hits the ropes and charges at Velvet but Velvet ducks and Sarita goes flying over the top and crashes on the floor! SARITA IS ELIMINATED! Velvet celebrates in the ring thinking she’s won but Madison quickly runs into the ring and dumps Velvet over the top! Remember Madison said “EVERY WOMAN IN THIS RING HAD A SHOT” while she was IN the ring! VELVET SKY IS ELIMINATED!

Winner & NEW KO #1 Contender: Madison Rayne

Gail Kim looks confused and asks Madison what the hell she’s doing. Madison just smiles at her as Tenay realizes what Madison said about ANY of the Knockouts in the ring being eligible to win. Gail Kim flips out as she realizes what just happened.

In the back James Storm cuts a promo and says tonight it’s going to be a fight because Bully Ray is as tough as they come and he’s the kind of guy that will just punch you in the face, but he’s the kind of guy that will punch you right back and then literally punches a hole in the wall. Nice visual there. Storm says in the end there will be just one of them standing and you’re looking at him right now!

Eric Bischoff and Gunner are shown walking backstage as they attempt to suck the life from this show as they do weekly.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Highlights of the UK tour are shown.

In the back Samoa Joe and Magnus talk about winning the Tag Titles. Joe says they did exactly what they said they were going to do and Magnus says it feels right because they are the best teams going right now. He says they toppled two gigantic men at AAO and then Joe talks about the rematch next week. Joe says it doesn’t matter who they face because they are the champions and then Magnus says “momentum.”

Highlights (if that’s what you want to call them) of the Gunner/Bischoff match from AAO are shown.

Gunner, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, and a young woman accompanying them make their way down to the ring. That woman is actually Chelsea who you may remember was Desmond Wolfe’s valet and then later the short lived London Brawling team of Magnus & Wolfe (before Wolfe had to retire for unknown medical reasons). We haven’t seen Chelsea for quite some time. Eric says Chelsea reached out to him last Sunday night after Gunner’s win, and he says that Gunner & Ric Flair helped him finally put an end to his son’s dreams. He thanks Ric for his guidance and Gunner for what he did physically. Bischoff gives them cigars and Chelsea pours them some Champagne. Bischoff calls his son a punk ass and he says that he tried to tell Garett that following in his footsteps was pointless because he can’t touch what Eric has done in this business. He tells Garett to become a dog catcher but says he better not ever think about stepping foot back in “his” business ever again. He says “good luck to you in your future endeavors” and then Immortal toast to each other. If only this really was the end of this storyline.

In the back Bully Ray points at his calves and says they’re the best calves in the business and that’s why they call him “calfzilla.” Ray says this match shouldn’t even be happening but he’s not going to bitch about anymore. He says everyone KNOWS he should be the World Champion, but if it means he has to go through Storm to get to Roode then so be it.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

In the back Christy Hemme talks to the MMA dude that was sitting ringside, Mike Straka, and he talks about the show he’s going to be hosting. He says it’s going to be a live show which talks about all the breaking news as well as footage and breakdown of UFC, Bellator, and other shows along with interviews and a lot more. If you’re a MMA fan this sounds like it’s a show for you.

EY approaches ODB and he asks her to sit down but she says she has to pee. She finally sits down and EY plays a song for her that he calls “My Ode to ODB” where he sings “this is my O-D-E to my O-D-B”, my god. EY says “our love came strong, our love came fast…I loved you most when you slapped my ass!” ODB slaps EY on the ass and then drags him away and says it’s time for his present and tells him to keep the guitar on.

TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match
Bully Ray vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

Ray and Storm lockup and Storm gets Ray in a wristlock and slams his elbow down on Ray’s arm before turning it into a Hammerlock. Ray quickly gets to the ropes to break the hold. Storm shoves Ray’s head and then breaks the hold. They lockup again and this time they brawl into the corner and before they break clean Ray swings at Storm, but Storm ducks and catches Ray with a big uppercut followed by an array of right hands and kicks. Storm whips Ray into the opposite corner and then nails him with a Running Clothesline! Storm then hits an Armdrag and goes for a pin but Ray kicks out immediately. Storm hits the ropes and Ray goes for a clothesline but Storm kicks his arm away and then goes for a clothesline of his own, but Ray blocks it and then sweeps Storm’s legs. Ray elbow drops Storm’s knee repeatedly. Ray drags Storm’s legs out under the ropes and slams them down on the apron repeatedly. Ray then actually pulls Storm’s put off of him and continues to beat on his leg. Ray then elbow drops the leg again and then locks in a Legbar. Storm scrapes and crawls to get to the ropes to break it. Storm fights to his feet but Ray kicks the leg out from under him and then drapes it across the ropes and stands on it. Ray pulls the knee pad off of Storm’s leg know and slams it down hard onto the mat. Ray continues to beat on Storm’s leg with right hands and then he locks Storm in a Half Crab! As he’s leaning back on the hold he actually punches Storm’s knee repeatedly adding a nice touch. Ray drops the hold and then elbow drops Storm’s knee again! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Ray Knee Drops the leg and then punches it repeatedly as we go to the break.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Back from the break Ray hits a Corner Splash on Storm and then Storm attempts a comeback but Ray dropkicks Storm’s leg to cut him off and gets a couple of nearfalls. Ray slams Storm’s leg down on the mat again and then blows snot at Hebner before going back to work on the knee and leg of Storm. Ray mocks the “Cowboy” chant from the fans and then taunts Storm which allows Storm to come back with a big uppercut and then the Closing Time out of nowhere! Storm fights to his feet and Bully gathers himself in the corner and charges at Storm with a Big Boot, but Storm ducks and then catches Ray with the Last Call! 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Storm via pinfall (Last Call)

Storm sells his injuries by needing Hebner to help him to his feet after the match. Storm celebrates with a few beers after the match and then he sees Brandon Jacobs at ringside and goes out to offer him one. Jacobs hops the guardrail and hugs Storm and drinks a beer with Storm. Ray then attacks Storm from behind!

Ray looks over at Jacobs and gets in his face and talks trash to him. Ray says Jacobs is in his house now and takes Jacobs beer from him and spits it in Jacobs face! Jacobs shoves Storm down and tries to go after him but Storm hold shim back! Jacobs loses his mind as TNA agents run out to help Storm hold him back. Storm laughs at Ray as well as Ray looks shocked that Jacobs actually put hands on him. Jacobs and Storm climb into the ring and Jacobs continue stalking trash to Ray. They hug again and then Storm raises Jacobs’ hand.

———————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Clips of what just went down are shown as we come back from the break and then we cut to the back where Jacobs and Storm are walking backstage. Jacobs says he came to support his boy Storm and now it’s his turn to beat on Bully. Storm tells him to lay a New York ass whooping on Ray like he did on New England. Jacob says Ray was out of line and he lost his mind after Ray shoved him. Jacobs says he got the last word but the last word hasn’t been understood yet. Jacobs says next week is payback. Storm says they need to go get some more beers.

Sting is in the ring now and he says he has some good news to share with everyone but first he needs to speak with Bobby Roode. The Champ doesn’t make Stinger wait long either. Sting says he finally gets make the announcement and it will be one-on-one for the title with no place to go, INSIDE THE STEEL CAGE, at LOCKDOWN in two months Bobby Roode vs. James Storm! The rematch is on! Roode immediately kicks Sting in the nuts and then knees in the nuts!

Roode kicks Sting in the ribs and then grabs Sting’s glasses and puts them off. Roode blasts Sting with the World Title and Sting is busted open. Roode mounts Sting and pounds on him with repeated right hands and then puts the glasses back on Sting as a “Cowboy” chant erupts. Roode lays into Sting with one more right hand. Roode screams at Sting that he should really learn to mind his own business.


I’m going to get to the show in a minute but first I want to touch on a few things first as it has been a pretty big news week for TNA. First, the Jesse Sorensen injury. Like I said earlier that was one of the more scarier moments in recent memory in TNA and I am beyond thrilled to hear Jesse is already getting better and that doctors feel he can make a FULL recovery. I really hope that is the case and he can get right back in the ring in the future. Get well Jesse. 2nd, after almost 10 years (almost the entire time TNA has been around) with TNA they have finally parted ways with Vince Russo. Now I’m not getting into Russo and his booking or anything else, no trashing him or otherwise, and if you’ve been paying attention this move is not a surprise as Bruce Prichard was named the Creative Head Writer last year and things were moving away from Russo for awhile. Russo has done some good and some bad and the fact of the matter it was time to move forward in a new direction and Russo ran his course long ago. Now things will be interesting to see how Dave Lagana steps into that position and what he can add to the product. I am definitely looking forward to it. Now onto the show.

Good opening to set up the rest of the show and give viewers a good hook going into the first break. Hardy got the majority of the offense in the match but it played into his growing frustration finally exploding in the No DQ Match and the finish played into Roode’s “win at all cost” and the guy that will take every loophole and take advantage of everything character. Kurt Angle was a feud that they set up months ago when Angle took many shots on TV at Hardy saying that he better get out of TNA before he came for him. Now Angle has come for him. It gives TNA an out of not having to put the belt on Hardy while him still being strong.

Great X-Division Match from all the guys involved and then the Knockouts Match was short and sweet for a Battle Royal. We have two interesting dynamics there with heel champion vs. heel contender in both storylines. It will be interesting to see where they go there, will either turn babyface or not? The way they set up the finish in the KO Match was very nice. I’m wondering how the Jesse Sorensen injury is weighing on Zema Ion and if it might affect him (and it most definitely could if it allows it to).

Absolutely terrific storytelling in the Main Event with Ray absolutely destroying Storm’s leg for the entire match but the babyface not willing to stay down. The promos before hand were very good as well especially Storm’s, loved the intensity he showed. Really good stuff here. The showdown with Jacobs was good until he had to speak, he struggled with that mightily.

The low point of the show was obviously the Immortal stuff (LET THAT STABLE DIE!) and I just wish that whole story would drop but no it’s definitely not the last we’ve seen of Garett. I definitely laughed at all the EY-ODB stuff especially his song to her. It was a nice dash of humor on a show that was presented as very serious especially with the Jesse Sorensen injury video package.

I 100% love that they have booked Storm-Roode 2 months ahead for Lockdown. First, we are going to have tons of build or this one and 2nd, it gives it a big feeling with it being at one of TNA’s bigger shows of the year, Lockdown inside the Cage. It will be interesting to see where they go for Victory Road however.

1) TNA World Title No DQ Match: Bobby Roode (c) def. Jeff Hardy to retain the title!
2) Zema Ion & Austin Aries def. Alex Shelley & Shannon Moore
3) Knockouts #1 Contenders Battle Royal: Madison Rayne def. Velvet Sky, Sarita, Angelina Love, ODB, Mickie James, Rosita, Winter, Brooke Tessmacher, & Tara
4) TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match: James Storm def. Bully Ray

Promo/Segment of the Night: Roode’s attack on Sting
Match of the Night: Ray vs. Storm (***1/2)
Overall Grade: B+

Scheduled for Next Week:

Victory Road Lineup:
-TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion
-TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne