TNA Impact Wrestling Results 2/27/14

TNA Impact Wrestling
London, England (Wembley Arena)
February 27, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up with highlights from last week and then we see Gunner searching for James Storm backstage. He says that when Storm shows up he won’t “have a chance at hell.”

Mike Tenay says that Dixie Carter is not in attendance so she has given match making authority to Bobby Roode, Magnus, and EC3.

MVP comes down to the ring with some papers in his hand. MVP says with him in the ring it can only mean one thing, “big things poppin’, Dixie’s BS stopping.” MVP says last week the Lockdown Main Event was sealed, due in large part to James Storm’s immaturity and jealousy, and it will be Joe vs. Magnus. MVP says when he assumes full control he will make sure that Gunner gets another shot. He calls Magnus and Joe out to the ring.

MVP says he’s a little surprised to see Magnus out there alone and asks where his “sugar momma” Dixie is and asks if she is getting her “face spray painted.” Magnus says Dixie isn’t out there because this once great city isn’t what it used to be and London has degenerated into crime, poverty, and debauchery. He says ever since he left London it’s gone straight to hell. He says when it comes to handling the business of his career, the only person he needs is himself. He tells MVP to get on with the contract signing. Joe never stopped glaring at Magnus the entire time he spoke.

MVP asks Joe or Magnus if either would like to say anything to the other before they sign the contract, but they both shake their heads. MVP says he’s seen the way Magnus has defended his belt of late and inside the Cage his so called “Magnus Rules” that he’s been using will not be in effect however the “Joe Rules” will be. MVP says that means the match can only be won by submission or knockout! MVP asks if he thinks he can really force Joe to tap out.

Joe signs the contract and then Magnus says MVP thinks he can change the rules as time goes on and if he thinks he has an “ace up his sleeve” Magnus has a whole deck he isn’t even played yet. Magnus says Joe is an “unrefined, dangerous animal” and that is why the fans chant things like “Joe’s gonna’ kill you” which starts the chant up. Magnus mockingly calls Joe a role model to kids and then says you put down a “dangerous animal” when one gets out of control. Magnus says Joe will never again represent TNA as the World Champion and then signs the contract.

Joe gets in Magnus’ face and Magnus asks Joe if he’s just going to stand there and breathe his “dog breathe” in his face or is going to do something. Joe headbutts Magnus and then starts laying into him with relentless strikes! Referees run out to try and pull Joe off and MVP asks him to save it for the Cage Match as Magnus bails out of the ring. Joe follows Magnus and starts beating on him in the aisle as well! Finally security and TNA agents run out to pull Joe off.

Footage of The Wolves winning the Tag Team Titles this weekend at a live event is shown.

In the back Bro-Mans are freaking out about losing the Tag Titles to The Wolves. Jesse says they have to get on Team Roode for Lockdown to get back at the Wolves. They go looking for Roode and walk into his locker room. Roode guesses that they want to be on Team Roode but he says so did Bad Influence but last week they lost to The Wolves. Now Bro-Mans have lost their belts to The Wolves as well. Roode says he’s put together a match, a three-way pitting Bro-Mans, The Wolves, and Bad Influence tonight. He says if Bro-Mans win then they are on his team and if Bad Influence win then they are on the team, but if The Wolves win then neither Bro-Mans or Bad Influence are on the team.


Triple Threat Tag Team
Non-Title Match
Bro-Mans vs. Bad Influence vs. The Wolves

All three teams are already in the ring as we come back from the break which I am assuming is because Bro-Mans were still Tag Champs when this match was taped so they didn’t want to show them coming o the ring with the belts. Robbie and Daniels start the match off against each other but before they lockup Davey blind tags Robbie. The Wolves are wearing some slick black tights. Davey and Daniels lockup with Daniels catching Davey with a knee to the gut. He puts Davey in a side headlock but Davey shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block as Daniels bounces back. Daniels hits the ropes again but this time Davey catches him with a series of armdrags. Davey then rolls Daniles up for a nearfall and when Daniels kicks out Davey hooks Daniels’ legs, rolls him over, and locks in a crazy modified surfboard on the mat. Kaz tries to break it up but Eddie comes in and catches him with a drop toehold and then puts Kaz in a Mexican Surfboard! Davey releases Daniels’ arms and then rolls him over into a pin, 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Davey lights Daniels up with roundhouse kicks in the corner and then attempts an Irish Whip, but Daniels counters into a Forearm Smash and tags in Kaz. Kaz charges at Davey but gets caught with an armdrag and Davey holds onto an armlock on the mat. Davey tags in Eddie and holds Kaz’s arm stretched out as Eddie dives off the top with an Axe Handle Drop to the arm. Eddie tags Davey right back and holds the arm out as Davey dives off the top with an Axle Handle Drop of his own. The Wolves whip Kaz into the ropes and then Eddie catches him with a drop toehold and Davey nails him with a Sliding Dropkick to the side of the head! Davey kicks Kaz and then attempts to whip him into the ropes but Kaz reverses it and Daniels kicks Davey in the back as he hits the ropes. Davey knocks Daniels off the apron and then hits Kaz with a series of rights. Davey hits the ropes but Daniels trips him and holds his legs as Kaz hits a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop! Kaz punches Davey repeatedly and then tags Daniels back into the match. Bad Influence takes Davey down to his knees where Kaz kicks him in the chest, Daniels hits a Lariat to the back, and then Kaz hits an Elbow Drop! Daniels taunts Bro-Mans like he is going to tag one of them into the match and then knocks Eddie off the apron and double teams Davey with Kaz. Kaz tags back in and then Bad Influence goes for a Double Back Suplex on him, but Davey lands on his feet and then tries to kick Daniels but gets his foot caught. Davey then goes for an Enziguri but Daniels ducks and Davey kicks Kaz! Davey tries to tag in Eddie but Daniels catches his foot. Davey rolls through sending Daniels into a forearm from Eddie! Davey tags in Eddie and then Eddie hits a series of elbows on Bad Influence and then he knocks Bro-Mans off the apron! Eddie whips Kaz into the ropes and attempts a backdrop but eats a big kick from Kaz. Kaz goes for a clothesline but Eddie ducks and hits a Back Suplex into a Facebuster! 1…2…NO Robbie E breaks it up! Daniels hits Eddie from behind and then Bad Influence hits a Powerbomb /Neckbreaker combo on Eddie! 1…2…NO Eddie kicks out! Daniels argues with the crowd and then they set up for the High/Low but Davey trips Daniels from the outside and pulls him out. In the ring Eddie counters a whip into the corner on Kaz and then charges at him only toe at a boot from Kazarian. Kaz climbs up top but Eddie hits a Leaping Enziguri and then he hits the Chin Checker on Kaz! 1…2…NO Jesse breaks it up! Daniels comes in and tries to throw Eddie out to the floor but Eddie reverses it and then hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Daniels on the floor! Eddie climbs up top and hits a Diving Double Foot Stomp to the back of Kaz. As Eddie dove Davey blind tagged himself into the match and then he climbs up top and hits a Diving Double Foot Stomp of his own on the chest of Kaz! As he dove, though, Robbie E tagged his foot and then Robbie tosses Davey out to the floor and Jesse tosses Eddie out to the floor! Robbie covers Kaz, 1…2…3!

Winners: Bro-Mans via pinfall (Diving Double Foot Stomp)

In the back EC3 talks about getting the chance to pick his own opponent tonight. He says he has chosen one of the greatest British wrestlers of all time, and then he will expose the truth during Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame ceremony.


Back from the break Roode and Aries are shown talking, and Aries says “really Bobby are we still talking about this fluke crap?” And Roode says everyone knows Aries beating him was a fluke. Aries says he knows Roode didn’t come find him to talk about the past so why is he here. Roode says he came to talk about the future and he knows MVP offered him a spot on his team at Lockdown, but he asks Aries if he can really trust MVP. Aries asks Roode if he can really trust him and Roode asks Aries who he wants leading TNA into the future, MVP or Dixie. Aries says he knows Roode hates Dixie Carter and this is all about the 10% she offered him, and the thought of working for Roode makes him laugh. Roode says that’s right, he would be working for him if Team Roode wins which is why he needs to make the right decision. Aries says he always makes the right decision.

EC3 comes out to a chorus of boos and he introduces Doug Williams to the crowd. EC3 says just like the United States is going to win the World Cup in Soccer he’s going to defeat Williams tonight.

Ethan Carter III vs. Doug Williams

Williams nails EC3 with a series of rights at the bell and then lights him up with European Uppercuts. Williams hits the ropes and connects with a Corkscrew Elbow followed by a series of headbutts and European Uppercuts. Williams hits the Anarchy Knee to EC3 in the corner and then goes for a T-Bone Suplex, but EC3 catches him with an elbow and then whips Williams into a corner. EC3 charges at him but eats a boot from the Brit. Williams climbs up top and when EC3 charges at him Williams simply moves out of the way. Williams climbs up the opposite corner and dives off with a Flying European Uppercut! Williams goes for Chaos Theory but EC3 blocks it and then swings at Williams. Williams ducks it and goes for Chaos Theory again, but EC3 low blows him as the referee was out of position. EC3 hits the One Percenter for the pin.

Winner: EC3 via pinfall (One Percenter)

After the match EC3 puts Williams in a Kneebar and refuses to let go as the referee begs him to stop.

James Storm is shown arriving backstage.


James Storm comes out to the ring as footage of him turning on Gunner last week is shown. Storm says this cowboy doesn’t run or hide from anyone or anything so if he wants to know why he did what he did then he’s right here to tell him.

Gunner comes out to the ring and Storm says before he does anything crazy he needs to hear him out. Storm says he’s going to tell him man to man that he did screw Gunner out of the World Title, and he’s had it planned out ever since he climbed over Storm to get that briefcase in Feast or Fired. He says he wanted Gunner to know how it felt to have his hopes and his dreams in the palm of his hands to see them disappear. He says the nail in the coffin for Gunner was when he handed him that Tag Team Title shot briefcase like he was handing scraps to a dog like he was going to take a backseat to Gunner. He says he doesn’t take a backseat to anybody.

Gunner asks Storm if he wanted him to just hand over his World Title shot and Storm says he’s damn right he should have done that because before he teamed with Storm he was nothing. Storm says Gunner used him to get himself noticed and never once did Gunner thank him. Gunner says the sad thing is Storm probably believes all that. He says he’s worked for everything he’s received and when he was in the Marine core a thank you was standing beside your friend and going to war with him. Gunner says the reason Storm can sit at home and drink beer and do whatever else he wants is because of him and his friends that went to war for America. Gunner says he chose his path and Gunner asks if he “chose” to be a robot and have a gun pointed at his head overseas. He says whether Gunner lived or died in war no one gave a damn, but Gunner says his friends and family cared and now the fans care about him. Storm says nobody owes Gunner a damn thing.

Gunner decks Storm and they start brawling all around ringside. Storm grabs a chair and swings it at Gunner but Gunner ducks and Storm bails out through the crowd as Gunner grabs the chair.


In the back if Storm wants to run and hide like a coward that is fine because there is only one way out of the arena so he has to come through him.

Clips of the fight between Joe and Magnus earlier are shown. Magnus comes back out to the ring and he says if Joe wants to take cheapshots at him he has a solution for him. A big guy in tights is standing next to Magnus. Magnus says he was looking for someone to take care of Joe tonight but he couldn’t find anyone in the UK because he is the only good wrestler to come out of here so he had to go to Germany to find someone. He calls the man a “Natural Born Killer” and says his name is Bad Bones. This is the guy that won a Gut Check in the UK last year.

“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Bad Bones

Joe hits the ring and Bones attacks him as he climbs in but Joe shrugs him off and hits a series of nasty jabs and strikes in the corner. Joe hits a series of Knee Strikes and then he facewashes Bones in the corner repeatedly. Joe hits a Running Facewash and then Joe hits the Muscle Buster! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and Bones taps immediately!

Winner: Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)

Joe stares down at Magnus after the match.


In the back MVP walks into Austin Aries’ locker room and he says he needs to know Aries’ decision about Team MVP. He says he talked to Roode earlier and now he’s kind of on the fence about all of this. MVP says Roode would say whatever Aries wanted to hear to get him on his team and Aries says MVP would do the same. Aries says you can’t just trust anyone in this business and Aries says he isn’t all about the money, he always wants to be great. He says he wants to see how great MVP is and he wants to watch the match between Roode and MVP up, close, and personal. He suggests MVP make Aries the Special Referee in the Main Event tonight and MVP agrees.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring for Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction. JB mentions the night that it was announced Kurt Angle was coming to TNA as one of his most fond memories in TNA and then he introduces a special video tribute to Angle. JB introduces Angle and he is visibly limping as he comes to the ring. JB presents a special Rolex to Kurt and welcomes him to the TNA Hall of Fame.

Angle shows the Rolex to the camera and then thanks the crowd who are chanting “Thank you Angle.” Angle says this is quite an honor and that the TNA Hall of Fame isn’t about him, it’s about the TNA fans. He says without the fans TNA would not exist and he was supposed to accept this back in October, but he wasn’t in a good place in his life at the time. He says that he had to do some soul searching and change some things in his life, and after four and a half months he was ready to accept the HOF in London. Angle says from getting himself clean to the amazing matches he’s had in TNA all he can do is thank the people that helped him along the way. He thanks God for giving his ability and his wife and kids. He says he just wants to make his kids proud and then he thanks all the TNA wrestlers and the fans. He says it’s a great night to be Kurt Angle but before he can leave EC3’s music hits.

EC3 comes out and mockingly acts like he is going to cry after seeing Angle’s induction speech. EC3 says he happens to have a touching video of his own. Footage of him taking Angle’s knee out a few weeks ago is shown as EC3 laughs. EC3 says he means no disrespect but he is depriving the fans of the real big news from Kurt. Kurt asks him what he’s talking about and he can get in the ring and even use the podium to tell us all what big news he’s talking about. EC3 gets in the ring and pulls out a paper that has “I BEAT STING (AND KURT ANGLE)” in big letters on the back of it.

EC3 says an unnamed source has stated that Kurt Angle has suffered a torn ACL and MCL and he will need surgery due to the savage attack by EC3, and it is unclear whether Kurt Angle will ever be able to perform again. EC3 sarcastically apologizes for attacking Kurt and then he says it’s time for Kurt to officially retire. Kurt gets in EC3’s face and asks EC3 why he would get in the ring with him when he knows that Angle is going to tear his throat out. EC3 says Kurt has a torn ACL and MCL so unless there is an Olympic Sport for “gimping” then he’s pretty sure he could be mobile enough to get out of the way. Kurt says if he’s going to confirm something he should probably confirm it with “the” source, and EC3 asks why because the internet is always right. Angle says since he is the actual source neither his MCL nor his ACL are torn. Angle asks EC3 if he really wants to be in the ring right now with him and EC3 says he really doesn’t as it looks like he is about to crap on himself. Angle says he knows EC3 is new here and he’s trying to make a name for himself, but why the hell would he pick Kurt Angle and then Kurt decks EC3!

EC3 rolls out of the ring and retreats up the ramp. Angle says MVP gave him a little Hall of Fame gift, a match at Lockdown with EC3 inside the Steel Cage!


The Alpha Female & Lei’D Tapa w/Gail Kim & Chris Sabin vs. The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky)

Madison and Velvet are wearing matching Beautiful People gear. Madison attacks Tapa at the bell but Tapa just shrugs off the attack and grabs her by the hair. Madison kicks Tapa in the gut repeatedly and then hits the ropes but Gail grabs her foot. Madison chases Gail into the ring but when she climbs back in Tapa puts the boots to her. Tapa grabs her by the throat but Madison pokes her eyes and tags in Velvet. Alpha Female tags in as well. Alpha sings at Velvet but she ducks and hits a leg kick. Alpha swings again and Velvet ducks again and hits a series of leg kicks. Velvet tries to a throw on Alpha Female but she blocks it and then chunks Velvet into the corner by the throat. Velvet kicks her off and then avoids a Splash. Sabin gets on the apron and Velvet slingshots him into the ring and kicks him in the nuts! Velvet goes for the In Yo Face but Alpha Female grabs her from behind in a Full Nelson. Velvet catches her with a Jawbreaker and then tags in Madison. Tapa tags in as well and Madison hits a series of forearms and clotheslines but Tapa doesn’t go down. Madison hits a dropkick and then she attempts to whip Tapa into the corner, but Tapa reverses it and then charges at Madison. Tapa grabs her by the legs and pulls her hard out to the center of the ring and slams her. Tapa climbs up top and dives off with a Splash but Madison moves and covers Tapa! Sabin is on the apron distracting the referee which allows Gail to come in and hit Madison from behind. Tapa hits the Swinging Stunner for the pin.

Winners: Tapa & Alpha Female via pinfall (Swinging Stunner)

The heels beat on the babyfaces after the match until ODB runs out and chases off the heels.

A vignette hyping up the debut of “Tigre Uno” to TNA at Lockdown is shown. Tigre Uno is formerly Extreme Tiger of AAA. He won the AAA Tag Team and Cruiserweight Titles in the past and was trained by the legendary Rey Misterio Sr. who also trained his nephew Rey Misterio Jr., Konnan, Psicosis, Hayabusa, and many, many others.

In the back Samuel Shaw says Christy Hemme was in trouble last week and he helped her. He says no one understands, he would do anything for her. He says he is going to make everyone understand.


Samuel Shaw comes down to the ring as footage of him attacking Mr. Anderson last week is shown. Shaw says that Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “to be great is to be misunderstood.” Shaw says that Christy Hemme has misunderstood him and if she doesn’t mind he would like her to come into the ring as a big “NO” chant starts. Christy gets in the ring and Shaw says the truth is that he enjoyed the time he and Christy had together, and deep down he thinks she did too. Shaw says he has respected her space but there are certain men that are not respected her wish. Shaw says he sees how they look at her and how they lust for her. He says he is here to protect Christy and these men want just one thing from her, he wants more. He says he wants everything but then Mr. Anderson’s music hits!

Anderson walks out with a big black eye. Shaw says Ken Anderson is one of those guys that wants one thing from her and she’s lucky he was there for her last week. Anderson tells Shaw to shut up and calls him a “creepy bastard” which starts a big “creepy bastard” chant. Anderson says Shaw’s “relationship” with Hemme isn’t real but what is real is the ass whooping he gives Shaw. Anderson starts to get in the ring but Shaw stops him and says he is not creepy, he has been nothing but a gentleman to Christy. He says he never did one thing lascivious to her and if he was to do something lascivious to her he knows Christy was be receptive of it because women like Christy are always available. She slaps Shaw and he looks like he’s about to pop a blood vessel.

Shaw corners Christy and Anderson hits the ring but Shaw uses Christy as a shield and then he throws her at Anderson. Shaw then catches Anderson in a Standing Arm Triangle that chokes Anderson out as the fans chant “creepy bastard” at him.

Another weird ass Willow The Wisp promo airs.

James Storm is shown walking towards the parking lot.


Storm and Gunner brawl in the parking lot. Gunner Hip Tosses Storm on the concrete during the brawl. Finally TNA agents run out and separate them. Gunner says at Lockdown, as God as his witness, Storm is done, but Storm says “let me tell you something about your God…sooner or later he will cut you down!”

Tenay and Taz run down the Lockdown card.

A video package highlighting the Abyss/EY drama is shown. Backstage EY says he hasn’t heard from Abyss in a few weeks and he says he needs help. He says the guy he was in the ring with at Monsters Ball they all better hope that guy doesn’t come back.

Main Event
Special Referee: Austin Aries
MVP vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

Aries is wearing speedos, what the hell?


This is a battle of team captains for Lethal Lockdown and a first time ever matchup. They lockup and stalemate in the corner. Aries separates them and then they lockup again and this time MVP gets Roode in a side headlock. He hits a headlock takeover and holds onto the headlock on the mat. Roode counters into a headscissors but MVP is able to do an Austin Aries impersonation by doing a headstand to get out of the headscissors. They lockup again and this time Roode gets MVP in a waistlock and then just shoves MVP away. MVP gets Roode in a side headlock again but Roode shoves MVP into the ropes only to walk into a shoulder block from MVP. MVP hits the ropes and Roode leapfrogs him and then goes for a Hip Toss, but MVP blocks it and goes for one of his own. Roode blocks the hip toss as well and then goes for a clothesline but MVP ducks and attempts a clothesline of his own. Roode ducks but then MVP catches him with another clothesline attempt for a nearfall! Roode comes back with a knee to the gut and then he attempts to whip MVP into the corner, but MVP reverses it and hits a Mafia Kick in the corner! MVP climbs up top and goes for a Tornado DDT but Roode blocks it and pulls MVP off the top by the leg hard to the mat. Roode hits a Neckbreaker on MVP for another nearfall. Roode sticks his knee into MVP’s back repeatedly and then he hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Knee Drop for another nearfall. Roode puts MVP in a chinlock but MVP fights it off with body shots. MVP whips Roode into the corner and charges at him but Roode gets his boots up and then he climbs to the top and dives off with a Blockbuster! 1…2…NO MVP kicks out! Roode hits a Vertical Suplex and then he attempts a Knee Drop, but MVP moves and then he avoids a clothesline and hits a series of jabs followed by a big right hand. MVP whips Roode into the corner and hits a series of clotheslines in the corner followed by a T-Bone Suplex! MVP hits a cross chop and then a facebuster followed by the Ballin’ Elbow Drop! MVP hits a Fisherman Suplex, 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! MVP hits a Forearm Smash and then goes for the Playmaker, but Roode blocks it and whips MVP into the corner! Roode charges at MVP but MVP gets his boot up and then sets up for the Drive-By Kick but Roode catches him with the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO MVP kicks out! Roode argues with Aries about the count and then goes for the Roode Bomb but MVP counters into the Playmaker! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! MVP argues with Aries about the count as well and then he picks up Roode and they exchange forearms. MVP hits a series of forearms with both arms and then he goes for a Lariat, but Roode ducks and hits an Enziguri! Roode goes for the Northern Lariat but MVP dropkicks Roode’s knee! MVP sets up for the Drive-By Kick but Aries nails him with the Roaring Elbow! Roode hits the Roode Bomb and gets the pin!

Winner: Roode via pinfall (Roode Bomb)


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Triple Threat: Bro-Mans def. The Wolves & Bad Influence
2) EC3 def. Doug Williams
3) Samoa Joe def. Bad Bones
4) Lei’D Tapa & Alpha Female def. Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne
5) Bobby Roode def. MVP

Lockdown Lineup:
– TNA World Title Steel Cage Submission/KO Match: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe
– Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage Match: Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Jesse, Robbie E, & Austin Aries) vs. Team MVP (MVP, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, & TBA)
– Steel Cage Match: James Storm vs. Gunner
– TNA Knockouts Title Steel Cage Match: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne (c)
– Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III

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