TNA Impact Wrestling Results 1/2/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone II)
January 2, 2014
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay
Report by: Adam Martin of

Filling in tonight for Josh Boutwell who is taking in the Sugar Bowl tonight. Roll Tide. Josh is back next week.

A video package runs focusing on the new TNA Champion Magnus. Tonight will be the coronation of Magnus.

Kurt Angle is out first to kick off the show. Angle talks about how 2013 wasn’t the greatest year for him. “I always took pride in being a world class athlete,” added Angle. He said this is why he turned down the offer to be part of the TNA Hall of Fame. “My name is Kurt Angle. They call me a cyborg. But in 2013 I was not that.” He is out here tonight to reveal his plans for 2014. Bobby Roode’s music hits to cut him off. Roode is wondering if Angle is going to walk away from Impact Wrestling just like Jeff Hardy did last week. He said if Angle intends to walk away, he wants him to look him in his eyes and tell him face-to-face that the “it factor of professional wrestling” is better than you. Angle said he is out here to reveal he plans to kick some ass in 2014 and this is why he is challenging Roode to one more match. Roode says Angle is out of his mind adding, “absolutely not.” He said he has nothing to prove to the world or Angle. “You and I are done,” said Roode. Roode then offers they do have one more match, but only under the stipulation that if he wins, Angle can never accept a Hall of Fame induction in TNA ever again. Angle accepts saying it will take place in a few weeks at Genesis in Huntsville, Alabama on 1/16. He reveals it will be inside a steel cage. Angle and Roode start brawling until TNA staff and officials hit the ring to break it up. Rockstar Spud is out saying they will not ruin this night. Spud books a tag team match if they can find partners.

Backstage, TNA President Dixie Carter said she finally found her perfect champion in Magnus and tonight will be the perfect coronation. The director says cut and she goes into another room being handed a note. Carter is concerned.


A promo for TNA One Night Only: Tag Team Tournament starting 1/3 on PPV.

Backstage, Dixie Carter reveals the note said “see you tonight” with no signature. She wants Rockstar Spud to find out who it came from. Spud promises he will find out for Madam Dixie.

Back inside the Impact Zone, TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim is with Lei’D Tapa. Kim said it is a brand new year and it is now time for a new Gail Kim Open Challenge. Madison Rayne has answered the challenge.

Gail Kim Open Challenge (Non-Title Match)
TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim (c) w/ Lei’D Tapa vs. Madison Rayne

Rayne with a cross body off the corner as she was doing her wave pose to the crowd to get things going. Rayne with quick boots to Kim in the corner. Rayne with a big spear on Kim and throws her head off the mat repeatedly. Kim fights back tossing Rayne down using her hair. Tapa trips up Rayne as she hit the ropes and pulled her out. Kim tosses Rayne back in and gets two counts on a series of pinfall attempts. Kim with a chin lock applied on Rayne. Rayne counters Eat Defeat for a close pinfall. Double clothesline spot by both ladies. Rayne catches Kim with a big boot and a shot in the corner. Rayne gets on the shoulders of Kim in the corner and Kim counters dropping Rayne on her face. Rayne counters Eat Defeat for the second time and gets a roll up for the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Mike Tenay says Rayne deserves a title shot for pinning the champion.

Backstage, Velvet Sky is getting ready. Chris Sabin said she needs to listen to him so he leaves with the TNA X Division Championship. He adds if he doesn’t leave tonight with that title then he leaves tonight without her.


Backstage, Kurt Angle is trying to recruit Gunner as his partner tonight. James Storm walks up and isn’t happy.

TNA X Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Chris Sabin w/ Velvet Sky

Sabin wants a kiss on the cheek from Velvet Sky before the match gets started. Sky gives him a kiss and Aries takes out Sabin right away with a huge dropkick. Aries with a close two count early on. Aries applies a bridging chin lock right away. Sabin is yelling at Velvet to help him and she is yelling back that she can’t interfere. Sabin yells at Velvet at ringside. Aries pulls Sabin back in the ring over the top rope and drops a quick elbow. Sabin gets in a quick knee to Aries, tosses him to the ring apron, but Aries drops Sabin off the top rope and hits a corkscrew springboard splash over Sabin. Aries follows with a quick moonsault that results in another close two count. Sabin has Aries in the tree of woe. Aries is sitting up repeatedly to avoid the dropkick. Aries hooks the arm of Sabin and comes down with a cutter. Aries catches Sabin with a big elbow sending him to the outside. Aries with a sledgehammer off the top turnbuckle to the floor below over Sabin. Sabin is back in and Aries comes flying off the top turnbuckle with a big missile dropkick. Sabin is yelling at Velvet to get ready. Velvet jumps up on the ring apron. Aries tells her to get down. Sabin with a low blow and gets Aries in a small package to get the pinfall.

Winner and new TNA X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

After the match, Jeremy Borash interviews new TNA X Division Champion Chris Sabin. He wants to thank the one person that helped him win back the title – himself! Sabin takes off up the ramp dragging Velvet Sky behind him.


Backstage, Rockstar Spud takes a phone call that hangs up on him again.

Samuel Shaw is out next to make his official debut. He puts on some gloves and escorts Christy Hemme out of the ring.

Samuel Shaw vs. Norv Fernum

Shaw takes out Fernum right away with a quick strike to the head. Shaw launches Fernum with force to the corner. We see a shot of Christy smiling at ringside. Fernum gets in a few kicks, but Shaw responds with a big snap powerslam. Shaw drops Fernum over his back pointing at Christy. Shaw applies a choke on Fernum and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Samuel Shaw

After the match, Shaw leaves the ring, stares down Christy and heads to the back.

Backstage, James Storm said he made a career being a tag team specialist in TNA and tonight he wants to prove that Kurt Angle made the wrong choice going with Gunner. Storm walks off, opens a door and says, “Just who I’m looking for.”


Backstage, James Storm wants to be Bobby Roode’s partner tonight. Roode wants to know why he can trust him. Storm said he doesn’t like Roode, but he wants to send a message tonight. Roode refuses. Storm promises to be out there tonight either as his partner or kicking everyone’s ass.

Highlights are shown of Magnus becoming the new TNA Champion.


Kurt Angle and Gunner vs. Bobby Roode and James Storm

We start with Kurt Angle and James Storm. Tenay and Taz talk up the Beer Money past of Storm and Roode. Angle with a quick elbow that drops Storm. Tag to Gunner and Storm gets in a high knee. Tag to Roode who eats two big shots from Gunner. Gunner with a big splash to Roode in the corner and follows it up with a sling shot suplex off the top rope. Double team work by Roode and Storm. Roode with shoulder shots to Gunner in the corner as Storm gets the tag. Storm with a front face lock on Gunner. Angle is cheering on Gunner for the hot tag. The referee misses the tag to Angle as Roode interferes pushing away the referee. Tag to Roode who gets in a few shots on Gunner. Roode and Storm with a double suplex. The crowd wants a “BEER…MONEY” spot and they instead stare each other down as Roode exits to the apron. Angle is in and goes after Roode connecting with german sulpexes on Roode. Angle with a release belly-to-belly on Storm who charges in. Angle counters a superkick by Storm into an Ankle Lock. Roode breaks that up. Gunner has Roode up in the Gun Rack when Storm hits the Last Call on Gunner. Roode drops Gunner off his shoulders with a neckbreaker and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Bobby Roode and James Storm

After the match, Kurt Angle attacks Bobby Roode. Angle attempts an Angle Slam and Roode counters bailing to the outside. Angle points and yells at Roode as Roode yells at him from the ramp.

Backstage, Rockstar Spud thinks Sting sent the letter. Sting said he didn’t send it and is here to talk to Dixie in person.


Ethan Carter III is out and has a mic. He claims to have changed the face of wrestling in 2013. Carter talks about going up against some tough competition. He talks about Jeff Hardy saying he is leaving TNA last week and challenges him to a match right now. Carter demands Christy Hemme introduce his opponent, Jeff Hardy. Hardy’s music plays and he doesn’t come out. Carter starts a 10 count. When he gets to 9, Sting’s music hits. Sting refuses to allow Carter to trash Hardy. Carter said he’s done with Sting since he beat him already. Sting wants Carter to prove he is a man. Carter refuses to allow Sting to manipulate him and starts to leave. Carter goes to walk away when he turns around and says he will face Sting one-on-one…in two weeks at Genesis.

Backstage, Eric Young is trying to help Joseph Park realize he is Abyss. He said he can’t be out there tonight with him and that Park needs to remember who he really is. Ray walks up warning Park to not wrestle tonight. He warns Park he will set him on fire.


Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

The bell rings and Bully Ray is standing in the corner wearing a hoodie with his head down. Joseph Park moves forward slowly getting closer. Ray moves his head up staring down Park and hits him with a low blow kick. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Joseph Park

As the bell continues to ring, Bully Ray squeezes lighter fluid all over Joseph Park. Ray pulls out a lighter when Mr. Anderson’s music hits. Anderson hits the ring and Ray starts pouring the lighter fluid all over him as well. Anderson backs up as Ray turns on the lighter. Anderson doesn’t seem scared as he continues to stare down Ray. Ray exits the ring and heads to the back.


It’s now time for the coronation of new TNA Champion Magnus. Rockstar Spud and EC3 are in the ring. Spud is speaking on behalf of the entire Carter Kingdom. He describes Dixie Carter as the Queen. EC3 is our Master of Ceremonies tonight. Carter said they may worship a Queen overseas, but in America the 1% are the ones to worship. He introduces TNA President Dixie Carter. Dixie talks about discovering Magnus five years ago only for him to become the “true champion he is today.” She introduces the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus. Magnus gets on the mic and thanks EC3 and Rockstar Spud for the kind words. He also thanks a very special lady, Miss Dixie Carter. Magnus said he’s sure the fans figured it would be Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy standing before you as the TNA Champion. He said the fans turned their backs on him and he will never take a back seat to anyone in this business.

Gunner’s music hits and he walks out holding up his briefcase with the title shot inside.


We are back and Gunner said he is ready to fight. He wants to cash in his briefcase. Dixie Carter says not to ring the bell. Gunner grabs Rockstar Spud and tosses him away. Gunner does the same to EC3. Magnus goes after Gunner when EC3 and Rockstar Spud get involved. EC3 and Spud hold back Gunner. Magnus is going to hit Gunner with his title when AJ Styles hits the ring. He clears the ring of EC3 and Spud. Styles has the TNA Championship in hand. Both Styles and Magnus stare each other down holding up their titles. Styles tells Dixie her lawyers can calm down. He said he isn’t here because she wants him to. Styles said he is here when Dixie screwed over the people and created her own champion. He calls Magnus a farce. Styles tells Magnus he is a champion until he beats the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Magnus asks if Styles is challening him. Styles says we can only have one champion. He said now is the time for Magnus to prove who he says he is. Dixie tells Magnus he doesn’t have to do anything. Styles says the deal is on the table and the choice is up to Magnus. Magnus tells Styles he isn’t better than him and if he wants him to prove it, he will next week. He accepts the challenge of Styles. Dixie says that isn’t going to happen. Magnus says if that is the case, then he is gone. Dixie said she can’t allow someone without a contract to wrestle. Magnus asks Dixie to give Styles a one night contract. Dixie says if Magnus loses then she has nothing. Magnus says it is time to roll the dice as he is feeling lucky. We go off the air with Magnus and Styles staring each other down.


1) Madison Rayne def. Gail Kim
2) Chris Sabin def. Austin Aries to become the new TNA X Division Champion
3) Samuel Shaw def. Norv Fernum
4) Bobby Roode and James Storm def. Kurt Angle and Gunner
5) Joseph Park def. Bully Ray via DQ

Scheduled for Next Week:
– To crown one TNA Champion: Magnus vs. AJ Styles

Scheduled for TNA Genesis on 1/16:
– Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
– Sting vs. Ethan Carter III