Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
November 19, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Coming off the heels of this past Sunday’s tremendous ?Turning Point? PPV we kick off this week’s Impact with highlights from the PPV. They even used quotes from certain wrestling websites around the net. The Impact intro hits and we are underway tonight.

The pyro goes off inside the Impact Zone and then Tenay & Taz hype up the card for tonight which will include a huge tag match pitting Kurt Angle & AJ Styles facing off against Desmond Wolfe & Daniels!

Mick Foley’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring with Abyss by his side. Foley is wearing a bandage over his left eye where Raven threw that fireball at him last week. Foley says all he remembers about last week is the lights going out and then a flash of light flew through the air. Foley says that the moment he nearly lost his sight everything became clear. He says he’s not sure Dixie Carter values him anymore and says that there is no other reason for her not talking to him about the Hogan signing nor returning his phone calls the past few weeks. Foley says he had to show his ID this week just to get into the Impact Zone tonight and he’s not happy about it. Abyss tells Foley they are supposed to be talking about Stevie & Raven so Foley gets back on subject. He says Stevie & Raven need to learn that you don?t mess around with Foley or Abyss. He says last week we were 1 second away from seeing Stevie out of TNA for good and then along comes Raven without a TNA contract to screw everything up and attempt to end Foley’s career. Foley says that he and Raven have been involved in some major wars over the years but they were always on the same side and tonight he will learn that you don?t play with him. Foley says ?when you play with me, you play with fire!? Raven’s familiar music hits and he walks out onto the stage along with Stevie Richards and Daffney. Raven sets down on the edge of the set and Stevie grabs a microphone. Stevie asks what’s wrong with Mick and cracks a joke about Mick looking ?hot under the collar? and how he looks like he’s ?burning? with anger. Stevie says Foley tried to send him out of TNA so what did he expect. He says when you back a rabid animal into a corner you get your face chewed off or in this case burned off. Stevie tells Abyss to remember that it was him that started this war, but it?ll be he and Raven that will end it. Raven grabs the microphone and says he’s a little bit disappointing in Mrs. Foley’s baby boy. He says Foley seems to be more interested in corporate stuff rather than getting revenge on them. Raven says he thought throwing a fire ball into his face would get him excited and bring back the old Mick Foley, but all it seems to have done is make him more worried about Hulk Hogan and politicking. He wonders if Foley even still has the authority to make their match tonight or does he have to check with the ?higher ups? in TNA to even do that. Foley is pissed about Raven questioning his authority and says he doesn?t need to ask anything with Raven laughing the whole time and egging him on. Foley says the match is on for tonight and he doesn?t need to ask about anything! Raven smiles at this with Taz saying that Raven may have just ?played? Foley.


Back from commercials Taz and Tenay hype up what was an incredible PPV this past Sunday (my TNA PPV of the Year thus far). Taz even called it one of the top 3 PPV’s he’s ever personally seen live on his twitter and that is a statement. Taz has seen a lot of wrestling, folks. Tenay then hypes up the Sting interview for tonight and he says ‘stay tuned.?

We cut to the back where JB is with Kurt Angle and AJ Styles, both coming off of Match of the Year candidates this weekend. JB says that Desmond Wolfe told him that Angle did not beat him at the PPV, but instead he chose to fight another day. JB then says that Daniels told him that he didn?t pin Daniels so he didn?t beat him. AJ says he didn?t go out there to pin Daniels, he went out there to win and he did. AJ says they?re ?little competition? has become personal and he says that if Daniels really wants to throw their years of friendship out the window then they can. AJ says he knew when he won the title that it was the beginning of the end to their friendship. AJ says that Daniels wants a shot at his title at Final Resolution but questions why he thinks Daniels thinks he?ll even make it through tonight. Angle says he has a few questions and the first is how he lost the TNA World Title to AJ after Matt Morgan hit him in the side of the head with his size 18 boot. He says he’s wondering who in the hell Desmond Wolfe is and who sent him. He then asks if AJ just gave Daniels a World Title shot at Final Resolution. AJ asks Kurt if he wants him to back down from a challenge and he can?t do that. He says he would love nothing more than to get Kurt back into the ring to prove once and for all who’s the best in the world. Kurt says AJ should quit talking about it and do it then. AJ says ?anytime, anywhere? and then JB reminds them they have to team up together and Angle walks away then AJ walks the other way.

?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner vs. Amazing Red w/Don West

This is obviously a non-title match and both these guys are coming off of wins at Turning Point. Red successfully defended his X-Division Title against Homicide and Steiner upset Lashley in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. This whole thing with Don West being miced up at ringside is weird but surprisingly works. West at ringside talks about being ticked off about Red having to have this match. Steiner is still wearing his 1980’s Rick Rude tights with Kristal Marshall’s face on the crotch. Steiner and Red lockup and Steiner forces him into the corner and nails him with a knee followed by some stiff chops. Steiner then throws Red all the way across the ring with a hiptoss. Steiner charges at Red with a clothesline attempt in the corner, but Red ducks and then charges at Steiner himself. Steiner backdrops Red over the top rope and Red lands on the apron. Red hits a big right hand and then a shoulder block through the ropes. Red then slingshot somersaults himself over the back of Steiner and when Steiner turns around he lights him up with a barrage of leg kicks. Red then hits a dropkick sending Steiner into the corner. Red then follows up with that Running Double-tap Dropkick on Steiner in the corner and then a back kick. Red comes off the ropes and Steiner goes for a Steinerline but Red ducks and then goes for the Flying Headscissors but Steiner counters in midair with a Sidewalk Slam. Steiner lifts Red up in a Gorilla Press and then slams him into the mat. Steiner whips Red into the ropes and hits a Steinerline followed by an Elbow Drop. 1?no Steiner taunts Red with pushups and then chokes him on the mat. Steiner destroys Red with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, 1?2?NO he pulls Red’s head up. Steiner hit’s the Steiner Screwdriver! Good God that move looks nasty as hell everytime I see it! Instead of pinning Red Steiner goes out to the floor and grabs his lead pipe. He also throws the X-Division Title into the ring. Steiner nails Red in the back with the pipe causing the DQ.

Winner: Red via DQ

After the match Steiner lays the X-Division Title over Red’s face and punches it into Red’s face repeatedly until Bobby Lashley runs out to make the save. Steiner bails out and Lashley and then he and West check on Red who is out cold in the ring.


In the back JB is with Kevin Nash and Eric Young. Nash is still has Young’s Global Championship belt with him. JB talks about Nash costing Beer Money the Tag Titles at Turning Point and then JB says that Nash promised them he?d have all the answers this Thursday. Nash is staring at the former Legends Title the whole time. Nash says that belt isn?t the former Legends Title it’s actually Eric Young’s Global Championship belt and then hands it over to him. Nash says at BFG EY did what few people have been able to do in this business and that’s outthink him. He says at first he was so pissed off he wanted to kill Young but then he thought if Young was able to do that to him then he wants to ?party with him.? He says there was another guy that he used to tag with back in the day about Young’s size (Scott Hall) and they made a lot of money and then asks Young if he wants to give it a shot at being a tag team. Young says that’s a big decision so he’s going to have to give him a little time to think about it, but then quickly says he?ll do it and smiles. Nash asks if it bothers him that he’s American and Young responds with ?does it bother you that you?re from Detroit?? Nash then says ?do I live there now?? and Young says fair enough and they shake hands. Young then says ?TNA welcome to our world.? Young walks away and then Nash says that Foley has been running his mouth about wanting answers so he’s about to get on the phone with Hulk and by the end of the night he?ll have his answers. You mean that Hogan isn?t too busy getting bloodied up in a horrible press conference brawl to talk to Nash on the phone?

8-Man Tag Team Match
Motor City Machine Guns & Beer Money Inc. vs. World Elite (British Invasion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, & Kiyoshi) w/Eric Young & Kevin Nash

Guns have new ring gear this week that looks kind of like Chris Jericho’s longer tights. The Brits beat Beer Money & MCMG this past weekend in the Three Way to retain their belts in a wild match. Man, I?m having flashbacks to the mid 90’s right now as I see Eric Young sit down at the broadcast table with Kevin Nash standing behind him staring into the ring even wearing sunglasses. It’s like a grey haired Diesel and a less talented Shawn Michaels all over again. Earl Hebner tells Eric Young that if he even gets up from his seat at the broadcast table then he will DQ the World Elite. Storm and Kiyoshi will start this matchup off. They lockup and Storm gets the early advantage with a side headlock but Kiyoshi shoves him off only to eat a running shoulder block. Storm then comes off the ropes and ducks a backhand from Kiyoshi and then whips Kiyoshi back into the ropes and hits a an arm drag. Storm then follows it up with another arm drag and then a clothesline attempt, but Kiyoshi ducks and then charges off the ropes. Storm catches Kiyoshi and hit a big Powerslam! 1?2?NO Kiyoshi kicks out! Storm tags in Sabin and holds Kiyoshi as Sabin kicks him in the gut. Sabin then tags in Shelley and the Guns whip Kiyoshi into the ropes and hit a Double Back Elbow and then they grab Kiyoshi by the legs and roll him backwards onto his knees. The Guns then light Sabin up with round kicks to the chest. 1?2?NO Kiyoshi kicks out again. Shelley hits a series of forearms and then hits a Spinning Forearm. Shelley tries to come off the ropes but Bashir hits him from behind. Shelley answers with a right hand to the side of Bashirs head but then turns around right into a an uppercut from Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi comes off the ropes but Shelley runs in right behind him and meets him with a big back elbow. Shelley then comes off the ropes again only to eat a nasty Front Kick from Kiyoshi. Bashir tags in and he throws a series of right hands at Shelley and then gets a one count. Bashir then puts the boots to Shelley in the corner and then goes for a Back Suplex, but Shelley blocks with elbows to the head of Bashir. Bashir puts Shelley down and then hits him with a series of headbutts! Bashir then hits the Back Suplx and gets another nearfall. Bashir tags Kiyoshi back in and the Japanese wrestler hits a boy shot and then hits him with a right in the corner. Kiyoshi then hangs one of Shelley’s legs up in the corner and actually back kick’s that leg and then hits a running Knee to it. Kiyoshi puts Shelley in a never hold on his shoulder but Shelley fights to his feet and the two trade stiff chops in the center of the ring until Kiyoshi catches Shelley with a nasty Superkick. Kiyoshi then charges in with a Running Lariat but Shelley blocks it and hits an STO in the corner sending Kiyoshi’s head into the middle turnbuckle! Both men are down and they are both able to tag out. Kiyoshi to Magnus and Shelly to Sabin. As the two come into the ring Magnus goes for a clothesline but Sabin ducks and follows up with a spinning back kick to the gut. Sabin then goes for a running Front Kick but Magnus catches his foot and swings it back. Sabin spins right into a leg sweep on Brutus and then hits a nasty running kick to the face of Brutus. Sabin follows up with a Flying Back Elbow in the corner and then hits the Springboard Flying Clothesline! 1?2?NO the entire World Elite come in and break it up. Now the faces come in and all hell breaks loose! Beer Money brawl with Kiyoshi & Bashir out on the floor while the Brits battle the Guns in the ring. Sabin leaps off the back of Shelley and hits a Dropkick on Brutus sending him out to the floor. Shelley then dives out onto Williams on the floor and Beer Money hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Kiyoshi on the ramp. In the ring Sabin is throwing jabs at Brutus in the corner. Beer Money turn their attention to Young & Nash at ringside and start arguing with them as Slick Johnson runs out and tries to keep them separated. Brutus holds Sabin in the ring as Rob Terry comes out and tries to clothesline Sabin but Sabin ducked and he hits Brutus! Hebner was about to throw out the match but saw that Terry hit Brutus instead of Sabin and decided to allow the match to continue. Sabin then hits a Leaping Enziguri on Terry and then the Guns demolish Brutus in the corner as Shelley hits a Leaping Enziguri from the apron to the back of Magnus? head and Sabin comes charging in with a Mafia Kick to the front of Brutus? head! Sabin then holds Brutus in a Neckbreaker position as Shelley comes off the top with a Frog Splash in a Neckbreaker/Frog Splash combo! 1?2?3 and the faces get the pin as Young says that Rob Terry can?t do anything right. All of the heels scream at Terry and Brutus even says he’s useless.

Winners: Beer Money & Machine Guns via pinfall (Neckbreaker/Frog Splash combo)


During the break Tenay and West cut in and say that Mick Foley is in the back searching for Nash.

Back from commercials Foley finds Nash in the back and he tells Nash he has to tell him something. Foley says that everyone knows that Nash is Hogan’s boy, but Nash says he stopped being a boy at 16 when his dad died. Foley says all he is saying is that Nash knows what Hogan’s up to and he wants to know. Nash asks Foley why he’s being so paranoid and he says Hogan is there for business and business only. Nash says he’s pissed about his two week suspension and then he says if Foley gets his money back then he?ll get Nash all the answers he wants. Nash says when Hulk comes back he’s not coming alone. Oh great let the rumors begin. The minute I see the Nasty Boys on TNA television is the minute I throw my remote at the TV.

More Hogan to TNA stuff airs.


In Mick’s office Abyss tells him to listen to him and Foley laughs and says ?I?m all ear? showing his deformed ear. Abyss says it’s not funny and then tells Foley to look at what happened to his eye. He says he could suffer permanent damage to that eye and he says last time he checked there’s not much in a way of a job for blind wrestlers. Foley says that in that case his application to be a TNA referee would come in handy. Again Abyss isn?t happy about Foley making a joke about it. Foley says the smell of your own hair burning is very funny and also when a doctor tells you that if that fireball had been a inch closer to his eye the damage might?ve been permanent. He says that is hilarious mockingly. Foley gets serious and screams that nothing was funny about it and that’s why tonight he has to do what he has to do. Abyss says when Foley does the kind of things that people like he and Foley do getting hurt is expected. He says he has spent many years of his life getting revenge on those that have hurt him and caused him pain and suffering, he has turned around and caused them pain and suffering, but Mick is in no condition tonight to go out there and wrestle. He says it’s not a good idea and Foley says he hears him but the choice is his and there is nothing Abyss can do about it. Abyss says that everyone has choices to make and then Foley says that’s right kind of like Dixie’s choice not to inform him on Hogan coming to TNA.

Hamada vs. Taylor Wilde

Taylor and Sarita retained their Knockouts Tag Titles this past weekend and Taylor is out there solo tonight. Taylor and Hamada circle each other and then lockup. Taylor gets Hamada in a side headlock and then transitions into a headlock takeover holding onto the headlock as they hit the mat. Hamada counters out of it with a head scissors but Taylor quickly gets to her feet. They lockup again and this time Hamada gets the side headlock and Taylor gets the head scissors counter. They both nip up to their feet as the fans get behind them. They shake hands and then go for the Greco-Roman Knucklelock but Taylor kicks Hamada in the gut and then hits an arm drag. Hamada charges at Taylor but she leapfrogs her and then goes for a monkey flip, but Hamada rolls through that attempt. Taylor then comes off the ropes and hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover but Hamada comes right back with a nasty Leaping DDT! 1?2?NO Taylor kicks out! Hamada goes for a Back Suplex but Taylor lands on her feet. Hamada goes for a clothesline but Taylor blocks it and then grabs Hamada’s hand and chops her with the free hand. Taylor leaps to the top rope and dives off with the springboard flying armdrag. Taylor then nails a charging Hamada with a nasty roundhouse kick! 1?2?NO Hamada kicks out! Taylor goes for a clothesline but Hamada ducks and absolutely kills Taylor with a Superkick that would make Shawn Michaels blush! Hamada then climbs to the top and hits the Moonsault! 1?2?NO Taylor kicks out! Hamada grabs Taylor and goes for a Poweromb but Taylor blocks it and then goes for a clothesline, but Hamada grabs her arm and spins her around right back into the Powerbomb! This time Taylor goes over the back of Hamada and turns it into a sunset flip! 1?2?NO Hamada kicks out! Hamada goes for a clothesline but Taylor counters with a Crucifix rollup! 1?2?NO Hamada kicks out again! Taylor comes off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana for yet another nearfall! Hamada comes right back with a nasty Enziguri! Hamada picks Taylor up and goes for the Hamada Driver but Taylor blocks it and goes over the back of Hamada cinches in a waistlock. Taylor goes for a German Suplex but Hamada blocks it and counters into a spinning heel kick! Hamada follows up with the Hamada Driver! 1?2?3 and Hamada gets the upset over the former Knockouts Champion!

Winner: Hamada via pinfall (Hamada Driver)

In the back Abyss is pacing back and forth and then starts throwing things off a desk. Abyss picks the desk up and blocks Foley’s office door with it!


More Hogan vignettes.

Raven & Stevie Richards vs. ?The Monster? Abyss & ?Hardcore Legend? Mick Foley

Abyss comes out to the ring without Foley as he blocked Foley’s doorway. Abyss attacks Stevie & Raven at ringside before the bell rings throwing Stevie into the guardrail and then throws Raven into the ring. Abyss slams Stevie into the ring steps and then Raven jumps him from behind but Abyss comes back with rights on Raven and slams him into the guardrail. Abyss turns towards Stevie but then Raven comes from behind Abyss and jumps on his back. Stevie & Raven begin double teaming him and then Raven hits that Russian Legsweep into the guardrail he’s known for. Raven starts raking at Abyss? forehead and then they roll him back into the ring. Stevie reigns down big rights on Abyss and then he tags Raven in. He holds Raven as he lays in boots and rights on Abyss. Raven hits a Knee Lift on Abyss and then tags Stevie back in. Stevie puts the boots to Abyss in the corner while Raven chokes Raven with his boot at the same time. Stevie then drapes Abyss? throat across the middle rope and stands on his back while Raven pulls down on his head! Raven tags back in and they continue to put the beatdown on Abyss until he explodes and starts throwing rights at both Raven & Stevie! Abyss hits a clothesline on Stevie and then he whips Raven into Stevie in the corner and follows up with the Corner Splash! Abyss then goes for the Double Chokeslam but they both kick Abyss and then whip him into the ropes. Abyss goes for a double clothesline hitting Raven but Stevie ducked and then went for the Stevie Kick! Abyss blocks it and hits the Shock Treatment! Raven then hits an elbow drop on Abyss and pulls something out of his pocket. It’s another fireball! He tries to throw it at Abyss but Abyss kicks it out of his hands! Slick Johnson sees what was in Raven’s hand and DQ’s him for it.

Winner: Abyss via DQ

After the match Abyss isn?t satisfied and continues to assault Raven at ringside! Raven and Abyss start trading until Stevie dives onto Abyss? back. Daffney runs out with a rope or a whip or something and Stevie tells Raven to DDT Abyss on the floor. Raven grabs Abyss and drops him with the Evenflow onto the floor and then we see the thing Daffney brought out is actually an electrical cord. Stevie picks Abyss up and Raven, who is in the ring now, wraps the cord around Abyss? neck and starts choking him with it! Michael Cole would call that ?vintage Raven.?


They debut a new segment tonight called ?Trash Talk with ODB? and she welcomes us from her Doublewide Studios. ODB’s first guest is Homicide tonight and he comes out with a bottle of tequila to give her. Homicide likes her setup and sits down in one of the car seats she has setup. She asks Homicide about Suicide and he says that he wears a mask is because ODB has crabs (think about it) and then tosses a toy crab at her. Homicide says he knows what Suicide looks and he says that Suicide is his ?biotch? right now. Homicide says he wants a title shot with ODB and says they should turn this show into ?M? (for Mature) and ?cross the line.? Homicide and ODB then start dancing around.

We cut to the back where Lauren is standing with the returning Tomko! That’s right Tomko is in the building for the first time (officially) in over a year! Tomko says it’s been a long time but it seems like this around TNA are better than ever and he’s excited to be back. Tomko says Dixie said it last week that the talent should ‘step it up? and who is he to not give the boss what she wants and then walks away. The Beautiful People walk up and Velvet mockingly says that was the greatest interview ever. She takes the microphone away from Lauren and calls Lauren a whore and saying that she annoys the wrestlers with stupid questions. Madison mockingly talks about how that ?whore? just talked and talked and then says she threw up in her mouth a little when thinking about how that whore looked. She then hands the microphone back over to Lauren and says ?back to you skank? and they walk off.

AJ Styles talks about the Hogan signing in a vignette similar to that they showed last week with Angle. AJ hypes Hogan up saying that everything Hogan has touched turned to gold (are we forgetting about Thunder In Paradise?) and says he would just love to sit down and talk with Hogan and just ask question after question because of his knowledge.


?Future Legend? Alissa Flash vs. Sarita

The other half of the Knockouts Tag Champions is out here now and these two have had several great matches in the past but Sarita has had Flash’s number thus far. The two lockup and Sarita gets the advantage with a waistlock and then she turns Flash around and goes for a clothesline. Flash ducks and then comes off the ropes and hits a big Shoulder Block. Flash whips Sarita into the corner and charges but Sarita sidesteps her and then rolls her up! 1?2..NO Flash kicks out! Sarita shoves Flash back and then quickly leaps to the top rope and dives off with a beautiful Flying Cross Body! 1?2?NO Flash kicks out! Sarita hits a chop and then attempts to whip Flash into the ropes but she reverses it and Sarita springboards off the middle rope into another Flying Cross Body, but Flash backs up and kicks Sarita in the gut right in midair! Flash puts the boots to Sarita and then chokes her on the mat. Flash hits a Scoop Slam and then a two big Running Elbow Drops. 1?2?NO Sarita kicks out! Flash hits a series of big right hands and then chokes her in the corner. The whole time in this match Flash will pull the zipper down on her jacket to reveal some cleavage and then she will look out at the crowd and zip it up to the top and smirk at them. Flash hits a big forearm in the corner and then she stands on the top rope and starts kicking Saritia in the head repeatedly! Sarita blocks one of them and shoves Flash off. Flash goes for a clothesline but Sarita blocks it and counters into a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex. Both women are down now and they get to their feet about the same time. Flash goes for another clothesline and again Sarita blocks it and then follows up with a roundhouse kick but Flash blocks it with her arm. Flash goes for one of her own and Sarita blocks it as well. Sarita goes for another and yet again Flash blocks it and then Flash goes for one and Sarita blocks it yet again. Finally Sarita throws a series of repeated roudhouse kicks to the arm of Flash and Flash returns a front kick to the gut. Flash comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks and then hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick out of nowhere! 1?2?NO Flash kicks out! Sarita goes for a Tiger Suplex but Flash blocks it and hits a big Back Suplex! 1?2?NO Sarita kicks out. Flash goes for a Michinoku Driver but Sarita blocks it and then goes for a clothesline. Flash ducks it and then goes for an Armtrap Suplex, but Sarita reverses it into a gorgeous rollup! 1?2?NO Flash kicks out! Flash goes for a Front Kick but Sarita blocks it and then goes for another roundhouse kick. Flash catchers her foot but Sarita comes around with the free foot with a Spinning Back Kick to the head! 1?2?3!

Winner: Sarita via pinfall (Spinning Back Kick)

As Flash was walking up the ramp after the match Traci Brooks attacks her from behind! Finally security runs out and pulls them apart. We then cut to the back where Foley is searching for Raven and Stevie Richards. He finally finds Daffney and as he starts to walk towards her a door is flung right at his head! Stevie was hiding behind it! Then on a staircase over head Raven pops up and drapes the electrical cord around Foley’s neck and chokes him with it! Stevie screams at Foley that he’s going to haunt him forever as Raven asks him if he’s having fun. Raven then says ?have a nice day? and finally releases him as they walk away. That was a pretty awesome segment.


Street Fight
Team 3D & ?War Machine? Rhino vs. ?The Blueprint? Matt Morgan, ?Super Mex? Hernandez, & ?The Pope? D?Angelo Dinero

This is a rematch from the PPV this Sunday. The faces sprint to the ring and waste no time going after the heels! The brawl spills out to the floor with Hernandez & Dinero brawling with Devon & Rhino. In the ring Morgan is throwing rights and lefts at Bubba. Morgan hits the Running Body Guillotine on Bubba as he was draped over the top rope. The Pope throws Rhino into the guardrail as Hernandez climbs back into the ring and goes for the dive but Bubba cuts him off with a clothesline. Bubba whips Hernandez into the ropes as Taz reveals that Bubba has a black eye courtesy of Pope from the PPV. Hernandez nails Bubba with a big Shoulder Block and then follows up with the Super Mex Dive over the top rope onto Rhino & Devon on the floor! Dinero grabs a trashcan full of weapons and throws it into the ring followed by another one. Dinero climbs in and tries to hit Bubba with a couple of trashcan lids but Bubba nails him with a couple of jabs to cut him off. Bubba taunted Dinero and ate a series of trashcan lid shots for his troubles. The Pope hits a Body Guillotine of his own on Bubba (on the middle rope though) and then drags Bubba out to the floor and starts hitting him with a cookie sheet. Now Morgan and Devon are in the ring and Morgan hits a big Running Clothesline in the corner. Morgan grabs a trashcan puts it over the head of Devon and then lays in those back elbows in the corner! Morgan then hits a Corner Splash followed by a big right hand for a nearfall. Rhino slides into the ring as Morgan and Devon take their fight back out to the ring. Bubba hits Morgan with a cookie sheet as he turned around. In the ring Rhino whips Hernandez into the corner and then hits a running shoulder block. Rhino reaches down to grab Hernandez but he kicks Rhino and then grabs the top rope and lifts himself up into a backwards roll onto the top rope! Rhino climbs up with him and goes for a Superplex but Hernandez shoves him off and Dinero slides in and lays a cookie sheet or something on the chest of Rhino as Hernandez flies off the top with a huge Splash! 1?2?NO Devon kicks out! From the apron Bubba lays Dinero out with a trashcan. Bubba then hits a Big Boot on Hernandez followed by a Scoop Slam. Devon then climbs to the top and goes for the Wassup Diving Headbutt but Dinero comes out of nowhere and blasts Devon with a kendo stick! Dinero then lays Bubba out with it! Dinero then hits Devon again repeatedly and Morgan comes over and throws Devon off the top! Hernandez and Morgan grab each a leg of Devon as Dinero places the kendo stick on Devon’s crotch and climbs to the top! Dinero dives off the top with a Diving Elbow Drop into his crotch! Dinero shoves Morgan & Hernandez and screams for them to get the tables (along with the fans)! Morgan and Hernandez pull out tables. Bubba comes over to Morgan to stop him but he nails Bubba with a right hand and lays him out onto the table. In the ring Dinero continues to lay into Devon with trashcan lids as Morgan climbs onto the apron. Morgan dives off the apron with a Diving Leg Drop but Bubba moves and Morgan crashes through the table! In the ring Dinero attempts to whip Devon into the ropes but Devon reverses it as Bubba climbs into the ring and hits the 3D! Hernandez comes into the ring with a Slingshot Double Clothesline on 3D! Hernandez is fired up as Rhino comes into the ring and he kicks Rhino and then goes for the Border Toss. Hernandez looks over and sees Devon grabbing a chair so he drops Rhino and then punches the chair right into Devon’s face! Hernandez then actually Gores Rhino out of his damn shoes! 1?2?NO someone pulls the referee out! Then a tattooed guy wearing jeans (no t-shirt) and a Mohawk slides into the ring with a chair. Is that Shannon Moore? As Hernandez turns around we see that it’s Jesse Neal and he absolutely destroys Hernandez with the chair, damn! He drapes Rhino over Hernandez and Bubba rolls the referee back in, 1?2?3!

Winners: 3D & Rhino via pinfall (chair shot)

In the back JB is with 3D, Rhino, and Neal. They are celebrating their win and Rhino and he welcomes Neal to the ?cause? and says it was Neal that caused him to lose in the past but it was him that caused them to win tonight. He says he looks at Neal and sees him finally get it and then slaps him on the chest. Neal screams at him not to touch him and Rhino loves it. 3D says that is what you get when a guy trains with 3D and he calls Neal a B.M.F. (bad mother?well you know). Bubba calls him the future of TNA not Hernandez, Morgan, or Dinero. He says Neal is the future of this ?wrecking crew? and then Neal says if you want to be hardcore you have to train with the most hardcore. He says if you want to be extreme you have to train with the most extreme and if you want to be the best you have to hang with the best. Devon says now Pope, Morgan, & Hernandez see what they?ve got themselves into. Devon says they tried to eliminate them and now they will eliminate Morgan, Hernandez, & Pope from TNA! Oh my brother, testify!

At ringside Tenay apologizes because they were supposed to have an interview with Sting at his own home earlier today but Sting actually no showed the interview. They show the TNA staff waiting for Sting earlier.

In the back Lauren is with Daniels and Wolfe and she asks if they are the same page unlike Styles & Angle. Wolfe says that usually he likes to fly solo and be a ?lone wolf?, but he has developed a lot of respect for Daniels. He says they are on the same page but it’s not because they are on the same side but it’s because they both have something to prove and that’s to their opponent. Wolfe says that Angle surprised him at Turning Point with an illegal submission move (technically a Triangle Choke would be illegal) but he assures that he has a ton of surprises for Angle in store. Daniels asks Lauren why she doesn?t talk about how this is the first time that he and Wolfe have teamed up like JB was talking about AJ and Angle teaming up for the first time. He says the reason she didn?t mention it is because it’s more of the propaganda from TNA to try and prove to the world that AJ Styles & Kurt Angle are more important than anyone else. Daniels says if AJ is so good then why couldn?t he beat him at Turning Point. He says the answer to that is he can?t beat Daniels and tonight he?ll prove to him that he deserves a one-on-one title shot. Wolfe and Daniels then walk off.


Main Event
?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles & ?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle vs. ?Fallen Angel? Daniels & Desmond Wolfe

This is two big time teams teaming up for the first time and that fact actually shocks me as you would think that AJ and Angle would?ve teamed together at least during the Angle Alliance days but I can?t recall them actually teaming up in a Tag Match. I know they teamed in 6 and 8 man tags however. Angle and Daniels will start the match off. They lockup and Angle gets Daniels in a side headlock and then hits a side headlock takeover. Daniels counters into a headscissors and then they both get to their feet and quickly Angle puts Daniels back into the side headlock. Daniels reverses the hold and hits a side headlock of his own and this time Angle gets Daniels in a head scissors. They get to their feet again and again Angle locks Daniels in a side headlock. Daniels counters with a back suplex and then they have a standoff. They circle each other and lockup again and this time Daniels puts a knee into the gut of Angle and rakes the eyes of Angle. Daniels puts the boots to Angle in the corner and then Angle comes back with rights and a European Uppercut. Angle then comes off the ropes only to eat a Back Heel Kick from Daniels. 1?2?NO Angle kicks out and then Daniels reaches out for the tag. Angle frees himself from Daniels grasp and points at Wolfe saying he wants him. Wolfe tells Daniels that he’s doing perfectly fine against Angle. Angle calls for the tag now and Angle tags him in. Daniels then circles with AJ but turns around and tags Desmond in before they can lockup. Wolfe and Styles circle each other now and lockup. AJ puts Wolfe in a wristlock but Wolfe chops the arm of Styles and hits a Snapmare. Wolfe tries to put Styles in a headlock but Styles reverses it right away into another wristlock. Wolfe reverses it a puts Styles in a Front Chancery only to have Styles reverse it right back into the wristlock. Wolfe again chops the arm of Styles and then hits a single leg takedown. Styles then kicks Wolfe off and gets to his feet and leapfrogs a charging Wolfe. AJ then hits the Phenomenal Dropkick as Wolfe came off the ropes followed by a big Backbreaker! AJ picks Wolfe up and tags in Angle! Angle puts the boots to Wolfe as AJ held him. Angle follows up with a series of European Uppercuts in the corner and then tries to whip him into the opposite corner, but Wolfe reverses it and charges at Wolfe. Angle gets his boot up but then Daniels hits a Leaping Enziguri from the apron to the back of Angle’s head! Wolfe then puts Angle in a wristlock and starts wrenching down on that arm. Angle reverses the hold but Wolfe reverses it right back. The counter wrestling in this match is insane already. Wolfe gets Angle in a hammerlock but Angle quickly gets to the ropes and then Wolfe kicks him in the hand. Daniels tags back in and Daniels arm drags Daniels and holds onto an armlock. Daniels then puts his knee on the arm on Angle and pulls back on it. Daniels then gets to his feet and stomps on the arm as they are really working that arm over now. Taz says that Angle had been feeling some numbness in that arm after the Turning Point match. Daniels tags in Wolfe and he hits an Armtrap Overhead Suplex for a nearfall. Angle comes back with a series of right hands and then goes for a Suplex but Wolfe counters with a spinning arm snapmare. Daniels tags right back in and continues to work over the arm with right hands and then he comes off the ropes but Angle hits the Belly-to-Belly Suplex out of nowhere! Both Angle and Daniels are down now. Kurt and Daniels tag out at the same time. AJ runs in and hits a back elbow on Wolfe followed by another one and then another. Styles whips Wolfe into the ropes and hits a DVD over his knee! Styles grabs Wolfe and then calls for the Styles Clash but Wolfe blocks it and goes for the Lariat, but Styles ducks and hits the Pele! Styles drags Wolfe to the center of the ring and climbs to the top! Is it Spiral Tap time?! No! Daniels crotches AJ on the top rope and then Wolfe comes over and hits the Tower of London! 1?2?NO AJ kicks out! Angle runs in and chases Daniels out of the ring and even to the back! In the ring Daniels hits the BME on AJ for the pin!

Winners: Wolfe & Daniels via pinfall (BME)

We go off the air with Daniels celebrating over a fallen AJ Styles.

Final Thoughts

Wow, very fun show tonight! Some pretty good segments/promos but mainly just a lot of good wrestling on the show tonight.

The opening segment between Abyss, Foley, Stevie, & Raven was very weak for the most part. It just came off as dumb and Raven was the only one that cut a decent promo. The ensuing match was fairly decent for a handicap match and the beatdown on Abyss after the match and the later surprise attack on Foley was done very well. Stevie & Raven both popped out of nowhere.

The promo between AJ & Angle was done very well. They put over their Turning Point matches and opponents but they also didn?t pretend to be friends all of a sudden. Angle even got pissed he isn?t getting a shot at the title and they planted that seed for the eventual feud.

Red and Steiner was a glorified squash even though Red won which is what I hate that TNA does with the X-Division guys. That wasn?t just a random X-Division wrestler either, that was the champion! They are doing exactly what WCW did to the Cruiserweight Division. Let him have great matches with each other and then have the heavyweights squash the hell out of them.

The thing with Nash joining World Elite is actually pretty interesting. Before anyone starts pissing and moaning, it is called the WORLD Elite not the Non-American Elite. So why can?t an American, especially an extremely heel American, join? I don?t know about this HBK/Diesel feel they?re going with it though. Good 8-Man Tag between WE and Beer Money/Guns. The tease from Nash saying that Hogan wouldn?t be coming alone will definitely get people talking. I?m sure the guesses of Bischoff, Savage, Hall, Nasty Boys, Flair, etc. will begin now.

Very good match between Hamada & Wilde and another good match between Sarita & Flash. A Flash & Hamada vs. Wilde & Sarita feud over the Tag Belts could be interesting but it seems like they?re not going to let this thing with Traci go. Maybe she can be Wilde & Sarita’s valet.

I think it’s stupid that they hyped up a Sting interview for the 2nd straight week and for the 2nd straight week didn?t deliver. I am interesting in where they are going with this ?no showing? thing though. Are they going to make it seem like Sting is pulling a ?Brett Favre? and make his decision at the last minute or something?

The ODB & Homicide segment was just weird. Nothing more can be said about it. Good little teaser with the Tomko appearance. I fully expect him to get involved at Final Resolution.

The Street Fight was very good and I enjoyed it better than the one at the PPV actually. Jesse Neal’s new appearance was at the least interesting. I also liked his intensity in their promo. This could be pretty cool if they actually go with this foursome as a group. They need to just let Suicide come out and pull his mask off revealing he is Frankie Kazarian and jump into this feud with the faces.

The Main Event was a good match but given about 5-10 more minutes it could?ve been really great. I?m loving that they are continuing these two feuds, but where in the hell is Joe?

Promo/Segment of the Night: Styles/Angle promo
Match of the Night: Styles & Angle vs. Daniels & Wolfe (***)
Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA Championship Series (what does that mean? Hell if I know)
– TNA Knockouts #1 Contenders Battle Royal: Traci vs. Alissa Flash vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Daffney vs. Lacey Von Erich vs. Hamada vs. Tara vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Sarita

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