Impact Results – 11/8/12

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
November 8, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, Jeremy Borash, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact kicks off this week highlights from last week and then cut to the Aces & 8’gs clubhouse where Luke Gallows is getting berated for allowing himself to be unmasked last week. He’s told that he has one week to show everyone in A’s & 8’s why he deserves a seat at the table. Devon says he doesn’t know how he’s going to prove himself but he knows Hogan made a match for tonight with Sting & Angle against any two A’s & 8’s members and he thinks it should be Devon & Gallows so he can right the wrong. Gallows says he knows he let them down and tonight he’s going to make it right. They were calling him “Doc” so I’m assuming that’s going to be part of his name.

JB & Keneley hype up the card for tonight featuring Sting & Angle against Gallows & Devon, the Get Check outcome, a big 6-Man Tag featuring Magnus, Kazarian, & Daniels against Guerrero, Hernandez, & Samoa Joe! James Storm’s music cuts them off and the Cowboy makes his way to the announce table to provide guest commentary for the opener.

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

This is a preview of the Triple Threat these two will be involved in at Turning Point (along with James Storm), and they’re both former members of the Fortune faction together. Roode is sporting a new shorter haircut, not quite shaven though. Why wrestlers don’t include haircuts into storylines is beyond me, do a Hair vs. Hair Match for God’s sake. AJ and Roode lockup and AJ gets Roode in a wristlock, but Roode rolls through into a Hammerlock. Roode transitions into a Front Facelock that gets AJ onto the ground. AJ reverses right back into a Hammerlock of his own, but Roode fights back up to his feet and counters into a side headlock. AJ shoves Roode into the ropes and leapfrogs over him and then sets up for possible another leapfrog, but Roode holds onto the ropes. AJ charges at Roode but eats a back elbow from Roode. Roode whips AJ into the corner and charges but AJ floats up and over him and then connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! Roode rolls out to the floor to escape AJ’s onslaught. AJ goes for a Slingshot Dive but Roode moves and AJ lands on the apron. Roode grabs AJ’s foot and pulls him off the apron but he lands on his feet when he hits the floor. AJ lays into Roode with a big right hand and then whips him into the ring steps! AJ tosses Roode back into the ring and then connects with a Scoop Slam and follows up with a Knee Drop. 1…2…NO Roode kicks out. Roode answers back with a boot to the gut and then he lights AJ up with chops and right hands. AJ answers with a chop of his own and then whips Roode into the corner. AJ hits Roode with a backdrop as he comes out of the corner! Roode comes back with a poke to the eyes on AJ. Roode attempts to whip AJ into the opposite corner but AJ reverses it and then goes for a Flying Forearm. Roode moves out of the way and lays AJ out with a clothesline to the back! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Roode connects with a Neckbreaker as we go to a break.


Back from the break AJ tosses Roode into the corner and hits him with a shoulder block. AJ attempts to whip Roode into the opposite corner but Roode reverses it. AJ then tries to float over Roode but Roode catches him on his shoulders and drops him down onto the top rope Snake Eyes style. Roode climbs up top and dives off with the Blockbuster! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Roode chokes AJ with his knee and then drops down with an Elbow Drop for another nearfall. AJ tries to fight back with body blows on Roode and then backs him into the corner with right hands and forearms. AJ tries to whip Roode into the opposite corner but Roode reveres it slamming AJ hard into the turnbuckles! Roode covers AJ and gets another nearfall. Roode connects with a Snapmare Takeover and then puts him in a Chinlock. AJ struggles back to his feet and breaks the hold with a series of elbows. Roode swings at AJ but AJ kicks his arm away and then connects with a Leaping Enziguri! Both men are down now. AJ gets to his feet and hits a Flying Clothesline in the corner on Roode and then he lays into Roode with a series of chops and forearms. AJ goes for an Irish Whip into the corner but Roode reverses it and then charges at AJ. AJ backdrops Roode over the top, but Roode lands on the apron and catches AJ with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope! Roode climbs up top but AJ crotches him and climbs up with Roode! AJ hits a Frankensteiner and covers Roode, 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Roode runs AJ into the corner. AJ answers back with a big right hand then he charges at Roode but runs right into the Double-R Spinebuster! Roode follows up with an attempt at the Spear but AJ sidesteps him and Roode goes crashing into the turnbuckles. AJ rolls Roode up, 1…2…NO AJ lifts him up into position for the Styles Clash! Roode uses one of his legs to kick AJ in the head repeatedly to break it! Roode swings at AJ but AJ ducks it and goes for the Pele! Roode sees it coming and sidesteps it! Roode hits the Payoff! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Roode rolls out to the floor and grabs a steel chair which causes James Storm to leave the announce table and come down to ringside. The referee gets between Roode and Storm but then Roode turns around and AJ comes flying out of nowhere with a Springboard Plancha onto Roode on the floor! AJ says something to Storm and then rolls Roode back into the ring. AJ looks at Storm and tells him to back off. AJ goes for the Springboard Flying Forearm but Roode takes his legs out! AJ lands hard and Roode covers him, 1…2…3!

Winner: Roode via pinfall

Austin Aries approaches Hogan in the back and Hogan tells him to stop walking around like he’s still the champ because he’s not. He says the champ should be able to win it, not steal it. Aries says he is going to win it but he’s not happy it’s going to be a Ladder Match. He says he’s not a “ladder climber” because he’s a wrestler. Hogan says he’s also not the GM and he doesn’t make the rules. Hogan says it’s a Ladder Match but if Aries doesn’t hand over the World Title belt by the end of the night he’ll replace Aries in that match. Hogan walks away and Aries says he’s a “another man drinking the Jeff Hardy Kool-Aid.”

As JB & Keneley are hyping up the card again it looks like there are some technical difficulties as the audio is cutting in and out and then the picture starts breaking as it goes to commercial.


In the back Kurt Angle talks to Wes Brisco and is talking to him about “timing” in a match. Sting approaches Angle and says that Hogan called him today and told him about the A’s & 8’s match tonight and he wanted Angle beside him for the match. Angle says Wes is going to be in their corner.

Joseph Park is in the ring and he says it’s been a trying week for him after what A’s & 8’s did to him. He says it made him realize two things: the human body is not made to go through a table and how great it felt to rip the mask off of Luke Gallows face. Park says that his partners at Park, Park, & Park have been begging him to stop the request for a match, but it’s not about being an attorney or a wrestler it’s about being a man. He says as a man he wants his match with A’s & 8’s and there is only one man that can make that happen, Hogan. Park says he’s begging Hogan to please give him the match with A’s & 8’s. Hogan’s music cuts Park off and the GM makes his way down to the ring.

Hogan says he’s proud of Park for what he did to Gallows last week and it made everyone proud, but sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good and he was very lucky. Hogan says he should not be in the ring but all he thinks about is the liability he would have as the GM, but before he can say anything else Bully Ray interrupts him.

Ray comes out and says he didn’t want to interrupt anything but he did because he knows that Hogan is about to tell him no. He says he knows that because Hogan has been telling HIM no for 2 months. Ray says Park may be a lawyer but he has heart and pretty tough. Ray says he’s been in a fight with him and Park has a lot to prove to A’s & 8’s after what they did to him. Ray says he believes in Park but Hogan says he’s running TNA right now not Park. Ray says he knows that but the fans believe in Park too and he needs to listen to them. Ray says they are Hogan’s fans too and then he says “why say no when it feels so damn good to just say yes.” The damn Daniel Bryan “yes” chant starts and Hogan says “just this one time” and shakes Park’s hand!

In the back Tara is talking with Jesse and Jesse talks about all the moves he hit including a Shooting Star Press, Shining Wizard, and a Tiger Driver. ODB barges in and says “you didn’t hit any of that crap” and says he caught her with a “school girl.” ODB says the only real power couple in TNA is her and EY. She says that he’s not here tonight so she’ll face both of them tonight and she’s going to hit them with a “Shooting Star Tiger Bomb…BAM!”


In the back AJ is pissed about James Storm being at ringside but James Storm gets in AJ’s face and says he made the call to be out there and maybe he was scouting “but so what.” Storm says AJ is considered the “face of TNA” but this Sunday “the face” of TNA is getting kicked in.

Handicap Match
Jesse & Tara vs. ODB

Jesse & Tara go after ODB but she avoids them and clotheslines Tara and then chops Jesse. ODB chops Tara’s ample chest and then motor boats Jesse’s face into her chest. ODB slams Tara & Jesse into each other and then hits the ropes but eats a Double Back Elbow from Jesse & Tara. Jesse hits a Scoop Slam and Tara chokes her. Tara and Jesse whip ODB into the ropes and then goes for a Double Back Drop but ODB stops and kicks them both! ODB hits a series of clotheslines on Tara followed by a Dropkick! ODB hits a Scoop Slam on Jesse and then she slams Tara on top of Jesse! ODB avoids a charging Jesse and then hits a Splash in the corner and then she drop toe hold’s Tara into Jesse’s crotch! ODB hits a Double Carpet Muncher onto Tara & Jesse and screams “I’m a classy biatch!” ODB Spears Tara and then stacks her up, 1…2…3!

Winner: ODB via pinfall

Jesse tried to hit ODB from behind but she caught him. Tara then nails ODB from behind with ODB’s flask followed by the Widow’s Peak. Jesse pours ODB’s liquor out on top of her while he and Tara makeout.


Dixie and Hogan do a promo for the “Make An Impact” campaign to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

ODB his screaming at EY on the phone in the back and she tells EY he better be at Turning Point this weekend.

TNA announces that the Thanksgiving edition of Impact will feature all previous Gut Check competitors in a special Open Fight Night.

Bruce Prichard, Taz, and Al Snow talk about Christian York earlier today. Al Snow suggests that York hasn’t made it big yet because he’s always been attached to someone else that took the spotlight. Prichard questions if York can go out on his own and Al Snow mentions Beer Money as two guys that have broken away from tag teams and made it in singles careers. Prichard & Taz clown Snow about his terrible jacket choice.


Taz & Tenay are on commentary now.

“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle & “The Icon” Sting vs. Devon & DOC

So Luke Gallows name is now simply DOC (Director of Chaos). Somewhere Houston rapper D.O.C. is screaming “gimmick infringement!” Those that have no idea what I’m talking about Google “The D.O.C. & NWA” (shame on you for not being up on your 90’s “gangster rap” too). Angle and Sting jump the Aces & 8’s squad as they come to the ring. DOC slams Sting into the ring steps and then lays into him with repeated rights. Angle slams Devon into the steps on the other side and then we see Sting and DOC roll into the ring. Sting attempts to whip DOC into the corner but he reverses it and then charges at Sting. Sting sidesteps him and connects with a DDT! 1…2…NO DOC kicks out! Sting gets distracted by Devon which allows DOC to hit a big clothesline and then tag Devon in. DOC holds Sting down as Devon connects with a Diving Headbutt. Devon lays into Sting in the corner with shot after shot and then a Snapmare Takeover followed by an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Devon tags DOC back in and they whip Sting into the ropes and nail him with a Double Shoulder Block. DOC hits a series of Elbow Drops and gets another nearfall. DOC taunts Angle and then hits Sting with a Vertical Suplex for another nearfall. DOC puts Sting in a chinlock but Sting is able to break the hold with back elbows. Sting bounces off the ropes but eats a back elbow, and then Devon tags back in and hits a Leg Drop. Devon taunts the fans by doing Hogan’s pose before knocking Angle off the apron. Devon drags Sting to the heel corner and beats him down again. DOC tags back in and the heels double team in the corner. DOC hits an Uppercut on Sting followed by a big Splash. 1…2…NO Angle breaks it up! Sting tries to fight back but eats an uppercut from DOC and then a right hand from Devon. DOC chokes Sting and then he distracts the referee and Devon chokes him as well. Devon tags back in and whips Sting into the ropes and connects with a Corkscrew Back Elbow for another nearfall. DOC tags back in and Devon holds Sting as DOC lays into him. DOC whips Sting into the ropes and they both connect with clotheslines at the same time! Sting rolls over and tags out as does DOC! Angle nails Devon with a series of clotheslines and then he whips him into the ropes and connects with a Flying Forearm! Angle kicks DOC and then climbs up top and hits a Missile Dropkick! Angle hits a German Suplex on Devon and then one on DOC! Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Devon! 1…2…NO DOC breaks it up! Sting comes in and nails DOC with the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Devon then lays Angle and Sting both out with Sting’s bat!

Winners: Sting & Angle via DQ

Devon slams Angle into the ring post but Bully Ray runs down and lays Devon out with his chain! Ray pulls a table out and then grabs Devon but Devon bails out of the ring and runs to the back. DOC grabs Sting but eats a low blow right to the nuts! Sting kicks him in the nuts again and then attempts to Powerbomb DOC into the table! More members of A’s & 8’s run out and catch Sting in the back with a hammer! DOC Chokeslam’s Sting through the table! The other A’s & 8’s member lays into Angle and tosses him out of the ring, and then one of them hands DOC the hammer. DOC hits Sting in the chest with the hammer and then holds Sting’s hand and slams it into him! DOC hits Sting repeatedly with the hammer and then lays into the other hand with it! Sting screams in pain as DOC destroys Sting with the hammer! Finally Samoa Joe, Chavo, and Hernandez hit the ring and chase them off. Chavo screams for the EMT’s to get out and check on Sting. Replays of the attack are shown before Sting is helped to the back by the medical staff.


Tenay somberly talks about the attack on Sting and then more replays of it are shown. I’m just happy for them that they fake hammer never fully broke.

JB is with Snow, Taz, & Prichard and then they bring Christian York back out. Why do these guys wear their ring gear to these deliberations? York says he knows he put forth his best effort last week and the Impact Zone knows he did too. Taz says he thought York did a great job and he looks great and he’s been doing this for awhile and in Taz’s opinion he has the “it factor” so it’s a “yes” from Taz. Prichard says the question he has to ask is why hasn’t he broken out despite being in the business for 16 years and Prichard asks if he really does have “it.” He says that after he asked that question and he thinks maybe it’s just because he hasn’t been given a real chance and he says “yes.” York earns himself a TNA contract! York goes nuts and hugs the judges. York says this is exactly what he’s worked 16 years for and nobody should ever allow anyone to pull their dreams from them because dreams can come true! For the first time ever someone get’s the “yes” across the board says Tenay (even though Snow didn’t give an answer).

Ray is talking to Brooke Hogan about something and they look surprised as Aries walks through and notices them.


TNA shamelessly shills Monster’s new overpriced DNA headsets though some of the proceeds will go to the “Hire a Vet” campaign.

A video package highlighting Aries-Hardy is shown. Tenay & Taz run down the Turning Point card and the only new matches signed is DOC vs. Joseph Park, ODB & EY vs. Tara & Jesse, and Joey Ryan vs. RVD for the X-Division strap.

In the back Hogan is talking to someone on the phone about Sting’s injuries. Joey Ryan approaches him and talks about his match with RVD. Hogan says Morgan won’t be ringside for that match and then Morgan says Hogan still has NO idea who he’s messing with but he’ll find out. Hogan smiles and says “but I do know” as Morgan walks out.


Main Event
6-Man Tag Team Match
Magnus, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, & Kazarian vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe, “Super Mex” Hernandez, & “Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Joe has completely shaved off the Mohawk. The babyfaces hit the ring and go after the heels. Chavo seems to have a shoulder injury of some sort as he has it taped up. The babyfaces clean house and then things settle down with Chavo and Daniels in the ring. Chavo slams Daniels into the turnbuckles and then lays him out with a clothesline. Chavo hits a Backdrop Suplex for a nearfall and then lays a knee into Daniels. Chavo hits a European Uppercut and then whips him into the corner hard. Daniels is able to get free and tag in Kaz. Kaz charges at Chavo but eats a drop toe hold. Hernandez tags in and then Chavo hits a Scoop Slam on Kaz and Hernandez Scoop Slams Chavo on top of Kaz. Hernandez hits a big Splash and gets a nearfall. MEx goes for a Back Suplex but Kaz blocks it, hits a Spinning Heel Kick, and then tags in Magnus. Joe tags in and Magnus quickly bails to the floor. Joe follows him but Daniels grabs a hold of him allowing Magnus to lay into him. Joe tries to come back but Daniels grabs his arm and Magnus lays him out again. Magnus chokes Joe and then distracts the referee as the other heels put the boots to him and Daniels is tagged in. Mex & Chavo knock Magnus & Kaz out of the ring and then Joe tosses Daniels into the corner. Joe nails Daniels with some nasty jabs and then he whips him into the opposite corner and hits the Running Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a slap to the back and then a round kick and a Knee Drop! Joe tosses Daniels into the face corner and then Scoop Slams him and tags in Chavo who hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton onto Daniels and then tags Hernandez in. He whips Daniels into a Bear Hug from Hernandez and then Mex tosses Daniels across the ring with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! He tags in Chavo and then hits a Snapmare Takeover on Daniels. Chavo hits a sliding dropkick for a nearfall and then tries to whip him into the corner. Daniels reverses it and charges at Chavo but Chavo backdrops him over the top rope. Daniels lands on the apron but eats a Forearm from Chavo that lays him out! Chavo then hits Kaz with a clothesline but Daniels grabs his boot and pulls him out to the floor and slams him into the guardrail. Back in the ring Daniels tags Kaz in and then Kaz hits a Rolling Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Chavo kicks out! Magnus tags back in and puts the boots to Chavo before tossing him into a corner. Magnus taunts Joe by hitting a series of jabs and then a knee strike. Magnus whips Chavo hard into the opposite corner and then tags Daniels back in. Daniels hits a modified STO and then taunts Chavo before covering him for a nearfall until Hernandez breaks it up. Kaz tags back in whips Chavo into the ropes and then leapfrogs him as Daniels nails Chavo with a clothesline. Daniels then Hip Tosses Kaz into a Somersault Leg Drop on Chavo for another nearfall before Hernandez breaks it up again. Kaz puts Chavo in a modified Surfboard and then he whips Chavo into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Chavo ducks and hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover! Chavo dives over to his corner and tags in Hernandez and he nails Kaz with a Slingshot Shoulder Block and then a clothesline to both Daniels & Kaz! Hernandez knocks Magnus off the apron and then he hits a Splash on Kaz in the corner! Hernandez nails Chavo with the Shoulder Block and then goes for the Border Toss on Kaz but Daniels blocks it and then the heels whip Hernandez into the ropes. They go for a double clothesline but Hernandez runs right through it but as he bounces off the ropes again they kick him in the gut. Daniels & Kaz go for a Double Suplex but Hernandez blocks it and hits a Double Suplex onto them! Mex tags in Joe and Magnus tags in as well! Joe hits a Lariat on Magnus and then a Back Elbow followed by an Atomic Drop and a Mafia Kick! Joe goes for the Backsplash Senton but Magnus rolls out of the way and then hits the ropes but eats the Snap Powerslam from Joe! Joe charges at Magnus but he sidesteps him and then charges at Joe but eats a Uranage! 1…2…NO Daniels breaks it up and tosses Joe out to the floor! Hernandez comes back in and tosses Daniels to the floor! Kaz tries to whip Hernandez into the ropes but Hernandez reverses him into a clothesline from Chavo! Hernandez hits the Super Mex Dive onto Daniels on the floor! In the ring Magnus goes for a Wheel Barrow Suplex but Chavo counters into a Bulldog! Chavo climbs up top but Kaz holds onto his leg and Mangus runs over and nails him with a Knee Strikes that knocks Chavo off the top to the floor! Joe nails Magnus with a Running Forearm and then he lifts Magnus up to the top and goes for the Muscle Buster! Daniels blocks it but Joe catches him in the Coquina Clutch! Daniels breaks it with a Jawbreaker and then Daniels & Kaz hit the High/Low on Joe! Magnus dives off the top with the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…3!

Winners: Magnus, Daniels, & Kaz via pinfall (Flying Elbow Drop)


In the back Roode says he loves it when a plan comes together and says not only did he beat AJ tonight but now AJ and Storm are at each other’s throats. He says this Sunday he comes one step closer to regaining his championship.

Austin Aries makes his way down to the ring and a ladder is set up in the ring. Aries says that Hardy has been calling himself the best wrestler on planet earth and that’s a played out phrase to him, but he’s the greatest wrestler in the universe. He says “this universe or this universe” and BFG did not change that. Aries says the fact that he has to face Hardy in a Ladder Match tells him that not only Hardy knows that but so does TNA officials. Aries says that Hardy’s career has been defined by the ladder and Hardy is arguably the greatest “daredevil and risk taker” in wrestling history. He says that Jeff has climbed to the highest of highs and taken some of the greatest falls any man has done. Aries says at Turning Point this will be the fall that Hardy doesn’t get up from. He says that this will be the great fall that Hardy doesn’t recover from physically, mentally, or emotionally. Aries says that he is going to beat Hardy at his own game as the fans chant “what” at him (thank you Stone Cold). Aries screams at them if they have to keep asking him “what” then they should shut their mouths and listen and he’s speaking English. Aries says he’s going to take the World Title and Hardy’s title belt and have himself a party. He says he’s going to melt the Hardy belt down into a belt buckle so then he’ll be wearing Hardy’s face right by his crotch and there’s nothing Hardy can do about it. Aries says to make that happen he has to hand the belt over because that’s what Hogan said because Jeff has Hogan doing his bidding for him. Aries says he won’t do it because if Hardy wants it then he needs to come and take it like a man.

Hardy doesn’t make the challenger wait long! Hardy hits the ring and Aries jumps him immediately! Aries goes for a Brainbuster but Hrady blocks it and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Aries escapes it and bails. Hardy grabs his belts and then hangs them up and the belts are raised to the ceiling. Hardy climbs up the ladder and poses under the belts. Aries comes in and kicks the ladder out from under Hardy! Aries then places the ladder over Hardy and climbs up poses under the belts and then pulls them down.


I really thought tonight was a pretty good “go-home” show and much better than the last few weeks we’ve had.

The opening match between Roode and AJ was great and the aftermath that stemmed from it with the two babyfaces at each other really plays well into the story of the match with Roode again playing mind games. The stipulation of that match really makes me wonder what’s going to happen because all three have been at LEAST in a World Title match over the last year, and honestly I don’t want either of them to be kept from it for a year.

The Knockouts match was terrible and this entire angle since Tara has joined up with Jesse has been God awful. There’s nothing else that can be said and I almost sure that the match at Turning Point will be atrocious.

Sting/Angle vs. Aces & Eights was a decent brawl and the beating that was put on Sting was decent. Sting has gotten the hell beat out of him the last year. That probably makes getting set on fire and shoved off a scaffold (WCW fans know what I’m talking about) sound appealing.

I hate DOC’s name but I must say “Direct of Chaos” sounds a hell of a lot better than simply “Doc” (like short for Doctor) that I thought they were calling him.

Christian York is the ONLY Gut Check challenger that has impressed me in the slightest and he’s the only one that should be put straight on the main roster rather than going to developmental like the others (except Ryan). His “any dream is possible” speech was cliché as hell but worked given his story.

The Main Event was really, really good with all 6 guys working hard and the finish made sense giving Magnus some heat going into the match with Joe at the PPV. The finish was excellent.

Aries cut a great promo leading into the PPV and the visual of Hardy and then Aries on top of the ladder was cool.

1) Bobby Roode def. AJ Styles
2) Handicap Match: ODB def. Tara & Jesse
3) Sting & Kurt Angle def. Devon & DOC via DQ
4) Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerrero Jr., & Hernandez def. Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, & Magnus

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Aries/Hardy
– Match of the Night: TIE – Main Event & AJ/Roode (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: B+

Scheduled for Next Week:

Turning Point Lineup:
– TNA World Title Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Jr. (c) vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
– TNA TV Title No DQ Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus
– TNA Title #1 Contender Triple Threat: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm
– Devon vs. Kurt Angle
– Tara & Jesse vs. Eric Young & ODB
– DOC vs. Joseph Park
– TNA X-Division Title: RVD (c) vs. Joey Ryan

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