TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
October 11, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling kicks off the final road to BFG with a recap of last week and then the Cowboy’s music hits and 3 days away from the Street Fight with Bobby Roode he will jumpstart Impact in the ring!

Non-Title Match
“Cowboy” James Storm vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries

I know these two have teamed together a few times in the past but I believe this is the first ever one-on-one matchup between these two. They lockup and Storm and immediately brawl into the corner and clean break. They lockup again and this time Aries catches Storm in a hammerlock and then transitions into a side headlock takeover. Storm reverses into a head scissors on the mat but they both quickly get to their feet and stare each other down. A third lockup results in a test of strength but before it goes too far Aries kicks one of Storm’s hands and gets him in another hammerlock. Aries goes right into a side headlock but Storm reverses the hold into a headlock of his own. Aries shoves Storm into the ropes and then drops down for a backdrop but Storm leapfrogs him and then connects with an armdrag. The champ slides onto the floor to catch a breather as Storm looks on. Back in the ring Aries they lockup yet again and Aries gets Storm in another side headlock but again Storm shoves him off but this time he shoves him into the corner. Aries then floats up and over a charging Storm into a forward roll. Aries hits the ropes and connects with a shoulder block and then hits the ropes again and walks into a NASTY Double Sledge that looked like it KO’d Aries! Storm follows up with a series of right hands and uppercuts and then he hits the ropes and charges at Aries, but Aries sidesteps him and Storm goes over the top! Storm holds onto the ropes and starts to skin the cat but Aries sees him so he tries to hit a sliding dropkick to Storm’s face, but Storm is able to lift his body back over the top rope into the ring and Aries slides to the floor. Storm then goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Aries slides quickly into the ring. Storm lands on the floor and then looks up and a blur slams into him as Aries hits the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes! Aries rolls Storm back into the ring and then hangs him up in the ropes and hits a Neckbreaker! Aries puts his knee into Storm’s back and then puts him in a chinlock. Storm fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with a Jawbreaker! Aries bounces back but eats a series of rights from Storm! Storm whips Aries into the corner and charges but Aries gets his boot up and then hits a NASTY body shot to the ribs of Storm! Aries starts chopping away at Storm but this seems to just wake up the Cowboy and he answers back with some nasty chops of his own! Both these guys have red handprints on their chests! Aries hits another chop and then a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Missile Dropkick to the back off Storm off the middle rope! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Aries beats on Storm in the corner but Storm turns it around on the champ and then whips him into the opposite corner. Storm charges but Aries catches him with a back elbow only for Storm to bounce right back with a nasty Lariat in the corner! Storm mounts Aries in the corner and reigns down right hands. Aries shoves Storm off but Storm charges right back at him. Aries gets his boot up and slams Storm into the turnbuckles. Aries then mounts Storm and reigns down rights of his own! Storm shoves Aries away but Aries tries to come back with a clothesline. Storm actually kicks Aries’ arm to block the clothesline and then hits a Russian Legsweep! Storm and Aries exchange rights in the center of the ring as the fans are really getting to it. Storm connects with a vicious uppercut that sends Aries bouncing off the ropes, and as Aries bounces off Storm then lifts Aries up into the air for the Eye of the Storm! Aries blocks it and then tries to toss Storm out of the ring again but this time Storm counters and tosses Aries over the top! Aries holds onto the ropes and then connects with a shoulder block followed by a Jawbreaker onto the top rope! Aries climbs up top and dives off with the Missile Dropkick, but Storm sidesteps him and then goes for Closing Time! Aries blocks it and then goes for the Brainbuster! Storm blocks that too and then goes for a German Suplex, but Aries quickly gets to the ropes to buck Storm off but Storm holds on! Finally Storm rolls Aries up but rolls through and right back into the Waistlock. Aries counters with an armdrag and then charges at Storm and the two run right into each other colliding heads! Both men are down as the fans are stomping and clapping. Bobby Roode runs down and pulls Storm out of the ring as the referee is checking on Aries! Roode slams Storm into the ring post and tosses him back in! Aries hits the Brainbuster! 1…2…3!

Winner: Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster)

In the back Wes Brisco is talking with Kurt Angle and he asks Kurt if he can tag along to Phoenix for BFG and Angle agrees to allow him. AJ Styles walks in and tells Wes to beat it (Wes didn’t look pleased). AJ asks Kurt what his first priority is, teaming with Sting or teaming with AJ to win back the tag straps. Kurt says that A’s & 8’s jumped him so he wanted in but AJ says they jumped him too and he’s STILL in the game. AJ says he plans on winning those belts and asks if Kurt does too. Kurt says he does but AJ isn’t buying it and tells Kurt to stay in the back for AJ’s match. AJ walks away and Kurt says that Daniels & Kaz are still playing AJ.

Sting & Hogan are shown walking backstage.


Sting talks about his favorite moment at BFG which is his match with Hogan last year and talks about whether or not this match this Sunday is the beginning of the end for Sting in TNA. He says he hates to sound cliché but “the only thing about Sting…is nothing’s for sure.” Damn, Sting first time I heard you say that was 1996, might want to think about finding another one to say.

Hogan’s music hits and the Hulkster & Stinger make their way down to the ring. Hogan says A’s & 8’s backed him in the corner and Sting is getting in the ring and Hogan will only be able to watch as Sting fights for the company. Sting cuts him off and says he’s pissed off that Hogan can only watch but last week Bully stepped up to the plate and they have to run with it. Hogan says they had to make a deal with the devil last week but Christopher Daniels’ music interrupts them.

Daniels & Kaz walk out and Daniels says since he just said “devil” then he should let “two angels” come and save the day. Daniels says they are days away from BFG but they can still right the ship. He says of all the people in the locker room they picked the most untrustworthy guy and that was a bad decision. He says they could have picked ANYBODY other than Bully but why didn’t Hogan pick his “favorite” tag team to represent TNA. They again refer to themselves as the “World Tag Team Champions of the World.” Kaz calls Hogan “Thunderlips” (oh lord) and Sting “Heath” (wow). Kaz says their feelings are really not hurt and they’ve come up with a solution to this problem and it has 3 simple parts. #1 cancel the Tag Title Match at BFG, #2 tell Bully Ray thanks but no thanks, and #3 call upon the one man that they know can put an end to A’s & 8’s…Kurt Angle.

Bully Ray’s music hits and the Bully of TNA makes his way down looking to be in a particularly bad mood. It’s time to get BULLY! Ray tells them to shutup but then says he agrees with them, that Kurt Angle would have been a great choice but this isn’t going to be a wrestling match. He says that this will be a fight. He says if you’re going into a pro wrestling match then, yes, take the greatest pro wrestler of all time, but if you’re going to go into a fight then you want the baddest “mother trucker” in the company. Ray says this is the wrestling business not wrestling “friends.” He says he doesn’t need to be Hulk or Sting’s friend, he needs to be Sting’s PARTNER. He says their common business is getting rid of A’s & 8’s and if he has to earn Sting’s trust then they’ll start tonight. Ray suggests Daniels & Kaz vs. Sting & Bully Ray tonight! Kaz & Daniels don’t like that one but Sting & Hogan DO! Daniels & Kaz’s playing up to the crowd was awesome and it just made the fans go nuts even more as they begged them to be quiet. Hogan makes the match official!


“Super Mex” Hernandez w/Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One is all alone for this one while Chavito is in Mex’s corner. Mex charges at AJ as the bell rings but AJ sidesteps him easily and taunts the much bigger Hernandez before nailing him with a series of leg kicks. AJ then grabs Hernandez but he shoves AJ away and then attempts a clothesline, but AJ rolls underneath that shot and connects with a haymaker! AJ goes back to the leg kicks and this time he takes Hernandez’s legs out from under him. AJ argues with Chavo at ringside and then ducks a charging Hernandez. AJ goes for a rollup but Hernandez holds onto the ropes and then blocks an attempted Sunset Flip from AJ. Hernandez grabs AJ by the head and lifts him up to this feet but AJ nails him with a right hand and then an Enziguri out of nowhere! AJ and Chavo argue again and then AJ goes for a Flying Forearm in the corner, but Mex moves and then slams AJ into the opposite corner HARD! Hernandez grabs AJ and starts pounding on him and then lifts him high up into the air with a Bearhug! AJ fights it with elbows to the back of the head and finally breaks the hold. AJ hits the ropes but gets destroyed by a clothesline from Hernandez! Hernandez shoves AJ into the ropes and then lifts him up onto his shoulder, but AJ shoves Hernandez away and then leapfrogs Mex and connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! Hernandez uses the ropes to keep him up but then AJ hits a running dropkick that sends Hernandez flying through the ropes to the floor! AJ this a Slingshot Plancha onto Hernandez on the floor and then argues with Chavo AGAIN. AJ rolls Hernandez back into the ring and then he goes for the Springboard Flying Forearm, but Hernandez avoids it and AJ lands on his feet. AJ turns around and walks right into a NASTY Shoulder Block that sends AJ clear across the ring! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall (Shoulder Block)

A’s & 8’s are in the clubhouse and the VP says they are impressed at how well Hogan plays chess. They show Park to the side and hand him some food and says just like they promised he is just fine, and he calls him “pretty damn endurable.” He says that it’s funny how a common cause can bring enemies together. He says Bully Ray was a surprise but it’s not one they can’t overcome. He says they posed the question to TNA a few weeks ago “did you lock us out or in?” and tonight they may have to put that to the test. He says no matter what they will see A’s & 8’s on Sunday night.


Zema Ion makes his way down to the ring and he says that he’s living proof that being humble gets you nowhere in life. He says that he’s broken necks and arms and careers all for the X-Division Title. He says that it feels bitter sweet right now because this Sunday is the biggest PPV of the year, but the X-Division Champion doesn’t have a match because he’s taken everybody out. He says it must be true, he’s not just f’in pretty, but he’s f’in dangerous. RVD’s music surprises Zema!

RVD says what’s “pretty f’n dangerous” is talking about what a tough guy Zema is within earshot of RVD! RVD says he doesn’t have a match at BFG and he was just talking to Hogan about that very thing. He says that Hogan told him to take his pick of opponent and then RVD gets in Zema’s face! Zema shoves RVD and RVD fakes like he’s going to hit Zema. Zema holds the belt up to block the shot but RVD stops and then kicks it into Zema’s face! RVD picks up the X-Division Title and raises it in the air before telling Zema that he’ll see him in Phoenix!

In the back Hogan and Sting discuss Bully Ray when Ray walks in and asks Sting if he’s ready for their match. Hogan tells Ray he doesn’t trust him and Ray asks what he’s ever done that Hogan never did. They argue but Sting gets pissed and tells them both to shutup because they have to get on the same page tonight. Ray says he won’t let them down and Sting says he better not.


In the back Brooke talks with referee Terrell when Tara walks up with a piece of paper. It’s a media list of the things she should be doing but finally Brooke cuts her off and reminds her she hasn’t even won the belt yet. Tara says that “Kim & Khloe were so right” about Brooke.


Non-Title Match
The World Tag Team Champions of the World (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) vs. “The Icon” Sting & “Calfzilla” Bully Ray

Ray and Daniels kick the match off and Daniels gets Ray in a side headlock but Ray shoves him into the ropes and connects with a shoulder block followed by a clothesline! Ray shoves Daniels into the corner and nails him with a series of headbutts to the chest and then a chop. Ray chops Daniels again and then tossed him headfirst into another corner. Ray grabs Daniels’ arm and slams his elbow down on it repeatedly before tagging in Sting. Sting kicks Daniels and then lays him out with a big right hand. Sting whips Daniels into the ropes and connects with a Hip Toss followed by a clothesline for a nearfall. Daniels is able to connect with a headbutt to the gut of Sting and then tags in Kaz! Kaz charges at Sting but eats a hip toss and then a clothesline! Sting tags Ray back in and they whip Kaz into the ropes and hit a Double Hip Toss! Ray knocks Daniels off the apron and then clotheslines Kaz! Ray hits a Back Suplex and gets a nearfall. Ray tosses Kaz into the babyface corner and chops the hell out of him before tagging Sting back in. Sting hits a Vertical Suplex for a nearfall and then tags Ray right back in. They whip Kaz into the ropes and hit a Double Clothesline and then Ray hits a Vertical Suplex of his own. Sting tags in again and then this Kaz with the Stinger Splash as Kaz retreated to a corner. Sting goes for a 2nd Stinger Splash but Daniels pulls Sting out of the way and Sting eats the turnbuckles! Daniels drags Sting into the corner and slams him crotch first into the ring post before dropping kicking him! Kaz and Daniels drag Sting out to the floor and start beating on him but then Ray chases them away with a chair! Back in the ring Daniels stomps on Sting and then he and Kaz take turns beating and choking Sting. Daniels hits a Snapmare Takeover on Sting and then connects with a Slingshot Elbow Drop followed by a Slingshot Leg Drop from Kaz for another nearfall! Kaz puts Sting in a Straightjacket Choke but Sting fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows to the head. Sting hits the ropes but eats a Spinning Heel Kick from Kaz! Daniels tags back in and kicks Sting and then covers him for another nearfall. Daniels climbs up top but Sting gets back to his feet and Press Slams Daniels off the top! Daniels gets back up and they clothesline each other! Both men are down and eventually both tag out! Ray comes in and is a house afire taking on both Daniels & Kaz with big right hands and backdrops. Ray whips Kaz into Daniels in the corner and then hits Splash followed by a Samoan Drop! 1…2…NO Daniels breaks it up! Sting comes in and kicks Daniels and then goes after Kaz. Sting tosses Kaz out of the ring but Daniels comes back in with a title belt and tries to hit Sting with it but Ray kicks it into his face! Sting sees that and nods in approval and then he sees Kaz coming off the top and shoves Ray out of the way before catching Kaz in the gut with a right hand! Ray and Sting shake hands and then Sting stops Ray and slaps him on the chest! “BULLY….GET THE TABLES!” Ray looks stunned but then goes out and pulls a table from under the ring! Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Kaz! Ray climbs up top and then Sting lifts Daniels up onto
Ray’s shoulders and hits the Super Bomb through the table!

Winners: Kaz & Daniels via DQ

A video package hypes up Aries-Hardy calling it a “dream match.”

Earlier today Jeff Hardy talks about his match with Aries at BFG and he says he will complete his journey to redemption and will be the best wrestler on planet Earth (as opposed to Mars?).


A video package highlighting Snow-Ryan is shown.

In the back Samoa Joe says he’s ready to retain his championship but more importantly he’s ready to shut Magnus up and talks about Magnus being jealous. Magnus walks up and interrupts Joe and gets in his face. He says that Sunday that belt will be his and Joe won’t be able to hide behind politics and Hogan anymore. Joe laughs at that notion and says if Magnus is so anxious to do this then they should do this thing tonight, but Magnus says he’s not afraid of Joe and he needs to understand that. He says Joe isn’t a champion and he isn’t TV, Magnus is TV. He says they will wait because he says so and they’re going to wait for PPV because Magnus is a business man. Joe asks if that’s what they call cowards now adays. Magnus says he’s “Bound for Glory” as he walks away.

Non-Title Match
Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

Gail kicks Tessmacher in the face as she gets in the ring and puts the boots to her. Gail tosses Tessmacher into the corner and chokes her before hitting a Flying Clothesline in the corner. Gail taunts the crowd and then hits Tessmacher with a European Uppercut. Gail whips her into another corner and then charges but Tessmacher moves out of the way and then tosses Gail away. Tessmacher then hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover followed by an attempt at Asstastic in the corner! Gail moves out of the way and slides out to the floor. Tessmacher hits a dropkick through the ropes and then tries to drag her back into the ring but Gail hits her with a jawbreaker onto the middle rope hanging her up. Gail then hits a Basement Dropkick on the apron and gets a nearfall. Gail hits a Scoop Slam and then hits a Knee Strike before choking her in the ropes again. Gail clotheslines Tessmacher into the ropes and then covers her for another nearfall. Gail follows up with a Backbreaker and then a series of Forearm Smashes. Gail whips Tessmacher into the corner and then hits a Flying Body Block into the turnbuckles. Tessmacher tries to fight back with forearms but Gail cuts her off with a round kick. Gail then shoves her ass into Tessmacher’s face taunting her “Asstastic” move. Gail goes for a running dropkick but Tessmacher blocks it into a Catapult into the corner! Tessmacher hits a back elbow and then a series of rights and forearms. Tessmacher hits a Running Forearm and then she hit’s a Russion Legsweep into an Elbow Drop. Tessmacher climbs up top but Gail hits the ropes crotching Tessmacher on the top. Gail puts Tessmacher on her back for something but Tessmacher counters with a Crucifix Rollup! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Tessmacher then goes for a Hurricanrana but Gail counters into a nasty Sitout Powerbomb! Both girls are down though! Gail climbs up top and dives off but Tessmacher moves out of the way and then hits the Tess-Shocker! God, she is so sloppy with that move. 1…2…3.

Winner: Tessmacher via pinfall (Tess-Shocker)

After the match Tara hits the ring and jumps Tessmacher! Tara goes for the Widow’s Peak but Tessmacher blocks it and hit’s the Tess-Shocker on Tara!

In the back Bobby Roode says last year this time he was in Jeff Hardy’s shoes and he knows what he’s going through 3 days from the biggest night… but then James Storm interrupts him and says he knows it was Roode who jumped him from behind tonight. Storm says he’s standing in front of him now so try it but Roode says he has a match and slaps Storm on the chest. Storm grabs Roode by the throat and slams him into the lockers. Storm screams at him that he hopes Roode is willing to die because he’s going to have to kill him to win! Roode punches Storm and they start trading blows as King Mo comes in and pulls them apart. King Mo screams at Storm to save it for Sunday.


Jeff Hardy’s favorite BFG Moment was his 30 foot Swanton Bomb at BFG 2005. He says his motivation to do such a dangerous move was simply because it was BFG and the biggest show of the year. Who could forget Don West having his nightly brain aneurism over that spot?

Sting’s TNA Hall of Fame video package airs. That was really well done. If you didn’t see my column on Sting’s induction in TNA’s Hall of Fame a few months ago, check it out here:

If you could care less about what I think, then don’t.

Taz and Tenay run down the card for BFG.


Main Event
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

As Hardy is making his entrance and shaking hands with the fans Roode attacks him from behind! Roode slams Hardy into the guardrail repeatedly and then tosses him into the ring. Roode beats on Hardy in the corner and then he whips him into the ropes but eats a Flying Forearm from Hardy! Hardy hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Leg Drop to Roode’s gut and then a sliding dropkick! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Hardy puts Roode in a wristlock but Roode backs him into the corner and connects with a knee to the gut. Roode connects with a series of right hands but Hardy answers with kicks of his own and then he sends Roode into the ropes and lifts Roode up with a backdrop! Hardy clotheslines Roode over the top to the floor and then goes to drag Roode back in but Roode trips him and tries to pull Hardy out. Hardy kicks Roode away and then hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Roode on the floor! Hardy tosses Roode into the guardrail and then back into the ring. Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the corner but Roode reverses and then charges at Hardy. Hardy floats up into an attempt at a Headscissors but Roode blocks it and tosses Hardy over the top. Hardy lands on the apron and hits a shoulder block through the ropes but then walks into a clothesline from Roode! Roode puts the boots to Hardy and then hits a series of Elbow Drops before just blatantly choking Hardy. Roode tosses Hardy out to the floor again and then follows him out and tries to Suplex Hardy on the floor, but Hardy reverses it! Both men are down on the outside.


Back from the break Roode has Hardy in a chinlock, and my cable craps out. It comes back as Roode has Hardy out on the floor and slams him into the ring steps. Roode tosses Hardy back in the ring and hits a Spinning Neckbreaker for a nearfall! Roode picks Hardy up and locks in a Sleeper as Hardy tried to fight back. Hardy looks to be passed out but he keeps his arm up and fights back up to his feet. Hardy backs Roode into the corner but he still doesn’t release the Sleeper! Hardy again backs him into the corner and this time he’s able to use his momentum to drop down and slam Roode into the turnbuckles! Hardy climbs up top and dives off with Whisper In The Wind! Both men are down now. Hardy bocks several kicks and punches from Roode and connects with a Leaping Back Kick followed by a Splash for a nearfall. Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the corner but Roode reverses and charges. Hardy gets his foot up and then climbs up top and dives off with a Splash! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Hardy hits the ropes but walks into the Double-R Spinebuster from Roode! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Roode lifts Hardy up onto the top rope and climbs up with him. Roode attempts a Superplex but Hardy blocks it and shoves Roode off! Hardy dives off with the Swanton, but Roode moves! Roode Spears Hardy! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Roode picks Hardy up and goes for the Payoff but Hardy blocks it and this the Twist of Fate out of nowhere! Hardy goes for a 2nd Twist of Fate but Roode blocks it and low blows Hardy right in front of the referee.

Winner: Hardy via DQ

After the match Roode goes out and grabs a steel chair but the referee pulls it away from him and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate. Austin Aries then walks out and says he’s not about to let this night end with Jeff Hardy in the middle of his ring. Aries walks down with a sheet of paper and says he has a few things he wants to say, but not what was written down on that piece of paper for him to say. Aries says this is what he thinks of “this crap” and tosses it on the ground. Aries says since the moment he won the World Title he’s had people in this company telling him what to say, how to think, how to act, and to embrace the fans. Aries says they’ve been telling him who he had to be but as of right now all that crap is done with. Aries says the picture they’ve painted for the last few weeks is that he is jealous of Hardy. He says that’s certainly not jealous of Hardy’s rap sheet and that he’s half crippled and can barely play with his daughter. Aries says the only thing he is jealous of is that people in TNA cater to Jeff Hardy. He says that he is sick and tired of the special treatment Jeff Hardy gets. He says he understands when he’s being set up to fail. Aries says for two months he’s been asking for new entrance and new music but they’re too busy making Jeff Hardy videos. Aries says the bottom line is that he’s sick and tired of people catering to Hardy, he wants them to cater to him. He says he might be set up for failure but that won’t happen because he works when he’s backed against a wall. Aries says the failure will be Hardy and until Hardy beats Aries the only failure Hardy will see is himself in the mirror when he puts on that “silly” makeup.

Hardy says his nuts hurt (low blow) and his neck hurts and this Sunday he will end Aries’ cocky ass! Aries snatches the microphone away and says that’s fine but this is HIS ring. Aries respectfully asks Hardy to get out of his ring so he can bask in his glory and then he blasts Hardy and hits the Brainbuster! Aries screams “THIS IS WHAT YOU PEOPLE WANT?!” and then raise the belt up and continues to scream as his microphone is cut off.


On the final run towards BFG TNA tried the best to get in absolutely as much as they could to hype up the show while still putting on some good wrestling in the process.

The show started off with a really fun match between Aries & Storm. Talk about hard hitting, they were beating the hell out of each other. Storm looked really strong in defeat, giving Roode heat in the process, and Aries gets a good win going into his title defense.

Hernandez & AJ had a fun match with the story being AJ and Kurt arguing and AJ not being able to focus on Hernandez because of Chavo on the outside (and no Kurt to have AJ’s back which was AJ’s on doing for telling him to stay in the back).

Daniels & Kaz continue to play mindgames but it backfired as they had to get in the ring with Sting and Ray. That was a fun tag match and Ray & Sting actually worked well together and the crowd was super hot. Daniels & Kaz were on it with the work on the crowd all night. They win by DQ and being a weasel team they were surely brag about which plays to their character while Sting & Ray looked strong going into BFG.

Gail tried hard with Tessmacher but she is just so sloppy that it doesn’t matter. She’s going to hurt someone with that finish eventually too. Tara needs to win the belt and turn Gail Kim back babyface, then turn Mickie heel when she’s back from injury. Please, Dixie, toss the checkbook at Kong for the love of God!

I’m interested to see how RVD in the X-Division (though I’m sure it will be for this match only). Will he be motivated and go out and work hard and have a great match or just sleep through the motions as he’s done in the past. This could be a big moment for Zema.

Roode-Hardy had another great match and both look strong headed into the PPV. Mission accomplished. The fight between Roode & Storm backstage was great too, subtle, but great.


1) Austin Aries def. James Storm
2) Hernandez def. AJ Styles
3) World Tag Team Champions of the World def. Sting & Bully Ray via DQ
4) Ms. Tessmacher def. Gail Kim
5)J eff Hardy def. Bobby Roode via DQ

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Storm/Roode backstage
– Match of the Night: TIE – Storm/Aries (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:

Bound For Glory Lineup:

– TNA World Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
– TNA Tag Titles Triple Threat: Kazarian & Christopher Daniels (c) vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Jr.
– Street Fight: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm w/Special Enforcer: King Mo Lawal
– TNA Knockouts Title: Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara
– Team Hogan (Sting & Bully Ray) vs. A’s & 8’s
– Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan
– TNA TV Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus
– TNA X-Division Title: Zema Ion (c) vs. RVD

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