TNA Impact Wrestling: Open Fight Night
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
September 20, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Open Fight Night kicks off with highlights from last week and then Hulk Hogan approaches former NBA MVP Shaquille O’Neal in the backstage area. They talk about some show Shaq is doing now and then Shaq talks about A’s & 8’s and says he has Hogan’s back tonight. He looks at the camera and tells A’s & 8’s not to hide behind their masks and then flexes his large arm to the camera.

AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring and Mr. P1 is followed by his boy Kurt Angle. Taz refers to these two as “The Dream Team.” Angle says a few months ago he and AJ were the Tag Team Champions but they got screwed by Daniels & Kazarian and fast forward a few months to No Surrender they screwed once again by Kaz & Daniels. He says that last week AJ gave the fans some hope when he beat Kaz to earn them another shot at the belts. Angle says they have a dilemma because Chavo & Hernandez also have earned themselves a shot at the belts. He says that since tonight is Open Fight Night and the fans deserve to know who the REAL #1 Contenders are then he and AJ are calling Super Mex & Chavo out!

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “Super Mex” Hernandez & “Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr.

A big “Eddie” chant starts as Chavo & Mex come to the ring. Chavo and AJ will kick this one off in what should be an exciting tag team match, Hector Guerrero is shown at the Spanish Broadcast table. AJ and Chavo lockup and Chavo gets AJ in a waistlock but AJ reverses it before Chavo arm drags AJ and locks in an armbar. AJ reverses it into a Headscissors but Chavo counters right back and flips over onto his feet and the two stare each other down. Chavo tags in Hernandez and AJ tags in Angle so it’s time to get a little power game going. Hernandez looks to lockup with Angle but the Olympian decides to outsmart the muscle of Hernandez and kicks him in the gut instead. Angle then nails Mex with a series of right hands and European Uppercuts. Angle attempts to whip Mex into the ropes but he reverses it and then DESTROYS Angle with a Shoulder Block! Hernandez covers Angle and gets an early nearfall and then quickly picks Angle back up and tags Chavo in. Hernandez Scoop Slams Angle and then Chavo slingshots into a Somersault Senton on Angle followed by a European Uppercut. Chavo tosses Angle into the corner and Angle tries to fight out but Chavo quickly catches him with a Drop Toe Hold and locks in a Chinlock. Angle fights up to his feet and then drops Chavo with a Back Suplex! Angle follows up with a European Uppercut and then he whips Chavo into the corner. Angle charges at Chavo but Chavo gets his boot up and then charges back at Angle. Angle catches Chavo with a huge Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Angle looks up the ramp and sees the Tag Champs mockingly clapping for the match. Angle continues to beat on Chavo as we head to a break.


Back from the break Chavo goes for a backdrop on AJ but AJ backflips over him and then walks right into a backdrop this time! Chavo tags in Hernandez and Mex nails AJ with a Slingshot Shoulder Block followed by a clothesline to Angle! Mex then turns around and attempts to whip AJ into the ropes but AJ blocks it and then nails Super Mex with a leg kick to slow down the big man. AJ hits the ropes but gets tossed clear across the ring with a Shoulder Block from Hernandez! Hernandez then picks AJ up for the Border Toss but Angle kicks him to break it up. AJ & Angle whip Hernandez into the ropes and then they attempt a Double Clothesline but Hernandez ducks and then catches them both with a Double Clothesline of his own! Hernandez rolls over and tags Chavo in. Chavo climbs up top and dives off with a Double Missile Dropkick on both AJ & Angle! Chavo then hits the ropes and connects with a nice Spinning Headscissors on AJ and then he goes for the Three Amigos, but AJ blocks it with a knee to the gut followed by a nasty Spinning Heel Kick! Chavo tries to hold onto AJ’s leg to keep him from tagging out but AJ leaps to his corner and tags in Angle! Angle hits Chavo with a huge German Suplex and then catches the charging Hernandez with one! Angle pulls the straps down and locks Chavo in the Ankle Lock! Hernandez comes in and breaks up the hold but then walks into a Leaping Enziguri from AJ! Chavo comes out of nowhere with a Rolling Liger Kick to AJ ripping a page out of Jushin Thunder Liger’s playbook! Chavo hits a Sunset Flip on Angle but Angle rolls through and locks in the Ankle Lock! Hernandez is out on the floor and Angle has Chvao in the center of the ring! Chavo rolls over and kicks Angle off with his free leg, but the momentum sent Angle into his own corner where AJ is able to tag himself in! AJ hits the Springboard Flying Forearm on Chavo! Hernandez back in now and he hits a Gutwrench into a Torture Rack Slam on AJ! Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Mex! Chavo goes for the Three Amigos on Angle but as he went for the third one AJ came over so Chavo let Angle go and kicked AJ! Chavo finishes the Three Amigos on AJ! Chavo climbs up top but Angle quickly springs to the top with Chavo! Hernandez pulls Angle off but then Angle counters on Hernandez and goes for a German Suplex, but Hernandez nails him with a back elbow. Hernandez clotheslines Angle and both men go flying over the top! Chavo dives off the top for the Frog Splash on AJ but he rolls out of the way! AJ hits the Pele on Chavo! AJ sets up for the Styles Clash but Daniels & Kaz hit the ring and attack both AJ & Chavo!


After the match the tag champs beat on both AJ & Chavo until Hernandez chases them off. Hulk Hogan’s music hits and the GM makes his way onto the ramp as the champs look none too happy. Hogan says he has 99 problems and A’s & 8’s are his biggest one, but now he has to deal with these two (Daniels & Kaz). Hogan says one of his biggest problems this weekend was trying to figure out which one of his contenders for the Tag Titles wanted the first shot more, but now his Champions have given him the answer! The next Tag Title Match will be at BFG and it will be AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Hernandez & Guerrero vs. Kaz & Daniels in a Triple Threat!

In the back Al Snow talks about Gut Check and then talks about Joey Ryan. He says he didn’t cross the line when he punched Ryan because Ryan has already sucker punched him. He says he’s going to a meeting right now to discuss the issue with Ryan.


Hulk Hogan is talking to someone on the phone in the back, it’s Joseph Park, and he’s on his way to the building. He claims he has the evidence they’ve been waiting on in his hand.

More BFG Memories is from Samoa Joe this week back in 2008 when he dove out of the sky box onto Sting in their TNA World Title Match. That was definitely one of the cooler moments from that show.

Evan Markopolous’ Gut Check vignette from last week airs again. He’s an 18 year old kid who’s been wrestling since he was 13.


In the back Dixie Carter is talking with Bruce Prichard about A’s & 8’s and she says they have TNA right where they want them because they can’t accomplish anything because all they’re talking about is A’s & 8’s. The audio is messed up and out of sync in this segment, somebody screwed up. Al Snow walks in and TNA decides just to cut this one off and go to the ring for Gut Check.

Gut Check Challenge
Evan Markopolous vs. Douglas Williams

Doug Williams must be the official Gut Check wrestler. Evan’s dad is shown sitting at ringside. Evan gets the crowd behind him getting them to start a clap. Williams grabs Evan in a Full Nelson and then transitions into a Hammerlock and takes him down and then slaps him in the back of the head. Williams forces Evan into the corner and then slaps him and then Evan comes back and forces Williams in the corner. He breaks clean but Williams still slaps him so Evan slaps him back! Evan then attempts to whip Williams into the corner but Williams reverses it and then charges at Evan and kicks him followed by a clothesline. Williams puts the boots to Evan and then lights him up with European Uppercuts and then locks in a side headlock. Williams hits a headbutt followed by another European Uppercut and then starts pulling Evan’s hair while talking trash to him. Williams shoves Evan into the ropes but Evan comes back with a Sunset Flip out of nowhere but Williams rolls through and DESTROYS Evan with a knee to the face. Williams follows up with a Knee Drop and then he chokes Evan in the ropes. Williams picks Evan up and talks trash to him but Evan catches him with a dropkick out of nowhere followed by a Cross Body Block! Williams gets back to his feet and decapitates Evan with a clothesline. Williams puts the boots to Evan and then nails him with a Forearm Smash. Evan tries to fight back but Williams hits him with a knee again and then a big Vertical Suplex. Williams picks Evan up and whips him into the corner and then he charges at him but Evan moves out of the way and nails Williams with right hands. Evan charges at Williams again but Williams gets a knee up and then nails Evan with a series of nasty slaps and then tosses Evan across the ring and locks in a submission hold where Evan taps immediately.

Winner: Williams via submission

James Storm is shown walking backstage, he’s going to call Roode out now.


A video package highlighting the Bobby Roode-James Storm drama is shown and then the pissed off Cowboy makes his way down to the ring.

Storm says he loves coming out and talking on that microphone primarily because he’s good at talking a little trash, but he backs it up and whatever he says is exactly what he does. Storm says last week he made no secret that he would be calling out “one coward” this week. He says that Roode has taken this issue from a personal issue to a “I just wanna’ kick the crap outta’ you issue.” Storm says he wants to see Roode’s blood on his hands. Before Roode comes out here he wants to make sure Roode knows this won’t be a wrestling match, it’ll be a man kicking a cowards ass match. He says the man is already in the ring, now the coward needs to come on out.

Roode’s music hits but he’s dressed in a suit rather than his wrestling gear. Roode stops on the ramp and says he wants to make this very clear, and asks if Storm really wants to fight him. Roode says he’s a little overdressed for a fight and isn’t prepared for a fight. Roode says Storm will never, ever be as good as Rooode no matter how hard he tries. He says no matter how hard he tries he will never duplicate the success Roode has had. He says that as long as he is around Storm will never, ever be a World Champion again. He says Storm wants to fight on Open Fight Night in front of all the morons but he’s barking up the wrong tree. Roode says as far as he’s concerned, they’re through so if he wants to fight then he needs to fight somebody else. Roode leaves down the tunnel but Hogan stops him. Hogan says that Roode apparently doesn’t understand the concept of Open Fight Night. He says that Roode got called out now he’s got to fight. Roode says Hogan can’t tell him what to do but Hogan says if Roode wants the day off then he’ll give him the year off instead which means no more money, no more opportunities. Roode gets pissed and Hogan tells him he has 3 minutes to decide if he wants to fight or if he wants to be gone. Roode gets pissed and starts screaming.


Back from the break Storm is still waiting in the ring and says he doesn’t have all night to wait on Roode. Finally Roode’s music hits again and it looks like the IT Factor has decided to accept the fight.

“Cowboy” James Storm vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

Storm meets Roode on the ramp and the fight is on! Storm nails Roode with a huge uppercut and it looks like one of Roode’s shoes went flying. Storm grabs Roode’s shirt and starts choking him with it. Storm beats Roode up the ramp but finally Roode gets in a couple of shots of his own until Storm slams Roode into a part of the stage. Storm with a huge right hand and then they start fighting near the announce table and down to the floor. Storm dives off the stairs but Roode catches him with a shot to the gut and then hits Storm with his other shoe! Roode slams Storm into the side of the stage and then starts bringing the fight closer to the ring. Roode tosses Storm into the guardrail and then into the ring. Storm fights back on Roode in the ring and mounts him in the corner and reigns down right hands. Roode goes for an Atomic Drop but Storm blocks it and clotheslines Roode! Roode rolls out to the floor and Storm follows and lays him out before tossing him back into the ring. Storm charges at Roode but Roode backdrops him over the top to the floor! Roode follows out and lays into Storm with rights and lefts. Roode attempts to toss Storm into the ring steps but Storm reverses it sending Roode crashing into the steps! Storm tries to slam Roode into it again but Roode blocks it and then throws Storm into the guardrail. Roode rolls back into the ring to break the 10 count before tossing Storm into the guardrail again and again. Roode finds Storm’s beer bottle and takes a swig but then walks into a right hand from Storm. Storm pours some beer into a fans mouth and then belts Roode with a big right hand. Roode shoves Storm into the ring post and then grabs a chair and swings but Storm ducks and Roode nails the ring post. Storm clotheslines Roode and then tells a fan to put his foot up on the guardrail and Storm slams Roode’s face into the fans shoe! Roode fights back and slams Storm into the ring steps again and then Roode rolls back into the ring once again and breaks the count. Roode beats on Storm as some woman screams at him unmercifully until Roode screams at her to kiss his ass. Roode tries to whip Storm into the guardrail but Storm reverses it and then slams Roode into the guardrail again. Storm rolls back into the ring to break the count before going for a Suplex on the floor. Roode blocks it and Suplexes Storm! Back in the ring Roode nails Storm with a Running Clothesline and then he shoves the referee and goes back to beating on Storm. Roode tosses Storm right back out to the floor and Storm shoves the referee away and belts Roode! Finally the referee has had enough and calls for the bell.


Storm and Roode ignore the bell and continue to fight all over the place. Storm and Roode fight into the crowd now and slams him into a wall near the bleachers. Storm and Roode continue to brawl and the referee again gets between them so Roode tosses him into a wall nearby. Storm shoves Roode through the door into the parking lot.

In the back Hogan is talking to someone who he sent to get Park into the arena and he says he did but Park is nowhere to be found. Hogan tells him to find Park now. His phone rings and obviously it’s A’s & 8’s and they claim to have their own lawyer for something. They tell Hogan to think about something and get back to them.


In the back Austin Aries is talking to Jeff Hardy and his weirdo facepaint. Aries says everyone thinks BFG is about Hardy going after the World Title but Aries says Hardy has what Aries wants. He says Hardy has been “eating dinners I’ve never had, I’m still hungry.” Aries says he wants to do the things Hardy has done in his career and he wants Hardy’s Hall of Fame bank account. Aries says he wants a bunch of sheep to mindlessly follow him like Hardy’s fans. Aries says he wants to prove anything Hardy can do he can do and he’ll do that at BFG. Aries says tonight he’ll show Hardy anything he can do, he can do better so he needs to pay attention.

Tara makes her way down to the ring and she says all the Knockouts are asking why she did what she did to her “BFF” last week. She says they disgust her and the fans disgust her. She says the fans use her to get themselves on TV and points out a fan with a sign with her name on it. She says that her new boyfriend, who is a huge star, opened her eyes to remind her that she’s the best female wrestler there is and Brooke used her to get the KO Title. A “Tessmacher” chant starts and Tara says tonight is Open Fight Night so she’s calling out her victim, Christy Hemme. Christy looks confused and hesitates as a fan screams right into the camera “she’s a working girl, haha!”

Christy finally gets in the ring and tells Tara she’s an announcer, not a wrestler anymore but Tara shoves her and tells her to show some respect. Tara tells Christy to tell her who her favorite knockout is and she wants to hear her say it. Christy says Ms. Tessmacher but then Tara grabs her by the hair and screams at her. Tessmacher runs down to the ring and Tara shoves Christy into Tessmacher and then bails.

Hogan is walking backstage.


Brooke Hogan asks Tara what she’s doing and Tara says she’s not here to be friends, she’s here to be a champion. Brooke says there will be consequences for Tara’s cheapshots next week.

RVD’s BFG Memories are his matches with Abyss and Jerry Lynn.

Next week is Championship Thursday and the NEW Television Champion will be crowned next week.

Hulk Hogan makes his way down to the ring and he says in case you haven’t heard the tough guys of the A’s & 8’s grabbed Park and are holding him hostage. Hogan says A’s & 8’s want him to step into their “clubhouse” next week and he’s ready to play ball. Hogan says even though they’re bottom feeders but supposedly they keep their word so since they know he’s going to meet them next week now they need to let go Joseph Park. A’s & 8’s appear on the screen and the VP says he wants to thank Hogan for their invitation but he wants to warn him that when he comes to their clubhouse it’s their rules. He says Park’s “job” has brought him too close to club business so they snatched him and brought him to the clubhouse. He says they took a look at his computer and figured out he’s pretty good at his job. One of the other A’s & 8’s destroys Park’s computer but Park says he still has all the info in his head but the VP says they can take care of that too as another member of A’s & 8’s holds a hammer. He nails Park in the head with the hammer as Hogan watches.


A vignette hyping up Jeff Hardy as he gets ready for the BFG Main Event is shown.

Austin Aries comes down to the ring and says that was a nice little video package on Jeff Hardy and that was really nice of the producers to put that on before he comes out. He says that just plays into his point that everyone is focused on Jeff Hardy and he understands that but you have to understand his mindset going into BFG. He says that he is NOT the hunted, he is the hunter and Jeff is the target. He says he told Jeff Hardy earlier that he wanted to prove that what he could Aries could do better and Jeff has beaten a big bad Bully twice in the last month, the same Bully that said it was luck when Aries beat him before. Aries says he’s calling Bully Ray’s “big ass” out.

Ray says he just asked about 5 people if his hearing was off because it sounded like Aries just called HIM out. Ray says he’s beat the crap outta Aries once and he’ll do it again and Aries says he just might do that but he’s going to HAVE to. Ray says Aries has a lot of audacity to call Ray out. He says you don’t just call him out, people don’t just call Bully out, he calls people out. Ray threatens to punch some fan at ringside for touching him. Another fan touches Ray and without sounding like too much of an asshole he was, let’s just say, a special needs guy and Ray stops and looks like he’s about to say something that maybe the ECW-Bubba Ray would have said but stops and says “forget about it” and then walks away. Ray asks Aries if he knows who he is but before he can finish the question Aries hits a gorgeous Corkscrew Plancha over the top onto Ray on the floor!

Non-Title Match
“A-Double” Austin Aries vs. “Calfzilla” Bully Ray

Aries beats on Ray at ringside and then slams him into the ring steps. Aries tosses Ray into the ring where Ray asks for a timeout but gets a boot to the gut instead. Aries puts the boots to Ray in the corner and then climbs up top but Ray shoves the referee into Aries. Ray then hits a Big Boot to Aries sending him flying off the apron into the guardrail.


During the break Ray has Aries in a Bear Hug and then he hits a Back Suplex for a nearfall. Ray rakes Aries eyes and talks trash to him before shoving him out to the floor. Ray grabs Aries by the head and drags him up to the apron and then Hip Tosses him into the ring and gets a nearfall. Ray puts Aries in a surfboard but Aries fights to his feet and kicks Ray in the knee. Ray comes right back and hits a knee followed by a Splash for another nearfall. Ray hits a Scoop Slam and then gets yet another nearfall. Ray hits an Elbow Drop and gets yet another nearfall and shows frustration at Aries kicking out. Ray talks trash to Aries and eats a big right hand! Aries hits the ropes but eats a Back Elbow from Ray. Ray hits Aries with another elbow and then follows up with an Elbow Drop and screams “Damn, that was tight!” Ray covers Aries, 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Ray gets pissed at Hebner for not counting 3 and screams at him that he’s old and he sucks and turns around into a series of slaps and chops! Ray comes back with an attempted Back Suplex, but Aries lands on his feet and nails Ray with a Forearm! Ray and Aries exchange forearms and slaps! Aries gets the advantage with some nasty chops and forearms but Ray pokes him in the eyes and then goes for a chop of his own, but Aries ducks and hits a Rolling Elbow! Aries charges at Ray but Ray backdrops him over the top. Aries lands on the apron and hits a jawbreaker on Ray onto the top rope and then climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Aries sets up for the Brainbuster but Ray blocks it and counters into a backdrop attempt, but Aries attempts to turn it into a Sunset Flip. Ray blocks it and goes for a Cannonball but Aries rolls out of the way! Aries kicks Ray and then tries to whip Ray into the corner but Ray reverses it and slams him into Hebner! He turns around and ducks something from Ray and then dropkicks Ray’s legs and locks in the Last Chancery! Ray taps out but the referee is out. Ray grabs his chain and nails Aries with it! The referee comes to and Ray tells him that he’s the best referee in the world, 1…2…3!

Winner: Ray via pinfall

Bully Ray grabs the World Title and holds it up before getting ready to hit Aries with it. Jeff Hardy runs down and takes Ray out! Hardy grabs the World Title and holds it up but then hands it over to Aries. Aries gets in Hardy’s face and shoves him.


Tonight took a turn way left into corny with A’s & 8’s assault on Joseph Park. That was just dumb. We’re supposed to believe you’re running around hitting guys with hammers and one) he isn’t dead and two) you’re not locked up? Just dumb.

The opening Tag Match was great and the finish was the obvious set up for the 3-Way which really could be a show stealer.

The Gut Check didn’t show me anything yet again except for the fact that Williams needs to be on TV more.

Roode and Storm had a entertaining brawl that didn’t settle anything.

I liked Tara’s heel promo tonight, the Knockouts really needed a strong heel other than Gail.

The story they’re telling with Aries and Hardy is really good with everyone focusing on Hardy, the big star, and Aries trying to prove to everyone that the focus should be on him. It backfired and cost him tonight so it will be interesting how they go forward with this.

1) AJ Styles & Kurt Angle fought Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero to a NO CONTEST
2) Gut Check: Doug Williams def. Evan Markopolous
3) Bobby Roode fought James Storm to a DOUBLE DQ
4) Bully Ray def. Austin Aries

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Storm/Roode
– Match of the Night: AJ/Angle vs. Hernandez/Chavo (***)
– Overall Grade: C

Scheduled for Next Week:
– The Television Championships is up for grabs

Bound For Glory Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
-TNA Tag Titles Triple Threat: Kazarian & Christopher Daniels (c) vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Jr.

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