TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 5/2/13 (Sting vs. Morgan)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/2/13

TNA Impact Wrestling
Indiana, PA (Kovalchick Convention & Athletic Complex)
May 2, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling from Indiana, PA (week #2) kicks off with highlights from last week and then Hulk Hogan makes his way down to the ring to open the show. Hogan gets a massive reaction from the PA fans. Hogan says after what went on last week between he & Sting the best thing to do is to get Sting out right now to see whats up with him. Sting doesn’t make Hogan wait long either as the Icon strolls down to the ring.

Hogan says last week didn’t end with a pretty picture between them and at the end of the day they almost came to blows. Hogan says he knows when he was right and when he was wrong, and he got caught up with a lot of personal business interfering with the business. He says that at the end of the day when it came to judging people and making choices he was wrong. He says he ran off some of his friends and the one he made the biggest mistake with is Sting. He apologizes to Sting for “pushing him away” and then offers his hand to the Stinger. Sting accepts the handshake and then Hogan says he should have been trying to pull them closer together and working together to take care of Aces & Eights and that’s on Hogan.

Sting says the way he sees it all is good now and it’s all water under the bridge. Sting asks Hogan for his permission for a 6-Man Tag Match next week against Aces & Eights! Hogan tells Sting to put his “army” together for the 6-Man and it’s on! Hogan says he needs to find out who will face Bully Ray at Slammiversary tonight and then Matt Morgan’s music interrupts them.

Morgan comes out and sarcastically “guesses” that Hogan is about to just hand “this jerkoff” (Sting) another title shot. He asks Hogan if he hasn’t learned anything with the way he handled the Bully Ray situation. Hogan says that Morgan’s biggest flaw is running his mouth all the time before he knows what’s really going on. Hogan says there will be no more mistakes or handouts in TNA and anyone that gets a spot will have to earn it. Hogan says he was just getting ready to say that the man that will face Bully Ray isn’t just going to be handed out. He says the man that will face Bully Ray is the man that wins the Main Event tonight between Sting & Morgan! Hogan leaves the ring as Sting & Morgan stare each other down.

Chris Sabin talks about his injury in a brief vignette hyping up his return. Sabin says when he blew out his knee the 2nd time was disbelief. He talks about the pain he was in and talks about having his dream taken away from him in a split second after coming back from an 11 month rehab right before that. Sabin says that doctors advised him to retire but he says that he has proven people wrong before and that’s what he lives for. Sabin says that he hopes to become the Adrian Peterson of wrestling and he’s more motivated now than ever. He says he will never give up and he didn’t get into the business to go halfway, he got into it to be the best and that means to be World Heavyweight Champion. He says that will always remain his goal.


Backstage Kurt Angle says every single week Aces & Eights try to take everybody out and take over the company. He says that he’s issued a challenge for “any one of those sons of bitches to get in the ring with the best wrestler in the world.” He says they can hurt him or even beat them but they can’t stop him.

X-Division Contenders 3-Way
Zema Ion vs. “The Playa From The Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin has some new modified entrance music as well as some new ring gear. This is our first chance to see Sabin in the ring since June of last year. Before that Sabin had been out from June of 2011 until April of 2012 with his first knee injury. Chris Sabin has blown out both knees over the past 3 years, I’m talking Rey Mysterio level knee injuries. A big “Sabin” chant erupts as the bell rings and then Zema slaps him across the face before eating a right hand from Sonjay. Sabin and Sonjay take turns punching Zema and then Sonjay tosses Zema out of the ring. Sabin grabs Sonjay in a side headlock but Sonjay quickly shoves him into the ropes only to walk into a kick from Sabin. Sabin whips Sonjay into the ropes and then goes for a clothesline but Sonjay ducks and catches Chris with a hurricanrana. Sonjay then hits an armdrag and locks in an armbar. Zema climbs up on the apron but Sonjay releases the hold and decks Zema again. Sonjay whips Sabin into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop, but Sabin catches him with a Sunset Flip. Sonjay blocks it and sits down on Sabin. Sabin escapes the pin and then hits a Stepup Enziguri! 1…2…NO Sonjay kicks out! Sabin and Sonjay exchange waistlocks and then Zema slingshots himself into a Sunset Flip on both of them leading to Sabin German Suplexing Sonjay at the same time! Zema puts the boots to Sabin in the corner and then chokes him in the ropes. Zema then nails Sabin with a pair of Flying Knees. Zema catches Sonjay by dropping him the top rope. Todd reveals that Suicide won the fan poll by a large margin (69%) proving that the fans just wanted to troll TNA. Sabin catches Zema with a series of nasty chops but then Zema slams Sabin to the mat by his hair. Zema then grabs Sonjay with a backslide and then he hooks Sabin’s arms with his feet and rolls him over into a crazy double pin on both Sonjay & Sabin! 1…2…NO they both kick out and Sabin immediately hooks Zema in a modified Surfboard as Sonjay hits a sliding dropkick to the face of Zema! Sonjay goes for the Sonjay Cutter but Sabin counters into an attempt at the Cradle Shock! Sonjay blocks it and then nails Sabin with a Forearm Smash followed by a Spinning Headscissors into a DDT! Sonjay follows up with Running Shooting Star Press as we get our first view from that damn X-Camp. 1…2…NO Zema breaks it up. Sonjay then catches Zema with a Jawbreaker and attempts a kick but Zema blocks it and swings Sonjay into a Spike DDT! 1…2…NO Sonjay kicks out! Zema goes for the Hostile Makeover but Sonjay blocks it and then Superkicks Zema! Sabin nails Sonjay with a Spinning Back Kick and then lays Zema out with a huge Lariat! Sonjay goes for a hurricanrana but Sabin blocks it and counters into a Powerbomb! Sabin then deadlifts Sonjay into the air and into the Cradle Shock on top of Zema! Sabin hangs Sonjay up in the tree of woe in a corner and then Zema charges at Sabin, but he Belly-to-Belly Suplexes Zema over his head and into the hanging Sonjay! Sabin follows up with a Mafia Kick to Zema and then nails him with a modified Michinoku Driver! He hooked one of Zema’s legs and then dropped him in the Michinoku Driver! 1…2…3!

Winner: Sabin via pinfall (Michinoku Driver)

In the back Jesse & Robbie E discuss their problems with Rob Terry and Jesse suggests Joey Ryan help them out in a 3-on-1 against Terry. Robbie says that he’s sleazy which Jesse thinks is perfect.


Bully Ray screams at Aces & Eights backstage about them not paying attention to him. He asks them if they saw Sting mocking them earlier and he says that nobody mocks them. He says now he has to worry about both Morgan & Sting because the winner gets a shot at his belt. He says the truth is he isn’t worried about either because he’ll get the job done no matter his opponent. He says their real problem is Kurt Angle because he has been a thorn in their asses since day one. He says that no matter how hard they knock him down he keeps getting back up. Bully says he wants Angle taken out just the way he took care of Jeff Hardy. He asks who is going to be the one to step up tonight and Wes says he’s got this, but Garett says he wants a shot to take him out. D-Lo cuts them off and says he will be the one to take Angle out because he’s the one that got Aces & Eights into TNA and he will be the one to get the honor of taking Kurt out. Bully says D-Lo is pretty fired up and asks if he’s going to get the job done and D-Lo swears his “colors” that he’ll get the job done tonight.

Handicap Match
Rob Terry vs. Robbie E, Jesse, & Joey Ryan

Boy if that ain’t the biggest combination of misfits we’ve seen in wrestling since The Oddities. Joey Ryan will start the match off after losing a game of rock, paper, scissors. Terry lays into Ryan with some punches and then hits a Running Back Elbow in the corner followed by a backdrop. Terry goes for a suplex but Jesse hits him from behind and then Robbie hits him as well. Ryan then takes Terry’s knee out with a chop block. Ryan puts the boots to his knee and then tags Jesse in. Jesse kicks Terry repeatedly and then Robbie tags in and continues the assault on Terry’s knee. Jesse tags right back in and he kicks Terry in the ribs repeatedly because he obviously forgot that Terry’s knee is what they were trying to work on. Robbie tags back in and puts Terry in a Sleeper. Terry fights up to his feet and backs Robbie into the corner. Terry then goes for a Running Back Elbow but Robbie moves out of the way and hits a series of shoulder blocks. Ryan tags back in stealing the tag from Jesse. They start arguing which allows Terry to recover and catch Ryan with a Front Slam. All 3 start beating on Terry now but he just shrugs them off and lays them out with clotheslines. Terry Double Back Suplexes Jesse & Robbie! Terry then Fireman Busters Joey for the pin.

Winner: Terry via pinfall (Fireman Buster)


Bobby Roode and Austin Aries make their way down to the ring next. Bobby says last week Bad Influence played their mind games with him and he has to admit they got into his head by talking about reforming Fortune. Roode says it was never about reforming Fortune, it was simply about their jealous of he and A-Double. He says Bad Influence cost them their belts last week and then Aries says he never believed for one second anything that came out of Bad Influence’s mouths. He says that Daniels & Kazarian are best friends but he and Roode aren’t best friends. He says that they barely even like each other but they like each other just enough to have a common goal. He says that they don’t travel the roads together or sit down and “giggle at each other’s adolescent jokes” like Daniels & Kazarian do either. He says they go out to win matches and championships because they are a team of World Champions that something Kazarian & Daniels know nothing or will they ever know anything about.

Bad Influence come out and neither of them look very happy about Aries & Roode’s comments. Daniels says that Roode is right about one thing, it was about the Tag Titles but where they are wrong is that they are NOT the next Tag Team Champions and they aren’t even the best tag team in the ring right now. Daniels says that everyone knows Roode & Aries are just a pale imitation of the best tag team in the business, Bad Influence. He says that the winners of next week’s match get the next shot at the Tag Titles and “spoiler alert: it’s us.” Roode snatches the microphone from Daniels and says that he is looking at the guy that cracked a beer bottle over his best friends head to be a World Heavyweight Champion right now and they will do whatever it takes to win the belts again. Kazarian says that’s good because you have to be the best to be champions but they can’t beat them nor can they out-cheat them or “out-us, us” to win. Kaz says that they have been trying to “out-us” Bad Influence for awhile now and all that’s come of it is them looking like Bad Influence-Lite.

Chavo & Hernandez interrupt this argument and Chavo mocks them saying all they do is talk. He says they’re tired of it and it’s time for action now. He says their match next week there is going to be some action alright because Hogan has named a Special Referee for next week’s match and that’s James Storm! Storm comes out as both teams look none too thrilled.

In the back Sting approaches Kurt Angle and asks him for a minute before kicking the camera man out.


In the back Tara & Gail Kim bitch about Taryn Terrell. Gail calls herself the greatest Knockout ever and Tara rolls her eyes at that. Gail says they need to make sure they embarrass Terrell & Mickie tonight. As Tara walks away Gail says she’s going to ensure that she gets the victory.

Chris Sabin talks about the win tonight and says it’s the best feeling in the world to be back in the ring. Footage of him nervously pacing backstage before the match is also shown as he talks about it. Sabin says he felt the energy from the fans again and it’s great.

Kurt Angle & D-Lo Brown come down for the next match.

This is the first time I’ve seen D-Lo in the ring in several years. He did have a brief stint in the ring for TNA a few years ago when he & AJ Styles were a popular tag team together before they briefly feuded over the NWA World Title (which led to a great Best of 3 Series between the two).


Back from the break D-Lo says that he told his brothers he would beat Kurt in the middle of the ring but that’s not going to be good enough for him because he needs to humiliate Kurt. He says he wants to do what no man has ever done before and that’s beat Kurt in an I Quit Match. Kurt says he has no problem with that and D-Lo nails him with the microphone.

I Quit Match
D-Lo Brown vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

D-Lo beats on Kurt in the corner but walks into a clothesline from Kurt! Kurt trips D-Lo and then hooks his leg and in a crazy modified STF! D-Lo refuses to quit but Kurt just keeps wrenching on his neck until Aces & Eights walk out. Anderson tells them to stay back but the distraction allows D-Lo to hit him from behind. D-Lo then goes for a Suplex but Kurt counters into a Snap Suplex of his own. D-Lo rolls out of the ring and continues to sell his leg. Kurt tries to pull him back in the ring but D-Lo trips him and pulls him out to the floor. D-Lo slams Kurt into the ring post and then grabs the hammer that they use to ring the bell at ringside. D-Lo swings it at Kurt but he ducks only to get tossed into the ring post anyway. D-Lo slams Kurt’s arm into the ring apron and then wraps it around the ring post and pulls on it. D-Lo slams it into the ring apron again and then tosses him back into the ring. D-Lo hit’s a Snapmare Takeover and then stands on Kurt’s arm and stomps it repeatedly. D-Lo Leg Drops Kurt’s arm and then slams Kurt’s arm across D-Lo’s own shoulder before putting him in a wristlock and twisting on Kurt’s arm. Kurt breaks the hold and bounces off the ropes only to run right into a Back Heel Kick from D-Lo. D-Lo slams Kurt’s arm into the mat again and then locks in a Cross Armbar but Kurt screams “hell no” as the referee asks him if he wants to quit. Angle rolls over and counters the hold into the Angle Lock! D-Lo uses the other leg to kick Angle off and then he follows up with a clothesline. D-Lo puts Angle in a Cobra Clutch but he refuses to quit as D-Lo wrenches down on the hold. Angle fights the hold and counters with an amrdrag and then he ducks a clothesline and hits the Rolling German Suplexes! Kurt actually Suplexes D-Lo 5 times and then screams at the referee to ask him. D-Lo tells the referee to kiss his ass so Angle suplexes him for a 6th time! Angle locks the Angle Lock in again! D-Lo refuses to tap and rolls back over and kicks Kurt off again. Kurt charges at D-Lo but he lifts Kurt up into the air and into a nice Samoan Drop! D-Lo goes for a Powerbomb but Kurt counters into a rollup and into an Angle Lock! D-Lo tries desperately to get out of the hold, even hitting Kurt in the back of the head repeatedly. Kurt eventually hooks D-Lo’s leg in a leg scissor and twists on the ankle! D-Lo fights it for awhile but finally says that he quits!

Winner: Angle via verbal submission

Anderson wouldn’t allow the rest of Aces & Eights to interfere and they all just looked on as D-Lo tapped.

Christy Hemme interviews Kurt on the ramp and he says this was just another battle in the war, but he has his mind on someone else right now…AJ Styles. Kurt tells AJ to get out to the ring right now.


Back from the break Kurt is still calling AJ out. Finally AJ’s music hits and the Phenomenal Emo makes his way down to the ring. Angle says looking into AJ’s eyes right now doesn’t feel right because he doesn’t seem the same. He says it looks like AJ wants to take his head off right now like he did to James Storm a few weeks ago. Kurt says before he tries that he might want to rethink that because everybody in the crowd tonight is his friend because he’s in his hometown tonight so AJ won’t get far if he does. Kurt says AJ going with Aces & Eights would be the easy way out but that’s not AJ’s style. Kurt says he never told AJ before but he is the reason he came to TNA to begin with because he knew that he and AJ could have one of the greatest matches of all time if they wrestled, and Kurt says they had A LOT of them over the years (their Last Man Standing “Hard Justice ‘08” match is one of my personal favorites). Kurt says AJ is going through a dark time and he can respect that, but he and Sting are taking the war to Aces & Eights next week so he needs to know where he stands. Kurt says if AJ is with them then that’s cool but if he’s against them…Kurt then gets in AJ’s face and says they’ll have some problems if that’s the case. Kurt says the choice is AJ’s but he has until next week to decide. AJ just watches as Kurt walks away.

Backstage Matt Morgan gets pissed when camera guy says Morgan has been waiting for a shot like this for a long time. Morgan slams his hand on a box and says the words are pissed off, not waiting. Morgan says he is the walking, talking franchise of any company and he will no longer wait for the ball because he’s TAKING it. He says tonight he will gut Sting and then he’s going to gut Bully Ray and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


Gail Kim & Tara vs. “Hardcore Country” Mickie James & Taryn Terrell

Gail grabs Taryn by the hair to start the match but eats an elbow and then Terrell elbows Tara as well. She clotheslines both of them but then Tara grabs her from behind and holds her for Gail. Mickie grabs Gail from behind and slams her into Tara! Tara & Gail retreat to the outside and then Terrell hits a dropkick through the ropes to both of them. Terrell tosses Gail back into the ring and then whips her into the corner. Terrell hits a clothesline and then attempts to whip her into the ropes, but Gail reverses it where Mickie blind tags herself in and Gail goes for a clothesline. Terrell ducks and hits a Snapmare Takeover. Mickie then hits a Sliding Dropkick to Gail and covers her for a nearfall. Mickie puts Gail in a Cross Armbreaker but Gail gets to the ropes to break the hold. And both Taz & Todd get my approval of the night as Taz says he does it all “like Saban…not Chris Sabin, Nick Saban” and Todd follows that up with a “Roll Tide.” Mickie and Gail exchange forearms in the center of the ring until Gail kicks her in the gut. Gail hits a series of Forearm Smashes and then whips her into the ropes, but Mickie slides through her legs and hits an Enziguri! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Mickie goes for the Mickiecanrana in the corner but Gail blocks it and tosses her over the top rope. Mickie lands on the apron and forearms Gail and then kicks Tara! Gail knocks Mickie off the apron and it looked like she hit her head on the railing. Tara tosses Mickie back in the ring and then Gail hits a Shortarm Clothesline. Gail slams Mickie into Tara’s boot and then tags Tara back into the match. They put the boots to Mickie in the heel corner. Tara lifts Mickie up into the air by her hair and then elbow drops her. Tara covers Mickie for a nearfall and then slams her into the mat. Tara knocks Terrell off the apron and then the heels double team Mickie again. Tara puts Mickie in a Bridging Reverse Chinlock/Indian Death Lock combo. Terrell breaks the hold and then Tara pulls Mickie to the heel corner and tags Gail back in. Gail covers Mickie and only gets a one count before beating on her in the corner again. Gail charges at her but eats a back elbow and then the Mickiecanrana! Both girls then go for a Cross Body at the same time and collide in a nasty spot in the center of the ring. Both of them tag out at the same time and Terrell clotheslines Tara repeatedly before hitting a Back Elbow and then a Snap Suplex. Terrell climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body! 1…2…NO Gail breaks it up! Mickie nails Gail with a Spinning Back Kick that sends her crashing to the floor. Mickie then walks into a Spinning Back Fist from Tara that looked like it connected stiff. Terrell rolls Tara up, 1…2…3!

Winner: Terrell & Mickie via pinfall (rollup)

Gail & Tara attack the babyfaces after the match. Mickie & Tara fight up the ramp while Gail and Terrell fight in the ring. Gail hits Eat Defeat on Terrell and then slams her into the mat repeatedly. Gail wraps Terrell’s legs around the ring post in a Hanging Figure Four as Terrell screams in pain! ODB finally breaks the hold and referees come out and check on Terrell.


In the back Bully Ray is in disbelief that the VP said he quit after he swore his colors on a victory. Bully says that he’ll deal with D-Lo next week but they have a 6-Man Tag Team to prepare for next week as well. Ray says he’s next week it’s going to be Bull, Devon, & Anderson taking care of themselves!

In the back Dirty Heels discuss the match next week. Roode reminds us again that neither Daniels or Kaz have held the World Title while he and Aries have. He says that they will walk into Tupelo, MS and become the #1 Contenders for the belts again, and the champs know they can’t hold a candle to Dirty Heels.

Main Event
TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. “The Icon” Sting

This is the first time they have had a one-on-one match since 2009 I believe. Morgan and Sting lockup and Morgan forces Sting into the corner. He breaks clean at first but then knees Sting in the gut and then reigns down punches and headbutts on the legend. Morgan knees Sting in the gut again and then whips Sting into the opposite corner and clotheslines him down. Morgan headbutts Sting and then chokes him in the corner. Morgan continues to headbutt Sting but Sting fights back with rights and lefts. Morgan grabs Sting by the throat and Chokeslams him! 1…2…NO Sting kicks out!


Back from the break Morgan slams Sting into the guardrail and headbutts him repeatedly. Sting fights back and slams Morgan into the ring steps only to eat a series of knee strikes from Morgan. He tosses Sting back into the ring and then chokes him with his boot. Morgan drags Sting back out to the apron and does the Undertaker Apron Leg Drop. Morgan goes for a 2nd one but Sting moves out of the way this time and then kicks Morgan into the guardrail. Sting slams him into the railing and then tosses him across the way to the other side of the guardrail. Sting pokes Morgan in the eyes and then slams him into the steps and tosses him back into the ring. Sting attempts to whip Morgan into the corner but Morgan reverses it and then follows up with a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall. Morgan chokes Sting and then cannonballs down across the back of Sting several times. Morgan covers Sting for another nearfall and then goes back to simply stomping him. Morgan hits a Shortarm Clothesline but Sting fights back with a series of right hands only to get cut off again by Morgan again. Morgan hits a Scoop Slam and then goes for an Elbow Drop, but Sting rolls out of the way. Sting retreats to the corner and Morgan follows with a Splash attempt, but Sting moves out of the way and then hits Morgan with a series of strikes. Sting attempts to whip Morgan into the ropes but Morgan reverses it only to eat a series of clotheslines from the Stinger! Sting follows up with the Stinger Splash in the corner but Morgan comes right back by tossing Sting into the corner and nailing him with a series of back elbows. Sting shrugs it off and pokes him in the eyes before hitting the Stinger Splash again! Sting then goes for a 2nd one but gets absolutely DESTROYED by the Carbon Footprint! 1…2…NO Sting kicks out! Morgan goes for a 2nd Carbon Footprint but Sting moves out of the way and Morgan’s knee jams against the turnbuckles. Sting kicks Morgan’s knee out from under him and then locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Morgan tries to fight out of it but Sting sits back on the hold! Morgan fights it again even bites his hand trying to hold back from tapping. Morgan finally crawls to the ropes to break the hold. Sting then grabs his leg and pulls him back to the center of the ring and locks in the Scorpion again! Morgan fights it again but this time Sting sits back all the way onto the back of Morgan as he pulls back on Morgan’s legs. Morgan finally passes out from the pain!

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Sting via KO

Bully Ray comes down to the ring with Aces & Eights alongside him. Bully talks trash to Sting as Impact comes to a close.


“Final Impact” thoughts on tonight’s show will be up tomorrow.

1) X-Division Contenders 3-Way: Chris Sabin def. Zema Ion & Sonjay Dutt via pinning Zema
2) Handicap Match: Rob Terry def. Joey, Robbie, & Jesse
3) I Quit Match: Kurt Angle def. D-Lo Brown via verbal submission
4) Mickie James & Taryn Terrell def. Gail Kim & Tara
5) TNA Title #1 Contenders Match: Sting def. Matt Morgan via KO

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match: Dirty Heels vs. Bad Influence
– 6 Man Tag Team Match: Kurt Angle, Sting, & TBA vs. Aces & Eights (Bully Ray, Devon, & Mr. Anderson)

Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs. Sting

Until next week… PEACE!
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