TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/25/13
TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Indiana, PA (Kovalchick Convention & Athletic Complex)
April 25, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Sorry about the very brief recap. My DVR didn’t record Impact, it won’t happen again. I will do a review tomorrow.

James Storm came out and put over AJ’s win last week and his new submission which they’re calling the “Calf Killer” (obviously a play on the technical Calf Slicer name). AJ appeared in the crowd. Storm said that he was always down for a fight but not getting jump from behind like last week. He said if they want to fight he has no problem taking a few on face to face.

Bad Influence comes out and Daniels says that the answer to the Aces & Eights problem is “Fortune.” Kaz says that AJ should forgiven himself for “cheap shotting” Kaz & Daniels last week and he should come out and they can reform Fortune right now.

Storm got in Kaz’s face and they started brawling until Kaz low blowed Storm. Aces & Eights run out and were going to put Storm through a table until Joseph Park ran out. The numbers game got the better of him and then Bully & Devon put Park through the table with the 3D. The medical staff took Park out on a stretcher and Bully Ray grabbed a mic.

Ray says that he isn’t screwing around and nobody can or will stop Aces & Eights. He calls out Hulk Hogan and gives him until the end of the show to answer the challenge.

Taryn Terrell def. Tara

ODB is the referee again this week. Terrell missed a top rope spot and then Tara went for the Standing Moonsault, but Terrell rolled her up for the win.

Rob Terry def. Jesse w/Robbie E

Robbie E tried to give Jesse a pep talk before the match. Terry blocked a Cross Body and hit a Powerslam, but Robbie E pulled the referee out. Terry then threw Jesse over the top onto Robbie and then tossed him back in and Powerbombed him for the win.

Bad Influence tried to convince Bobby Roode backstage to reform Fortune with them. Aries was shown listening through a door. Aries then confronted Roode after Bad Influence left and said that if Fortune was such a great thing then “why did they just go away.” Aries said he was going out to win the Tag Titles again and he hoped Roode would join him.

Daniels was on commentary for the next match.

TNA Tag Team Titles: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez (c) def. Dirty Heels to retain the titles

Bad Influence interfered twice during the match but it backfired the second time when Hernandez ducked a Daniels clothesline, and Daniels hit Roode. Chavo then connected with the Frog Splash for the win.

Backstage Matt Morgan said that if Hogan faced Ray tonight that it would be just another mistake. Morgan said he has the solution for Hogan’s problem.

Matt Morgan came out to the ring and started talking about all of Hogan’s mistakes as GM. He says that he wants to offer Hogan a solution to make up for all of those mistakes. Hogan then came out to a big reaction and Morgan told Hogan that he was the answer to Hulk’s problem. Morgan told Hogan that he would Carbon Footprint Ray’s head into the fifth row if Hogan would just make him the #1 Contender. Hogan said that Morgan isn’t doing this for the right reason and that he took all the verbal abuse Morgan has thrown his way because a lot of people think Morgan could be a huge star. Hogan says all Morgan wants is the payoff of a title match and that he would face Ray man to man alone and that Andre The Giant never “whined like a bitch” like Morgan does.

Bully Ray made Aces & Eights promise not to get involved in his confrontation with Hogan.

TNA is allowing fans to pick the newest challenger in the X-Division 3-Way in a few weeks via a vote on The choices are Rashad Cameron, Rockstar Spud, & Suicide (what the hell?!).

TNA Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky (c) def. Mickie James to retain the title

Mickie blocked a rollup attempt late and went for the Mickie-DT, but Sky blocked it only to get dropkicked in the injured knee by Mickie. ODB checked on Velvet and then Mickie went to pick her up, but Velvet surprised her with a cradle for the win.

Backstage Bully told Devon that he was “through” with Brooke so Devon could have her now.

Brooke found Hulk and begged him not to fight Bully but Hogan said he was going to prove he’s a good man by facing Bully face to face.

Bully Ray came out and named all of Aces & Eights victims. He said he would add Hogan to that list tonight and then Hulk came down to the ring. He says that he sees fear in Hulk’s face because Hulk knows that Bully is a dying breed in wrestling. He said he would end Hulkamania tonight. Hulk said that Bully couldn’t end it because it can never die. Bully spit in his face and then laughed at Hulk when he started to walk away. Hulk ripped his shirt off and then pointed at Bully, but Bully just pointed back and attacked him.

Hogan blocked a punch and set up for the Big Boot, but Ray bailed out of the ring and the rest of Aces & Eights ran out. They surrounded the ring but then the lights went out. When they came back on Sting was standing in the ring with a bat. Sting backed Hogan into a corner while Bully screamed “YES” the whole time. Sting then turned around and went after Ray with a bat. Aces & Eights bailed but then Sting pointed the bat at Hulk again and walked away.


“Final Impact” thoughts on tonight’s show will be up tomorrow.

1) Taryn Terrell def. Tara
2) Rob Terry def. Jesse
3) TNA Tag Team Titles: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez (c) def. Dirty Heels to retain the titles!
4) TNA Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky (c) def. Mickie James to retain the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Chris Sabin’s return

Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs. TBA

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