TNA Impact Wrestling: Open Fight Night
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
December 27, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The final Impact Wrestling & Open Fight Night of the year kicks off with clips from last week and then Bully Ray walks down to the ring. Ray says it’s obvious over the past couple of weeks that there is no doubt he and Hulk Hogan can’t get along in TNA. Ray says he doesn’t know what he has to do to prove to Hogan that he is trustworthy. He says that he has a lot of respect for Hogan and since tonight is OFN he’s calling Hogan out! Ray says he doesn’t want to call him out to fight but just to talk.

Hogan’s music hits but Brooke comes down rather than Hulk. Brooke says Hulk isn’t here and then she says “he knows, I don’t know how he knows but he does” (I don’t know maybe he and the other million or so people that watch Impact every week saw you two kissing each other ya’ genius). Brooke says this isn’t the right way to deal with this anymore and they need to go see him personally and they need to show Hulk that Ray is the man that she knows he is. God, this is awful. Bully leaves and Brooke follows him and they stop on the ramp and continue to argue before leaving again.

The commentators discuss OFN and then Austin Aries comes down to the ring. Aries thanks the fans for the kind words (a “you suck” chant) and says that coming from people as intelligent as the fans (insert sarcasm) that holds a lot of weight. Aries says he’s going to make this short and simple and everyone saw that he had Hardy beat last week and he should be the TNA World Champ right now but Roode screwed him over so he’s calling Roode out right now. Aries says he can’t even be mad at Roode because he did the same thing to him so he guesses they’re even, but tonight they’re going to break this tie in the ring. He says they’ll find out who truly deserves to face Hardy for the belt. He says they’re not going to do it right now because the only place he should be wrestling is in the Main Event and it’ll be the last Main Event of the year.


Samoa Joe’s music hits and the pissed off Samoan makes his way out to the ring and it looks like Joe’s gonna’ kill somebody. Joe says tonight is OFN and he has come to pick a fight. Joe says every week when Aces & Eights can’t handle their business individually they send out a goon in a mask with a hammer to hit people from behind. He says it’s time to see if he can hit as hard when he’s face to face so he’s calling out the masked man with the hammer and he’s going to choke him out and unmask him so the “whole world can see what a cowardly little moped riding bitch” he is (line of the year?).

“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Masked Ace

Joe attacked the Ace as he gets in the ring and lays into him with some vicious jabs in the corner! Joe whips him into the opposite corner and hits a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe tries to pull off his mask but the Ace pokes him in the eyes and nails him with a clothesline. He beats on Joe in the corner and then chokes him in the ropes. He hits a Guillotine on Joe in the ropes and gets a nearfall and then puts Joe in a headlock. Joe fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows only to catch a few knees and then an elbow from the masked man. He whips Joe into the corner and then charges but Joe moves and then hits a Leaping Knee Strike! Joe lifts him up on the top rope and then sets up for the Muscle Buster but the masked man fights him off and then dives off the top. Joe catches him in midair with an Atomic Drop followed by a Running Mafia Kick and then a Senton Backsplash! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch! The masked man struggles for awhile but then passes out!

Winner: Joe via KO (Coquina Clutch)

Joe signals that he’s going to pull the guys mask off but as he goes to pull it off more members of Aces & Eights run out and attack Joe! Joe fights them off and then bails out of the ring as the VP and DOC hit the ring along with Devon.

Robbie and Bigger Rob talk backstage when Jesse walks past. Robbie calls him a hamster which Jesse takes offense to. Robbie asks where his girl is but Jesse responds to him by saying he doesn’t need to know where Tara is but he sees that Robbie brought his girlfriend with him (Robbie T). Robbie and Jesse call each other stupid and Robbie spells it wrong tonight. Robbie says since tonight is OFN they can have a “Bro Off” whatever in the blue hell that is.


Kenny King and Christian York talk backstage and King tells York he’s proud of how York has come into TNA. King says RVD is probably going to call out someone he respects tonight so York should take notes and when King becomes X-Division Champion he might give him a shot if he steps his game up. King walks away and York says “where do they find these guys? Jesus.”

Bro Off
Robbie E w/Bigger Rob vs. Jesse w/Tara

Robbie says tonight is “Open Bro Night” because he’s calling out the wannabe Robbie E, Jesse. Jesse comes out and Robbie explains the Bro Off to Jesse. Rule #1, every bro for themselves… bro which means when you get the spotlight you show what kind of “bro” you are. Rule B (yes he said that), whatever you do has to end in a “bro” and since he’s the “bro vet” he’s starting it off. What happened to Rule 3? We’ll never know. His music plays and then Robbie starts doing his goofy ass Jersey Shore dance with a shade of Tracy Smothers that was as embarrassing as any other white guy dance. Robbie tells Jesse to top that and then Jesse starts doing body building posses. He even presses Tara over his head and says that’s how you “bro off, dude.” Robbie says it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be but there was a couple of problems: first it’s “bros not hoes” in a Bro Off as he points to Tara and problem #3 (yep he said it) is he’s Disqualified because he ended it with “dude” instead of “bro.” Robbie declares himself the winner but then Bigger Rob stops him and says there is one more “bro to go” and then starts doing his own body building posses. Wellness Violations be damned! Bigger Rob then presses Robbie E over his head, unbelievable before he starts his own white guy dance English version. This may be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in my damn life, Bigger Rob with the save! Robbie E and Jesse look shocked and then Bigger Rob ends it with “bro” and leaves as Jesse & Robbie stare at each other in amazement. Did I just see Rob Terry do something that actually entertained me? What the hell? Am I in the Twilight Zone?!


RVD comes down to the ring and the X-Division Champion and says his efforts have lifted the X-Division to a new level and to do continue that he has to address upcoming X-Division stars. He says the guy he’s about to call out has everyone talking about his amazing moves and athleticism and then he calls out Christian York. We see Kenny King and York in the back and King looks stunned as York laughs at him.

Non-Title Match
“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York

York gets RVD in a waistlock right off the bat but RVD counters with an armdrag, but York answers with a dropkick to the leg. York then attempts to whip RVD into the ropes but RVD reverses it and then goes for a Spinning Heel Kick. York ducks and attempts a Spinning Backfist but RVD avoids it and hits a Forearm Smash. York answers with a forearm of his own and then they exchange right hands. York tries to kick RVD but RVD catches his foot and then goes for the Stepover Heel Kick, but York counters into a Half Nelson Suplex! York attempts to whip RVD into the ropes but RVD counters and goes for a backdrop. York stops and then tries to kick RVD but he catches York’s foot and then swings York’s foot backwards. York continues to rotation all the way into a Rolling Liger Kick! York then Hurricanranas RVD over the top to the floor! York tosses RVD back into the ring and then dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick! York grabs RVD and then hits the Mood Swing! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! York trades kicks with RVD and then attempts to whip him into the corner but RVD reverses it and York leaps to the top rope. RVD then goes for a Rolling Monkey Flip but York dives off the top with a nasty Diving Knee Strike in mid-move! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out again! York climbs back up top but RVD leaps up with him and knocks York off and onto the apron. RVD charges at York but York hits him with a Forearm and then climbs back up top and dives off with a Diving Double Foot Stomp to the back of RVD! 1…2….NO RVD kicks out! RVD retreats to the corner and York goes for the Dreamscape but RVD moves and York crashes into the turnbuckles. York and RVD trade strikes and then RVD tosses York into the corner. York floats over into an attempt at a Spinning Headscissors on a charging RVD, but RVD blocks it into a Sidewalk Slam! RVD then springs to the top with the Split Legged Moonsault! 1…2…NO York kicks out! RVD goes for a Scoop Slam but York counters into a rollup attempt. RVD blocks it and reaches the ropes causing York to roll off. RVD then hits the Springboard Flying Back Kick followed by Rolling Thunder! RVD climbs to the top and dives off with the 5-Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (5-Star Frog Splash)


Back from the break Aces & Eights talk about the guy they’re going to bring into the club. Devon says all they have to do is make him feel like one of them. DOC comes with a couple of girls and says their plan is definitely going to work.

More footage of Joseph Park training at OVW is shown. Park talks about his family being a “long lineage of great fighters” mentioning his brother “Chris…ya’ know…Abyss?” and his “great grandfather Jebidah Park” who fought George Hackenschmidt and almost won. Somewhere an internet smark just popped for that namedrop. Park says that he thinks he’s setting the standard for what an athlete should be as footage of him clumsily working out in the ring is shown at the same time. Danny Davis says he’s dumber than a box of rocks and that he doesn’t have anything. Davis talks about Park snapping last week and says that he saw something in him at that point that he hadn’t seen in him before. Park says he needs to run with whatever that was that happened.

In the back Daniels approaches Kazarian in the Merchandise Room and Kaz says he’s just making sure their “merchandise still isn’t here” and it’s not. They make fun of TNA having a Crimson shirt but not a Bad Influence one. Daniels says Christmas has come and gone but there is one last present for the entire world from their favorite tag team. Before they leave Kaz picks up a stack of AJ Styles t-shirts and throws them in the trash.


Footage of Hogan from last week is shown. Backstage Roode talks about the match with Aries tonight and says after he defeats Aries he’s going to walk into Genesis and take the World Title back like he should have at Final Resolution.

The 1.3.13 Sting promo airs again.

Christopher Daniels comes down to the ring minus Kazarian. Daniels messes with the crowd for a minute and then a “where’s your boyfriend” chant starts. Daniels says he isn’t just the face of TNA but he’s also “a ring general, a national treasure, and the man with the rear that makes the girls cheer.” He says he had a great 2012 so he wants to give back to all the little people and since tonight is Open Fight Night, he knows everyone is sad that AJ hasn’t been around for awhile, he feels a little guilty. He has a surprise for everyone and he knows that they said “one last time” but they really meant “one last time…until the next time” and calls out AJ Styles!

AJ’s music hits but it’s Kazarian dressed in AJ’s gear as he reveals himself by pulling the hood off. Dude is wearing all of AJ’s gear all the way down to the gloves. Daniels mockingly asks his “old nemesis” if he’s ready to do this “one last time…again.” Kaz takes the mic and starts talking in a redneck accent and says he would love to wrestle him one more time but he can’t beat him and says “well FREAK I tried…you beat me with the freakin’ Styles Clash” (making fun of the fact that AJ rarely curses). Kaz says he’s just a redneck from Gainesville, GA and Daniels is from “Califreakinfornia!” The fans chant “we want AJ” but Kaz says “I’m right here!” Kaz even does the AJ pose and says “I done told yall I ain’t going nowhere.” Kaz says it’s been the worst year of his “freaking life” and he’s going to go find “freaking Claire Lynch” but Daniels cuts him off and says no one wants that. Daniels says we won’t get AJ-Daniels one last time…again but the fans can worship Bad Influence now.

Chavo & Hernandez come down and Chavo says it looks like Bad Influence is back at it again and their 2012 was just a “little” better than Bad Influences and since this is OFN they’re going to end Bad Influence’s 2012 with a foot up their asses!

The champs hit he ring and the match is on!

Non-Title Match
Bad Influence vs. “Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr. & “Super Mex” Hernandez

Chavo clotheslines Daniels and then dropkicks Kaz! Mex & Guerrero whip Kaz into the ropes and hit a Double Back Elbow and then Chavo hits a Somersault Senton followed by a Big Splash from Hernandez for a nearfall. Chavo tags in and Hernandez hits a Scoop Slam and then Chavo hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton on Kaz. Kaz pokes Chavo’s eyes and tags Daniels in. Daniels comes charging but eats a Hip Toss from Chavo and a right hand from Hernandez. Hernandez tags back in and the babyfaces whip Daniels into the ropes and Hernandez lifts Daniels up in the air with a Bearhug and then an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Chavo tags back in and dives off the top with an Axe Handle Drop on Daniels and then a European Uppercut. Chavo beats Daniels down in the corner and Hernandez chokes him before tagging back in. Chavo Scoop Slams Daniels and then Hernandez Scoop Slams Chavo on top of Daniels! Kaz comes charging in but Chavo Scoop Slams Kaz on top of Daniels too! Chavo then hits a Sliding Dropkick on Daniels and Mex tosses Daniels into the corner and lays into him with shoulder blocks. Hernandez chokes Daniels with his boot and then whips him into the opposite corner and hits a Splash! Hernandez puts Daniels in a Front Facelock and then whips him into the ropes and connects with a big backdrop! Chavo kicks Daniels from the apron and then Daniels begs Hernandez off to no success.


Back from the break Hernandez lifts Daniels up in the Delayed Vertical Suplex! Kaz grabs Hernandez from behind and Daniels charges at him but Hernandez gets away and Daniels hits Kaz! Hernandez clotheslines Daniels over the top and then comes to ringside and tosses Daniels back in the ring. Hernandez goes for the Slingshot Shoulder Block but Kaz pulls him away and Daniels hits the STO! Kaz tags in and lays into Hernandez with right hands and then tosses him into Daniels’ boot. Daniels tags back in and Bad Influence whips Hernandez into the corner hard and then Daniels stands on Hernandez’s throat. Kaz tags back in and then Daniels hits a Slingshot Elbow Drop followed by a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop from Kaz! 1…2…NO Hernandez kicks out! Kaz puts Hernandez in a Front Facelock and then Bad Influence takes turns choking Hernandez. Kaz goes back to the Front Facelock but as Hernandez uses his strength to inch near his corner Daniels comes in and knocks Chavo off the apron and then Bad Influence pulls Mex back to their corner. Daniels tags back in and then Kaz whips Hernandez hard into the corner Daniels hits a Running Flying Forearm and then tosses Hernandez into a Spinning Heel Kick from Kaz! 1…2…NO Chavo breaks it up! Daniels puts Hernandez chinlock and then tosses him into the corner and mounts him but Hernandez shoves him off and hits the Get Off Me Shoulderblock! Kaz tags in but so does Chavo! Chavo hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover and then a Monkey Flip! Chavo hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker for a nearfall and then the Three Amigos! 1…2…NO Daniels breaks it up! Daniels whips Chavo into the ropes and lifts him up into the air as Kaz comes from behind and clotheslines Chavo with a version of the Hart Attack! 1…2…NO Chavo kicks out! Bad Influence whips Chavo into the ropes but Hernandez holds onto Chavo from the outside so he doesn’t bounce back to Bad Influence. Kaz then charges at Chavo but he backdrops him over the top to the floor! Daniels then runs at him as well but Chavo Hip Tosses him over the top! Chavo dives through the ropes with a Tope Suicida onto Kaz and then Hernandez dives over the top with the Super Mex Dive onto Daniels! Chavo tosses Kaz back into the ring and hits the Slingshot Somersault Plancha, 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out! Chavo backdrops Kaz over the top but Kaz hits him with a Forearm Smash and then goes for AJ’s Springboard Flying Forearm, but Chavo ducks and then dives off the top with the Frog Splash! 1…2…3!

Winners: Chavo & Hernandez via pinfall (Frog Splash)

In the back Jeff Hardy talks about Roode & Aries and says that he can’t deny either guys talents but outside the ring they’re both selfish and arrogant and that doesn’t work with him. Jeff says he’ll enjoy watching them beat the hell out of each other tonight but revenge will be coming to them both.


Taz gives his “Keys to Victory” for the Main Event in a new segment which is much like you see commentators do during Football games.

A video package highlighting Aces & Eights is shown. In the back Aces & Eights talk to someone off camera and thank the person for coming to the sitdown. VP thanks Devon for suggesting this person because he would bring a “certain amount of Asshole to the club” and then the camera pans back to reveal Mr. Anderson. Anderson says he recalls what happened the last time he met Aces & Eights but Devon has assured him that he’s safe so he’s all ears. Devon says they have a certain agenda to attend to and it might be physical as several girls come from behind and start rubbing on Anderson. Anderson laughs and says they drive a hard bargain, but then says he doesn’t know if this is something he really wants to do. The girls whisper something to him and then he laughs and says it would be rude to at least not consider it and asks for some time to consider it. Devon says sure and Anderson walks away with the girls.

Gail Kim comes out to the ring and says tonight is OFN and she knows exactly who she’s calling out. She says that she was the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in the history of TNA until someone ended her reign with a fluke victory. She says that she’s ready to erase those bad memories before she regains her gold in 2013 so she’s calling out Ms. Tessmacher.

Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

They lockup and Gail catches T-Mach with an armdrag and then they lockup again and Gail gets her in a wristlock. Tessmacher rolls through but Gail slams her to the mat and locks in a Keylock on the mat. Tessmacher nips up to her feet and connects with an armdrag. Gail bounces back but Tessmacher trips her up and flips over into a bridging pin for a nearfall. Gail charges at Tessmacher but she sidesteps Gail sending her into the corner and puts the boots to Gail. Tessmacher pulls her tights up into her crack (oh my) and then hits Gail with the Asstastic (oh my times two). Tessmacher charges at Gail again but she sidesteps her and gets to the apron but then Tessmacher knocks her off the apron to the floor! Tessmacher tosses Gail back in but as Tessmacher comes in Gail catches her with a Jawbreaker and then slams her face into the mat repeatedly. Gail hits a Back Suplex for a nearfall and then tosses her into the corner and lifts her up to the top rope. Gail climbs up with her and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Tessmacher holds onto the ropes and then grabs Gail from the top rope and puts her in a Hanging Dragon! Tessmacher releases the hold and then dives off the top with a Flying Clothesline! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Tessmacher reaches down to pick Gail up but Gail kicks her in the head and then hits another kick followed by a series of forearms. Gail whips Tessmacher into the corner and connects with a Flying Cross Body. Gail then rubs her ass in Tessmacher’s face getting her back for earlier and goes for another Back Suplex but Tessmacher counters into a Bulldog! Of, course Taz completely missed the move and even argued with Todd when he tried to correct Taz. Tessmacher hits a series of forearms and clotheslines and then a hurricanrana! Tessmacher mounts Gail in the corner and rubs her crotch in Gail’s face (how can I sign up to take these moves from these girls?) and then hits the Falling Facebuster! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out again! Tessmacher goes for the Tess-Shocker but Gail blocks it only to walk into a Reverse Bulldog! Tessmacher climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Elbow Drop, but Gail moves and then hits Eat Defeat! 1…2…3!

Winner: Gail via pinfall (Eat Defeat)


Todd Kennely reveals that next week Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe will step inside a Steel Cage to do battle with Devon & the Masked Ace of Aces & Eights.

Main Event
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries

Aries and Roode lockup but they stalemate and then Roode swings at Aries but he ducks and swings at Roode only for Roode to duck as well. They lockup again but this time Roode gets Aries in a side headlock and then transitions into a Hammerlock, but Aries reverses it and then gets Roode in a side headlock and into a hammerlock of his own. Roode counters with a drop toe hold and then gets Aries in a Front Facelock, but Aries is able to get Roode with a drop toehold of his own and then slap Roode on the back of his head. Roode and Aries stare each other down and Roode offers a handshake and Aries accepts but then at the same time they kick each other in the nuts! They lockup again and this time Aries shoves Roode into the ropes only to walk into a shoulder block. Roode hits the ropes again but Aries leapfrogs him and then sells his knee when he lands like he injured it. Roode isn’t buying it but Aries makes the “X” sign and says he’s hurt. Roode’s ear is bleeding. Roode says “bullshit” and then kicks Aries in the knee and goes for a knee submission but Aries kicks him with the free leg sending him to the outside and then sets up for a dive but Roode quickly gets in the ring and gets in Aries’ face and says he can’t outsmart Roode. They shove each other and get in each other’s face as the stupid inner monologue thing returns as we see Hardy in the crowd and he talks about the match.


Back from the break Aries beats on Roode in the corner and then rakes his chest with his nails. Roode answers by raking Aries’ back and then he connects with a Vertical Suplex. Roode goes for a Knee Drop but Aries moves and dropkicks Roode’s knee. Aries then goes for an Elbow Drop but Roode moves and then grabs Aries and lifts him up to the top. Roode climbs up with him and goes for a Superplex but Aries blocks it and they exchange shots by boxing each other’s ears and poking each other in the eyes. Aries finally knocks Roode off the top and then dives off with a Missile Dropkick, but Roode sidesteps it and then goes for the Spear but Aries avoids it and locks in the Last Chancery out of nowhere! Roode fights it and rakes Aries’ eyes! Roode then locks in the Crossface! Aries fights out of it and pokes Roode in the eyes as well. Roode tosses Aries into the corner but Aries comes back and tosses Roode into it. They take turns tossing each other in the corner and hitting each other with forearms and chops. They exchange vicious chops but then Roode begs Aries off and asks for a timeout only to trip Aries and roll him up! 1…2…NO the referee caught Roode with his foot on the ropes and stopped the count. Aries rolls Roode up and pulls the tights, 1…2…NO Roode kicks out and Hebner sees him pulling the tights as well. Roode hits the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Aries still kicks out! Roode rolls out to the floor and grabs a steel chair but when he gets in the ring Hebner takes it away and then he walks into the Rolling Elbow from Aries! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Aries grabs the chair and comes back in the ring with it as well but Hebner stops him as well and goes psycho saying he’s sick of them cheating so they both say “to hell with it” and kick Hebner! Aries & Roode toss Hebner out of the ring and then both go for the chair! They play tug of war over the chair and then Hardy’s music hits and that interrupts them! They anticipate Hardy to come from the entrance but Hardy comes out of the crowd and double clotheslines them! Hardy clotheslines Aries out of the ring and then hits the Twist of Fate on Roode!



I hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday and I’m going to close out tonight’s recap with my personal Best of 2012 TNA Edition rather than the usual ranting.

-TNA Wrestler of the Year: Austin Aries
Austin Aries started the year as the X-Division Champion and became the longest reigning X-Division Champion ever by midyear. Aries the helped set a president for Destination X for years to come as because of him the X-Division Champion (the month of Destination X) will have the chance to cash in his X-Division Title for a shot at the World Title at Destination X. Aries used his shot to defeat Bobby Roode and end Roode’s near year long title reign (which was the longest TNA World Title reign in TNA history). Aries went on to continue feuding with Roode and then Jeff Hardy to end the year where he and Hardy tore the house down at Bound for Glory (where Aries finally lost his title) and a brutal Ladder Match. For a guy that was on the verge of quitting the business in 2011 to one of the biggest stars in TNA and a World Champion in a year’s time, a “great year” is an understatement for the “Greatest Man in the World.”

-TNA Knockout of the Year: Tara
As 2012 began Tara and Miss Tessmacher were a tag team known as TnT but before the end of the summer she was feuding with her former best friend and eventually winning the Knockouts Title from her. Tara has also feuded with Gail Kim and Mickie James over the past year as well as starting an onscreen relationship with former “Big Brother” star Jesse.

-TNA Comeback of the Year: Jeffrey Nero Hardy
There isn’t another wrestler that you can say hit a bigger rock bottom that Jeff Hardy in 2011 (maybe Scott Hall?) embarrassing himself, his family , and TNA on PPV in front of the wrestling world. At the end of last year Hardy made his return to the dismay of many wrestling fans and even people in TNA themselves, but Hardy has spent all of 2012 proving everyone wrong and proving that he has turned things around. Not only does Hardy look better but he went on to put on possibly the best singles match he’s had in years at Bound for Glory against Austin Aries winning back the TNA World Title. Hardy’s also had great matches over the past year with Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle as well as winning the 2012 BFG Series.

-TNA Match of the Year: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm (Bound for Glory)
This one had everything you can ask for in a “grudge match”: drama, violence, passion, and a story. Roode and Storm aren’t really known for getting “hardcore” in their matches but at BFG they took it all the way hardcore using everything from tables to chairs to trashcans to beer bottles to even thumbtacks. When it was all said and done Storm finally got his revenge against his former partner with a beer bottle upside the head followed by a foot upside the head, all while future TNA star King Mo Lawal (who further added to the match with his facial expressions at each big moment, in my opinion) looked on.

-TNA Feud of the Year: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
Ever since the split of Beer Money at the end of 2011 Roode and Storm have been at each other’s throats in TNA. It all started when James Storm shocked everyone by defeating Kurt Angle for the World Title in November of last year and then defended the belt against his longtime tag partner Roode. Roode used Storm’s own beer bottle on him leading to the split of not only Beer Money but Fortune as well. Roode and Storm feuded all throughout 2012 including a violent Steel Cage Match at Lockdown and my pick for Match of the Year at BFG. In between those two brutal matches Storm spent the entire Summer chasing Roode in the BFG Series as Roode was the World Champion for the majority of that time (until he lost the belt). After Roode lost his Title Storm seemed to be in position to get a shot at the belt once again as he got to the Semifinals of the BFG Series, but Roode struck again and again with a beer bottle to the head. For now the feud has been resolved but it’s no question that we’ll see these two in the ring together again down the line.

-TNA Tag Team of the Year: Bad Influence
This one isn’t even close. There hasn’t been a more entertaining (in and out of the ring) tag team in wrestling in 2012, in my opinion, than Christopher Daniels & Kazarian aka The World Tag Team Champions of the World aka Bad Influence. Whether it’s just them simply cutting up on the microphone or putting on stellar tag team matches you can tell they’re simply out there having fun and it shows in their work. I cannot wait to see what these two have in store for 2013.

-TNA PPV of the Year: Destination X
This one was a tossup between DX, Slammiversary, and Bound for Glory for me as the best PPV’s of the year. I had to go with Destination X though for a few reasons. 1, the X-Division Tournament that featured some great high flying action and an Ultimate X Match including an extremely gutty performance by Sonjay Dutt, separated shoulder and all. Plus, the incredible AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels Last Man Standing Match (runner up for Match of the Year in my eyes) in which we saw AJ and Daniels take their rivalry to the next level with an amazingly brutal match. Then, there was the Roode vs. Aries match which saw Aries win the World Title in an awesome match that got the usually horrible Impact Zone jumping as much as any match in that place ever has.

-Looking Ahead To 2013: AJ Styles, Aces & Eights, Kenny King, and Austin Aries
In 2013 there are a few names that I’m looking toward to be key players for TNA. AJ Styles is the obvious reason even if it’s for no other reason than to see how they play out this new “me first” character switch for him. How will they go with the stipulation that he can’t challenge for the World Title until at least BFG? Will he go full blown heel or play the fence as a tweener in 2013? Aces & Eights is the next one to watch as we will certainly discover finally who the masked members are and who is behind the faction, and I suspect Lockdown will be the date that most of that comes to fruition. Kenny King is the name in the X-Division to watch. He’s finally starting to actually be given a character and he’s definitely been able to shine in the ring thus far. Aries is right back in the Title hunt and it seems like TNA doesn’t want him to venture far from the top of the card for long, and 2013 may be even bigger for A-Double.

1) Samoa Joe def. Masked Ace
2) RVD def. Christian York
3) Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez def. Bad Influence
4) Gail Kim def. Miss Tessmacher
5) Bobby Roode fought Austin Aries to a NO CONTEST

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Bad Influence
– Match of the Night: Aries vs. Roode (***)
– Overall Grade: B-

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Sting’s return
– TNA Wrestler of the Year is announce
– Steel Cage Match: Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle vs. Devon & Masked Ace

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Until next week… PEACE!

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