TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/12/13 No Surrender special

TNA Impact Wrestling: No Surrender ‘13 Results
St. Louis, MO (Chaifetz Arena)
September 12, 2013
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The road to BFG Series heats up tonight as “No Surrender” comes live from St. Louie. Magnus is shown arriving to the arena and then a great video package hyping up the Final Four is shown followed by a video package hyping up Anderson vs. Bully.

Bully Ray makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Brooke Tessmacher. Bully says things in his family haven’t been going “exactly right” lately and he and the VP aren’t on the same page right now. Bully says he’s willing to forgive Anderson because all of their problems are because of Hulk Hogan. A big “Hogan” chant starts and then Hogan comes out onto the stage.

Hogan says his ears are burning because some idiot is mentioning his name. Hogan welcomes us to “No Surrender” and gets a cheap pop for the St. Louis namedrop. Hogan says instead of being a crybaby Bully should be worried about defending his title against one of his brothers…brother. Bully says Hogan is the reason there are problems in Aces & Eights and he knows that his brother will do the right thing tonight. Bully says if that’s what he needs to worry about then Anderson needs to come out and tell him face to face.

Anderson walks out and Hogan tries to shake his hand but Anderson just walks by him. Bully says A&8 is stronger than Hogan will ever be and then he tells Anderson that all he has to do is apologize and it’s over. Anderson says Bully is right and he was out of line, and he can’t “freakin’ weight to get out of line tonight” before decking Ray! Anderson says there WILL be a new World Champion tonight!

Hogan says the World Title match will now be Last Man Standing!

Tenay and Taz hype up the Final Four tonight.


BFG Series Semifinals
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries

These two had an excellent one-on-one match earlier in the BFG Series which ended in a double pin with Aries getting his shoulder up at the last second. AJ handpicked Aries for this match. AJ and Aries lockup and they brawl into the corner before breaking clean. Dueling “AJ Styles-Austin Aries” chants break out early. They lockup again and this time Aries gets AJ in a wristlock but AJ quickly reverses it on Aries. Aries counters by rolling through into a side headlock. AJ shoves Aries into the ropes and leapfrogs Aries and then goes for the Phenomenal Dropkick but Aries holds onto the ropes. Aries then charges at AJ but AJ backdrops him and Aries lands on his feet. AJ back elbows Aries and then hits the ropes but eats a big dropkick that sends AJ falling through the ropes onto the ramp. AJ rolls of the ramp and then Aries climbs to the top, stumbles, but catches himself and dives off with the Savage Flying Axe Handle. Aries rolls AJ back into the ring and then attempts a Missile Dropkick but AJ moves and then shoves Aries into the ropes and connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! Aries rolls out to the floor and AJ goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Aries rolls back into the ring and AJ lands hard on the floor. Aries goes for the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes but AJ destroys him with a Forearm Smash in midair! AJ climbs back into the ring and slams Aries into the turnbuckles. AJ chops Aries and Aries answers with a chop of his own. They exchange repeated chops and forearms and then AJ attempts to lift Aries up into the air, but Aries blocks it and goes for the Brainbuster. AJ blocks it and then kicks Aries and blasts him with a forearm smash. Aries bounces off the ropes with a forearm of his own.


Back from the break Aries charges at AJ but he moves out of the way and then goes for a Fireman’s Carry. Aries blocks it and goes for the Brainbuster again, but AJ blocks it and attempts a suplex of his own. Aries cuts AJ off and hits him with an elbow. Aries hits a series of elbows and forearms and then goes for the Rolling Elbow but eats a nasty forearm instead! AJ then hits the Spinning Backfist, but Aries counters the Lariat attempt into a Crucifix Bomb attempt. AJ blocks it and lifts Aries up into a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker over his knee! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Aries reaches out and grabs the ropes to block it. AJ dumps Aries over the top rope and then forearms him knocking him to the floor. AJ dives over the top with a Slingshot Plancha onto Aries on the floor! AJ rolls Aries back into the ring and then sets up for the Springboard Flying Forearm but Aries takes his legs out from under him and AJ hits the apron hard! Actually it looked like Aries and AJ’s faces might have colliding on the fall, ouch. Aries drags AJ back onto the apron and then attempts to suplex him back into the ring, but AJ blocks it and tries to suplex Aries over the top! Aries blocks it and nails AJ with a forearm. Aries then goes for the Heat Seeking Missile again but AJ quickly leaps back to the apron and dives off the top with the Springboard Flying Forearm! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! AJ goes for the Styles Clash again but Aries blocks it again so AJ goes for a Powerbomb, but Aries counters into a hurricanrana! Aries goes for the IED in the corner but AJ gets his foot up! AJ then hits the ropes but eats the IED as he turns around! Aries goes for the Brainbuster but AJ counters with a knee to the head and then he goes for a Suplex. Aries blocks it and hits the Brainbuster! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Aries immediately locks in the Last Chancery! AJ is trapped in the center of the ring! AJ fights the hold off so Aries begins headbutting AJ in the back. Aries climbs up top but AJ gets to his feet and crotches Aries. AJ climbs up with Aries but eats a series of elbows from Aries, and then Aries boxes his ears! Aries goes for the 450 Splash but AJ rolls out of the way! Aries lands on his feet and then goes for the IED again but AJ moves out of the way and Aries lands on the top rope! AJ catches Aries with the Pele as he was hanging off the top! AJ climbs up with Aries and hits a Super Styles Clash! 1…2…3!

Winner: AJ via pinfall (Super Styles Clash)

In the back Sting talks to Magnus and he reminds Magnus that MEM started with all World Champs but they made an exception for him because they KNEW he would be a World Champion. Magnus interrupts Sting and says with all due respect he’s tired of being called the future, and tonight the future is now.


Back from the break Roode is at ringside ranting that he doesn’t want to wait anymore so someone better get Magnus’ ass out to the ring.

BFG Series Semifinals
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. Magnus

Members of the St. Louis Rams are shown at ringside. Falcons are going to beat that ass this weekend, just saying. Roode jumps Magnus as he makes his entrance and puts the boots to him in the corner. Roode tosses Magnus headfirst into the opposite corner and then whips him back to the other one. Roode charges at Magnus but eats a clothesline! Magnus hits a series of lefts and rights followed by a European Uppercut! Magnus hits the ropes and avoids a dropkick from Roode and then goes for the British Cloverleaf, but Roode quickly rolls out to the floor to get away from the surging Magnus. Roode trips Magnus from the outside and drags him out to the floor. Roode slams Magnus into the apron and then hits a clothesline. Roode slams Magnus into the ring steps. Roode tosses Magnus back into the ring and goes right back to stomping a mudhole into the Brit. Roode whips Magnus into the ropes and connects with a knee to the gut and then does the same thing a second time. Roode follows up with a Back Suplex for a nearfall. Roode hits a Vertical Suplex and gets another nearfall as Roode starts showing some frustration now. Roode chokes Magnus in the ropes and then Magnus blocks a right hand and hits a series of rights. Magnus attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode counters into a knee and then a clothesline. 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Roode puts Magnus in a rear chinlock on the mat. Magnus almost passes out in the chinlock but starts getting fired up so Roode releases it and chops him. Roode hits the ropes and kicks Magnus as Magnus attempted a backdrop. Roode then hits the ropes and Magnus is right behind him with a clothesline attempt, but Roode saw it coming and ducks it. Roode then goes for a rollup but Magnus holds onto the ropes and then nails Roode with a Lariat! Magnus gets back to his feet and charges at Roode but Roode gets his boot up. Roode climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body, but Magnus catches him in midair and transitions into the Tormentum! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out and then Magnus goes for the Cloverleaf again. Roode rakes the eyes of Magnus and then catches him with the Double-R Spinebuster as Magnus charges at him! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Roode puts Magnus up on the top rope and climbs up with him. Roode goes for a Superplex but Magnus blocks it and Front Superplexes Roode off the top and then dives off with the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Magnus goes for the MDD but Roode counters into a rollup! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out and then goes for a clothesline but Roode counters into the Crossface! Magnus reverses it into the Cloverleaf! Roode almost reaches the ropes but Magnus pulls him to the center of the ring! Roode almost taps but scrapes his way to the ropes to break the hold! Roode rolls out to the floor but Magnus quickly catches him and rolls him back into the ring. As Magnus climbs back in Roode kicks the ropes into his nuts! Roode goes for the Payoff but Magnus blocks it and trips Roode and then flips into a Bridging Jackknife! 1…2…3!

Winner: Magnus via pinfall (rollup)

Roode is freaking out in the back flipping over tables and then Bad Influence try to calm him down. Roode says this is Hogan’s fault and he screwed them. He says they’ll get Hogan back because if none of them go to the Finals then NOBODY goes to the finals!

In the back Hogan talks to Manik and he says he doesn’t know what it is but when he puts the Manik mask on he takes it to another level. Manik agrees and says he wants to test himself against Jeff Hardy. Hogan agrees and then Dixie Carter walks in. She says that she got a call from BELLATOR and they’re pulling Rampage and Tito away from TV because they want to protect their fighters. Hogan says after the PPV fight they can feed Tito to Rampage on Impact and Dixie agrees.

Bully talks to the rest of A&8 and says he can’t believe the disrespect his VP has shown him and he almost thinks that the rest of them are happy about what Anderson is doing. He says maybe they want Anderson to be the president and he says he can’t believe they would feel that way after everything he has done for them. Ray says he put this club together while that selfish bastard, Anderson, has done nothing. He reminds them that HE was the one that brought Anderson in. Bully says they really don’t want Anderson to be the president so they need to do the right thing tonight, and then he says he loves them and is proud of them. Bully says he hopes they feel the same about him.


The video package hyping up the World Title match is shown again.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Last Man Standing Match
Bully Ray (c) w/Brooke Tessmacher vs. Mr. Anderson

As Bully makes his entrance Anderson attacks him on the ramp! They exchange blows and then Anderson tosses him over the top into the ring! Anderson beats on Bully in the corner and then whips him hard into the opposite corner. Anderson punches Ray in the head repeatedly and then tosses Ray out to the floor. Anderson talks trash to Taz and then slams Bully into the announce table as Taz asks Anderson what his problem is. Anderson slams Bully into the guardrail and then Bully grabs Christy Hemme and uses her as a shield until she gets away. Anderson chases him around ringside and then slams him into the apron. Ray pokes Anderson in the eyes and then hits him with a series of right hands before slamming him into the ring steps. Ray slams Anderson into the steps again and then hits a Shortarm Clothesline! Ray continues to punish Anderson as Tessmacher looks on smiling. Ray hits an elbow and then Brooke hands him a chair and he goes to swing it, but Anderson kicks Bully in the gut and nails Ray with the chair! Anderson beats on Bully right in front of Taz and then shoves him back in the ring. Anderson tosses a chair in the ring and then tries to grab Ray but eats an elbow. Ray climbs up top but Anderson punches him in the balls and then pulls him down into the Green Bay Plunge! Anderson rolls out to the floor and pulls a table out from under the ring! Anderson slides the table in the ring but walks right into a Big Boot from the Bully! Bully grabs the chair and beats Anderson with it over the back before setting the table up in the corner.


Ray hits Anderson with the chair again and then argues with Earl Hebner. Earl gets in Bully’s face which shocks Bully so he shoves Earl hard into the turnbuckles which gets him some major heat from the live crowd. Ray goes for a Big Boot but Anderson ducks and hits the Mic Check onto the chair! Anderson tries to revive Hebner as Bully is laid out in the center of the ring. Anderson picks Bully up but Bully catches him with the Bully Cutter onto the chair out of nowhere! The rest of Aces & Eights walk down to the ring and surround Anderson. They pick Anderson up and Brooke Tessmacher low blows him from behind. Ray tells them to put Anderson down and then they hit a Triple Powerbomb! The referee starts to come to and make the 10 count on Anderson. Anderson gets up at 9 and Ray gets pissed and screams at him to stay down. Anderson decks Ray repeatedly with right hands but then Ray destroys him with a Lariat! Ray picks up his chain and decks Anderson with it! Anderson is busted open but still gets up at the 9 count only to get Speared into the table! Anderson is unable to get up this time and Bully even threatens him with a jagged piece of the table if he gets up.

Winner & STILL World Champ: Bully via KO

EMT’s come out and put Anderson on a stretcher. Bully stops them from wheeling Anderson out and flips the stretcher over. Bully strips Anderson of his Aces & Eights cut and whips him with it. Bully then Piledrives Anderson the ramp!


Backstage ODB says a lot of things have changed over the last year but one thing that hasn’t change is she hasn’t had the Knockouts Title in over 3 years. ODB says she’s training hard and almost thought about stopping drinking, but then laughed and said next week she’s taking Mickie’s belt.

James Storm & Gunner are in the ring. Storm says it looks like he and Gunner are in the right place tonight and looking at his beer bottle he can’t help but think there is a lot of beer drinkers here tonight. He says he and Gunner were talking about sitting around and watching the BFG Series Finals and as much as he’d like to kick back and drink all night, but Gunner wants to fight so he figures they can do both. Storm says all they need is some opponents now and it doesn’t matter if its Bro-Mans or “Aces & Idiots” or Bad Influence because there are a lot of guys in the back that run their “bottle suckers” while what they need to do is “man up, step up, and drink up.”

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez walk out and Chavo says if that’s the case then it won’t matter if they step up then. Chavo says Storm is a great tag team wrestler and he may be one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, but not THE greatest tag team of all time because THE greatest tag team of all time is whatever team Chavo is a part of. Chavo says Gunner is jacked and he is one of the strongest guys in TNA but not THE strongest guy because that’s Hernandez (that’s a shoot). Chavo says Gunner and Storm have been on a little losing streak so he thinks if there is a match between he & Hernandez against Gunner and Storm then their losing streak will continue because they’re the better tag team.

Gunner says it sounds like they’re pitching out a challenge so he’s got a challenge for them, next week Gunner & Storm vs. Hernandez & Chavo and if they win then maybe they’ll get a title shot. Gunner says if they ever put their nose in the champs business again then he’ll bash their faces with the belt.


Main Event
BFG Series Finals
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Magnus

Boxing style intros for this one. AJ and Magnus lockup but they stalemate in the center of the ring and back off. They lockup again and this time Magnus forces AJ into the corner. They break clean and then lockup yet again but AJ sidesteps him and gets Magnus sin a waistlock. AJ transitions into a side headlock but Magnus counters into a Back Suplex attempt, but AJ reverses it into a Side Headlock Takeover. Magnus fights back to his feet and shoves AJ into the ropes but AJ holds onto Magnus’ head. AJ uses the ropes to hit a Spinning Headlock Takeover. Magnus again fights up to his feet and AJ again uses the turnbuckles to go for a headlock takeover but Magnus blocks it and hits a Back Suplex for a nearfall. Magnus puts AJ in a headlock now but AJ fights it and breaks the hold with body shots. AJ hits the ropes and gets tossed into the lights with a backdrop for a nearfall. Magnus whips AJ into the corner and then charges at him but AJ sidesteps him and drop toe holds Magnus into the turnbuckles! AJ hits a snapmare takeover and then kicks Magnus in the back. AJ picks Magnus back up and tosses him into the turnbuckles. AJ hits a forearm smash followed by a series of shoulder blocks! AJ grabs Magnus but Magnus shoves him away and hits a big uppercut! Magnus attempts to whip AJ into the ropes but AJ reverses it and goes for a backdrop, but Magnus kicks him and hits the ropes again. AJ catches him with a forearm and then hits another snapmare. AJ goes for a Knee Drop but Magnus moves out of the way and hits a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop attempt. AJ moves out of the way and catches Magnus with an inside cradle! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Suddenly Bad Influence hits the ring and jumps AJ & Magnus! Roode runs out and hits the Double-R Spinebuster on Magnus! Daniels hits the Angels Wings on AJ! Referees run out and get EGO out of the ring.


Back from the break Magnus hits AJ with a European Uppercut but AJ answers with a Leaping Enziguri out of nowhere! AJ goes for a clothesline but Magnus gets his boots up and then Magnus goes for a clothesline and AJ goes for a Spinning Clothesline at the same time! Both men are down again. Both get back to their feet and Magnus goes for a right hand but AJ blocks the shot and hits a big leg kick followed by a lariat and then a Spinning Heel Kick! AJ charges at Magnus in the corner but Magnus backdrops him over the top. AJ lands on the apron and forearms Magnus. AJ then goes for the Springboard Flying Forearm but eats the European Uppercut in midair! Magnus hits the MDD! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Magnus goes for the British Cloverleaf but AJ counters him into a Triangle Choke! Magnus lifts AJ into the air but AJ counters into a rollup! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks AJ in the head! Magnus goes for a lariat but AJ ducks it and hits the Pele! 1…2…3! AJ grabs Magnus and locks him in the Calf Killa! Magnus refuses to tap as he fights the hold and FINALLY gets to the ropes! AJ hits a Flying Clothesline in the corner and then attempts a spin kick but Magnus catches him in a Spinebuster! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Magnus lifts AJ up on the top rope and goes for a Superplex but AJ blocks it and knocks Magnus off the top. Magnus gets back up and forearms AJ. AJ forearms Magnus repeatedly but Magnus answers with an uppercut! Magnus climbs up with AJ and goes for a Superplex but AJ hits a series of nasty elbows! Magnus falls back and AJ hits the SPIRAL TAP! 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW World Title #1 Contender: AJ via pinfall (Spiral Tap)

AJ grabs the microphone and says that he told everyone he would do it, and he did it right here in St. Louie. AJ says he couldn’t have done it without the fans but he has a longer response about what he said a few weeks ago. AJ says he didn’t get a call, a text, or even a tweet from Dixie Carter. AJ says he pointed out a lot of mistakes from the past 11 years, but Dixie needs to show up next week because if she thinks he pointed out a lot of mistakes a few weeks ago he’s about to bust out the biggest one next week. AJ says this is Dixie Carter’s wake up call.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) BFG Series Semifinals: AJ Styles def. Austin Aries
2) BFG Series Semifinals: Magnus def. Bobby Roode
3) TNA World Title Last Man Standing Match: Bully Ray (c) def. Mr. Anderson via KO to retain the title!
4) BFG Series Finals: AJ Styles def. Magnus

Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA Knockouts Title: Mickie James (c) vs. ODB

TNA Bound for Glory Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs. AJ Styles

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