Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 15, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens up with a great hype video for BFG and for tonight. We even had a special new intro video for the show.

We cut to the ring where the Main Event Mafia has gathered in the ring. Kurt Angle has the microphone and points out how he’s in his ring gear and ?he’s dressed for battle.? He says usually he comes out and preaches in a suit and tie but tonight is a special night because tonight he faces AJ Styles one-on-one. He says he’s not there to talk about that but he’s here to talk about the 1 year anniversary of the formation of the Main Event Mafia. He says at BFG will be their anniversary and he wants to make sure that his men are ready. The fans are crapping on him this whole time. Angle says Nash is the Legends Champion because he is a legend, not Hernandez nor Eric Young and he says that he will kick their a**es up and down at BFG. Angle turns to Joe and tells him that Lashley is one of the most dominant MMA fighters in the world and then tells him to bring his ?nation of violence? and show why he is one of the most dominant wrestlers in TNA. He then turns to Book and Steiner and says that they have held more titles than any other person combined so all he wants them to do is do what they do best and that’s win. He says that he will hold up his end of the bargain by taking Matt Morgan, a giant, and turning him into a mouse and beating him. He says that he will then get his shot at ?his? TNA World Heavyweight Title. The Mafia then hold up their title belts behind Angle has he says ?it’s our time and the time is now?. AJ’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage followed by Morgan, Lashley, Hernandez, Beer Money, & Team 3D. Bubba grabs a microphone and asks the fans if they?re as sick and tired of listening to Kurt as they are. The fans agree with him. Bubba introduces the TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles and then hands the microphone over to him. AJ says he doesn?t know if he heard Kurt correctly or not but he asks if Kurt really said that this was make or break for the Mafia. He says it’s the ?break? PPV for the Mafia. AJ says we are 3 days away from the MEM going into extinction. Morgan says he’s not waiting and the babyfaces charge the ring! The war is on! A huge fight erupts in the ring and Matt Morgan & Angle spill out of the ring. AJ and Storm take turns beating the hell out of Steiner. Eventually the faces clear the ring and stand tall in the ring as security tries to hold them away from going after the MEM. Security ha to hold Joe back from trying to get back in the ring but AJ breaks through security and starts throwing more fists! Lashley breaks through and he starts scrapping with Joe! Finally security breaks it up again.


Back from commercials, they show a replay of the big brawl and then hype up the big Main Event match tonight between AJ and Angle.

6-Knockout Tag Team Match
The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, & Lacey Von Erich) vs. Tara, Awesome Kong, & ODB w/Raisha Saeed

BP have a new entrance together as they fake a kiss as they enter the ring and good lord is Lacey hot. Tenay hypes up the announced 3-Way for this weekend for the Knockouts Title which will feature team 2 in this match going against each other and then they show a replay of the Tara vs. ODB match from last week. ODB and Tara argue about who’s going to start the match off as the bell rings so Kong squashes them both and then leaves the ring as the BP put the boots to ODB & Tara. Kong then drags Tara out of the ring and slams her into the guardrail as Velvet hits a dropkick on ODB in the ring. 1?2?NO ODB kicks out. Velvet tags in Madison and they hit a Double Team Russian Legsweep for a two count as Taz asks Tenay if he’s ever been outnumbered by 3 girls which I can answer for him, uh no. Madison comes off the ropes and kicks ODB in the head and then goes for another kick, but ODB catches her leg and spins her around. ODB then connects with a big clothesline! Both girls are down now. Oh man, that cameraman at ringside is awesome as he puts the camera right on Velvet’s backside as she’s bouncing up and down on the middle rope. ODB and Madison tag out and Tara connects with a big right hand on Velvet and then one to Madison and then she knocks Lacey off the apron! Tara connects with another right to both BP and then she hits a Snap Suplex on Velvet and nips up. Tara drags Velvet to the corner and climbs up top but ODB tags herself in and then puts Velvet up on her shoulders, but Tara pulls Velvet off and gets in ODB’s face. Tara Supericks ODB and Velvet makes the cover as Tara leaves the ring! 1?2?3 and BP get the win!

Winners: Beautiful People via pinfall (Superkick)

In the back Dinero is with Lauren. She starts to talk to him about his match tonight but he cuts her off and says he has to pay some bills first. He holds up a bottle of Stacker 6-hour power and says it’s energy that never crashes with a smile, classic. She asks Dinero if he’s prepared for his first experience in Ultimate X this Sunday. He asks why she or anyone would question the abilities of The Pope. He says tonight Daniels will be nothing more than a pot hole in the Pope’s road to glory, hallelujaher (he said it). He asks if Lauren’s hands are clean and then puts her hand on his chest and asks if she can feel the electricity and the power and she looks like she’s starting to get into it. Pope tells her to snap out of it and says he was just trying to show her that inside his chest is the heart of a lion and a soul of a champion that can?t be contained?.just like his 6-hour power energy drink as he holds it up again. Pope says it’s time that everybody in the X-Division bow down and kiss the Pope’s ring.


In the back Lauren approaches Lashley in a hallway and asks him how he remains cool after the big attack Joe laid on him last week. He says it’s because he is cool and he knows how to stay focused, but Rhino comes out of nowhere and absolutely Gore’s the holy hell out of Lashley! Damn, that was nice! Rhino screams at Lashley and says that there won?t be a BFG for Lashley because he won?t make it through tonight!

They show a cool video package hyping up the Ultimate X pointing out this is the 17th Ultimate X. Really great hype video.

TNA X-Division Championship
Amazing Red (c) w/Don West vs. Suicide

This is Red’s first title defense and Suicide finally gets his rematch for the belt after dropping into Homicide a few months ago. Red is accompanied to the ring by Don West and this is an awesome thing for us throwback TNA fans. If you remember West was huge Amazing Red mark back in the day, even standing up on the announce desk one time and leading the fans in a ?Let’s go Red? chant and giving him a standing ovation on several occasions. They show a recap of Red winning the belt last week. Red and Suicide hookup as the fans get behind Red and Suicide tosses him clear across the ring! Red ducks a clothesline and then slides underneath Suicide’s legs as he went for another clothesline. Red then goes for an armdrag but Suicide blocks it and goes for a Somersault Legdrop, but Red moves and goes for a Standing Moonsault! Suicide moves out of the way and they both go for dropkicks at the same time and stand off as they going hold for hold with each other. They lockup again and Suicide locks Red in a waistlock and then hits a waistlock takedown. Suicide transitions into a side headlock and clubs Red on the back with his other hand. Suicide then whips Red into the corner and charges but Red moves and hits a hip toss followed by an armdrag and a dropkick. Red comes off the ropes and goes for a titl-a-whirl headscissors takeover but Suicide blocks it and sets Red down. Suicide then punches Red in the gut and hits the Running Snapmare Driver sending Red’s head into the middle turnbuckle. Suicide gets a two count on that one. Suicide lifts Red up and drapes him across the top rope and then goes for a big Punt to Red’s head, but Red avoids it and then slingshots over Suicide as he charged Red. Suicide spills out to the floor and Red hits the gorgeous Corkscrew Plancha over the top onto Red on the floor! Red throws Suicide back into the ring and climbs up top and dives but Suicide catches him on his shoulders. Suicide prepares for Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam, but Red blocks it and lands on his feet. Red goes for the roundhouse kick but Suicide ducks and Red swings right through into a Spinning Enziguri to the side of Suicide’s head! Red covers Suicide, 1?2?NO Suicide kicks out! Red whips Suicide into the corner and charges at him. Red goes for a Monkey Flip but Suicide blocks it and then throws Red up onto his shoulders and hits the Rolling Fireman’s Cary Slam and then goes to the apron and hits the Slingshot Leg Drop! 1?2?NO Red kicks out! Suicide rags Red over to the corner and climbs up top but Dinero runs out and shoves Suicide off the top and then starts putting the boots to him as the referee calls for the bell!


After the match Dinero continues to beat down Suicide hitting at Snake Eye’s on Suicide in the corner and then sets up for the DDE, but Red dropkicks him in midmove cutting Dinero off! Red celebrates with West as Dinero looks on pissed off at the champ.


In the back JB is with Red and Don West and West says that anyone that knows him knows that he’s been the biggest Red supporter there is. He puts over all of Red’s talent and heart saying that Red has more heart in his little finger than most every wrestler. He says that Red came to him last week and asked West to be his official promoter (manager) and he couldn?t wait. West says that the Ultimate X was built for a guy like Red and he says Red is entering the match and the X-Belt is on the line as Red gets excited about it! Hell yes!

Eric Young makes his way out to the ring to a chorus of boos as we cut back to the ringside area. West sits down at the announce table and puts on a headset. Young tells Mike that the war is over and claims victory once again.

Gauntlet Match
Hernandez vs. British Invasion (Doug Williams, Brutus Magnus, & Rob Terry)

Hernandez has new pyro and is back to wearing his L.A.X. gear instead of the trunks. Hernandez grabs Young by the collar and says that out of respect for Taz and Mike he won?t do anything to him tonight but at BFG he’s going to break every bone in Young’s body. Williams will be the first in the Gauntlet Match. Williams goes for a Slingshot Sunset Flip as Hernandez charged him, but he blocks it and then grabs Williams by the throat and lifts him up into the Crackerjack. Hernandez then hits a clothesline and a big back bodydrop. Hernandez then goes for the Corner Splash but Williams hits the Corner Splash followed by the Flying Corkscrew Elbow off the top for a nearfall. Williams follows up with a series of European Uppercuts and then goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Hernandez blocks it and goes for the Delayed Suplex. Williams blocks it and hits another series of European Uppercuts. Williams comes off the ropes but eats a huge Shoulder Block! 1?2?3 and Williams is done! Williams clotheslines Hernandez from behind as Brutus comes to the ring. Brutus attempts to whip Hernandez into the ropes but he reverses it and goes for a backdrop, but Brutus kicks him in the head and then hits a Running Front Kick! 1?2?NO Hernandez kicks out! Hernandez comes back with forearms but Brutus hits a Back Suplex for another nearfall. Brutus attempts to whip Hernandez into the corner but he reverses and then hits the Corner Splash followed by the Slingshot Shoulderblock from the apron! Hernandez hits a series of clotheslines and then whips Brutus into the corner and hits another Corner Splash followed by a Biel Throw! Terry comes down near the ring so he can get in quick if Hernandez pins Brutus. Hernandez hits the Border Toss on Brutus and he is done. Terry is hiding at ringside crouched down and when Hernandez turns around Terry slides in and clotheslines Hernandez. Terry puts the beatdown on Hernandez and hits a big a clothesline. Terry shoulder blocks Hernandez in the corner repeatedly and then reigns down right hands on Hernandez in the corner but when he celebrates, Hernandez grabs him and hits a HUGE Sitout Poweromb for the pin!

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall

After the match Young pulls out a Singapore cane and levels Hernandez with it over and over. Tenay points out that Young is concentrating all the shots on Hernandez’s head area and then the Brits hit the Diving European Uppercut/Spinebuster combo on him and celebrate over a laid out Hernandez.


Back from commercials they hype up the Main Event again and then They cut to an interview that Tenay cut earlier today by the ?captains? of each Tag Team for this Sunday in Full Metal Mayhem. Booker (MEM), Bubba (3D), Brutus (Brits), and Roode (Beer Money) are the captains of their tag teams. Tenay asks Bubba how he feels about TNA management changing the match to Full Metal Mayhem instead of just a Ladder Match and TNA saying that this will be the final match between these 4 teams. Bubba says that he and Devon are no strangers to that type of match (pretty much a TLC) and he says that he and Devon have one thing on their minds and that’s getting back the two world titles they were screwed out of. He asks Roode if Beer Money & 3D can work together this Sunday and he says that it would be to their advantage but it’s every team for themselves. Roode says they are more ready than they?ve ever been and they?re coming to win them all. Tenay asks Booker if the war between the MEM and World Elite will put MEM at a disadvantage. Booker says that Tenay should?ve asked him the first question and he says Beer Money are nothing more than ?rookies? and then says 3D is just ?title hungry?. He says they?ll run through the Brits like running water. Brutus interrupts him and says that just when you thought Booker couldn?t be anymore ridiculous than he already is he says something like that. They begin arguing but Tenay cuts them off and says that he’s getting word that their partners are involved in a brawl in catering right now. As we cut to the brawl all 4 of them take off their microphones to go help their partners. Storm lays Williams out with a food tray and Devon knocks Steiner over a table as the other partners come in! Steiner nails Devon with a chair! Bubba comes in with a ladder and throws it at Booker! Finally security runs in and breaks up the brawl.


During the commercials we cut back to the MEM lockerroom where Angle is preparing for the big Main Event.

In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and she asks him if he thinks he should?ve held off on answering Angle’s challenge. AJ asks her if she thinks Kurt would?ve waited for an answer. He then says he’s a fighting champion and that’s what he does. He says he doesn?t back down from a challenge. He says every knows Sting is an ?icon? and Kurt is referred to as the ?the best in the world today? and asks where that leaves him. He then raises up the TNA Title belt and says he’s TNA World Heavyweight Champion and between tonight and BFG he can leave zero doubts about him. He says that’s why he took the match because between he and Kurt they have to know who’s the best. He says sure it could affect his Title Match this Sunday and that’s only if Kurt is right and he doesn?t see that happening.

?The Pope? D?Angelo Dinero vs. ?Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels

They show a replay of what happened between Homicide and Willy Urbana last week and Taz says they have found out that Willy was the snitch and that’s why Homicide attacked him, and Homicide has been suspended for this week but will be back at BFG. As Dinero makes his entrance money falls down from rafters on him, that is pretty cool. Daniels and Dinero lockup and Dinero throws a knee at Daniels and then shoves him into the corner. Dinero follows up with a Running Knee Attack in the corner and then lights up Daniels chest with chops. Dinero whips Daniels into the corner again and charges but Daniels floats up and over Dinero and then hits an armdrag. Daniels hits another armdrag and then goes for a Scoop Slam but Dinero counters and hits another Knee Strike. Dinero comes off the ropes but eats a dropkick from Daniels. Dinero retreats through the ropes as Daniels tries to pull him in but the referee gets in between them and Dinero reaches up and pokes Daniels in the eyes. Dinero then hits Daniels from behind and puts the boots to the Fallen Angel. Dinero hits a Snapmare Takeover and then stomps on Daniels head. Dinero hits a Running Elbow Drop, 1?2?NO Daniels kicks out! Dinero drops to one knee and hits the 4-Uppercut. Dinero grabs his towel and goes to choke Daniels with it but the referee takes it from him and when the referee’s back his turned Dinero just flatout chokes Daniels in the corner. Dinero scrapes the eyes of Daniels and then drops an elbow on the top of Daniels head. Dinero then puts his knee on the throat of Daniels and sits there as the referee tries to pull him off. Dinero then puts Daniels in a Camel Clutch! Daniels fights to his knees and hits a series of back elbows. Dinero goes for a clothesline but Daniels grabs his arm and counters into a Neckbreaker! Daniels kicks Dinero and then hits a Forearm Smash and then whips Dinero into the ropes. Daniels goes for a Backhand but Dinero ducks and then Daniels connects with a Back Heel Kick. Daniels hits a Forearm Smash in the corner then sits Dinero on the top rope. Daniels follows up with a huge uppercut that damn near takes Dinero’s head off. Daniels then goes for the Fall From Grace, but Dinero blocks it with a elbow to the face. Dinero then dives off the top but get caught in midair with a Standing Rock Bottom! Daniels puts at the corner (BME time) but The Pope grabs his legs. Daniels reaches down and catches a kick to the head from Dinero! Dinero follows up with the STO! 1?2?NO Daniels kicks out! Dinero picks Daniels up and goes for a Back Suplex but Daniels blocs it and hits an STO of his own! 1?2?NO Dinero kicks out! Daniels picks Dinero up but Dinero catches him with an Uppercut an then comes off the ropes, but Daniels hits a Sunset Flip! Dinero rolls through it and then goes into a Jackknife Pin! 1?2?NO Daniels bridges up and out of the pin right into the Angels Wings! What a reversal! 1?2?3 and Daniels picks up the win!

Winner: Daniels via pinfall (Angels Wings)

The lights go out in the arena and Suicide’s music hits and Suicide runs down to the ring! Suicide prepares to attack Dinero but clotheslines Daniles instead! Suicide picks Daniels up and hits the Gringo Killa! What the hell?! Suicide pulls off his mask and it’s actually Homicide instead! Homicide smiles at the camera as the fans boo and security runs after Homicide only to have Homicide run from them.


Mick Foley’s music hits and he comes out with a thing of popcorn to a chorus of boos. There is a chair set up in the ring for him and he has some kind of paper mask on his head. It looks like a cutout Abyss mask. Foley says he remembers wearing a mask like that for about 3 years but came to find out that those masks were mass marketed and everyone for a few dollars could pretend to be Mick Foley everybody including Chris Parks (aka Abyss). Mick says he decided he would take a moment to compliment Abyss this week. Mick says though he may be a blatant Mick Foley knockoff but as far as blatant Mick Foley knockoffs he’s pretty good. He says we will sit back and watch some of Abyss some of Abyss? best moments. The first clip is shown of Abyss walking to the ring with James Mitchell back in the day and mocks that they hadn?t seen a mask like that since Mankind made his debut in 1996. The next clip is Abyss pouring out a bag of thumbtacks not seen since Foley invented that type of match in Japan in 1995. The next clip is Abyss getting thrown through a flaming table which he says bares a striking resemblance to a match that Edge had with Mick Foley in the WWE 2006 Match of the Year. He gets ready to show another clip but Abyss? music cuts him off and he makes his way out to the ring carrying his barbed wire baseball bat. Abyss wastes no time as Foley tried to talk his way out of it only to have Abyss put that barbed wire bat right on his throat and push the chair backwards. Foley tells Abyss to look at the screen and we see Stevie with Lauren crying and tied up. What a bad wig. Foley tells Abyss that she’s in danger and Stevie talks crap. Abyss screams at Foley and then runs to the back as Foley starts smiling and eating popcorn and Tenay says that Foley’s ?evil side? has arrived.


In the back JB hypes up that stupid TNA Mobile when Homicide casually strolls by the camera and then turns around and takes the microphone from JB. Homicide said they won?t send him home and then talks about how he jacked Suicide of his gear and then says this Sunday he will be representing in UX. He says Suicide is one ?ugly sucker? without the mask and he now knows who he is! He says be ready because he knew it ?was you? all along. Security yells at him and Homicide says ?hell no? and then turns around and runs into a big security guard. Homicide starts swinging on security as they gang up on him and drag him away.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Hamada vs. ?Future Legend? Alissa Flash

As Hamada made her entrance Flash attacked her from behind and hits a Monkey Flip on her on the stage! Flash then hits a Running Front Kick that makes Hamada roll backwards down the ramp! Flash puts the boots to Hamada and gets a nearfall. Flash pulls a table out and sets it up on the ring post and then tries to whip Hamada into it, but she blocks it and then hits a huge Superkick! Hamada throws a series of nasty forearms and then sets up for an Asai Moonsault off the apron, but Flash grabs her leg and snatchers her off the apron and hits a clothesline. Flash Curb Stomps Hamada on the floor! Holy crap! 1?2?NO Hamada kicks out! Flash throws some forearms up the ramp and then start trading forearms! Hamada gets the advantage but Flash comes back with a knee to the gut and then goes for a Scoop Slam, but Hamada counters and then shoves Flash off the ramp to the concrete! Hamada then hits a Somersault Plancha off the ramp onto Flash on the concrete! 1?2?NO Flash kicks out! Hamada sets the table up at ringside and gets the fans behind her. Hamada drags Flash over and tries to slam her head into the table, but Flash blocks it and hits somemore forearms. Flash goes for a clothesline but Hamada ducks and hits a Spinning Roundhouse that sends Flash’s head into the rafters! Hamada lays Flash out on the table and climbs to the top rope but Flash is able to get up and pull her down. Flash goes for a Suplex through the table but Hamada blocks it and counters into a Jumping DDT onto the damn apron! Hamada lays Flash out once again on the table and climbs back up top and hits the Moonsault sending Flash through the table! 1?2?3 and Hamada gets the hard earned win!

Winner: Hamada via pinfall (Moonsault through a table)

In the back JB is the MEM lockerroom and he asks if this big match tonight has shaken Kurt’s focus for BFG. Kurt says ?not for a second? and says tonight he will beat AJ and he?ll be soaring into BFG with a huge win over AJ Styles. Kurt says that neither AJ nor Matt are a ?Kurt Angle?. He says their good but he’s the best and tonight AJ will learn a valuable lesson and that’s he doesn?t deserve to hold his title. Kurt then says that Morgan will learn an even more valuable lesson this Sunday and that’s ?you don?t cross the Godfather?.


Stretcher Match
?War Machine? Rhino vs. ?The Boss? Bobby Lashley

Lashley has his ribs taped up as he makes his way out to the ring and he gives Rhino the evil eye. As Lashley started to climb into the ring Rhino knocks him off the apron and Lashley nails his ribs on the guardrail! Rhino then rolls Lashley into the ring and stomps the ribs of Lashley and then chokes him. Rhino hits a running punt to the ribs of Lashley and then drops a knee on those ribs. Rhino really working over them ribs. Rhino charges at Lashley in the corner but he hits a back elbow and then a running clothesline! Lashley throws Rhino over the top rope to the floor! Lashley follows him out and then throws Rhino into the apron. Rhino fights back with more shots to the ribs and then he tries to whip Lashly into the guardrail but Lashley reverses it! Lashley repeatedly throws Rhino into the guardrail and then lays him on the stretcher and starts rolling him over to the ambulance but sells his ribs like he cant pull the weight of Rhino because of them. Rhino rolls off the stretcher and throws a big right at Lashley. Rhino throws more bodyshots at the ribs of Lashley and then goes for the Gore but Lashley moves and Rhino eats every bit of the staging. Lashley reigns down rights on Rhino and then puts him on the stretcher and rolls him towards the ambulance. Again Rhino gets off the stretcher and even slams the stretcher into those ribs of Lashley! Rhino again goes for the Gore and this time Lashley kicks him in the head! Lashley follows up with a Full Nelson Slam onto a guard rail that was leaning up against a wall! Lashley picks Rhino up and throws him back on the stretcher and then loads the stretcher into the ambulance and Lashley gets the win.

Winner: Lashley via putting Rhino into the ambulance

In the back Abyss is searching for Lauren and he hears a girl screaming and runs towards the screams.


In the back So Cal Val approaches Lashley and asks him if he has any final words for Joe as we see Samoa Joe standing in the trainers room holding a chair (Lashley had his back turned to him). He says ?yeah, are you ready Joe? Are you ready to tap out?? and then Joe slams the chair into Lashley’s ribs chokes Lashley out with the Coquina Clutch! Joe talks trash to Lashley the whole time he’s choking him out! Joe says ?I left you with one left breath and at BFG it will be your last!?

At ringside Tenay and Taz hype up the card for BFG.

Abyss finally finds Lauren but it’s actually Daffney wearing a wig and Stevie jumps him from behind. Abyss starts beating the hell out of Stevie until Mick comes in and slams the barbed wire bat into Abyss? gut. Foley nails Abyss with the bat again and then grates it on Abyss? arm and says ?here’s a couple of more stitches for you Abyss? and ?he fell for a cheap imitation.?

We then see a split screen of AJ and Styles coming toward the ring. Damn, an hour left in the show? This is going to get plenty of time!

Main Event
?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle vs. ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles

Coming to the ring David Penzer says that this is a 20-minute time limit match. Angle and AJ stare each other down as the fans are really getting into this thing early. They lockup and Angle forces AJ into the corner and he clean breaks. Angle shoots in on AJ and locks in a waistlock but AJ reverses it and again Angle reverses it and Angle takes AJ down with a Pump Handle Takedown. Angle holds onto the waistlock and AJ rolls through and grabs the ropes to break the hold. They circle each other and they both shoot in on each other and this time Angle is able to get a single leg takedown and Angle rolls over and AJ goes to lock in a waistlock of his own.

Angle grabs his arms and blocks it and turns into a wristlock and then transitions into a side headlock. Angle hits a side headlock takeover and holds onto the headlock on the mat. AJ gets to his feet and shoves Angle off into the ropes and then leapfrogs Angle and drops down as Angle leaps over top of him. AJ then hits the Phenomenal Dropkick and Angle decides to take a break as he rolls out to the floor. Angle gets back in the ring and as AJ shoots in on him he kicks AJ and then hits a series European Uppercuts and then whips AJ into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but AJ kicks him and then hits a Scoop Slam followed by an Elevated Knee Drop!

1?NO Angle kicks out and bails out to the floor again to catch his breath. Angle wants a test of strength and AJ obliges him as they go with the Test of Strength. Angle gets the advantage but AJ is able to turn to the tides and starts to force Angle to his knees but Angle is having none of it and kicks AJ right in the gut. Angle then throws AJ over the top rope but AJ is able to catch himself and land on the apron. Angle realizes it and cuts AJ off before he can try any high spots with a big right hand to the temple. Angle comes off the ropes but AJ slingshots into a Somersault Lariat as Angle came full speed at him and he damn near takes Angle’s head right the hell of with that nasty lariat!

Angle rolls out to the floor once again and AJ is about to sick of this so he goes for a dive but Angle sees it and quickly slides into the ring. AJ is able to catch himself again and lands on the apron. AJ springboards up to the top but Angle takes AJ’s legs out from under him and AJ lands on the top rope and then falls back to the floor hard. Angle lets the referee start to count AJ out and AJ starts to get back in the ring but Angle knocks him right back down to the floor. Angle decides to take a page out of AJ’s book and hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto AJ on the floor! Angle showing why he is STILL considered the best wrestler in the world today as we see several replays of that high spot.

Kurt lifts AJ up and slams him into the ring apron back first. Angle throws AJ back into the ring and covers him for a nearfall. Angle then hits a Backbreaker and gets another nearfall and then hooks AJ’s arm in what Taz says is called a ?wizzer? and gets another nearfall. Angle puts AJ in a Rear Chinlock and transitions into a headlock. AJ gets to his feet and puts his elbow into the gut of Angle and then hits a stiff right hand and comes off the ropes again only to eat a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker as the fans boo Angle. Angle hits a Snap Suplex, 1?2?NO AJ still kicks out! Angle again covers AJ, 1?2?.NO AJ still kicks out. Angle puts AJ in a Reverse Bear Hug on the mat as he continues to wear AJ down.

AJ gets to his feet and backs Angle into the corner and throws a series of back elbows and then a big haymaker right hand. AJ attempts to whip Angle into the opposite corner but Angle reverses it and then charges only to eat a boot from AJ! The Phenomenal One with a big right and then he attempts to whip Angle into the ropes but Angle reverses it and hits a nice Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Angle chokes AJ on the middle rope as the fans chant ?Angle sucks? and then he hits a Back Suplex on AJ and gets yet another nearfall. Angle is starting to get a little frustrated as he puts AJ in a Body Scissors. Tenay points out that Angle actually has one of AJ’s arms trapped in the hold so he can?t break it, and Taz points out AJ’s hands that are gripped together to stop Angle from really sinking in the hold. Boy, they are the ball tonight with the commentary. AJ starts to sit up so Angle puts him in a Rear Naked Choke as well! Angle rolls over and puts AJ in a side headlock. AJ is again able to get to his feet as Taz talks about AJ’s heart. AJ is able to break the hold with an elbow and then a chop and then goes for a clothesline but Angle sidesteps him and puts him in a Sleeper! AJ tries to get to the ropes but Angle blocks him so AJ counters with a Back Suplex! Both men are down now and the referee starts the 10 count. Both men get to their feet and Angle goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and hits a series of clotheslines. AJ charges Angle in the corner but Angle backdrops him over the top. AJ lands on the apron on his feet and then hits a forearm to Angle followed by the Springboard Forearm! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! AJ calls for the Styles Clash but Angle blocks it and takes AJ down with a double leg takedown and catapults AJ into the corner! Angle then hits a Release German Suplex! 1?2?NO AJ stills kicks out and Angle can?t believe it! Angle goes for the Angle Slam but AJ blocks it and hits the Pele out of nowhere! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! AJ climbs up to the top rope but Angle quickly leaps up and hits the Belly-to-Belly Superplex! 1?2?NO AJ kicks out yet again! Angle is so frustrated now as he even raised his arm in victory during the nearfall. When AJ gets to his feet Angle again goes for the Angle Slam but AJ counters this time with an armdrag and then a Discuss Clothesline! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! AJ goes for the Styles Clash again but this time Angle backdrops him but AJ rolls Angle up! Angle rolls through and grabs the ankle of AJ! Ankle Lock is locked in! AJ uses his arms to lift himself up and he rolls through right into a pin, 1?2?NO Angle kicks out again! AJ goes for a clothesline, Angle ducks and hits the Rolling German Suplexes, hitting 3 in a row. 1?2?NO AJ kicks out yet again! Angle pulls the straps own and he says it’s over! AJ gets to his feet and Angle goes for the Angle Slam but yet again AJ counters this time into a rollup! 1?NO AJ lifts Angle up into the Styles Clash! He finally hits it! 1?.2?NO Angle kicked out! Are you kidding me, the fans are going nuts right now! AJ climbs up to the top rope and Angle gets to his feet. AJ goes for the Flying Forearm this time off the top turnbuckle but Angle kicks him in midair and finally hits the Angle Slam! 1?2?NO AJ kicked out and Angle looks like he’s about to cry now! Angle climbs to the top and goes for the Moonsault, but AJ moves and goes for the Springboard 450-Splash and hits it! 1?2?NO Angle kicked out I mean right damn before that hand hit the mat for 3! Man, he hit that 450 perfect. Taz points out that’s the move that AJ won the belt with as the fans chant ?this is awesome.? AJ puts Angle up on the top rope and climbs up as well. He goes for a Superplex but Angle shoves him off and starts to stand up, but AJ quickly takes Angle’s legs out from under him. Angle lands right on the shoulders of AJ and he goes for a Tombstone, but Angle reverses it and AJ reverses it right back! But AJ can?t hit it as Angle slides down AJ’s body and grabs his leg and locks in the Ankle Lock again! AJ crawls and scrapes for the ropes but Angle lays back and great vines the leg. AJ is still fighting and the bell rings but he never gave up! Angle thins he won but Penzer announces that it is a TIME LIMIT DRAW! What a match!

Winner: DRAW via time limit draw

After the match Angle is pissed and is just staring at the fans and starts shoving the referee and now we see Sting walking down to the ring. Why does Sting always wear sunglasses when he has no face paint on? Sting approaches AJ but AJ shrugs him off.


Back from commercials Tenay and Taz say we will hear from both Kurt and AJ but first they show highlights from that awesome damn match we just saw. The rest of the show (minus the upcoming Kurt and AJ interviews) will be much like the HBO 24/7 shows or the new UFC hype up shows that they do.

The first match promo will be for Lashley and Samoa Joe. We are in Colorado where Bobby Lashley is training inside a gym. Lashley says his life is twisting into different directions and he feels like you need to do everything you love and can while you?re alive and right now his passions are MMA and wrestling and he puts over making an impact in TNA. They show highlights from the a** whooping he put on a Bob Sapp and then talks about how he wants to dominate like that in TNA. Lashley says he had a setback in wrestling when he had to take a leave of absence from WWE and now he’s set up for a comeback in TNA. Samoa Joe says that all of Lashley’s accomplishments and accolades doesn?t mean anything because he is Samoa Joe and he is pro wrestling. Taz says that Lashley is prepared for any opponent in either TNA or MMA but Samoa Joe is on a mission right now. He predicts Joe gets the upset. They show highlights of the war that has gone down between Lashley and Joe in TNA. We then see Lashley feeding his kids and they talk about him balancing his careers and his life as a father. Lashley introduces his kids: son, Miles, and his daughter, Kyra. Joe says that Lashley may be his toughest opponent but he doesn?t know the true metal of a man until they?ve hit him and he’s hit them and he says that he hasn?t even begun to hit Lashley. Lashley says what drives him when he fights is when he looks into his opponent and you can tell if that person even wants to fight. Joe says there is no preparation for what he’s going to do to Lashley and says there is no lifting or running enough that can take the pain that he’s going to instill on Lashley away. He says everyday when he wakes up he has Lashley on his mind and when he looks into the mirror he knows that’s the man that will walk into BFG and destroy Lashley. He says Bobby will find out that dealing with Samoa Joe in a pro wrestling ring is far different and far more violent than anything he?ll fight in any other ring. Lashley puts Joe over as one of the best wrestlers in the world and probably his toughest opponent and he says it?ll be the battle he loves: rough and tough. Tenay says at BFG there is a few matches where both opponents are at a crossroads in their careers and this is one of them and then Taz says this is something that TNA brings: something different and something unique. Lashley says it may be messy and it may be bloody but ultimately he?ll be victorious.


Back at ringside Taz and Tenay are hyping up Foley and Abyss and then we cut to our special preview of this match. Abyss says that Foley is the greatest hardcore legend of all time as they show pictures of Foley’s many wars over the years mostly in Japan including the shot after he lost his ear in Germany. Abyss points out all of the potentially career ending injuries that Foley has suffered and that he’s put on others. They show a history between Foley and Abyss starting back at Hard Justice including that awesome quote Foley had about feeling the warmth of blood running down your face and it feeling good. Foley says that he always wanted to be a hardcore wrestler and Abyss is the same way as they show more clips of the brawls Abyss and Foley have had. Abyss starts laughing psychotically and says it’s an honor to step in the ring with Foley but just beating him won?t be enough. He says he has more of a thirst of destruction right now than Mick Foley could ever dream of. Foley puts over how this is the biggest show of the year and says this is the biggest match of his career, and he has a chance in 2009 to show that he still can go. They show footage of some of Abyss? career highlights like the Barbed Wire Massacre with Sabu and winning the NWA Title. Abyss says that Foley has left everything he has in the ring and one last time ?let’s leave it all out there.? Foley says at the end of the day he hopes that people will argue ?was that the best hardcore match ever?? Abyss wants blood, anger, destruction, and torment in the match and it’s not a matter of will Abyss or Foley get hurt but it’s a matter of how bad will they get hurt.


The next match hype up is Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan. Also, after the preview will be a live interview with Angle. Angle says that right now in his career he is wrestling better than he ever has so he is the best in the business. Morgan says that in his opinion Kurt is the best in the business. Angle points out how he’s never won at BFG so he’s going out to prove himself. The voiceover lady says that Angle is considered the best technical wrestler today. Morgan says ?being okay ain?t good enough? for Angle and that’s what sets him apart from any other wrestler. The voiceover lady hypes up Angle’s accolades and Angle says every time he wrestlers he gives everything he has and then Morgan’s athletic ability is hyped. Morgan says that he is the only giant in the sport with a set of abs on him (probably true). He says that’s by design not just to look good. Angle says that Morgan has everything it takes as a giant in this business. Dixie Carter even chimes in on this one saying that it really is wrestling’s best vs. wrestling’s future and thinks this will be Morgan’s best match he’s ever had. Highlights of Morgan in his College Basketball playing days as well as American Gladiator are shown. Morgan says this match is absolutely the most important thing to him right now though his wife might now like him to say that, it is true. Morgan says he respects Kurt Angle but he will hand him his a**. Tenay agrees that this is the most important match in Morgan’s career because it gives him the chance to take that next step in his career. Footage of Morgan training is shown as he continues to hype up how big of a match this is to him. Morgan says there is no glass ceiling for him and Tenay says that the fans can expect a more emotional match that they would expect. Angle says the most important thing to him is having his greatest match ever. Taz says it’s Morgan’s time and thinks he?ll pull off the upset while Morgan says he won?t be happy just wrestling Angle at BFG he has to beat him.

In the back JB is with Kurt Angle and JB puts over how great that match was and then asks Angle if he thinks AJ would?ve tapped. Angle says the tapout was a technicality and we all know who the real winner was, AJ knows it, and the whole world knows it. Angle says he proved without a shadow of a doubt he is the best wrestler on the planet. He asks how AJ will deal with knowing this and then laughs. JB says he’s never seen Angle this confident and he asks what’s not to be confident about and he says he’s coming for his belt.


Back from the break the next match to be hyped up is the Main Event, AJ and Sting the big time matchup. Also, AJ will be interviewed live after the preview. The voiceover chick introduces Sting as the man who needs no introduction and puts over his legendary career before saying that the same bright light on his career casted a dark shadow as well. Sting talks about how the business as well as himself nearly destroyed him back in the day as pictures from when he was in WCW are shown. Sting says when you have power, fame, and notoriety it’s amazing what can happen and he just about lost everything as he is shown with his family. Sting says there are so many things about wrestling that the public never sees and after 20+ years the bad parts definitely wear on you, but the one thing that keeps you going is the fans. Some pretty cool pictures of Sting back in the Surfer colorful face paint days are shown as well as footage of when he was first starting out (how the hell did TNA get their hands on that footage or did Sting own it?). Sting says the roar of the crowd is not easy to say goodbye to and he says that he had a 4 year period where he wasn?t in the business but he never forgot and he was glad that he has been given this one last opportunity for a final run here in his time in TNA. Taz says Sting really is an icon and it’s not just a moniker while Tenay likens Sting to Reggie Jackson in baseball as Mr. October pointing out how Sting has won the World Heavyweight Championship at BFG ?06, BFG ?07, and BFG ?08. Tenay says that Sting is TNA’s Mr. October. The focus is shifted to AJ and the voiceover chick points out how AJ is the only Grand Slam Champion (World, Tag Team, X-Division, & Legends Champion) in TNA history. His heart is put over and AJ says to beat Sting he will have to be on top of his game. He says not only physically but also mentally he has to be ontop of Sting because he gives Stinger an inch who knows what could happen. Taz says he thinks AJ will win and puts over how Sting is the one that ?brought AJ back.? AJ says that knowing that Sting is 3-0 at BFG and has won the World Title at all 3 of those shows does worry him and Sting says it would be cool to keep this streak going. AJ says this match is one of the biggest matches of his career and Tenay asks if this is Sting’s final match and says he hopes it’s not. He says Sting is the only one that can answer that and he says that is a chance that it may just be his last match. He says he knows the time is coming and he just doesn?t want to get to a point where he embarrasses himself in the ring. Dixie Carter points out how every year she has been able to convince him ?one more year? but this time she really doesn?t know if this him. She says this will be an incredibly emotionally night for both of them but also says there will never be another Sting. That damn promo gave me freaking chills.

In the back JB is with AJ Styles and he asks AJ if time didn?t go out would he tap, but AJ stops him and points out that he didn?t lose. AJ is pissed off that he took that match in his emotion and questions taking that match because he needs to be focused on Sting. He says he will make it clear that he didn?t lose and the only thing he can do is learn from it.

Back at ringside Tenay and Taz hype up BFG one last time with a final video package. Dixie says it is the biggest show period for them. Brutus says all the hard work you put in during the year comes down to this one night. Young says it’s the biggest show, the biggest crowd, the biggest matches. Tara says every wrestler works their butt of to be in a show like this while Hernandez says everyone works for this. Bubba says it could be the culmination or the beginning for what it is to be in the future of TNA. Robert Roode says he has been in TNA for 6 years and he says BFG will be a special night out in L.A. and he says it could be make or break and TNA will make it. Dinero says TNA is the fastest growing company in the world and Taz puts over how big the show is. Booker says that night will see the MEM blow up the whole scene and it will be worth the price of admission. Sting says you are getting the best of the best out of the company as a whole that night. Mick says this show could make a career and AJ says this is TNA’s Super Bowl. Lashley says every year there is always that big show with all the top dogs and that’s what BFG is. This Sunday live on PPV don?t miss! Remember, Adam Martin has the best live play by play on the net!

Final Thoughts

First off, before I even step foot into talking about the show I have to talk about these preview videos. What in the blue hell are TNA and WWE (both of these companies) doing not doing this more often?! I was hyped for BFG but I don?t think I?ve ever been this hype for a TNA PPV in my life. That damn thing did it’s job. These companies have really got to start thinking about for their biggest shows (example: Lockdown, Slammiversary, BFG in TNA) doing this type of thing. It doesn?t have to be during Impact like it was this week (though great idea), you can do a special on a special night like they do for UFC on Spike. Just flat out awesome that was just great. Kudos to TNA, wow.

Now to the show. Oh, man that was fun tonight. We had a little bit of everything and every single match was hyped up for BFG. That opening segment was awesome and man it really seems like BFG may just be the end to MEM and kind of a passing to the new guard, this is going to be fun.

That first match with the knockouts was probably the worst they did at hyping up a match for this Sunday. If you blinked you missed it and the only thing saving is all the girls involved in the matches at BFG have what it takes to make it count in the ring.

The Gore Rhino did to Lashly was just insane, he Gored the hell out of him and I loved that he worked on those ribs the whole match and then Joe with his attack. Joe is looking like a damn beast going into BFG, a freaking animal.

Suicide and Red put on a good little match until Dinero interfered, those two could put on an awesome PPV match. The paring of West and Red is just perfect and it really will do wonders for Red, if you didn?t know Red is extremely shy when it comes to talking and mic work. I?m exciting as hell they added to him in the UX (which if you remember I said they should do several weeks ago when UX was announced). Also, great UX hype video tonight as well.

The Gauntlet Match did nothing for me. It made the Brits look weak though it did make Hernandez look strong. I really see him walking out of BFG with his first singles gold.

Good little promo and brawl with the tag teams, I liked that 4-way interview thing they did.

Daniels and Dinero really put on a great match with the time they were allowed, another pairing that I think could have a great feud as well as be a good tag team because their styles mesh well as do their characters. Dinero’s promo tonight was classic and I really could see him winning the belt at BFG. He’s the most versatile member of the X-Division along with Daniels.

The Foley and Abyss stuff was pretty good minus the horrible wig Daffney was wearing, that made it too obvious.

Hamada and Flash damn near killed each other and I really think both have a ton of potential. Flash is gorgeous and a great wrestler while Hamada may be the stiffest and possibly best wrestler in the division (I don?t know if she’s better than Sarita).

Now to the Main Event. First off, I?m going to start with the placement of the match, just awesome. They put it on right at the end of the second hour so everybody that may have stopped watching after the match would more likely to stick around. The match itself was definitely TV match of the year in TNA this year and was right up there with any match AJ and Angle have had together. It had it all, awesome technical wrestling and counters, high spots thrown in, striking, everything. I loved how everything AJ would get some momentum Angle would quickly hit to the floor and to stop him. Even Tenay and Taz were on point for this match pointing out little things like how Angle would have AJ’s arm trapped in the body scissor and things like that just a great thing. AJ didn?t look weak but neither did Angle and they can also key on this whole ?does AJ deserve the belt? thing headed into BFG.

I?ve already spoken about the hype up videos. They were simply awesome, really made this show come off as big and made me want to see each match and the show in general even more. If you missed the previews here is a link to it which is called ?Before the Glory?:

Promo/Segment of the Night: the entire BFG preview videos
Match of the Night: AJ vs. Angle (****)
Overall Grade: A +

Bound for Glory V:
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Sting
– Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle
– Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley
– Monster’s Ball: Abyss vs. Mick Foley
– TNA X-Division Title Ultimate X: Amazing Red (c) vs. Suicide vs. D?Angelo Dinero vs. Homicide vs. Daniels
– TNA World Tag & IWGP Tag Titles Full Metal Mayhem: Team 3D vs. British Invasion (c) vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. Booker T. & Scott Steiner (c)
– TNA Legends Title Triple Threat: Kevin Nash (c) vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young
– TNA Knockouts Title Triple Threat: ODB (c) vs. Tara vs. Awesome Kong
– TNA Knockouts Tag Titles: Sarita & Taylor Wilde (c) vs. The Beautiful People
– PRE-SHOW: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences

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