TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Bethlehem, PA (Sands Casino Resort)
October 22, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week Impact opens up with a video package hyping up Bobby Roode’s return to the title picture.

Matt Hardy comes down to the ring as he has entered himself into the Tag Team Tournament with a mystery partner. Matt sarcastically says he knows it is a big mystery who his partner is but then says that it should be pretty obvious who his partner will be… JEFF HARDY!

TNA Tag Titles #1 Contenders Tournament Quarterfinals
Hardy Boyz vs. The Bro-Mans (Zema Ion & Jessie)

Matt and Zema will start the match off against each other here. Zema tells Matt not to touch his hair and then they lockup and Zema gets Matt in a side headlock. Matt reverses the hold and then grabs Zema by the hair causing a freak out from Zema. Zema kicks Matt and screams at him so Matt grabs his hair and slams him to the mat. Matt slams Zema into the mat repeatedly by his hair so Jessie kicks Matt. Jeff runs in and attacks Jessie. The Hardyz whip Jessie into the corner and then Jeff dives off of Matt’s back with Poetry in Motion! Jeff hits Poetry in Motion on Zema in the opposite corner as well allowing Matt to get a nearfall. Jeff tags into the match for the first time and then the Hardyz whip Zema into the ropes and connect with a Double Back Elbow. The Hardyz follow up with a Double Wheel Barrow Suplex! Jeff gets a nearfall and puts Zema in a side headlock. Zema forces Jeff into the heel corner and tags Jessie into the match for the first time. Jeff catches Robbie with a Jawbreaker and then a Leaping Mule Kick for another nearfall. Jeff tags Matt back into the match and they whip Jessie hard into the corner and then they hit a Double Back Suplex for yet another nearfall. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Zema runs in to interfere. Matt sidesteps him and Zema goes flying through the ropes onto the apron. Matt grabs Zema but eats a Jawbreaker onto the top rope from DJ Z followed by a dropkick from Jessie. Zema tags in and the Bro-Mans double team Matt in the corner before Zema hits a Snapmare on Matt. Zema puts Matt in a Keylock but Matt fights out of it. Zema and Matt exchange stiff strikes and then Matt hits the Side Effect! Jessie and Jeff tag into the match and Jeff nails him with a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Leg Drop to the balls and a Basement Dropkick for a nearfall! Jeff hits a Sitout Front Suplex on Jessie for a nearfall until Zema breaks it up. Zema whips Jeff into the corner and then goes for a Lariat but Jeff nails him with a back elbow and then leaps to the top and dives off with the Whisper in the Wind! Jessie rolls Jeff up for a nearfall but Jeff comes right back with a Twist of Fate attempt! Jessie shoves Jeff into the ropes to block it but it allows Matt to blind tag his brother as Jessie lifts Jeff up into the air with a Gorilla Press Slam! Matt kicks Jessie and hits the Twist of Fate and Jeff dives off  the top for the Swanton Bomb! Matt covers Jessie and gets the pin!

Winners: Hardy Boyz via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)


Bram comes out to the ring as footage of his attack on Devon last week is shown. Bram says that there is a sound “that really does it” for him, and that is the sound of a human body being destroyed. Bram says that some might call that sick but he likes it. Bram says that Abyss’ body made that sound when he drove Janice into his chest. Bram says that everyone wants to just say he is Magnus’ boy but now everyone knows who he is. He says that he is the new “King of Hardcore” and he has a new victim, Devon. He says that he knows Devon in a TNA Hall of Famer and a decorated champion and a hardcore legend but it doesn’t matter because Bram will do whatever it takes so that everyone knows he is the King of Hardcore. He says everyone will know his name and fear it when it is all said and done.

Devon comes out and attacks Bram in the ring! The two brawl all over the ring until Devon throws Bram through the ropes. On the floor Devon slams Bram into the guardrail but as the fight spills back into the ring Bram takes control with a series of strikes. Devon regains control while slamming Bram’s head into the mat and choking him! Finally referees and security run out to separate the two.

Kurt Angle walks out and says that he is going to let Devon do whatever he wants to Bram tonight because they are facing each other in a Hardcore Match tonight!

In the back Brittany, wearing some of the tightest pants you’ll ever see, approaches Samuel Shaw and asks him if he is going to do what they talked about. She says that she would really like it if he did and then walks away as Shaw blankly stares at the floor.


Low-Ki comes out to the ring as Tenay reminds us that Ki is a former 3-time TNA Tag Team Champion. Ki says that upon entering this tournament he knew that he needed a partner that was ready to go to war, and ironically he has went to war against this person and this person has something he wants. Ki says he has more respect for his partner than any man in this business…SAMOA JOE!

TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament Quarterfinals
Low-Ki & Samoa Joe vs. Samuel Shaw & Gunner

Joe and Shaw start the match off locking up in the center of the ring. Joe tosses Shaw into the corner and kills him with body shots and jabs. Joe whips Shaw into the opposite corner and hits a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri for a nearfall. Ki tags into the match and they whip Shaw into the ropes and Ki hits Shaw with a Spinning Back Kick followed by a front kick from Joe and then the Tidal Wave from Ki! 1…2…NO Shaw kicks out! Ki picks Shaw up but Shaw knees him in the gut and quickly tags in Gunner. Gunner hits a series of forearms on Ki but Ki answers with some nasty elbows and chops! Gunner whips Ki into the corner and charges right into the boots of Ki but Gunner answers with a Cross Body Block for a nearfall. Brittany is shown walking down to ringside. Shaw and Brittany argue as Gunner puts Ki in a headlock. Ki breaks the hold and lights Gunner up with chops before eating a big Running Back Elbow from Gunner for another nearfall. Shaw tags in Shaw and he hits a Leg Drop for a nearfall of his own. Gunner tags back in and hits a Vertical Suplex on Ki and then goes up top as Brittany and Shaw continue to argue. Gunner tells Brittany to hit the bricks and Shaw to watch the match. Ki nails a diving Gunner with a Leaping Enziguri in midair! Joe tags into the match and exchanges some disgusting elbows and knees with Gunner. Joe then hits the ropes and the two run into each other but then Joe catches a charging Gunner with a Snap Powerslam for a nearfall. Joe hits the ropes and connects with a Running Leg Lariat! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! Joe tosses Gunner into the corner and lifts him up top. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Gunner fights it off with forearms and then a Diving Jawbreaker! Gunner sets up for something but Brittany grabs his leg and Ki hits the Tidal Crush on Gunner! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and Gunner taps!

Winners: Samoa Joe & Low-Ki via submission (Coquina Clutch)

After the match Gunner gets pissed and screams at Shaw and Brittany, but Shaw walks away as Gunner continues to yell at Brittany. Shaw grabs a chair and hits Gunner from behind with it! Shaw DESTROYS Gunner with the chair as Brittany smiles and laughs! Brittany jumps in Shaw’s arms and starts making out with him.

In the back EC3 and Tyrus talk about the Tag Tournament tonight and he calls Tyrus a “weapon of mass destruction.” EC3 says that Spud is too afraid to enter this tournament and face he and Tyrus.


Backstage MVP says that Kurt Angle is trying to get vengeance and it doesn’t make sense that Bobby Roode gets to skip over everyone else and get yet another title shot. He says it doesn’t matter though because Lashley is going to destroy what he always does. King says it is time that they all get some gold and he and MVP should enter the Tag Tournament.

Rebel comes out to face Angelina Love but before Angelina comes out Havok walks out and destroys Rebel! Havok hits a Leg Drop on Rebel and then the Harlot Slayer!

Gail Kim runs out and goes after Havok! Gail’s arm is still taped up but she is able to cause Havok to go flying through the ropes to the floor. Havok grabs Gail and Hip Tosses her onto the ramp! Havok continues to beat on Gail but Gail kicks her away and jumps on top of Havok! Referees and security run out and separate them.


Hardcore Match
Bram vs. Devon

Devon and Bram meet each other on the ramp and begin the fight! It spills into the ring but only briefly as Devon hits a Flapjack followed by a clothesline that sends Bram out to the floor! Devon slams Bram into the guardrail and then grabs someone’s water and hits Bram with it. Devon tosses Bram headfirst into the ring steps and then tosses some weapons into the ring! Devon slams Bram into the ring post and then tosses him into the ring and hits him with a trashcan over and over! Devon lays Bram onto a chair and then hits a One Man Conchairto! Devon hits Bram with a trashcan and then goes for a clothesline, btu Bram ducks and hits Devon with a trashcan lid! Bram throws a trashcan at Devon and then wedges it in the turnbuckles. Bram talks trash to Devon but that allows Devon to recover and low blow Bram! Devon slams Bram into the trashcan in the corner and then climbs up top but Magnus comes from out of nowhere and hits Devon with a kendo stick! Bram grabs a spare turnbuckle and nails Devon with it for the pin!

Winner: Bram via pinfall

In the back Mr. Anderson asks Chris Melendez if he wants to be his partner in the Tag Tournament and Melendez agrees.


TNA Tag Titles #1 Contenders Tournament Quarterfinals
MVP & Kenny King vs. Mr. Anderson & Chris Melendez

Melendez and Anderson go after King and MVP as they taunted Melendez and hop around on one leg while saluting at he and Anderson. King and Anderson lockup with Anderson getting King in a side headlock but King shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Anderson hits the ropes and blocks a Hip Toss attempt from King and hits one of his own. MVP trips Anderson from the outside and King hits a Cartwheel Kick on Anderson for a nearfall! King tags MVP into the match and the heels beat on Anderson in the corner. MVP taunts Anderson repeatedly by acting like he was going to let him tag out and then puts him in a submission hold. MVP hits a Mafia Kick on Anderson for a nearfall and then follows up with a Knee Drop. MVP climbs up top and dives off but Anderson gets his boot up. MVP saw it coming and stops himself and then goes for an elbow drop but Anderson rolls out of the way and he and MVP clothesline each other at the same time as they both get to their feet. Melendez and King tag into the match and Melendez clotheslines King repeatedly and then hits a Hip Toss! King comes back with a Forearm Shiver but Melendez counters a clothesline into a Fisherman Suplex for a nearfall. Melendez goes for a TKO but MVP breaks it up and then sets up for a Mafia Kick on Anderson only to eat a big Pounce from Melendez! King rolls Melendez up and pulls the tights for the win!

Winners: MVP & Kenny King via pinfall (rollup)

Backstage EY tries to get a down Rockstar Spud to team with him in the tournament tonight but Spud refuses. EY says that if Spud won’t realize it on his own he will have to show him.


The Wolves talk about the Tag Tournament backstage and they say they just want the best challengers available. As The Wolves walk away, Eddie goes to make a phone call and James Storm approaches Davey Richards. Storm tells Davey to imagine a world of salvation and he says that he wants to show Davey the beauty of life. Manik and Great Sanada walk up and Storm tells Davey to just listen to Manik explain the beauty of the Revolution.

EY comes out and says he has a tag team partner that reminds him of himself. EY says that there was a time when he was just known as the “funny guy” but now he is a former World Champion. EY says he won the World Title because of the people. EY asks Spud to come out but he doesn’t.

EC3 laughs and says that Spud was a dumb child with a dumb dream to become a pro wrestler, and he snuck his way into the business by winning a reality show. EC3 says that in this world the bad guys win and Spud has come to that very real realization. He says that Spud fears failure just like the 99% in the crowd. He calls Spud a loser and says he is a loser just like all of the fans which causes Spud to get pissed and come out!


Main Event
TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament Quarterfinals
Ethan Carter III & Tyrus vs. “Showtime” Eric Young & Rockstar Spud

Spud and EC3 start the match off against each other and EC3 laughs at Spud before tagging big Tyrus into the match. Tyrus gets in Spud’s face and Spud tries to tag out but EY tells Spud to fight. Spud hits a series of forearms on Tyrus and then ducks a clothesline and hits leg kicks! Spud hits a dropkick to the knees of Tyrus and then hits the ropes but runs right into a big headbutt from Tyrus! Tyrus hits a Heart Punch and then rakes the face of Spud. Tyrus chokes Spud in the ropes and then lifts Spud up to his shoulder, but Spud is able to get Tyrus in a Sleeper. Tyrus counters it and hits a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall and then he starts raking the face of Spud. Tyrus hits the Shee-Plex and then goes for a Splash in the corner, but Spud moves out of the way and goes for a tag but Tyrus knocks EY off the apron. Tyrus hits a Front Suplex on Spud and stands on Spud as he tags EC3 into the match. EC3 gets in Spud’s face and begins slapping him repeatedly which pisses Spud off and Spud bitch slaps EC3! Spud tags in EY who hits a series of elbows and clotheslines on EC3 and then knocks Tyrus off the apron with a clothesline! EY hits a shoulder block through the ropes on EC3 and then slides through his legs and hits a Scoop Slam! EY climbs up top and hits the Flying Elbow Drop! 1..2….NO EC3 kicks out and rolls to the floor! EY follows them out with a Suicide Dive through the ropes and then Spud dives off the top with a Somersault Plancha onto the heels! Tyrus rolls into the ring and Spud dives off the top again but Tyrus catches him in midair with the G-Grip! EC3 slams EY into the ring steps and then covers Spud for the pin!

Winners: EC3 & Tyrus via pinfall (G-Grip)


Kurt Angle comes down to the ring and he says that they are about to have the contract signing to next week’s title match, and he has added a special stipulation to that match that neither man knows. Angle introduces Roode and Lashley who comes out with Kenny King & MVP. MVP is pissed about Kurt added a stipulation to the match. Kurt asks if either man has something to say before they sign the contracts and Roode takes the microphone.

Roode says that he can admit that the first time Lashley faced Roode that Lashley was the better man, but he thinks Lashley would even have to admit that Roode was THIS close to winning. Roode says for the first time Lashley will get into the ring and defend that title with doubt in his mind. Roode says that outside of family his only priority is wrestling, and he asks Lashley what his priorities are. He asks Lashley whether he loves wrestling or MMA. Roode says that the wrestling ring is the only thing he thinks about and that title is what he desires. He says that Lashley may be bigger, stronger, and faster but next week he is going to FIGHT Lashley with heart and passion and the determination to take the title again. Roode says that MVP calls Lashley the “Destroyer” and has built Lashley up but MVP has been holding him back as well. Roode says he will prove to the entire world that Lashley is not a “Destroyer” but just simply a man.

MVP says that is where Roode is wrong because Lashley is a MACHINE not a man. MVP says it doesn’t matter if it is a wrestling ring, an MMA cage, or even a fight on the moon whoever Lashley faces he destroys. MVP says he points Lashley to the ring and Lashley rings the bell of whoever is in that ring. He says that anyone Lashley faces he destroys.

Angle says this match deserves a decisive winner so he has decided to add a special referee for this match. Angle names himself the special referee for the match! MVP refuses for Lashley to sign the contract as Roode signs it but Lashley stops and grabs the contract and signs it! Lashley raises the World Title and gets in Roode’s face as MVP complains.


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight.

1) TNA Tag Titles Tourney #1 Contenders Quarterfinals: Hardy Boyz def. Bro-Mans
2) TNA Tag Titles Tourney #1 Contenders Quarterfinals: Low-Ki & Samoa Joe def. Gunner & Samuel Shaw
3) Hardcore Match: Bram def. Devon
4) TNA Tag Titles Tourney #1 Contenders Quarterfinals: MVP & Kenny King def. Chris Melendez & Mr. Anderson
5) TNA Tag Titltes Tourney #1 Contenders Quarterfinals: EC3 & Tyrus def. Rockstar Spud & Eric Young

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Tag Team Tournament Semifinals: Low-Ki & Samoa Joe vs. MVP & Kenny King  
– Tag Team Tournament Semifinals: Hardy Boyz vs. EC3 & Tyrus
– TNA World Title: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Bobby Roode

Until next week… PEACE!

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