TNA Genesis Results 1/16/14

TNA Impact Wrestling: Genesis 2014 Night 2
Huntsville, AL (Von Braun Center) 
January 23, 2014
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Week two from Bama kicks off with the Genesis opening video.

Backstage Rockstar Spud is trying to calm Dixie Carter down with some goof in a suit standing beside her. Magnus walks up and shakes hands with the man in the suit who seems to be Dixie’s lawyer. Magnus asks about a bunch of international deals for him and he says everything sounds great which causes Spud to sarcastically blurt out, “oh yeah everything’s just great, we’re only losing control of the company.”

Dixie says that’s not true but they do have a situation which is why she flew in her lawyer. The lawyer says there was a meeting today with the “Board of Directors” and he says someone is setting up a “hostile takeover” of TNA. He says that for months they’ve been secretly buying shares of TNA and there are a few triggers that should go off because of a “forced purchase” but he doesn’t know all the answers just yet. He says he has an unlimited number of methods to “dissolve this nuisance” but this thing is definitely not just about business with whoever these people are. Dixie is freaking out that they called the meeting today with her in Alabama and she says they’re trying to gain control away from her, and her lawyer is asking them to start playing fair.

Magnus mentions his title match with Sting tonight and he needs to focus on that. The lawyer tells him to focus and play fair tonight, and Dixie says that they’ve been instructed to allow someone in Sting’s corner tonight. Magnus freaks out and the lawyer says they will cooperate tonight in the short term while he tries to fix this problem. Magnus says if they want to move the goal post then they can too so he suggest making the match No DQ, No Count Out so there can be no excuses. Dixie agrees and the lawyer says that can work. Magnus says this whole thing has Sting written all over it and he calls Sting a “snake.” The lawyer says he doesn’t care if it’s Sting or not, all he cares about is getting rid of whoever the investor is. Dixie tells Magnus to just go out there and win, and then tells her lawyer that he better have her covered.

Magnus comes down to the ring with Rockstar Spud and EC3 as Tenay and Taz discuss what we just heard. He rants and bitches about Sting pulling strings and politicking to get a man in his corner tonight. Magnus says he thought Sting was a man and then Sting’s music hits as The Icon walks out to the ring.

Sting comes out and asks Magnus if he wants to “honor their deal” like he honored the deal with AJ Styles to face each other “man to man” but Magnus tells Sting to stop trying to flip this around on him because it’s about Sting politicking. He asks Sting how much he paid the new investor but Sting says he won’t sell out like Magnus did, and he doesn’t know who the investor is. Magnus says it’s No DQ, No Countout tonight and Sting gets no more second chances after tonight. Magnus says Sting has to pin him or make him submit and Sting can’t do that because he proved that at BFG. Magnus reminds Sting that he made him tap out at BFG and Sting says that’s right but he got back up on his feet once again and got his head back in the game.

Sting says he knows Magnus better than he even knows himself and that’s what separates real champions from paper champions. Sting says that Magnus didn’t earn anything and he traded honor for greed as a “paper champion” chant breaks out. Sting says Magnus has lost the respect of everyone as he gets in Magnus’s face which causes Magnus to slap him. Sting just smiles at Magnus and then decks him!

Spud and EC3 attack Sting but then Samoa Joe’s music hits and he runs down to the ring and levels EC3 as Spud and Magnus bail out of the ring! Sting introduces the man that will be in his corner tonight…SAMOA JOE!

Tenay and Taz discuss the card tonight.

A video package recapping the history between James Storm and Gunner airs.


Backstage Spud approaches Dixie freaking out about Joe but Dixie says if Joe wants to interfere tonight they just have to make sure he is physically unable to do anything. Spud suggests they put him in a match tonight and Dixie suggests Spud face him. Spud flips out but Dixie tries to hype him up saying that he beat everyone else in Britain to win a TNA contract, but Spud says he just beat “two girls!” Dixie tells Spud to destroy Samoa Joe tonight and show everyone why she handpicked him to stand by her side. Spud looks like he may have wet himself and as he walks away Dixie whispers to the sky, “lord, please don’t get killed.”

World Title Shot On a Pole Match

“Cowboy” James Storm vs. Gunner

Storm tries to climb the ropes and grab the briefcase quickly but Gunner pulls him down and then tries the same. Storm pulls Gunner down and then Gunner shoves Storm away. Gunner gets Storm in a headlock but Storm shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Gunner tries to get to the corner again but Storm grabs him and hits a series of right hands. Storm attempts to whip Gunner into the ropes but Gunner reverses it only to catch a clotheslines from the Cowboy. Storm charges at Gunner but Gunner sidesteps him and sends him over the top rope. Storm holds onto the top rope and skins the cat back into the ring. Storm grabs Gunner and hits a Jawbreaker and then bounces off the ropes only to run into a High Knee from Gunner. Storm retreats to the apron and Gunner hits him with a big right and then slams him into the top turnbuckle. Gunner tries it again but Storm blocks it and then hits a Leaping Enziguri! Storm climbs up top but Gunner cuts him off and lights him up with chops. Gunner climbs up with Storm and attempts a Superplex, but Storm blocks it and knocks Gunner off the top. Gunner comes back with a forearm and then a headbutt! Gunner climbs back up with Storm and hits a Super Fall Away Slam off the top! Gunner tries to climb up the ropes but Storm holds onto his legs so Gunner grabs Storm and attempts the Rebound Suplex off the ropes, but Storm blocks it and counters into a Back Stabber! Storm hits the Closing Time and sets up for the Last Call! Gunner blocks it and then spins Storm around into a Uranage Suplex! Gunner climbs up top and reaches up for the briefcase, but Storm punches him in the gut and climbs up top with him. They exchange right hands atop the turnbuckles and Storm hits a Super rana off the top! It was more like a Bodyrana than a Hurricanrana because his legs got caught under Gunner’s armpits rather than around his head but it worked either way. Storm climbs back up top but Gunner climbs up with him from behind. Storm grabs the case and starts to pull it down but Gunner catches him with a Super Electric Chair Drop off the top causing Storm to let go of the case! Tenay and Taz mention it’s like a catch or a fumble in football, you have to have complete control of the briefcase when you touch the mat for the match to end. Storm almost grabs the case again but Gunner grabs him and headbutts him repeatedly and then grabs hold of the briefcase to win it!

Winner & STILL #1 Contender: Gunner via taking control of the case

Storm shakes his head and leaves the ring as Gunner celebrates the win.


After the commercials Kurt Angle talks about the Cage Match tonight and his feud with Roode. Angle says if he can’t beat Roode once with something as important as his induction into the Hall of Fame on the line then he doesn’t even deserve to be in it.

A recap of the drama between Aries and Sabin from last week is shown.

Velvet’s “Impact 365” video that she posted during the week is shown. She says since her boyfriend wants to put all of their dirty laundry in the public she’s going to do the same. She received a package from Sabin and she’s going to open it on camera. In the note attached Sabin apologizes for how things went down last week and he says he knows he pushed everything too far, and this gift is to show that every relationship needs forgiveness and commitment to work. He wants Velvet to bring to the gifts with her to Impact because she will know exactly what to do. A teddy bear is in the package and a huge steel pipe.


TNA X-Division Championship

Chris Sabin (c) w/Velvet Sky vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries

Velvet Sky will be locked in a small cage at ringside during the match. It looks like the same cage TNA used as the “penalty box” in the old King of the Mountain matches. She has the “gift bag” that Sabin sent her. The match kicks off with Aries getting Sabin in a side headlock, and then transitioning into a Full Nelson and then to a Cravate. Sabin forces Aries into the corner and then slaps Aries in the chest as they break. Sabin puts Aries in a side headlock but this time Aries forces Sabin into the corner and then destroys him with a chop. Sabin angrily charges at Aries but gets caught with a Japanese Armdrag. Aries then takes Aries down and spins around him into a pin for a nearfall. Aries rolls Sabin up again for anther nearfall and then quickly gets Sabin in a backslide! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out but then almost in unison with Sabin’s kick out Aries flips forward into the Last Chancery! Sabin rakes the eyes of Aries to break the hold and then tries to throw Aries out to the floor, but Aries reverses it and then Aries climbs to the top rope. Sabin sees it coming so he quickly jumps to the apron and crotches Aries. Sabin rakes the back of Aries and then hangs him upside down. Sabin stands on Aries’ crotch and waves at Velvet. Sabin then hits the Baseball Slide Dropkick. Wow, I don’t know if those knees are really bothering him or if Sabin just simply can’t get the air that he used to with the Hesitation Dropkick, or maybe he’s just not doing it as a heel. Sabin gets a nearfall and then tosses Aries out to the floor hard to try and get a countout. Aries climbs back to the apron and Sabin Suplexes him over the top into the ring for another nearfall. Sabin tosses Aries over the top rope but Aries lands on the apron and then hits a big Forearm Smash followed by a series of elbows to Sabin! Aries then hits a shoulder block through the ropes and slingshots himself over Sabin back into the ring. Aries boxes the ears of Sabin and then hits a Springboard Moonsault! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out! Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Sabin counters into a Spinning Back Kick! Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Aries blocks it and then hits the Roaring Elbow! Sabin retreats to the corner and then eats the IED from Aries! Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Sabin blocks it again and pulls Aries hard down throat first onto the middle rope. Sabin goes out to the floor and asks Velvet to give him the gift bag. She hands it to him but nothing but the teddy bear is in it. Aries comes from out of nowhere with the Savage Flying Axe Handle off the top! Aries tosses Sabin back into the ring and then climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! Aries actually had the bear in his hand as he hit the dropkick and then put the bear in his trunks. Aries hits the IED followed by the Brainbuster! 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW X-Division Champ: Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster)

Velvet just shakes her head as she looks at Sabin lying on the mat.


A video package featuring The Wolves airs. Eddie says, “Dixie Carter, the world was bought and sold by the people with the information from those who have none…like Dixie Carter.” Davey says Dixie mentioning that they were world renowned and that she knew of them and if that’s the case then why would she ask “the hunters of professional wrestling to dance with their meal” referring to the Try Out Match. Davey says they don’t dance, they dominate and Eddie says the new investor knew that which is why they made the deal with them. Davey says that around the world those that know them know not to tempt fate, but those that don’t they can consider this their warning. Eddie says that this is the true “genesis” of a new beginning in TNA and they are just the START. He says that next week live in Glasgow the investor will be revealed to the world, and their “hunt” begins!

Tenay and Taz discuss what The Wolves just revealed.

A video package highlighting the past between Roode and Angle is shown.


Steel Cage Match

“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

Roode and Angle lockup and Angle gets Roode in a waistlock, but Roode reverses into a hammerlock. Angle reverses it into a hammerlock of his own but Roode catches him with an elbow. Roode puts the boots to Angle in the corner and then he goes for a clothesline, but Angle catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Angle beats Roode down in the corner and then he mounts Roode and rains down right hands, but Roode lifts him out of the corner and Powerbombs him into the cage wall! Roode punches Angle in the back and then hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Roode chops Angle and then whips him into the corner. Roode hits a Running Clothesline and then a Vertical Suplex for another nearfall. Roode chokes Angle with his boot against the cage wall and then he goes for a Powerbomb, but Angle takes Roode down and catapults him into the cage wall! Roode bounces back into the Rolling German Suplexes from Angle! After the third suplex Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Roode counters into an armdrag and then tosses Angle face first into the cage wall! Roode then hits the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Angle is busted open as Roode goes for the Roode Bomb, but Angle blocks it and shoves Roode into the cage wall! Angle hits the Olympic Slam! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Angle puts Roode in the Angle Lock but Roode stands up on one foot and then uses that leg to destroy Angle with an Enziguri! Roode rips off his elbow pad and then hits the Northern Lariat! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Roode attempts to climb out through the cage door but Angle grabs his leg to stop him. Roode kicks Angle repeatedly and then slams him into the cage wall again. Angle falls down in front of the cage door so Roode decides to try and climb over the top instead. Angle climbs up top and grabs Roode’s leg as he was trying to climb over the top. Angle pulls Roode down to the top rope and they begin slamming each other’s faces into the cage wall. Angle repeatedly slams Roode into the cage until he falls down to the mat. Angle climbs to the top of the cage but intead of climbing over he stops as he looks down at Roode. Angle then stands up in the corner of the cage and MOONSAULTS OFF THE TOP OF THE DAMN THING! Angle rolls out of the way and Angle lands hard on the mat! Angle reaches down and grabs his knee as he landed. The replay shows Angle land pretty hard on his left knee. Roode climbs through the door and almost gets out but Angle grabs his foot and pulls him back in and locks in the Angle Lock! Roode rolls over and kicks Angle off and then Roode tries to escape through the door again! Angle grabs his foot yet again and begins pulling him back in and locks in the Angle Lock again! Roode almost taps but is able to roll through and send Angle face first into the cage wall! Roode hits the Roode Bomb! 1…..2……NO ANGLE KICKS OUT AGAIN! Roode cannot believe that Angle was still able to kick out after that as a big “Angle” chant breaks out. Roode slaps his leg repeatedly like he’s trying to get feeling back in it, and then he climbs up top to try and climb out. Angle springs to the top for a Super Olympic Slam but Roode holds onto the cage to block it! Angle punches him repeatedly and then hits the Super Olympic Slam! A “TNA” chant starts up as Angle rolls over and covers Roode, 1…2…….NO ROODE KICKS OUT THIS TIME! Angle starts climbing up to the top of the cage again but Roode climbs up with him. As Angle went over the top Roode grabs his head and drags him back over the top onto the top rope. They exchange hard punches on the top rope until Roode falls and crotches himself! Angle climbs back up the cage and climbs over, but as he was scaling the side Roode climbs through the door at the same time! Angle landed first before Roode though!

Winner: Angle via escaping the cage


EC3 walks into Spud’s locker room and asks if he has a minute. Spud sarcastically says “sure, two if I’m lucky if the bell rings quick.” EC3 asks if that’s the way a champion talks and he reminds Spud that he’s the British Boot Camp Champion. Spud asks if he watched the show and EC3 says he watched 5 or 10 minutes of it but in those 5 or 10 minutes he saw a man with amazing charisma and talent a lot like a man called the “American Dream.” EC3 says Spud is more fit than Dusty so he’s the “British Dream.” EC3 says he sees a blinding rage in his eyes hungry to prove all the critics wrong tonight and it starts against Samoa Joe. EC3 reminds him that they took Joe’s knee out a few weeks ago so he has a weak point and he says that Spud isn’t small, he’s fierce. EC3 hypes Spud up and gets him to scream and roar and actually succeeds in pumping him up.

The Bro-Mans and Zema are in the ring and Jesse reminds us that they are #TeamDixie. Jesse and Robbie say a bunch of crap that I’m clueless about and then Robbie says that the Bro-Mans will rule 2014, and when Zema cashes in his X-Division Title shot he will once again reign in the X-Division.

Zema says not only are Bro-Mans champions of looking jacked and tanned but they are also the greatest Tag Team Champions ever. Zema says Park & EY are “going down with the Bro-Down.”

Eric Young hits the ring and attacks the champs! EY hits a dropkick on Jesse but the numbers game gets the better of him. Jesse hits a dropkick of his own on EY and they continue the beatdown until Abyss’ music hits! That’s right ABYSS not Park! Bro-Mans freak the hell out as Abyss walks down the ramp! Abyss double clotheslines the Bro-Mans and then Chokeslams Jesse! Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Robbie and then corners Zema! Abyss hits the Shock Treatment on Zema as Taz says that Zema should get his ass kicked just for wearing his pants the way he does. Abyss stares at EY and then grabs him by the throat as EY begs him off. The fans chant “NO” at Abyss and he finally releases EY and walks away.

In the back Joe says his knee is fine and he watched Magnus go from his brother in arms to become a scumbag and a sellout, but he’s not surprised because he’s been through too many wars to be my surprised by anything in that ring. Joe says he has had the knife sunk into his back and he’s had it in his hands at times as well. He says tonight is about a new era, a new “Genesis” of TNA and in his genesis he seeks to send a message. He says the purest carrier of a message is pain and Spud will carry his message. Joe says his path of destruction starts tonight with Spud!


Moments ago Angle talks about Sting’s match tonight and says he thinks Sting is making a mistake tonight. Angle says Sting is too important to TNA and if they lose him it could be really bad.

Rockstar Spud vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

I hope Spud’s life insurance is all paid up. Joe paces back and forth as the bell rings and Spud actually gets in his face and starts talking trash. Joe turns around and dares Spud to do something. Spud tries a waistlock but Joe simply shrugs him away. Spud gets in Joe’s face again and screams at him and then hits a series of leg kicks followed by a chop and then a Spinning Back Fist kind of like AJ Styles does. Joe just shrugs them all off and then absolutely caves Spud’s chest inside out with a chop! Joe chops Spud again and then facewashes him in the corner repeatedly. Joe goes for the Running Facewash, but Spud rolls out to the floor. Spud climbs up top and dives off but Joe catches him by the throat! Joe lifts him into the air but Spud pokes him in the eyes and then dropkicks Joe’s previously injured knee! Spud hits another dropkick to the knee and then as Joe retreats to a corner Spud charges at him only to eat a Standing Uranage! Joe hits Spud with a knee to the face which I believe sent Spud’s nose into the balcony followed by a series of knees and then the Muscle Buster! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and Spud immediately taps!

Winner: Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)

Joe holds onto the choke until Spud passes out and then Joe stares into the camera. Joe grabs the microphone and says that tonight Magnus will face Sting one-on-one and if Dixie thinks any of her boys has a problem with that they have to go through JOE!


Main Event

TNA World Heavyweight Championship vs. Career Match

Magnus (c) vs. “The Icon” Sting w/Samoa Joe

Boxing style intros from JB for this one. Sting and Magnus lockup and Sting gets Magnus in a side headlock but Magnus shoves him into the ropes only to get run over by a shoulder block. They lockup again and this time Magnus gets Sting in a side headlock until Sting shoves him into the ropes and eats a shoulder block from Magnus this time. Magnus bounces off the ropes but eats a back elbow from Stinger. Magnus gets Sting in a armlock and then a wristlock now but Sting counters into a wristlock of his own. Magnus rolls through and counters into another wristlock, but again Sting reverses it and then takes Magnus down with an Arm Wringer. Magnus calls for a Test of Strength but scores with a knee to the gut and then puts the boots to Sting. Sting fights back with backhands and right hands but Magnus cuts him off and then goes for MDD, but Sting reverses it into an attempt at the Scorpion Death Drop! Magnus blocks it but runs into a back elbow from Sting. Sting whips Magnus into the ropes and then both men run into each other with clotheslines as EC3 walks down the ramp. He comes face to face with Joe and backs down.


Back from commercials Sting locks Magnus in the Scorpion Death Lock, but EC3 and Bad Influence run down and attack Samoa Joe! Bad Influence drag Joe away as EC3 runs in and attacks Sting. Bad Influence tosses Joe into the ring but Joe lays them both out and tosses them out of the ring! Magnus and EC3 double team Sting but Sting catches them both with a Double Clothesline! Sting tosses EC3 out to the floor and Joe hits the Elbow Suicida through the ropes onto EC3 and Bad Influence! Sting beats on Magnus in the corner and then hits a Hip Toss followed by the Scorpion Death Drop! 1…2…NO Zema Ion runs down and pulls the referee out! Joe kills Zema with a Running Forearm! Bro-Mans run out and attacks Joe now! They slam Joe into the ring steps! All the heels gang up on Sting and beat him down in the corner. Finally Kurt Angle runs down and starts throwing clotheslines all over the place! Angle hits a German Suplex on Daniels and then one for Kaz! Zema eats a Belly-to-Belly and then Bad Influence take Olympic Slams! Magnus climbs up top but Sting crotches him and climbs up with him! Sting hits a Superplex and both men are down! Angle and Joe chase the heels to the back as another referee runs out, 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but Magnus pulls the referee into it! Magnus dives off the top but Joe catches him in midair and slams him to the mat and then locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Bobby Roode runs out and hits Sting with the Northern Lariat! Magnus hits the MDD but there still is no referee! Dixie Carter drags Dixie Carter down to the ring holding something in her hand. She tells Earl to get in the ring and make the count….1…..2…..3!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Magnus via pinfall (MDD)

After the match Dixie celebrates with Magnus and then Magnus rips up Sting’s contract and drops the pieces on top of him.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) World Title Shot on a Pole Match: Gunner def. James Storm
2) TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries def. Chris Sabin (c) to win the title!
3) Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle def. Bobby Roode
4) Samoa Joe def. Rockstar Spud
5) TNA World Title vs. Career Match: Magnus (c) def. Sting to retain the title and end Sting’s career!

Scheduled for Next Week:
TNA Tag Team Titles: Bro-Mans (c) vs. Abyss & Eric Young
– The Wolves in-ring debut
– The Investor is revealed