TNA Impact Wrestling: Open Fight Night
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
November 1, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Jeremy Borash, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Open Fight Night starts off with a tribute “In Memory of Brad Armstrong” who passed away earlier today. Armstrong is the brother of former TNA Tag Team Champion “Road Dogg” BG James and the son of legendary WWE Hall of Famer “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. He is a former WCW Light Heavyweight Champion and member of the Fabulous Freebirds (as Badstreet) and is one of the more underrated wrestlers ever.

Highlights from last week air and then Todd Keneley & Jeramy Borash kick off the show. I’m not sure how they’re going to go on commentary this week as Taz was forced to miss tonight’s show due to Hurricane Sandy.

Joseph Park is in the ring and he says that this may seem a little unorthodox but he’s been around TNA long enough to know what Open Fight Night is all about. He says that since day 1 he’s said he isn’t a wrestler, he’s an attorney. Park says after all of the things Aces & 8’s did to him he thought to himself that it doesn’t matter if he is a wrestler or an attorney, what matters is that he is a man. He says he’s a man that is going to stick up for himself and he’s asked Hulk Hogan for a match with Aces & 8’s and due to legalities he’s yet to give him an answer, but through his investigations he’s found a loophole and that loophole is Open Fight Night. Park challenges ANY member of Aces & 8’s to a fight RIGHT NOW!

Ace’s & 8’s make their way down to the ring minus Devon. Park reminds that him that he said just one but they continue to approach the ring. They surround the ring and then get in the ring and surround Park. Kurt Angle’s music hits and a pissed off Olympian hits the ring and goes after the members of A’s & 8’s! They surround Angle and the numbers game gets the best of him but then Sting’s music hits and he’s in the ring with a bat! A’s & 8’s retreat!

Sting says tonight is Open Fight Night and he’s got a great idea! Sting says that last week Devon made sure all of the members of A’s & 8’s protect their masks and their identities, but tonight somebody’s getting their mask ripped off! Sting, Angle, & Park dare A’s & 8’s to get back in the ring but they continue their retreat.

Keneley and JB talk about OFN and mention that ODB will face Jesse tonight as well as Devon and Bully Ray facing off. Christian York is shown getting ready backstage for Gut Check.

In the back Magnus says he isn’t concerned with Aces & 8’s but he’s concerned with unmasking a “phony” and doesn’t explain who he’s talking about before walking away.


In the back Jesse is complaining about having an ear infection and he says he’s a man so he shouldn’t have to face ODB. Tara says she has Jesse’s back and then Jesse says he needs Tara to sterilize him so he can face ODB. She puts Germ-X on his hands and Jesse rubs it all over himself.

Magnus makes his way down to the ring and says he’s calling out Samoa Joe for the TV Title as a “Joe’s gonna’ kill you” chant starts. Magnus says he’s calling Joe out because he has an issue with Joe being the TV Champion. He says that Joe isn’t the image that TNA is looking for to represent the TV Title. He says that Joe is like the Howard Stern of wrestling because people like him but he has a “radio face.” Before Magnus can say anything else the TV Champ’s music interrupts him.

TNA Television Championship
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

Joe has some new black and red ring gear. Joe hits the ring and isn’t in the mood for playing around as he goes right after his former partner with jabs and strikes in the corner. Joe rips Magnus’ shirt off and chops him hard! Joe whips Magnus into the corner and hits a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe headbutts Magnus and then goes back to jabbing him. Joe whips Magnus into the opposite corner and then charges but Magnus gets his boot up. Magnus climbs up top and dives off but Joe catches him in midair with an Atomic Drop followed by a Running Front Kick and then a Senton Back Splash! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Joe jabs Magnus and then hits the ropes but Magnus leapfrogs him and connects with a Flying Knee. Magnus puts the boots to Joe and covers him for a nearfall. Magnus nails Joe with Forearm Smashes and then whips Joe into the ropes. Magnus goes for a Backdrop but Joe kicks him in the head and then hits the ropes, but Magnus catches him with a Lariat! 1…2….NO Joe kicks out! Magnus locks Joe in a Sleeper but Joe fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. Joe and Magnus exchange Forearms and slaps and then Joe ducks a slap from Magnus and locks in the Coquina Clutch out of nowhere! Magnus breaks the hold with a Jawbreaker and then charges after Joe but eats a Uranage Suplex! Joe clotheslines Magnus over the top to the floor and then Magnus looks under the ring for something. Joe follows Magnus out and picks him up and slams him into the ring post! Magnus again reaches under the ring and grabs what looks like a wrench as Joe argues with the referee. Magnus slides back in and Joe follows him but walks into a shot from the wrench! The referee sees it and calls for the bell.

Winner & STILL TV Champ: Joe via DQ

Magnus continues to mess with the fans after the match as they boo him and taunt a knocked out Joe.

In the back Park, Hogan, and Sting talk about what went down with A’s & 8’s. Kurt Angle walks in and says he wants A’s & 8’s tonight. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff come in with Kurt. Kurt is pissed about them jumping him last week. Hogan says that Bully has Devon tonight but if there is anything left of him after tonight then Kurt can have him at Turning Point. Kurt says he still wants somebody tonight and Wes & Garett have his back. Sting is down with that idea too and says it’s time to go rip off some masks.


In the back Joe is PISSED and icing his head after getting laid out. He says Magnus has made a bunch of mistakes like crossing him and jumping him but his biggest mistake was by trying to escape him. Joe is freaking the hell out right about now and looks like he’s either going to have a brain aneurism and literally rip someone’s throat out. Joe says he wants to throw out the rules, throw out the DQs, and do it the old fashioned way! Joe says, “DAMN IT! JOE…IS GONNA KILL YOU!”

A replay of Austin Aries’ attack on Jeff Hardy last week is shown.

Another goofy “reality show” like segment with Jeff Hardy is shown. As he puts on his creepy makeover a voiceover talks about Open Fight Night and Aries. Hardy says Aries is nothing more than a thief and his overconfidence will kill him.

Daniels & Kazarian make their way down to the ring with some new generic music. Kaz says it amuses he and Daniels that their “friend” Heath (Sting) would come out here and talk about wanting to unmask As & 8s. He says the biggest frauds in TNA are Hernandez & Chavo not A’s & 8’s. Kaz says last week they came out here and did what they always do, tell the truth & look good doing it, but apparantley some of the things they said offended the “amigos” in the back and made them “muy caliente” (very hot or mad). Daniels says they will get their rematch for the belts at Turning Point but tonight is OFN so whoever they call out has to come fight them. Daniels says they are calling out two men that are “fiercely proud of their Latino heritage.” Daniels says one is known as his great heritage with a legenardy wrestling family and the other world renown for his immense size and strength. Daniels calls out…Hector Guerrero and “El Grande” Willie Urbina, the Spanish Broadcast team! Hector & Willie look shocked.


Back from the back Willie & Hector have joined the former tag champs in the ring and Willie is trying to hold Hector back. Daniels asks Willie if he still isn’t willing to fight after EVERYTHING they’ve said about them. Willie says “chico, no” so Daniels shoves him hard into the corner and Hector shoves Daniels! Kaz lays Hector out and then Daniels starts screaming at Hector and punching him! Hector tries fighting back but it doesn’t last long. Chavo & Hernandez hit the ring and chase the heels off!

Daniels grabs a microphone and mockingly says “oh, now you want to take us seriously, huh?!” and mentions Chavo & Hernandez mocking he & Kaz last week. Daniels laughs at Chavo as he screams about messing with his family. Chavo and Hernandez check on Hector & Willie.

The video package highlight Christian York in Gut Check airs.


In the back ODB is trying to call Eric Young again.

Gut Check Challenge
Christian York vs. Zema Ion

10 years later York still has those awful dreadlocks. York will face off against former X-Division Champion, Zema Ion. York takes Zema’s hairspray away and throws out of the ring. York attacks Zema and then whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Zema ducks and catches York with a hurricanrana but York actually blocks by carthwheeling onto his feet in the middle of the move! York nails Zema with a back elbow and then goes for a pin but doesn’t even get a one count. York locks Zema in an armbar but Zema grabs his hair and knees him in the gut. York answers with a series of big right hands and then attempts to whip Zema into the corner. Zema reverses it and charges at York but York gets his boot up. York then climbs up top and flips over a charging Zema onto his feet on the mat. York then goes for a kick but Zema grabs his foot and swings it back. York cartwheels forward into a Rolling Liger Kick! York then hits a Half Nelson Suplex! Zema retreats to the corner but York comes charging in with a Rolling Cannonball onto Zema! York climbs up top but Zema rolls out to the apron to get away from York. York grabs him by the hair but Zema catches him with a Jawbreaker and then springboard into the ring and into a Tornado DDT on York! Zema stomps on York and then chokes York on the middle rope. Zema rakes York’s eyes and then nails him with a series of slaps and shoulder blocks in the corner. Zema hits a Snap Suplex and then a Leg Drop. Zema goes for a Diving Moonsault off the middle turnbuckle but York gets his knees up! York charges at Zema but he sidesteps him and sends York to the floor. Zema sets up for a dive but York quickly slides back into the ring and destroys Zema with a Lariat! York gets fired up and hits the Mood Swing (Roll of the Dice)! 1…2…NO Zema kicks out! Zema rolls out to the floor and York goes for a Baseball Slide but Zema ducks it. Christian charges at Zema but he backdrops York into the ropes where York bounces back off and into a Spinning Headscissors Takeover sending Zema into the steps! York rolls Zema back in but as he climbed back in Zema pulled the referee to the side and then kicked the ropes into York’s nuts! Zema slams York to the mat and locks in the Submission Impossible! York taps!

Winner: Zema via pinfall (Submission Impossible)

In the back Austin Aries still has the World Title he took from Jeff Hardy last week. He says he took it because he could and as far as he’s concerned he’s still the World Champ and the face of TNA. He says he basks in the spotlight unlike Jeff Hardy who has to hide behind face paint. Aries walks into The Shore’s locker room to talk to them about “5 points.”


In the back Garett Bischoff approaches Bully Ray and says that Devon stabbed him in the back just like he did Bully. He says he’s got Bully’s back if he needs it but Bully says he appreciates it but before he can say anything else a member of the TNA crew approaches Bully. He says that A’s & 8’s are outside. Sting and Kurt Angle are standing as A’s & 8’s approaches. Sting, Ray, Bischoff, & Angle attack A’s & 8’s and then Devon appears and taunts Ray. Ray leaves his TNA partners and chases Devon. A’s & 8’s retreat as Wes Brisco joins the fight. Sting says that they’re just getting started and somebody is losing a mask tonight!

ODB comes out and calls out Jesse and says that she heard his “battery” isn’t that big after calling him Tara’s “little boy toy.” She tells Jesse to get his “Big Brother ass” out to the ring.

ODB vs. Jesse w/Tara

Jesse hits the ring and swings at ODB but she ducks and punches him in the gut. ODB chops Jesse repeatedly but then Jesse rolls out of the ring to get away from ODB. Jesse slides back in after being consoled by Tara and gets chopped a little more. ODB tries to whip Jesse into the corner but he blocks it and then eats a kick from ODB. ODB mounts Jesse in the corner but he shoves her off and good lord his chest is red as hell from those chops from ODB. Jesse goes for an Elbow Drop but ODB rolls out of the way and then he rolls back out to the floor. ODB follows him this time and Jesse rolls back into the ring and ODB catches him with a Wheel Barrow Slam! ODB attempts to whip Jesse into the corner but he reverses it and then charges at him. ODB gets her boots up and then climbs up top and hits Jesse with the Dirty Dozen in the corner. ODB dives off the top but Jesse moves out of the way. Jesse taunts ODB and then hits a Scoop Slam and then he taunts ODB and celebrates with Tara. He turns around and walks into a Scoop Slam from ODB! ODB spanks Jesse which pisses Tara off. ODB taunts Tara but gets rolled up by Jesse for the pin.

Winner: Jesse via pinfall (rollup)

Mike Tenay replaces Keneley for the 2nd hour tonight. So it will be Tenay & JB.

The Shore come out and Robbie E. says everyone knows the most memorable thing about the BFG Series was Robbie E. beating Jeff Hardy and everyone knows lightning strikes twice so he’s calling Jeff Hardy out so he can get beat again!

Robbie E. w/Robbie T. vs. TNA World Champion “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Hardy attacks Robbie and hits him with an Atomic Drop followed by a Leg Drop to the balls and then a sliding dropkick. Hardy attempts to whip Robbie into the corner but he reverses it and charges at Hardy. Hardy gets his boots up and then climbs up top and dives off with a Splash! 1…2…NO Robbie kicks out and retreats to the floor. Robbie grabs Hardy’s feet and pulls him out to the floor but Hardy lays him out with a right hand. Hardy whips Robbie into the steps and then dives off the steps into Poetry In Motion on Robbie! Hardy tosses Robbie back into the ring but Robbie grabs the referee to distract him which allows Robbie T. to pull Hardy off the apron and slam him into the guardrail!


Back from the break Robbie slams Hardy into the mat and then talks trash to Hardy and calls him a loser. Robbie whips Hardy into the ropes but eats a Flying Forearm from Hardy followed by a Forearm Smash and then a back elbow. Hardy hits a sliding dropkick through the ropes onto Robbie T. and then hits a Slingshot Dropkick on Robbie E! Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Robbie blocks it and hits a Leaping DDT! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Hardy comes back with a Sitout Front Suplex and then the Twist of Fate connects! Hardy climbs up top and his the Swanton Bomb for the pin!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

Austin Aries walks out and says the difference between he and Hardy is simply 3 seconds. Aries says he is still the best wrestler in the universe and outside of 3 seconds at BFG he’s been the most dominant man in TNA since he walked in. Aries says he worked his way up the ladder one rung at a time until he got to the top and then Jeff knocked him off. Aries says at Turning Point he will reclaim his spot at the top of the heap and the World Title will once again be his.

Hardy says if Aries wants to do this at Turning Point then let’s do it right and then pulls a ladder out from under the ring! Hardy climbs up the ladder and Aries says when he was talking about climbing a ladder it was just a freaking metaphor, but Hardy says they should make it more than just a metaphor. Hardy vs. Aries II in a Ladder Match! Aries is freaking out and says he’s not doing it and walks to the back.

Footage of the grand opening of Hulk Hogan’s new “Beach Shop” in Florida last week is shown. Matt Morgan crashes the party and he gets in Hogan’s face. Morgan says the more and more he thought about what Hogan said to him and he may actually be missing just one thing. Morgan looks at a robe or cape or something on the wall that Hogan says he wore at Shea Stadium. Morgan says if he thinks it was a piece of history before wait until Hogan sees what he’s going to do with it. Hogan tells him that it’s his and he can’t take it but Morgan gets right in his face and says “I just did” and tells Hogan not to embarrass himself in front of his fans.

In the back Hogan is watching a monitor and says “he’s starting to figure it out” and smiles when James Storm walks up. Storm says he understands what he did with Kurt last week but he wants to remind what Hogan said to him before he came back to TNA about proving himself that he is the best and Storm says he has done that. Hogan says Storm has proven it and then asks if Storm is a betting man. Storm says he is and Hogan says he has an idea for him and then walks away.


Bobby Roode makes his way out to the ring and says it’s OFN but he’s not here to fight. Roode says he’s here to state a fact, the fact that Bobby Roode is getting screwed once again. Roode says last week Hogan had a deliberation with 4 different men about getting the World Title shot and he knows that Hogan put a stipulation in his contract months ago that Roode couldn’t get another shot at the belt while Roode was champ but Aries isn’t champion anymore so Roode should have gotten the shot. Roode says that Hogan knows just as well as he does that had that happened Roode would have kicked Hardy’s ass and be standing here tonight as the NEW World Champion! AJ Styles’ music interrupts Roode and Roode’s former Fortune partner makes his way to the ring.

AJ asks if Roode is really going to stand out here and cry about not getting a shot. AJ says that HE should be the World Champion right now and maybe Roode has forgotten what he did this year. AJ reminds Roode that he held the World Title longer than anyone in TNA history and no one can take that away from him so he should stop crying and complaining about it. AJ says while Roode was Champion he was dealing with some issues with Daniels and Kazarian. AJ throws a dig out there at WWE when he says that someone was posting pictures of him getting into an elevator with someone of the opposite sex “which seems to be a fad going around if your name is AJ.” AJ says no one cares about the past, what they care about is the present and who the NEXT #1 contender is going to be. AJ says he and Roode flapping their gums won’t get them any closer but Open Fight Night might get them a little closer and he’s calling Roode out right here and right now!

Roode says he’s not here to fight and the answer is “no” but as AJ turns around Roode attacks him from behind! AJ fights back and clotheslines Roode over the top to the floor and as AJ sets up for a dive Hogan’s music hits.

Hulk Hogan walks out with James Storm. Hogan says their actions speak louder than the words and he hears them loud and clear. Hogan says they BOTH deserve a shot at the belt but it’s going to be in their hands and there will be no more deliberations and no more handouts. Hogan says he’s making a match at Turning Point and the guy who gets pinned in THAT match will not have an opportunity at a World Title shot again until BFG NEXT year! Hogan says it will be AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm at Turning Point and the winner gets a shot at the World Title!

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are shown walking backstage.


Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan come out to the ring and Morgan is wearing Hogan’s robe. JB says Hogan wore that robe in Shea Stadium when he faced Andre The Giant. Morgan says that for years TNA management has disrespected and ignored his superhuman talents so instead of waiting around to be handed the ball he stole the damn ball. Morgan says he started showing up all across the country at live events and taking TNA talents heads off. Morgan says that still wasn’t good enough and he couldn’t get Hogan’s attention. Morgan says that Hogan claims he made a lot of history with that robe but that is nothing compared to the history he is going to make for it. Morgan says from this moment forward he is going to eat through the entire roster one by one and sh*t them out until he owns the World Championship!

Joey Ryan says that normally he prides himself by avoiding “VD’s” but tonight he’s calling one out…RVD. Ryan says he will prove to everyone that the X-Division Championship can be “X-rated.”

Non-Title Match
Joey Ryan w/Matt Morgan vs. TNA X-Division Champion ” The Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

RVD nails Ryan with a clothesline and then a Spinning Back Kick. Ryan grabs RVD by the tights and tosses him out to the floor but RVD holds onto the ropes. RVD then nails Ryan with a shoulder block through the ropes. Ryan comes back charging at RVD again but eats a Spin Kick from RVD on the apron! RVD tosses Ryan into the corner and then hits him with a series of shoulder blocks followed by another Spin Kick. RVD hits another series of Shoulder Blocks followed by a Back Handspring into a Spin Kick. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and then climbs up top. RVD goes for the 5-Star Frog Splash but Morgan pulls him out of the way. Ryan hits a side roll and hooks RVD’s trunks, 1…2…3!

Winner: Ryan via pinfall (rollup)

After the match RVD nails Ryan with a Spinning Back Kick but then eats the Carbon Footprint from Morgan!

In the back Devon is shown getting ready for his match with Bully.


Bully Ray hits the ring and says he wants to give a big shoutout to all of the fans in the northeast and then calls Devon a piece of crap and tells him to get in the ring because he wants to kick his freaking ass.

Bully Ray vs. Devon

Devon comes out without any of the other A’s & 8’s members. Ray tries to go after Devon as he gets into the ring but Devon retreats to the floor and taunts him. Ray follows him out and then pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up in the ring! Ray tells Devon to get in the ring and fight him! Devon acts like he’s going to get back in the ring but stops and then calls for the rest of A’s & 8’s to come out! A’s & 8’s hit the ring and surround Bully which causes Bully to pick up his chain and start swinging it around and daring them to come after him. Kurt Angle, Sting, AJ Styles, James Storm, Hernandez, Chavo, and the rest of the TNA roster hit the ring! Devon and Bully Ray are the only ones left in the ring as the brawl spills out onto the floor! Ray nails Devon and then a big “table” chant starts. Ray grabs Devon and goes to Powerbomb him through the table but a member of A’s & 8’s grabs Ray from behind and tosses him out to the floor! Joseph Park hits the ring and the A’s & 8’s member is so big he almost dwarfs Park. The member nails Park in the gut and goes to town on him! Park reaches out and grabs the members mask and pulls it mask off and it’s LUKE GALLOWS! Gallows grabs Park and Chokeslams him through the table! Angle and Sting hit the ring and chase Gallows off.



TNA sunk back into that old habit of throwing so much at the viewer so quickly trying to cram a ton in that it was hard to keep up with.

The opening was good and gave us a hook for the rest of the show with Sting guaranteeing one of the members to unmask.

Joe and Magnus was okay while it lasted but was just there to set up the No DQ Match. Joe’s promo after the match was awesome, Joe is much more awesome when he’s the pissed off Samoan that just wants to murder people and his intensity was great.

Daniels & Kazarian did a good job and despite the semi-racist Mexican jokes were able to make the match more serious by jumping one of Chavo’s family members.

Christian York looked really good tonight. There were a few clunky spots but he looks to be in great shape and is still very athletic. He has a great story which would be cool if they continued to talk about going forward. A surprise victory would have been nice but would have probably further buried Zema after dropping the X-Division Title. York is a guy that can win Gut Check and not have to go to developmental, can come right to the main roster and work in the X-Division as a veteran.

It seems that all the former Fortune members are going to be tied into storylines at some point. I won’t complain if they decide to go with Roode vs. AJ after Turning Point because they have never actually had a feud against each other so it would still be fresh despite them having history (which can add to the story). The 3-Way could be a show stealer but the added stipulation of the man that gets pinned not having a shot at the title until at least BFG next year is interesting. I don’t know if that’s just a way to keep whoever losses away from the belt storyline wise for awhile or if that will play into BFG next year. It could be a cool storyline for one of them to get into the BFG Series and use it as motivation, saying that have had to sit and watch as challengers came and went over the year. Roode is the only heel in that match so I’m assuming that he would win OR they could have him lose and just add more drama to the Roode character by making him not get a shot at the belt for almost a year (after not getting a shot for several months because Aries had the belt) despite holding the belt for the entire year almost.

ODB and Jesse was just plain terrible. I mean it was bad. I know they were going the comedy route but it was bad comedy, nothing about that match was appealing and Jesse’s moveset is straight out of a video game as “Create-A-Wrestler Moveset A.” Just awful.

I still don’t get the Joey Ryan/Matt Morgan tandem and it just seems so random but at least Morgan is showing some intensity. The RVD-Ryan feud still does NOTHING for me. I have no desire to see those two wrestle and I definitely have no desire to see Ryan with the X-Division Title.

We’ve seen the TNA vs. A’s & 8’s brawl a million times now so it’s getting tiresome but at least they revealed another member now. They never actually acknowledged that it was Gallows but Tenay mentioned that he has been the “enforcer” for some of the biggest stars in the business (CM Punk). I think WWE owns the Gallows name so I’m not sure what name they’re going to give him. I do like Gallows so I’m glad I was right about that member.

1) TNA TV Title: Samoa Joe (c) def. Magnus via DQ to retain the title!
2) Zema Ion def. Christian York
3) Jesse def. ODB
4) Joey Ryan def. RVD
5) Devon fought Bully Ray to a NO CONTEST

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Joe’s gonna’ kill you
– Match of the Night: Zema vs. York (**)
– Overall Grade: C-

Scheduled for Next Week:
– AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

Turning Point Lineup:
– TNA World Title Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Jr. (c) vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
– TNA TV Title No DQ Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus
– TNA Title #1 Contender Triple Threat: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm
– Devon vs. Kurt Angle

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