TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/1/13

TNA Impact Wrestling
Wichita Falls, TX (Kay Yeager Coliseum)
August 1, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Jeremy Borash
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Before Impact starts (during credits of the previous show) Taz is stopped from entering the building by security. They tell Taz that Hulk Hogan has instructed them to not allow him in the building. Taz is pissed and says he’s going to call someone about this.

Impact opens up from the Longhorn state (I say while screaming ROLL TIDE inside my head) with highlights from last week and then JB & Tenay discuss Taz being locked out of the arena. They hype up the BFG Series matches for tonight that fans voted for. Aries vs. AJ is the focus of much of the hype.

Tenay & JB discuss the #August1st videos and the newest video is shown. The mystery person says that everyone has guessed who he is but no one knows. He says his arrival will shock and if anyone steps in front of him they will be dropped.

Austin Aries makes his way down to the ring dressed in a suit. An “Austin Aries” chants breaks out and he says a lot of things are going on right now, but they all are focused around the World Championship. He says the first thing he needs to do tonight is publicly congratulate Chris Sabin for knocking off Bully Ray and winning the World Title, but with that congratulations comes a warning as well. Aries says that Sabin is now the hunted and if Sabin is watching this right now he is looking at the man on TV right now that will win the BFG Series. Aries says that starts tonight because the people are going to get what they want AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries for the very first time in TNA. Aries says that is the match that everyone has been dreaming about since Aries walked back into the company. He says he isn’t just talking about the fans either, he’s talking about all the boys in the back and even the guys that make the catering. He says everyone wants to see AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries and tonight you get it! He calls it “The Phenomenal One vs. The Common Denominator of Greatness.” Aries says he and AJ are two of the most gifted athletes to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. He calls AJ the man that put TNA on his back for a decade and then says Aries will put the company on his back for the NEXT decade, and if anyone has any doubts about that he will erase them tonight.

Before Aries can leave Bobby Roode walks out interrupting Aries. Roode climbs in the ring with Aries and says that Aries wants to come out and gloat and talk about dream matches. Roode says it time to stop talking about dreams and talk about nightmares. He says they need to talk about the nightmare that Roode has been living with since last years Destination X when Aries beat Roode for the World Title. Roode says he’s had a crap year and since that day everyone including himself has forgotten what he is capable of doing in the ring. Roode reminds us he was the longest reigning and most dominant World Champion in the history of TNA and became the leader of the “Selfish Generation” and says he is the “IT Factor of Professional Wrestling.” Roode says starting right here and right now the game will change because he is going to go back to what brought him to the dance the first time, and do the things that made him a World Champion to begin with. Roode says from here on out he only cares about one thing: winning back his World Title. He says tonight he proves once again that it “pays to be Roode.”

Aries says he will agree with everything Roode says and calls him the “It Factor…or maybe the Spit Factor since you keep spitting in my face” (when he talks) but he hopes Roode does get his mojo back and makes it to the finals so he can beat Roode yet again. Aries wishes Roode luck and then leaves him alone in the ring, then Hernandez’s music hits.

BFG Series Match
“Super Mex” Hernandez (7) vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode (0)

As Hernandez makes his entrance he stops on the entrance ramp and gives a fan his headband, but Roode attacks him as he’s giving it to the fan. Roode beats on Hernandez on the ramp and then tosses him off the ramp down to the floor.


Back from the break Rood continues the assault on Hernandez in the corner. Footage of Roode slamming Hernandez into the ring post during the break is shown. Roode whips Hernandez into the ropes and connects with a back elbow for a nearfall. Roode again attempts to whip Hernandez into the ropes but this time Mex reverses it and connects with a Shoulder Block. Hernandez charges at Roode but eats the elbow of Roode. Roode then climbs up top and dives off but Hernandez catches him with a fist to the gut. Hernandez lifts Roode up onto his shoulder and goes for a Backbreaker, but Roode blocks it and nails Hernandez with a series of elbows causing Mex to drop him. Roode hits the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Hernandez kicks out! Roode tosses Hernandez back out to the floor and then Roode tosses Hernandez into the ring steps. Roode tosses Hernandez back into the ring and covers him for another nearfall. Roode rakes the back of Hernandez and then lights him up with chops in the corner. Roode whips Hernandez into the opposite corner and comes charging in with a clothesline. Roode then charges at him again but Hernandez gets his boot up and then uses the ropes to flip himself up to the top rope. Roode uppercuts Hernandez and then climbs up with him and goes for a Superplex, but Hernandez blocks it shoves Roode to the mat. Hernandez dives off with the CTM Splash but Roode rolls out of the way and quickly locks Hernandez in the Canadian Crossface! Hernandez fights it and eventually uses his strength to get to his feet and lift Roode up into the air as well before dropping him with a Sidewalk Slam! Hernandez clotheslines Roode and then connects with a back elbow before shoving Roode into the ropes. Hernandez goes for a backdrop but Roode stops and punt kicks him in the chest. Roode with a series of chops and then he hits the ropes only to eat the Get Off Me! Hernandez goes out to the ramp and dives over the top with the Air Mexico! Hernandez goes for the Border Toss but Roode blocks it and runs into the referee. As the referee tries to recover Roode blatantly low blows Hernandez and then rolls him up! Roode also pulls the tights, 1…2……NO Hernandez still kicks out! Roode starts to lose his mind as he can’t believe Hernandez still kicked out. Roode grabs a chair and throws it into the ring almost hitting the referee. Roode tosses another chair in the ring and then grabs a third one. The referee stops Roode from using them and as he cleans ring of the chairs Roode grabs a bottle from underneath the ring and nails Hernandez with it! 1…2…3!

Winner: Roode via pinfall

The referee sees all the glass in the ring and starts’ questioning what is going on but Roode just shrugs him off.

The Main Event Mafia is shown arriving backstage and Angle says they are going to make Aces & Eights an offer they can’t refuse.


Backstage Kazarian is shown tweeting with the fans.

A replay of Roode’s antics in the last match is shown.

In the back ODB is bouncing up and down excited about facing Gail Kim tonight. EY says he can’t be there because he has a full plate and then opens a door showing Joseph Park (unfortunately) stretching and he tells ODB to look at what he has to deal with.

EY tells Park that he’s been doing some “experiments” and what his theory is that when Park bleeds he loses control. EY holds up something in a case and says he found the answer and it’s in that case.

Replays from last week’s Ultimate X are shown. Backstage Chris Sabin approaches Manik and congratulates him on winning the X-Division Title. Manik says for 15 years he “traded water as TJ Perkins” and he accomplished nothing, and then holds his back and says this is his rebirth. He says he will turn that face into the face of the X-Division. Sabin agrees and says he respects Manik for reinvented himself and that’s why he’s giving Manik this shot tonight. He tells Manik that he’s bringing his best tonight so Manik better damn sure bring his. Manik tells Sabin he’ll see him out there and then looks down at his mask.

A stretch hummer is shown arriving in the parking lot.


BFG Series Match
Jay Bradley (0) vs. Joseph Park (-12) w/Eric Young

A promo from earlier today is shown as Bradley makes his entrance. He says everyone in the BFG Series is overlooking him because of the 0 beside his name. Bradley holds his arm (Boom Stick) and says a few of those will make a few of “these” while holding up 7 fingers start adding up real quick. Bradley is sporting a new Mohawk. EY pulls some protective headgear from the case he had and gives it to Park I guess to keep him from getting busted open. Bradley attacks Park from behind and then slams him into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Park just shakes it off and points at the headgear so Bradley punches him in the gut and then the back. Bradley tries to pull the headgear off and then hits the ropes but eats a Hip Toss! Park charges at Bradley but runs into a back elbow followed by a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Bradley tries to pull the headgear off again and then starts reigning down elbows on Park. Bradley then goes for a Mafia Kick in the corner but Park moves out of the way and then rolls him up! 1…2…NO Bradley kicks out and then kicks Park in the gut. Bradley hits a Big Boot and then a series of Elbow Drops for a nearfall of his own. A “Joseph Park” chant starts up which pisses Bradley off. Bradley starts taunting Park and then tries to pull the headgear off again. Bradley elbows Park and then hits a Knee Drop for another nearfall. Bradley puts Park in a side headlock but Park shoves him off and then connects with a Forearm and then a Scoop Slam. Park goes to the top and attempts the Closing Argument but Bradley gets up and pulls him off the top by his throat. Park surprises Bradley with a double leg takedown and then locks him in the Boston Crab! Bradley gets to the ropes to break the hold and then he kicks a charging Park and hits a sloppy Backbreaker. Bradley finally pulls the headgear off and then goes for the Boomstick but Park catches him with a Samoan Drop! 1…2…3!

Winner: Park via pinfall (Samoan Drop)


A commercial for Kurt Angle’s quest to get the Olympics to overturn their stupid decision to drop wrestling is shown. Rampage details what wrestling has meant to his life as well as athletes like Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts), King Mo, Randy Cotoure, and Hulk Hogan showing their support in the video along with Angle himself.

Backstage The Main Event Mafia sit at a table and Angle asks if anyone at the table has any info on who could be behind #August1st. Sting says they have already accomplished one of their goals in taking the belt off of Bully and gets excited. Sting says they may have to take a risk to get the 2nd part done and everyone says they’re in. Angle says now they’ll make A&8 an offer they can’t refuse and Rampage says no matter what they say he came to fight tonight.

Non-Title Match
Chris Sabin vs. Manik

This is a first time ever matchup here to my knowledge, at least in one-on-one action and an X-Division vs. World Champion match. Sabin and Manik lockup with Sabin getting Manik in a wristlock. Manik counters but Sabin takes him down to the mat. Manik nips up to his feet and cartwheels into a reversal into a wristlock of his own. Sabin flips forward to reverse into a hammerlock, and then he trips Manik and takes him down to the mat. Sabin forces Manik’s shoulders to the mat with a double wristlock for a nearfall, but Manik nips up to his feet and monkey flips Sabin while holding onto his wrists. Manik flips backwards to his feet and then lifts Sabin up to his feet (still holding onto his wrists) only for Sabin to come back with a Monkey Flip of his own. Sabin mounts Manik while still holding the double wristlock and holds his shoulders to the mat for a nearfall. Manik kicks Sabin off but Sabin continues to hold onto the wristlocks but then Manik leaps to his feet and jumps up to the shoulders of Sabin and rolls forward into a rollup, but Sabin rolls through and attempts a head kick. Manik drops back to avoid it and then rolls Sabin up again, but again Sabin rolls through and this time attempts a Superkick. Manik ducks underneath it and then goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but Sabin ducks that and then quickly grabs Manik’s leg and trips him. Manik catches Sabin with a headscissors and turns it into a Twisting Headscissors Takeover while laying on the mat but Sabin simply cartwheels through it. Sabin & Manik stare each other down as they get a standing ovation for that great chain wrestling sequence.


Back from the break Manik catches Aries with a Snapmare and then shoulder blocks Sabin. Manik attempts to whip Sabin into the ropes but Sabin reverses it and then drops down. Manik leaps over Sabin and then bounces off the ropes and hits La Mistica (Spinning Headscissors into a Fujiwara Armbar)! For those of you unfamiliar that was Sin Cara’s finish when he wrestled as Mistico in CMLL. Sabin rolls forward to counter it but Manik simply transitions into a La Magistral Cradle for a nearfall. Manik’s lucha is pretty damn smooth. Manik charges at Sabin in the corner but Sabin sidesteps him and Manik shows off his balance as he suspends in air with a headstand on the top turnbuckle. Sabin goes to punch Manik but Manik grabs Sabin in a headscissors. Sabin blocks it and tosses Manik over the top. Manik lands on the apron only to eat an Enziguri from Sabin! Manik crashes down to the floor and Sabin follows him out to the floor. Sabin lifts Manik up on his shoulder and drops him down across the apron. Sabin tosses Manik back in the ring and covers him for a nearfall. Sabin slams Manik in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Sabin then hits a Snap Suplex, 1…2…NO Manik kicks out and Sabin quickly transitions to a chinlock. Sabin switches to a modified Surfboard before releasing it and kicking Manik in the back. Sabin then puts Manik in an Armbar but Manik fights up to his feet and flips forward into a dropkick to Sabin! Manik leaps over a charging Sabin in the corner and then ducks a clothesline and catches Sabin with a hurricanrana! Sabin retreats to the ropes but he’s not safe as Manik leaps to the middle rope and then springboards over the top and nails Sabin with a dropkick as he was leaning against the ropes! Manik follows up with a Springboard Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out! Manik goes for the Tiger Buster but Sabin counters into a Wristlock Takeover, and then he rolls through into a Crucifix! 1…2…NO Manik kicks out and then Sabin gets back up and swings his leg at Manik, but Manik catches his foot and lifts him up into a Sitout Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out! Old ass Earl Hebner didn’t caught the pin for a second or two for some reason making that spot not look as good as it should have. Manik climbs up top but Sabin gets back to his feet and takes his legs out from under him crotching Manik. Sabin climbs up with him and hits a Delayed Superplex! 1…2…NO Manik kicks out! Sabin hits Manik with a Forearm Smash but Manik answers with a European Uppercut! They exchange strikes but then Manik goes Bruce Lee on Sabin’s ass with a series of quick palm trusts followed by a leg kick and then a Leaping Back Kick! Manik hits the ropes but Sabin is right behind with a Mafia Kick! Sabin goes for Hail Sabin, but Manik blocks it goes for the Tiger Buster! Sabin counters it into a rollup! 1…2…NO Manik kicks out! Sabin reaches down to pick Manik up but eats a boot. Manik then hits the ropes but Sabin is right behind him with a Diamond Cutter followed by a NASTY Superkick and then the Hail Sabin! 1…2…3!

Winner: Sabin via pinfall (Hail Sabin)

Replays of that fantastic match are shown as the fans give them both a standing ovation. Bully Ray attacks Sabin from behind and starts beating Sabin down. Bully whips Sabin with a strap and says he told Sabin he should have handed that belt back over. Manik tries to stop Bully but gets hit with the belt again. Sabin starts fighting back with a series of forearms and chops! Sabin hits a Leaping Enziguri and Bully bails!

Bully Ray retreats up the ramp as Sabin gets pissed and dares Bully to come back and fight him.

The stretch hummer is shown in the parking lot again. Taz walks up to the camera and says since Hulk Hogan wants to lock him out of the arena now he’s going to expose this #August1st person to the world cause he’s pissed off. Taz opens the door and starts laughing and says “are you kidding me?” and mocks who it is. Taz points into the hummer where a laptop is playing that last #August1st video.


James Storm is shown tweeting to the fans backstage.

Tenay & JB hype up the card for next week which will see Bad Influence face each other one-on-one.

Backstage Daniels says since day one TNA has been trying to plant a seed of deceit in Bad Influence and says that’s just bad manage not Bad Influence. He says no one wants to see Captain America and Spiderman fight each other. Daniels says it puts him in a bad situation since he’s undefeated and “poor Frankie” is 0-3 in the BFG Series. That gets to Kaz a little guy and says there’s no “poor Frankie” and tells Daniels not to be “that guy” to him. Daniels says he hopes Kaz isn’t hoping that Daniels is just going to GIVE him the points. Kaz says he isn’t hoping for anything because he’s going to TAKE the points and Daniels better bring his best. Kaz then pours out Daniels’ drink and walks away.

Gail Kim vs. ODB

A regular referee will work this one. Gail gets in ODB’s face and then shoves her to the mat so ODB Spears her! ODB punches Gail repeatedly and then chases her out of the ring. ODB runs up the ramp and then Body Splashes Gail into the ropes! ODB then goes for a Powerslam onto the ramp but Gail blocks it shoving ODB into the ropes. Gail then tries to hit a running kick on ODB but she moves and Gail goes crotch first into the ropes. ODB hangs Gail up in the ropes and slaps her chest repeatedly before slamming her into the ring for a nearfall. ODB attempts to whip Gail into the corner but Gail reverses it and charges but eats a boot from ODB. ODB climbs up top and grabs Gail by the hair but Gail kicks her. Gail climbs up with ODB and knocks her down to the mat. Gail then taunts the crowd and kicks ODB in the gut before choking her in the corner. Gail hits a series of strikes and then a Running Dropkick for a nearfall. Gail chokes ODB in the ropes and then kicks her. Gail hits a Running Clothesline for another nearfall. Gail grabs ODB by the hair and then slams her into the corner. Gail hits a Body Splash in the corner and then slams ODB to the mat by her hair. Gail covers ODB for another nearfall and then she covers her again for another one. Gail hits a Forearm Smash and then bounces off the ropes only to eat a forearm from ODB. Gail goes for a Splash but ODB moves and hits another forearm. ODB kicks Gail and then hits a clothesline followed by a series of shoulder blocks. ODB hits a Fall Away Slam and then she hits a Running Powerslam British Bulldog style! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! ODB charges at Gail in the corner but Gail catches her in a headscissors. ODB tosses Gail over the top to the apron and then hits a shoulder block through the ropes. ODB tries to pull Gail back in but Gail trips her and then goes for the Hanging Figure Four around the post but ODB pulls Gail into the ring post! ODB rolls out to the floor and grabs Gail but Gail pulls ODB into the ring steps headfirst! The referee counts both girls out as Gail continues to beat on ODB.

Winner: DRAW via double countout

ODB tackles Gail on the floor and the two continue to brawl!

AJ Styles talks about the “dream match” with Aries and calls the hype a bunch of “BS” and says it was the same as his match with Jeff Hardy. AJ says he isn’t that “hopeful wide eyed kid he used to be” and he’s the “hungry greed powered MAN” he’s become. AJ says “ya know what they say? If you can’t beat em… join em.” AJ says it’s about the BFG Series and the money that comes with it not dreams. He says dreams are like heroes, there’s no place for it. AJ says tonight he becomes Aries’ nightmare not a dream.


Footage of King Mo’s win last week is shown. King Mo has earned a shot at the Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship.

In the back Aces & Eights discuss MEM and Bully says they have seen the Godfather one too many times. Bully says he’s obsessing over Sabin and Hardcore Justice and getting him alone in a cage. Bully says Anderson is in charge of taking care of MEM and tells him to get the job done. Brooke approaches Bully and says she was just looking for him. Bully asks if she was looking to go for a little time “under the bleachers” or to beg for that divorce she will never get. Brooke says he might want to rethink that because she’s heard some things about the contract he’s supposed to sign next week for the title match that he might not like so he might not want to be on her bad list right now. Brooke says the saying “happy wife happy life” would be “happy ex-wife happy life” in this case.

Main Event
BFG Series Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (22) vs. “A Double” Austin Aries (14)

Aries could move up into the top 4 here while AJ could move into the #2 slot. This is a first time ever matchup here in TNA and I’ve never seen them face off before though I would assume they may have elsewhere. PWG would be my best guess. Aries & AJ lockup with the two brawling into the corner. They release clean but AJ shoves Aries at the end. They lockup again and this time AJ gets Aries in a side headlock but Aries shoves him into the ropes. Aries goes for a backdrop but AJ flips over him and then catches Aries with a Japanese Armdrag and then goes back to the headlock. Aries shoves AJ into the ropes again and this time he drops down and AJ leaps over him. As AJ bounces off the ropes again Aries goes for a leapfrog but AJ stops and they collide into each other. Aries falls through the ropes and tries to get his thoughts situated before returning to the ring. They lockup again and this time AJ gets Aries in a wristlock, but Aries counters by rolling through into a Fireman’s Carry Takeover. Aries locks in an armbar but AJ counters into a headscissors. Aries does a headstand to get out of the hold and then goes for a Basement Dropkick but AJ rolls out of the way and then hits the ropes again. Aries leapfrogs AJ but AJ stops and as Aries lands AJ quickly goes for the Calf Killa! Aries counters into a front roll and sets up for the Last Chancery. AJ blocks it and they stare each other down as Aries rolls away. Aries gets AJ in a side headlock but AJ reverses it into a waistlock. Aries reverses right back and catches AJ with a rollup! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out and sends Aries flying through the ropes to the floor. AJ comes flying through with his dropkick through the ropes but Aries moves out of the way and then quickly climbs to the top and dives off with the Savage Diving Axe Handle on the floor! Aries tosses AJ back in the ring and climbs up top but AJ dropkicks him off the top to the floor! AJ then hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Aries on the floor!


Back from the break AJ is working on Aries in the ring. AJ hits Aries with the Phenomenal Dropkick as Aries bounces off the ropes! AJ hits a Snapmare Takeover and then kicks Aries in the back. AJ elbows Aries in the back of the head and Aries answers with a forearm. AJ puts Aries in a Full Nelson and then a Dragon Suplex! Aries rolls out to the floor and AJ follows him slamming him into the apron. AJ rolls Aries back in the ring and then puts Aries in a chinlock. Aries breaks the hold with elbows but AJ cuts him off with an elbow of his own. AJ then whips Aries into the corner and charges but Aries nails him with an elbow. Aries then hits the Roaring Elbow! Aries follows up with a huge clothesline! Aries elbows AJ repeatedly and then goes for the Brainbuster, but AJ blocks it and counters into an attempt at his Suplex into Neckbreaker combo. Aries blocks it and reverses into a Backslide! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out and Aries nails him with a knee to the head. Aries then charges at AJ but gets backdropped over the top. Aries lands on the apron and then hits AJ with a shoulder block through the ropes. Aries pulls AJ through the ropes and hits a NASTY Neckbreaker on AJ across the ropes! Aries climbs up top and hits a Missile Dropkick! Aries follows up with the IED! Aries goes for the Brainbuster but eats a knee to the head so Aries sits him on the top rope. Aries punches AJ and then climbs up with him and sets up for a Superplex but AJ holds onto the ropes to block it and counters into a Hanging Neckbreaker snatching Aries off the top! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! AJ can’t believe Aries kicked out and then goes out to the apron and attempts the Springboard 450! Aries rolls out of the way and quickly puts AJ in a Front Chancery followed by a series of knees and then the Last Chancery! AJ fights the hold and actually rakes the eyes of Aries to break the hold. AJ reverses into the Calf Killa! Aries starts raking the eyes of AJ with his forearm and then gets AJ in a side headlock to break the hold and pulls AJ up to his feet and hits the Brainbuster! 1….2……NO AJ kicked out! The fans are really getting into this one. “This is awesome” chants start up as Aries climbs to the top. Aries goes for the 450 Splash but AJ gets his knees up! AJ clotheslines the hell out of Aries sending him out to the apron. AJ goes for a springboard move but Aries takes his legs out from under him! Aries goes for a Brainbuster on the ramp! AJ counters into a nasty Front Suplex on the ramp! AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Aries reverses it into a backdrop sending AJ off the ramp! Aries rolls back into the ring and tells the referee to count AJ out. AJ gets back to his feet and Aries dives through the ropes with the Heat Seeking Missile but AJ sidesteps him and Aries crashes on the steps! Both men are down on the floor! AJ and Aries both get to their feet and roll back into the ring at the 9 count! For a second I thought they were going with the draw. AJ and Aries exchange strikes in the center of the ring. They are beating the hell out of each other. Aries hits a series of chops and then goes for the Roaring Elbow but runs right into a NASTY Forearm Smash! AJ follows up with a jab and then a leg kick and then a Spinning Back Fist! AJ attempts to cap it off with the Lariat, but Aries ducks it and catches AJ with a Backdrop Driver and then the Roaring Elbow! Suddenly AJ catches Aries with the damn Pele out of nowhere! Aries and AJ both crash to the mat with both men draping an arm across the other! 1….2….Aries gets his shoulder up at the last second…3!

Winner: Aries via pinfall

Neither man is fit for much celebration after the match as they both sell exhaustion.


Main Event Mafia come down to the ring and Sting says they put MEM back together for two reasons: to get rid of Bully Ray as Champion and to get rid of Aces & Eights completely. He says they’re half way there but they didn’t get the fight they wanted last time. He says one way or another they will get that fight and they’ll start by giving A&8 an offer they can’t refuse.

Aces & Eights come down to the ring minus Bully Ray. Anderson says they didn’t get the fight they wanted because Angle ended up in the back of a pickup truck. Anderson says MEM cheats which is the only reason Sabin is the World Champion. Anderson says if they want to fight dirty they can do dirty and he says they aren’t backing down.

Angle says there are going to be some serious consequences from not backing down. Angle challenges A&8 to a 5-on-5 match with any 5 members of A&8 against MEM. He says it will be Hardcore Justice for Bully Ray but it will also be the end of a wrestlers career because whoever gets pinned in the 10-Man Tag will have to leave TNA for good! Angle says that begins their process of elimination of A&8.

Joe says this isn’t a negotiation and then punches Anderson! The fight is on! MEM clears house on A&8 and Anderson says if they want it they got it!

Suddenly the lights go out and then TITO ORTIZ appears on the ramp! Joe tries to hold Rampage back as Ortiz stares down at MEM. A&8 seem surprised as well. Tito smiles as the show comes to a close.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) BFG Series: Bobby Roode def. Hernandez via pinfall (7 points)
2) BFG Series: Joseph Park def. Jay Bradley via pinfall (7 points)
3) Chris Sabin def. Manik
4) Gail Kim fought ODB to a DRAW
5) BFG Series: Austin Aries def. AJ Styles via pinfall (7 points)

BFG Series Standings
1) Magnus (49 points)
2) Samoa Joe (26 points)
3) AJ Styles (22 points)
4) Christopher Daniels (21 points)
Mr. Anderson (21 points)
Austin Aries (21 points)
5) Jeff Hardy (17 points)
6) Hernandez (7 points)
Bobby Roode (7 points)
7) Kazarian (0 points)
Jay Bradley (0 points)
8) Joseph Park (-3 points)

Scheduled Lineup for Next Week:
-BFG Series: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy
-BFG Series: Christopher Daniels vs. Kazarian
-BFG Series: Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson

Hardcore Justice (August 15) Lineup:
-TNA World Title Steel Cage Match: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Bully Ray
-Aces & Eights vs. Main Event Mafia

Until next week… PEACE!
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