TNA Impact Wrestling Results 6/5/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
June 5, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens with highlights from last week and then Kenny King is shown searching for Samoa Joe backstage calling himself “Sherlock Homeboy.” MVP and Lashley are also shown searching for Joe elsewhere backstage. They intimidate a member of the production crew along the way.

Samoa Joe makes it easy on MVP’s crew as he makes his way down to the ring. Joe says that it seems like there is an “MVP looking for me”, and he mockingly says it seems that he has a lot of trouble lately finding him so he thought he would make it easy for him and come down to the ring. Joe says if they want to find him they should come down and face him face to face in the ring.

MVP comes out with his boys and King grabs the microphone from MVP. King says this is getting old and that MVP is the Director of Operations in TNA and week after week “one of you so called tough guys” come out and act like a “whiny broad.” Joe cuts him off and says if King is MVP’s mouthpiece then the first thing he should have done when they came out was kiss Joe’s ass. MVP holds King back and then MVP says that if Joe has something to say he needs to go ahead and say it because Joe is wasting his time.

“Snake, tyrant, scumbag, liar…that’s what I have to say to you!” Joe says that he trusted MVP and they go way back, he vouched for MVP and MVP told him that he would come into TNA and end the tyranny and make a new day. Joe says that MVP is just like the rest because of absolute power corrupts, MVP is corrupted absolutely. MVP says Joe needs to be updated on some of the changes since Joe had a temper tantrum and took his ball and went home. MVP reminds Joe that he booked him in the Gauntlet Match that EY ended up winning but Joe didn’t show. MVP says he did his job and it was Joe that didn’t do his.

Joe says that he is right, he didn’t do his job which is to come into the ring and beat people up so now he wants to make up for that. Joe challenges MVP and all three of his boys! MVP laughs and says that Joe isn’t that stupid, but before he can say anything else Austin Aries’ music interrupts him. Aries comes out and says that it seems like to him that MVP doesn’t want any piece of Joe because it looks like MVP has his tail tucked firmly between his legs. Aries says the only time MVP wants to fight is when he has the advantage stacked in his favor. MVP says what is going on in the ring right now has nothing to do with Aries and that Joe is in breach of his contract for not showing up to the Gauntlet Match so his hands are tied. Aries reminds MVP that he is the Director of Operations so he can untie his hands and make this match happen with Aries in it.

MVP says since Aries and Joe are looking for a fight he has a solution to the problem. MVP says that he will give Joe a match tonight and if he wins it he will be fully reinstated as a full time member of the roster. MVP announces Joe’s opponent as Austin Aries and that if Aries losses then he is gone from TNA, also if Joe losses then he is gone as well. MVP says someone is getting fired for good tonight and then mockingly wishes them luck.

Magnus walks into Bram’s locker room and asks if he is ready for this tonight. Magnus says Bram has never dealt with anyone like Willow and that he is unpredictable and dangerous. He says that Willow became like this after he beat Jeff Hardy and caused him to go nuts. Bram says he was proud of Magnus for doing that and he said that he was hungry then but then he got complacent and lazy saying that Magnus lost his edge. Bram says the old Magnus would still be champion and asks him where that guy is now. Bram says maybe Magnus will never be that guy again but that is okay because that gives Bram more opportunities.


Bram vs. Willow

Willow goes after Bram’s legs as soon as he gets in the ring but Bram kicks him away. Tenay talks about Great Muta appearing on Impact for the NYC tapings. Bram charges at Willow but Willow gets his boots up. Willow then hits a Leaping Mule Kick that sends Bram into the corner. Willow follows up with a Handspring Slap. Bram rolls out to the floor and Willow goes for a dive but Bram moves out of the way and Willow lands on the apron. Bram grabs Willow’s foot and snatches him off the apron face first slamming into it. Bram slams Willow into the guardrail and then tosses him back into the ring where he gets a nearfall. Bram whips Willow into the ropes and connects with a Back Elbow. Bram puts the boots to Willow and then whips Willow hard into the turnbuckles. Bram picks up Willow but eats a Jawbreaker from the weird one followed by a dropkick that sends Bram falling into the corner. Willow hits the Hardyac Arrest and Bram rolls back out to the floor. Willow grabs Bram but Bram tosses Willow by the tights into the ring steps. Bram rolls Willow back into the ring and whips him into the corner, but Willow floats up into a Spinning Headscissors Takeover! Bram falls out to the floor and Willow follows with a Slingshot Dropkick through the ropes followed by a dive off the apron onto Bram on the floor! Willow slams Bram into the ring steps and then shoves him into the guardrail. Willow dives off the steps into Poetry In Motion sandwiching Bram between he and the guardrail! Willow lays Bram out on the steps and then goes back in the ring and attempts a Slingshot Splash onto Bram, but Bram moves and Hardy lands facefirst on the steps! Bram pulls out a pry bar from under the ring as Hardy rolls back in the ring. Bram starts to hit Willow with it but Magnus slides in and stops Bram from hitting Hardy with it. Magnus takes the pry bar away and nails Willow with it himself!

Winner: Willow via DQ

Magnus wears Willow out with the pry bar hitting him over and over with it! Bram looks euphoric as Magnus destroys Magnus with the pry bar. Magnus continues to beat on Hardy as Bram smiles and it looks like Magnus has snapped.

MVP walks into his office where The Wolves are sitting. Davey says they understand MVP’s deal now because they are The Wolves while MVP is a sheep in wolves’ clothing. MVP says they should be grateful to him because he is the one that gave them contracts and gave them a chance to win the belts. He tells them to stop being so sensitive but Eddie says they earned the titles and MVP says he will give them a chance to earn his respect. MVP says everyone knows that Davey is a better technical wrestler and Eddie is much tougher than Davey so we will find out who the best overall is because they will have to face each other tonight. He says that if they don’t face each other then he will strip them of the belts.


Mr. Anderson is shown wearing a sheriff’s outfit backstage drinking bear and acting like a lunatic.

Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards

Neither Eddie or Davey look thrilled about this match, Davey still has his ribs taped up. Kenny King is shown watching at the top of the ramp. They lockup and Davey takes Eddie down in a waistlock and then goes for a facelock, but Eddie reverses it on the mat. Davey and Eddie take turns countering each other on the mat repeatedly both going for armlocks and headlocks. They both back away and stare each other down. Tenay points out that this match does no favors for either man because Eddie could end up accidentally injuring his partner further which could cost them the titles down the line. A test of strength leads to Davey forcing Eddie in the corner and catching him with a Monkey Flip. They both keep their fingers locked together and Davey rolls backwards where Eddie lifts him up with his feet and then springs up onto Davey’s shoulders catching him with a Monkey Flip of his own. Again they keep their fingers interlocked and then Davey rolls backwards over Eddie and then Davey rolls to his back and uses his legs to break Eddie’s grip and catch Eddie with a rollup for a nearfall. Eddie counters into a nearfall of his own and Davey reverses right back into another nearfall. Eddie then rolls forward onto Davey into a Bridging Jackknife pin for another nearfall. Davey bridges up to his feet and attempts a Backslide but falls down in a heap selling his ribs. Eddie checks on his partner and Kenny King asks Eddie what the hell he thinks he’s doing. He tells them to stop “acting like some punk ass puppies and start acting like some wolves with teeth.” King says that if they don’t start fighting then MVP will strip them of the belts and give them back to the Bro-Mans. Eddie and Davey lockup again and Eddie gets Davey in a side headlock, but Davey shoves him into the ropes and then leapfrogs Eddie. Davey hits the ropes and Eddie goes for a leapfrog of his own but Davey slides under him and catches Eddie in a rollup! 1…2…NO Eddie kicks out and Davey transitions into a crazy inverted surfboard. Eddie refuses to submit and Davey rolls over into another nearfall attempt, but now Eddie counters into that same inverted surfboard. Eddie rolls Davey over into a nearfall of his own. Eddie catches Davey with an armdrag and locks in a top wristlock, but Davey nips up to his feet and reverses into a top wristlock of his own. Eddie rolls backwards and reverses the hold right back and then whips Davey into the corner. Eddie charges at him but Davey floats up and over him and catches Eddie with a Flying Armbar! Eddie is able to roll over into a pin attempt which causes Davey to break the hold to kick out, and then Eddie grabs Davey’s leg and locks him in a Half Crab! The whole time King is talking trash to both guys during the match. Davey counters into a rollup for another nearfall. Davey and Eddie exchange waistlocks until Eddie drops down to his butt and then rolls backwards hooking the arms of Davey and rolling him up for the pin!

Winner: Eddie Edwards via pinfall (rollup)

King is pissed that the match was a technical match and tells them that he has seen them always kick people in the face, and he didn’t see any kind of physicality in the match so they better do it again. They kick King and then nail him with the Alarm Clock!

In the back Dixie Carter runs into MVP and bitches about the Joe/Aries match. She says she isn’t sure that he has this contract situation under control with them. MVP says that tonight someone is getting fired and walks away.


Footage of the drama with Brittany last week is shown. Backstage Madison is getting ready for her match tonight when Brittany walks up and apologizes about last week. She says that she is here for her tonight in her rematch, but Madison says she wants Brittany to do nothing and not to get involved at all.

Bro-Mans and Zema are backstage with Z and Jesse talking about girls on Facebook, but Robbie seems preoccupied and says that he is creeped out by The Menagerie. He’s freaked out by the clown and he tells a story about his third grade birthday party when he wanted a DJ for his birthday and got a clown instead. He starts freaking out.

MVP approaches Brian Hebner backstage and says that he is assigning him to the Aries-Joe match. He says he wants a clear cut winner in this match.

Joe says that MVP kept putting him in ridiculous situations in his shots at the TNA World Title and though he has very few regrets in his life the one he regrets is vouching for MVP. He says that he knows what MVP is about and that is why he went home. Aries walks up and says that they are not so different than each other, but the difference between them is that he saw what MVP was right from the start. He says that he got sent home, he didn’t go home willingly. Now tonight they are both being punished and one of them gets fired. They both say they don’t like this situation they will both do what it takes to keep their spot.


BroMans are in the ring and Robbie is continuously scratching himself oddly. Zema says Robbie has been acting weird all day and Robbie says it’s because of The Menagerie. He says that neither of them speak French and they know he’s scared of clowns. Jesse says it’s just a clown and everyone is supposed to like clowns. Jesse says Knux and his group of freaks have no idea who they are messing with.

The Menagerie come out and Robbie tries to psyche himself up to not be scared and then gets in Knux’s face and asks him who the hell he thinks he is. Knux says they are The Menagerie and Rebel does a split in front of them. Knux says they are just like Bro-Mans except they have “her” pointing down at Rebel. Jesse flexes and says they could have her if they wanted. The clown freaks Robbie out again and he screams “why is that clown blowing his horn?” DJ Z then does his horn sound effect and says that is a real horn. They do a horn off until Freak grabs Zema and Press Slams in the air. Jesse lays Crazy Steve out but then Knux tosses Robbie to the floor and Jesse eats a boot before getting tossed out as well. Freak tosses Zema over the top onto Bro-Mans on the floor!

Backstage EY and Bully Ray talk to Brian Hebner saying they have to put an end to all this stuff with MVP. Bully says that MVP is trying to bully him and he needs to do the right thing. Brian says he has to put food on his table like everyone else and walks away. Bully tells EY that they will do what they have to do then.


Gunner is playing Go Fish with Shaw at the crazy house. Shaw just stares creepily ahead and talks about his “sometimes friend” Dave.

Loser Leaves Town Match
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries

If Joe wins then he is fully reinstated in TNA but if he loses then he is fired. If Aries losses he is fired as well. Joe and Aries lockup with Aries getting Joe in a side headlock. Joe shoves Aries into the ropes and then Aries attempts a shoulder block but Joe doesn’t move. Aries catches Joe with a knee to the gut and then a side headlock takeover, but Joe quickly counters with a headscissors. Aries does a headstand into a dropkick attempt but Joe rolls out of the way and then catches Aries with an Atomic Drop. Joe follows up with a Mafia Kick and then a Backsplash Senton attempt, but Aries rolls out of the way and tosses Aries into the corner where he throws a series of body shots and elbows. Joe comes back and throws Aries into the corner and then destroys him with jabs and straight rights. Joe does the facewash on Aries in the corner and then he goes for the Running Facewash, but Aries rolls out to the floor to get away from him. Aries comes back in where he is met by a series of nasty chops from Joe. Joe whips Aries into the corner and charges at him but Aries gets his boots up and then climbs to the top. Joe crotches him and goes for the Muscle Buster but Aries counters into a rollup for a nearfall. Joe and Aries exchange forearms and chops with Joe getting the advantage of the exchange. Joe then hits the ropes but eats a Running Forearm from Aries. Aires goes for the Roaring Elbow but Joe blocks it and locks Aries in the Coquina Clutch! Aries backs Joe into the corner and elbows him repeatedly to break the hold. Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Joe blocks it and counters into a Front Suplex. Joe hits a Running Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri on Aries. Joe lifts Aries to the top and goes for the Muscle Buster again but Aries fights it off and then catches Joe with a Jawbreaker on to the top rope. Aries hits a Forearm Smash and then lights Joe up with body shots and slaps in the corner. Aries sets up for the IED in the corner but Joe catches him in midair with an attempt at a Uranage Suplex, but Aries counters with an armdrag follwod by the Roaring Elbow! Aries then rolls Joe up into the Last Chancery! EY runs down to the ring and pulls Hebner out of the ring. Aries releases the hold and asks EY what the hell is doing. Joe then locks Aries in the Coquina Clutch! Hebner rolls back in the ring and EY again pulls him out as EY tells him to do the right thing. Bully Ray walks out and then tells Hebner that he is sorry before knocking him out.


EY gets a microphone and says they had to do what they had to do and this is bigger than them, it’s about two guys jobs. MVP walks out and asks them if they think this is a game and asks if they think he won’t fire them. Bully says that MVP has a God Complex and he doesn’t like it. Bully says that MVP is ruining TNA and that MVP stands for “Most Valuable Piece of crap.” He says that if MVP wants to put a match together then they should make it Bully, EY, Joe, and Aries against MVP, Lashley, King, and EC3! They suggest making it a First Blood Match as well! MVP says they don’t make the decisions around here, he does but King snatches the microphone and says that if they want then they got it and they will bust them all open. MVP and Lashley get pissed at King as Bully laughs thanking King for being a hothead.

Anderson is still walking around backstage like a lunatic in a sheriff’s outfit.


James Storm’s babyface music hits and Mr. Anderson comes out to it instead. He does a mocking southern accent saying there is a new sheriff in town that happens to be a drunk redneck from Tennessee. He mockingly screams over and over that he likes beer. He asks Christy if she likes beer too and then says “sorry bout my damn breath” to her. He talks about whooping Storm’s ass in a bar a few weeks ago and then Storm’s new music interrupts him.

Storm comes out and says that Anderson thinks this is funny which Anderson responds to by burping loudly. Storm says that Anderson thinks it’s funny for him to trick Storm while they were surprising to be drinking and Anderson says he just beat Storm at his own game. Storm says all he did was piss him off and now he is here to go another round, and the round he’s talking about you can’t buy in a bar. Anderson asks if he wants to go right now but Storm says his time is better than these people in the crowds time so he is closed for business tonight. Anderson says he is open 24/7 and he serves 102 different kinds of ass whooping. Anderson attacks Storm and they brawl around ringside. Storm grabs a fans beer and throws it in Anderson’s face! He slams Anderson repeatedly into the ring steps and then uses the ring apron to choke Anderson. Storm shoves Anderson back in the ring and then nails him with the Last Call. Storm grabs the hat that Anderson was wearing and then says that if Anderson wants to be a Cowboy, then at Slammiversary he can bring his cowboy boots because he’s going to dance with the devil.

More footage of Gunner and Shaw in the crazy house is shown. Gunner brings Shaw’s sketch book to him and he said the doctor told him that drawing is part of Shaw’s treatment. He asks Shaw if he can look at some of his drawings and after some weird heavy breathing Shaw agrees.


More Gunner and Shaw crap. Apparently Shaw was drawing Gunner.

TNA Knockouts Championship
“Killer Queen” Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love (c) w/Velvet Sky

As Angelina stalls on the outside Madison chases her around ringside and into the ring. She grabs Angelina and nails her with a Forearm Smash and then tosses her into the corner. Madison slams Angelina into the opposite turnbuckles followed by a Running Hip Attack and then a Running Dropkick! Madison charges at Angelina and then runs right into an elbow from Angelina. Angelina runs into a drop toehold from Madison and then Madison gets a nearfall. Madison hits the Rayne Drop but Velvet gets on the apron to distract her allowed Angelina to dropkick Madison through the ropes to the floor. Brittany walks down to help Madison which causes Velvet to back away from Madison. Angelina tries to slam Madison into the apron but she blocks it and slams Angelina into it. Madison tells Brittany to do nothing again and then when she gets in the ring Angelina nails her with a Running Knee. Angelina puts the boots to Madison and hits a Front Slam. Angelina taunts Brittany which allows Madison to roll her up for a nearfall. Madison rolls Angelina up again and again gets a nearfall. Angelina kicks Madison and whips her into the corner. She charges right into an elbow from Madison and then a boot as well. Madison ducks a clothesline and connects with a Running Forearm followed by a series of clotheslines. Madison hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex, 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out and then Madison does the Scissors Stomp! Velvet gets on the apron again and she sprays hairspray in Madison’s face as Angelina grabbed the referee. Angelina rolls Madison up for the pin.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love via pinfall (rollup)

MVP and his boys approach EC3 in the back and tells him not to mess this match up tonight.


Madison approaches Brittany in the back and asks her what the hell she is doing, she just let Velvet spray that stuff in her face. Brittany smirks and reminds her that she told her to do nothing and then walks away. Just like a woman tell you not to do something and then when you don’t she bitches about it.

Main Event
8-Man Tag Team First Blood Match
Ethan Carter III, MVP, Kenny King, & Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Bully Ray, & Austin Aries

Tenay points out that Joe’s team are all former (or current) TNA World Champions. MVP and company make King start the match since he was so ready for them to do the match, Aries starts for his team. King gets in Aries’ face so Aries lights him up with a chop! King attempts a Front Kick but Aries grabs his foot and then spins him around. King attempts a Spinning Enziguri but Aries ducks and quickly locks King in the Last Chancery! EC3 breaks it up and drags King to the heel corner. EC3 tags into the match and charges right into a drop toehold and front facelock from Aries. EY tags in and puts the boots to EC3 before locking him in a side headlock. EY slams EC3 in the turnbuckles repeatedly and then headbutts him as the fans chant for tables. EY hits a dropkick and tags in Bully Ray. EC3 quickly runs to his corner and rolls to the floor. MVP replaces EC3 and exchanges strikes with Bully. They both hit the ropes and both hit clotheslines at the same time but neither man goes down. They clothesline each other again and again neither goes down. MVP goes for another clothesline but Bully ducks and hits a Big Boot! King tags back in and he and MVP elbow Bully over and over. King puts Bully in a side headlock but Bully shoves him into the ropes and lifts King in the air with a backdrop. Joe tags into the match now and tosses King to the corner. King rakes Joe’s eyes and tags in Lashley. Joe and Lashley stare each other down and then Lashley shoots in for Joe’s legs, but Joe stuffs him and then nails Lashley with an elbow.


Back from the break Joe sends Lashley into the corner and lights him up with a Running Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe tags EY into the match and they whip Lashley into the ropes and connect with a Double Back Elbow. EY follows up with an Elbow Drop and then he hits the ropes only to get backdropped into the lights by Lashley. Lashley slams EY into his corner repeatedly. MVP tags back in and lays into EY with body shots and then he whips EY into the ropes and connects with a Mafia Kick. He punches EY in the head repeatedly to try and bust him open. Lashley tags in and starts hitting a series of crossfaces to the head of EY as he is choked in the ropes. Lashley then slams EY into the boot of King and he elbows him in the head as well. EC3 tags in and he joins in on the punch fest on EY’s head. He slams EY into the turnbuckles and tags King into the match. King headbutts EY and then whips him into the corner followed by a Flying Elbow. King hits a series of elbows on the forehead of EY and then MVP comes in and kicks EY in the head before putting him in a Camel Clutch as he hits a series of crossfaces. MVP elbows EY’s forehead and punches him repeatedly again. Lashley tags in hits a Forearm Smash on EY and then drags EY’s head old school style across the top rope. EC3 tags in and slams EY’s head face first into the match repeatedly as he screams at EY asking him if he is ready to bleed. EC3 starts raking at EY’s forehead with his fingernails but EY fights him off with elbows only to get caught with a Sleeper from EC3. EY counters with a Back Suplex but before he can tag out EC3 grabs his foot. EY kicks him away and tags Joe into the match! Joe destroys EC3 with elbows and forearms followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Mafia Kick and Backsplash Senton. Joe catches EC3 with a Snap Powerslam but then eats a Spear from Lashley! EY dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick on Lashley! MVP hits the Drive-By Kick on EY but then eats the Roaring Elbow from Aries! King goes for the Royal Flush on Aries but Aries shoves him into a Bionic Elbow from Bully! King rolls to the floor and Aries dives off the top with a Savage Flying Axe Handle onto MVP and King! EC3 lays Bully out with a Spinebuster and goes for a Splash, but Bully moves out of the way and then grabs his chain and wraps it around his hand! Bully decks EC3 and busts him open!

Winners: Joe, Bully, EY, & Aries via making EC3 bleed

Backstage MVP, King, and Lashley assault EC3 for causing them to lose. Dixie stops them and says that MVP just crossed the line between personal and business. She says that if they wanted a fight, now they have a war. Dixie actually gets in MVP’s face and MVP says that historically power has never been seized without the spilling of blood. Dixie tells MVP to get ready to bleed.


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning.

1)Willow def. Bram via DQ
2)Eddie Edwards def. Davey Richards
3)Loser Leaves Town Match: Samoa Joe fought Austin Aries to a NO CONTEST
4)TNA Knockouts Title: Angelina Love (c) def. Madison Rayne to retain the title!
5)First Blood Match: Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, & Eric Young def. MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley, & Ethan Carter III

Slammiversary Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Eric Young (c) vs. MVP
– Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray
– James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson
– The Von Erichs (Marshall & Ross Von Erich) vs. TBA

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