TNA Impact Wrestling Results 6/13/13
TNA Impact Wrestling
Duluth, Georgia (Gewitt Center)
June 13, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Week 2 from the dirty south opens up with highlights from last week, and then we cut to the ring where Hulk Hogan makes his way out. Hulk says Hulkamania is alive again in Georgia and he says things could have gone a lot worse last week than they did. He says it was an act of God that kept him from hitting Bully with that hammer but he’s told his daughter to stay at home this week and that’s all he has to say about that. Hulk says this week is the BFG Series Selection Show and by the end of the night all the competitors for this year’s Tournament will be decided. Hogan talks about the 3 that have already qualified: Hernandez, Samoa Joe, & Jay Bradley. Hulk says there are two guys that don’t have to win their way into the Tournament because they are the winners of the past 2 BFG Series: Bobby Roode & Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring as Taz bitches about Hogan “grandfathering” Hardy & Roode into the Tournament. Hardy says that he’s sick of Aces & Eights so he’ll win the BFG Series again and then win the World Title in San Diego, but before he can say anything else Bobby Roode interrupts him.

Roode tells Hogan to save his breath because he doesn’t need an introduction from him. Roode says that everyone knows he was the longest reigning and dominant champion in the history of TNA. He says if you talk about the BFG Series you have to talk about him because he was the winner of the first ever BFG Series. Roode says this year he’s making it 2-2 for him (he wasn’t in last year’s BFG Series). Hogan says next week is Open Fight Night and he’s letting the fans choose whether Bobby Roode or Jeff Hardy get to make the first open challenge (via internet poll). Roode says sarcastically that that’s very convenient that Hulk would let the “morons” that love Hardy vote between them. Roode says he hopes every one of the fans vote for him because next week he’s going to call out Jeff Hardy no matter what. He says he’ll kick Jeff Hardy’s ass but Hardy tells him to do it now instead of waiting! Aces & Eights’ music hits and Bully Ray walks out accompanied by Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco.

Ray asks what’s going on and why they’re all yelling at each other. Ray asks if they’ve given any of this any thought and asks if it really matters who wins the BFG Series because at the end of the day whoever wins has to face him. Ray says he has a bigger problem with Hulk as usual and he asks why none of the members of Aces & Eights are getting a shot at the BFG Series. Hulk says he’s been thinking about that and he’ll give Aces & Eights one spot in the Tournament and the way they get that spot is there will be a Battle Royal tonight pitting all the members of Aces & Eights against each other! Ray and Taz get pissed at that announcement and Ray says that’s typical of Hulk trying to one up him. Ray says no matter who is in the BFG Series, they are a target of Aces & Eights. He says both Roode & Hardy are targets right now and then he sicks Wes & Garett on them! Roode & Hardy quickly dispatch of the Aces members and they retreat to the floor. Roode then clotheslines Hardy in the back and leaves him laying in the ring while laughing. Roode screams that it’s every man for himself and he is “Bound for glory!”

Tenay & Taz hype up the show for tonight featuring a Slammiversary rematch between AJ & Kurt Angle along with Bad Influence vs. the tag champs (Gunner & Storm) with two spots in the BFG Series on the line.

Backstage Bad Influence talk about the BFG Series. Kaz sarcastically congratulates James Storm on winning the Tag Titles again and says he’s had more partners than Taylor Swift and he’s had his heart broken just as many times. Kaz says Gunner is the real deal but they aren’t afraid of him. Daniels says the winner of tonight’s match gets spots in the BFG Series and that either he or Kaz will win the BFG Series and the World Title.


BFG Series Qualifying Match
Bad Influence vs. “Cowboy” James Storm & Gunner

Both members of the winning team here earn slots in the BFG Series. Storm & Gunner just won the Tag Titles at Slammiversary in a 4-Way that also included Bad Influence. Storm and Daniels will start this match off against each other and the two former Fortune allies lockup in the center of the ring. Storm forces Daniels into the corner but as he goes to break clean Daniels swings at him. Storm ducks and then nails Daniels before putting him in a side headlock. Daniels shoves Storm into the ropes but gets ran over with a shoulder block. Storm then hits the ropes and counters a Hip Toss into one of his own. Storm then hits a Snap Suplex followed by a Knee Drop. Gunner hits Daniels from the apron and then Storm tags him into the match. They whip Daniels into the ropes and connect with a Double Shoulderblock for a nearfall. Daniels quickly escapes the pin attempt and tags in Kazarian who nails Gunner with a series of forearms. Kaz hits the ropes and goes for a Cross Body, but Gunner catches him and hits a Fall Away Slam. Gunner then goes for the Gun Rack but Kaz fights out of it and then ducks a clothesline attempt as well. Daniels trips Gunner from the outside and then Kaz hits a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop. Daniels tags back in and beats on the back of Gunner repeatedly. Daniels tags Kaz back in and then they take Gunner down to the mat where Kaz hits him with a round kick followed by a sliding dropkick from Daniels. Kaz then hits an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Bad Influence whips Gunner into the corner but he explodes out with a Double Clothesline! Gunner tags in Storm and he nails Kaz with a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Leaping Neckbreaker! Storm whips Kaz into the corner and then catches Kaz as he goes for a float over and nails Kaz with an Alabama Slam (ROLL TIDE)! 1…2…NO Daniels breaks it up! Gunner runs in and clotheslines Daniels and then he and Kaz run into each other. Kaz then elbows Gunner as he bounces off the ropes. Kaz hits the ropes again but this time Gunner catches him with a Flying Knee. Gunner then puts Kaz in the Gun Rack but Daniels quickly hits him from behind and then tosses him out to the floor. Bad Influence whips Storm into the ropes and attempts a double clothesline, but Storm ducks it and then shoves Daniels into Kazarian! Storm nails Daniels with the Backstabber! Storm then goes for a Back Suplex on Kaz but he lands on his feet only to eat the Closing Time from Storm as he lands! Storm then sets up for the Last Call but Kaz grabs the referee and Daniels hits him in the back with a title belt! Kaz lets go of the referee and rolls Storm up, 1…2…3!

Winners: Bad Influence via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Crimson asks when the last time he’s been seen and he says it’s been 12 months. Crimson says he’s not going to tell Hervey why he’s here, he’ll have to find out.


In the back Velvet Sky has an envelope and she says it’s something for Mickie James that will make her and everyone happy.

BFG Series Qualifying Match
Crimson vs. Joseph Park

Crimson has some new camo gear and wears a matching camo military jacket to the ring. Crimson gets on the mic before the match and says “470…12” and those numbers maybe numbers all of us know nothing about but to him those numbers have been consuming him. Crimson reminds us that he went 470 days without being defeated and then his undefeated streak came to an end 12 months ago at Slammiversary. He then says one small blemish on his record and he gets sent home for 12 months. Crimson says tonight he will be no longer consumed with numbers as he qualifies for the BFG Series again. He tells Joseph Park to come out and “dance with the devil’s own” because he’s starting with Park. Crimson attacks Park as he gets in the ring and talks trash to him. Park slaps Crimson so he charges after Park only to get Hip Tossed. Crimson explodes with a clothesline and then punches Park in the head repeatedly. Crimson whips Park into the corner hard and then mocks him as Park rolls out to the floor. Crimson slams Park into the ring apron and then tosses him back into the ring. Crimson puts Park in a Cravate and catches him with a series of knee strikes followed by a Neckbreaker. Crimson hits a Spinebuster and then he waits for Park to get up and he charges at him, but Park moves out of the way and then rolls him up for the pin!

Winner: Park via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Mickie James talks about Velvet Sky and sarcastically says it’s so sweet of Velvet to have something for her.


Velvet Sky comes out to the ring and says she needs to clear the air about something that’s been on her mind lately. She says that ever since she lost the Knockouts Title to Mickie it seems like their friendship has been up in the air. Velvet says she has something in the envelope that will settle all their problems and then Mickie comes down to the ring. Mickie mockingly says she’s overwhelmed with emotion and sarcastically says that Velvet is the “Knockout of the Month” while Mickie is only the Knockouts Champion so if anything Mickie should be getting Velvet a present. Velvet pulls out a piece of paper from the envelope and hands it to Mickie.

Velvet says it’s Medical Clearance from her doctor meaning she has no more excuses to dodge a rematch with her. Mickie says you can get fake stuff like that on the internet all the time and even if it is real it’s from yesterday and as far as she can see today her knee is still hurt. Mickie then kicks Velvet in the knee and slams her into the mat! Mickie then puts Velvet in a Sharpshooter but instead of just holding her there Mickie then actually cannonballs down on Velvet’s leg and continues to twist it as Velvet screams!

In the back Matt Morgan says we’re looking at the man that Sting couldn’t submit yet he still has to qualify for the BFG Series. He says this is just another hoop he has to leap through and the “3 guys” he is facing tonight has no shot at beating him.


BFG Series Qualifying Fatal 4-Way
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Kenny King vs. Rob Terry vs. Magnus

Seeing how Matt Morgan was the only one that got a TV entrance…I think we all know where this one is going. Magnus & Morgan have BFG Series experience while King & Terry have none. They’ll use tag rules in this one (two men in the ring at one time, tagging in and out). King and Morgan will start out but as they got ready to tie up King instead tagged Terry in. Morgan and Terry get in each other’s face and Morgan shoves Terry. Terry shoves him back and then Terry bounces off the ropes and shoulder blocks Morgan but he doesn’t budge. Morgan does the same and Terry doesn’t budge either. Terry again goes for a shoulder block but King hits him in the back and Morgan destroys him with a clothesline to the back. Morgan knees Terry in the corner repeatedly and then headbutts him and chokes him with his boot. King blind tags Morgan and then puts the boots to Terry. King punches Terry but he just shakes it off so King pokes him in the eyes and then tags Morgan into the match. Morgan kicks Terry in the head and then cannonballs down across his back. A “we want Magnus” chant starts as Morgan hits the ropes and King blind tags himself in. King hits a Springboard Flying Axe Handle and then puts Terry in a side headlock. Terry fights out but gets caught with a Jawbreaker. King hits the ropes but gets sent up into the heavens with a Press Slam from Terry! Magnus blind tags Terry and then clotheslines King several times before sending him into the ropes. Magnus goes for a backdrop but King stops and kicks him. King then hits the ropes but Magnus is right behind him with a Lariat! Magnus then knocks Morgan & Terry off the apron and charges at King in the corner. King nails him with a back elbow and then dives out of the corner with a Flying Cross Body! Magnus catches him in midair and hits the Tormentum! Magnus climbs up top and dives off with the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Morgan breaks it up! Terry comes in now as well and hits Morgan with shoulder blocks in the corner. The referee backs him down and King nails Magnus with a Spinning Heel Kick! Terry drops King with a Chokeslam! Morgan destroys Terry with the Carbon Footprint! Morgan then goes after Magnus but he drops down and pulls the top rope down sending Morgan flying over the top! Magnus hits King with the MDD! 1…2…3!

Winner: Magnus via pinfall (MDD)

Well, wasn’t I wrong about the turnout of that match? Everyone else in the match gets the jobber entrance while Morgan gets his full entrance yet Morgan still losses, nice.


Backstage Eric Young says he’s got a “big fish on the line” (obviously referencing his Animal Planet show) with Austin Arise and he’s going to reel him in to win a spot in the BFG Series. EY says don’t tell anybody but then realizes this is going on TV before running to the bathroom and hitting the stall.

Tenay talks about all the media exposure of Rampage’s TNA signing and then a video package hypes him up.

Rampage is shown backstage.

Footage of Sting’s loss to Bully Ray at Slammiversary is shown.

Sting comes out to the ring and he says it feels good to be back in the ATL. Sting says last year at Slammiversary it was announced he would be the first man to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and he will never forget that, but fast forward a year and a lot of things have changed. Sting says he was given exactly what he wanted, one shot at the World Title and Bully Ray. Sting says he failed and because he failed he can never again get a shot at the World Title. He says Bully sent wave after wave of Aces & Eights members until he was overwhelmed and he had nothing left. Sting says there is one other fact that he can’t let go of or forget…he was left in the ring to fend for himself. Sting says there wasn’t a single member of the TNA roster that was willing to come out and help him when he was being jumped. He says that’s okay and he doesn’t mind that at all. Sting says Aces & Eights have each other’s backs no matter what and they are just like family it seems. Sting repeats the line “just like family” over and over and then says the famous Godfather line “just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.” Sting says he realizes now he has to go back to a place he never thought he would have to again and create his own family…LA FAMILIA! He says he has to form his own new family…or should he say…his own new MAFIA…new MAIN EVENT MAFIA! Sting says very soon the new Main Event Mafia will rise and Aces & Eights will fall! Well, that’s interesting.


A replay of Sting’s MEM comment is shown.

BFG Series Qualifying Match
“Showtime” Eric Young w/ODB vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries

Aries’ partner Bobby Roode is already in the BFG Series. Highlights of EY’s Animal Planet show are shown as he comes to the ring and it looks like ODB will be guest starring on Season 2. EY & AA lockup and Aries gets EY in a hammerlock. EY counters into a fireman’s carry and locks in an armbar. Aries counters into a headscissors but EY counters out of the move finishing off a nice chain wrestling sequence. They lockup again and Aries gets EY in a wristlock but EY rolls through and counters into a wristlock of his own. Aries flips though and into a leg sweep and then spins around EY and slaps him on the head. Aries then backs to the corner and lies across the top rope as EY shows off some frustration. EY charges after Aries but he slips away and out to the floor so ODB slides into the ring and dares EY to take her down. EY puts her in a waistlock and then takes her down to the mat and “rides” her before slapping her on the ass. The referee was not amused and neither was Aries. EY lies across the top rope as well and then slams Aries into the top turnbuckle as he charges after him. EY follows up with a dropkick for a one count. EY slams Aries into the turnbuckles and then whips him into the ropes and attempts a back elbow, but Aries ducks it and then slides out to the floor and gets in ODB’s face. EY reaches out and grabs Aries by the head to pull him into the ring. Aries pokes EY in the eyes and then catches him with a Jawbreaker across the ropes. Aries chokes him and then slams him into the turnbuckles before choking him in the ropes. Aries then slingshots over the ropes into an axe handle as EY was hanging across the ropes. Aries hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton for a nearfall. Aries then puts EY in a chinlock and then forces him into the corner and chops him with some nasty Knife Edges. EY whips EY into the opposite corner but EY floats up and over a charging Aries and catches him with a stiff chop of his own! EY hits a series of right hands and then flips over the top rope as Aries shoves him into the corner. EY nails Aries with a shoulder block through the ropes and then slides through Aries’ legs and hits him with a series of rights. EY whips Aries into the corner and Aries flips over the top as well but as he lands on the apron EY clotheslines him. EY then dives over the top with a Slingshot Plancha onto Aries on the floor! Back in the ring EY hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! EY climbs up to the top and ODB gives him a kiss but Aries crotches EY on the top rope before he can dive. Aries then hits the IED in the corner followed by the Brainbuster! 1…2…3!

Winner: Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster)

In the back Bully Ray talks to Aces & Eights most notably DOC. DOC seems to be pissed about something and Ray says that Hogan thinks he has them where he wants them by making them fight each other. Ray says it’s settled and everyone agrees while DOC was the only one that was reluctant.


In the back Chris Sabin says it’s been very well documented what he’s went through the past 2 years but he’s been the underdog his whole life so it’s nothing new to him. He says however he still thinks about what might have been had he not tore his ACL in both knees. Sabin mentions how one of the matches he had before his 2nd injury last year was against Aries for the X-Division Title and that Aries went on to trade that title in for a shot at the World Title which he one. Sabin looks at the X-Division Title and says he doesn’t know if he’s ready to take the risk of trading in the title for a shot at the World Title yet.

BFG Series Qualifying Battle Royal
Devon vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Wes Brisco vs. Garett Bischoff vs. DOC vs. Knux

As the bell rings all the members circle the ring but then they all stop. Anderson points at each member and they eliminate themselves as Taz laughs. When Anderson gets to DOC he doesn’t seem ready to leave the match. DOC acts like he’s going to finally do it but then stops and shakes his head at Anderson. Anderson tells him to jump his ass out of the ring and DOC levels him as the other members freak out at ringside! DOC picks Anderson up but Anderson knees him in the balls and tosses him out of the ring.

Winner: Anderson

After the match the rest of the members of Aces & Eights scream at DOC and ask him what he was doing as Anderson looks pissed.

In the back Rampage approaches Kurt Angle in the back and he asks Angle what he meant by saying he would give a Rampage a shot when he’s “ready.” Angle says Rampage is a world class athlete but he’s his world now and it will take time and training. Angle says it would be like him going to Bellator and kicking Rampage’s butt right off the bat, it doesn’t work over night. Rampage says he gets it and he’ll be watching his match with AJ tonight.


Backstage Aces & Eights continue to scream at DOC. Bully Ray tells them to shut up as Anderson throws a bottle against the wall. Ray says all they had to do was stick to the script and he says TNA is doing to them what they have been doing to TNA all along now. DOC says it’s his bad but he wants to be the one to step up in the Tournament. Ray says he appreciates that but they had a plan and they have to stick with it. DOC says it’s his bad but he needs to address something else. DOC says AJ Styles turned their back on them and hit him with their hammer so tonight he’s going to step up and take it upon himself to take AJ out. Ray tells DOC to get the job done.

Main Event
BFG Series Qualifying Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

I know there a lot of differing opinions on AJ’s new theme and I loved his G.R.I.T.’s theme (rap) and I don’t like country, but damn that song just makes his entrance feel epic to me. The lyrics match the mood of the character and if they would just add a few little things like lowering the lights when it starts and maybe just putting a spotlight on AJ as he comes to the ring it could make it so much better. Maybe even as AJ drops the hood off his head and holds up the P1 sign pyro goes off behind him (maybe even the old shower pyro he used to have back in the day). The hometown boy is getting a lot of love here. This is a rematch from Slammiversary in which Angle won, the winner gets the last slot in the BFG Series. Either way the BFG Series will be without one of the best wrestlers on the planet after this match. They lockup and Angle forces AJ into the corner but releases clean. They lockup again but this time Angle gets AJ in a waistlock, but AJ reverses it only to have Angle counter into a wristlock. AJ counters right back into a wristlock of his own and then into a side headlock. Angle shoves AJ into the ropes and they collide into each other but neither man backs down. Angle hits the ropes but runs right into the Phenomenal Dropkick from AJ! AJ hit’s a Snapmare Takeover and then kicks Angle in the back before dropping an elbow on Kurt’s shoulder. AJ whips Kurt into the corner and then hits a Flying Forearm. AJ hit’s a NASTY Backbreaker! AJ hits Angle with a series of elbow and forearms but Angle fights back with a series of strikes. Angle puts the boots to AJ in the corner and then chokes AJ with his boot. AJ comes back with a Knife Edge Chop and then a Vertical Suplex! AJ slams Kurt into the corner and follows up with another Suplex attempt, but Kurt blocks it and then punches AJ back into the corner. AJ reaches out to grab AJ but AJ kicks him and then suplexes Angle into the turnbuckles! Rampage is shown watching the match backstage.


Back from the break AJ has Kurt in a chinlock as a “Let’s go AJ” chant is going on. Angle fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows and a big right hand. Angle hits the ropes but AJ quickly nails him with an elbow that sends him out to the floor! AJ then dives through the ropes with a dropkick sending Kurt into the announce table! AJ hits a Forearm Smash and then slams him into the apron. AJ rolls back into the ring and goes for a Plancha but Kurt moves and when AJ lands on his feet Kurt catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex on the floor! Kurt tosses AJ back into the ring and hit’s a Backbreaker of his own for a nearfall. Kurt puts his knee on AJ’s back and locks him in a Chinlock at the same time. AJ fights the hold and breaks it with a big right hand. AJ hits the ropes but runs right into a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Angle quickly covers him again but again AJ kicks out. Kurt puts AJ in a Gutwrench on the mat. Kurt fights to his feet again and breaks the hold with elbows. AJ and Kurt begin exchanging right hands but explodes with a combination of rights, lefts, kicks, and a Spinning Back Fist capped off by a nasty Lariat! AJ follows up with another clothesline and then a Running Back Elbow followed by a Running Front Kick. AJ charges at Angle but he backdrops AJ over the top. AJ lands on the apron and then hits the Springboard Flying Forearm! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! AJ picks Angle up but Angle explodes with a German Suplex out of nowhere! Angle rolls through and continues the Rolling German Suplexes! Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but AJ counters into a Spike DDT! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out BARELY! A “this is awesome” chant has started up. AJ goes for a Flying Forearm in the corner but Angle moves and hits the Olympic Slam! 1…2…NO AJ still kicks out! Now a “this is wrestling” chant has started as Angle locks in the Angle Lock! AJ rolls over and kicks Angle with his free leg and then as Angle grabs AJ’s leg AJ quickly reaches up and pulls Angle down into the Calf Killa! Kurt rolls over and into a pin! 1…2…NO Angle releases the pin and locks the Angle Lock back on! AJ rolls through sending Angle into the turnbuckles. Angle chargers back at AJ but runs into a Spinning Heel Kick. Taz points out that Angle lost his mouthpiece on an earlier shot from AJ. AJ climbs up top and sets up for something but Kurt quickly leaps to the top and flings AJ off! AJ backflips and lands on his feet! Kurt charges at AJ but runs right into a DDT in the corner! AJ picks Angle back up as members of Aces & Eights run out! One member distracts the referee as Knux & DOC attempt to clothesline AJ, but he ducks and they nail Kurt! AJ tosses DOC out of the ring and then nails Knux with an Enziguri! Anderson slides in the ring but Angle decks him! AJ rolls Kurt up, 1…2…3!

Winner: AJ via pinfall (rollup)

Aces & Eights jump Angle after the match but AJ just watches and leaves. Rampage Jackson runs out and swings his big ass chain at DOC, but he avoids it and bails out of the ring. Kurt & Rampage stand back to back as Aces & Eights retreat and Rampage swings the chain around.


“Final Impact” thoughts on tonight’s show will be up tomorrow.

1) BFG Series Qualifying Match: Bad Influence def. James Storm & Gunner
2) BFG Series Qualifying Match: Joseph Park def. Crimson
3) BFG Series Qualifying 4-Way: Magnus def. Matt Morgan, Kenny King, & Rob Terry
4) BFG Series Qualifying Match: Austin Aries def. Eric Young
5) BFG Series Qualifying Battle Royal: Mr. Anderson def. DOC, Knux, Devon, Wes Brisco, & Garett Bischoff
6) BFG Series Qualifying Match: AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle

BFG Series Standings
– Mr. Anderson
– Austin Aries
– Jay Bradley
– Christopher Daniels
– Jeff Hardy
– Hernandez
– Samoa Joe
– Kazarian
– Magnus
– Joseph Park
– Bobby Roode
– AJ Styles

Scheduled for Next Week:
– BFG Series Open Fight Night

Until next week… PEACE!

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