TNA Impact Wrestling Results 3/20/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
March 27, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights from last week focusing primarily on the Gunner and Storm drama.

MVP comes down to the ring and he says he wanted to make sure there was an even playing field for all when he came to TNA based on ability not shady alliances or backstabbing. He says a great man once said “the cream always rises to the top.” MVP says he spoke to the Board of Directors and he has decided to make an executive decision tonight, but before he can say anything else Magnus along with Abyss come out and interrupt him.

Magnus says before MVP does anything rash he reminds him that Abyss has a 100% legit “service contract” with Magnus not TNA. He says that Abyss works for him not MVP or TNA. Magnus says that means the only time MVP’s authority extends to him is through Magnus and the only time Abyss will be in the ring in the future is if Magnus is in the ring. MVP says it’s funny he says that because after being handcuffed to Abyss last week he saw just how powerful and violent Abyss is. MVP then tells Abyss that if ever puts his hands on him again he will show Abyss a different side of himself, and then says Magnus has become a leech on Abyss just like everyone else in his career. MVP asks if Abyss doesn’t want something more for himself and then asks if he wants a shot at the TNA World Title!

Magnus protests and MVP reminds him that he just said the only time Abyss can be in the ring is with Magnus as well. MVP says with the TNA World Title on the line they’ll find out just where Abyss’ loyalties lie. MVP says there is another guy that keeps getting the shaft so next week it will be Abyss vs. Magnus vs. SAMOA JOE in a 3-Way Dance for the World Title!

Samoa Joe comes down to the ring and he isn’t too keen on having to face both Abyss and Magnus to get his World Title. Joe says all he has asked for is a “fair, uninterrupted opportunity” to beat Magnus’ ass and take back his championship. Joe says instead of that opportunity now he pretty much has to be in a handicap match, but MVP says that is not the case because Magnus will not be able to control Abyss with the World Title in the balance. Joe gets in MVP’s face and says MVP is about to have a problem controlling him in a few seconds.

Magnus interrupts them which pisses Joe off so he jumps Magnus! Abyss attacks Joe from behind but then MVP evens up the odds! Eric Yougn runs out and jumps on Abyss! EY dropkicks Abyss out of the ring!


Back from the break EY, Joe, and MVP are still in the ring. EY says he has the solution to MVP’s problem and says that because he brought the monster back out in Abyss it’s his responsibility to stop him. EY suggests putting him in the title match next week and says that he will take care of Abyss so that Joe can take care of Magnus in the match which he deserves. MVP says he respects EY but he hasn’t earned that just yet. EY talks about the MVP Principals and says that MVP is only been here “10 minutes” while EY has been in TNA for 10 years. He mentions his time in Team Canada, the leader of World Elite, when he was a “paranoid freak,” when he was a superhero (Super Eric), and even namedrops the Front Line group. EY mentions all of his championships in TNA and then says that every crazy idea that TNA has saddled on him he took and knocked the ball out of the park. He says some people call him one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the world and that is important to him. EY says the man standing in front of MVP right now is a “world class professional wrestler.”

Joe gets between EY and MVP and says that no one doubts the work that EY has put in, but the problem is there is a line and EY is not at the head of it. Joe says he still hasn’t gotten his one fair title shot and until he gets that EY gets nothing. MVP says he appreciates EY’s passion that he just showed and he just validated his case so he can’t deny a man that wants to step up to the plate and do big things. MVP puts EY in the World Title match!

Joe gets in EY’s face and shoves him so EY tackles Joe! Joe and EY brawl around the ring with MVP looking on until referees run out to pull them apart. Joe gets on the mic and starts screaming that if EY wants to go they can go tonight and tells MVP to make the match! MVP agrees so tonight a little preview of the World Title match!

In the back Bully Ray says the “Twittah machine” is back and says that Bobby Roode messed with the bull, now he gets the horns…and the tables!

The Wolves approach MVP as he walks to the back and asks for a favor. They want a match with Magnus and Abyss tonight and MVP agrees.

Earlier today EC3 and Rockstar Spud are “hunting for Willow” through the woods. That halfwit Spud is wearing full ghillie suit like he’s a marine crawling through the woods.


Back from the break earlier today EC3 and Spud are still in search of Willow. Spud says they’re on a suicide mission because they don’t know what Willow is capable of but EC3 tells him to shut up and follow him. Spud is still selling the attack on his leg a few weeks ago.

The Wolves vs. Magnus & “The Monster” Abyss

The Wolves have new entrance music finally. Davey and Magnus start off and as they lockup Magnus gets Davey in a wristlock, but Davey cartwheels into a reversal. Magnus elbows Davey and then puts the boots to Davey in the corner. Magnus hits a European Uppercut and then taunts Eddie before leveling Davey with a knee. Magnus goes for a Back Suplex but Davey lands on his feet and then tags in Eddie. Eddie ducks a clothesline and lights Magnus up with chops. The Wolves whip Magnus into the ropes and then Eddie hits a drop toehold followed by a Sliding Dropkick from Davey. Eddie covers for a nearfall and then he tosses Magnus into a headbutt from Davey. Davey tags back in and The Wolves sandwich Magnus with headbutts and then Davey tosses Magnus into a headbutt from Eddie. Eddie tags back in and the Wolves whip Magnus into the ropes where Abyss blind tags him. As Magnus hits the ropes he holds onto them and then Abyss Double Clotheslines The Wolves from behind.


Back from the break Magnus goes for a clothesline on Eddie but he ducks and then goes for a Cross Body Block. Magnus catches him in midair and then lifts Eddie into the air with a Vertical Suplex for a nearfall. Magnus puts Eddie in a rear chinlock but Eddie fights out with back elbows only to get taken down by a forearm anyway. Magnus whips Eddie into the corner and then charges right into a boot from Eddie. Eddie climbs up top and dives off with a Diving Hurricanrana! Eddie reaches out for a tag but Magnus grabs his foot to stop him. Eddie kicks Magnus off and tags in Davey! Davey hits a Running Mafia Kick to Abyss knocking him off the apron and follows up with a Lariat to Magnus! Davey hits a back elbow and then handsprings into the Damage Reflex off the ropes! Abyss charges at Davey but he moves and Abyss splashes Magnus! Davey dives off the top with a Double Missile Dropkick on Abyss & Magnus! Davey hits a series round kicks to a kneeling Magnus and then hits the ropes where Eddie blind tags himself in. Davey charges at Magnus but Magnus lifts him up for a backdrop only for Davey to land on his feet. Davey gets Magnus in a waistlock and then Eddie hits Magnus with a Leaping Enziguri followed by a Bridging German Suplex from Davey! Eddie then rolls on top of Magnus into a bridging pin as Davey lets go! 1…2…NO Abyss breaks it up! The Wolves chop and kick the hell out of Abyss and then they hit the ropes but Abyss grabs them both by the throat! Abyss goes for a Double Chokeslam but both The Wolves backflip onto their feet! Abyss goes for a Double Clothesline but they duck and then hit Double Sliding Dropkicks to the legs of Abyss! The Wolves hit Double Roundhouse Kicks to the head of Abyss! Abyss rolls out to the floor and Davey follows him with a Suicide Dive through the ropes! Magnus charges at Eddie but he sidesteps Magnus and then rolls him up into a Half Crab and Magnus taps as Abyss can’t believe that Magnus tapped so quick!

Winners: The Wolves via submission (Half Crab)

Abyss argues with Magnus on why he tapped so quick while Taz says that he tapped so he would be okay for the World Title match next week. Magnus points to his head and tells Abyss to get his title. Abyss looks down at the belt and caresses it and then just walks right past Magnus still holding the belt as Magnus gets pissed.


Angelina Love comes down to the ring and then tells Velvet Sky to get out to there and tell her what her problem is this week.

Velvet says she has more than a problem and she’s pissed off. She asks what the deal with Madison was last week instead of making things right she beat her up. Angelina says she did that for them and Velvet says she didn’t sign up for this. Angelina asks Velvet what she signed up for, an “introduction to being mediocre” because without Angelina that’s what she is. Angelina says that Velvet is “vanilla, bland, and soft” without her. Angelina says that Velvet lost her edge and she’s well on her way to becoming another forgetful face in TNA. Angelina says Velvet doesn’t have anything to say because she knows Angelina is right. She says that Velvet had “killer swag” in The Beautiful People and nobody messed with them.

Velvet Sky says in case she hasn’t noticed a lot has changed in TNA but Angelina says the only thing that has changed is Velvet. She says for two years she sat at home because she’s a “headache” but she would rather sit at home and be blackballed by the whole business than come be someone else’s “biatch.” Angelina says tonight she has a match with Madison and by the time that final bell rings Velvet better pick a side. Angelina tells Velvet when she picks a side she better do it because she WANTS to not because she was told to.

A video package recapping the history of Gunner and Storm is shown.

Earlier today EC3 and Spud were still searching for Willow.


EC3 and Spud are still searching for Willow earlier today and they are looking for him in a barn now. EC3 starts screaming to freak out Spud as if something got him when he walked in. As EC3 walks around the barn ranting about Jeff Hardy, Willow comes up from behind Spud and drags him away. Willow lets out his weirdo laugh which freaks out EC3.

Another video package highlighting Storm and Gunner’s history together is shown.

Bully Ray comes down to the ring and then a bunch of guys, who Tenay says is fans but more than likely Indy wrestlers, tbring out a bunch of tables. I couldn’t tell what their shits said but I’m thinking they were 3D Wrestling Academy shirts.

Bully asks the fans if they think they have enough tables and then says he’s the guy that made sure Dixie Carter is no longer part of TNA. Bully says if Roode would have won that match at Lockdown he would have ended up just like Dixie, and he can tell him like he’s told Bobby before the last thing wrestling needs is another owner like Dixie Carter. Bully says he put Roode through a table and now Roode has put Bully through a table so there is no more talking that is needed. Roode asks the fans if they want to see Roode go through a bunch of tables and then Roode’s music interrupts him.

Roode asks if Bully really thinks he intimidates Roode and then he says the man Bully screwed over at Lockdown doesn’t even exist anymore. Roode says that he admits that he let the thought of owning a part of the company blind him and made him forget who he is, but now he remembers. Roode says he is the guy that became the longest reigning and most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in the history of TNA. Roode says he is the guy that smashed a beer bottle over his best friends head and the guy that spit in the face of Dixie Carter way before spitting in her face was cool. He says that he is the guy that tricked and baited Bully into going to TNA’s corporate office to give him a taste of his own medicine. Roode asks the fans if they know who HE is.

Bully tells Roode to quit running his mouth and come fight him right now. Roode calls Bully “pathetically typical” and says that Bully doesn’t call the shots or tell him what to do. Roode says he calls the shots and he says when and where. Bully says he’s the one that says when and where and the fans say NOW and Roode asks the fans if they really want to see them fight….but it’s not going to happen.

Roode starts to go back up the ramp but Bully jumps him from behind! Bully hits Roode with a series of elbows and slams him into the ring steps. Bully rips Roode’s shirt off and lights him up with a big chop! Bully destroys Roode’s chest with chops and then he lays him against a table and goes for another chop, but Roode moves and Ray injures his hand on the table. Roode grabs that arm and slams it into the guardrail repeatedly and then kicks it.

Roode tries to Suplex Ray onto a table but Ray blocks it and then goes for the Bully Cutter. Roode blocks it and shoves Bully into the ring post right into that injured arm. Roode lays Bully out on the ring apron and then attempts to Power Bomb Bully through it, but Bully blocks it and then goes for a Piledriver through it! Roode blocks it and backdrops Bully into the ring! Roode climbs up top and dives off with an attempt at the Blockbuster, but Bully moves out of the way and lays into Roode with elbows.

Bully attempts to kick Roode through a table but Roode moves out of the way and Bully puts himself through it. Roode attempts a Roode Bomb but Bully blocks it and then attempts a Powerbomb, but Roode blocks it and lands on his feet! Bully just flat out throws his body at Roode but Roode sidesteps him and Bully goes flying through the table!

Backstage Abyss still has Magnus’ title and when Magnus tries to get it back from him Abyss shoves it into Magnus’ chest. Abyss asks Magnus what the hell he was doing out there and Magnus says he has no problem tapping when the belt isn’t on the line. Abyss says he doesn’t like losing but Magnus says when they started their business partnership he made it very clear that this whole thing was about keeping the World Title. Magnus tells Abyss not to let MVP get in his head or he’ll end up going back to being someone’s freak show.


Gunner and Storm are shown getting ready for the main event.

Another vignette highlighting Knux back in his hometown is shown. Some sexy chick shows him around his dad’s business that was destroyed by a recent flood. She says she and his dad needed him but Knux says he felt trapped there. She says that while he was chasing his dreams his family was drowning literally. She says that before she and he have a talk about what’s going to happen with them he needs to make things right with his old man.

Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

These two are former partners and rivals. Last week Angelina offered Madison a spot in the Beautiful People V. 2 but then beat her ass after Madison originally balked at the idea. Madison slides in the ring and the fight is on! Madison clotheslines Angelina and then clotheslines her again in the corner before stomping her down. Angelina rolls out of the ring and calls for a timeout but Madison chases her around the ring. Angelina rolls back in the ring and then she attempts to elbow drop Madison as she climbed back in but Madison rolls out of the way. Madison slams Angelina in the turnbuckles as Velvet comes down to the ring. Madison charges at Angelina but she moves and Madison goes flying through the ropes to the floor. Angelina comes out and argues with Velvet who was checking on Madison. Angelina tosses Madison back in the ring and then as she gets back in the ring as some words for Velvet which allows Madison to roll her up! 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out and then Madison goes for a Crucifix but for some reason Angelina didn’t drop back so Madison tried to turn it into another move and they both just eventually crashed to the mat where Madison covered her for another nearfall. Angelina kicks Madison repeatedly and then connects with a Jawbreaker! Angelina tosses Madison out to the floor where Velvet encourages her to get back in the ring. Angelina comes out and argues with Velvet before tossing Madison back in the ring. Angelina covers Madison and gets another rearfall. Angelina rakes the back of Madison and then she chokes Madison in the ropes. Angelina rakes the face of Madison and then hits a Forearm Smash. Angelina whips Madison into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Madison ducks and then they both grab each other by the hair and slam each other to the mat. Angelina gets back up and attempts another forearm but Madison bocks it and hits a series of forearms of her own. Madison hits the ropes and connects with a clothesline followed by a Back Elbow and then a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex! 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out and then Madison dropkicks Angelina sending her out to the floor. Angelina and Velvet argue with each other and then Madison hits a sliding dropkick to Angelina on the floor! The referee tries to get them back in the ring and then Madison tosses Angelina in. As the referee was climbing back in, and had his back to Madison, Velvet kicked Madison and DDT’d her on the floor! Velvet rolls Madison into the ring as Angelina distracts the referee and Velvet laughs at Madison! Angelina covers Madison and gets the pin as The Beautiful People smile at each other.

Winner: Angelina via pinfall (DDT)

The Beautiful People celebrate what they just did and laugh in Madison’s face.

In the back ODB and EY talk about the match with Joe. ODB says he is finally getting a shot at the World Title next week so he needs to be careful, but EY says it’s not even about the title he’s tired of people doubting him.


Kenny King walks into MVP’s office and introduces himself to MVP. King wants to know who the sacrificial lamb for him is tonight, but MVP says the show is all booked up tonight but he does have a big show “fit for a King” next week. He says that he’ll make sure he has something for King next week. King says he’s going to show MVP “what the King brings to the table.”

“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

Joe and EY circle each other and then Joe shoves EY and EY responds in kind with a series of right hands! Joe tosses EY out to the floor but EY quickly gets back in the ring and hits a dropkick that sends Joe into the corner. EY attempts to whip Joe into the ropes but Joe counters into a knee to the gut. EY answers with a big right and then ducks a clothesline from Joe and bounces off the ropes with a Flying Forearm! 1…2..NO Joe kicks out! EY shoves Joe into the corner and lays into him with right hands. EY attempts to whip Joe into the opposite corner but Joe reverses it and EY flips over the top to the apron. EY attempts a shoulder block through the ropes but Joe saw it coming and met EY’s face with his boot. Joe destroys EY with a Running Back Elbow and then he slams EY into the turnbuckles. Joe kills EY’s chest with a chop and then whips him into the opposite corner. Joe hits a Running Back Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri for a nearfall. Joe headbutts EY and then hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a chop to the back and a kick to the front! Joe follows up with a Leaping Knee Drop for another nearfall. Joe whips EY into the corner and charges at him but EY floats over and then hits the ropes and they clothesline each other! Joe and EY both get to their feet and exchange strikes with each other, but when Joe goes for a clothesline EY ducks and hits a Spinning Clothesline! EY follows up with a dropkick and then a Scoop Slam! EY climbs up top but Joe gets to his feet and charges at EY but EY leaps over him and lands on his feet. EY then charges at Joe but eats a Standing Uranage! 1…2…NO EY kicks out! Joe whips EY back into the corner and charges at him but EY gets his boot up and then climbs up top and attempts a Moonsault, but Joe moves out of the way and then locks in the Coquina Clutch! EY tries to get to the ropes but Joe uses his boot to kick himself back to the center of the ring. EY fights to the corner and tries to do the old Stone Cold-Bret Hart spot where he uses the turnbuckles to drop back into a pin. Joe chokes EY out as the referee raises his arm three times and it falls three times.

Winner: Joe via KO (Coquina Clutch)

Earl Hebner comes out and talks to Brian Hebner suggesting that Joe’s shoulders were actually on the mat while he had EY in the Clutch.


The hunt for Willow continues with EC3 walks up to a cabin in the woods where Spud’s stupid mask that he was wearing is hanging on a post.

Footage of what happened after Impact went off the air is shown where Samuel Shaw walked into Christy Hemme’s dressing room. Hemme freaks out as Shaw corners her and then she slaps him and screams at him to get out. Shaw gets into her face and then grabs a pair of scissors and cuts her hair before walking away leaving Christy crying. Tenay says that MVP suspended Shaw for one week and made a Straight Jacket Match for next week between Shaw and Anderson.

Another video package highlighting the history of Gunner and Storm is shown.

Main Event in a Falls Count Anywhere Match: “Cowboy” James Storm vs. Gunner

They are referring to this match as “Gunner-Storm II: Unlocked.” No DQ, no countout, falls count anywhere, there must be a winner tonight. Gunner meets Storm in the entrance ramp and the fight is on! Gunner slams Storm into the ring steps and then grabs a table and sets it up at ringside! Storm slams Gunner into the guardrail and then into the ring steps. Storm tries to slam Gunner into the apron but Gunner blocks it and slams Storm into the apron. Gunner throws a chair into the ring and then Suplexes Storm on the floor! Gunner tosses some trashcan lids into the ring and then Storm grabs Gunner and pushes him into the ring steps. Storm grabs a fans drink and hits Gunner with it. Storm slams Gunner into the apron and then places him on the apron and hits a Running Mafia Kick to the side of Gunner’s head! Storm drags Gunner to the entrance ramp and Suplexes him onto it! Gunner fights back as Storm tries to slam him into the ring steps and then slams a chair into Storm’s gut and tosses two or three chairs in the ring. The fight finally spills into the ring as Storm dives off the top with a Flying DDT on a charging Gunner!


Back from the break Gunner slams Storm into the turnbuckles and then hits a Rebound Suplex off the ropes Tully Blanchard style for a nearfall. Gunner wedges a chair in the corner and then grabs Storm and attempts to slam him into it, but Storm reverses it and tries to slam Gunner into it. Gunner blocks it with his boot and then nails Storm with a trashcan lid! They begin killing each other with lids and then Gunner hits the ropes and runs right into a big shot with the lid from Storm! Storm hits the ropes and eats a Spear from Gunner! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Storm pokes Gunner in the eye and hits a big uppercut. Storm charges at Gunner but Gunner catches him with an elbow and hits a Sunset Flip, but Storm rolls through and then catapults Gunner into that chair that they set up earlier! Storm hits the Backstabber and then dives off the top with a crazy Flying Elbow Drop as Gunner was damn near all the way across the ring! 1…2…NO Gunner still manages to kick out! Storm goes back out to the floor and pulls out another chair and then a beer bottle. There’s like four chairs in the ring at this point. Storm picks up a trashcan lid and gets on the apron but Gunner Spears Storm off the apron and then the table set up at ringside! Gunner rolls Storm back in the ring and covers him, 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Gunner grabs two chairs and sets them up in the ring like he did at Lockdown. One of the chairs is halfway broken. Gunner puts Storm up on the top rope and climbs up with him but Storm fights him off. Gunner comes back with a series of headbutts and then Superplexes Storm off the top and onto the chairs! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out this time, that was the move that finished it at Lockdown! Gunner lifts Storm up for the Gun Rack but Storm blocks it and hits Closing Time! Storm then hits the Last Call and Gunner bounces off the ropes back into a second Last Call! 1…2…NO Gunner manages to kick out again! A “this is awesome” chant starts up and I must concur! Storm pulls out another beer bottle but Gunner is able to roll over and grab the beer bottle from earlier and blasts Storm with it as he grabs him! Gunner hits the Hangar 18 (F5)! 1…2…3!

Winner: Gunner via pinfall (Hangar 18)

The hunt for Willow continues as EC3 walks into the abandoned cabin. EC3 finds Spud tied up on a cot and Willow appears behind EC3 attacking him! Willow leaves as quickly as he appeared and EC3 says if Willow wants to play games then it’s “game on.”


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) The Wolves def. Magnus & Abyss
2) Angelina Love def. Madison Rayne
3) Samoa Joe def. Eric Young
4) Falls Count Anywhere Match: Gunner def. James Storm

Scheduled for Next Week:
TNA World Title Fatal 4-Way: Magnus (c) vs. Abyss vs. Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young
– Kenny King’s return
Straight Jacket Match: Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson
Tag Team Tables Match: Bully Ray & Willow vs. Bobby Roode & EC3
TNA X-Division Title: Tigre Uno vs. Sanada (c)

Sacrifice Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Magnus (c) vs. TBA

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