TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 5/9/13 (Abyss returns)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/9/13

TNA Impact Wrestling
Tupelo, MS (BancorpSouth Arena)
May 9, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Highlights from last week jumpstarts tonight’s Impact and then the announcers hype up tonight’s card.

Sting and Kurt Angle make their way down to the ring and get a hero’s welcome from the “dirty south” crowd. Sting seems fired up and he says that on June 3rd he will show up in Boston at Slammiversary as the #1 Contender for the World Championship. He says that Bully Ray conducted a plan to deceive everyone and he succeeded in becoming the Heavyweight Champion so Sting’s goal at Slammiversary is to strip him of his power by taking the belt from him. Sting says he doesn’t want to wait until Slammiversary so that’s why he went to Hulk Hogan and requested the 6-Man Tag Team Match tonight. Sting says in assembled his team he knew that he needed to go for the best but he wasn’t going to settle just for the best so he went after the best of the best going to Kurt Angle.

Angle says that he was deceived just like everyone else by Aces & Eights but last week he made D-Lo’s ass tap out and quit, but that was just the start of the pain that is coming for them. He says there is a guy that can turn the tide for TNA in this war and that person is AJ Styles. Angle calls AJ out and the Phenomenal One makes his way down to the ring as an “AJ” chant breaks out.

Angle says he and Sting are ready for war but the question is will AJ join them in the fight tonight. Angle offers the microphone to AJ as a “yes” chant starts up. AJ refuses the microphone and Angle says he’s getting tired of asking him so now he’s demanding an answer from AJ. Kurt gets in AJ’s face but Sting separates them and Sting says he’s been in AJ’s shoes before. He talks about his “Crow” days and says that he felt like he was wronged so he did the “mysterious thing” and hid up in the rafters for awhile. Sting says AJ doesn’t hide and all he has to do is the right thing. He says that Aces & Eights is slowly but surely taking apart TNA and they NEED AJ Styles. Sting points out to the people and asks if AJ hears that roar and says that roar is the “house that AJ Styles built.” Another big “AJ” chant starts (the south loves AJ) and he knows that AJ wants to do the right thing so they need to make it happen tonight for the house that AJ built! Sting extends his hand but AJ just looks at him blankly.

Angle snatches the microphone from Sting and gets in AJ’s face and starts screaming at him that he is either with them or against them! AJ gets right in Angle’s face and then backs away and leaves the ring. Angle screams at AJ not to walk away from them and then drops the microphone and follows after him! Angle grabs AJ and he shoves Angle back and tells him not to touch him! AJ takes his jacket off and they start scrapping at the top of the ramp! Angle takes AJ down and they continue to brawl until referees run out to separate them!

Sting watches on in the ring and Aces & Eights appear out of nowhere and jump Sting! Bully & Devon hit 3D on Sting! Angle finally sees what just happened and goes to help Sting but it’s too late! Sting has been laid out in the ring.


A replay of what just happened before the break airs and then in the back AJ Styles walks away and actually out of the building.

Tara & Gail Kim w/Jesse vs. “Hardcore Country” Mickie James & Velvet Sky

Mickie gets a pretty big pop as she comes down to the ring and her album was just released last week. Mickie grabs Gail as the bell rings and hits her with a series of forearms and then a clothesline. Mickie hits a Running Forearm and then catches Tara with a dropkick as she tried to interfere. Mickie hits another series of forearms on Gail and then hits the ropes but Jesse trips her up as Tara distracts ODB (the new Knockouts referee). Gail puts the boots to Mickie and then tosses her into the corner. Gail wants a tag but Tara is flirting with Jesse. She finally tags out and then the heels both lift Mickie up into the air and slam her to the mat. Todd mentions the tweet from Dixie Carter this week that TNA will be returning to their 9 PM (eastern) timeslot at the end of the month. Tara slams Mickie into the mat and then hangs her upside down in the tree of woe in the corner. Tara hits a sliding dropkick and then gets a few Eskimo kisses from Jesse before Gail tags herself back in. Gail hits Mickie with a Forearm Smash and then hits a Splash in the corner. Mickie fights back and goes for a Mickiecanrana but Gail blocks it and looks to be setting up for an Alabama Slam, but Mickie blocks it and then catches Gail with the Mick Kick! Both girls are down now. Gail tags out to Tara and Velvet gets the hot tag! Velvet nails Tara with a series of clotheslines and then a front kick followed by a Hangman’s Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Tara kicks out! Velvet goes for the In Yo Face but Gail comes charging in to stop it. Velvet drops Tara and kicks Gail. Jesse gets up on the apron and Velvet tosses Gail into him! Velvet hits the In Yo Face on Tara! 1…2…3!

Winners: Mickie & Velvet via pinfall (In Yo Face)

After the match Gail gets pissed at Tara and destroys her with a clothesline! Gail then drags Tara to the ring post and puts her in the Hanging Figure Four like she did to Terrell last week! Taz mentions all the knee injuries Tara has had in the past. ODB finally pulls Gail off.

In the back Aces & Eights celebrate their attack on Sting and mention that it was the first time they ever hit Sting with the 3D. DOC says that it looks AJ is coming around too. D-Lo Brown walks up and says he didn’t know they were having a get together. Bully says they’re going to have another get together later on for some club business too and they expect him out there.


Bad Influence approaches James Storm in the locker room and brings him some beers. Kaz says, “see we even brought your brand… skull with the cowboy hat beer” (Storm always puts his logo on his beer cases). Kaz apologizes for all the “business” that happened a few weeks ago and he says he they brought the beer to remind him what Bobby Roode did to him with the beer bottle taking his title. Daniels says to forget about AJ & Roode because they can add a new member to Bad Influence, Storm. Kaz says, “forget about Fortune…we can be Threetune.” Storm looks like he just said the dumbest thing he’s ever heard and then they tell Storm to just think about it before leaving the beer with him.

Aces & Eights make their way to the ring and Bully says by now they should know who Aces & Eight are. Bully says tonight he, Devon, & “everybody’s favorite asshole” will take on Kurt Angle, Sting, and their mystery partner but they know “damn well” it won’t be AJ because he’s seen the light. Ray warns the rest of the locker room thinking about being a hero tonight and says they better not do it. Ray says their real business tonight is… and then points at D-Lo Brown. Ray says that D-Lo disgraced himself and the club by quitting in his match against Angle. He tells D-Lo to turn in his colors right now and then tells him to hand over his cut. D-Lo refuses and then tells him again to take his colors off now. D-Lo again refuses says and says that his cut is his life. Garett & Brisco hold him down and take his cut off. Anderson gets in his face and says that he quit but Aces & Eights isn’t for quitters. Bully says that he’s right and D-Lo didn’t just quit on himself, he quit on the club and now he’s crying like a bitch. Bully asks what he’ll do to earn his colors back. D-Lo says he’ll kick Magnus’ ass tonight to get his cut back. Bully says no he’s going to sit beside the time keepers and WATCH while DOC kicks Magnus’ ass. Bully says that D-Lo better HOPE that DOC gets the job done.

Magnus vs. DOC w/D-Lo Brown

The rest of Aces & Eights leaves ringside as Magnus makes his entrance.


Back from the break DOC has Magnus in a headlock, but Magnus fights up to his feet and forces him into the corner. Magnus attempts to whip DOC into the opposite corner but DOC reverses it and then charges at Magnus. Magnus gets his boots up and then climbs up top and dives off only to eat a Big Boot from DOC. DOC hits Magnus with a series of body shots and then an uppercut in the corner. DOC whips Magnus into the corner and then hits a big Splash followed by a massive Shortarm Clothesline! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! DOC puts Magnus back in a headlock but Magnus fights back up to his feet only to eat a knee to the gut. DOC hits a Snap Suplex and then chokes Magnus in the ropes. DOC whips Magnus into the corner again and charges at him only to eat Magnus’ boot. DOC charges again but this time Magnus moves out of the way and then nails DOC with a clothesline. Magnus hits a Mafia Kick and then whips DOC into the ropes. Magnus goes for a backdrop but DOC kicks him and then bounces off the ropes but Magnus was right behind him with a Lariat! Magnus climbs up top but DOC nails him with an uppercut and then climbs up with Magnus. DOC goes for a Superplex but Magnus shoves him off and then dives off with the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO DOC kicks out! D-Lo looks relieved as DOC kicks out. DOC grabs the referee allowing D-Lo to pull Magnus out of the ring! D-Lo tries to whip Magnus into the ring steps but Magnus reverses it! He climbs back in the ring but DOC lifts him up to his shoulders and hits a Fireman’s Carry Flapjack! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! DOC attempts to whip Magnus into the ropes but he reverses it and D-Lo actually grabs DOC! He was still selling getting thrown into the steps and being woozy thinking it was Magnus that hit the ropes! Magnus then rolls DOC up! 1…2…3!

Winner: Magnus via pinfall (rollup)

D-Lo flips out after realizing what happened and DOC starts shoving D-Lo.


DOC is freaking out backstage and Bully Ray asks D-Lo what happened to him because he’s turned into a bitch. The rest of Aces & Eights hold him down as Bully threatens to bash D-Lo’s head open with the hammer, but Anderson stops him and suggests they give D-Lo a job that he can do. Ray suggests he start washing their bikes and getting them beer because of right now he is nothing more than a prospect. Bully says that he is a disgrace to the club and says he should have bashed his head in.

Hulk Hogan approaches Kurt & Sting about the match tonight and says he’s in for the match tonight but Angle reminds him that he medically can’t do it. Sting says they have to stay on the same page and the doctors said he can’t wrestle period. Hogan says he’s been holding back some information because he may have a wildcard. He says that he got a call today from someone and that if this person is who he says he is then he will come in and destroy Aces & Eights. Angle asks if it’s a sure thing because that “little bastard” AJ is obviously out. Sting suggests Magnus as their partner tonight after what he just did to DOC and Hogan says he’s at the top of his game right now and if they believe in him then he’s good with that.

Dirty Heels talk backstage about the match tonight and Roode says he doesn’t “want to do this” as Aries tries to talk him into whatever he has planned. They approach James Storm and offer a beer too and Aries says Bobby had something he wanted to tell him. Roode says he was always jealous of Storm because he’s the one that made Beer Money, and the only reason that he beat him for the World Title is because he smashed a beer bottle over his head. Roode looks at Aries and says “there” and Storm asks if Aries told him to say that. Storm laughs as Roode tries to convince him that he meant it. Storm says he’ll hold onto the beer because he never knows when he might need one and looks right at Roode. Storm then says the word going around with the boys is that when Aries beat Roode it wasn’t a fluke and then walks away. Aries and Roode then start arguing about that.


TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match
Special Referee: James Storm
Bad Influence vs. Dirty Heels

Christy Hemme screws up and introduces Bad Influence first despite Aries & Roode’s music starting up and Dirty Heels coming out. Aries starts messing with her and actually mounts her in the corner in a hilarious spot. Kaz & Daniels even have matching ring jackets now minus Daniels’ “Ring General” medals of course for Kaz. Aries and Kaz will start this one out and Kaz gets Aries in a wristlock but Aries rolls through it and reverses it. Kaz uses the ropes to flip through and then he shoves Aries down and taunts him. An “Austin Aries” chant breaks out as they lockup again. This time Aries gets Kaz in a side headlock and then he transitions into a waistlock and a takedown. Aries schools Kaz on the mat before slapping him on the back and taunting him as well. They lockup yet again and this time they deadlock in the corner as Kaz complains about Aries pulling his nonexistent hair. Aries then swings at Kaz but he ducks and Kaz swings back but Aries ducks as well. They both poke each other in the eyes at the same time and then both go for tags in the wrong corners and get slapped by the opponents. They then actually tag each other thinking it’s their partners as well in another funny spot. They both escape to opposite corners and Storm laughs at them. They finally tag out and now Daniels & Roode shake hands and then they both kick each other at the same time. Rodoe shoves Daniels into the ropes and Daniels goes for a shoulder block but Roode doesn’t budge. Daniels hits the ropes again and Roodes for a backdrop but Daniels backflips over him. Roode runs over Daniels with a shoulder block and then goes for an Elbow Drop but Daniels moves out of the way and hits a shoulder block. Daniels hits the ropes and Roode drops down in front of him but Daniels just cartwheels over him and then nails him with a jab. Daniels taunts the crowd and walks into a clothesline from Roode! Roode whips Daniels into the ropes and catches Daniels with a knee and then does the same sequence again followed by a Russian Leg Sweep. Roode gets a one count and argues with Storm. Daniels fights back and attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but he reverses it and Aries catches Daniels in the back with a knee. Tenay mentions that both Roode & Daniels are former Tag Team Champions with Storm in the past. Roode hit’s a Hangman’s Neckbreaker on Daniels and then hit’s a Snapmare Takeover. Aries tags back in and Roode hits a Rolling Neck Snap on a seated Daniels. Aries then dives off the middle rope with a Flying Back Elbow on Daniels! He covers Daniels but Storm was out of position arguing with Kaz. Aries argues with him and then lays into Daniels with some nasty body shots and chops. Roode tags back in and puts the boots to Daniels as Aries chokes him. Roode chokes Daniels with his boot and then Aries chokes him with his leg as well. Roode hits Daniels with his elbow and then tosses him out on the ramp. Aries climbs up top and dives off with the Savage Flying Axe Handle! Aries tosses Daniels back in the ring and Roode covers for a nearfall before Daniels grabbed the ropes. Roode puts the boots to Daniels and then attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Daniels reverses it allowing Kaz to kick him in the back. Roode decks Kaz but then Daniels tosses Roode out to the floor. Kaz dives off the apron with a Flying Axe Handle on Roode and then he puts the boots to him. Kaz tosses Roode back in the ring and then he tags back in. Kaz and Daniels take Roode down to his knees and then Kaz kicks Roode followed by a Sliding Clothesline from Daniels. Kaz hits an Elbow Drop and gets a nearfall. Kaz chokes Roode in the corner and then Daniels chokes him as well when Kaz distracts Storm. Kaz whips Roode into the ropes and Daniels comes over and drop toe holds him as Kaz springboards off the ropes into a Guillotine Leg Drop! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Kaz tosses Roode into Daniels’ boot and then Daniels tags back in. Kaz whips Roode into a back elbow from Daniels and then Daniels climbs up top as Bad Influence sets up for another double team move, but Roode grabs Kaz and tosses him into Daniels’ crotch! Roode gets the hot tag to Aries and he hits the IED on Kaz in the corner! Aries nails Daniels with a Roaring Elbow! Aries goes the Brainbuster but Daniels blocks it and goes for a rollup but Aries blocks it. Daniels then charges at Aries but Aries backdrops him over the top rope onto Kaz on the floor! Aries then hits the Heat Seeking Missile onto Bad Influence on the floor! Aries tosses Daniels back in the ring and then climbs up top and hits the Frog Splash! 1…2…NO Kaz breaks it up! Kaz whips Aries into the ropes and Bad Influence flip Aries into the air and into a Neckbreaker/Sitout Powerbomb combo! 1…2…NO Roode breaks it up! Kaz goes for the Fade 2 Black but Roode counters into a rollup, but Kaz rolls through it! Kaz then walks into the Double R Spinebsuter from Roode! Daniels nails Roode with the STO! Aries hits a Back Suplex and then he goes for the IED, but Daniels catches him in midair with a boot! Daniels then goes for Angles Wings, but Aries blocks it and goes for the Brainbuster! Daniels counters into a rollup and he pulls Aries’ tights, but Storm catches him! Daniels argues with Storm for not counting the 3 but Storm reminds him that he was pulling the tights. Aries grabs a beer bottle and spits beer into his face as he turns around! Storm was looking away at the time because Daniels had shoved him. Storm snatches the beer from Aries and Aries argues with him and shoves him! Storm then goes for the Last Call but Aries pulls Daniels in front of it! Aries mockingly applauds him and then puts one foot on Daniels and tells Storm to count…1…2…NO Storm stops counting and nails Aries with the Last Call! Roode and Kaz are watching along on the outside in disbelief. Storm just bails on the match now!


Backstage Aces & Eights have jumped Magnus and are beating the hell out of him. Magnus starts fighting back and low blows one of them! Magnus then grabs a board from nearby and starts swinging but the numbers game gets the better of him and they start beating his ass again. DOC nails Magnus with a trash can and then he kicks his head into the side of a forklift.


A vignette hyping up the return of Suicide airs. It was actually a pretty cool video.

A video recapping Chris Sabin’s return runs including comments from him after the match.

Kenny King makes his way to the ring and he says “in case you don’t know or in case you just slow, I’m the pretty boy pitbull Kenny King…your X-Division Champion.” King says people may ask how he got that belt so quickly and he says it’s simple, ever since he came to the X-Division he’s been fantastic, spectacular, and “X-ceptional.” He says people in TNA don’t like how good he is so now they make him beat 2 challengers every time he defends the belt but clearly that “aint no thang for Kenny King” because he always beats the odds. King says he didn’t come out to talk about him tonight believe it or not, he came out to talk about someone that exemplifies what it means to beat the odds. He came out to talk about a guy that doesn’t know what “quit” means…Chris Sabin.

Sabin comes out and King says he thinks it would mean a lot to talk to the people and tell his story. Sabin looks confused but bites and says it’s pretty simple. He said he’s spent pretty much the last two years in two places: physical rehab & his basement working out. Sabin says King has no idea what it’s like when a man dedicates his life for something and it gets taken away just like that, but he also has no idea what kind of motivation and fighting spirit lives inside Sabin. Sabin says he has nothing left to lose so every night he gets in the ring he will fight like it’s his last. He tells King to enjoy the belt while he can because next week the new X-Division Champion will be Chris Sabin.

King says sometimes in wrestling they put wins & losses and championships ahead of what’s important. He says that Sabin almost lost his livelihood twice but he kept fighting and Sabin is an inspiration. He says that he knows it will sound funny coming from him but Sabin is a champion in his eyes and it would mean a lot for everyone to see him holding that belt one more time. He tries to get Sabin to hold the belt and he finally accepts and King says he wants everyone to see him hold that belt because he wants him to know that will be the closest that he EVER gets to holding that belt again while King is alive…sucker! He calls Sabin “Frail Sabin” and says that even if he had two good ACL’s he still wouldn’t be as agile, athletic, or even as handsome as Kenny King. He says that he wanted everyone to come out and clap for Sabin one more time because next week he will “rain golden showers down on” Sabin’s parade and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it. He tells Sabin to give his belt back but Sabin refuses and then tosses him the belt and punches King behind it! King bails out of the ring and Sabin stares him down!

In the back Bad Influence & Dirty Heels are brawling and James Storm is laid out as well.


A video package hyping up the BFG Series return and says this time the BFG Series will give a young Gut Check winner a chance at being in the BFG Series! All the past Gut Check winners will come back next week to face off at a chance at being in the BFG Series!

The announcers run down all the drama with the potential partners for Sting & Angle not working out. Bully Ray hypes up the troops backstage and says that sometimes they have to weed out the weak and D-Lo said he quit so now he’s at the bottom of the ladder. Ray tells Knux to get all of their bikes washed because they’re going to celebrate tonight’s victory after the show by looking for women.

Angle is freaking out backstage while Hogan is on the phone with someone that tells “it’s now or never and I need to know now!”


Main Event
6-Man Tag Team Match
Aces & Eights (Bully Ray, Devon, & Mr. Anderson) vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle, “The Icon” Sting, & Mystery Partner

The match starts off without Angle & Sting having a partner. Devon beats on Angle but Angle comes back with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for a nearfall. Devon fights back with an uppercut and tags Bully in. Bully beats on Angle but Angle comes back with an armdrag. Sting tags in and Bully retreats to his corner and tags Anderson in. Sting whips Anderson into the ropes and hit’s an Atomic Drop followed by a dropkick. Anderson tries to get out of the ring but Sting grabs the ropes and crotches Anderson with them and then tags Angle back in. Angle slams Anderson into the corner and puts the boots to him. Angle whips Anderson hard into the corner and then covers him for a nearfall. Anderson comes back and tags in Devon and then Devon whips Angle into a clothesline from Bully. The heels beat on Angle in the corner and then Devon covers him for a nearfall. Devon rakes Angle’s eyes and then he slams Angle into the boot of Ray. Ray tags back in and Splashes Angle in the corner repeatedly. Anderson chokes Angle in the corner and then Ray puts the boots to him. Devon tags back in and Team 3D whip Angle into the ropes and they go for a Double Backdrop, but Angle kicks Devon and then swings at Ray. Ray ducks and then lifts Angle up into the air for a Reverse 3D! Ray knocks Sting off the apron and then Todd says something is going on in the back. Members of Aces & Eights have been laid out in the backstage area!


Back from the break Bully hits a Standing Dropkick on Angle and then taunts Sting. Ray tags Anderson into the match and continues to beat on Angle. Anderson whips Angle into the ropes and connects with a Back Elbow for a nearfall. Anderson tags Devon back in and he hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker on Angle for another nearfall. Devon puts Angle in a chinlock and Angle tries to fight out of it, but Ray kicks him in the back and Devon catches him with a Corkscrew Back Elbow! Devon hit’s a Scoop Slam and then a Leg Drop. Devon mocks Hulk Hogan and then tags Ray back into the match. Ray hits an Axe Handle Drop on Angle and then another Neckbreaker. Ray swings at Angle but he ducks and catches Ray with the Olympic Slam out of nowhere! Both men are down now! Angle gets the hot tag to Sting as Ray tags Devon in! Sting knocks Anderson off the apron and then hits a Spinning Back Fist on Devon followed by a clothesline and then a Stinger Splash! Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Devon! 1…2…NO Anderson breaks it up! Sting tosses Anderson out of the ring and then hits another Stinger Splash on Devon followed by a Bulldog! 1…2…NO Ray breaks it up! Sting gets in Ray’s face and they start screaming at each other! Ray swings at Sting but he blocks it and lays into Ray with rights and lefts! Sting trips Ray and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Anderson breaks it up and hit’s the Mic Check on Sting! Angle finally back up but Anderson knocks him off the apron and then tosses him into the ring steps! Devon pulls out a table and they set up for a 3D on Sting through the table! Suddenly Abyss’ music hits! ABYSS IS BACK! The Monster runs down to the ring and absolutely losses his mind on Aces & Eights! He clotheslines both members of Team 3D and then splashes both of them in the corner followed by Big Boots! Abyss then Chokeslams Anderson through the table! Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Devon! 1…2…3!

Winners: Sting, Abyss, & Angle via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

The fans are going crazy as Abyss smiles a creepy smile into the camera and chases the referee away.


“Final Impact” thoughts on tonight’s show will be up tomorrow.

1) Mickie James & Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim & Tara
2) Magnus def. DOC
3) TNA Tag Titles #1 Contenders Match: Dirty Heels fought Bad Influence to a NO CONTEST
4) 6-Man Tag Team Match: Sting, Abyss, & Kurt Angle def. Aces & Eights

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA X-Division Title 3-Way: Kenny King (c) vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin
– BFG Series Gut Check featuring Sam Shaw, Christian York, Jay Bradley, & Alex Silva.

Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs. Sting

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