TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/4/13

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Jonesboro, AR (ASU Convocation Center)
April 4, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Week #2 from Jonesboro, AR opens up with highlights from last week and then inside the arena Aces & Eights make their way down to the ring. Mr. Anderson is carrying a vest and D-Lo has a big envelope, Bully Ray is nowhere to be found. Anderson calls the fans “douche bags” and then says he has a very special package while holding up the vest. Anderson says that when AJ Styles needed TNA the most they turned their backs on him so the “cut” he’s holding is for AJ. Anderson says he hopes AJ makes the right decision and then Devon grabs the microphone. Devon says the envelope is for Brooke and when Bully brings Brooke out to the ring later he guarantees it will give a new meaning to “a changed relationship.” D-Lo says he was given a gift and holds up an envelope. He says that letter was from TNA and it was a notice of termination from TNA. A “You got fired” chant starts and he says that after all his years of hard work he deserved more than that letter. He says he knows there are TNA officials in the back and he wants one of them to come out and TELL him why he deserved to be fired.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he walks onto the stage. Angle says he has something to say and if he’s going to say it he’s going to do it to his face. Angle gets in the ring and says “this is how I truly feel” and then he takes D-Lo down and starts laying into him. Aces & Eights jump Angle and then Samoa Joe, Magnus, EY, & Joseph Park hit the ring and a huge brawl ensues. The TNA group chases Aces & Eights off and Tenay hypes up the “10-Man War” for later which will pit those TNA wrestlers against 5 of Aces & Eights.

In the back Joey Ryan approaches Brooke Hogan and he offers her a favor. Brooke tells him that technically she’s already married and she already told him no, but he says it’s not THAT kind of favor. He says that Brooke just fired the Knockouts Referee and she needs someone to fill in tonight and he’s perfect. Joey says he’s even wearing a zebra print thong and offers to show her while unbuckling his pants. Brooke stops him and agrees to let him referee the match. She tells him that he can’t touch the girls.


Tara & Gail Kim w/Jesse vs. Velvet Sky & Taryn Terrell
Special Referee: Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan starts checking the knockouts for “foreign objects” in a priceless moment. Joey even checked Terrell’s knee pads despite the fact that she isn’t wearing any. As Velvet screams at Joey for rubbing on her Tara attacks her from behind and then chokes her in the ropes. Tara chops Velvet and then whips her into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Velvet ducks and hits a series of clotheslines of her own. Velvet then gets Tara in a side headlock and Joey starts checking to make sure Velvet isn’t choking Tara, but then moves his arms up her arms and starts massaging Velvet. Velvet releases Tara and argues with Joey allowing Tara to tag in Gail. Velvet realizes it and tags Terrell and then Gail hides behind Joey before tagging back out to Tara. Tara swings at Terrell but she ducks and then catches Tara in a backslide but Joey was too busy staring at their “backsides” to make a count. Terrell then rolls Tara up and again was distracted by Terrell’s backside. Terrell trips Tara up flips over into a bridge with Joey still staring. Terrell gets Gail in an armlock and Velvet tags herself back in. Velvet & Terrell whip Tara into the ropes and connect with a Double Shoulder Block. Terrell & Velvet then blow a kiss to Tara before hitting the old Beautiful People Hollering Elbows (Double Elbow Drop) that Velvet & Angelina Love used to do. Velvet covers Tara but Joey stares at Velvet’s butt instead of counting. Velvet gets in Joey’s face and then Gail comes in and lays her out from behind. Velvet hit her face on the bottom rope on that spot and it didn’t look like it felt pleasant as Velvet held her face for several minutes. Gail & Tara double team her in the corner. Gail tags herself back in and then hit’s a Fireman’s Carry Slam on Velvet. Gail covers her but again Joey would rather look at the knockouts butts rather than make the pin. Gail decides to flirt with him instead of argue and then she tags in Tara. Tara slams Velvet into the corner and then runs her shoulder into her repeatedly. Joey Ryan gets between them and starts feeling on Tara as he breaks them apart. Jesse gets pissed and gets up on the apron but Tara stops him from getting involved. Velvet rolls Tara up but again Joey doesn’t count the pin. Tara gets back to her feet and clotheslines Velvet followed by the Standing Moonsault, but Velvet rolls out of the way. Tara tags in Gail and Velvet tags in Terrell. Terrell clotheslines Gail and then connects with a 2nd clothesline before connecting with a Back Elbow and then a Vertical Suplex! Terrell climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body! Terrell grabs Gail by the hair and slams her head into the back repeatedly, but then Tara comes in and attacks her from behind. Velvet comes running in and dropkicks Tara sending her through the ropes! Gail hits Velvet from behind and then she starts flirting with Joey again. Terrell rolls Gail up but Joey is too busy rubbing baby lotion all over himself. Gail reverses the rollup and uses the tights as well, Joey fast counts Terrell and Gail gets the pin.

Winners: Gail & Tara via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Joey raises Tara & Velvet’s arms but as he tries to get some action from Gail she shoves him away and laughs as she and Tara walk away. Joey tries to get some action from Velvet & Terrell now but as Velvet flirts with him Terrell then low blows him.

In the back Austin Aries & Bobby Roode are shown talking, the contract signing for the Tag Titles Match next week is next.


The Tag Champs and Chavo/Hernandez are already in the ring. Jeremy Borash asks if the two teams have anything else to say before the contracts are signed. Aries tells JB to shutup and then says that they are not the World Tag Team Champions, instead they are “a team of World Champions.” Roode asks Chavo and Hernandez if they have ever been a World Heavyweight Champion and says the reality is neither one of them could hold a candle to the in-ring abilities of he and Austin Aries. Chavo asks Bobby want color the sky is in “his world” and asks Bobby if he realizes that Chavo is a Guerrero. Chavo says along with a Guerrero he’s got Hernandez, “strong as a son of a gun.”

Aries asks Chavo & Hernandez if they aren’t bored with Aries & Roode simply beating them up. Chavo asks them if they’re scared to sign the contract, but Aries says he’s suggesting they add some more “perks” for the winners. Chavo say that they’re game and then Roode suggests to Aries “money, green M&M’s, and a fruit basket.” They add that in the contract but then Chavo says they have an idea and then writes it down on the contract. Aries & Roode laugh and say that’s fine to them but they have one more stipulation and Aries writes it down. Chavo reads it and says it’s fine with them and says “anything, any time, any place” because they are going to take their titles. Both teams agree to the stipulations and then JB announces that the match will be on the line in a 2/3 Falls Match (Chavo/Hernandez stipulation) and if Chavo/Hernandez lose (Aries/Roode stipulation) they can never team together again! Both teams sign the contract and Hernandez seemed to hesitate before signing but Chavo was adamant. The two teams talk trash to each other as the segment comes to a close.

Adam Pearce is shown warming up in the back and then a vignette hyping him up is shown. Pearce says that he’s been around the world 75 times and that for 17 years he has gotten into a wrestling ring for a living. Footage of Pearce wrestling Colt Cabana in the indies is shown. Pearce says that he walks to the beat of his own drum and he isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks of you. Pearce says that he is grateful for everything he has accomplished but he isn’t 22 years old anymore and people in the business want to put wrestlers his age out to pasture. He says that right now is the right place and right time for him. Pearce mentions talent like Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, & Kurt Angle in TNA and says that he’s been in the ring with these guys so he knows what he’s walking into in TNA. He says that he’s proven himself so put him in the ring with whoever you want and he says there is nothing he isn’t willing to do to get the job done. Pearce says that one day when he looks into his son’s eyes he will tell him that when “when they left that door open a crack, your old man kicked it in” and asks if we have any idea how that will feel to say. That was one hell of a promo.


Magno is shown working out backstage and then a vignette hyping him up is shown. Magno speaks in Spanish for the majority of the promo (with English subtitles) and he puts over the traditions in Lucha Libre and how much the masks mean to Luchadors. He says the mask is his identity and that he was born in Juarez, Mexico but lives in El Paso, TX making him a Mexican-American. He says that he has studied and trained in Lucha Libre for 15 years and then puts over the significance of the mask to Lucha Libre and to Mexican people with its origins stemming from Mayan culture. He says that the mask symbolized a warrior to the Mayans and his mask is his identity and it is very important for him to carry on that tradition. He says he wants to demonstrate that to the people, that he was a warrior from El Paso, TX. He says that he is Magno and you better watch him because he will bring something different. In English, he says “whether you like me or you hate me, I’m here to make an Impact, I’m Magno!” Really great vignette for the luchador.

Magno was trained by Lucha trainers Babe Sharon, Hurricane Hector, & El Pirata in Mexico and spent the majority of his career working independent shows in both Mexico and America. He was a member of Team Mexico in TNA’s 2006 World X-Cup and after that worked for Ring of Honor, Lucha Libre USA, and CHIKARA in America while working for the legendary El Hijo del Santo’s Todos x Todos promotion in Mexico along with Perros del Mal and NWA Mexico. Magno’s rival for the majority of his career was a made named Incognito, who now wrestles for WWE as Hunico. Adam Pearce’s story is more well known than Magno’s as he wrestled literally all over the world from Mexico to Japan to America to Canada to the UK to Puerto Rico. He’s most known for his stints in Ring of Honor where he was actually made Head Booker after Gabe Sapolsky left. He is also a former 5-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and interestingly enough he was the very first NWA Champion after TNA severed ties with the NWA.

Gut Check Challenge
“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs. Magno

Tenay puts over Magno’s lucha training focusing on one of his trainers “Hurricane” Hector who was actually trained alongside Eddie Guerrero by Eddie’s father Gori Guerrero (cool fact that I wasn’t aware of). Magno and Pearce lockup and Pearce immediately takes Magno down and looks for a hold, but Magno counters into a hammerlock as he gets back to his feet. Pearce reverses the hold and gets Magno down to his knees. Magno stands on his head and flips over to reverse the hold as Tenay talks about Magno’s brief appearances in TNA back in 2006. Magno catches Pearce with an armdrag and they stare each other down. They lockup again and this time Peace gets Magno in a hammerlock and then sweeps the legs of Magno and rolls him up, 1…2…NO Magno catches Pearce with a Headscissors Takeover out of nowhere! Pearce starts to show a bit of frustration and then locks up with Magno again and gets him with a wristlock, but as Magno attempts to roll through this time Pearce lays him out with a Forearm Smash. Pearce puts the boots to Magno and then tosses him into the corner and nails him with a right hand. Pearce whips Magno into the opposite corner and charges at him, but Magno gets his boots up and then charges at Pearce but eats a big backdrop. Pearce covers Magno and gets a nearfall. Pearce slams his elbow into Magno and then taunts him before tossing him into the corner again. Pearce charges at Magno but he springs to the top and dives over Pearce’s head and it looked like he was looking for a maybe a Reverse Rana but he slips and falls back on his ass so he improvises and quickly catches Pearce with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Magno follows up with a Springboard and it looks like he was going for either a Split Legged Moonsault or a Starship Pain type move but 100% botches the ever loving hell out of it by landing damn near on his head. He still lands on Pearce though and covers him for a nearfall. You can see Magno getting a little frustrated with himself as he slaps himself in the face after that botch. Magno hits a series of right hands and then he attempts to whip Pearce into the ropes, but Pearce reverses it and Magno springboards off the ropes but Pearce catches him in midair and slams him down with a Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Magno kicks out! Pearce hits Magno with a series of right hands and then argues with the referee. Pearce whips Magno into the ropes but he flips over the top rope and lands on the apron. Pearce charges at him but Magno nails him with a shoulder block through the ropes followed by a Slingshot Spinning Headscissors! Magno follows up with a clothesline and then a Forearm Smash. Magno hits a Leaping Enziguri and then he clotheslines Pearce over the top to the floor! Magno climbs up top and dives off with a gorgeous Diving Moonsault onto Pearce on the floor! Magno rolls Pearce back into the ring and then gets the crowd behind him, but Pearce quickly rolls Magno up and grabs the ropes for leverage! 1…2…3! Magno tries to go after Pearce after the match as Pearce laughs at him.

Winner: Pearce via pinfall (rollup)

Footage of the Sting-Hogan argument from last week is shown.


In the back Mr. Anderson and other members of Aces & Eights approach AJ Styles. Anderson mentions AJ’s recent wardrobe change (the leather jackets and dark clothes) and says they like it and they’d like a guy like AJ in their organization. Anderson hands AJ the Aces & Eights vest and suggests he try it on and think about it. AJ never said a word but did look down at the jacket and walk away with it.

A vignette of the Sting/Hogan drama is shown.

In the back Hogan says Sting is not here tonight because he needs warriors here, not politicians. Hogan says he’s about to go out and call a warrior out to see where he stands.


In the back Kurt Angle is approached by Joseph Park and he says that he knows that he wants to “save wrestling” as he points at Kurt’s t-shirt (the “Save Olympic Wrestling” campaign) but tonight he’s here for a fight. Park mentions how he and his classmates in college watched Kurt win his Gold Medal and he is one of the most inspirational people he’s ever been around, but to remember that Aces & Eights did him wrong too so tonight he will stand with Kurt and do whatever he can to help them beat Aces & Eights. Kurt says he just wants Park to follow his league and he’s green but it doesn’t mean he can’t do some damage. He tells Park that if he sees an opportunity he should take it.

Hulk Hogan makes his way down to the ring and he says that he’s talked about making past mistakes but he won’t be making anymore of those. He says that he’s going to lead with his gut and make his decision with his gut. He says that there is one man that his gut is telling him he needs to talk to and that’s AJ Styles. AJ comes out to the ring and blankly stares at Hulk still holding the Aces & Eights vest.

Hogan asks AJ if “that” is the direction AJ is headed in and points to the Aces & Eights “cut.” He says all that personal “crap” AJ went through Hulk really does understand and he gets it. Hogan says he was the man that made the stipulation where if he lost he wouldn’t get a World Title shot for a year so he understands the pressure. Hogan says that AJ has always held up over the years no matter what but suddenly he started to change and he’s changed into a different AJ. He says that TNA is AJ’s family and he’s stuck with TNA over the years. He says that he’s looking at a different AJ Styles right now and says that he’s praying to God that AJ isn’t going down that Aces & Eights path because Hogan is looking at the man that TNA needs right now. Hogan says that he’s looking at the AJ Styles that’s dangerous and TNA needs that right now. He says they need his help and they need the dangerous AJ Styles. Hogan offers the microphone to AJ but he just looks at it and then holds up the Aces & Eights cut and looks down at it. An “AJ” chant starts and AJ asks Hogan, “you want ME to help you?” but before he can say anything else James Storm’s music cuts him off.

Storm comes down to the ring and says that he remembers that stipulation that Hogan was talking about and he also remembers that it was him that pinned AJ in that match. Storm says that’s how it goes and they all lose big matches at times, but what really bothers him is that last week AJ stood there and watched as Aces & Eights and jumped him. Storm says that he’s known AJ for over 17 years and that he’s been in TNA since day one right alongside AJ. He says that he and AJ’s backs helped build TNA and that he and AJ have been on every show together and driven the same miles over the years. He says that everytime they got in the ring and performed for the people they did it because it’s what they loved to do from The Asylum in Nashville to the UK to San Antonio to Jonesboro it was them that built this thing. Storm says now AJ wants to join Aces & Eights because he isn’t the same guy that he remembers from the Nashville Fairgrounds or the same guy that the people cheered for day in and day out. Storm tells AJ that he better “clock out…before you get knocked out” and AJ gets in his face. AJ drops the microphone and walks away without saying anything else, but he’s still holding the Aces & Eights cut.


In the back Hulk Hogan says he’s done with sucking up to AJ and he has one week to give him an answer.

A promo hyping up the “One Night Only: X-Travaganza” PPV is shown which I will be covering here on WrestleView.

X-Division Qualifying 3-Way
“The Playa From The Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews vs. “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams

This is Mason Andrews aka “Harold’s” first appearance in TNA since last year’s Destination X. Highlights from Petey’s career are shown as he comes down to the ring. Petey hasn’t been in TNA since early 2009. A big “Petey” chant starts up as Mason talks trash to both Sonjay & Petey. Petey slaps his hand away and Mason answers with a shove. Sonjay grabs Mason in a side headlock and then Petey grabs Mason from behind in a Gutwrench. Mason shoves Sonjay into the ropes and Sonjay bounces off with a Shoulder Block attempt but Mason sidesteps him and Sonjay nails Petey. Mason quickly rolls Sonjay up but Petey then flips over him into a rollup on Mason! 1…2…NO Sonjay hooks Petey’s arms and rolls him over into a pin of his own, 1…2…NO Mason grabs Sonjay in an Oklahoma Roll! 1…2…NO Sonjay kicks out and then both Sonjay & Petey go after Mason and he backs off. Sonjay then rolls Petey up again but Petey rolls through and Sonjay catches him with a Basement Dropkick! Sonjay covers Petey for a nearfall and then whips him into the ropes but Petey holds onto them instead of bouncing off. Sonjay charges at him but Petey catches him with a Drop Toe Hold sending Sonjay throat first into the middle rope. Petey then knocks Mason off the apron and connects with a dropkick to the back of Sonjay! Petey then dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive onto Mason on the floor! Sonjay sets up for a Slingshot Plancha over the top rope but both Petey & Mason get out of the way and Sonjay crashes on the floor. Mason slams Petey into the guardrail and then tosses him back into the ring. Mason elbows Petey and covers him for a nearfall. Mason puts the boots to Petey and then drops him with a big Backbreaker! 1…2…NO Mason lets off of the pin to nail Sonjay off the apron as he was setting up to break it up! Mason turns around and Petey lights Mason up with chops. Mason slaps Petey and tosses him into the corner. Mason hits Petey with a series of shoulder blocks and then bites him. Mason hit’s a Snapmare Takeover and then dives off the middle rope with an elbow for another nearfall. Sonjay climbs back up on the apron and avoids a shoulder block from Mason and then kicks him in the head. Sonjay slingshots himself back into the ring and then locks Petey in an Octopus! Mason breaks it up and tosses Sonjay back out to the floor and then goes for a TKO on Petey, but Petey blocks it and then Sonjay comes flying out of nowhere with a Springboard Double Missile Dropkick! Sonjay grabs Mason and attempts to whip him into the corner but Mason reverses it and then charges at Sonjay. Sonjay avoids him by sliding between then ropes and then nails Mason with the Bombay Boom! Mason falls between the ropes and is left hanging there as Sonjay then slingshots himself over the turnbuckles into a Guillotine Leg Drop on Mason! Sonjay follows up with a Springboard Splash! 1…2…NO Mason kicks out! Sonjay then stes up for the Sonjay Cutter but Petey runs in so Sonjay releases Mason and kicks Petey. Sonjay hooks both Mason and Petey together and sets up for something but Petey blocks it and goes for a clothesline, but Sonjay ducks and Petey nails Mason. Petey then catches Sonjay with the Canadian Legsweep (Spinning Headscissors into a Russian Legsweep)! 1…2…NO Sonjay kicks out and Petey immediately nails Sonjay with an STO! Petey grabs Sonjay and calls for the Destroyer, but Sonjay blocks it and shoves him into the corner. Sonjay charges at Petey and Petey gets his legs up, but Sonjay grabs his foot and swings it into the ropes and then kicks his hamstring. Sonjay lifts Petey up to the top rope and sets up for a Frankensteiner but Petey shoves him off. Andrews then comes flying in springing to the top with a Frankensteiner on Petey! Sonjay then nails Mason with the Sonjay Cutter! Sonjay climbs up top and dives off with an attempt at the Moon Stomp, but Mason rolls out of the way. Sonjay is able to roll through it as he lands on his feet walks right into a Flying Knee from Mason! Petey then nails Mason with the Canadian Destroyer out of the corner and you’re damn right that’s it!

Winner: Petey via pinfall (Canadian Destroyer)

In the back Bully Ray talks to the Aces & Eights and says that he loves all of them but he isn’t in the best of moods because of Kurt Angle “and his punk friends.” He says nobody comes out and pisses on the Aces & Eights parade and he knows that they’ll get the job done tonight and says they need to go out tonight and “take their freakin’ souls.” Devon asks Bully if he’s ready to deal with his thing with Brooke and Bully mockingly says he misses his wife. Devon asks if he can get the “hot tag” but Bully says he didn’t doesn’t know if she’s into the tag team scene. Bully says he will look into his wife’s eyes tonight and hand her the envelope and they’ll be able to move forward.


A video package hyping up the Jeff Hardy-Bully Ray Full Metal Mayhem match next week is shown.

Main Event
10-Man Tag War
Aces & Eights (Devon, Knux, DOC, Wes Brisco, & Garett Bischoff) vs. Team TNA (Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Eric Young, & Joseph Park)

Kurt will star the match off for his team but it doesn’t seem like anyone from Aces & Eights is dying to get in there with him so Kurt grabs Wes and Hip Tosses him into the ring! Kurt then clotheslines him repeatedly before laying into him with right hands in the corner. Kurt chokes him and then hits a Snap Suplex for a nearfall. Wes pokes Kurt in the eyes and tags Garett in. Garett comes charging in and eats a Hip Toss from Kurt. Kurt beats on Garett in the corner now and chokes him with his knee. Kurt tags Magnus in and holds Garett as Magnus hits body shots. Magnus whips Garett into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Garett ducks and then goes for a Cross Body! Magnus catches him in midair and hits the Tormentum! Magnum picks Garett up and holds him as Joe tags back in. Magnus & Joe whip Garett into the ropes and Joe nails Garett with an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick from Magnus and then a Backsplash Senton from Joe! A “Joe” chant starts as the Samoan Monster picks Garett up, but Garett pokes him in the eyes and tags in Devon. Devon comes in and swings at Joe with lefts and rights but Joe ducks every one of them leaving Devon with nothing but air. Joe then nails Devon with a series of jabs and then whips him into the corner and comes flying in with a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe then lights Devon up with a Knife Edge Chop followed by a kick to the back, a chop to the chest, and then a Knee Drop! 1…2…NO Devon kicks out! Joe picks Devon up but Devon catches Joe with a shot to the jab and then he quickly turns around and tags Knux in. Knux whips Joe into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Joe ducks and nails Knux with a Leg Lariat! Joe tags EY in and holds Knux in place as EY dives off the top with a Flying Axe Handle. EY hits Knux with right hands in the corner but Knux catches him with a knee to the gut. Knux then hits a Forearm Smash and then slams him into the turnbuckles. Knux whips EY into the ropes but he holds onto them and then sidesteps Knux as he charges at EY sending Knux out to the floor! EY then hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Knux on the floor!


Back from the break EY gets a nearfall on Knux and then tries to slam him into the turnbuckles, but Knux blocks it and slams EY into them. Knux whips EY into the opposite corner and EY attempts to float up and over Knux but Knux saw it coming and nails EY with a Forearm Smash. Knux hits a Big Boot that sends EY flying over the top rope! Knux follows him out and then beats him around ringside along with Devon. Back in the ring Knux Leg Drops EY and tags DOC in. Knux holds him in place as DOC hits an Elbow Drop on EY before destroying EY in the corner with body shot after body shot followed by an uppercut. DOC then distracts the referee while the rest of Aces chokes and beats on EY in the corner. DOC hits a Shortarm Clothesline and then hits a Splash on EY for a nearfall. Devon tags back in and lights EY up with a right hand as DOC holds him down. Devon beats on EY in the corner and then connects with a Snapmare Takeover and locks him in a nerve hold. EY fights the hold off with back elbows and then he bounces off the ropes but eats a Corkscrew Back Elbow! Devon then does a Spinarooni as he gets to his feet and tags DOC in and holds EY as DOC hits anuppercut. DOC attempts a Back Suplex but EY blocks it and surprises DOC with a jawbreaker! The babyfaces get the crowd behind EY but DOC quickly runs over along with Knux and knocks them off the apron. DOC tosses EY into the corner and charges at him, but EY sidesteps him and then hits an Enziguri! Joseph Park is the only babyface left on the apron! EY tags him in and Park swings a wild right from DOC and connects with a series of strikes of his own as the crowd losses it. Park clotheslines DOC over the top and then Brisco comes charging in but gets obliterated by a Shoulder Block from Park! Park knocks the rest of Aces off the apron and then hits a Scoop Slam followed by a Splash on Brisco! 1…2…NO Aces & Eights break it up and the rest of Team TNA runs in and a huge mêlée ensues! Magnus backdrops Brisco over the top but then gets clotheslined over by Knux! On the outside Garett & EY are going it and DOC is slamming Angle headfirst into the ring steps. Samoa Joe clotheslines Knux over the top but then walks into a right hand from Devon. Devon whips Joe into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Joe ducks and then dives through the ropes with an Elbow Suicida onto Knux on the floor! Park swings at Devon in the ring but he ducks and nails Park with a Spinebuster! Devon climbs up top and dives off with a Diving Headbutt attempt, but Park rolls out of the way and then climbs up and sets up for the Closing Argument! Wes & Garett slide into the ring so Park leaves his perch on the top and double clotheslines them! DOC slides back in and low blows Park (the referee was dealing with a brawl on the outside) and covers Park as the referee finally climbs back in! 1…2…3!

Winners: Aces & Eights via pinfall (low blow)

Hulk tries to talk Brooke out of doing the face to face with Bully but she says that she’s a huge reason for all of what happened so she needs to do this and promises she’ll bring security with her.


Footage of the Bully/Brooke drama is shown.

Bully Ray makes his way down to the ring and actually yells at a kid near him making him move out of the way. Bully Ray says in seven days it will be the biggest TNA World Title Rematch ever between he and Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem. Ray says Jeff Hardy has to be the stupidest person he’s ever met and asks why he would challenge Bully that involves tables, ladders, & chairs…oh my. Ray says that’s in seven days but tonight he has to take care of some personal business. He asks Brooke to come down to the ring.

Brooke makes her way down with security alongside her. Bully mockingly calls her “honey” and asks why she doesn’t have her wedding ring on. He shows his ring to her and says it’s a sign of his love and devotion to her. Bully says he’ll give her a pass this time but from now on she better do what she’s told and wear her ring. Ray asks her whys he brought security guard and asks if they’re here for his protection. She tries to interrupt him but he tells her to listen and asks if she saw herself after she went psycho backstage after Lockdown. He calls her insane and says that she should have been happy that night because her husband became World Heavyweight Champion. He says that she should have been hugging and loving him like a good wife should, but instead she is an insane woman. He says that he forgives her and then asks her if she knows what’s in the envelope. She says that she hopes it’s divorce papers but he says she is his wife and she is the “wings beneath my wings” mockingly. Ray says that he couldn’t have done everything without her and then hands the envelope to her and she pulls out a ticket from the envelope. It’s a front row seat to next week’s show and he wants her to sit front row as he defeats Jeff Hardy for the 2nd time. Bully says he wants her by his side cheering him on as he defends his belt. He says he wants her to look the best she can because lately she’s let herself go. Brooke then rips the ticket up and slaps Ray! Ray laughs as a “you suck” chant starts and then he says he can’t help but laugh at her because she’s pathetic. Bully says she just smacked him in the face but he’s laughing at her because he’s in her head so bad that it’s really not funny. Ray says that he’s been in her head since day one and then asks her if she wants to smack him again, but Jeff Hardy’s music interrupts him! Ray screams at Brooke to get out of his ring as Hardy runs down!

Hardy goes after Ray and the two brawl around the ring! Jeff’s nikes are pretty sick actually. Ray catches Hardy with a big right hand but Hardy answers with one of his own and then he and Ray continue to brawl all around the ring.


“Final Impact” thoughts on tonight’s show will be up tomorrow.

1) Gail Kim & Tara def. Velvet Sky & Taryn Terrell
2) Gut Check: Adam Pearce def. Magno
3) X-Division 3-Way: Petey Williams def. Sonjay Dutt & Mason Andrews via pinning Andrews
4) 10-Man Tag War: Devon, DOC, Knux, Garett Bischoff, & Wes Brisco def. Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Joseph Park, Magnus, & Eric Young

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell
– TNA Tag Team Titles 2/3 Falls Match: Dirty Heels (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez
– TNA World Title Full Metal Mayhem: Bully Ray (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

One Night Only-X-Travaganza Lineup:
– Steel Cage Xscape Match: Christian York vs. Lince Dorado vs. Puma vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Matt Bentley vs. Sam Shaw vs. Alex Silva
– Doug Williams & Kid Kash vs. Tony Nese & Rashad Cameron
– Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Robbie E w/Special Ref: Joseph Park
– Ultimate X Match: Zema Ion vs. Rubix vs. Kenny King vs. Mason Andrews
– Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams vs. Bad Influence
– No DQ Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn
– Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

Until next week… PEACE!
Josh Boutwell

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