TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 7/24/14 (Matt Hardy returns)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 7/24/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
New York City, New York (Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center)
July 24, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up with highlights from last week and then inside the Manhattan Center we go straight to the ring.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. MVP

Roode is back to wearing short trunks after he wore long tights the first couple of times back in the ring after his suspension. Big “Bobby” chant as he comes down to the ring. As MVP’s music hits, the camera cuts to the back where Kurt Angle approaches MVP, who is refusing to compete because of his knee injury. Roode walks to the back and attacks MVP as he continues to argue with Angle. Roode and MVP exchange strikes with each other and then the brawl spills out into a hallway where Roode throws MVP down some steps. MVP begs Roode off but Roode continues to beat on him slamming him into the walls and then throws him through a door leading into the arena. Roode and MVP brawl around the crowd with Rooded hitting MVP with a trashcan. Roode tosses MVP into some chairs as the fans scatter. MVP low blows Roode to get the upperhand and then grabs a fans beer and tosses it in Roode’s face. MVP hits Roode with a chair and attempts the Mafia Kick, but Roode ducks and MVP slams into the guardrail crotching himself! Roode bounces the guardrail up and down as MVP straddles it and then punches him sending him to ringside. As Roode plays to the crowd MVP low blows him again and slams him into the ring post. MVP quickly covers Roode for a couple of nearfalls. MVP is visibly limping as he picks Roode up and attempts a Suplex on the ramp. Roode blocks it and Suplexes MVP onto the ramp himself! Kenny King runs down and attacks Roode breaking up a pinfall attempt! Eric Young hits King from behind and brawls with King to the back! MVP slams Roode into the guardrail but Roode bounces off with a big lariat. Roode grabs MVP to slam him into the post but MVP shoves him into the ring steps and then slams him into the steps repeatedly. MVP tosses Roode into the ring followed by a chair. MVP hits Roode with the chair in the gut and then blasts Roode over the back with it. MVP continues to abuse Roode with the chair before choking him with it. MVP slams the chair once again over the back of Roode and then he sets the chair up next to Roode’s face. MVP attempts to Drive-By Kick the chair into Roode’s face but Roode moves and then sweeps the injured knee of MVP. Roode grabs the chair and slams it into MVP’s knee repeatedly! Roode locks MVP in a Sharpshooter and he immediately taps!

Winner: Bobby Roode via submission (Sharpshooter)

A vignette highlights Jeff Hardy and Bobby Lashley’s epic showdown last week. Jeff Hardy is shown limping backstage.


Highlights of the Team 3D beat down of EC3 last week are shown. Backstage Dixie says she is here to support EC3 in his match tonight. She says Bully has been saying for months that he will put her through a table, but she promise that will never happen and by the end of the night she will be standing over Bully’s dead body.

Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring limping selling his injuries from the match with Bobby Lashley. Jeff says that Kurt Angle asked him to revert back to “Jeff Hardy” and the people wanted it too so he is back, but he promises that no one has seen the last of Willow. Oh great. He says the fact is sometimes he is going to paint his face, sometimes he will wear a mask, and sometimes he will even Swanton ring steps to try and win a match all to entertain the fans. A “thank you Jeff” chant starts and he says the level of competition that he and Lashley had last week is what this business is all about but he wants to talk about the future right now. Jeff says that the person he brought with him tonight is going to be a part of TNA’s future with him as a “we want Matt” chant starts up. Jeff talks up his brother and then introduces him to the crowd.

Matt Hardy comes out looking a lot better than the last time we saw him on Impact. Matt and Jeff hug and then Jeff turns the microphone over to his brother as a “welcome back” chant starts up. Matt says he loves the crazy and passionate NYC fans and thanks Jeff for getting him back there. Matt says this is a special moment for he and Jeff because it is about getting brothers back together. He says that they had a dream growing up to be wrestlers and to be tag champions and they lived that dream, but the last few years Matt had to step away and get healthy after some personal issues. Matt says in the process of everything that happened he feels like he let Jeff down and the wrestling fans down. Matt says he could come out and apologize to everyone but he says that he is done apologizing because actions speak louder than words. Matt says that the moment is right for the Hardy Boyz to get back together and to be Tag Champions one more time! Matt says he can’t think of a better place to do that than at Destination X but before this to happen they have to beat the best tag team in the land, The Wolves. Matt asks The Wolves to come out to the ring and they oblige them.

The Wolves come out and Eddie Edwards says that they have nothing but respect for what the Hardy Boyz have done for tag team wrestling. He says they want to be the best one more time and that works out great because The Wolves want to be the best tag team of all time, and to do that they have to beat the Hardyz. Davey says they didn’t come to talk, they came to fight so The Wolves vs. Hardy Boyz at DX is on! The Hardyz and Wolves shake hands and the match is set.

Backstage Aries says he has made his decision as he holds up the X-Division Title. He says that everyone will find out what that decision is later.


Back from the break the Bro-Mans are in the ring and Robbie is back with them. He says that they are back and better than ever as Jesse poses with Robbie saying no one in NYC has a body like him. Jesse says if there is one thing he knows it is that he knows his bro. He says Robbie is no longer afraid of clowns and plugs Robbie on Amazing Race along with their new shirts. Zema says that he is better than everyone in the X-Division and everyone in NYC in general. He says that Destination X will be his chance to shine and prove that he runs the X-Division. Low-Ki’s music interrupts them and the former X-Division Champion makes his return!

Low-Ki vs. Zema Ion w/Bro-Mans

Low-Ki is rocking new full body blue and black gear. Zema swings at Ki but he ducks and throws a series of strikes which Zema is able to avoid as if these guys are doing a martial arts movie. Finally Zema kicks Ki away and then tosses him to the corner, but Ki floats up into a headscissors. Ki then headstands on the turnbuckles into a reverse dropkick! Ki hits a Running Forearm and then mounts Zema in the corner. Zema is able to escape Ki and pulls Ki’s legs causing him to faceplant onto the turnbuckles. Zema hits Running Double Knees on Ki for a quick nearfall. Zema puts Ki in a rear chinlock as the fans chant “Low-Ki.” Ki fights back with some nasty chops on Zema and then he ducks a clothesline and hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes onto Jesse on the floor sending him into the guardrail! Zema charges at Ki on the apron but runs right into a shoulder block through the ropes. Ki then hits a Slingshot Sunset Flip right into a Standing Warrior’s Way! Ki hits a series of clotheslines followed by a Spinning Back Kick and then a Hook Kick! Ki hits a Flying Forearm in the corenr and then mounts him and hits a series of disgusting elbows! Ki grabs Zema but Zema is able to catch him with a Jawbreaker. Zema charges at him but Ki moves and hits a Running Dropkick sending Zema into the corner! Ki hits the Ki-Krusher! 1…2…3!

Winner: Low-Ki via pinfall (Ki-Krusher)

Backstage Gunner and Samuel Shaw talk about the people in NYC. Shaw says he thinks he is one of the most normal people in New York when Anderson walks up. He says that he and Gunner have a match tonight so Shaw needs to keep his nose out of it. Shaw says he knows Anderson doesn’t trust him but some day he will. Anderson says that won’t happen.


Backstage EC3 talks to Spud and Rhino about their match tonight. EC3 says a Street Fight is fine because he is the streets, born and raised on streets of Boca Raton. Spud says that is right but he is nothing like the filthy, disgusting streets of NYC. Rhino interrupts them and says that cops break up street fights but not tonight because there are no cops. Dixie walks in and introduces King Mo to Rhino. Rhino says everyone knows that King Mo really beat Rampage and Dixie agrees but says that King Mo made a mistake by fighting Rampage in his hometown. Dixie says he didn’t take Rampage out which allowed the judges to screw him so they can’t make that mistake tonight and they have to take out Team 3D and Dreamer. King Mo says if he sees Bully he is putting him in the ICU and he says that he has Dixie’s back.

Bram & Magnus vs. Gunner & Mr. Anderson

A big “USA” chant starts up as Magnus locks up with Gunner. Gunner shoves Magnus into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Gunner answers with a Running Back Elbow and headbutt. Magnus comes back with a kick to the gut and tags Bram in who then runs Gunner over. Bram hits a Scoop Slam but Gunner stands right back up and gets in Bram’s face. Bram slams Gunner into the turnbuckles repeatedly but Gunner shrugs it off and starts slamming his own head into the turnbuckle. Gunner hits a Running Double Sledge followed by a Running Knee in the corner. Gunner sets up for a suplex but Bram cuts him off and hits the ropes only to eat a Running High Knee from Gunner. Gunner Scoop Slams Bram and then they both hit the ropes and run headfirst into each other. Both men tag out and Anderson clotheslines Magnus followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker! Anderson backdrops Magnus and hits the Green Bay Plunge! Anderson goes for the Mic Check but Magnus cuts him off with an elbow. Magnus rolls to the floor and Anderson follows him where Bram slams him into the ring post! Bram tosses Anderson back in the ring where Magnus is now waiting with the Spine Shaker (Back Suplex transitioned into a Uranage Suplex)! 1…2…3!

Winners: Bram & Magnus via pinfall (Spine Shaker)

After the match Bram and Magnus continue to beat on Anderson. Gunner makes the save but the numbers get the better of Gunner. Bram low blows Gunner as Anderson brawls with Magnus on the floor. Bram grabs a spare turnbuckle from under the ring but Samuel Shaw runs out and gets between Bram and Gunner. Bram says “to hell with it” and beats the hell out of Shaw with it instead. It allows Gunner to recover and tackle Bram. Magnus rolls in and they double team Gunner. Bram takes Gunner’s knee out and continues to beat the hell out of him until Abyss runs out. Abyss and Bram begin brawling until Abyss catches Bram with a series of clotheslines! Abyss hits a Splash on Bram in the corner and goes for a Chokeslam but Bram elbows him repeatedly only for Abyss to come right back and Chokeslam him over the top rope to the floor! Magnus and Bram retreat.


Backstage Bully says he has gotten to the point where he actually is losing sleep at night because he wants to put Dixie through a table so bad. He says he wants to rid the wrestling business of Dixie Carter and tonight the three of them (Bully, Devon, and Dreamer) right together one more time in a NYC Street Fight. Dreamer tells Bully to relax because they are going to make it happen and he says that there aren’t two other guys he’d rather be in a war with.

A vignette highlighting “Option C” and Aries’ decision airs.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and he talks about Destination X next week. He says that DX is a chance for the X-Division to showcase their abilities and now he wants to introduce the X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. Aries comes out and Angle says that it was Aries that created “Option C” and every since he did every wrestler to cash in has become World Champion. He says that Aries is holding a winning lottery ticket and all he has to do is hand in the belt right now to get his shot at Lashley next week.

Aries says that this seems like a no brainer or a foregone conclusion but before he can say anything else Lashley’s music interrupts him. Lashley and MVP walk down to the ring and MVP says that they need to talk to Aries. He says that Aries better put a lot of thought into this decision because Lashley is bigger, stronger, tougher, and even faster than Aries. He says that Lashley is what a World Champion looks like and he will be champion just as long as he wants to be. He says that Aries is a “pretty good” wrestler and he isn’t a dumb guy. He understands that everyone is pumping Aries up but it won’t happen. He says that a lot of time went in to making that X-Division Title mean something, but Aries cuts him off and tells him to stop talking so much and get to the point.

MVP says instead of cashing in the title he should just keep it and stick to what he knows instead of swimming in water way too deep for him. He says the Option C may have worked for him once but he won’t catch lightning in a bottle twice. Aries says MVP just told him to stick to what he knows so he can tell MVP what he knows. Aries says he knows that he is used to touching things and making them great and he knows what it takes to be the World Champion unlike MVP. Aries says MVP knows exactly what he can do in the ring which is why when MVP was in charge he sat Aries at home and held him back. Aries says all that is over now and two years ago he created “Option C” and he did that because he believes in the X-Division and because the X-Division was created to have no limits and give everyone a chance. He says he wanted to leave a legacy for the X-Division Championship and he says the X-Division is what sets TNA apart. He says when you hold that belt it means you are willing to put your body on the line and leave it all in the ring. Aries says he can do things in the ring that MVP couldn’t do with four good legs and he has come too far to just turn around and walk away now. Aries says he has unfinished business with that World Title.

Aries says he knows that Lashley is bigger and stronger than him but he isn’t tougher than Aries. He says toughness is about heart and mindset and there isn’t a man that he has stepped in the ring with that he is scared of and there isn’t a man he doesn’t know that he can beat. Aries hands the title over to Angle and says next week he takes back his World Title! Aries says that when he beats Lashley he is going to change the game again by creating “Option D” by giving the X-Division Champion a shot at anytime not just once a year. He says he will defeat Lashley next week and Lashley says that Aries just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Aries and Lashley come face to face as Angle makes the announcement that Lashley vs. Aries is official for next week.
A video package highlighting the history of Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell is shown.


TNA Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Taryn Terrell

This is Gail-Terrell III with them splitting the first two matches. Terrell won their insane match at Slammiversary and Gail won the rematch Ladder Match. Terrell and Gail lock up and Gail gets Terrell in a side headlock followed by a headlock takeover. Terrell counters into a rollup for a nearfall but Gail holds onto the headlock. Terrell gets back up and shoves Gail into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Gail hits the ropes again and ducks a clothesline followed by hitting one of her own. Gail forearms Terrell and then whips her into the ropes and attempts a dropkick but Terrell avoids her and catches Gail with an Oklahoma Roll for a nearfall. Terrell hits a Sunset Flip for another nearfall and then hits a Monkey Flip. Terrell goes up top and dives off with a Flying Clothesline for yet another nearfall. Terrell attempts a Diamond Cutter but Gail shoves her into the corner and charges right into an elbow from Terrell. Terrell climbs back up top but Gail springs to the top with her and hits a Super Armdrag! 1…2…NO Terrell kicks out! Gail forearms Terrell again and then whips her into the corner. Gail hits a Flying Body Splash and then climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Terrell kicks out again! Gail goes for Eat Defeat but Terrell blocks it and then hits the ropes and they both attempt Cross Body Blocks slamming into each other. They both get up and exchange forearms with Terrell getting the better of the exchange. Terrell hits a series of clotheslines and then a Snap Suplex. Terrell hits a Rolling Neckbreaker and then climbs up top but The Beautiful People run out and Velvet shoves Terrell off the top as Angelina hits the Botox Injection on Gail! Velvet hits In Yo Face on Terrell!



Backstage Dixie is talking to someone on the phone and she says she will send her guys out to go get them.

JB introduces Great Muta as the fans chant “Muta” at him. Robbie E comes out before Muta can say anything and asks if this is a joke. Robbie says that first Low-Ki gets a grand entrance and now “the not so Great Muta” gets a grand entrance. Robbie asks “what about me” and calls himself the biggest star in the company and says he wants a match against Muta right now which Muta gladly accepts.

Great Muta vs. Robbie E

Robbie attacks Muta at the bell and beats on him in the corner before choking Muta. Robbie shoves the referee away and east the green mist from Muta followed by the Muta Elbow! Muta hits a Dragon Screw Legwhip followed by the Shining Wizard for the pin!

Winner: Great Muta via pinfall (Shining Wizard)

James Storm’s music interrupts Muta’s celebration and Storm says that Muta is the legend all the boys in the back are talking about. He says that all he sees is the “Great Fraud” and a joke and a has been. He calls Muta a washed up “wannabe legend.” He says that he can have Sanada fooled all he wants but all he sees is yet another man coming into the company that Storm’s body helped build to try and relive his glory days. Storm says in this damn company he is the legend and where he comes from they don’t spit mist, and then spits beer in the legends face! Storm beats on Muta until one of Muta’s students tries to help. Storm lays out the student and continues beating on Muta. Sanada runs out with a chair and chases Storm off. Sanada helps Muta up but then blasts Muta with the chair! Sanada beats Muta down and spits mist in the face of Muta’s student. Sanada looks at Storm who nods at Sanada and tells him to “do it.” Sanada climbs up top and Moonsaults Muta before walking to Storm and bowing to him.


JB is in the balcony with Dixie Carter and King Mo. Dixie says that she is very good friends with King Mo and he has her back tonight. She calls him one of the biggest bad asses on the planet and she says that they are here to watch Bully and his posse go down tonight. Dixie says that she is tired of hearing the fans chant “those stupid little letters” (ECW) but says this is all her fault because a few years ago Tommy Dreamer came to her whining and bitching about wanting to give some has-beens another tribute to a company that is a dead memory. She says in a moment of weakness she gave in to him and it made Dreamer think he is someone now. Dixie says if they want to chant those letters she will give them reason to.

Main Event
NYC Street Fight
Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, & “War Machine” Rhino vs. Team 3D & Tommy Dreamer

EC3 has his ribs taped up from going through a table last week. Spud is hilariously carrying a trashcan to the ring which looks like it is taking everything he has to carry. The brawl starts as Dreamer and company hit the ring. Dreamer tosses Spud to the floor and Bully beats EC3 down in the corner as Devon tosses Rhino to the floor. 3D whips EC3 into the ropes and Bully lifts EC3 up in a Sidewalk Slam as Devon bounces off the ropes with a Leg Drop at the same time! Spud climbs up top but Bully Press Slams him on top of EC3 on the floor! Rhino comes back in and eats a Double Shoulder Block from 3D. Dreamer kills Rhino with a bunch of cookie sheets! An “ECW” chant starts as the brawl spills out to the floor.


Back from the break Bully kicks the hell out of EC3 followed by a series of jabs and the Atomic Elbow. Dreamer throws a bunch of weapons in the ring and Bully grabs a cheese grater and grates the chest of EC3! Devon Snapmares EC3 as a “we want blood” chant starts. Dreamer places a trashcan lid on EC3’s nuts and then hits it with another trashcan lid as does Dreamer with a kendo stick! Rhino comes in with a cookie sheet and blasts 3D and Dreamer. Rhino wedges a trashcan in the corner and then goes for a Gore on Devon but eats a boot! Devon throws Rhino into the trashcan and Spud jumps on Devon’s back! Spud punches him repeatedly but Bully hits him from behind with a cookie sheet and then lifts him up on his shoulders. Devon dives off the top with the Doomsday Device! EC3 eats a Double Flapjack from 3D and then Dreamer hangs EC3 upside down in the tree of woe. Bully puts a trashcan in front of EC3’s face and Dreamer hits the Sliding Dropkick sending the trashcan into EC3’s face! A “TNA” chant starts as Bully Scoop Slams Rhino! They do the Wassup Diving Headbutt to Rhino’s balls and then Bully tells Devon and Dreamer to get the tables! Someone attacks Devon from behind in a hooded sweatshirt and Bully attacks the person as security tried to pull him away! Dreamer Piledrives Spud in the ring and then hits a Russian Leg Sweep on EC3! Dreamer whips EC3 with a kendo stick repeatedly and then grabs a chair and lays it on the mat. Dreamer goes for a Piledriver on the chair but a black guy in a hoodie attacks Dreamer! It’s former WWE/ECW star Ezekiel Jackson! EC3 hits the One Percenter on Dreamer onto the chair! 1…2…3!

Winners: Spud, EC3, & Rhino via pinfall (One Percenter)

Dixie and King Mo walk down to the ring and she command security to let the other hooded man go saying that he is with her. It looks to be Gene Snitsky and Taz confirms this. Rhino Gores the hell out of Devon and they all jump on Bully beating him down. Big Zeke hits a Standing Uranage on Dreamer and Snitsky Chokeslams Bully!


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning.

1) Falls Count Anywhere Match: Bobby Roode def. MVP
2) Low-Ki def. Zema Ion
3) Bram & Magnus def. Gunner & Mr. Anderson
4) TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) fought Taryn Terrell to a NO CONTEST (Gail retains)
5) Great Muta def. Robbie E
6) NYC Street Fight: Rockstar Spud, EC3, & Rhino def. Team 3D & Tommy Dreamer

Scheduled for “Destination X” Next Week:
-TNA World Title: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Austin Aries
-TNA X-Division Title Tournament
-TNA Tag Team Titles: The Wolves (c) vs. The Hardy’s

Until next week… PEACE!

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