TNA Impact (2009 TNA Championship Series)
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
November 26, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

The show kicks off with highlights of last week with Hogan vignettes blended in as well followed by the usual Impact intro.

At ringside Mike & Taz reveal that tonight we will be seeing the 1st ever ?TNA Championship Series? Tournament which will feature Bobby Lashley vs. Abyss, Desmond Wolfe vs. Suicide, The Pope vs. Kurt Angle, & Homicide vs. Robert Roode! The winner of the tournament will earn a Championship shot. If Lashley, Abyss, Wolfe, Dinero, or Angle win then they earn a TNA World Heavyweight Championship shot while Homicide & Suicide would earn an X-Division Title shot and Roode would earn a TNA Tag Title shot for Beer Money.

TNA Championship Series 1st Round Match
?The Boss? Bobby Lashley w/Kristal Marshall vs. ?The Monster? Abyss

They are obviously playing off of College Football’s BCS tonight with this tournament (by the way, my Alabama Crimson Tide are still in the hunt for the BCS crown! Roll Tide!). This is a first ever meeting between these two. Lashley charges across the ring and barrels into the beast that is Abyss with a Shoulder Block but he just bounces off! Lashley comes back with a clothesline attempt but Abyss still doesn?t go down. Abyss comes off the ropes now and Lashley shows his athleticism as he leapfrogs the near 7-footer. Lashley then kicks Abyss in the gut and comes off the ropes again only to eat a Big Boot from Abyss! Abyss goes for the Corner Splash but Lashley moves and starts throwing strikes at Abyss in the corner. The referee pulls Lashley away which allows Abyss time to recover and comeback with a big clothesline on the former ECW Champion. Abyss chokes Lashley on the middle rope and then throws a big right hand at him. Abyss attempts to wear Lashley down with a Rear Chinlock but Lashley is able to get to his feet and throw a couple of body shots at Abyss. Lashley then comes off the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Abyss ducks and lifts Lashley up in a Bear Hug! Abyss attempts to squeeze the life out of Lashley but Lashley is able to fight out of it with headbutts! Abyss comes back with another clothesline attempt but Lashley is able to hit a drop toe hold sending Abyss crashing throat-first into the middle rope. Lashley follows up with a clothesline and then a forearm smash. Lashley charges at Abyss in the corner but Abyss is able to hit a back elbow. Abyss charges at Lashley but he catches Abyss in mid-move with a big Spinebuster! Lashley is fired up now and he clotheslines Abyss over the top rope to the floor. Abyss then grabs Lashley feet and drags him out too. Abyss with a big right hand to Lashley and then Kristal comes over to stop Abyss, but Abyss reared back to throw another punch and accidentally caught Kristal in the face with his elbow! Kristal reaches down at her ankle as well. Abyss rolls Lashley into the ring as the referee checks on Kristal. Abyss is trying to explain that he didn?t mean to hit her and when he turns around he eats a big Spear from Lashley! Lashley then locks the Dragon Sleeper in and Abyss taps!

Winner: Lashley via submission (Dragon Sleeper)

After the match Kristal leaps to her feet and starts jumping around celebrating her husband’s win as she was obviously not hurt.


JB is in Foley’s with him and is trying to talk Mick into believing Hogan coming to TNA isn?t a bad thing. JB reminds Mick that he came to TNA to try and help TNA become the #1 wrestling company in the world and he says Hogan coming does that. Mick questions why it was done so secretly behind his back. Mick is pissed that Bubba The Love Sponge knew about Hogan coming before he did. JB asks him to get past it and Foley says this whole thing stinks. Foley says he knows about the backstabbing and politics in wrestling and he says Kurt Angle knows that as well so he is going to talk to him.

TNA Championship Series 1st Round Match
Suicide vs. Desmond Wolfe

This is yet another first time ever matchup. Suicide and Wolfe circle each other and then lockup in the center of the ring. Wolfe forces Suicide to the mat and then stomps on the arm of Suicide. Wolfe grabs Suicide in a wristlock and then turns it into a full arm twist and stomps the arm again. Wolfe then arm drags the same arm and again locks in another wrist lock and twists the arm. Suicide gets the ropes and uses them to flip and reverse the hold. Suicide hits an arm drag of his own and then walks over to Wolfe, but Wolfe grabs Suicide’s leg and hits a Single-leg Takedown. Wolfe grabs the arm again and slams it into the mat. Wolfe puts Suicide in the corner and nails him with a big European Uppercut and then goes to the other corner and takes off running into another European Uppercut! 1?2?NO Suicide kicks out. Wolfe puts Suicide in another crazy submission move pretty much using Suicide’s own arm to choke him. Suicide gets to his feet but Wolfe (still holding onto the arm of Suicide) pulls him into a shoulder block. Wolfe locks the submission move right back on Suicide and then gets to his feet and spins Suicide around into the Lariat attempt, but Suicide ducks and then hits a Springboard Back Elbow! Suicide follows up with a clothesline and then a dropkick. Suicide lifts Wolfe up and hits the Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam followed by a Slingshot Leg Drop from the apron into the ring! 1?2?NO Wolfe kicks out now. Suicide still selling that arm as he charges at Wolfe in the corner. Wolfe avoids him and then grabs Suicide by the head, kicks him in the back, and then clotheslines him to the mat! Wolfe picks Suicide up and places him up on the top rope and goes for the Tower of London, but Suicide blocks it. Wolfe hits a back elbow and then goes to the opposite corner and charges again but Suicide nails him with the Running Front Dropkick in mid-move sending Wolfe into the turnbuckles! Suicide attempts to whip Wolfe into the corner but he reverses it and goes for a clothesline, but Suicide avoids him and then climbs to the top. Wolfe sweeps Suicide’s legs out from under him and then hits the Tower of London! 1?2?3 and Wolfe advances.

Winner: Wolfe via pinfall (Tower of London)


TNA Championship Series 1st Round Match
?The Pope? D?Angelo Dinero vs. ?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle

Dinero and Angle lockup at the bell and Kurt immediately gets the advantage with a side headlock but Dinero shoves Angle into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block from Angle. Angle comes off the ropes now but Dinero hits an arm drag and holds onto the armlock as he hits the mat. Angle gets to his feet and attempts to whip Dinero into the corner but Dinero reverses it and charges at him only to at a boot. Angle charges at Dinero again and again Dinero hits an arm drag and holds onto that armlock! Dinero transitions into a wristlock as Angle started to get to his feet and then Angle counters into a wristlock of his own. Angle attempts a Short-arm Clothesline but Dinero blocks it and then hits a backkick to the gut followed by a front kick that staggers Angle. Dinero comes off the ropes and hits a huge Leaping Shoulder Block! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Dinero attempts to whip Angle into the ropes but he reverses it and then catches Dinero in a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Angle hits a right hand followed by a European Uppercut and then a Snap Suplex. 1?2?NO Dinero kicks out. Angle covers Dinero again and again he kicks out at two. Kurt then locks Dinero in a Crossface. Dinero fights to his feet and hits a series of back elbows until Angle hits a clubbing blow to the back of Dinero. Kurt then whips Dinero into the corner and charges at Dinero only to a eat a back elbow followed by a huge running Uppercut to Angle followed by another back elbow. Dinero whips Angle into the ropes and then attempts to shoot in for the Single-leg Takedown, but Angle blocks him and then hits the German Suplex! Angle rolls through and hits another Rolling German Suplex. Angle goes for a third but Dinero blocks it and then reverses it and hits a German Suplex of his own! Pope rolls through and goes for another German but Angle blocks it and hits a nasty back elbow to break Pope’s grip. Angle goes for a Lariat but Pope blocks it and counters with an STO! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Dinero attempts to whip Angle into the ropes but he reverses it and then goes for a backdrop, but Dinero stops on a dime and backhands Angle across the face. It’s the Pimp Slap! Dinero drapes Angle across the middle rope and then hits the Running Body Guillotine! Dinero kicks Angle down into the corner and then hits the Outter Limitz Elbow (headstand on the top turnbuckle into an Elbow Drop)! Dinero pulls his knee pads down and calls for the DDE but Angle sidesteps him and rolls him up! Angle then rolls right through and grabs the ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock! Dinero is able to roll over and kick Angle off. Dinero attempts a clothesline but Angle ducks and hits the Angle Slam! 1?2?3 and Angle advances! Great match!

Winner: Angle via pinfall (Angle Slam)

After the match Angle offers the handshake to Dinero and he accepts and then they hug in the ring.


In the back Mick Foley approaches Kurt Angle and Angle puts Dinero over saying that he was ‘stepping up? and how great he is. Foley asks where the rest of the Mafia are and Angle asks Foley where the hell he’s been because the Mafia is nomore. Foley says Angle is the most valuable acquisition in TNA history so Dixie tells him everything. He wants to know what Dixie has told him about Hogan coming into TNA. Angle says Hogan is coming to help TNA better and Foley needs to embrace it. Foley says Hogan is coming into TNA to take his spot, but Angle says Hogan is coming in to take this company to heights it’s never been. Foley asks Angle if he’s onboard and he says he is. Foley says he just hopes the guy that Hogan is bring along with him is onboard too and Angle questions Foley believing something Nash told him.

TNA Championship Series 1st Round Match
?Notorious 1-8-7? Homicide vs. Robert Roode

James Storm doesn?t accompany Roode to the ring and none of the World Elite come with Homicide. As Roode enters the ring Homicide sneaks in and attacks him from behind. Homicide throws a series of rights at Roode in the corner and then slams him into the top turnbuckle. Homicide whips Roode into the corner but Roode comes flying out with a clothesline! Homicide bails out to the floor and then drags Roode out by the feet as Roode came towards the ropes. Homicide throws more rights at Roode and then chokes him at ringside and hits a elbow to the top of the head. Homicide hits a Knee Lift and then rolls Roode back into the ring. Homicide hits a running Clothesline in the corner on Roode but Roode comes back with rights and chops. Roode attempts to whip Homicide into the ropes but he reverses it and sends Roode hard into the corner. Homicide puts his knee into the back of Roode repeatedly and then puts him in a Nerve Hold. Roode fights to his feet but Homicide kicks him in the head and then whips him into the ropes and hits a Spinning Back Elbow. 1?2?and Roode kicks out. Homicide hits an uppercut and then attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but he reverses it and goes for a backdrop. Homicide stops before getting to Roode and kicks him in the head. Roode then goes for a clothesline and counters into the Gringo Cutta, but Roode blocks it and follows up with a clothesline. Roode whips Homicide into the ropes and hits a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker. 1?2?NO Homicide kicks out! Roode grabs Homicide but he knees Roode in the gut and goes for the Gringo Killa. Roode blocks it and goes for the Payoff. Homicide blocks it and then goes back to the Gringo Cutta but again Roode blocks it and shoves Homicide into the corner. Roode charges at Homicide but he hits a back elbow and then charges at Roode only to eat a big Spinebuster! 1?2?3 and Roode advances to the Semifinals!

Winner: Roode via pinfall (Spinebuster)

After the match Homicide argues with a member of TNA’s TV crew and then starts throwing a chair around ringside and yelling at the fans.


Back from commercials JB is with Kurt Angle and he says he has respect for Roode but he has his eye on the prize and that’s earning a shot at AJ’s title. Angle guarantees that he will win the tournament tonight and says that a small part of him hopes that Wolfe gets to the Finals. Angle will meet Roode in the Semis while Wolfe meets Lashley.

TNA Knockouts Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal
Special Referee: ODB
Traci Brooks vs. Hamada vs. Daffney vs. ?Future Legend? Alissa Flash vs. Lacey Von Erich vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Sarita vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Tara

The bell rings and the ladies start scrapping! I will attempt to keep up with the action best I can. Hamada headbutts Daffney and quickly throws her over the top eliminating the Scream Queen! Lacey attempts to power Sarita up over the top but Hamada cuts her off while Alissa and Tara brawl in the corner. Alissa lifts Traci up and dumps her over the top, but Traci lands on the apron. Flash hits a big forearm and walks away but Traci kept her balance and then reached in and grabbed Flash by the hair. Traci tries to drag Flash out with her which brings Taylor & Sarita over and they shoves Flash over. She lands on the apron as well so Sarita & Taylor double dropkick them both sending them to the floor and eliminating them. Traci and Flash continue to brawl on the outside as security runs out.


During the commercial break they show a cut in of Tara eliminating Lacey. Back from commercials Madison & Velvet hit a Double Russian Leg Sweep on Taylor and then we see a replay of Tara eliminating Lacey during the break. Sarita backflips over BP as they attempt a Double Backdrop on her. BP hit a double back elbow on Sarita and then dump her over the top to the floor! Hamada whips Taylor into the corner and charges, but Taylor gets her boot up and then Headscissors Takeovers Hamada over the top to the floor but Taylor crashed and burned on that one as well! We?re down to just Beautiful People and Tara. BP whip Tara into the ropes and then attempt a Double Clothesline but Tara ducks and hits one of her own! Tara with clotheslines on BP and then she mounts Madison but Velvet attacks her from behind. Velvet throws Tara into the corner and then they whip Tara into the opposite corner. Madison charges but Tara backdrops her over the top! Madison lands on the apron and Velvet charges at Tara but she ducks and Velvet knocks Madison off the apron to the floor! Tara slaps Velvet repeatedly as she turns around but Velvet comes back with a kick in the gut. Velvet whips Tara into the corner and hits a Clothesline. Velvet tries to throw Tara over the top but she counters and throws Velvet over! Velvet lands on the apron and Tara charges at her. Velvet hits a shoulder block on Tara through the ropes and then attempts to slingshot back into the ring, but Tara Superkicks her in midair knocking her down to the floor!

Winner & NEW Knockouts #1 Contender: Tara

After the match Tara offers a handshake to ODB but she slaps her hand away and takes a sip of her whiskey and leaves the ring.

In the back JB is with EY and Nash. Nash makes fun of JB about having a ?big man fetish? and then EY says TNA not putting his belt in the TCS is the type of discrimination he faces. EY says Americans attempting to maul each other on Thanksgiving is funny. He says greed is the real American tradition, not football. EY again says that his title will not be defending on American soil or against an American wrestler. He says who he?ll face, where he?ll face them, and when he?ll face them.

In the back Foley is on the phone with someone talking about Dixie and Hogan when we hear someone screaming. It’s Steiner screaming at the wardrobe lady about wanting her to make more Main Event Mafia stuff but she refuses to. Foley says that Kurt alluded toward MEM being dead but Steiner says he didn?t exactly say it was dead and as long as he’s there the Mafia lives. Foley asks Steiner what he can tell him about Hogan. Steiner says he didn?t date him so he doesn?t know anything personal about him. He then says he was in the nWo with Hogan and they were a ?band of thieves.? He then asks Foley who the smartest guy he knows is and Foley says a name that’s bleeped out. He says that person came up with Ron Simmons? ?damn? gimmick and Steiner says Hogan is 10 times smarter. Steiner says the young guys have no idea what’s coming. Foley asks him he thinks Hogan is bringing with him. Steiner says he’s not Nostradamus and he can?t see into the future so he has no idea. Steiner says that if Nash told him that someone was coming with Hogan then it’s true because ?Kevin doesn?t lie.? The wardrobe lady interrupts him and asks Steiner if he really wants her to ?do it? just like he has it drawn up because Mafia only has one F in it. Steiner tells her to put her F where the sun don?t shine.


In the back Foley approaches Nash and Young. Foley says he can?t get Nash his money back from the suspension. Foley still wants to know what Nash knows but he says Virgil is coming in. He laughs and says no that’s not true. He then says he’s pretty sure it’s the Disciple but then laughs and says that’s not it either. Nash cracks another joke about Scott Hall this time but Foley says it’s not funny. Nash says between him and Foley if Brian Knobs comes in he’s quitting and EY says he will too. Nash says as soon as Hogan gives him more info he?ll pass it along.

TNA Championship Series Semifinals Match
Desmond Wolfe vs. ?The Boss? Bobby Lashley w/Kristal Marshall

Yet another first time ever matchup here in this tournament. Lashley shoots in for the collar-and-elbow tieup but Wolfe ducks underneath him and locks in a Full Nelson. Lashley completely breaks the hold and then he locks Wolfe in a Full Nelson of his own. Wolfe attempts to break the hold but he can?t so he gets to the ropes and puts his foot on the bottom rope. Wolfe gets Lashley in a wristlock but Lashly reverrses it. Wolfe rolls through but Lashley holds onto the move and slams Wolfe to the mat holding onto the hold as he hits the mat. Wolfe fights to his feet but Lashley continues to crank on the hold. Wolfe again rolls through and this time he follows up with a Russian Legs Sweep attempt but Lashley blocks it and slams Wolfe back to the mat. Wolfe fights to his feet and finally is able to counter out of the hold by spinning around and transition into a Front Chancery, but yet again Lashley reverses it into a wristlock. Wolfe forces Lashley into the ropes and then hits a nasty back elbow as Lashley released the hold. Wolfe hits a Double Chop and then puts Lashley in a Headlock but Lashley rolls backwards reversing the hold into a hammerlock. I can now see that either Wolfe’s lip is busted or he bit his tongue or something. Wolfe gets to his feet but Lashley keeps the Hammerlock cinched in until Wolfe reverses the hold. Lashley gets to the ropes and he drapes himself across it. As Wolfe releases the hold he kicks Lashley right in the face! Wolfe hits a European Uppercut in the corner and then charges at Lashley again but he moves and then hits a running Spear in the corner! Lashley lifts Wolfe up and hits an Overhead Gutbuster followed by a Full Nelson Slam! 1?2?NO Wolfe kicks out! Lashley goes for a Suplex but Wolfe counters with the Spinning Arm Snapmare. Wolfe then lifts Lashley up onto the top rope and attempts the Tower of London, but Lashley blocks it and counters into the Dragon Sleeper! Wolfe reaches back and grabs the ropes to break the hold. Wolfe hits a big forearm to the gut and then he snaps Lashley’s head over the middle rope! Wolfe then puts Lashley in the London Dungeon between the ropes! Wolfe screams at Angle into the camera the whole time he has the hold locked in. The referee warns Wolfe but he refuses to release the hold and DQ’s him.

Winner: Lashley via DQ


In the back Lauren is with Lashley & Kristal. Kristal says whether it’s TNA or MMA no one can stop Bobby.

TNA Championship Series Semifinals Match
Robert Roode vs. ?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle

Roode and Angle lockup and Angle puts Roode in a side headlock. Roode shoves Angle off and Angle hits the shoulder block but Roode comes back with a back elbow and they stare each other down. They lockup again and Angle forces Roode into the corner and hits a series of big rights in the corner. Roode comes back with rights of his own after he blocks one of Angle’s. Roode whips Angle into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Angle kicks him in the head and then goes for a Lariat but Roode ducks and hits a Neckbreaker! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Roode hits a Scoop Slam followed by a Knee Drop for another nearfall. Roode lights Angle up with Knife-edge Chops and then hits a Snapmare takeover followed by a flipping Jawbreaker. Roode walks over to Angle but he grabs Roode by the tights and flings him out to the floor. Angle follows him out and slams Roode into the ring steps. Angle tosses Roode back into the ring and gets a nearfall of his own. Angle hits a Snap Suplex for another nearfall. Angle grabs Roode and locks him in a Waistlock on the mat. Roode breaks the hold with some nasty back elbows and then he comes off the ropes but Angle catches him in the Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! 1?2?NO Roode kicks out! Angle hits a Snapmare and then puts Roode in a Body Scissors. Roode breaks the hold but as soon as he does Angle locks him in a Rear Chinlock. Roode fights to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. Roode attempts to whip Angle into the corner but he reverses it and then charges at Roode. Roode hits a back elbow and then gets his boot up as Angle charged again. Roode climbs up top and hits the Blockbuster but both men are down now. They finally get to their knees and begin trading right hands as they fight to their feet literally. Roode with a big chop and then he attempts to whip Angle into the ropes but Angle reverses it and goes for a clothesline, but Roode ducks and hits a Flying Forearm Smash! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Roode reaches down to grab Angle but he was able to grab Roode’s foot and trip him and lock in the Ankle Lock! Roode rolls over and kicks Angle off and then hits the Spinebuster! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Roode goes for the Payoff but Angle blocks it and hits the German Suplex! Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Roode counters with an arm drag and then attempts a running clothesline but Angle ducks and Roode slams into the corner. Angle hits the Angle Slam! 1?2?NO Roode kicks out! As Angle starts to get fired up Desmond Wolfe walks down to ringside and spits at Angle! Angle leaves the ring and starts throwing rights and lefts at Desmond! The referee counts Angle out as he continues to beat down on Desmond! Angle realizes it and sprints back to the ring but the referee gets to 10 before he can get back in the ring.

Winner: Roode via Countout


AJ Styles? music hits and the World Champion makes his way out to the ring. He starts off by saying that he’s concerned about Sting and wants him to call him, but then Daniels music interrupts AJ and he makes his way out to the ring. Daniels says he’s thrilled that he and Sting are such good things but he wanders if Sting realizes that AJ’s friendship costs more than anything else. Daniels says if anyone knows that it’s him. He says he’s been a better friend to AJ than he’s ever been to Daniels. He says all the years that they trained together and became like brothers AJ is now the World Champion but where did that get him. He says he never was given the shots that AJ was and when he lost his job in TNA and he was gone for 16 months AJ wasn?t around. Daniels says all the power and stroke that AJ has in TNA and he couldn?t make one call and help Daniels get his job back. AJ claims he tried but Daniels says it doesn?t matter anymore because he’s back and when he finally got his shot at Turning Point he had Joe beat, but AJ stabbed him in the back and stole his only chance at greatness. The fans chant for Daniels to shut the hell up so Daniels turns to them and mockingly says they want him to shutup because he’s telling the truth. Daniels says AJ knew that Daniels was better than him and that’s why he wanted to be his best friend because he didn?t want Daniels to be his worst enemy. Daniels says it’s too late now and he’s been in the business for too long to allow AJ’s friendship to hold him down. He says they are enemies now and now he can go home and tell his wife & kids that ?Uncle Chris is sorry but somebody has got to put daddy in his place.? AJ says he’s not going to tell his kids anything because when they grow up they will know what Daniels is all about and at Final Resolution Daniels will find out what AJ is all about!


In the back Lauren is with Beer Money. Roode says he has nothing but respect for Lashley but this is where they separate the men from the boys in the finals. He says he’s not only representing himself but he’s also representing for his partner. Roode says the Brits have been dodging them and they know Beer Money is the best tag team in the world. He says after tonight they will get another opportunity to take back their title. Roode tells Lashley to bring his best because in a few minutes he?ll find out that it ?pays to be Roode.?

TNA Championship Series Finals
Robert Roode vs. ?The Boss? Bobby Lashley w/Kristal Marshall

Roode and Lashley lockup and Lashley forces Roode into the corner. They break clean in the corner and then Lashley shoots in for another lockup, but Roode ducks underneath and gets Lashley in a waistlock. Lashley reverses it and hits a Belly-to-Back Suplex and then attempts to lock in the Dragon Sleeper, but Roode fights it and gets his feet on the bottom rope before Lashley could ever hook it in. Roode kicks Lashley in the gut and puts him in a side headlock but Lashley shoves him off and hits a shoulder block. Lashley comes off the ropes but Roode leapfrogs him and then charges off the ropes himself and Lashley leapfrogs HIM! Lashly then hits a big Back Elbow followed by a Scoop Slam and then an Elbow Drop. 1?2?NO Roode kicks out! Lashley whips Roode into the corner and Roode attempts to float over as Lashley charges, but Lashly catches him in midair on his shoulder. Roode counters Lashley and shoves him into the corner and then hits an Arm Snapmare on that injured arm of Lashley for a nearfall.


Back from commercials Lashley hits a series of strikes on Roode but he comes right back and Snapmares the arm again. Roode lights Lashley up with chops in the corner. Roode whips Lashley into the opposite corner and charges but Lashley moves and then goes for a Clothesline, but Roode counters it into a Fujiwara Armbar! Lashley fights and scrapes towards the ropes and finally gets his foot on the bottom rope. Roode stomps on the arm and then they trade right hands on their feet until Roode elbows him in the head. Roode comes off the ropes an goes for a clothesline but Lashley ducks and counters into the Full Nelson Slam! Lashley then hits a series of clotheslines and then whips Roode into the ropes and hits the One-armed Spinebuster! 1?2?NO Roode kicks out! Lashley lifts Roode up on his shoulders but Roode blocks it and hits a DDT on the arm! 1?2?NO Lashley kicks out! Roode goes for the Payoff but Lashley blocks it and backdrops him! Lashley charges at Roode in the corner but he moves and hits the Payoff! 1?2?NO Lashley kicks out! Roode gets Lashley in a wristlock and then attempts to whip him into the corner but he reverses it and then charges. Roode gets his boot up and climbs to the top for the Blockbuster again, but Lashley moves and then Spears Roode! 1?2?3!

Winner: Lashley via pinfall (Spear)

Final Thoughts

Promo/Segment of the Night: AJ/Daniels promo

Match of the Night: Angle vs. Roode (***1/2)

Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Hamada vs. Sarita
-Beer Money vs. Eric Young & Kevin Nash

Final Resolution Lineup so far:
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Daniels
– TNA Knockouts Title: ODB (c) vs. Tara
– Feast or Fired Match: TBA

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