TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 8/7/14 (#ItHappens with Dixie)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/7/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
New York City, New York (Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center)
August 7, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tommy Dreamer and Team 3D are shown arriving at the Manhattan Center and Bully says that they are going to tear the roof off and then he will fulfill his promise to put Dixie through a table. Dreamer says they are going to make wrestling history tonight.

A special intro hypes up the possibility of Dixie going through a table and then cut to arena where Abyss’ music hits.

Monsters Ball Match
“The Monster” Abyss vs. Bram

Bram hits the ring with a kendo stick and swings it at Abyss, but Abyss ducks and exchanges right hands with Bram. Abyss whips Bram into the corner and then runs into a boot from the Brit. Abyss answers with a series of clotheslines followed by a Splash in the corner. Abyss clotheslines Bram over the top to the floor and takes the brawl to ringside as a “we want tables” chant starts up. Bram and Abyss take turns slamming each other into the steps and then Abyss whips Bram hard into the steps. Abyss tosses weapons in the ring as Bram rolls back in. Abyss grabs a chair as the fans chant for blood and wedges the chair in between turnbuckles. Bram hits Abyss with a trashcan repeatedly and then goes to the floor and pulls out a board covered in barbed wire! Bram places the barbed wire board in a corner and then attempts to whip Abyss into it, but Abyss blocks it and tosses Bram into another corner. Abyss charges at him but Bram blatantly kicks him the balls and then goes back to the floor and retrieves a spare turnbuckle from under the ring. Bram goes to hit Abyss with it but Abyss hits him in the balls with a cheese grater! Abyss goes or a Chokeslam but Bram fights out with some nasty elbows. Bram attempts to whip Abyss into the turnbuckle where Abyss set up the chair earlier, but Abyss reverses it and Bram attempts a float over but Abyss saw it coming. As Bram lands on the mat Abyss grabs him by the head and slams him into the chair! Abyss pulls out Janice and attempts a murder but Bram moves out of the way and Janice gets stuck on the top turnbuckle. Bram goes to hit Abyss with a chair but Abyss sends the chair into Bram’s face via his elbow. Abyss’ elbow is busted open pretty bad after that spot. Abyss pulls out a bag of tacks and pours it out on the mat! Bram hits Abyss with a kendo stick repeatedly literally breaking the stick. Abyss comes back with an attempt at a Chokeslam but Bram blocks it and then pulls Janice off of the turnbuckle. Bram goes to hit Abyss with it but Abyss blocks it and Chokeslams Bram into the tacks! A huge “TNA” chant breaks out as Bram rolls around in pain on the mat! Abyss grabs Janice but Magnus runs out and snatches it away from Abyss. Abyss lays Magnus out but then Bram Spears Abyss into the barbed wire board! The slow motion replay actually showed several of the tacks popping out of Bram’s back as he hit the Spear in a cool visual. The barbed wire is literally stuck to the back and head of Abyss as he tries to get up. Bram grabs Janice again and hits Abyss in the gut with it! 1…2…3!

Winner: Bram via pinfall

Bram taunts Abyss and leaves the ring with Janice in hand.

Backstage Joe says that he exemplifies what the X-Division is all about and that fans tune into TNA for the X-Division. He says the X-Division was always about no limits and then Low-Ki approaches him and says he and Joe have been through plenty of wars and shear violence. He says many of those wars were simply for pain and violence but now they have a prize for the winner. Ki says that Joe and Sanada in his way and neither will stop him from winning back the X-Division Title. Joe says that he knows Ki thinks he is prepared but he can never be prepared for him. Joe says the next time that Ki hears Joe’s name it will be right after he hears “the NEW X-Division Champion of the world” and walks away.


In the back EC3 is interviewed along with his boys. He says that he and his army are the unsung heroes of ECW. EC3 hypes up Snitsky and Rycklon calling them the true ECW. EC3 says this is war and they are in hell now, and that Dixie will NEVER be put through a table.

MVP and his “Franchise Players” make their way down to the ring surrounded by beautiful women. Footage of the great title match last week is shown as they come to the ring. MVP says that when he was the Director of Operations he felt like a babysitter because of all the crybaby wrestlers he had to deal with. He says as long as they control the World Title he has all the power with none of the headaches. MVP says that Lashley will be the TNA World Champion for years and goes through the lists of victims as the fans taunt them. MVP taunts the crowd back and says there is no one left for Lashley to destroy, but Bobby Roode comes out and interrupts him.

Roode comes out to a big “Bobby” chant and he says that he was sitting in the back listening to the words coming out of MVP’s mouth, and as much as it pains him to admit some of the things he is saying are true. MVP agrees and says everything was true like Bobby being a “whiny, crybaby, sissy.” Roode says that Lashley is a “Destroyer” and that he has defeated some of the best wrestlers in the world. Roode says that in his eyes Lashley is one of the most dominant World Champions to ever hold that belt in TNA. Roode says he isn’t out there to talk to MVP, he is here to talk to Lashley. He reminds Lashley that he was the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history and he knows what it means and takes to be a World Heavyweight Champion. Roode says that MVP knew that and that is why he sent Roode hope on a suspension for nearly two months. Roode says that MVP knew he was a threat and he reminds Lashley that the plan originally was for MVP to be the champion until he blew out his knee. Roode says that MVP was going to use Lashley to get what he wanted, but MVP tells Roode to shut up and stop trying to stir things up.

Roode says that Lashley has been dominating as champion but he has been doing some dominating himself. Roode says he kicked both MVP and King’s asses and Lashley has never beaten Roode. Roode gets in Lashley’s face and then challenges Lashley to a title match. King cheap shots Roode and the Franchise Players beat Roode down in the ring.

Eric Young hits the ring along with Austin Aries and they chase off the Franchise Players. MVP says they aren’t dressed to fight tonight, they are dressed to have fun. “Y’all three play with each other while we go play with these hoes,” MVP says.

In the back Gunner hypes up Sam Shaw for their match tonight, when Anderson walks up wanting to talk to Gunner alone. Shaw walks away and Anderson says he doesn’t like nor trust Shaw, but Gunner tells him to give him a chance.


Backstage 3D and Dreamer talk about who their partner is going to be tonight, but Bully says they aren’t dumb enough to let it slip who their partner is. He says that this person has had their back since day one and Dreamer says he can’t believe that Bully got this person out of retirement. Tenay jokes that it is Taz.

6-Man Tag Team Match
The Bro-Mans (Robbie E, Jessie, & Zema Ion) vs. Gunner, Samuel Shaw, & Mr. Anderson

Anderson does his usual intro but adds Gunner and Shaw to the introduction saying “and this freakin guy” while pointing to Shaw as he does the intros. Shaw tries to start the match off but Anderson starts instead. Anderson counters a scoop slam attempt into one of his own on Jessie followed by a series of elbow drops. Anderson covers Jessie for a nearfall and then tags Gunner into the match. Gunner whips Jessie into the ropes and tosses him across the ring with a Hip Toss for a one count. Jessie comes back with a shot to the ribs and tags Robbie into the match. Robbie dives off the top right into a gut shot from Gunner. Gunner hits a series of headbutts and then tosses Robbie across the ring. Gunner hits a Diving Headbutt for another one count and then goes to tag Shaw in but Anderson reaches out and tags him instead. Robbie tries fighting back only to eat a clothesline from Robbie. Anderson tags Gunner and he hits a Running High Knee on Robbie. Gunner goes for the Gun Rack but Robbie rakes his eyes and tags Zema into the match. Zema dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick! The Bro-Mans hit the Triple Boom in the corner on Gunner for a nearfall. Zema hits the ropes but Gunner lifts him high in the air with a press slam. Gunner reaches out to tag Shaw but Anderson shoves Shaw away and makes the tag himself as Robbie tags in as well. Anderson hits a series of elbow and clotheslines followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker. Anderson goes for the Green Bay Plunge but Robbie blocks it and hits a Back Elbow. Robbie dives off the top right into the arms of Anderson who then sets up for the Mic Check until Jessie runs in and chops the knees of Anderson! Gunner comes in but Jessie and Zema toss Gunner to the floor. Bro-Mans taunt Anderson who suddenly lifts Jessie up and hits the Green Bay Plunge! Robbie goes for a clothesline but Anderson ducks and then Shaw comes in and lays both Robbie and Zema out with a double clothesline! Shaw lays into all the Bro-Mans with clotheslines and elbows! Shaw tosses Jessie to the floor and then tosses Zema out as well with Anderson looking on. Anderson asks Shaw if he is out of his mind and that he had it in control when Robbie rolls him up while Jessie stops Shaw from breaking the pin.

Winners: The Bro-Mans via pinfall (rollup)

Shaw tries to explain to Anderson that Jessie stopped him from making the save. Anderson grabs Shaw and threatens him until Gunner comes over and pulls Anderson away.

In the back Dixie talks to King Mo and she says that there is no way Bully is going to put her through a table and that is exactly why she has King Mo with her. She says that they are going to go watch her nephew get the biggest win of his life.


Backstage Anderson is wigging out about the loss which he is blaming on Shaw. Gunner shoves Anderson which causes them to get into each other’s faces. Shaw breaks them up and then takes the blame for the loss saying it was his fault.

8-Man Hardcore Weapons Match
Ethan Carter III, “War Machine” Rhino, Big Rycklon, & Snitsky vs. Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer, & Mystery Partner

They are going to do Wargames/Lethal Lockdown style entrances in this match with a new man entering the match every 90 seconds. Each man is allowed to bring a weapon to the ring as well and EC3’s team has the man advantage. EC3 and Dreamer will start the match off with EC3 carrying a bat and Dreamer carrying a kendo stick. Dreamer grabs EC3 by the foot and drags him out to the floor slamming him into the guardrail. Dreamer gets a beer from a fan and spits it in EC3’s face before slamming him into the guardrail again. Dreamer tries to whip EC3 into the steps but EC3 reverses it sending Dreamer knees first into the steps. EC3 lays into Dreamer with right hands and stomps while we see King Mo and Dixie looking on in the balcony. Back in the ring EC3 goes for a clothesline but Dreamer ducks and hits EC3 with a Neckbreaker! Dreamer uses the kendo stick to hit a Pump Handle Suplex! Dreamer mounts EC3 in the corner raining down right hands before finishing it off with a bite! He pointed up at Dixie before he bit EC3 and then kicks him in the balls.

The next man in is RHINO! Dreamer catapults EC3 throat first into the ropes but Rhino runs out with a trashcan lid and destroys Dreamer with it! Rhino hits Dreamer repeatedly with the lid then whips Dreamer into the corner. Rhino charges into a boot from Dreamer but then Rhino answers with a Spinebuster. Rhino tosses the kendo stick to EC3 who whips Dreamer in the back over and over with it before handing it back to Rhino to whip Dreamer with it.

The net man in is DEVON carrying a trashcan! Devon nails EC3 with the trashcan and hits a Thesz Press on Rhino! Devon follows up with a Diving Headbutt on Rhino and nails EC3 with a trashcan lid!


Back from the break SNITSKY has joined the fray. Rhino makes some hilarious facial expressions as he chokes Devon. The next man in is BULLY RAY! Bully brings out a chain and Spears Snitsky before laying all the other heels out with a trashcan! Bully hits EC3 repeatedly with the chain and bites him! EC3 is busted open. Devon whacks Snitsky with a cookie sheet and Bully whoops him with a chain. Dreamer nails EC3 with the kendo stick and then Bully clotheslines him with the chain!

The next man in is RYCKLON! He hits Bully with a chair and then lays Dreamer out with the chair and nails Devon with the Book of Ezekiel! He chokes Devon while EC3 nails Bully with some stiff punches. Snitsky Drop Toeholds Dreamer onto a chair! EC3 chokes EC3 with a chain while talking trash to him.

The final man in is… AL SNOW! Snow comes out, in the best shape he’s been in years, with head! Snow hits on the heels with head! Snow butterflies EC3 and then lays into him with headbutts followed by a clothesline! Rycklon and Snitsky Double Shoulder Block Snow through the ropes but then Bully dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body onto Snitsky & Rycklon! Bully gets clotheslined by Rhino but then Dreamer hits the Dreamer DDT on Rhino! Spud runs out with a kendo stick and hits Dreamer with the kendo stick and screams “I’m hardcore” while doing the crucifix sign! Devon Spinebusts Spud and then Snow climbs up top as Devon and Bully pull Spud’s legs apart! Dreamer tosses head to Snow and he dives off the top with the Wassup Headbutt…with HEAD onto the nuts of Spud! The babyfaces tell each other to the get the tables! Rycklon and Snitsky cut the babyfaces off before they can retrieve a table but then Snow hits an Asai Moonsault onto the heels! Al Snow just pulled off a damn Asai Moonsault at the age of 51! Rhino attempts to whip Devon into the ropes but Devon reverses it and 3D catches him with the 3D! 1…2…3!

Winners: Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer & Al Snow via pinfall (3D)

Dixie and King Mo are shown in disbelief in the balcony. Bully grabs a microphone and asks the fans where Dixie is and they ALL start pointing up to her in the balcony! Bully says she is surrounded by a bunch of crazy New Yorkers and points up to her beaten hitmen. He says they just beat their asses and now the heels are leaving with their tail tucked between their legs. “Dixie Carter…tick, tock, tick, tock…that is the clock ticking on you because I am putting you through a table tonight!”

Dixie promises that is not going to happen and says by the end of the night King Mo is going to knock Bully out! King Mo and Bully taunt each other as the fans chant for tables.

In the back BP bitch about Taryn Terrell and Angelina says that she is sick and tired of playing nice. She says that she is owed her one-on-one rematch so they are going to go get it.


After a plug for the new Ninja Turtles movie they show a replay of what just happened in the Hardcore War.

Backstage EC3 says that the heels have failed him but their mission isn’t done because now they are to protect Dixie. He says that if they can’t do it King Mo will.

A video hyping up BFG in Japan is shown.

The Beautiful People come out and Angelina says that she couldn’t help but notice that TNA is going “gaga” over Terrell and Gail. She says that BP are way hotter and she is a way better wrestler than them both. She says that no one should care that she broke up Terrell-Gail III and she is the one that deserves all the attention and her rematch for the title. She says she wants the rematch right now but Terrell comes out instead.

Angelina asks if Terrell hasn’t stolen enough from her already that she has to try to steal her spotlight too. Terrell says she hasn’t stolen anything from Angelina but Angelina stole her title shot by getting involved in her match with Gail. Terrell says she has never been Knockouts Champion and she and Gail have a mutual respect with each other. She says that Angelina stole their chance to find out who the best Knockout is. Angelina says she can clear the question up right now, she is better than both of them. The fans are really messing with them with various chants. Angelina stops the “what” chants by taunting the crowd. Angelina says there is a pecking order in the Knockouts so Terrell can just walk home and tell her little baby that momma is just going to have to settle for being fourth best.

Gail Kim walks out and says that she talked to Kurt Angle last week. She says that Kurt has given her the opportunity to choose her next opponent. Gail says that she chooses both Angelina and Terrell in a 3-Way! Gail then says that with all this talk that Angelina has been doing about how she is the hottest and best Knockout, how does Velvet feel about that. Velvet starts to say something but Angelina cuts her off and tells her not to listen to Gail. Gail says that Velvet is in that title match too so they will decide who the best Knockout truly is. Angelina and Velvet attack the babyfaces! Velvet tries to clothesline Gail but she ducks and Velvet clotheslines Angelina instead! The babyfaces toss BP out to the floor.

In the back Storm is talking to Sanada. He says that he isn’t doing this next match for Great Muta or his country or the fans and then slaps the piss out of him. Storm says he is doing this for Storm and he says that he has shown Sanada the light so he needs to go out there and win back that title. Sanada starts to walk away but Storm stops him and makes Sanada bow to him.


Another vignette hyping up the new debuting wrestling is shown. It has already been spoiled who this new wrestler. Also a hype video previewing next week’s show is shown. It will feature a 6-man tag pitting Roode, EY, and Aries against The Franchise Players, the previously mentioned Knockouts 4-Way, an X-Division Scramble Match, and the rekindling of the Hardy Boyz-Team 3D feud!

Bully says what they just did in the ring isn’t hell, it was “hardcore heaven.” He says that this isn’t Bellator and in his world he will knock King Mo’s punk ass out! Bully says the clock is ticking and tonight Dixie goes through a table.


Main Event
Triple Threat Match
TNA X-Division Championship
“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Low-Ki vs. Sanada w/James Storm

All three of these men are former X-Division Champions. Storm introduces Sanada to the crowd as the man that ended Great Muta’s career. The bell rings with all three men circling each other. Ki and Joe exchange some kick attempts and then get in each other’s face. Sanada then lays them both out with a Double Dropkick which sends Ki to the floor. Sanada and Joe exchange strikes before Joe destroys Sanada with strikes. Joe hits a Snapmare Takeover on Sanada followed by a chop to the back and a round kick to the chest. Joe goes for a Knee Drop but Sanada rolls out of the way and catches Joe with a Sliding Dropkick! Ki comes in and lays into Sanada with chops. Ki hits the ropes and Sanada leapfrogs him and then goes for a dropkick as Ki bounces off the ropes again but Ki holds onto the ropes. Ki goes for the Shining Wizard on Sanada but he ducks only for Ki to catch himself and hit a Back Kick to the back of Sanada’s head! 1…2…NO Sanada kicks out! Ki charges at Joe but Joe backdrops him over the top to the floor! Joe sets up for a dive but Sanada catches him with a hurricanrana! Sanada attempts to whip Joe into the corner but Joe reverses it and nails Sanada with a Running Back Elbow followed by Leaping Enziguri! Ki climbs back in the ring as Sanada rolls out and comes face to face with Joe. Sanada trips Joe and tries to pull him out but Ki comes flying through the ropes with an insane Flying Dropkick that sends Sanada into the ropes! Ki slams Sanada into the ring apron and lays into him with chops as Joe flies through the ropes with the Elbow Suicida onto Ki & Sanada! Joe tosses Sanada into the ring and hits a Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Sanada kicks out and Joe transitions into the STF! Sanada breaks the hold by biting the hand of Joe and then he gets back to his feet and dropkicks Joe. Ki comes out of nowhere with the Tidal Crush (Cartwheel into a Leaping Enziguri) on Sanada for a nearfall! Joe and Ki exchange some NASTY forearms before Joe takes the advantage following a series of jabs. Joe then goes for a series of rights and lefts but Ki does his Bruce Lee impression of ducking each one and then backs Joe into a corner with a series of stiff palm thrusts. Ki hits a nasty front kick and then charges at Joe only to eat a Standing Uranage! Joe lifts Ki up to the top rope and attempts the Muscle Buster, but Ki counters into the Hanging Dragon! Joe falls to his knees as Ki locks it in but Sanada comes in and breaks the hold. Sanada attempts the Tiger Suplex but Ki fights it off so Sanada attempts a Dragon Suplex instead! Ki lands on his feet and hits the Standing Warriors Way on Sanada! 1…2…NO Sanada kicks out! Ki charges at Joe right into the Snap Powerslam! 1…2…NO Ki kicks out and Joe immediately transitions into the Cross Armbreaker! Sanada breaks the hold with a Standing Moonsault to Joe! Ki rolls out to the floor and Sanada attempts a Tiger Suplex on Joe but Joe breaks it with elbows and then Sanada catches Joe with a bridging rollup! 1…2…NO Joe locks Sanada in the Coquina Clutch! Sanada taps!

Winner & NEW TNA X-Division Champion: Samoa Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)

In the back King Mo shadow boxes while Dixie hypes him up telling him no matter what he has to take Bully out.


A vignette highlighting the several month drama between Bully and Dixie.

Dixie comes out to the ring alongside King Mo. EC3 comes out along with Rycklon, Spud, Snitsky, and Rhino as well. The fans taunt Dixie and she says “right back at you” to them. She is pissed at her assassins and she calls them worthless. She says that they don’t deserve to be here and as Spud tries to calm her down she shoves him and tells him to get out of her face. She fires Rycklon and Snitsky and demands they get out of her ring as Tenay says that Dixie is having a meltdown. She screams at the fans that they are fired too and demands that they get out of her building. Dixie tells the fans to “pick their shit up” and get out.

Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer come out with a table that has “DIXIE” spray painted across it. A huge “tables” chant breaks out as Dixie screams at them to shutup. Bully says that he has promised the people for a very long time that he would put Dixie through a table. He calls her the most hated woman in the history of wrestling and Dreamer says that he attempted to tell Dixie what was coming with an extreme pipebomb. He says the reason she is going through a table is because she represents all that is wrong with this business. King Mo then absolutely ROCKS Dreamer with a right hand!

Bully tackles Mo and Devon takes out EC3! Spud tries to protect Dixie but Devon gets rid of him quickly as Bully sends Mo to the floor. Dixie screams for someone to help her as 3D sets up the table! Dixie rolls out to the floor and Spud pulls her to safety screaming that it is never going to happen.

Suddenly the entire babyface locker room appears on the ramp refusing to allow Dixie to leave. Dreamer picks Dixie up and hands her to 3D! Bully climbs up top and Devon hands her to him as Bully hits the Super Bomb off the table through the table as the deed has been done! The fans absolutely come unglued as Bully sends her through the table! Bully does his psycho stare that he used to do after putting a woman through a table back in the day. A MASSIVE “TNA” chant breaks out as Dixie Carter is done! They actually show several slow motion replays of the bump and the pop from the wrestlers around ringside was pretty cool as well. Tenay says that Dixie’s “reign finally comes to an end.”


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning.

1) Monsters Ball: Bram def. Abyss
2) 6-Man Tag Team Match: Bro-Mans def. Gunner, Samuel Shaw, & Mr. Anderson
3) Hardcore Weapons Match: Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer, & Al Snow def. EC3, Rhino, Rycklon, & Snitsky
4) TNA X-Division Title 3-Way: Samoa Joe def. Low-Ki & Sanada to win the vacant title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA Knockouts Title Fatal 4-Way: Gail Kim (c) vs. Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Velvet Sky
-X-Division Scramble: Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. Zema Ion vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Low-Ki vs. Homicide
-Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & Austin Aries vs. The Franchise Players
-Team 3D vs. Hardy Boyz

Until next week… PEACE!


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