Impact Results – 2/23/12

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
February 23, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens up with highlights of Roode’s heel run focusing on some of the dirty things he’s done (spitting in Dixie & Sting’s faces, cheating AJ and Storm, etc.) and then the announcement of the Lockdown Main Event and Roode’s beat down on Sting.

Cut to the arena Tenay and Taz hype up the show which is going to be Main Evented by Kurt Angle & Bully Ray vs. James Storm & Jeff Hardy.

Bobby Roode’s entrance music hits and the World Champion makes his way down to the ring. Mike Tenay talks about how Sting sent out a tweet after Impact last week that said “I’m done” and then follow up tweets from Roode, Dixie Carter, & Hulk Hogan talking about the possibility of Sting leaving. A huge “you suck” and then “Bobby sucks” chant starts as Roode grabs the microphone. Roode talks about the message Sting sent out over Twitter about being done. Roode says that Sting is done and he’s quitting as a “Sting” chant starts up. Roode says that Sting WILL be here tonight and he will tell the world that he is “done.” Roode says it’s time to talk about himself now, something more important than Sting. Roode talks about all of his “accomplishments” over the last few months. He says becoming the World Champion was a huge accomplishment in his career as was defending and retaining his title on a nightly basis, but ending Sting’s career is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest accomplishment in his life, not just his career. Roode talks about all of the stars that Sting has faced over the years name dropping Vader, Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan, Harley Race, and Ric Flair, and out of all of those people HE will be the only man that can say that he ended Sting’s career. Roode says tonight when Sting comes out and says his goodbyes he wants him to remember one thing, “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.” Roode laughs and then drops the mic.

In the back Matt Morgan and Crimson talk with each other about losing the Tag Titles at Against All Odds. They are blaming each other for losing the belts but Crimson says they need they need to stop the blame game and get the belts back. Morgan says they win as a team and lose as a team so they need to go out and get their titles back as a team tonight. Crimson says he’s in.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Crimson & “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & Magnus (c)

As Joe & Magnus enter the ring the former champs attack them to kickstart the match. Crimson tosses Magnus out to the floor and Morgan nails Joe with elbows in the corner. Morgan & Crimson then whip Joe into the ropes and hit him with a Double Shoulder Block. Morgan tosses Joe back into the corenr and then grabs and whips him into it hard followed by a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall. Morgan tags in Crimson and he grabs Joe but Joe pokes him in the eyes and slams him into the corner before tagging in Magnus. Magnus swings at Crimson but Crimson ducks and hits him with a series of clotheslines. Crimson then puts Magnus in a Cravate and nails him with a series of Knee Strikes followed by a snapmare takeover. Crimson then hits a Sliding Dropkick! Magnus retreats to the corner and kicks Crimson as Crimson approached him. Magnus then goes for a Shortarm Clothesline but Crimson ducks and then picks Magnus up and hits the Red Alert! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Crimson waits for Magnus to get to his feet and then goes for the Spear but Joe pulls Magnus out of the way and Crimson goes shoulder first into the ring post! Joe tags himself in and starts to beat on Crimson in the corner as we go to a break.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

Back from the break Joe tosses Crimson into the corner but Crimson attempts to fight out of the corner with elbows to both Joe & Magnus, but Joe quickly cuts him short with a rake of the eyes. Joe comes off the ropes but Crimson catches him with a Spinebuster and both men are down! Both men crawl to their corners and tag out! Morgan nails a charging Magnus with a shoulder block and then kicks him and follows up with a Running Knee Lift! Magnus grabs Joe by the throat as he comes into the ring and tosses him off the ropes and connects with the Spinning Clothesline! Magnus grabs both Joe & Magnus and slams their heads into each other and then clotheslines both men! Morgan is fired up! Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint on Magnus but Magnus catches him with a boot and then hits the ropes and goes for a Cross Body, but Morgan catches him in midair with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam! 1…2…NO Joe breaks up the count! Joe beats on Morgan in the corner now but Crimson hits him from behind! Magnus grabs Crimson and tosses him into the corner and then he & Joe whip Crimson into the opposite corner. Magnus attempts to whip Joe into Crimson but Crimson catches Joe with a back elbow! Magnus then charges at Crimson but Crimson gets his boot up! Magnus rolls out to the floor leaving Joe in the ring with the two big men. Crimson goes for a clothesline to the back of Joe while Morgan goes for a Carbon Footprint at the same time, but Joe ducks out of the way of both men causing Crimson to take Morgan out! Joe tosses Crimson out to the floor and then Joe hits Morgan with a Running Back Elbow in the corner followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe then Snapmares Morgan into the Flying Elbow Drop off the top from Magnus! 1…2…3!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Joe & Magnus via pinfall (Flying Elbow Drop)

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

New York Giants Tailback Brandon Jacobs makes his way down to the ring (wearing an Impact Wrestling t-shirt). Brandon Jacobs says “wassup” to the TNA fans and then introduces himself saying he’s fresh off of the Giants Super Bowl victory. Jacobs asks what you do after winning a Super Bowl, and he says “come to Impact Wrestling baby!” He talks about what went down last week and he says they both like to drink beer and that’s why their “buddies” and he says he might have been a little over the line by crossing the guardrail last week. Jacobs says he shouldn’t have done it and it’s his fault for getting in Bully Ray’s backyard, but at the same time he shouldn’t have spit in Brandon’s face. Jacobs says he’s here tonight to let Bully know that he’s right here in Bully’s back yard one more time. He says they have some unfinished business tonight and there’s nobody there to hold him back this time. He calls Bully Ray one more time and finally Bully Ray’s music hits.

Ray comes down the ramp and tells Jacobs to settle down while calling him “Brenda.” He says they may have gotten off on the wrong foot last week and then HE introduces himself to Jacobs. He says that guys like he and Jacobs have a lot in common, they’re both champions, but he says Jacobs is a 2-time champion while Ray is a 23-time champion. He says that Jacobs plays from New York and Ray is from New York as a “Brandon Jacobs” chant starts. Jacobs holds the ropes open for Ray but Ray messes with the fans asking if they really like that guy. Ray says there is nothing more that he would like to do right now is come down to the ring and beat the crap out of a Super Bowl Champion, but he stops before he gets in the ring and says he has a very important tag team match so he won’t waste his time on a guy who had just 59 yards in the Super Bowl and didn’t even score a touchdown. Ray says instead he’ll just stand right there and keep making fun of him, but Jacobs cuts him off and says if Ray is going to stay there he’ll come to Ray!

Jacobs leaves the ring and starts running up the ramp but Ray bails to the back.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

In the back Jacobs says Ray can run but he can’t hide and when he catches him he’s going to kick his ass. James Storm stops him and tells him not to let his emotions get the better of him. Jeff Hardy is with him too. Storm asks Jacobs if he wants Bully Ray and Jacobs screams that he does. Hardy & Storm look at each other and then Storm whispers something to Jacobs and they all 3 walk away.

Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley

Highlights from the X-Division Tag Match last week are shown as Zema comes to the ring. As Shelley comes to the ring Zema comes flying through the ropes with a dropkick to Shelley on the floor! Zema tosses Shelley into the ring and then climbs up top and hits a Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Shelley kicks out! Zema puts the boots to Shelley but then goes back to spraying his hair with hairspray. Austin Aries walks down the ramp with some wine and popcorn which distracts Zema allowing Shelley to trip Zema and then hit a shoulder block before going to the apron and hitting a jawbreaker onto the top rope! Shelley then hits a Slingshot Splash! 1…2…NO Zema kicks out! Zema hits an arm drag on Zema and then kicks him in the face and follows up with a drop toe hold sending Zema into the corner! Shelley climbs up top and hits a Flying Back Kick that sends Zema out to the floor! Shelley goes to the apron and sets up for a dive but Zema grabs his leg and slams him onto the apron! Zema tosses Shelley back into the ring and then hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors into a Facebuster! Zema then locks in a Hammerlock/Armbar combination! That might have looked even better if he just hooked the Fujiwara Armbar as he hit the mat (like Mistico/Sin Cara’s La Mistica). Shelley is able to get his foot on the ropes to break the hold. Zema tries to put the boots to Shelley in the corner but Shelley grabs his foot and then gets back up to HIS feet (still holding onto Zema’s leg) and then nails him with a Dragonscrew Leg Whip! Shelley nails Zema with a combination of body shots, chops, and forearm shots! Shelley attempts to whip Zema into the ropes but Zema reverses it and goes for a backdrop. Shelley kicks Zema and then nails him with an Enziguri! Shelley clotheslines Zema over the top rope and then hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Zema on the floor sending him into the guardrail! Shelley chops Zema but as Zema turned his back to Shelley to sell it, he actually sticks his hairspray can in his pants! Shelley grabs Zema and tosses him back into the ring. Shelley climbs up top and goes for the Diving Double Foot Stomp but Zema rolls out of the way. Shelley lands on his feet and then nails Zema with a Backkick as Zema got up. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread but Zema blocks Shelley and shoves him off. Shelley almost runs into the referee but he’s able to catch himself. The referee ducks to try and avoid Shelley but while his head was down Zema sprayed the hairspray in Shelley’s face! Zema hits the Hostile Makeover! Zema then hits the Bible Black (running Double Knees to a seated opponent)! 1…2…3!

Winner: Zema via pinfall (Bible Black)

Zema points down to Aries as Aries points at his title belt.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

A video package focusing on the Bischoff drama is shown. We cut to Garett Bischoff backstage and he says he’s not discouraged and nothing his father says is going to keep him from doing what he wants to do and that’s being in the Impact Zone every week. He says he’s going to keep on fighting and then Hulk Hogan walks up and says he figured Garett was going to say that. He says he’s not surprised Garett is going to go down this path but he asks if he understands that there is a huge bullseye on his back because of his father. Hogan says if he’s going to stay in this business his dad will do everything he can to make Garett’s life a living hell. Garett says he understands that but he doesn’t care. Garett says he appreciates what Hogan has done for him and Hogan says they are going to try and take him out.

We cut to the back where Madison says she hopes Sting is done because he hasn’t been fair to her or Gail. She says that her being #1 contender just strengthens her and Gail’s bond and that this will make them stronger friends. She says the level competition in that ring didn’t deserve to be in the ring with Gail so she stepped up to give Gail the competition she DOES deserve.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

Non-Title Match
ODB w/Eric Young vs. Gail Kim

Gail taunts ODB as the bell rings and calls her disgusting so ODB chest bumps her and then taunts Gail! Gail charges at ODB but ODB drop toe holds her and then locks in a Front Facelock. ODB slaps Gail on the ass repeatedly which angers Gail. Gail runs ODB into the corner but then ODB kicks Gail and tosses her into the corner. ODB hits a Corner Splash and then the Carpet Muncher! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Gail gets back to her feet and hits a Knee Strike followed by a series of European Uppercuts! Gail hits the ropes and goes for a Cross Body, but ODB catches her and hits the Fall Away Slam! Gail rolls out to the apron and as ODB reaches down to grab her Gail kicks ODB in the head. Gail then follows up with a series of kicks and strikes. Gail hits the ropes and connects with a Running Clothesline for a nearfall. Gail picks ODB up and kicks her in the gut and then tosses her through the ropes. ODB holds onto the ropes so Gail drags her back into the ring and slams her down to the mat as ODB’s feet were hooked in the ropes. Gail picks ODB up and whips her into the corner and connects with a Running Body Splash! Gail then slams ODB to the mat and pins her for another nearfall. ODB tries to fight back but Gail catches her with a Spinning Headscissors into the Octopus! ODB fights the hold and counters out with a Sidewalk Slam! Both girls are down now. ODB charges at Gail but Gail catches her with a clothesline! Gail then tosses her into the corner and nails her with repeated kicks. Gail chokes ODB in the corner with her boot as Madison comes down the ramp. Gail screams at her and EY pours some liquid courage into ODB’s mouth! Gail turns around into a clothesline from ODB followed by a shoulder block and then a clothesline! ODB attempts to whip Gail into the corner but Gail reverses it. Gail then charges at ODB but she gets a foot up and then climbs up top. ODB grabs Gail’s head and hits her with the Dirty Dozen! ODB dives off the top with a Diving Thesz Press! 1…2…NO Gail Kicks out! ODB hits the ropes and Gail tries to kick her but ODB catches her foot and then goes for the BAM! Gail blocks it with several knee strikes to the head. Gail then hits the Eat Defeat! 1…2…3!

Winner: Gail via pinfall (Eat Defeat)

Madison tries to celebrate with Gail after the match but Gail is having none of that.

Earlier today AJ Styles says he’s not going to lose his way like Kaz & Daniels and he’s going to refocus and do something for him and make his way back to the World Heavyweight Title.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

An update on Jesse Sorensen is shown as his mother talks about the injury. She says she didn’t know how bad he was hurt and then Jesse talks for the first time. He says he remembers seeing Zema come off the top and the next thing he remembers is waking up on the floor. His mother says the first call she got was from Jesse’s phone so she thought everything was okay but it was Dixie calling her to tell her what happened. He says he tried to move his legs and then his arms but he couldn’t feel them. He says he looked at his arm and it just wouldn’t work no matter how hard he tried, and it was the scariest thought you’ll ever go through. His mother says she was totally helpless and she didn’t know what to do as shots of Dixie attempting to comfort Jesse as he was being loaded into the ambulance are shown. Jesse says it’s a crazy feeling to have thousands of people chanting your name and not being able to get up. Mike Tenay updates on Jesse saying that Jesse is back at home recovering as he’s been released from the hospital. Taz talks about the road to recovery from a broken neck (a subject Taz has GREAT knowledge in, he broke his neck back in the old ECW after a Piledriver went wrong against Eddie Guerrero & Dean Malenko). Taz says that is a very lonely situation and he admits that your future is very uncertain while dealing with that type of injury. They both wish Jesse well.

TNA World Television Championship
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Robbie E. (c) w/Robbie T.

AJ does not look amused by The Shore. Robbie goes right after AJ at the bell but AJ sidesteps him and then hits a Hip Toss. AJ then tosses Robbie into one corner and then another corner before picking Robbie up and dropping him with a Backbreaker. AJ whips Robbie into the ropes but Robbie holds onto the ropes as AJ went for a leapfrog and then he goes for a Cross Body, but AJ catches him and a crazy Spinning Sidewalk Slam into a Backbreaker! AJ then hooks Robbie’s legs in a Death Lock and then he bridges back into a Bridging Chinlock! Robbie fights the hold and eventually breaks AJ’s grips causing AJ to release the hold. Robbie quickly rolls to the floor to get away from AJ but AJ follows him out. Rob Terry gets between them allowing Robbie to roll back in the ring. AJ goes to roll in following him but Robbie puts the boots to him. Robbie whips AJ into the corner hard and then taunts AJ but AJ nails him with a leg kick and then he attempts a whip into the corner. Robbie counters into a Russian Leg Sweep! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Robbie taunts AJ again and slaps him on the back of the head. He then whips AJ into the corner again. Robbie then distracts the referee as Terry hits AJ in the head. Robbie hits a Scoop Slam on AJ and then follows up with the Fist Pump Drop off the top! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out again! Robbie picks AJ up and whips him into the corner one more time, but this time AJ gets his foot up on the turnbuckle to block the impact. Robbie charges at AJ but he catches Robbie with a back elbow and then he lights Robbie up with slaps and chops. AJ hits a big clothesline followed by a back elbow and then he whips Robbie into the ropes and connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ follows up with a Flying Clothesline in the corner followed by a Pump Handle Gutbuster! AJ Styles: inventing insane offense since 2001. 1…2…NO Robbie kicks out! AJ sets up for the Styles Clash but Terry gets up on the apron to distract AJ allowing Robbie to hit him from behind! Robbie goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and connects with the Pele! Christopher Daniels & Kaz walk down the ramp now as AJ sets up for a springboard move! Kaz snatches AJ off the apron and tosses him into the guardrail!

Winner: AJ via DQ (Robbie retains)

Daniels looks shocked at what Kaz just did and Kaz just walks past Daniels with an intense look on his face. Daniels looks back at AJ and then back at Kaz before following Kaz up the ramp with a confused look on his face.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

Main Event
No DQ Tag Match
Bully Ray & “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “Cowboy” James Storm & “Charismatic Enigma” Jeffery Nero Hardy w/Brandon Jacobs

Boxing style intros for this one but before JB could introduce Ray he grabbed the microphone from JB and said he doesn’t need anyone introducing him but himself and then proceeded to introduce himself before giving the microphone back to JB. Storm grabs the microphone after the introductions and asks if there are any beer drinkers in the Impact Zone tonight and then he says he has a beer drinking friend that has some unfinished business with Bully Ray here tonight. Storm introduces Brandon Jacobs and he comes down to the ring to stand in Jeffery & Storm’s corner. Kurt and Storm start the match off. They lockup and Kurt forces Storm in the corner. Angle swings at Storm but he blocks the punch and connects with a series of right hands of his own. Storm then whips Angle into the ropes and connects with a Hip Toss followed by a clothesline. Storm then attempts to whip Angle into the ropes again but this time Angle reverses it and goes for a clothesline of his own. Storm ducks and then bounces off the ropes again and hits a Running High Knee! Storm follows up with a series of Facebreakers before Ray hits him from behind allowing Angle to recover and lay Storm out. Angle nails Storm with a European Uppercut in the corner followed by a series of boots. Storm fights back with an uppercut of his own and then he attempts to whip Angle into the opposite corner, but Angle reverses it only to have Storm explode out of the corner with a clothesline! Storm points at Hardy and tags him in. Angle gets away from the babyfaces and tags in Ray.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

Back from the break Ray whips Hardy into the corner and charges at him but Hardy catches him with a back elbow and then springs to the top and dives off with the Whisper In The Wind! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out as the fans EXPLODED for that spot! Hardy hits the ropes but Ray absolutely de-cleats him with a nasty Lariat. Ray whips Hardy into the heel corner but as Hardy was flying in he knocks Angle off the apron! Ray then charges at Hardy but Hardy gets his boot up. Hardy was about to charge at Ray but Angle trips him and then pulls him groin first into the ring post. Ray stands on Hardy’s back and then Angle from the outside slams Hardy’s leg into the ring post as well. Ray taunts Jacobs and then continues the beatdown on Hardy. Ray goes for an Elbow Drop but Hardy rolls out of the way as Tenay says that AJ Styles is losing it backstage and says that he has demanded a Gauntlet Match for next week against Daniels & Kazarian. Ray tags in Angle and he puts the boots to Hardy. Angle hits a Snap Suplex for a quick nearfall and then he immediately locks in a Gutwrench on the mat. Hardy fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. Hardy explodes off the ropes but Angle catches him with the Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Ray tags back in and but Hardy is able to connect with a Leaping Back Kick on Ray as Ray grabbed his leg! Hardy tags in Storm! Storm ducks a clothesline from Ray and then knocks Angle off the apron! Storm connects with a series of right hands on Ray and then attempts to whip Ray into the ropes, but Ray reverses it only to eat a Flying Forearm from the Cowboy! Storm follows up with another Facebreaker and then a Neckbreaker! Storm charges at Ray in the corner but Ray backdrops him over the top! Storm lands on the apron and hits the Leaping Enziguri! Storm comes off the ropes with a Flying Forearm and then Angle comes in and ducks a clothesline and then takes Storm out with the Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Hardy takes Angle out from behind with a Forearm! Ray levels Hardy with a Big Boot! Ray tells Angle it’s time to get the tables! They pull a table out and start to put it in the ring but Hardy & Storm double sliding dropkick the table into the heels! They then pull the table into the ring and set it up! The heels come back in and take the babyfaces out! Ray nails Hardy with the Bully Bomb but Hardy rolls to the floor so he can’t pin him. They set the table up the way they want it and the Angle goes to grab Storm only to eat the Last Call! Ray lays Storm out but then Brandon Jacobs climbs into the ring! Ray turns around and sees Jacobs! Ray screams at Jacobs and then he gets down in a three point stance and so does Jacobs! Before they can slam into each other Storm grabs Ray and nails him with a big uppercut! Jacobs then Chokeslams Ray through the table! Storm covers Ray, 1…2…3!

Winners: Storm & Hardy via pinfall (Chokeslam through a table)

After the match Jacobs points to his calves mocking Ray’s obsession with his own calves. Storm and Jacobs share a beer as a replay of Brandon’s Chokeslam is shown. Jacobs grabs a microphone and says, “BULLY! Like my boy Storm says, SORRY ABOUT YO DAMN LUCK!”

In the back a member of TNA’s staff looks into Sting’s dressing room and says it’s showtime.

———————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————

Sting’s music hits and the Insane Icon makes his way down to the ring. Sting says that it’s obvious and he’s made it public that he’s done. He says there is too much out of control and slipping through his fingers. He says there is too much for him to handle and he’s been pushed over the edge by Bobby Roode so he’s done. Roode’s music hits and Sting puts his head down.

Roode comes out and that t-shirt Sting is wearing looks really dope (random thought). Roode says he has to apologize because he really didn’t want to interrupt his goodbye speech but he couldn’t help himself because of how emotional this is. He says he felt like he had to be there beside him while he told the world that Bobby Roode is the better man and Sting is done.

Sting says Roode didn’t any war or battle and as a matter of fact he helped Sting out. He says Bobby woke him up and then Sting pulls out facepaint and starts putting it on his face! Rood’s face is priceless! Sting screams again that Bobby woke him up! Sting says he feels so alive and he wants to thank him from the bottom of his heart. Sting says what he WON’T do is do it half way or part way or mediocre. He gets in Roode’s face and says he’s DONE with Mr. Nice Guy as Roode looks disturbed by Sting going nuts. Sting says what he WILL do he’s going to put on his boots, his tights, and his war paint and at Victory Road he’s going to kick the “living crap” (closest thing you’ll get to Sting cussing) out of Roode!

Roode goes to kick Sting in the nuts again but he blocks it this time but then gently puts the foot down and acts like he won’t do anything else but then kicks Roode in the nuts! Sting tells Roode to follow the yellow brick road to Victory Road and he’ll see him there. Sting throws the microphone at Roode and leaves a shocked Roode in the ring.


Solid show again tonight and I loved the opening with Roode, he really seems to be coming into his own with his heel character.

I also liked the transition right into the first match rather than the typical break before the match. Another good match from those two teams and Joe/Magnus get another clean win. The question is where in the world do they go from here? The Guns aren’t ready to be back as Sabin is still healing, Mexican America hasn’t been on TV in forever (and I think Anarquia got sent back to OVW) and Ink, Inc. is nomore because Jesse Neal got released. Either TNA has to hire a new team or put together another team. Also, Joe & Magnus need a cool name, that’s just my opinion though.

Zema-Shelley had a good match together and Zema needed that win. I’m interested to see how that feud along with the Gail/Madison with two heels facing each other. Gail/ODB was a little clunky but not bad.

AJ was able to do the impossible and have a solid with Robbie E., they either need to get rid of that belt or put it on someone else and try and make it actually mean something.

I still don’t care about Garett Bischoff.

The video of Jesse Sorensen and his mom was a nice touch and it’s good to know that he is doing better. That was a very emotional video from them.

Brandon Jacobs looked a lot more comfortable tonight but still a little nervous.

Great action in the Main Event and the spot with Jacobs & Ray will look cool on Sportscenter I’m sure.

The final segment with Sting was a little awkward at times with Sting slipping back into that insane gimmick but at least they can play off that Roode has driven him to that and Roode’s reactions and faces were priceless. I like that they played up the “I’m done” thing into that Sting is done playing mr. nice guy. The match at Victory Road could do a ton to continue to put Roode’s heel character over, especially if he leaves Sting bloodied again. He CANNOT lose Sting in that one, though, especially headed towards Lockdown.

Tonight’s show started out with a frantic pace but they were able to slow it down in the 2nd hour.

1) TNA Tag Titles: Samoa Joe & Magnus (c) def. Crimson & Matt Morgan to retain the titles!
2) Zema Ion def. Alex Shelley
3) Gail Kim def. ODB
4) TNA TV Title: AJ Styles def. Robbie E. via DQ (Robbie retains)
5) No DQ: James Storm & Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray & Kurt Angle

Promo/Segment of the Night: Bobby Roode promos
Match of the Night: TIE (Main Event/Tag Titles) (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Gauntlet Match: AJ Styles vs. Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

Victory Road Lineup:
– Sting vs. Bobby Roode
– TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion
– TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne