TNA Impact Wrestling Results 11/14/13

TNA Impact Wrestling: Turning Point ’13
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone) 
November 21, 2013 
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Back in the “Impact Zone,” well the new one at least, “Turning Point” opens up with Mike Tenay and Taz at the announce table. They reveal that James Storm was attacked in a bar last night in Orlando. A video from TNA 365 is then shown of Bobby Roode jumping Storm last night and brutally beating him in the bar. At one point Roode comically picked up a pool stick and played some pool before breaking the stick over Storm’s back. Roode hits Storm with a beer pitcher and then shoves money in his face and says “this one’s on me…sorry about your damn luck.”

A special Turning Point intro airs and then Samoa Joe is shown warming up backstage. Dixie Carter approaches him and she says that she watched her appearance on Impact over and over again. She asks Joe if he knows why she does that and when Joe asks why she does Dixie tells him that she does that so that she can improve and give her “fans” a better performance each week. Dixie says Joe’s performance was lousy last week and if he ever takes the tone he did last week with her he’ll find himself wrestling in “third world countries” with his “little buddy AJ Styles for pesos.” She says if Joe wins the World Title which she calls a “big IF” he better get the unification match with AJ out of his head because that is never happening. She says that AJ is never going to be allowed back in her company and Joe is lucky to be here. She says that the fans want to see her first tonight so he should keep warming up.

Dixie Carter comes out to the ring to a chorus of boos. She thanks the fans and says she knows the fans are so happy for her to be back in Orlando. She thanks Sports Illustrated for their article on Dixie that was released today. A big “AJ” chant breaks out as she says that she has to address him. She says the fans are “so upset” at him for how he is being so ugly to her. She says he has to wrestle all over the world for minimum wage now and she feels no pity for him but she does feel “ticked off in trailer talk” because he is still defending her property, the World Title. She says not one more company will make a dollar off of her and her title again because her lawyers are going to put an end to this.

James Storm interrupts her as a pissed off Cowboy makes his way down to the ring holding a bull rope. Storm says he’s pretty damn sure Dixie saw what happened to him last night when Roode jumped him. Storm points out the rope and says that rope isn’t enough for him because he’s going to use it but he wants to be able to use some chairs, tables, barbed wire, or even some chick at ringside’s dentures. Storm says since they’re back in Orlando he wants a “Florida Death Match!” Dixie says she doesn’t care about Storm’s bar room fight because that was on his time, not hers. Dixie says the “Wheel of Dixie” has spoken and she won’t change it. Storm says that’s funny because last night Orlando police asked him if he wanted to press charges and he refused. He says he told them he would settle it himself in the ring tonight and if she doesn’t give him his match he WILL press charges. Storm just threatened to snitch on Bobby Roode to get the match he wants. Storm says Roode will get locked up and she won’t have that match tonight that she’s been promising.

Dixie tells Storm not to take that tone with her and Storm is trying to back her into a corner publicly. Storm gets fired up and says it’s what the fans want and TNA is supposed to be about giving the fans what they want. Dixie gets pissed about the way Storm is talking to her again so he asks her nicely this time if she will give him the match. Dixie agrees as long as Storm agrees to leave the cops out of it and Storm agrees to that.

Taz and Tenay discuss what just went down and hype up the card for tonight.

TNA World Title Tournament Quarterfinals, Falls Count Anywhere Match: Magnus vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

This is a battle between former Main Event Mafia members and former Tag Team Champions. Joe is shown in the back and he says that he didn’t come here to talk, he came to scrap. He says falls count anywhere in the building so Magnus needs to come on back and get him some!


Back from the break Joe tosses Magnus into a wall and then lights him up with some chops. During the break Joe kicked Magnus into a wall and then a charging Magnus missed Joe and went flying into a pallet. Joe tossed Magnus over a table and then back live the fight has spilled onto the stage. Magnus kicks Joe and then hits an elbow drop for a nearfall. Magnus steps on Joe’s throat and then rakes his eyes. Magnus hits a Knee Lift but Joe answers with a series of jabs. Magnus cuts Joe off with a forearm to the temple and then they begin fighting down the ramp. Joe and Magnus exchange some nasty chops until Magnus slams his knee into the gut of Joe. Magnus tosses Joe back into the ring and then he attempts to whip Joe into a corner, but Joe reverses it and then charges at Magnus. Magnus gets a boot up and then climbs up top and dives only to eat an Atomic Drop in midair! Joe hits a Mafia Kick and then attempts a Backsplash Senton but Magnus rolls out of the way! Magnus hits a series of body shots and then a European Uppercut. Magnus bounces off the ropes but runs into a Snap Powerslam! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Magnus retreats to the corner and Joe charges but Magnus moves out of the way and hits the MDD! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Magnus hits a Snap Suplex and then climbs up top. Joe gets to his feet and crotches Magnus on the top rope. Joe climbs up with Magnus and attempts a Superplex, but Magnus blocks it and then drops down to the apron and hits a Leaping Knee to knock Joe off. Magnus climbs back up top and hits the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Magnus goes for the British Cloverleaf but Joe kicks him away and then retreats to a corner. Magnus charges at him but Joe catches him in midair with a Uranage Suplex! Magnus rolls out to the floor and Joe dives onto him with the Elbow Suicida through the ropes! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out again! Tenay points out how that high risk move wasn’t as high risk because Joe could pin Magnus on the outside. Joe tries to pick Magnus up but he drop toe holds Joe into the ring apron. Magnus pulls out a chair from under the ring and wedges between the bottom and middle turnbuckle. Magnus hits a European Uppercut on Joe and then tries to toss Joe into the chair but Joe counters into the Coquina Clutch! Magnus fights it but looks to pass out before he is able to back Joe hard into the ring apron to break the hold. Joe then charges at Magnus but Magnus ducks and Joe slams into the chair, 1…2…3!

Winner: Magnus via pinfall (chair shot)

In the back Joseph Park mumbles about fighting his brother tonight.


Bad Influence make their way down to the ring as they obviously want to see Joseph Park vs. Abyss as much as me. Kaz says Bad Influence is here for everyone’s viewing pleasure and they wouldn’t miss tonight for the world because in mere moments an “unprecedented match” is about to take place when that “chubby piece of wiener cheese” (what the hell is that) Joseph Park is going to face Abyss. Kaz says they are going to sit ringside for this one.

Park comes down to the ring and he says he heard what the hooligans just said and they need to sit down and shut the hell up. Park says everyone knows he’s been looking for his brother for the past 18 months and after everything they come to this for the first time ever, Park vs. Abyss. He says this will stop all the wild accusations going around but he’s really doing this for himself because he wants to prove to the world he’s not a loser and if that means getting his butt whooped by his brother then so be it. He says you could call this his personal turning point.

Abyss’ music hits but no one comes out obviously. Kaz asks where Abyss is and since everyone here came to be entertained Park better start doing the “Truffle Shuffle” or something and start entertaining. Daniels says usually a story of a guy coming from the bottom to getting on TV like Park it would be an inspiration, but it’s not in Park’s case because he isn’t a man. He calls Park a “human water bed mattress.” He calls him a “bag of mayonnaise” with a cheap track suit. He calls Park a loser and says the reason his brother didn’t come out here is because Park is a failure. Daniels says Park is an embarrassment and then he mocks Park by asking him if he’s going to cry. Daniels dares him to punch him and then he asks if he has to punch Park in the face to make him a man. Daniels says he knows what sets Park off, blood and then Kaz pours a bucket of fake blood on Park. Daniels tells Park to show him Abyss and asks where the monster is. Daniels says the only thing inside Park’s head is a loser and a waste of space. He says Park takes up air that real human beings could use and he doesn’t deserve to be in his ring or even on his planet. Daniels tells Park to get out of his sight this instant.

Park leaves up the ramp as Daniels and Kazarian continue to mock him and bully him.


Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa come out to the ring and Gail says it’s time for another Open Challenge and she dares someone to take her challenge.

Open Challenge Match: Gail Kim w/Lei’D Tapa vs. Candice LeRae

Candice is a Canadian born wrestler that has wrestled for Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerilla among other promotions. She was partially trained by Manik/TJ Perkins. Gail tries to kick Candice as she slides in the ring but Candice blocks it and then decks Gail with a big right hand. Candice hits a series of forearms and then she goes for a clothesline, but Gail ducks and hits a clothesline of her own. Gail puts the boots to Candice and then slams her into the turnbuckles. Gail hits a crazy Running Dropkick sending Candice into the turnbuckles for a nearfall. Gail hits a forearm and then a front kick before whipping Candice into the corner again. Candice springs off the middle rope into a Diving Spinning Headscissors! Candice then catches Gail with a nice Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Candice then hits a running forearm and then charges at Gail for a Splash, but Gail ducks and hits a series of forearms. Candice answers with forearms of her own and then she goes for a hurricanrana but Gail OBLITIRATES her with a Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Candice kicks out! Gail talks trash to Candice and then hits the Eat Defeat for the pin.

Winner: Gail via pinfall (Eat Defeat)


Another message from the “Friends of AJ” airs with highlights of his title defense in Japan this past weekend. Clips of AJ eating dinner with Great Muta and hanging out with fans are also shown. AJ defeated young Japanese wrestler Seiya Sanada with the Calf Killa to retain his belt.

JB is backstage with Mr. Anderson and Anderson says Bully tried to take away what was most important to him in his life, his career which allows him to provide for his family. Anderson says he is in a taking mood tonight so he’s going to take Bully’s family from him.

Gunner approaches Storm backstage and says Storm doesn’t need all the weapons Storm has gathered up to whoop Roode’s ass. Storm says need and want are two different things and he says he doesn’t need any of it but he wants them. Storm says he appreciates Gunner being a partner like Roode never was but he’s about to give Roode an ass whooping of a lifetime. Gunner says he’s got Storm’s back.

A great video package highlighting the vast history between Roode and Storm is shown.


TNA World Title Tournament Quarterfinals, Florida Death Match: “Cowboy” James Storm vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

What the hell is a Florida Death Match? I don’t know, I guess the same thing as a Japanese Death Match or a Mexican Death Match or a Texas Death Match… yeah I still don’t know. Most “Death Matches” I’ve seen are just a No DQ Match, I’ve never figured out what the difference was. Storm doesn’t even wait for Roode’s entrance as he nails Roode with a kendo stick the minute he walks through the tunnel! Storm wears Roode out with the kendo stick and then slams him into the guardrail. Storm hits a big uppercut and then clotheslines him on the ramp. Tenay reveals the rules being No DQ, no countout but also no pinfalls or submission. The only way to win the match is to beat your opponent to the point where he can’t answer a 10 count. So it’s very different than the other “Death Matches” I’ve seen but I think Storm and Chris Harris had a great Death Match like that back in the day. How is this different than any other Last Man Standing Match? Doesn’t seem like it’s any different at all to me. Storm grabs Roode and tries to toss him into the ring but Roode shoves him into the ring post. Storm’s forehead is busted open as Roode punches him there repeatedly. Roode attempts to whip Storm into the ring steps but Storm reverses it! Storm tosses Roode into the ring and then tosses a couple of trash cans in with him that are both filled with weapons. Storm nails Roode with a crutch and then tosses him into the corner. Storm charges at him but Roode backdrops him over the top. Storm lands on the apron and then hits a Leaping Enziguri! Storm climbs back in the ring and bounces off the ropes but runs right into a shot with a cookie sheet from Roode. Roode hits Storm with the crutch repeatedly and then he chokes Storm with it. Roode chops Storm and then hits him with the crutch again. Roode tries to whip Storm into the opposite corner but Storm counters into an uppercut that lays Roode out. Storm places a trashcan between Roode’s legs and then nails the trashcan into Roode’s nuts with a kendo stick! Storm then blasts Roode in the head with a cookie sheet. Roode gets up at the 5 count and then Storm climbs up top and attempts the Swinging Noose, but Roode blocks it and then swings at Storm. Storm blocks the shot with his foot and then hits a Diving Sunset Flip! Roode rolls through it and kicks Storm in the balls. Roode then catapults Storm into a trashcan but Storm blocks it and then throws the trashcan at Roode’s head! Storm blasts Roode with the trashcan again but this time Roode gets up at 8 and Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm onto a trashcan! Roode blocks it and then Double-R Spinebusters Storm onto the trashcan obliterating the trashcan! Storm gets up at 9 so Roode blasts him with a trashcan lid. Storm grabs one and answers with a shot of his own! They begin killing each other with trashcan lid shots until both men are laid out in the ring. The referee starts counting both men out but they both get back to their feet. Roode charges at Storm with a crutch but eats the Last Call! Roode rolls out of the ring and reaches under the ring and gets back to his feet at the 9 count. Storm reaches out and grabs Roode by the head but Roode blasts him a beer bottle that he pulled out from under the ring in a mirror image of the way Roode beat Storm for the World Title back in 2011. Roode begins celebrating but Storm is able to crawl to his feet before the 10 count! Roode hits a running clothesline and then grabs a chair from ringside. Roode tosses in another chair as well and then sets them both up side by side in the ring. Roode DVD’s Storm onto the chairs! Storm AGAIN is able to get to his feet before the 10 count as Roode can’t believe it! Roode starts beating the hell out of Storm with a crutch and screams at him to “die you son of a bitch, die!” Roode pulls out a blank covered in a barbed wire from under the ring! Roode goes for the DVD onto the barbed wire plank but Gunner runs out and throws in the towel to a chorus of boos in a bullsh*t ending.

Winner: Roode via forfeit


Back from the break Storm is pissed that Gunner threw in the towel as he screams at him. Storm says that was BS (I agree) but Gunner says he was looking out for him because Roode could have ended his career.

A video package highlighting Sam Shaw is shown as Christy Hemme interviews him at his home. He asks her to call him Samuel Shaw and he talks about being an extreme sports fan. He says the ultimate adrenaline rush for him is pro wrestling and then says he went to art school and breaks out his art book. He shows off his artwork but as he starts to get to a couple of creepy ass bloody drawings he stops and closes the book. As the camera cuts Shaw asks Hemme out while the camera man creepily watches from behind around a corner. Hemme gives him her number and tells him to call her. As she leaves he rearranges everything on his table after Christy messed with. Got a feel this dude is going to be a creeper.

In the back EC3’s jobbers are talking when EC3 walks up to them. EC3 says he personally flew them to the show tonight but this rivalry between them has to end because if he beats them again it would be “jumping the shark.” EC3 says he flew them out just to tell them they suck. EC3 says he faces a returning TNA legend and he’s nervous but he will prevail because he’s a Carter.

JB is with Aces & Eights backstage but Knux makes JB leave and then hands Brooke the microphone. Bully says he’s never met anyone in wrestling more ungrateful than Anderson and he reminds him that TNA turned their back on him last year while he was the guy that reached out to him. Bully says he is the one that breathed life back into him and he should be calling Bully god at this point. Bully says he brought Anderson back and tonight when he piledrives Anderson through the stage he’ll be the one to take him out. Bully says he’ll be sure to take care of Anderson’s pregnant wife.


Backstage Anderson talks about Magnus and praises him saying he poses a big threat to Kurt. Someone approaches Kurt and says that Dixie Carter needs to see him right now.

EC3 comes down to the ring and I get the feeling something “fishy” is about go down. EC3 says it’s time that he raises his level of competition and tonight he faces a returning TNA legend, and then he introduces Shark Boy.

Ethan Carter III vs. Shark Boy

EC3 punches Sharky in the head and then he picks Shark Boy up, but Shark Boy answers with a series of right hands. Shark Boy whips EC3 into the ropes but EC3 rolls out of the ring to avoid the fin. Shark Boy chases him back into the ring and as Shark Boy slid in EC3 went for an elbow drop but Shark Boy rolls out of the way. Shark Boy hits an Atomic Drop and then he slams EC3 into the turnbuckles. Sharky mounts EC3 in the corner and rains down right hands. Shark Boy goes for the Chummer but EC3 blocks it and hits a Front Slam. EC3 hits the One Percenter for the pin.

Winner: EC3 via pinfall (One Percenter)

TNA announced during that last match that “Genesis” is coming to Huntsville, AL in January (Spike TV special) and I may just take that 4 hour ride and give myself a birthday present.

The history of Anderson and Bully Ray is shown.


Angle and Roode are in Dixie’s office and she says next week is Thanksgiving and since Roode and Angle don’t get along she is going to fix that. She says they are going to pretend like they get along like everyone else does on Thanksgiving in the Main Event. She wants them to each lead a team of four in an 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match.

Main Event, No DQ Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

Anderson has some new long tights. Members of the TNA roster walk out onto the ramp and Tenay says that the TNA roster has come out to make sure that no one from Aces & Eights interferes. If Anderson loses this he must leave TNA, if Bully loses then A&8 must disband. Anderson Spears Bully before JB got done doing the intros and then Anderson grabs the microphone and does his own intro. Anderson low blows Bully twice and then hits him with the microphone! Brooke hilariously checks on Bully’s groin injury. Bully uses Brooke as a shield as Anderson chases him and then he pushes her into Anderson and then he decks Anderson and helps Brooke up. Bully slams Anderson into the ring steps and then rakes his eyes. Bully pulls out a table as we go to a break.


Back from the break Bully suplexes Anderson over the top rope into the ring. Bully goes for a Powerslam but Anderson blocks it and they begin exchanging right hands. Bully takes Anderson down with a Big Boot and then taunts the TNA wrestlers up the ramp. Bully rips off Anderson’s shirt and chops him. Bully trash talks him until Anderson bitch slaps the hell out of him! Bully answers with a Corner Splash and then a huge right hand. Bully picks up his chain and stares down the TNA roster. Bully whips Anderson with the chain and then he wraps the chain around his elbow and attempts an Elbow Drop with it. Anderson rolls out of the way and then grabs the chain and whips Bully with it. Anderson swings at Bully with the chain but Bully ducks and hits a Uranage Suplex! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out and then Bully tosses Anderson out to the floor. Bully rips up the padding around ringside and then attempts to Piledrive Anderson onto the cement, but Anderson backdrops him! Anderson goes for a Piledriver of his own but Bully blocks it until Knux comes from the crowd and attacks Anderson! Knux slams Anderson into the guardrail and then attempts to whip him into the ring steps but Anderson reverses it. Anderson screams at Brooke to get out of his way and then rips up more padding around ringside. Anderson Piledrives Knux on the floor and then strips off his cut! Bully attacks Anderson from behind and tosses him back in the ring. Bully climbs up top but Anderson punches him in the balls and hits the Green Bay Plunge onto the steel chain! Anderson goes for the Mic Check but Bully blocks it and then Spears Anderson into the table that was set up earlier! Bully covers Anderson, 1…2…NO he still kicks out! Bully yells at Brooke to get something and then she runs over to Taz and gets the hammer! She tosses to Bully but overshoots him and Anderson catches it! Anderson hits Bully with the hammer and then the Mic Check! 1…2…3!

Winner: Anderson via pinfall (Mic Check)

The TNA roster is shown applauding and Tenay starts applauding as well. Anderson rips off Bully’s cut and then some of the TNA wrestlers go over to Taz and take his cut off of him too!


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.


1) TNA World Title Tournament Quarterfinals Falls Count Anywhere Match: Magnus def. Samoa Joe

2) Open Challenge Match: Gail Kim def. Candice Larea

3) TNA World Title Tournament Quarterfinals Florida Death Match: Bobby Roode def. James Storm

4) EC3 def. Shark Boy

5) No DQ Match: Mr. Anderson def. Bully Ray

Scheduled for Next Week:

-Elimination Match: Team Angle vs. Team Roode

-Aces & Eights Funeral

TNA World Title Tournament Brackets


– Full Metal Mayhem: Jeff Hardy def. Chris Sabin (11/07)

– Submission Match: Kurt Angle def. Austin Aries (11/14)

– Bullrope Match: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm (11/21)

– Falls Count Anywhere Match: Magnus def. Samoa Joe (11/21)


– Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode (TBA)

– Kurt Angle vs. Magnus (TBA)


– TBA vs. TBA

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