Impact Results – 3/15/10

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
March 15, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight’s Impact begins with a recap of last week’s big live show. We cut to the parking lot where a big orange Hummer arrives with Hulk Hogan, Abyss, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy all arriving together. Hardy has his weird face paint on already. After that the Impact intro hits and we underway!

AJ Styles’ music hits right off the bat and the TNA World Champion, AJ Styles, along with his mentor Ric Flair make their way out to the ring. No women this week. AJ calls Abyss a 6’6? scary looking, but stupid monster. He asks if Abyss really thinks some ‘magical ring’ will help him beat AJ at Destination X. AJ screams at the fans to shutup and then continues on with his rant about the Monster. AJ reminds us about all the classics he and Abyss have had in the past even bringing up their old wars back in Nashville at The Asylum (if you haven’t seen those two go at it you should definitely check out their series of violent matches back in 2004 as well as their Six Sides of Steel Cage Match back at Lockdown 2005). AJ says they took each other to the limit but the results of the match has always been the same: AJ Styles up, Abyss down. AJ says he doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus so he definitely doesn’t believe in magical rings. He says what he does believe in is that he is the best wrestler in the world. AJ says that he also believes he is a gift from God and this Sunday Abyss will find that out first hand. Flair takes the microphone as AJ tells another fant to shut up. Flair says he wishes that he could be as under control as AJ is but he can’t. Flair takes off his jacket and flings it to the mat and then points out the stitches in his head. He says it wasn’t Hogan’s fists that caused that damage but because of a guardrail. Flair begins to punch himself in the head reopening the wound (that guy is a nut) as he gets more irate thinking about the match from last week. Flair says if you jump on him, you get jumped back on. Flair says that Abyss is a dead man and says that Jeff Hardy interfered when they had Abyss and Hogan right where they wanted them. Flair says that he hates Jeff Hardy and if Jeff wants to play ball in TNA he better expect to get it from them everyday of his life. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the ?Charismatic Enigma? walks out to the ring to a big ovation. Jeff gets in on a ?Hardy? chant in the ring and then AJ asks Jeff who he thinks he is to come into AJ’s ?house.? He even calls Jeff a nobody and then starts to talk about how Jeff has done nothing when Flair interrupts him and screams at Jeff to look into the champs eye when he’s talking to him! Jeff does so and AJ tells Jeff he has done nothing in TNA and that he is a nobody there. AJ says Jeff wants to put his hands on Flair and the champ and then gets into Hardy’s face. AJ says Jeff wants to be in the spotlight and the spotlight doesn’t get any bigger than AJ. AJ suggests that since Jeff wants to put his hands on the champ then he and Hardy get things done right there in the ring TONIGHT! AJ says he IS the spotlight and the fans chant ?Hardy? yet again. Jeff says ?it’ll be a breeze? as he looks right in AJ’s face. Flair gets right into Hardy’s face and says he needs to back in the back and paint another picture and then calls him an ‘artist or whatever you are’. Flair tells him to get high as he can on that paint because he’s going to need to get high in the air to get in the ring with AJ tonight! Hardy says he’ll be flying high of the backs of his creatures of the night and then the lights go out and his music starts again. That dude is weird. Tenay lets us know that Hardy was alluding to his fan base with that weird statement. Thank God, since I thought he was going to attempt to be The Undertaker 1996 style or something there for a minute.

In the back Mick Foley (still wearing his suit) approaches Eric Bischoff and before he can say anything Bischoff cuts him off. Bischoff is pissed off that Foley helped Jeff last week and says to forget about it because he wants to talk about this week. Bischoff says he wants to change Mick finally tonight. He says they’re going to shave Mick’s head and beard tonight in the ring. Mick says it’s his trademark but Bischoff says not anymore.


During the break a commercial for Destination X plays hyping up the X-Division taking center stage at DX and it actually reveals an awesome new match that’s been made. It will be Brian Kendrick vs. Amazing Red vs. Kazarian vs. Daniels in a Fatal 4-Way LADDER MATCH where the winner becomes the #1 Contender to the TNA X-Division Championship! So DX will showcase both the Ultimate X and a Ladder Match. I can already hear the X-Division haters whining.

Back from commercials Taz and Tenay hype up the huge Main Event for tonight (Hardy vs. AJ) and then Tenay says that Sting IS in the building and we will here from him tonight.

Footage of earlier tonight is shown where the Nasty Boys jump Jesse Neal at what looks like to be a lunch truck. The Nasty’s beat the hell out of the rookie and Saggs even Powerbombs him through a table. Apparently the Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart are scheduled to face Team 3D and Jesse Neal in a 6-Man Tag tonight.

The Nasty’s and Hart are already in the ring when we cut back to the Impact Zone. Knobs says it looks like that 6-Man Tag has become a Handicap Match. Team 3D’s music hits and Bubba has a microphone (as well as he and Devon carrying a table). Bubba says the Nasty’s have it wrong because they have a partner and then point to the entrance tunnel where Brother Runt (Spike Dudley) comes charging out!

6-Man Tag Team Match
Team 3D & Brother Runt vs. Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart

Saggs and Devon will start this match off tonight. Saggs nails Devon with a knee to the gut followed by a series of elbows and forearms. Saggs whips Devon into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Devon ducks and then hits a Shoulder Block on Saggs. Devon grabs Saggs in a wristlock and tags in Runt. Runt dives off the top rope with a Flying Axe Handle to the outstretched (by Devon) arm of Saggs. Runt twists Saggs’ arm in a wristlock but then eats a forearm smash from him. Saggs whips Runt into the corner and then charges but Runt ducks. Runt charges to the Nasty’s apron and knocks Knobs off and then nails a Running Headbutt into the gut of Saggs. Runt tries to get to Hart but eats a clothesline from behind by Saggs. Saggs takes Runt to Nastyville rubbing his face in the disgusting arm pit of Brian Knobs. Saggs hits a Scoop Slam on Runt and then tags in Knobs. Knobs and Saggs put to the boots to Runt before the referee makes Saggs get out of the ring. Knobs slams Runt into the top turnbuckle and then the boot of Saggs. Jimmy Hart now tags in and starts putting the boots to Runt! Hart pulls out a strap and tries to hit Runt with it but misses and Runt tags in Bubba! Bubba comes charging at Hart but Saggs cuts him off only to eat a clothesline from Bubba. Bubba takes Knobs out with a clothesline and then another one for Saggs. Bubba whips Saggs into Knobs in the corner and then follows up with a Splash on both the Nasty Boys. Bubba tosses Saggs out to the floor and then Runt dives off the top onto Saggs on the floor! Back in the ring Bubba lights Knobs up with right hands and then an elbow to the top of the head. Hart hands Brian Knobs the motorcycle helmet as Saggs gets back into the ring and knocks Devon out of the ring. Bubba throws Saggs into the corner and Hart distracts the referee allowing Knobs to nail Bubba with the helmet from behind. Hart covers Bubba and gets the pin.

Winners: Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart

After the match the Nasty’s continue to beat on 3D and Runt still using the damn helmet. Hart grabs 3D’s table and the Nasty Boys set it up in the ring as Hart nails them with the strap. Finally Jesse Neal comes running down the ramp (or limping) with his ribs taped. Neal is throwing rights and lefts at everybody! He tosses Hart out of the ring and this has given 3D enough time to recuperate and hit a 3D on Saggs through the table!

In the back Christy Hemme is with Angelina Love. She asks Angelina how it feels to see her former partners win the belts last night. Angelina says it sucks and it makes her mad and when she’s mad she needs to do something about it. Tonight she will issue an open challenge to any of the Beautiful People, especially Velvet, to meet her in the ring. She says that BP has been ducking her for weeks and that they are just trying to be her (just like Michelle McCool and Layla over in the WWE, oh yeah and Maryse). Angelina says she is the original Angelina Love and it’s time she starts cleansing TNA one ?Beautiful Person? at a time.


Back from commercials Jeremy Borash is with Syxx-Pac and Scott Hall (who is wearing a TNA sweater with ?Wolf Pac? written on it in magic marker). Borash runs down the stipulations in their match with Young & Nash at the PPV. Syxx says they’ve been kicked out of better places than TNA except maybe this time it won’t be by Fed-Ex (shot at Bischoff). Hall says when he and Pac say they will do something they get it done (except all those times you no-showed events right Scott?). He says Nash will get what’s coming to him at DX and Young shouldn’t have messed with business that has nothing to do with him. He says by this time next week they’ll have big money contracts in TNA. Kevin Nash and Eric Young then walk up and Nash tells Pac that he saw him get his a** kicked last week. Nash holds up a stack of cash and says he and Hall for 5 minutes in the ring and if Hall lasts it he gets the cash which he says is $25,000. Hall says he’ll be out there and Nash tells him he’ll need that money because healthcare is pretty expensive these days.

Mr. Anderson & Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea vs. ?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle & ?The Pope? D’Angelo Dinero

Mr. Anderson made his debut in Mexico this past weekend at AAA’s ?Rey de Reyes? event (check out my Lucha column on Friday for more info). Anderson was involved in a Triple Threat Match for the AAA equivalent of the World Heavyweight Championship. Angle and Wolfe start the match up and lockup in the center of the ring. Angle locks Wolfe in a Keylock but Wolfe reverses it into a hammerlock. From there Angle counters with a snapmare takeover into a headlock, but Wolfe counters right back into a wristlock. Angle reverses it into a wristlock of his own. Wolfe reaches for a tag but Anderson doesn’t want to tag out so Wolfe nails Angle with a back elbow. Anderson reaches out for a tag now but Wolfe decides to attempt an Irish Whip on Angle, but Angle reverses it and hits a Hip Toss. Angle puts Wolfe in a hammerlock but Wolfe reverses the hold and Angle grabs the ropes. Anderson clotheslines Angle from the outside as the referee pulled Wolfe off of Angle. Wolfe throws Angle headfirst into the turnbuckles and then tags in Anderson. Anderson puts the boots to Angle as Wolfe holds him. Anderson then rakes the eyes of Angle and locks him in a Front Chancery before tossing him into the corner. Wolfe tags back in and hits a Cross Chop on Angle and then locks in a modified Sleeper. Angle fights out of it and whips Wolfe into the corner. Angle charges at Wolfe but eats a boot from the angry Brit. Wolfe then charges at Angle but Angle nails him with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Angle Angle tags in Pope who nails Wolfe with a series of elbows and forearms. Pope whips Wolfe into the ropes and hits a backdrop as he continues to sell that bad ankle. Dinero nails Wolfe with a series of elbows to the top of Wolfe’s head and then taunts Wolfe which brings Anderson in. He spins Dinero around but eats a boot and then the huge uppercut from Dinero! Wolfe then connects with a Cross Chop on Pope only to eat an STO from Dinero as Wolfe came off the ropes! 1…2…NO Anderson breaks it up! Angle comes over and hits the Angle Slam on Anderson and then goes for it on Wolfe, but he blocks it. Wolfe hits the Hammerlock DDT on Angle and then goes for what looks to be a Figure Four on Pope but Pope rolls him up with an Inside Cradle! 1…2…3!

Winners: Dinero & Angle via pinfall (inside cradle)

After the match Wolfe jumps Dinero from behind and lays Pope out. Wolfe tosses Pope over the top rope onto the ramp where he then lights Pope up with a Euroepan Uppercut. In the ring Anderson hits the Mic Check on Angle! On the ramp Pope is coming back on Wolfe but in the ring Anderson grabs Angle’s dog tags and starts carving into Angle’s head with it again! Anderson brings the microphone down and taunts Angle about bleeding. Anderson says this is just a very small sample of what he has in store for Angle this Sunday at DX. Anderson says this post-match ?ass whooping? has been brought to you by MR. ANDERSON! Anderson then proceeds to absolutely beat the hell out of Angle with the microphone repeatedly. Angle is a bloody mess.


Back from commercials Hogan is in his office with Jeff Hardy and RVD. Hogan tells Jeff to just worry about AJ because he has a special surprise for Flair. Hogan says he will put Abyss out there as a Special Enforcer. Hogan then turns to RVD and says that he knows RVD knows what to do tonight. RVD says he can’t wait and then they leave his office. Bischoff then walks in and asks if Jeff and RVD are on the same page as he and Hogan. Hogan says they are and Bischoff says he loves surprises. He says bringing in Hardy and RVD were brilliant but he should’ve been in on it. Hogan apologizes but says Bischoff has had his hands tied with Foley and Jarrett so he made the call himself. Bischoff says it’s cool and that he will take care of business with Foley tonight. Hogan says ‘that was weird’ when Bischoff leaves the room.

The Beautiful People make their way out to the stage to accept Angelina’s challenge. Velvet says Angelina must think she’s real bad issuing a challenge to them tonight and if she wants some she’ll get some. Velvet then introduces the newest member of the Beautiful People, FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY, Daffney!

Open Challenge Match
Angelina Love vs. Daffney w/Beautiful People

Daffney actually comes out from the crowd and attacks Angelina from behind! Daffney hits a Forearm to the back of Angelina’s head and then locks her in a Camel Clutch! Daffney rubs Angelina’s face into the mat and then goes to the floor and pulls out a toolbox from under the ring. She settles on a hammer and climbs back into the ring. Daffney tries to hit Angelina with it but the referee pulls it away from here. This allows Angelina to hit a leg sweep on Daffney and then mount her with a series of right hands. Angelina sets up for the Botox Injection but BP grab her by the legs and trip her and then they pull Angelina into the ring post slammer her, um, private parts into the ring post!

Winner: Love via DQ

After the match Daffney grabs Angelina by the legs and swings her headfirst into the rampway! Daffney goes and gets the ugly stick as BP drag Angelina back into the ring. Tara comes out from the crowd and makes the save! Tara lays out all the BP members and hits the Widow’s Peak on Madison! Tara sees Daffney on the ramp and they stare each other down. They will meet one-on-one at DX.


Back from commercials footage of Sting going psycho last week is shown and then back to the arena Hogan’s music hits and the Hulkster makes his way out to the ring. Hogan doesn’t seem to be in a playful mood tonight as he tells the back to ‘cut the damn music.’ Hogan says he’s been around the block a few times in this business but what went down last week was more than just a train wreck. Hogan says laying in a pool of blood next to his partner isn’t something new to him and neither is feeling like he got ran over a train all week, but one thing that he can’t get out of his head is when his buddy Abyss was screaming ?Why Sting why?? over and over. Hogan says he can smell and feel that ‘low life dog’ and then calls Sting out to come to the ring so they can find out why. Hogan wants to know why Sting would stab TNA in the back. He asks if Sting wasn’t a big enough star or didn’t make enough money or the spotlight wasn’t bright enough on him. The spotlight points to the rafters where Sting is standing. Hogan calls Sting a coward and says he’s scared to death to face Hogan. Finally Sting comes down the catwalk and down the stairs down to the backstage area. The camera actually follows Sting all the way towards the ring but RVD attacks Sting from behind! Sting puts the boots to Sting and then chokes him on the ramp before hitting him with a Leg Drop! Sting is kicked off the ramp and then RVD flies off it with a Flying Back Kick to Sting on the floor! Sting tries to escape through the crowd but RVD drags him back and throws him into the ring post. RVD then lays into Sting with kicks and punches beating him all around ringside. RVD does his ?R-V-D? taunt along with the crowd and then hits a Flying Back Kick off the ring steps! RVD throws Sting into the ring post and then Sting grabs his bat but RVD nails him a few more kicks making him drop the bat. RVD picks up the bat and tosses it to Hogan. RVD then rolls Sting back into the ring and Hogan is about to nail Sting with it until Bischoff runs out and tells Bischoff to stop. He tells Hogan that this isn’t the right thing to do. Hogan shoves Bischoff but he pleads with Hogan not to hit Sting. Bischoff reminds Hogan that he is not a wrestler anymore and he has to leave that part of his life behind him. Bischoff tells security to come and escort Sting out of the ring. Sting has an evil grin on his face as security escorts him out. Bischoff tells Hogan that they came to TNA to lead it as business men not for Hogan to get into the ring. Bischoff says Hogan made a promise to Brooke last week and tells him to be done with it as we see a shot of Brooke in the crowd. Hogan goes out and hugs his daughter as Bischoff left the ring.

In the back Hernandez approaches Jarrett in the back. Hernandez says he saw went down last week with Beer Money but unlike those chumps he’s got Jarrett’s back. He says that he remembers that Jeff was the one that gave him his first shot. We see Bischoff slinking in the background and Hernandez says he’s down with Jeff if he wants some revenge tonight. Jeff says they should go get it done but Bischoff cuts them off. Bischoff says that’s interesting with Jeff going around making his own match and asks him if he had a flashback or something. Bischoff says if Hernandez wants to get in the ring so badly tonight he can make sure that happens. Tonight it will be Hernandez against Beer Money in a Handicap Match. Jeff tells Bischoff not to take his frustrations out on Hernandez. Bischoff says he’s going to make sure that Jeff gets to get into the ring with Hernandez tonight because he will the referee for the Handicap Match! Bischoff tells Jeff if he screws up at all tonight then he’s done.


5-Minute, $25,000 Challenge
?Big Sexy? Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall

Hall is in street clothes and Nash is in his ring gear. Hall tosses his toothpick at Nash and then Nash throws his knee into the gut of Scott Hall. Nash then throws a couple of elbows and right hands at Hall. Nash shoves Hall into all four sides of the ring putting his elbow into the back of Hall each time, but when Nash went for the fourth one Hall was able to turn around and punch Nash in the face. Hall follows up with another right hand and then hits a Full-Armtwist into a shoulder block. Hall slaps Nash on the back of the head and then Nash comes back and clotheslines Hall! Nash throws Hall into the corner and throws those Knees at Hall and then the back elbows. From out of nowhere Syxx-Pac comes from behind and clips the knee of Nash. Syxx then pulls out some handcuffs and they cuff Nash to the middle rope. No DQ here since this isn’t actually a match. Hall and Pac put the boots to Nash and then Young comes out from the back and lays out Hall and Pac, but the numbers game get the better of EY. Hall hits the Discuss Punch from on Young and then Pac hits the X-Factor on him. Hall and Pac grab the money and leave Young & Nash laying.


Back from commercials JB is with Beer Money but Roode cuts him off and tells him to ‘shutup, Seacrest? (priceless). Roode says all he and Storm wanted was an opportunity to show Hogan and Bischoff exactly what they were made of because since they came into TNA they’ve been pushed to the side like some rookies. Roode asks JB if that’s anyway to treat the greatest tag team in the world today. He says the answer isn’t just no, it’s hell no! Storm says Bischoff gave them an opportunity to whip somebodies a**. The only problem was that somebody was TNA’s founder, Jeff Jarrett and this week Bischoff has given them another opportunity, this time it’s Hernandez. Storm says that nice guys finish last and they’re sick of being the nice guys. He says they’re also sick of catering to the stupid fans so from here on out it’s all about making cash and getting trashed for Beer Money. Storm tells Hernandez he’s sorry ’bout his damn luck!

Handicap Match
Special Referee: Jeff Jarrett
Beer Money Inc. vs. ?Super Mex? Hernandez

As Hernandez enters the ring Beer Money jumps him. They put the boots to the Tag Champ and then strip him of his shirt. Storm and Roode lay into Hernandez with right hands and boots. Storm chokes Hernandez as Matt Morgan walks down the ramp. He stops halfway down and walks back up to the stage and over to the broadcast table. In the ring Roode hits an Atomic Drop on Hernandez followed by a Russian Leg Sweep from Storm and then a Knee Drop from Roode! 1…2…NO Hernandez kicks out! Roode chokes Hernandez in the ring as Morgan puts himself over on commentary. Morgan says what’s happening in the ring is what happens when you put your nose in other peoples business. Storm and Roode taunt Jarrett in the ring and then they take turns throwing right hands at Hernandez. Roode slaps Hernandez repeatedly and then Storm kicks him. Beer Money attempt to whip Hernandez into the ropes but he reverses it and lays Beer Money out with a Double Clothesline! Hernandez grabs Roode but Roode nails him with right hands only to eat a sickening shoulder block from Hernandez! Hernandez follows up with a Corner Splash on Storm and then he goes for one on Roode but Roode gets his boot up! Roode climbs up the ropes and dives but Hernandez catches him in midair. Before Hernandez can do anything, though, Storm comes over and kicks Hernandez in the gut. Beer Money go for the Beer Money Double Suplex but Hernandez blocks it and hits a Double Suplex on Beer Money! Hernandez goes for the Border Toss on Roode but Storm nails him with the Last Call! Beer Money follows up with the DWI! 1…2…3 and despite the slow count from Jarrett they get the win.

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (DWI)

After the match Beer Money demand that Jarrett raises their hands and he finally does after some protest. Beer Money then continue to beat on Hernandez as Morgan had walked back to the back. Jarrett tries to pull them off but Storm shoves him into the corner. Jarrett takes his referee shirt off and lays into Beer Money with right hands! Jarrett then slams Beer Money’s heads into each other and then Hernandez hits the Slingshot Double Clothesline on them! Beer Money head for the hills as Jarrett and Hernandez stand tall in the ring.

In the back Bischoff walks towards the tunnel with a mirror and clippers.


Back from commercials Eric Bischoff is in the ring with a Barber’s chair in the middle. Bischoff says next week Jarrett’s a** is his. Bischoff then says he has been trying for weeks to make something out of Foley but it’s impossible so he will take matters into his own hands. He calls Foley out to the ring and the Hardcore Legend slowly makes his way down. As Bischoff was about to shave Foley’s head Foley grabs him by the arm and Mr. Socko is on the other hand! Foley puts Bischoff in the Mandible Claw! Foley then tosses Socko in the ring as Bischoff is out cold in the barber chair! Foley grabs the clippers and starts shaving Bischoff’s head! Oh damn, he shaves the hell out of Bischoff’s head! Foley slaps Bischoff around to wake him up and then he holds the mirror up so Bischoff can see it! Bischoff goes absolutely apesh*t as he sees it and screams ?you’re done? at Foley as Foley leaves the ring. Boy, Foley did a damn number on Bischoff’s head. In the south we would say ?he is rurnt.?


Back from commercials footage of what just went down is shown.

We cut to the back where Christy Hemme is with Shannon Moore. Moore says this Sunday the X-Division will be spotlighted more than ever and he’s not worried because he’s been studying from the Book of Dillygaf (what the hell is that?). He tells Christy to google it if she doesn’t know what it is. He says at DX he will represent the tattooed, the brood, the screwed and he made a promise to all his freaks that he would become the new X-Division Champion. He then welcomes Doug Williams to Glamrock.

In the ring the Ultimate X setup is in the ring and the Motor City Machine Guns have entered the ring. Sabin says this Sunday will be a night to remember. He says not only will it be the return of the Ultimate X and not only will the winners of that match get a shot at the Tag Titles, but Destination X will be remembered as the rise of the Machine Guns! Sabin asks who Generation Me thinks they are to come into their company to try and compete on the same level as them in tag team wrestling and screams that it can’t be done. Sabin asks what they’ve ever done in TNA to earn a spot in the Ultimate X. He asks what dues they’ve paid and who have they ever beaten. Generation Me’s music this and they make their way out to the ring. Max says that he and Jeremy seem to remember that they beat the Guns in their debut! Shelley says they do remember it but there is such a thing as luck and anytime they get in the ring anybody can beat anybody. He gives them credit in saying they are good but GM is not great, the Guns are great! Shelley says they are the X-Box to Gernation Me’s Atari and then says GM is the Station wagon to the Guns Ferrari. Shelley says since they want to talk about luck then they should talk about the night that the Guns spent with GM’s girlfriends! GM then smacks the Guns and all hell breaks loose! We have a brawl! Brian Kendrick runs out and jumps on one of GM helping out the Guns! Amazing Red now runs out and nails Kendrick with a shoulder block through the ropes and then slingshots himself over the back of Kendrick into the ring as GM and the Guns brawl to the outside. Red this a Cross Body on Kendrick and then starts to lay into him! Daniels comes out of the back and this an STO on Red! Daniels and Kendrick beat on Red as Kazarian coems from the back with a ladder and tosses it at Daniels! The Guns get back in the ring and attack Kaz now! GM back int eh ring and they toss the Guns out to the floor and follow out! They toss the Guns into the big Ultimate X scaffold and then they climb it and dive off with Planchas onto The Guns on the floor! In the ring Daniels and Kendrick fling the ladder at Red but he ducks out of the way and then Kaz & Red throw rights and lefts at Daniels & Kendrick! Kaz tosses Daniels out of the ring and Red tosses Kendrick out. GM climb back in the ring and the faces set up the ladder in the ring. Red climbs up to the top of the ladder and makes Shelton Benjamin blush with the most damn insane Somersault Plancha I’ve ever seen diving off the top of the ladder over the top down onto the heels! The faces then pose around the ladder!

In the back JB is with Abyss. Abyss says ?x? marks the spot and Destinatino X marks the spot where he finally gets his hands on AJ alone. Abyss talks about Flair and AJ trying to take his ring away from him and he understands why, it’s because for the first time in his life someone is jealous of him. He says they want his ring but they can’t have it. He says it’s his time and it’s time for him to start taking around TNA and it starts with him taking AJ’s title at DX! He says he really hopes Flair tries to get involved in the Main Event tonight because he’s going to show Flair what it’s like to come face to face with the ?Monster of the Ring.? He then says ?what you gonna do when the Monster goes wild and crazy on you.?


Main Event
Special Enforcer: Abyss
Jeff Hardy vs. ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles w/Ric Flair

Quick info, Hardy’s very first match in TNA ever was a matchup between he and AJ Styles for the X-Division Title back in the Asylum days on the Wednesday PPV’s. I do not believe they have ever gone one-on-one since then. AJ kicks Hardy at the bell and lights Hardy up with chops in the corner. AJ whips Jeff into the opposite corner and charges but Jeff gets his boots up and connects with a clothesline. Jeff hits a Scoop Slam and then climbs to the top and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Jeff puts AJ in a Sleeper on the mat but AJ fights to his feet and forces Jeff into the corner. The referee separates them and AJ connects with a kick and a series of rights and chops. Jeff comes back with with chops of his own in the corner and then he tosses Jeff into the top turnbuckle. Jeff attempts to whip AJ into the corner but AJ reverses it. Jeff attempts to float up and over AJ but AJ catches his feet and tosses Jeff over the top to the floor! On the outside Flair was about to attack Jeff when Abyss walked up. Flair stopped but tossed his jacket at Abyss. Abyss chases Flair off for now. The fans get behind Hardy and then AJ fakes out like he was going to do the Fossbury Flop but stops and shakes his head at the fans. Jeff rolls back into the ring and AJ puts the boots to him. AJ puts an elbow into the back of Jeff but Jeff comes back with a forearm and then he comes off the ropes. AJ leapfrogs Jeff and then hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out! AJ puts the boots to Jeff’s leg and then drags him to the ropes and drapes Jeff’s leg on the bottom rope. AJ Cannonballs down onto Jeff’s leg taking a book straight out of Flair’s book, but as AJ went for a third Cannonball Jeff kicks AJ with the free leg over the top to the ramp. Hardy grabs AJ from the ring but AJ grabs his head and hits a jawbreaker onto the top rope. Back in the ring AJ puts Jeff in a Rear Chinlock. Jeff gets to his feet and fights the hold off but AJ puts an elbow into the back of Jeff’s head. AJ attempts a whip but Jeff counters into a clothesline. Both men are down now as the fans are getting behind Jeff. AJ goes for a clothesline but Jeff ducks and hits a Flying Forearm followed by another one. Jeff hits a Front Sitout Suplex and then the Elevated Dropkick in the corner! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! AJ comes back with a poke to the eyes of Hardy and then he attempts to whip Jeff into the corner but Jeff reverses it. Jeff charges but AJ hits a back elbow and then lights Jeff up with a chop. AJ hits a Brainbuster! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out! AJ picks Jeff up and tosses him headfirst into the top turnbuckle but Jeff blocks it and hits the Whisper In The Wind out of nowhere! 1…2…NO AJ still kicks out! Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but AJ blocks it and hits the Pele out of nowhere! A dueling ?lets go AJ, lets go Hardy? chant starts up. AJ charges at Jeff in the corner but Jeff moves and then AJ leaps over the top to the apron. AJ springboards off the top with a Springboard Flying Cross Body but he also connected with the referee along with Hardy! AJ goes to the floor and grabs a chair where Abyss comes out and tells AJ he isn’t doing that. AJ drops the chair and then goes for the Springboard 450-Splash but Hardy moves and hits the Twist of Fate! Jeff climbs to the top and hits the Swanton Bomb! No referee, Abyss slides in! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Swantom Bomb)

After the match Flair nails Jeff and Abyss with the chair. Abyss flees to the ramp where Flair continues to hit him with the chair but Abyss is hulking up. Abyss screams it and punches the chair out of Flair’s hand then grabs Flair by the throat and Chokeslams him through the stage! AJ looks shocked in the ring at what just happened and Abyss stands over a fallen Ric Flair!

Final Thoughts

Back with my thoughts here!

This was a very solid follow up to last week’s show in my opinion. Obviously there were not very many surprises this week but most everything was followed up pretty nicely. I did have a few problems with the show but we?ll get into that later.

The opening segment with AJ, Flair, and Hardy was a solid opening segment. I loved Flair and AJ’s energy getting riled up and Hardy was his typical weird self. One thing is for sure Jeff definitely has the fan support. I don?t see how any casual fans just flipping wouldn?t want to see that Main Event so nice setup there.

3D and the Nasty’s/Hart wasn?t very good (obviously) but Runt was a surprise. A group with 3D, Runt, and Neal (maybe with Rhino thrown back in there) could be a solid midcard group. I hate this feud and the Nasty Boys need to go away. The use of Jimmy Hart as a manager is a good thing, though, just not with those clowns.

The Pope/Angle-Anderson/Wolfe tag match was short but pretty solid. Pope was obviously the star of the match but it continued 2 different storylines. Angle and Anderson’s awesome (the best midcard feud in TNA right now and right there with Punk-Rey in my opinion) feud as well as Wolfe and Pope’s mini feud heading into Pope’s match with AJ at Lockdown. Pope is still selling the ankle and all 4 guys came out looking strong. Anderson’s promo after the match was short as well but very well done once again.

The tension between Hogan and Bischoff has been growing and growing each week and it looks like it is starting to boil over as their different storylines that they have separately are starting to intersect with each other. I liked the way that RVD got revenge on Sting but he was kind of overshadowed again and they really need to amp this thing up with him and get him going hard in a feud with someone. Sting got his a** handed to him but still came out looking strong as he walked away from the beating with a evil grin on his face as Bischoff stopped Hogan from hitting him. I liked that they are putting emphasis on the promise that Hogan made not to wrestle again. We all know that down the line he will get in the ring again but when he gets into the ring it should be a big deal (and definitely not a title match) and should be once every now and then (like once a year at the most).

Great stuff with the Beautiful People and Angelina. Daffney is such an awesome psychopath. Angelina is going to need a group of two girls to help her go after the BP so she can take them out one by one. They also addressed the Daffney-Angelina feud which is leading to their match this Sunday. That should be a great women’s wrestling match.

The little $25,000 challenge thing was okay but it just didn?t do much for me. Hall looks to be in much better shape then when he first showed up in TNA, though. We all know that Syxx-Pac and Eric Young will be handling 90% of the actual ring time in their match (hopefully) so that should at least make the match decent. My question is how is this going to play out? Will Nash screw over Young revealing this all to be their plan the whole time or will he and Young lay down for Hall & Pac surprising everyone or will they just flat out beat Hall and Pac and be done with it. I really hope that at least Syxx-Pac is going to stick around because he has a lot to offer still.

Beer Money’s promo was awesome tonight and they are easily the best heel tag team (best tag team in general too). I hate handicap matches but this did serve it’s purpose (furthering the stuff between Bischoff of Jarrett, furthering the tension between Hernandez & Morgan, and putting Beer Money over again). By the way, Hernandez made his debut in AAA this weekend as part of the 2010 Rey de Reyes Tournament. He did make it to the Finals but didn?t win (he was eliminated by Marco Corleone aka former WCW and WWE star Mark Jindrak). Hernandez will be competing with AAA regularly along with TNA.

I actually loved the stuff between Foley and Bischoff. I was shocked that Bischoff actually had his head shaved there so that was a nice surprise.

All the promos for the X-Division were nicely done and it really helped put over the importance to them. Shannon Moore got his own little stand-alone promo (that guy is just about as weird as Jeff Hardy). By the way I googled Book of DILLIGAF Mr. Moore and found nothing. Chris Sabin was very strong on the mic tonight and Max Buck wasn?t as bad as I figured he would be, but it was the ensuing brawl that really shone. Fans that are just now starting to get into TNA will have seen that and been immediately intrigued. From the unusual Ultimate X setup to all the crazy spots especially Red’s insane dive. Just a great little segment. It gave you a little taste or tease of what you can expect for the PPV.

Abyss was goofy as ever tonight and his new gimmick is doing absolutely nothing for me. I?m all for the return of the MONSTER but a Hulk Hogan clone does not interest me.
Good Main Event tonight and the best thing for me was that they didn?t give it all away. Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles should be a big feud down the line so don?t go balls out the first time around on free TV. They even teased a few spots here and there. Hardy going over doesn?t really hurt AJ especially since there was interference all around to go along with it and as much as Abyss? ?new? character annoys me that Chokeslam through the stage was nice. That may be their way to keep Flair out of the match Sunday, but I fully expect Wolfe and maybe someone else to show up. There is no way AJ should not win, that would be beyond horrible if for some insane reason they put the belt on Abyss.

Anyway, solid go home show tonight and remember Destination X is live on PPV tonight and as always Adam Martin will provide the best play-by-play live coverage on the internet here at Wrestleview.

Promo/Segment of the Night: X-Division Promos/Brawl

Match of the Night: Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles (***)

Overall Grade: B+

Destination X Lineup:
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Abyss
– TNA Tag Titles: Hernandez & Morgan (c) vs. Beer Money
– TNA X-Division Title: Doug Williams (c) vs. Shannon Moore
– TNA Knockouts Title: Tara (c) vs. Daffney
– Scott Hall & Syxx-Pac vs. Kevin Nash & Eric Young
– Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson
– Ultimate X Tag Titles #1 Contenders: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me
– Ladder Match X-Division Title #1 Contender: Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Amazing Red vs. Daniels