Impact Results – 10/4/12

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
October 4, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s Impact opens up with highlights from last week and then we cut to Hogan’s office where he’s talking with Sting. Hogan wants to be right beside Sting facing A’s & 8’s but they’re going to play by the rules. Sting says that it is what it is and he has every wrestler in TNA approaching him to be his partner at BFG. Hogan says everyone in TNA wants A’s & 8’s gone but they need someone with the killer instinct, but they have to find that person tonight.

Tenay says that RVD will be getting a shot at the TV Title and Samoa Joe tonight and Zema Ion will defend the X-Division Title.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits and the “Asshole” makes his way onto the stage, but instead of doing his usual intro he says that if Hogan & Sting are looking for some help with A’s & 8’s they need to watch the monitor right now.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner w/Kid Kash

Gunner goes right after Anderson as he gets in the ring and rakes Anderson’s face across the top rope. Gunner attempts to whip Anderson into ropes but Anderson reverses it and then connects with a clothesline followed by a Back Elbow and then a Spinning Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out and then he kicks Anderson and tosses him into the corner. Gunner attempts to whip Anderson into the corner but Anderson reverses it and then charges at him. Gunner nails Anderson with a back elbow and then charges at Anderson but eats a Hip Toss from the “Asshole.” Anderson follows up with a dropkick and then Gunner bails out to the floor to catch a breather. Anderson follows him out and gets distracted by Kash which allows Gunner to hit him from behind. Sting is shown watching backstage. Gunner rolls Anderson back into the ring and gets a nearfall. Gunner hits Anderson with a Running Back Elbow for another nearfall as Taz compares Sting and Hogan watching all the wrestlers like a scout watching a college recruit. Gunner puts Anderson in an arm bar but Anderson fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with body shots. Gunner cuts Anderson off and then tosses him into the corner. Gunner charges at Anderson but he sidesteps him and then goes for the Green Bay Plunge, but Gunner blocks it and goes for a clothesline. Anderson counters it into the Mic Check! 1…2…3!

Winner: Anderson via pinfall (Mic Check)

After the match Kash jumps Anderson and starts beating on him. Kash tries to clothesline Anderson but gets caught with the Mic Check as well!

In the back Tara is talking to her boyfriend when Gail Kim walks up and is pissed that Tara is on the phone while they have a match coming up. Tara suggests a “celebration dinner” after BFG with Tara and her boyfriend and Gail and her husband. Gail says that the only thing Tara needs to be worried about is that if she wins the belt then Gail is coming for her.


Tara & Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher & ODB

ODB and Gail will kick this match off against each other. ODB nails Gail with a Chest Bump and then lifts her up into the air and tosses her into the corner. ODB follows up with a Corner Splash followed by an attempt at a Fireman’s Carry, but Gail blocks it and then tries to kick ODB but she blocks it. ODB clotheslines Gail and then nails her with a Scoop Slam. ODB taunts Tara and then drags Gail to the babyface corner where she tags in Tessmacher. Tessmacher dropkicks Gail into the corner and then hits the Asstastic on her! ODB tags back in and goes for the Carpet Muncher but Gail moves out of the way and tags in Tara. Tara walks into a kick from ODB and then OBD whips her into the corner and hits the Bronco Muncher! ODB attempts to whip Tara into the ropes but Tara reverses it and then goes for a dropkick but ODB holds onto the ropes to avoid it. ODB knocks Gail off the apron but the distraction allowed Tara to hit her from behind. Tara pounds on ODB and then tags Gail back in. Gail hits ODB with a European Uppercut and then chokes her in the corner. Gail whips ODB into the opposite corner and hits a Running Body Splash and then slams her to the mat by her hair. Gail puts the boots to ODB and then hits a Running Clothesline, 1…2…NO ODB kicks out! Tara blind tags herself back in and puts the boots to ODB. Tara goes for a Standing Moonsault but ODB gets her knees up! ODB tags in Tessmacher and she nails Tara with a series of forearms and then two clotheslines and a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover! Tessmacher knocks Tara into the corner and then hits a Falling Facebuster out of the corner! 1…2…NO Gail breaks it up! ODB Spears Gail but then Gail grabs her by the hair and tosses her to the floor! Tessmacher corners Tara and then avoids a shot from Gail. Gail almost runs into Tara but she stops herself and then Tara shoves Gail into Tessmacher! Tara follows up with the Widow’s Peak on Tessmacher! 1…2…3!

Winners: Gail & Tara via pinfall (Widow’s Peak)

In the back Al Snow and Bruce Prichard talk about something he’s holding. He tells Snow it’s up to him to sign but doesn’t say what it is.


Footage of the drama between Snow and Joey Ryan over the last few months is shown. Al Snow makes his way down to the ring and he introduces Joey Ryan to the fans. Ryan comes down to the ring to a chorus of boos and then Snow says that several weeks ago he allowed his emotions to overcome his better judgment and he put TNA in a bad position when he hit Ryan. Ryan says that Snow should be ashamed of himself. Snow apologizes to Ryan on behalf of TNA but Ryan tells him to say “you’re sorry.” Ryan says he doesn’t want to her an apology on behalf of TNA, he wants to hear Snow say that he’s sorry. Snow says “I’m sorry” and then offers a handshake to Ryan but Ryan tells him to get his hand away from him. Ryan says that he is in control here not Snow. He calls Snow pathetic and says that he manipulated Snow just like he manipulated the 87%, but tonight isn’t about them or Snow. He says tonight is about Joey Ryan so Al needs to ahead and share with everyone what their legal councils agreed to. Snow pulls out a contract and says that he has a contract for Joey Ryan on behalf of TNA and Ryan says it’s not so tough to do the right thing. Snow tells Ryan that he might want to look it over but Ryan cuts him off and says tonight is about him, not Snow.

Ryan tells Snow to turn around so he can use Snow as a table to sign his contract on. Joey uses Snow’s back to sign the contract and hands it over to Snow. Snow starts smiling as Ryan brags about his new contract. Snow says that Ryan should have read the contract a little more closely and he did try to give him that advice. Snow says he doesn’t have a permanent spot on the roster, the contract is only for one night. Snow says Joey has a contract for the biggest night of the year, BFG, and he’ll have his chance to be a star and be on the Impact Roster. Snow says his opponent will be…SNOW! The fans erupt and then Snow says he’s going to beat Joey’s ass and he’ll see him in Phoenix as Joey losses his mind.

Kurt Angle talks to Sting backstage and he says that he has no problem doing double duty at BFG. Daniels & Kazarian are shown eavesdropping behind them with Daniels looking like a complete dork. Sting says BFG is a huge night and he has to have someone that has their mind and plate clear for this match. He says that Angle can pull off double duty but he needs to think about it. Angle turns around and walks into Bully Ray. They stare each other down and then Ray lets Angle pass.

Ray says Sting knows that Ray should be in the World Title match but he’s not because of A’s & 8’s screwing everything up for him. He says that he wants them more than anyone else does and he asks Sting what he has to do to convince Sting that he should be his partner. Sting says if that’s true then he needs to make something happen tonight to SHOW him. Sting gets fired up and gets in Ray’s face and says that he’s the biggest, baddest bully he’s ever known and he NEEDS a bully by his side. He tells Ray to give him a bully and prove something to him tonight. Sting says he’s pissed and he needs a real bully.


TNA Television Championship
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe (c) vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

This is Samoa Joe’s first title defense of the TV Title since winning it last week. It looks like Devon finally handed over the old title belt as Joe is carrying it rather than the old World Title belt like last week. Joe and RVD lockup and Joe shoves RVD across the ring and stares him down. They lockup again and this time Joe gets RVD in a Waistlock and slams him to the ground. RVD fights back up to his feet and reverses the hold into a rollup for a nearfall. RVD holds onto a Legbar on Joe but Joe breaks it with slaps to the face. RVD hits Joe with a series of rights but Joe answers with a series of his own. RVD catches Joe with a Superman Punch and then hits the ropes but Joe obliterates him with a series of Lariats! Joe nails RVD with a Running Back Elbow in the corner followed by a Leaping Enziguri! RVD fights back on Joe with a series of right hands and then he hits the ropes and backflips over Joe as Joe went for a backdrop. RVD goes for a Body Scissors Rollup but Joe blocks it and locks in the STF! Great counter! RVD crawls to the ropes and finally gets them to break Joe’s hold. RVD rolls out to the floor to get away from Joe so Joe follows only to eat a dropkick to the knees from RVD! RVD tries to hang Joe over the guardrail but Joe catches him with a nasty series of Muay Thai Knee Strikes and then he slams him into the ring steps! Joe rolls RVD back into the ring and then whips him into the corner. Joe charges at RVD but RVD nails him with a back elbow. RVD slams Joe’s head into the top turnbuckle and then hits a Front Kick! RVD hits a Springboard Thrust Kick! RVD then rolls Joe onto his stomach and hits Rolling Thunder onto the back of Joe! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! RVD hits a Running Spin Kick to Joe in the corner and then goes for a Monkey Flip but Joe blocks it and sits RVD up on the top rope! Joe sets up for the Muscle Buster but RVD kicks him away and then dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body! RVD hits a Stepover Heel Kick and then springs to the top for the 5-Star, but Joe quickly gets back to his feet and gets RVD in the Muscle Buster! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL TV Champ: Joe via pinfall (Muscle Buster)

In the back AJ talks to Chavo & Hernandez and Chavo is pissed at AJ for interfering last week. Daniels & Kaz walk up and taunt them. Kaz calls Chavo “Nacho Libre” and then says he just saw Kurt Angle talking to Sting saying he doesn’t need AJ’s held to beat anybody and he could beat Chavo & Hernandez by himself. AJ tells Daniels to choke himself with his scarf as the heels walk way. AJ argues with Hernandez & Chavo about Kurt before AJ leaves.


Dixie Carter talks about her favorite BFG Moment and it’s from BFG 2005. She puts over how big BFG is to TNA and talks about Sting beating Jarrett for the TNA Title at BFG 2005. She says that every year BFG will give you major memories and that’s the best thing about it.

King Mo Lawal is shown arriving backstage earlier today. We then cut to Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries who talk about their match last week. Aries says Hardy stole the victory last week but that’s okay and they’re cool now. Ray walks up and says he has good news and bad news. He says the good news is he’s not going to punch either of them right now but the bad news is he’s going to punch one of them later on. Ray says Sting wants him to prove himself and what better way than to beat the #1 Contender, but Aries cuts him off and says he needs to prove himself by beating the World Champion. Ray says he’s already beaten Ray but Aries says he conveniently left out the part about wrapping a chain around his hand. Ray says that Aries is LUCKY that he isn’t facing Aries at BFG because he can take that belt away from him. Hardy suggests a Triple Threat and Ray says that’s a great idea. Aries is pissed that Hardy thinks he’s a “match maker” now.

“Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr. w/Hernandez vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle w/AJ Styles

These two faced off with Daniels in a 3-Way last week. Who can forget the great Angle & Benoit vs. Los Guerreros (Eddie & Chavo) matches from back in the day (as well as the 3-Ways with Edge & Rey Mysterio Jr.)? Also, the amazing one-on-one matches that Kurt had with Chavo’s uncle Eddie (the WrestleMania 20 match is still a favorite of mine). They lockup and Angel gets Chavo in a waistlock but Chavo reverses into a side headlock. Angle shoves Chavo into the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Chavo. Chavo then locks the side headlock right back in. Angle fights back up to his feet and lifts Chavo up with a Back Suplex, but Chavo keeps the headlock on! Angle fights up again and forces Chavo into the corner to break the hold. Angle kicks Chavo and puts the boots to him in the corner with repeated stomps. Chavo fights back with a series of European Uppercuts and then puts the headlock right back on. Chavo then hits Angle with a knee strike and then bounces off the ropes, but Angle backdrops him and then hits a series of rights! Angle chokes Chavo on the middle rope and puts the boots to him again. Chavo fights back but Angle takes him out with a clothesline. AJ tells Kurt to take his head off. Angle hits a Snap Suplex for a nearfall and then locks in a Waistlock. Chavo fights back up to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows and then hits the ropes and goes for a Spinning Headscissors, but Angle destroys him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! 1…2…NO Chavo kicks out! Angle goes for another Tilt-A-Whirl but this time Chavo gets him with the Spinning Headscissors followed by a dropkick and then a Somersault Senton Splash! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Chavo attempts to whip Angle into the corner but Angle reverses it and charges at Chavo. Chavo gets his foot up and goes for a clothesline but Angle catches him with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but Chavo counters with an armdrag followed by a hurricanrana! 1…2…NO Kurt kicks out! Chavo goes for the Three Amigos but Kurt blocks the 2nd one and hits his Rolling German Suplexes! Angle locks in the Ankle Lock but Chavo quickly rolls through to break it! Chavo then finishes the Three Amigos! Chavo climbs up top but Angle rolls out of the way and hits the Olympic Slam! Angle pulls the straps down but sees Hernandez thinking about getting into the ring. Hernandez backs off but the distraction allows Chavo to roll Kurt up! 1…2…3! It looked like Angle got his shoulder up and he argues with the referee after the match.

Winner: Angle via pinfall (rollup)

Angle piefaces Chavo after the match and then Hernandez shoves Angle and AJ gets involved as well! Daniels & Kazarian are shown cheering them on up on the stage.


TNA X-Division Championship
Zema Ion (c) vs. Douglas Williams

Zema attacks Doug as he gets in the ring but this just pisses off the Brit. He nails Zema with a series of Forearms and palm thrusts. Williams hits a European Uppercut and then goes for a Scoop Slam but Zema blocks it and goes for a German Suplex. Williams bucks Zema off and then nails him with a Running Knee! Williams clotheslines Zema over the top to the floor and then follows him out. Williams hits Zema with a series of rights but Zema then shoves him into the guardrail before tossing him back into the ring. Zema comes back in but walks into a Forearm Smash and then a Back Elbow! Williams goes for a clothesline but Zema counters into a crazy submission move where he twists on that same arm that he slammed into the ring post! Zema refuses to release the hold so the referee DQs Zema instead!

Winner: Williams via DQ (Zema retains)

After the match Zema says he knows that he’s Hogan & Sting’s first choice but they can take him off their list because he isn’t risking his good looks for TNA. He says that he’s not just “f’n pretty” he’s “f’n dangerous.”

Taz & Tenay discuss the Main Event tonight.

A video package hypes up King Mo Lawal. By the way I wrote a column today about King Mo and his quest to become both a Pro Wrestling Champ and an MMA champion at the same time here on WrestleView.

King Mo is shown backstage.


In the back Bruce Prichard talks with D-Lo Brown and shoves him a video of Matt Morgan’s recent House Show appearances where he jumps the barricade and attacks referees and wrestlers. Prichard asks D-Lo where the hell he was when this was going down but D-Lo says he was doing other things because he was running the live event. Prichard tells D-Lo that this can never happen again.

James Storm makes his way down to the ring and says he’s 10 days away from the biggest PPV of the year and 10 days away from the biggest night of his life. He says in 10 days it will be exactly 1 year since this conflict started. He says he’s not coming to BFG to prove that he’s a better wrestler or better fighter. He’s coming to BFG to prove that he is the better man. He says that it seems that Hogan doesn’t like his referee’s to be pushed around so he has appointed an MMA superstar, a “King” to be the Guest Enforcer, but before he can say anything else Roode’s music cuts him off.

Roode walks onto the stage and says he doesn’t give a damn about some Bellator fighter and neither should Storm. He says the only thing that should be on his mind is that in 10 days he has to get in the ring with Roode, a man that Storm has NEVER beaten, and a man that’s coattails Storm rode for 4 years. He says that Storm has been blatantly jealous of for years. He says this hatred and feud has been building for over a year and at BFG it’s going to explode! He says that they’ve proven over the last several weeks that there isn’t a man in TNA that can contain their feud so Hogan went out and got King Mo to be the enforcer. Roode says this isn’t just a match, this will be a fight, and he won’t stop until he stands over Storm’s bloody carcass knowing that he’s finally ended Storm’s career. Roode says this will be a bloodbath and there isn’t a man on Earth that will stop him. Roode says if King Mo thinks he’ll get in Roode’s way then he’s got another thing coming because this is HIS world and he is the IT Factor of professional wrestling, and there isn’t a damn thing King Mo will do about it at BFG. Roode says if King Mo was here right now he would say to his face. King Mo’s music hits and Roode’s face is priceless!

King Mo comes out wearing a robe and crown and Roode gets right in his face talking trash to him. He shoves King Mo andt hen takes off his jacket so King Mo shoves him down! Roode backs away and then King Mo dares him to get up. King Mo walks down to the ring and gets in Storm’s face now. Storm then raises King Mo’s hand and offers him a beer. King Mo accepts.

In the back Hogan and Sting talk about who Sting’s partner will be and Hogan already made his pick. Sting says there’s one more match and he thinks Bully Ray might be the guy. He says he wants to see what Ray is going to do tonight but Hogan says that Ray is who he is and he won’t change.


A’s & 8’s is shown with Joseph Park and the VP says Park is just fine like they promised he would be. He says all of his men are ready to die for the brotherhood and then asks if Hogan can say the same about TNA. He says that in 10 days they’ll reveal their 2.

A new match has been signed for BFG, Samoa Joe will put his TV Title on the line against Magnus.

Main Event
Triple Threat Match
“A-Double” Austin Aries vs. “Calfzilla” Bully Ray vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Back from the break Ray drags Hardy out to the floor and slams him into the ring post but then as he gets back in the ring Aries attacks him. Ray catches Aries with a back elbow then eats a boot from Aries when charges again. Aries climbs up top and dives of with a Flying Clothesline! Aries then goes for the IED on Ray but he gets a boot up! Hardy then comes from out of nowhere diving off the back of Aries into Poetry In Motion on Ray! Hardy then hits a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Leg Drop to the abs and then a sliding dropkick! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and then climbs up top! Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2…NO Aries breaks it up! Aries tosses Hardy out to the floor and then nails Ray with a series of knees followed by the Front Chancery! Hardy breaks up the hold and then the two argue. Ray clotheslines them both and then tosses Hardy back out to the floor and then backdrops Aries over the top onto Hardy on the floor! Ray drags Aries back onto the apron but Aries nails him with a jawbreaker and then climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! Aries follows up with the IED and then goes for the Brainbuster, but Ray rakes his eyes! Ray then goes looking for his chain but snatches the title belt away from So Cal Val (while calling her a “stupid bitch”). Ray rolls back in and goes to hit Aries with it but sees Hardy instead so he tosses Hardy into Aries! Ray then nails Hardy with the Bully Bomb! 1…2…3!

Winner: Ray via pinfall (Bully Bomb)

After the match Aries screams at Hardy and says that he had Ray. The fans chant for Hardy and Aries says he doesn’t need them and then raises the belt up to a chorus of boos.


Sting and Hogan make their way down to the ring and Hogan says to say that A’s & 8’s has been running rough shot over TNA is an understatement but they’re going to play by their rules. He says he can’t help but think about how personal things are getting with A’s & 8’s but the man the man that they need to worry about is Sting, and Hogan knows that Sting will do everything in his power to keep A’s & 8’s out of TNA. Hogan says Sting needs a running mate and everyone in TNA seems to want to kill A’s & 8’s. Hogan talks about Angle, Samoa Joe, and Bully Ray singling them out. Hogan says they need someone that can get the job done and the man that they’ve chosen to stand beside Sting at BFG delivered not one but two Mic Check’s in the ring tonight, Mr. Anderson!

Anderson’s music hits but no one comes out and then we see a shot of A’s & 8’s standing over a prone, beaten down Anderson in the parking lot! Hogan and Sting look shocked as wrestlers run out to check on him. Bully Ray runs out to the ring and says look at what just happened. Ray says look at what they just did to the guy they picked. Ray says if Sting is going to war he needs to go to war with a warrior and nobody in TNA or in this business has proven themselves to be more of a warrior than him. Ray says he wants them worse than everybody else. Ray says they NEED Ray to fight for TNA. Ray says that Sting KNOWS this is the truth. Sting agrees and tells Hogan that they need a bully. Ray offers a handshake to Hogan and says that he knows Hogan doesn’t love him but he needs him. Finally Hogan shakes Ray’s hand and Ray says he’s going to war with Sting!


Well, tonight was eventful to say the least. You have to start with Bully Ray. He gets a HUGE win and the match itself continues to play into the Aries/Hardy match, and it looks like TNA has decided to just go with the flow in this match and let Aries go heel. The fans pretty much turned him rather than TNA turning him though. The question is will the Phoenix fans respond like the geniuses in the Impact Zone. Either way I like the jealousy angle they’re going with these two. I think its almost a certainty that Ray is going to be in bed with A’s & 8’s and everything tonight played into his favor if that’s the case. Ray got the big win over Hardy and Aries and then As & 8s jumps Anderson.

We got a ton of action tonight. Anderson & Gunner was just kind of there but Kash needs to be doing more.

The Knockouts had a solid match and Tara looked great in her role of doing anything to get the win.

Joe looked REALLY great and dominant but where in the world has RVD gone now? I don’t know if there going to go somewhere with allt he losses he’s racked up or if he’s on the way out. Good win regardless.

Chavo & Angle had a really fun match and I love the mindgames the tag champs are playing. The babyfaces were almost certain to be working together in the 3-Way and now the heels have the babyfaces hating each other and they can sit back and pick up the pieces when everything is done.

They need to give Zema something to do, quick. Where in the hell is Kenny King?

The 3-Way was really fun, great action from all 3 guys.

The James Storm, Bobby Roode, King Mo segment was great. Storm & Roode were great talking (especially Roode) and King Mo made his presence as “enforcer” felt earlier by not backing down form Roode. I don’t like how they kind of made him and Storm buddy-buddy. The enforcer should be neutral but I can understand them not wanting Lawal to lay Storm out too.

1) Mr. Anderson def. Gunner
2) Tara & Gail Kim def. Miss Tessmacher & ODB
3) TNA TV Title: Samoa Joe (c) def. RVD to retain the title!
4) Chavo Guerrero Jr. def. Kurt Angle
5) TNA X-Division Title: Douglas Williams def. Zema Ion (c) via DQ (Zema retains)
6) Triple Threat: Bully Ray def. Austin Aries & Jeff Hardy

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Storm/Roode/King Mo
– Match of the Night: TIE – RVD/Joe and Ray vs. Aries vs. Hardy (***)
– Overall Grade: B+

Scheduled for Next Week:

Bound For Glory Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
– TNA Tag Titles Triple Threat: Kazarian & Christopher Daniels (c) vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Jr.
– Street Fight: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm w/Special Enforcer: King Mo Lawal
– TNA Knockouts Title: Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara
– Team Hogan (Sting & Bully Ray) vs. A’s & 8’s
– Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan
– TNA TV Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

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