TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/15/13

TNA Impact Wrestling (Hardcore Justice special)
Norfolk, VA (Constant Center) 
August 15, 2013 
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

“Hardcore Justice” opens up with Mike Tenay hyping up tonight’s big hardcore themed event and then we go straight to the ring for the opening bout!

BFG Series
Ladder Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (22) vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries (21) vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy (24) vs. Kazarian (2)

This one is worth 20 points in the BFG Series and Mike Tenay points out how these four guys have the most experience in Ladder Matches of all the TNA stars. As all four circle each other Kaz bails out of the ring and grabs a ladder, but the other wrestlers block him from getting in the ring. Aries then leaps over the top and decks Kaz with a series of elbows. Aries grabs the ladder while Hardy and Styles go at it in the ring. Kaz grabs the ladder and tries to pull it away so Aries lets it go sending Kaz flying backwards off the ramp down to the ring. Aries then climbs up top and dives off with the Savage Flying Axe Handle to Kaz on the floor! Hardy then hits a slingshot dropkick through the ropes to Aries on the floor but before he can dive Styles hits him from behind sending him flying over the top! AJ hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Hardy on the floor! Kaz grabs the ladder and slams it into AJ and then tosses the ladder into the ring. Kaz sets the ladder up in the ring but Hardy stops him from climbing it. Hardy whips Kaz into the ropes but Kaz springs onto the ladder and begins climbing to the top! Aries comes in and pulls Kaz down. Aries hangs Kaz up in the ladder and then slams him into the mat! Hardy kicks Aries and tosses him into the corner. Aries turns it around on Hardy and destroys him with a series of forearms. Aries whips Hardy into the opposite corner and charges at him but Hardy floats up into a Spinning Headscissors on Aries sending him through the ropes back down to the floor! Hardy sets the ladder back up but AJ shoves it over and stares Hardy down. AJ kicks Hardy and goes for a Vertical Suplex but Hardy blocks it and goes for the Twist! AJ blocks it and shoves Hardy into the ropes and then tosses him through the ropes slamming him into the announce table! AJ throws his t-shirt at Hardy and then sets the ladder back up. Kaz hits a shoulder block through the ropes on AJ and then follows up with a Slingshot DDT! Aries and Kaz exchange forearms with Aries on the apron. Aries sidesteps one of the shots and then hits Kaz with a shoulder block through the ropes before catching him with a jawbreaker onto the top rope. AJ then slams the ladder into Kaz’s head! Aries rolls back into the ring and backdrops a charging AJ over the top to the floor! Aries stands the ladder back up under the clipboard hanging from the ceiling. Aries climbs up the ladder but Hardy cuts him off and pulls him down. Both Kaz and AJ try to get back in the ring but Aries knocks them off. Aries kicks Hardy and then starts beating him down in the corner and drops a knee on him. On the outside Kaz DESTROYS AJ slamming him into the ring post making a nasty noise! Kaz tries to get back in the ring but Aries knocks him off and then starts kicking Hardy in the knee. Aries climbs up the ladder but Hardy pulls him down again and tosses him into the corner. Hardy goes for a Suplex but Aries blocks it and knocks Hardy down. Aries again cuts AJ and Kaz off from getting back in the ring. Aries climbs up the ladder again but Hardy climbs up the other side and the two exchange right hands at the top! Kaz and AJ start to climb back in the ring but the fighting at the top of the ladder causes it to tip over slamming all four into each other!


Back from the break Kaz has brought out another ladder as Aries slams Hardy into the first ladder. Kaz pulls Aries down from the ladder and then tosses him headfirst into it! Kaz stops AJ from coming back in the ring but Aries hits him from behind knocking him down to the floor and then dropkicks the second ladder into Kaz on the floor! AJ nails Aries with a big right hand as he turns around. AJ hits the Springboard Flying Forearm on Aries that sends him through the ropes and crashing into the ramp! AJ climbs up the ladder but Aries rolls back in and grabs him by the legs. Aries knocks him off and then Kaz hits AJ with the other ladder! Kaz then slams the ladder into Aries! Kaz sets up the second ladder beside the original, more beat up one. Kaz climbs up the ladder but Aries climbs up the other and cuts him off. AJ pulls both down from the ladder while Hardy climbs up the other side of the first one. Aries climbs back up opposite of Hardy and then AJ and Kaz climb up the other ladder! All four men reach the top and begin fighting with each other atop the ladder! AJ reaches up for the clipboard but Kaz stops him! Aries hits a Sunsetflip Bomb off the ladder on Hardy! GOOD LORD! AJ and Kaz continue to brawl on top of the second ladder as a “holy shit” chant erupts! Kaz attempts to Superplex AJ off the top but AJ blocks it and then reaches up for the clipboard! Kaz pokes AJ in the eye and knocks him off. Kaz reaches up but AJ knocks the ladder out from under Kaz’s feet! Kaz lands on his feet but AJ greets him with a series of disgusting strikes capping them off with a spinning backfist and a lariat! AJ sets one of the ladders up in the corner but as he turns around Aries meets him with the IED sending AJ into the ladder! Aries climbs up the other ladder but Hardy climbs up the other side only to eat a series of punches that send him falling down to the ropes! AJ hits Aries from behind and then AJ pulls him off the ladder in what looks to be a Powerbomb but instead turns into the Styles Clash! Kaz runs over and catches AJ with a Flatliner at the same time as AJ hits the Styles Clash on Aries! The fans are going nuts! Kaz climbs back up the ladder but Hardy climbs up with him and they exchange shots at the top. Aries climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick into the ladder sending Kaz and Hardy crashing to the mat! Aries sets the ladder back up and climbs to the top as Bobby Roode and Daniels walk down the ramp. Aries points up at his former partner Roode and then AJ springboards off the top onto the ladder like a damn cat out of nowhere! AJ and Aries exchange headbutts but then Hardy pushes the ladder over sending Aries crashing into the other ladder and AJ out to the floor! Hardy whips Kaz into the ladder and then hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy sets a ladder back up but Roode grabs him by the foot and pulls him down, but Hardy catches him with a Leaping Mule Kick! Hardy climbs back up the ladder and Daniels hands Kaz his Appletini. Kaz throws it in Hardy’s face and knocks him off the ladder! Kaz pulls down the clipboard and gets the 20 points!

Winner: Kaz via pulling down the clipboard

Main Event Mafia minus Kurt Angle are shown walking backstage.


Backstage Chris Sabin says one of his favorite memories of wrestling as a fan was watching Team 3D put a man threw a flaming table in ECW. He says he knows Bully is vicious and he isn’t taking him lightly, but Bully better not be taking him lightly either. He says no one thought he could beat Bully the first time but he did.

Dixie Carter is in the ring with the Main Event Mafia. Dixie says that two weeks ago Kurt Angle entered a rehab facility and when he will return is in question. She says that Kurt has her complete support and the support of the entire company especially the MEM who are in the ring right now. She asks the fans to join her in support of Kurt and she tells Kurt to hang in there and get back to TNA real soon.

Aces & Eights music cut them off and VP Mr. Anderson leads the crew out to the ring. Anderson says Angle in rehab means MEM only has one week to come up with a replacement for their buddy. Anderson says A&8 are so excited about the bragging rights they could have for ending the pro wrestling career of Rampage Jackson before it even started or ending Samoa Joe’s career which causes Joe to get pissed and want to snap Anderson’s head off. Anderson says after next week Sting may never be able to wrestle again or they may just end the young career of the guy Dixie Carter said would be the future of TNA, Magnus.

Magnus says the only future Anderson needs to concern himself with is his immediate future because his immediate future involves Magnus punching in the mouth. Magnus says he doesn’t have the best hearing but he thinks the fans were just telling Anderson that he sucks which causes the fans to chant “you suck” at him again. Magnus says they may have only one week to find a replacement but he’s pretty sure Norfolk, VA is Mafia country so if they can’t find someone in the back they may be able to recruit someone in the audience. Magnus says one way or the other they can be sure that one of A&8 will be going home with the pink slip next week.

Anderson says tonight starts a new chapter in the book called Aces & Eights because Bully Ray will regain his World Title and then next week they eliminate another member of MEM and they he sucker punches Magnus! A&8 jumps MEM and starts beating them down!

In the back Tito Ortiz is shown arriving.


Knockouts Hardcore Triple Threat
“Hardcore Country” Mickie James vs. ODB vs. Gail Kim

As ODB makes her entrance she levels Mickie on the ramp and then goes after Gail in the ring! ODB clotheslines Gail and then whips Mickie into the corner. ODB hits splashes on both Mickie and Gail and then she climbs up top. ODB starts slamming Mickie’s head into the turnbuckles but Gail runs over to cut her off. Mickie then grabs her by the leg and snatches her off the top slamming her to the mat. Mickie tries to get a high five from Gail but Gail slaps her hand away. Gail starts choking ODB as Mickie grabs a chair. Looks like Mickied changed her hair someway, lighter or something. Gail takes the chair away from Mickie but ODB kicks it into Gail! Mickie then nails ODB with a Hangwoman’s Neckbreaker! Mickie wedges the chair in between the top and middle turnbuckle and then she and Gail slam ODB into it as a “let’s go Mickie” chant starts! Both Gail and Mickie cover ODB and then start shoving each other. Gail then goes to grab ODB but Mickie rolls Gail up from behind! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Gail and Mickie exchange forearms and then Mickie catches Gail with a spinning back kick before tossing her out to the floor! ODB hits Mickie with a forearm smash but Gail trips her from the outside and pulls her outside. Gail slams ODB into the floor with a Wheelbarrow Slam! Gail tosses ODB back into the ring and then starts looking under the ring for something. Mickie kicks her from behind and then slams her into the ring post! Mickie grabs a kendo stick and nails ODB in the back with it! Mickie climbs up top and then uses the kendo stick to choke ODB by pulling ODB up with the kendo stick! ODB punches Mickie and then flips her off the top! ODB hits Mickie with the kendo stick and then hits a charging Gail with it! ODB pulls an extra bra out from her gear and chokes Mickie with it! ODB throws Mickie with it and then hangs it around Gail’s neck and tosses her through the ropes hanging her with it! Mickie kicks ODB in the head and then tosses her into the ring post through the turnbuckles! Mickie looks under the ring while Gail puts ODB in the Hanging Figure Four on the post! Mickie starts pulling ODB by the arm at the same time! This pisses Gail off and they start shoving each other again as ODB drinks her liquid courage! She spits it into Mickie’s face and then clotheslines Gail! ODB goes for a BAM but Gail hits her with a kendo stick! Gail swings again but ODB ducks and kicks Gail. ODB grabs the chair and BAM’s Gail onto it! 1…2…3!

Winner: ODB via pinfall (BAM onto a chair)

Sting screams at MEM about needing a replacement and he says that he knows everyone in the group hates “him” but they NEED him. Sting says he’s going to go talk to Austin Aries right now.


Sting approaches Austin Aries in the back and says he needs to talk to him for a minute. Sting says Aries’ plate has been full for the last year with MEM like him and he knows Aries hates Bully Ray too, and he knows Aries is a former World Champion too and he has a nice suit too. He says Main Event Mafia needs Aries and Aries says he does think of himself as the Main Event everytime he comes out. Sting says they don’t have to be friends to have a common enemy and he’s asking to be family and they need him. Aries smiles but doesn’t give an answer.

Clips of the ladder match are shown.

Backstage Bobby Roode says they have changed the landscape of the BFG Series and now Kaz is back in the mix of things, and with a win in the Tables Match Roode will be in 2nd place after looking like he was out of it a few weeks ago. Roode says “it pays to be Roode.”

MEM talk about Aries and Joe says he knows Aries and that might be the problem but this might be their only option. Sting walks in the room and says Aries told him no. Rampage says he has a solution and it’s their only option left. He says he’s going to the ring to address it right now. Sting tells Joe to go out with him and Magnus says he’ll tell Sting all about.


Rampage is wearing the goofiest suit I’ve ever seen in my life, a damn camo suit.

Bully Ray is talking to someone on the phone and calls them “honey” and says he knows this hasn’t been a “normal relationship.” He says tonight is about him and next week is “about us.” He says next week they’ll tell the world the truth. He says, “I love you too, Brooke.”

Rampage Jackson comes down to the ring followed by Samoa Joe. That fool really is wearing a camo suit. Rampage says he needs all the fans support because it’s no secret he’s new here. He says when he first came to TNA, MMA fans called him a sellout. Rampage says he hasn’t lost any sleep over it but it just makes him sad that his MMA fans don’t even know him. He says this is why he started wrestling in high school and why he slams people the way he does when he fights. Rampage says he loves TNA and now that he’s a part of the Main Event Mafia he feels like he belongs to a family, but he didn’t come here to get his ass kicked by “punks on a moped.” Rampage says he didn’t want to do this but he needs to ask one of his old training partners and his old friend and even though they have to throw down in November, he needs to call out Tito Ortiz right now.

Tito comes down to the ring and Rampage says everybody knows they’re fighting each other in BELLATOR in November, but right now they’re in TNA and MEM need Tito’s help. Rampage says he helped Tito train for a lot of fights and he never asked him for anything, but he needs this one favor for Tito to help them take A&8 out next week. Rampage says he knows Tito is a bad man and they can make history and they can take over wrestling like they did MMA. Ortiz says he came to TNA to make headlines and he says he was the longest reigning Light Heavyweight Champion in MMA history, but before he can say anything else Bully Ray comes down to the ring. I think they played the wrong music for him though.

Bully Ray taunts them for acting like best friends and then says if he didn’t have to win back his World Title tonight he would come in the ring and beat the piss out of both of them right now. Bully says then there would be no big BELLATOR PPV on November 2nd and then he says he’s already got Rampage’s number. He says he warned Tito last week if he gets in his way or cross him he will make Tito his “Huntington Beach bitch.” That pisses Tito off and he tries to get to Bully but Joe and Rampage hold him down while Bully laughs at him.

Mr. Anderson walks down to the ring and high fives Bully as the Tables Match is up next.


BFG Series
Tables Match
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe (26) vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode (7) vs. Mr. Anderson (24) vs. Magnus (39)

20 points on the line with this one too. Magnus jumps Roode on the ramp probably still a little pissed that Roode got him disqualified last week. Magnus tosses Roode into the ring as Joe and Anderson brawl on the outside. Magnus chops Roode in the corner while Joe slams Anderson into the guardrail. Magnus whips Roode into the corner and charges at him but Roode gets his boots up and then climbs out to the floor and slams Joe into the apron. Roode tosses a table into the ring and then puts the boots to Magnus in the corner. Roode sets the table up in a corner and then tries to toss Magnus into it but Joe slams himself into Magnus so that Magnus didn’t crash into it. Joe then catches a charging Roode with a Snap Powerslam! Anderson rolls back into the ring and hits Joe from behind. Anderson beats on Joe in the corner and then lifts him up to his shoulders and goes for a Green Bay Plunge into the table, but Magnus nails him with a Big Boot! Magnus whips Anderson into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Anderson kicks him. Anderson hits the ropes again but Magnus is right behind him with a Lariat! Roode hits Magnus from behind and puts the boots to him. Roode chokes him with his boot and then sets the table up in the center of the ring. Roode turns around and knees Magnus in the gut. Roode hits the ropes but Magnus drops down and Joe catches Roode with an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick from Magnus and then a Backsplash Senton from Joe! Joe and Magnus stare each other down and then Joe grabs Roode and Magnus grabs Anderson to try and beach each other to putting the other man through a table! Anderson and Roode cut them off and then Roode flips the table over. Roode beats Joe down in the corner while Anderson hits Magnus with a series of shoulder blocks in the opposite corner. Roode tosses Joe out to the floor and then goes out with him and sets up another table at ringside. Magnus and Anderson start brawling on the other side of the ring. Magnus slams Anderson into a nearby table repeatedly while Joe sits Roode down at a chair at ringside. Joe grabs the ring bell and sits on Roode’s crotch and slams the hammer into it! Anderson tries to Mic Check Magnus off the ramp through a table, but Magnus blocks it and then goes for a Powerbomb! Anderson blocks it and low blows Magnus! Joe with a WICKED chop to Roode and Anderson slams Magnus headfirst into a table! Joe headbutts Anderson repeatedly and then sits him down in a nearby chair. Joe then hits the Ole Kick to Anderson sending him into a guardrail! Magnus sets up another table in a corner in the ring and then attempts to Powerslam Roode into it, but Roode blocks it and counters into the Double-R Spinebuster! Anderson tosses Joe back into the ring and tosses him into the opposite corner from Magnus. Roode and Anderson attempt to whip Joe and Magnus into each other but Magnus reverses the whip on Roode and Joe clotheslines him! Anderson forearms Joe and whips him into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Joe ducks and hits the Elbow Suicida through the ropes onto Roode on the floor! Magnus whips Anderson into the ropes and then hits the Tormentum! Magnus positions the table in the ring and then goes to grab Anderson but eats the Mic Check from the A&8 VP! Joe rolls into the ring and chops Anderson and lifts him to the top. Joe hits another chop and then goes for the Muscle Buster through the table, but Roode moves the table out of the way and then tosses Joe out to the floor. Roode sets the table back up and lays Magnus out on it. Roode climbs up top but Joe crotches him on the top and then jabs him and chops him repeatedly! Kazarian runs down and grabs Joe’s leg but Joe kicks him off and then starts beating the hell out of him! Magnus climbs up with Roode but Daniels tosses the Appletini into Magnus’ face and Roode Powerbombs him through the table!

Winner: Roode via putting Magnus through a table


Backstage Sting talks about Tito and he says he thinks Tito will team with them and be a great asset for them, but he doesn’t know.

A video package hypes up “No Surrender” for September 12th on SpikeTV where the Final Four will do battle to decide who wins the shot at BFG.

Backstage Anderson and Ray talk about the World Title match and they bicker over Anderson losing and the World Title match. Ray bitches about hearing people reminding him that Sabin beat him. Ray asks if his club has his back and Anderson screams that all they’ve been trying to do is help him. Anderson says they’re not the enemy and Ray says he sure as hell doesn’t seem like his ally lately.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Steel Cage Match
Chris Sabin (c) vs. Bully Ray

Bully stands at the cage entrance as Sabin walks down the ramp and screams at him and Sabin holds the belt up in his face. JB does the boxing style intros for this one. Bully and Sabin lockup and Bully quickly scoop slams Sabin, but Sabin gets to his feet and shoves Bully. They lockup again and Bully again slams Sabin and then talks trash to him. Sabin responds by shoving him again and then they lockup yet again. This time Bully tosses Sabin across the ring instead of simply slamming him. Bully goes for a chop but Sabin ducks and then hits a series of arm drags followed by a dropkick that sends Bully into the corner! Sabin hits a Flying Forearm and then a second one! Ray falls down in the corner and Sabin breaks out the Hesitation Dropkick! Bully gets to his feet and Sabin charges at him. Bully lifts Sabin way up into the air and tries to toss him into the cage but Sabin holds onto the cage and hangs there! Sabin then tries to climb the cage but Bully grabs his leg! Sabin kicks him away and then dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body! 1…2…NO Bully kicks out! Sabin attempts the Cradle Shock but Bully blocks it and hits him across the back. Bully goes for a clothesline but Sabin ducks and dropkicks his legs! Sabin climbs up top but Bully crotches him on the top rope and chops him with some nasty chops. Bully climbs up with Sabin and kicks him into the cage repeatedly. Bully Press Slams Sabin into the side of the cage!


Bully slams Sabin into the cage as we come back from a break. Bully dares Sabin to fight back and when he does Bully knocks him down again. Bully hits an Elbow Drop for nearfall. Bully hits a series of crossfaces and then dares Sabin to hit him in the face. Sabin obliges him with a series of forearms and then he goes for the Cradle Shock again, but Bully blocks it again and then goes for a Powerbomb. Sabin blocks it and counters into a Backslide! 1…2…NO Bully kicks out and then clotheslines Sabin! Bully goes back to punishing Sabin with punches to the side of the head. Bully gets in the referee’s face and then he puts Sabin in a Bear Hug. Sabin fights off the hold with back elbows and then he bounces off the ropes but Ray lifts him high up in the lights with a backdrop. Ray dares Sabin to get up and when he does Ray goes for another Powerbomb, but Sabin counters it into a Sleeper hanging on the back of Ray! Bully backs Sabin hard into the corner to break the hold and then he charges at Sabin, but Sabin gets his feet up and then he climbs up top and hits a Tornado DDT! Both men are down now! Sabin and Bully exchange nasty strikes with Bully chopping Sabin and Sabin forearming Bully. Sabin hits a Spinning Back Kick and then a Stepup Enziguri! Sabin hits the Cradle Shock! Sabin grabs Bully’s A&8 jacket and starts whipping Bully with it! Sabin celebrates with the jacket but walks right into a Big Boot! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out! Bully immediately hits a Samoan Drop! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out again! Bully tries to climb out of the cage but Sabin stops him and climbs up top with him. Sabin hits a series of round kicks on the top rope and then he goes for a Frankensteiner, but Bully blocks it and starts to slip so Sabin hits the Frankensteiner! Bully sells it like he hurt his arm pretty bad on the landing! He may have actually dislocated that shoulder on the way down. Sabin goes for the Hail Sabin but Bully blocks it and hits a Suplex! Bully tries to escape through the door but Sabin pulls him back and then slides through his legs and climbs through the door! Bully grabs him by the leg and drags him back into the ring and picks him up for a slam but Sabin’s legs hit the referee. Bully then elbows Sabin in the head and hits the ropes for a Splash, but Sabin ducks and Ray slams the referee into the side of the cage! Sabin hits an Enziguri and then dropkicks Bully into the side of the cage! Sabin climbs up top and dives with the Missile Dropkick! Sabin covers Bully but the referee is down. Sabin tries to escape through the door but Mr. Anderson runs down and hits him with the cage door! He holds the door shut until Rampage and Tito run down and Rampage tosses Anderson off the ramp! Suddenly Tito hits Rampage from behind with a hammer! Ray slams Sabin into the side of the cage and then Powerbombs the ever loving hell out of him! 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW World Champ: Bully via pinfall (Powerbomb)

Tito and Taz celebrate with Bully inside the cage as Tenay says he can’t believe it.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) BFG Series Ladder Match: Kazarian def. AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, & Austin Aries (20 points)
2) Knockouts Triple Threat: ODB def. Mickie James & Gail Kim
3) BFG Series Tables Match: Bobby Roode def. Mr. Anderson, Samoa Joe, & Magnus (20 points)
4) TNA World Title Steel Cage Match: Bully Ray def. Chris Sabin (c) to win the title!

BFG Series Standings
1) Magnus (39 points)
2) Bobby Roode (27 points)
3) Samoa Joe (26 points)
4) Jeff Hardy (24 points)
Mr. Anderson (24 points)
5) Christopher Daniels (23 points)
6) AJ Styles (22 points)
Kazarian (22 points)
7) Austin Aries (21 points)
8) Hernandez (7 points)
9) Jay Bradley (0 points)
10) Joseph Park (-3 points)

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Main Event Mafia (Sting, Rampage Jackson, Magnus, & Samoa Joe) & TBA vs. Aces & Eights (Mr. Anderson, Knux, Garett Bischoff, Devon, & Wes Brisco)
-BFG Series 20 Points Street Fight: Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Park vs. Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley

Until next week… PEACE!

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