TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 1/17/13 (Wedding night)

TNA Impact Wrestling results 1/17/13

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
January 17, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz and Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up with highlights from last week and we cut to the Impact Zone where a set for the Wedding is already set up near ringside.

Earlier today Bully Ray is approached in the back by Spike Dudley and then Tommy Dreamer walks in as well. Apparently they’re going to be his best men for the wedding. We cut to Brooke Hogan getting ready for the wedding and the Knockouts are going to be her bridesmaids. One of them asks if her dad is coming and she gets an ugly look and an “I don’t know.”

Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out to the ring fresh off his exciting victory over Bobby Roode and Austin Aries in the Three Way Dance at Genesis. Hardy doesn’t have his custom Hardy belt this week, coming out with the TNA World Title only. Highlights from the 3 Way Dance air as Hardy comes to the ring. Hardy mentions the Genesis 3-Way and a “you still got it” chant starts. Hardy thanks the fans and then says the odds were stacked against him Sunday night and once again the “creatures” prevailed. Hardy puts over Roode and Aries by saying they are two of the best wrestlers on the planet but he says that he is still the World Champion. Hardy says in the ring he fights through pain and through people but he does for each and every one of the fans. He says he’s always ready to fight but then Bad Influence interrupt him and Kazarian asks if “Jeffrey” really just said he was ready for a fight and that’s funny because in just one week Daniels will be bringing a fight to Hardy so he can take the World Heavyweight Title.

Daniels gets in the ring and says he hears Jeff bragging about beating Aries and Roode and since they’re bragging tonight he can brag because he’s the “Thursday Night Delight” and he’s the man that beat AJ Styles and sent him home and beat James Storm at Genesis to become the #1 contender. Daniels says he didn’t need any “creatures” to help him and they’re really not “creatures of the night”, they’re really “creatures of habit.” That habit being losing. Daniels says the creatures are losers just like AJ, “Jimmy Storm,” and Hardy. Daniels tells the fans that when he beats Hardy for the belt he gives the “creatures” permission to worship him, but then Hardy says they don’t have to wait until next week because they do this now and gets in Daniels face!

Kazarian attacks Hardy and then Daniels jumps in and they begin beating down the World Champ. James Storm runs down and chases Bad Influence off and then asks if someone just said something about a fight. He said if they want to fight then they can get in the ring with Storm and Hardy right now! Storm says he isn’t asking either and drops the mic! Hardy and Storm attack Bad Influence on the floor! Hardy tosses Kazarian into the ring and a referee comes down!

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy and “Cowboy” James Storm

Storm drags Daniels in the ring and then clotheslines him over the top right back to the floor! Hardy tosses Kazarian over the top but he lands on the apron and sets up for a springboard move, but Storm pulls him off the apron and then Hardy hits a Slingshot Dropkick through the ropes into both members of Bad Influence!


Back from the break Storm hits a backdrop on Daniels and then tags Hardy in. They whip Daniels into the ropes and connect with a Double Back Elbow for a nearfall. Hardy hits a Leaping Mule Kick to Daniels for another nearfall and then tags Storm back in. Storm dives off the middle rope with an Axe Handle Drop on Daniels and then he decks the #1 contender. Storm picks Daniels up and drops him back down again. Daniels is able to force Storm into the Bad Influence corner where Kaz chokes him while Daniels kicks the stuffing out of him. Kazarian tags in and then they whip Storm into the ropes and Kaz leapfrogs Storm followed by a clothesline from Daniels. Daniels then hip tosses Kaz into a Leg Drop on Storm for a nearfall. A “Frankie Sucks” chant starts but then Kaz hits a Standing Dropkick and spits at Hardy. Daniels tags back in (well not really tags, just comes in behind the referee’s back) and chokes Storm in the corner. Daniels whips Storm into the Bad Influence corner and then tags Kaz right back in and punches away at Storm’s ribs before choking him in the ropes by standing on his back. Kaz slams Storm into the corner repeatedly and then rakes his eyes as Storm attempts to fight back. Kaz shoves Storm headfirst into the boot of Daniels and then tags him back in. Daniels hits a Reverse Bulldog for a nearfall and then rakes his eyes. Daniels locks in a chinlock but Storm is able to fight out of the hold with back elbows, but then Daniels slams him down to the mat by the hair. Daniels puts the boots to Storm and then blatantly chokes him before dropping an elbow on him. Daniels headbutts Storm and then goes for a Suplex, but Storm counters with an inside cradle! 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out and then levels Storm with a clothesline. Daniels puts Storm in a chinlock again but Storm fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. Daniels then attempts a clothesline but Storm blocks it with a kick and follows up with a Russian Leg Sweep! Both men are down now and they both get to their corners and tag out at the same time! Hardy hits a dropkick to Kaz sending him out to the floor and then dives off with a Flying Clothesline off the apron onto Kaz on the floor! Hardy rolls Kaz back into the ring and hits a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Leg Drop to the nuts! Hardy hits a Basement Dropkick and gets a nearfall. Hardy attempts to whip Kaz into the corner but he reverses it and then charges at Hardy, but eats a combination of a back elbow and the Whisper In The Wind! 1…2…NO Daniels breaks up the pin! Bad Influence whips Hardy into the ropes and attempts a Double Clothesline, but Hardy ducks and then shoves Kaz into Daniels! Hardy hits a Jawbreaker on Kaz and then walks into an STO from Daniels! Storm comes in with the Closing Time on Daniels that sends him flying out to the floor! Storm then hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Daniels on the floor! Storm sells his knee as he hits the floor. Kaz then grabs Hardy looking for something but Hardy pushes him away and then goes for the Twist of Fate! Kaz blocks it and then pokes Hardy in the eyes and rolls him up! 1…2…NO Hardy still kicks out! Hardy then catches Kaz with the Twist of Fate out of nowhere! 1…2…3!

Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

After the match Daniels jumps Hardy and hits him with the Angels Wings on top of the World Title belt! Hardy drapes the World Title over his belt and then talks trash to Hardy as Kaz looks on.

Backstage the Gut Check judges are shown talking about Brian Cage and Jay Bradley earlier.


In the back Bully Ray complains about Spike Dudley “reeking of booze and strippers” when Joseph Park walks in. Ray tells him that he’s a good mood so he better not ruin it. Park says that if it wasn’t for Ray going to Hulk Hogan he may have never been given the shot to get in the ring so he wanted to thank him and congratulate him. He then hands Bully a present which turns out to be Cuban Cigars. He says “they’re not exactly street legal, kayfab” and then leaves.

Back in the ring JB is with the Gut Cehck judges to decide if Brian Cage or Jay Bradley earns a contract. Bruce Prichard says that last week was one of the best Gut Check matches they’ve had thus far. He says that he’s seen Jay Bradley for several years and he won last week but winning wasn’t the only thing they were looking for. He says that Brian Cage is “put together great” and he has all the tools to succeed, but that wasn’t enough so he’s eliminated from consideration for this Gut Check.

Taz says the decision to eliminate Cage wasn’t a unanimous one so his answer to Bradley is “no” (meaning he voted for Cage). Bradley says that Taz has talked about guys needing to “hump the highways” and he’s humped so many highways he probably owes some child support. He says that taught him discipline and took him all over the world including Japan and Europe. He says it brought him here to the Impact Zone and he’s been trained by the best to be one of the best, and in one match he and his “Boom Stick” were trending on Twitter worldwide. He tells the judges to look in his eyes and see that there is no BS. He says that he’s knocking on the door, all they have to do is let him and he’ll do the rest.

Al Snow says Bradley showed great talent in the ring and he has great personality and presence as well and his answer is YES. A lot of the crowd boos Bradley and then Prichard says that he has proven one thing that they “care” one way or the other. He says that Bradley has passion and guts and his answer is YES. Jay Bradley is now a part of the TNA roster.


Christian York vs. Kenny King

These two faced each other in the Finals of the X-Division Tournament at Genesis. York was able to surprise King for the win but afterward King attacked York which York claims cost him the X-Division Champions. The cocking King struts down to ringside but before he can get in the ring York dives through the ropes with a Tope Suicida onto King! York tosses King into the guardrail and then rakes his eyes before slamming him into the ring steps! York clotheslines the hell out of King on the floor and then tosses him back in the ring. King put the boots to York as he climbs back in and then whips him into the corner, but York explodes out of the corner with a Lariat! York chops King and then whips him into the ropes and connects with a Knee Strike for a nearfall. York mounts King in the corner and reigns down right hands on him. York then hits a Spinning Back Kick followed by a series of Low-Ki like punt kicks to Kick’s head! York chops King and then grabs him by the leg as King tries to get away. York spins King around but King is able to catch himself and connect with a Cartwheel Kick! King then attempts the Royal Flush but York blocks it and rolls King up, but King rolls through right into a vicious Head Kick from York! York hits the ropes and King goes for a Spinning Heel Kick but York blocks it and catches him with a Leg Trap Suplex. York then goes for King’s own Royal Flush but King rakes his eyes and then rolls him up and pulls the tights for the pin!

Winner: Kenny King via pinfall (rollup)

King yells “Hey, dummy you can’t see me! How’s ya’ neck?!” at York as he backs up the ramp.


Bully Ray approaches Sting in the back and says that Sting is the only guy in the company that trusts him. He says that Brooke needs to be happy and the only thing that’s going to make her happy is if Hulk walks her down the aisle. He begs Sting to talk to Hulk to try and get him to be by her side tonight. Sting agrees to try.

In the back Austin Aries is approached by Bobby Roode and they pick at each other about not winning the World Title. Aries says that Roode double crossed him but Roode says that Aries screwed him over like he always does. Aries says this isn’t getting them anywhere and says that now they have to go and sit through some celebration for Brooke and Bully after having to watch Hardy’s celebration earlier. He says “this place is slanting” towards others and says they’ve been carrying TNA for over a year. He says he’s going to put on all black but Roode says he can’t do that because black is for a funeral. Aries says maybe it will be a funeral and says he has just a few objections and then Roode says “no I have a few objections” and that he’s not even invited but he’s showing up. Aries says that’s not right because they’re both invited now.

In the parking lot Hulk Hogan arrives to the Impact Zone but he’s refusing to answer any questions.


Backstage Bully Ray talks to his best men when Taz walks in and he says “what’s the deal here, no Paul?” Ray says he called him and that Paul told him he’d call him back (inside joke, Paul Heyman was notorious about telling people “I’ll call ya back” and never calling them when it had to do with money). Dreamer asks Ray if Hulk is going to show but Ray doesn’t know and he says Brooke is a wreck. He says even if Hulk doesn’t show up, he’s here and his friends are here so that’s all that matters at this point.

A recap of the drama between Hogan and Ray over the last few months is shown.

Sting comes down to the ring and says it feels great to be back in the Impact Zone (sure it does Sting, sure it does). He says tonight is a very special evening and it’s a huge night because love is in the air. He says along with all the love there’s also some tension in the air and Bully Ray has asked him to address that tension so that’s what he wants to do now. Sting asks Hulk to come on down.

Hulk comes to the ring and tells Sting to “cut the crap” and tell him what he wants. He says that he and Sting have been all over the world in this business and they’ve both had people walk to them and say “I love you” but then walk away and they’ve both had people that have told him that they were their best friend but then stabbed them in the back. Sting says Ray has come to his aid several times and he’s even came to Hogan’s aid and more importantly he’s come to Brooke’s aid as well, and he wants to know what it’s going to take. Hogan says everyone is telling Hogan that he’s right and that people tell him that Ray is not trustworthy. He says that he calls it like he seems him and when he looks Bully in the eyes there is something not right. He says there is a vibe coming off of Bully that he just won’t accept and he will never trust him. Sting says Hogan needs to do this not just for himself but for Brooke tonight. Sting starts a “do it” chant but Hogan says that he always does the “right thing” and simply walks away.

Gail Kim asks Taryn Terrell backstage how long she’s been here and then shows her a replay of the match from Genesis and her foot under the ropes which Terrell missed. Terrell tells Gail that everything will be called down the middle in the rematch and Gail tells her it better be.


Footage of Bully Ray’s bachelor party earlier this week is shown.

TNA Knockouts #1 Contenders Match
Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

This is a rematch from Genesis since there was controversy over the finish between Gail and Velvet in the Gauntlet Match. They lockup and brawl into the ropes before breaking clean. They lockup again but this time Gail forces Velvet into the corner before Terrell breaks them up. Gail gets Velvet in a side headlock but Velvet shoves her off and then hits a Shoulder Block. Gail rolls out to the floor and complains to the referee. She gets back in the ring and then kicks Velvet and tosses her into the corner and chokes her with her boot. Gail goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Velvet reveres it into a rollup for a nearfall. Velvet then rolls her up again and again Gail kicks out and then kicks Velvet in the back. Gail chokes Velvet in the ropes and then connects with a Forearm Smash followed by a Flying Clothesline. Gail hit’s a Straight Jacket Neckbreaker for a nearfall and then European Uppercut. Gail whips Velvet into the corner and then charges at her but Velvet catches her in a head scissors and then kicks her in the head. Velvet hits a Vertical Suplex and gets a nearfall. Velvet attempts the In Yo Face but Gail forces into the corner and connects with a series of shoulder blocks and kicks. Gail slams Velvet into the mat and then chokes her before getting a nearfall. Gail locks in a head scissors on the mat and then slams her leg down across the back of Velvet’s head. Gail whips Velvet into the corner and then charges but Velvet gets her boots up. Velvet attempts to whip Gail into the ropes but she reverses it and then hits a Running Dropkick to Velvet! Gail hits Eat Defeat! 1…2…NO Velvet’s foot is under the bottom rope much like Gail’s was Sunday night. Gail argues with the referee and then Velvet grabs her and hits a Running Bulldog followed by a series of clotheslines! Velvet hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover and then a modified Roll of the Dice into a Facebuster! Velvet follows up with In Yo Face! 1…2…3!

Winner and NEW #1 Contender: Velvet Sky via pinfall (In Yo Face)

In the back Dixie Carter congratulates Brooke Hogan. They both terribly fake cry.


A replay of the stuff with Bad Influence and Hardy is shown. They hype up Jeff Hardy vs. Daniels for the World Title next week.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries come out and Roode says that everyone here is going to witness a wedding between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan, but the only celebration that should be going on tonight is the celebration of the “It Factor and the greatest man that ever lived.” Aries repeats the things that Roode is saying. Roode says if it wasn’t for the two of them there wouldn’t even be a show and Aries says the people wouldn’t even be here. Roode says they are two of the greatest wrestlers on the Earth and he is the longest reigning and most dominant World Champion in the history of TNA and then Aries steps in front of Roode and says that he beat the longest reigning champion. Roode says that he was talking but Aries says he’s talking now. Aries says all the great moments, interviews, and matches were thanks to Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Now Roode is repeating the things Aries is saying. Aries and Roode ask rhetorically if they were thanked for that and says the lack of respect that TNA has for he and Roode has spawned a mutual respect for their talents. He says there was a time in TNA that it could be proud of it’s champions when men like he and Roode carried the belts, but that day is no longer here. He says this company has taken a step 10 years in the past because now you have people like RVD as X-Division Champion and Devon as TV Champion, Chavo and Hernandez as Tag Champions, and “the golden child” Jeff Hardy as World Champion. Aries says he and Roode are the two men that make this company worth anything and it makes them sick the way they are treated. Roode says it makes them sick and with all of this being said they object to this wedding, but then Chavo and Hernandez’s music cuts them off.

The Tag Champions come out and says they object as well and Aries says they appreciate that, but Chavo says they object to the statements that the two “clowns” in the ring made about the champions in TNA. Chavo says there is a reason they are no longer champions and Aries says there are a lot of reasons for that but they won’t get into that right now. Aries says he wants to get back to their objection of Aries’ objection and Roode’s objection because on top of those objections he has another objection (Roode is fighting back laughter at his point) because he didn’t know the “help” were allowed to come down and object to anything. Roode asks “who has Mexican at a wedding anyway?” but says while they’re down there he’ll have a Quesadilla (which Roode pronounces “Case-a-dilla”) and Aries wants a Vegan Burrito. Chavo and Hernandez attack Roode and Aries! Hernandez goes for the Border Toss on Aries but Roode saves him and they bail out of the ring. Roode and Aries talk trash to them as they escape up the ramp.


Hulk Hogan and Sting are talking backstage and Hogan shows Sting a picture of he and Brooke together when she was a kid. He says he’s worked his whole life to protect her from the evils of this business and the personal tragedies of it. He says he’s tried to keep all the bad stuff from the business out of her life and admits it’s truly not even about Bully Ray. Sting admits that the business has definitely jaded both of them over the years but he asks Hulk if he ever thought that he did such a good job of raising her and protecting her that maybe she can see something in Bully that he can’t because the business has blinded him. Sting says Hogan is wrong and he needs to walk her down the aisle tonight. Hogan says he always does the right thing for this business and for his family.

The wedding deal is set up in the ring and Bully Ray makes his way down to the ring. Tommy Dreamer and Miss Tessmacher come down the Spike Dudley and Mickie James (Mickie is taller than Spike so that makes that visual priceless) and finally Tazz and Christy Hemme.


Brooke starts coming down the ramp but as she gets to the top of the ramp Hulk Hogan comes out dressed in a tux and walks her to the ring. Brooke is begging for a wardrobe malfunction with the dress she’s wearing. As Hulk gets in the ring the fans chant “shake his hand” but the preacher starts doing his thing. Hulk gives Brooke’s hand to Bully and steps aside. Someone screams “DON’T DO IT!” as the preacher starts reciting his thing. Brooke recites her vows to Bully and she says she can’t believe she’s here reciting her vows in the ring to him and she feels like she’s safe with him and he’s her best friend. She says that she has no idea what she was doing before she met him but she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Bully says earlier today he started writing things down but then told himself that she doesn’t deserve words on paper but she deserves words from the heart. He says that he knew from the first time he laid eyes on her that she was the one and he says that he is different when he’s around her and he’s happy around her. He says that he wants to make her the happiest person in the world and he “friggin’ loves” her.

The preacher asks if there is anyone that has any objections and no one (but several fans) says anything and then they put on the rings and say their “I do’s.” Before the preacher can finish and pronounce them married Taz snatches the microphone away from him and says he can’t let this go on. He says that he’s known Bully a long time and they’re like brothers and he asks him if he’s sure he wants to do this right now. Taz then asks if it’s just him or is it hot in here and then he starts taking his jacket off and reveals an Aces and Eights patch! Aces and Eights hits the ring and jumps everyone! Aces and Eights beats down the entire wedding reception and even grab Brooke and hold her and make her watch as they beat the hell out of Bully and Hogan. Devon slams Ray in the head with a statue and I do believe either Brooke either had a wardrobe malfunction or almost did as she is covering her boobs (or trying to) while Knox and DOC hold her arms and as Brooke checks on Hulk when they let her go, Hulk says “check on Bully.” Broke then very clearly says “my boobs are out, my boobs are out” and starts adjusting herself while trying to hide it from the camera and the fans.


Well that was unexpected. First off, 3 matches in two hours, I don’t give a damn if they had a major angle going on or not that’s just unacceptable and just ridiculous. It was also Hogan overload for the majority of the night and I’m not someone who absolutely hates everything about Hogan (which I’m sure we’ll here plenty of in the comments).

The opening with James Storm and Bad Influence was really good and they had a fun tag team match. Daniels and Hardy should be really good next week.

King and York had a good match and it looks like those two are who they’re really investing in, in the X-Division right now.

Gail and Velvet had a solid match and they put away any doubt from the match Sunday. It looks like they’re maybe heading to Terrell getting in the ring as a wrestler (and I think she’s been in OVW for awhile now too) soon.

Man, have Roode and Aries been absolutely GOLD together or what? I want to see both continue in the Main Event title picture but damn there just so great together I wouldn’t mind a short run as a tag team with those two and they may just be heading there with the interaction with Chavito and Hernandez tonight. They need a cool name if they’re going to have a short (or long) run together. I doubt it will be long because I’m thinking Aries is going to be the one to challenge Hardy at Lockdown.

The wedding was pretty freaking painful but I must admit the payoff was a bit intriguing. Taz was definitely not what anyone was thinking and if someone claims they saw that coming they’re bullsh*tting you. I didn’t see “President” or even “Vice President” on Taz’s vest so he may or may not actually be the one behind Aces and Eights (and that’s a good hook for next week). I fully expected Bully Ray (or even Bully and Brooke) being outted as behind Aces and Eights the whole time, maybe even after the wedding. That could still very well be the case (at least with Bully) though. Brooke should get some applause for being the wardrobe ninja tonight though, she did everything in her power to keep those puppies away from the camera and trust me I was looking.

1) James Storm and Jeff Hardy def. Bad Influence
2) Kenny King def. Christian York
3) TNA Knockouts #1 Contenders Match: Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Roode/Aries
– Match of the Night: Storm and Hardy vs. Bad Influence (***)
– Overall Grade: C

Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Christopher Daniels

Until next week… PEACE!
Josh Boutwell

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