TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/22/14

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
May 22, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights from last week and then MVP is shown arriving with his crew. They walk past Kazarian who is on the phone with “Chris” and King looks at him and asks what he just said to him. Kaz says he didn’t say anything to him and calls him “homie” before trying to walk away. King hits him from behind and they all beat him down. MVP asks if that was necessary and King says “naw, but this is…HOMIE” and kicks Kaz in the gut.

MVP leads his crew down to the ring and MVP says if the fans settle down for a minute he’ll give everyone an education. He says he’s going to teach everyone a little history and he says that he is a brilliant individual. He says because of his brilliance he was able to put himself in a position to bring in his friends and take power. He says throughout history power has never been granted by request and no one has ever said, “may I please be the king?” MVP says you take power and when you do that sometimes blood must be spilled. MVP says he knew that if he was going to come back to wrestling he was going to change things up and never again would he ask permission for anything. He says this is the wrestling business and at the end of the day it is all about money, power, and respect. It’s the key to life! MVP says he would no longer allow someone to dictate his career and he understands that in this business you can’t just be a wrestler to have a great career, you have to be a politician and he is the greatest politician in the world right now because he is in control. He says the fans don’t have to like it but you have to accept it. As the fans chant “you sold out” MVP says that is true he has sold out arenas all over the country.

MVP hands the microphone to Kenny King and he says that when MVP called him a few months ago and laid this out he thought MVP had lost his mind. He says that MVP is a genius but that little “exhibition match” they had last month was his idea to throw all the dummies off the scent. He said that a few weeks ago everyone couldn’t wait for Bobby Lashley to tear him apart but look how it ended, he didn’t get hurt because he walked away. It was all part of the plan. King continues to brag but MVP takes the microphone from him and thanks him for his contributions and says part of his plan came to fruition at Lockdown when he brought Lashley into TNA.

Lashley says in all his years in TNA he realized that playing these games in wrestling wouldn’t work so when MVP called him about this plan he extended his hand and shook MVP’s. Lashley says he has instilled all of his faith in MVP and looks at him as a visionary. MVP says he is more of a prophet because he says things and they happen, but before he can say anything else The Wolves come out and interrupt him.

The Wolves climb in the ring and Davey says that MVP keeps talking about “money, power, respect” which is funny because they had a ton of respect for MVP when he told them that they were fighting for the era of the wrestler at Lockdown. Davey says that MVP told them that it wasn’t about money, it was about heart and standing up for what you what. He asks MVP what happened to all that and MVP says, “let me tell you something Eddie.” Davey corrects him and King yells “it doesn’t even matter” in a funny moment. MVP says he gave The Wolves an opportunity to become the Tag Team Champions and he gave them lucrative contracts so he didn’t lie. MVP says if it wasn’t for him they would still be taking bus rides in Japan eating Ramen Noodles at bus stops. MVP says they are champions because they have heart and the reason he didn’t cut them in on his plan is because he knew they didn’t have heart for it. He says to do what they did, you have to be heartless.

Davey says they aren’t heartless money grubbing cowards that forget the people that made them so MVP is right about that. MVP asks if they would like him to rip up their contract so that they can go back to the indies to work for table scraps which is where they probably belong anyway. Davey and Eddie get in their faces and then attack the heels!

The numbers get the better of The Wolves and Lashley Spears the hell out of Eddie as MVP and King held him! They toss Davey to the floor and then continue to beat on him on the ramp. MVP says this isn’t about wrestling, it’s about power and control. Lashley carries Davey up the ramp as MVP says it’s not about Davey and he really wishes Davey hadn’t questioned his authority. MVP drags Davey towards the edge of the stage and then Lashley Spears him off the stage and through a table that King had set up! Referees and agents run out and ask for the medical team to come out as MVP says they have a mess to clean up. Money, power, respect…they are the key to life.

Eric Young is shown arriving to the arena.


A limousine is shown arriving with EC3 exiting the car along with Dixie.

Davey is shown being loaded into an ambulance as Eddie Edwards looks on. Eddie gets in the ambulance to ride with his partner.

EY comes down to the ring and says that if MVP wants to bully people play the numbers game then that is fine with him, but MVP interrupts him before he can say anything else walking onto the ramp. MVP asks if EY had something he wanted to say to him because he will give him an opportunity to speak but on his terms not EY. EY says that MVP is going to shut up and listen to him and MVP says if that is the case then he needs to bring a few friends along. King and Lashley walk out and MVP tells EY to continue.

EY says that MVP stabbed him in the back and that is on him for trusting MVP. He says that he doesn’t know King very well but what he does know he doesn’t like. He says King is a scumbag but Lashley is a guy that has paid his dues in wrestling, MMA, and the military and asks if this is what he is really going to do. MVP says Lashley finally smartened up but EY says Lashley is going to have to come up with a good answer for the people but even more so for his son. Lashley looks heated at the mention of his kid and EY asks Lashley what he’s going to tell his son when he gets big enough and asks why everyone calls daddy a sellout. Lashley chuckles at that and MVP says that when Lashley’s son asks him that question he will be the wheel of a Lamborghini because he will have learned how to get to the top. MVP says if you want to be in a position of power you have to take it and EY talks about selling out there are no sell outs in this group. They get in the ring and MVP says they are motivated by money, power, and respect. MVP says EY will learn to respect them and EY says what motivates him is the people in the crowd. EY says he will show them how they do it in TNA and then attacks the heels!

MVP’s boys beat EY down but then Austin Aries runs out and joins the fight! Aries drags King out to the floor and throws him into a guardrail! Aries then slingshots himself over Lashley and into a forearm on MVP! Still the numbers get the better of him as Lashley lays Aries out. Lashley tries to Spear Aries and EY but they drop down and send Lashley out to the floor! MVP retreats as well and Aries grabs a microphone.

Aries says people might like him or not like him but he was one of the only people who saw MVP for exactly what he is. Aries calls MVP a fake and challenges MVP to get in the ring with him so he can expose MVP for what he is. MVP calls Aries the “greatest ego that ever lived” and if he would like a match with him he has beat Aries before he will gladly beat his ass again. MVP says he will let EY know who he has to face tonight when he gets good and ready.

Bram and Magnus are shown looking at a monitor backstage and Bram says that he spoke to MVP on Magnus’ behalf for tonight. He says that Magnus will face Willow in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Magnus says that Bram talks to MVP a lot for a guy that has only been here a few weeks. Magnus says he is getting a bit sick of Bram and he gets in Magnus’ face and asks him what he’s going to do about it. Magnus decks Bram and bloodies his lip. Bram laughs and says that’s exactly what they want and says to let the real Magnus shine.

Angelina Love issues an open challenge for her belt tonight and Gail Kim walks up to accept the challenge. Angelina says Gail isn’t allowed but Gail punches her and throws her into a wall! Agents run up and separate them and Gail asks Angelina if that is allowed.


Angelina comes out and says that she wants to make one thing perfectly clear. She says that she did issue an open challenge for her title, but the challenge excludes all former champions. She says that she is a builder and she wants to help build the future of this division. She says that it is her honor to give a young up and comer an opportunity tonight. Brittany comes out to answer the challenge.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Open Challenge
Angelina Love (c) w/Velvet Sky vs. Brittany

Angelina attacks Brittany during her entrance and knocks her off the top rope to the floor. Angelina slams Brittany into the apron and then rolls her into the ring. Angelina puts the boots to Brittany and then knees Brittany in the gut. She whips Brittany into the corner and then hits a Monkey Flip. Angelina goes to pick Brittany up but Brittany catches her with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Angelina comes back with a sliding dropkick and then whips her into the corner. Angelina goes for another Monkey Flip but Brittany blocks it and hits a series of forearms. Brittany hits the ropes and connects with a series of clotheslines. Brittany hits a Snapmare followed by a Running Back Kick. Brittany follows up with a Russian Leg Sweep for another nearfall. Brittany whips Angelina into the corner and goes for a Handspring Back Elbow but Angelina clotheslines her in midair. Angelina climbs up top but Brittany gets back up and tosses her off the top for yet another nearfall! Velvet gets on the apron and distracts the referee as Brittany rolls Angelina up! Brittany knocks Velvet off the apron and then walks into the Botox Injection from Angelina for the pin.

Winner & STILL Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love via pinfall (Botox Injection)

BP scribble lipstick on her face and then put the paper bag on her. Gail Kim run out but BP beat her down as she gets in the ring. They whip Gail into the ropes but then eat a Flying Double Dropkick from Gail! Gail hits a Hangwoman’s Neckbreaker on Velvet and then clotheslines Angelina! Gail continues to beat on Angelina until Velvet pulls Angelina out of the ring and they retreat up the ramp.

Security tries to stop Dixie from entering the Impact Zone but EC3 stops that. Dixie says that MVP’s recent actions require her to address the situation and she will do so tonight.


Mr. Anderson and Storm show up at a bar where Anderson has invited to meet him. Anderson wants to do something competitive with Storm. He suggests pool and Storm says he would probably hit Anderson in the face with a pool stick. Anderson suggests darts and Storm says he would throw a dart at Anderson’s eyeball. When Anderson suggest the golf arcade game Storm says he would probably throw Anderson through the machine. Anderson asks what Storm thinks and Storm says how about a drinking contest. Anderson agrees and Anderson tells the waitress to line up their drinks.

“A-Double” Austin Aries vs. MVP

MVP stalls before the match pacing around ringside and then as he argues with a fan Aries dives off the top with a Savage Flying Axe Handle onto MVP on the floor! Aries tosses MVP into the apron and then MVP fights back with a knee to the gut and tosses Aries into the ring. MVP climbs in the ring but walks right into a sliding dropkick to the knee from Aries. Aries elbows and knees MVP repeatedly and then whips MVP into the corner. Aries hits a Running Back Elbow and then mounts MVP to rain down right hands. MVP tosses Aries over the top and Aries falls face first onto the apron. MVP tosses Aries back in the ring and covers him for a nearfall. MVP sends Aries into the corner with a forearm and goes for a Mafia Kick, but Aries moves and starts kicking MVP in the leg repeatedly. Aries hits a Running Clothesline and then goes for the Brainbuster, but MVP blocks it and hits a series of forearms followed by a European Uppercut. MVP goes for a Lariat but Aries ducks and shoves MVP into the ropes capping it off with the Roaring Elbow! Aries hits the IED in the corner and then as the fans chant for him to do it one more time he obliges them! Aries climbs up top and sets up for the 450 but Lashley runs out and shoves him off the top.

Winner: Austin Aries via DQ

Lashley and King beat Aries down and King hits the Royal Flush on Aries! EY runs out and attacks the heels but again the numbers gets the better of him. Tenay suggests that everyone in the locker room is intimidated by this group because they don’t want to lose their jobs. MVP tells EY to meet his opponent for later tonight, Lashley!

Dixie Carter walks out with EC3 much to MVP’s dismay.


In the ring Dixie says that MVP has been ignoring her calls, texts, and e-mails. MVP says that she sounds like the rest of women in his life and he thought that he banned her from the Impact Zone. Dixie says that she is still the president of TNA and what he has been doing the past few weeks has dictated that she be there. Dixie says that its quite a posse that MVP has put together and she says that she has never disrespected or harmed a person in her life unlike MVP and her boys. She says that she may have hurled Bully through a table but that is beside the point. MVP tells Dixie to get to the point but Dixie says it isn’t about what she wants but what she can do for Dixie. Bully’s music hits and Dixie and EC3 bail out of the ring as Bully chases them away. MVP and his group laugh as Dixie and EC3 retreat up the ramp. MVP says that he banned Bully from the Impact Zone too so why is he here.

Bully says he’s here because there is something he’s been meaning to tell MVP the last few weeks, “shut your mouth already, you’re a piece of crap!” Bully says that MVP turned his back on everybody and the only reason he is even still in TNA is because of Bully. Bully gets in MVP’s face and says of all the people that they could pick on, they pick on EY. He says EY is a guy that has been in TNA since day one and he is a guy that everyone loves. He says that EY worked his way from the bottom to become World Champion. MVP mockingly says that Bully is tugging at his heart and then asks Bully when he started to grow a conscious. Lashley walks towards Bully and Bully says if he takes one more step he will…King decks Bully and they beat him down as Dixie and EC3 walk back out.

EC3 applauds what just happened and he and Dixie get in the ring. Dixie stands over Bully and then tells EC3 to get the table. EC3 goes for a Powerbomb on Bully but Bully backdrops him and then goes after Dixie! EC3 clips the knee of Bully and then slams Bully through the table! Dixie says that she fears no one.


Backstage EC3 and Dixie are bragging about what happened and Bully limps towards them. They jump in a limo with Spud and speed away.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Willow vs. Magnus w/Bram

Magnus attacks Willow as he gets in the ring and attempts a running clothesline, but Willow drops down and Magnus spills to the floor. Willow hits a Slingshot Dropkick through the ropes onto Magnus and then attempts a Slingshot Plancha only to land on Magnus’ knees. Magnus tosses Willow into the steps and then the apron. Magnus covers Willow on the floor for a nearfall. Bram hands Magnus the pry bar from last week but Magnus drops it and slams Willow into the apron. Magnus attempts a suplex on the floor but Willow reverses it! Willow tosses Magnus back in the ring and hits a series of Leg Drops and Elbow Drops before climbing to the top. Willow goes for the Swanton Bomb but Magnus rolls out of the way. Magnus charges at Willow but eats an elbow and then Willow springs off the top with the Whisper in the Wind for another nearfall. Willow clotheslines Magnus over the top and then hits a Slingshot Splash over the top onto Magnus on the floor for another nearfall. Willow goes for the Twist but Magnus blocks it and clotheslines Willow. Bram hands Magnus the pry bar again and tells him to cave his head in. Magnus thinks about it and nails Willow in the ribs with it! Bram tells him to cave his head in and Magnus almost does it, but stops because that is kind of murder. Magnus drops the pry bar and then looks at Bram. He turns around right into the Twist of Fate from Willow for the pin!

Winner: Willow via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

Bram shakes his head at Magnus and walks away from him.

A video of Gunner visiting Shaw in the crazy house is shown. He says that he has visited Shaw twice now and he isn’t going anywhere until Shaw talks to him. Shaw starts beating his head against the wall and asks him what he wants. Gunner says he wants to know what Shaw is going through and Shaw says that Gunner has no idea what it’s like being in there. Gunner says he has spent plenty of time in a place just like that. Shaw looks up at Gunner.

Eddie Edwards is shown returning to the Impact Zone.


Again Gunner talks to Shaw in the nut house. Gunner tells Shaw a story about a friend of his. He says that were in combat together in the military and he says things his buddy suffered a lot of trauma causing him to wake up in night sweats. He says he was there for him when his friend distanced himself from everyone else and he was the one that committed him to a place like this. He says he was there the whole time with him and in the end his friend got better and found himself. He says that he believes there is good inside of Shaw and that he can get better. Shaw asks how he expects him to trust Gunner and Gunner says for starters maybe they can try to get that jacket off of him.

Eddie Edwards walks down to the ring and screams for one of MVP’s boys to get out and fight him right now. Edwards says he doesn’t care if it is just one of them or all of them. He says he won’t leave until someone fights him. King walks down the ramp and Edwards meets him there as the fight is on!

Edwards and King fight around ringside. Eddie chops the hell out of King and chokes him with a shirt. Edwards beats the hell out of King with rights and lefts before tossing him into the ring. Eddie goes to climb in the ring but King knees him as he gets in the ring. King hits Eddie with the microphone and then talks trash while hitting him with the mic. King tosses Eddie out to the floor but walks into a series of big right hands. King rakes Eddie’s eyes and tries to whip Eddie into the apron but Eddie reverses it. King leaps to the apron and then dives off with a Standing Moonsault! Eddie ducks underneath the moonsault and then rolls into the ring and dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive onto King! Eddie uses his wrist tape to choke King but King responds by lifting Eddie in the air and down onto the guardrail. King drags the ring steps over and slams Eddie into it. Eddie dives off the steps and onto King but again King slams Eddie into it and then kicks Eddie into the steps! King grabs Eddie and says, “tell Davey I said wassup” as he hits a T-Bone Suplex on Eddie on the ramp! King leaves Eddie laying on the ramp.

Back to Anderson and Storm’s drinking competition in which Storm is whooping Anderson as expected. The bar tender hands him different beer bottles for Anderson and different for Storm so Anderson is getting Storm drunk.


MVP approaches Brian Hebner backstage and says that his buddy Kenny King assaulted him last week and he is sorry for that. He says he will make it up to Hebner by putting him in the Main Event tonight and he can make it up to MVP by not letting him down and doing the right thing in that match.

Storm is drunk as hell and Anderson says he’s a hell of an actor because he’s been drinking ‘near beer’ this whole time while Storm has been drinking real beer. Storm asks why he would drink near beer and Anderson says, “revenge bitch” and punches Storm in the face! Anderson drags Storm out to the parking lot and slams him into a dumpster. Anderson says a bet is a bet and Storm won so he sticks some money in Storm’s mouth.

Backstage EY says he is in no condition to fight Lashley tonight but when he gets in the ring he’ll give Lashley everything he has left and he’ll show him just how crazy he can get.


Main Event
Non-Title Match
“Showtime” Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley shoves EY into the corner and charges but EY floats up and over him, and then slides through Lashley’s legs and hits a series of right hands. EY tries to whip Lashley into the corner but Lashley reverses it and sends EY flying over the top to the floor! Lashley slams EY into the apron repeatedly and then tosses him back in the ring. EY comes back with a Jawbreaker and hits the ropes only to run right into an elbow from Lashley. Lashley chokes EY in the ropes and then puts him in a Crossface Chinlock as EY is still caught up in the ropes. Lashley hits a Palm Strike on EY and then whips him hard into the corner.

Back from the break Lashley continues to beat on EY in the ropes choking him in the ropes with his knee. Lashley hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a nearfall. Lashley goes for a German Suplex but EY elbows him repeatedly only to get backdropped damn near out of his boots. Lashley gets a nearfall and puts EY in a waistlock. EY breaks the hold with a series of elbows and then he gets his boot up as Lashley attempts a Spear. EY ducks a clothesline and hits a Flying Forearm! EY climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! 1…2….NO Lashley kicks out! EY hits the ropes but Lashley catches him with a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall of his own! Lashley puts the boots to EY in the corner and whips him into the opposite corner and as EY goes for a floatover Lashley catches him in midair. Lashley goes for a Running Powerslam but EY blocks it and hits the Spike Piledriver! EY climbs up top but King runs down only to eat a right hand from EY! EY climbs back up top and both MVP and King crotch him on the top. The referee watches but as MVP stares at him he doesn’t call for the bell. Lashley Spears EY and then hits a Running Powerslam for the pin!

Winner: Bobby Lashley via pinfall (Running Powerslam)

Hebner shakes his head as he raises Lashley’s arm. Aries runs out with a kendo stick and lays into the heels with it, but Lashley shrugs it off and clotheslines Aries! King hits the Royal Flush on Aries.


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning.

1) TNA Knockouts Title Open Challenge: Angelina Love (c) def. Brittany to retain the title!
2) Austin Aries def. MVP via DQ
3) Falls Count Anywhere Match: Willow def. Magnus
4) Non-Title: Bobby Lashley def. Eric Young

Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Eric Young (c) vs. MVP
-Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray

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