TNA Impact Wrestling Results 2/6/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Glasgow, Scotland (The SSE Hydro) 
February 6, 2014
Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Mike Tenay 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Week #2 from Ireland, you know where the Irish are from? Okay, now I’m just trolling, Impact is in Scotland again this week. The show opens up with highlights from last week and then The Wolves are shown arriving to the arena along with MVP earlier today.

In the back EY and Abyss are brawling around the backstage area! Abyss slams EY into a nearby table and then slams the table on top of EY! EY fights back and slams him into an equipment case! EY puts the boots to Abyss and then tosses him through the curtain as they brawl onto the stage.

Monsters Ball Match
“Showtime” Eric Young vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Abyss and EY continue brawl down the ramp. Abyss takes the advantage as he wears EY’s forehead out with right hand after right hand. EY grabs a steel pipe from inside a trash can and blasts Abyss with it repeatedly! EY goes for a Piledriver on the floor but Abyss backdrops him hard to the floor! Abyss pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up at ringside! Abyss goes for a Chokeslam but EY elbows him several times to get away. Abyss answers with a knee to the gut and tosses EY back into the ring. Abyss throws several chairs in the ring along with a trashcan that is filled with weapons. Abyss gets pissed because he couldn’t get the trashcan through the ropes and starts beating it against the ring post and screaming. After Abyss’ temper tantrum he tries to climb back in the ring but is met with a dropkick from EY. EY then hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Abyss on the floor! EY goes old school Lucha on Abyss ripping at Abyss’ mask and then he tries to slam Abyss into the ring apron, but Abyss blocks it and slams EY face first into the apron. Abyss grabs a chair in the ring and wedges it between the top and middle turnbuckle. As he is doing this EY gets to the top rope and dives off but Abyss catches him by the throat and then clotheslines him. Abyss goes to ringside and finds another chair. He lays it across EY’s chest and then attempts a Cannonball, but EY lifts the chair up causing Abyss to slam crotch first down across the chair. EY hits a series of rights and lefts on Abyss and then he attempts to whip Abyss into the corner, but Abyss reverses it and EY flips himself over the top rope to the apron. EY hits a shoulder block through the ropes and then climbs up top. EY punches a charging Abyss and then dives off with a Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! EY attempts to whip Abyss into the corner that Abyss had wedged a chair in, but Abyss reverses it only for EY to float over into an attempt at a Headscissors. Abyss so it coming so he stopped and when EY landed on the mat Abyss slammed EY head first into the chair! Abyss hits a Chokeslam! 1…2…NO EY kicks out to the dismay of Abyss! Abyss pulls out the bag of tacks and pours them out all over the mat. Well, EY, just be happy it’s not glass this time. Abyss puts EY up on the top rope and then climbs up with him for a Superplex, but EY blocks it and hits a Sunset Flip Super Bomb sending Abyss into the tacks! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! Abyss’ arms are bloody. EY picks up some of the tacks and put them in his mouth! He spits them all over Abyss and then climbs up to the top rope again! Abyss gets to his feet and then hits a big right hand that sends EY flying off the top and through the table that Abyss had set up earlier! Abyss picks EY up and tosses him back in the ring where he covers EY, 1…2…NO EY gets his foot on the bottom rope. A brief “this is awesome” chant starts up as Abyss pulls Janice out from under the ring! JB asks how Abyss got it through customs. Abyss goes to hit EY with Janice but EY reaches up and snatches Abyss’ mask off! Abyss drops Janice as that happens but then catches EY with the Black Hole Slam! 1….2….3!

Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

Abyss picks up his mask and stares at it and then picks up a broken piece of a mirror or glass or something that was in the trashcan. He stares into his reflection as Tenay says Abyss is finally realizing that Joseph Park is really Abyss. Damn so Abyss walks around his cave all day wearing his mask?

Bobby Roode walks into Dixie Carter’s office with a contract and he says he hopes Dixie has finally decided to give him what she promised. The contract is for his title match with Magnus and Dixie gets pissed at him trying to write up his own contract. Dixie says she can’t do it because things have changed but he says it’s not his problem. Dixie says she knows what she promised him but she can’t just do things like that now because she doesn’t have complete control anymore. Roode gets pissed and tells her to sign the damn contract, but Dixie reminds him that he lost his last match so how can she convince anyone that he is even worthy for a title shot. Roode says she caused this problem now she needs to fix it. Dixie says Joe is the #1 Contender so she will book Roode in a match with Joe tonight and if Roode wins then he gets the title shot at Lockdown. Roode asks her if she is out of her mind and says Joe is out of his mind right now. Dixie says she’s got Roode’s back and he can do this, and if he wins he gets his shot at Lockdown. Roode agrees and says if she is setting him up then this will come back to bite her in the ass.


A Replay of the Monsters Ball is shown and then the lights go out as MVP makes his entrance.

MVP gets a sign from the crowd that says “I Am the #NEWINVESTOR” on it and holds it up. MVP says to not adjust your television set because he is really here. “The half man, half amazing, no longer corn row wearing…bottle popping, modern day mack” is back. MVP says he knows everyone is asking where he’s been but he’s been just enjoying life and he’s always danced to the beat of his own drum. He says at a younger age that used to get him in a bit of trouble, but he gave him a life lesson that there are always consequences for your actions. MVP says there are certain people in TNA that think they can do anything they want with no consequences, but they’re wrong and things are going to change. MVP says everyone is tired of seeing self absorbed owners that do whatever they want without any regard to the talent or the fans. He says that he loves pro wrestling and he is a pro wrestler, and because he loves it so much he could not stand by and watch the business he loves so much get run down so he decided to make an investment. He says he learned a long time ago that you can’t make change just as a talent and he took his income to make that investment with some “like minded individuals” that want to see him make the change he’s talking about. MVP says you can’t disregard the fans or the talent any longer. MVP says that TNA has all the components to be great but mismanagement is what has been keeping TNA from its full potential. He says a “fish rots from its head” and that will not happen anymore.

MVP sounds like a damn politician. He says that his agenda is very simple but Rockstar Spud comes out and interrupts him. MVP calls him “Dixie’s lapdog” and Spud says in the interest of fairness that MVP should introduce himself to “Madame Dixie” herself. Spud says that Dixie is all about making stars and if she is more than happy to talk fairness with MVP if he comes and sees her. MVP threatens Spud and says to watch himself but he can inform Dixie that with the blessing of the “board” he has booked a match tonight. It will be Magnus against Kurt Angle in a non-title match tonight!

In the back Bully Ray is standing over a coffin as he recites, “as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there’s nothing left.” Wait did Bully Ray just quote Coolio?! Oh my God that just made my week. Ray says that Anderson took his family from him and next week when he sticks Anderson into the coffin he will take him away from Anderson’s family. He says the next person he sees is going to go into the coffin because of Anderson.


Backstage Chris Sabin says that Velvet Sky broke his heart last week but he’s not willing to accept that. He says it doesn’t feel real to him and she is worth fighting for. He says the room they are in right now is special to both her and he, and he wants everyone to share in their special moment tonight.

Curry Man comes down to the ring dancing but he is followed out by Bully Ray and a casket. Bully says Curry is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bully stares at the ground as Curry tries to get the crowd on his side and then eats a Big Boot from the Bully. Bully hits a Spike Piledriver and then places Curry into the casket. He screamed “ANDERSON” as he hit the Piledriver. Ray says he’s going to end Ken Anderson’s career. Ray taunts several kids at ringside on his way out.

Magnus bitches to Dixie about facing Angle tonight. EC3 then walks in and says that he has something very important to talk to her about, but Dixie says she doesn’t have the time right now. Dixie says they can get together in a week which irritates EC3.


Austin Aries comes down to the ring as a massive “Austin Aries” chant breaks out. He says that he is the greatest man that ever lived and the X-Division Champion. He says that the title doesn’t make the man, the man makes the title. Aries says he has held every major Championship in TNA including the World Title, and he is also the man that created “Option C.” He says that he has every intention of repeating what he did when “Option C” was created, but then Bro-Mans come out to interrupt Aires. Aries asks if they are lost because there is no spray tanning booths in the ring, but then Zema Ion hits him from behind with his Feast or Fired briefcase!

Zema hits Aries with the briefcase again and then says in case anyone forgot he has the X-Division Title shot so send out a referee because he’s cashing in right now!

TNA X-Division Championship
“A-Double” Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion w/Bro-Mans

Zema immediately covers Aries, 1…2…NO Aries kicks out and Zema freaks out! Aries covers him again but again only gets a two count! Zema goes for it a third time and Aries kicks out yet again. Zema tosses Aries out to the floor and then hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes! Zema attempts to whip Aries into the ring steps but Aries counters into a knee followed by a chop. Zema grabs Aries by the pants and pulls him hard into the guardrail. Back in the ring Zema hits the Springboard Tornado DDT through the ropes! 1…2…NO and Aries kicks out again! Zema gets another nearfall and then stomps on Aries’ face and climbs up top. Zema attempts a Corkscrew Moonsault but Aries rolls out of the way and then obliterates Zema’s face with a Roaring Elbow! Aries hits a Kneebreaker followed by a Back Suplex! Aries hits the IED followed by the Brainbuster! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL X-Champ: Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster)


Clips from last week of Christy and weirdo Shaw are shown.

Earlier today Christy Hemme is getting ready when Shaw walks up. Christy says they need to talk about last week and Shaw says he’s a little embarrassed. Shaw says he just likes to collect things of beauty and maybe he went a little overboard. Christy asks what the deal with the mannequin is but Shaw just blankly stares at the ground. Christy says Shaw is a great guy and a great wrestler but they just need to keep their relationship professional. Shaw says “okay” and Christy walks away but Shaw gives her the psycho stare as she walks away.

Roode bitches about have to jump through more hoops for Dixie. Magnus walks up behind him and says that when Dixie asks him to do something it’s not a favor, it’s his job. Roode asks Magnus if he realizes how many times he’s saved his ass over the last few weeks. Magnus calls that “bullcrap” and he says that Roode wasn’t there when he beat Sting…at BFG or when he won the World Title. He tells Roode to stop whining about favors and focus on Samoa Joe. Roode asks Magnus if he’s talking about the same Samoa Joe that tapped him out last week which pisses Magnus off. Magnus says it was non-title and he will tap out any day of the week if the title isn’t on the line because his pride isn’t bigger than his brain. Roode says he and Joe are going to beat the hell out of each other for one reason, to get the World Title away from Magnus at Lockdown. Roode then mockingly tells Magnus “good luck with Kurt Angle.”

MVP walks into Dixie’s locker room and shakes Dixie’s hand. Dixie says if he had just made himself known sooner they could have been working together. Dixie says she built TNA by the ground up and her “manicured hands” are what took TNA from a fledgling company to a global wrestling company. MVP asks Dixie how exactly she did that and she says her talent roster is the main thing. She says she’s a complete joy to work for too which Spud agrees with. Dixie completely trolls the hell out of the internet fans by saying, “I’m so easy to work for, it doesn’t matter who it is. It could be that guy does that ‘curtain jerking’ thing or my World Champion.” She says that she treats everyone the same and with fairness.

MVP says that was an interesting perspective but he can’t help but wonder if someone like AJ Styles, Sting, or Jeff Hardy would share that perspective. Dixie calls them disgruntled employees and says that they can bring a company down. Dixie says MVP will get such a “great rub” from working with her and Dixie mockingly says “I can speak your indy carny wrestling language too” which annoys MVP. MVP says her reputation precedes her and it fuels his desire to work with her. He says they can start their working relationship together in the ring in front of the fans. Dixie bitches about him making the match earlier but MVP says “in all fairness” he did make it a non-title match.


Non-Title Match
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Magnus

Magnus gets Angle in a wristlock as the bell rings but Angle reverses it. Magnus counters into a hammerlock and then a side headlock, but Angle shoves Magnus into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Magnus hits the ropes again but runs right into a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Angle beats Magnus from corner to corner until Magnus pokes him in the eyes and then hits a series of European Uppercuts and chops. Magnus whips Angle into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Angle kicks him and then bounces off the ropes. Magnus is right behind him with a Lariat attempt, but Angle ducks and hits the Rolling German Suplexes! Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but Magnus blocks it and rakes the eyes again. Magnus hits a Side Slam for a nearfall. He climbs up top but Angle springs to the top and catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Superplex! Angle locks in the Angle Lock but EC3 runs out and clips the bad knee of Angle!

Winner: Angle via DQ

EC3 dropkicks Angle’s knee and then grabs it but Angle kicks him away with the free leg. Angle tries fighting back but EC3 rakes Angle’s eyes and then hits him in the knee with a chair! EC3 hits the knee with the chair again and then puts Angle in a Kneebar! Finally EC3 releases the hold as a referee calls out for EMTs.

Angle is being taken away on a stretcher backstage as Joe gets pissed looking at the carnage. Joe screams into the camera that Dixie has done everything to take out the best in the company. He says if she thinks she can take him out too she has started a war with the wrong man! Joe says even if he has to be a man alone he will stand alone and stand in her defiance! Joe says he will win and they will all pay!

Backstage EY smiles about the Monsters Ball Match but he says that the only thing Abyss can understand is “crazy.” He says that he showed Abyss who he is really but now he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

A vignette of all the Velvet/Sabin drama is shown. Sabin is still in the weird blue shaded room and he says this room is the room where he and Velvet had their first kiss a year ago on TNA’s UK Tour. Sabin pulls out a small box and says something very special is going to happen tonight and he wants the whole world to see it. Velvet Sky walks in as we cut to the break.


Sabin says every relationship has ups and downs but when Velvet broke up with him that was the worst moment of his entire life. He says he felt his soul break into a million pieces but at the same time he felt like he was awake and he began to think more clearly than he ever has. Sabin says he needs to ask her something and then pulls out the small box. Sabin asks her “will you?” as she starts crying. Velvet opens the box and then asks if this is a joke because the box is empty. Sabin laughs and says “will you…get out of my life?!” Sabin says he is so sick of her and even just hearing her name. Sabin says when he was the World Champion the only thing he ever even heard about was Velvet Sky and people asking what it was like to date her. He says that he’s so sick of her it makes him want to vomit! Sabin says this is how he’s dealing with it, he is going to prove that he was always the real superstar in their relationship. Sabin challenges her to a one-on-one match next week and he says if she has any guts she will show up. If not she’ll prove how much of a coward she is. Velvet is crying and Sabin says she doesn’t say when they are over, he does and now they are through. Oh my God that was amazing, maybe that is the bitter guy in me but I laughed so hard at that whole thing despite how much of an asshole Sabin came off as.

Footage of MVP’s promo from earlier is shown.

A replay of Joe tapping Magnus last week is shown.

Main Event
TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Winner of this match faces Magnus at Lockdown.


Joe and Roode lockup and Roode gets Joe in a waistlock, but Joe reverses it quickly. Roode breaks the hold and swings at Joe, but Joe ducks and hits a series of jabs! Roode ducks a lockup attempt and then hits Joe with a leg kick which was a bad idea as Joe answers with a series of nasty leg kicks! Joe checks a second leg attempt from Roode and takes Roode off his feet with a vicious leg kick! Joe then hits a snapmare takeover followed by a slap to the back and then a round kick to the chest. Joe hits a Knee Drop and then Roode retreats to the corner. Joe tosses Roode into the opposite corner and nails him with a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe hits the Facewash on Roode in the corner but when he goes for the Running Facewash Roode catches him with a Running Elbow. Joe retreats to the apron and Roode attempts a Suplex into the ring, but Joe counters it and goes for a Suplex to the outside. Roode blocks it and dropkicks Joe’s knees out from under him! Roode drags Joe back into the ring and hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Joe and Roode exchange chops and then Joe charges at Roode but eats a boot followed by a Blockbuster off the top for another nearfall! Roode hits a Snapmare Takeover and puts Joe in a headlock. Joe gets to the ropes to break the hold and then they exchange strikes again but this time Roode hits Joe with a back elbow. Roode hits the ropes and eats a back elbow from Joe now. Roode comes back with a boot to the gut and then he hits the ropes but runs right into an Atomic Drop from Joe! Joe hits a Mafia Kick and then goes for the Backsplash Senton, but Roode rolls out of the way and attempts a Knee Drop. Joe rolls out of the way and slaps the piss out of Roode repeatedly and then hits the ropes but Roode catches him with the Double-R Spinebuster! Roode gets fired up but Joe stands right back up and hits Roode with the Snap Powerslam! Joe lifts Roode up to the top rope and slaps him hard on the chest, and then goes for the Muscle Buster but Roode blocks it. Roode hits an Enziguri and then the Northern Lariat! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Roode attempts the Roode Bomb but Joe blocks it and then goes for the Coquina Clutch! Roode fights it off and blocks it. Roode lights Joe up with some chops, and then he charges at Joe in the corner but gets caught with the Uranage Suplex! Joe lifts Roode to the top and hits the Muscle Buster! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and Roode taps!

Winner & #1 Contender: Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)


Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud come down to the ring. Dixie says she can tell how excited the fans are to see her tonight which causes a loud roar of boos. She says it isn’t all about her tonight and then she introduces MVP.

MVP comes out and Dixie says her new champion Magnus has accomplished so much in a very short time, bringing class to the belt. Dixie says everyone should try to emulate Magnus’ greatness which causes a stir from the crowd especially when she referred to Europe as Spud’s “little nation.” Dixie says that if all the men and women in the back continue to follow her lead then everyone will be very successful. Dixie says she has had to deal with all kinds of investors and partners, some good and some not so good, and she’s really hoping that she and MVP will make all the fans never forget them. Dixie says they should talk about some changes they need and MVP agrees.

MVP says in meeting Dixie they only agree on one thing, to agree to disagree. MVP says that Dixie doesn’t know a “headlock from a padlock” and her mismanagement has almost single handedly brought TNA to its knees. He says that she has created a playing field that only she and her minions can play on. He said that he is MVP and if she thinks he came to be a “butler at a Paula Dean party” then she is sadly mistaken. MVP says Dixie’s reign of terror is over which pisses her off. MVP says he intends to be very hands on in TNA as he looks over at Spud. He says that changes are going to take effect very soon and the party is over!


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Monsters Ball: Abyss def. Eric Young
2) Curry Man fought Bully Ray to a NO CONTEST
3) TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) def. Zema Ion
4) Kurt Angle def. Magnus via DQ
5) TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match: Samoa Joe def. Bobby Roode

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Casket Match: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson
-Chris Sabin vs. Velvet Sky

Lockdown Lineup:
TNA World Title Steel Cage Match: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe
Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage Match: TBA vs. TBA

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