TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 1/16/15 (BDC takes TNA Title)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 1/16/15

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IMPACT RESULTS: A New Faction in IMPACT WRESTLING, New Champion, New Member of The Revolution..More!
Bobby James
January 16, 2015

The network season premier of Impact Wrestling on Destination America emanates from New York City. The show’s new format is front and center with focused, cinematic lighting and a much more intimate look at the wrestlers and Knockouts.

MVP enters with his “family,” Kenny King, Samoa Joe and Low Ki. MVP dubs his “family” the Beat Down Clan – or “BDC” – or “The Clan.” He introduces Eric Young, the man who betrayed his best friend Bobby Roode.

Before EY takes the mic, it’s announced that Eric Young and Bobby Roode will compete in a no disqualification match in the main event.

Eric Young says that as champion, he took care of Bobby Roode and that he made sure his “brother” got a title shot. EY asks where his shot was during Roode’s title reign. He asks where Roode’s concern was when he was injured. Young says he’ll exact his revenge in their match tonight!

MVP introduces Lashley. Kurt Angle answers instead! Angle condemns the actions of the Beat Down Clan and Eric Young. Angle says he can make everyone in the ring tap out. Samoa Joe gets in Angle’s face; they collide. Angle challenges Joe to a match.

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Joe dominates Angle throughout the beginning of the match, but Angle catches Joe with three German suplexes to create a moment of separation. Joe battles back quickly with a stiff kick to the side of Angle’s head.

Joe finds himself in an ankle lock, but he powers out and drops angle Angle onto his surgically repaired neck. Angle comes back once again – an is able to catch Joe with another ankle lock. Joe refuses to tap before rolling through, sending Angle into the referee.

Joe seizes the moment and catches Angle with a low-blow and the rear naked choke. Angle taps!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Post-Match: The rest of the Beat Down Clan begins to assault Kurt Angle. Bobby Roode, with a chair in hand makes the save!

Bobby Roode says he was screwed out of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He questions why Eric Young would throw away a 15 year friendship. Roode says the title is the only thing in this business that he loves. He says the ring is his home and that he lives for professional wrestling.

Roode says that tonight’s not about professional wrestling – it’s about payback. He vows to have his revenge against Eric Young.

Backstage: Rockstar Spud apologizes to Jeremy Borash for what happened last week. JB says EC3 will get exactly what he has coming to him.

James Storm’s whistle echoes throughout the arena as The Revolution enters to witness which team will become their new championship challengers.

No. 1 Contender’s Match for the World Tag Team Championships:
The Hardys vs. The Wolves

Matt Hardy and Eddie Edwards begin the match. Matt controls Edwards early and tags out to Jeff. The Hardys exchange in their strategy to isolate Eddie Edwards. Davey Richards sneaks in a tag unbeknownst to The Hardys.

Matt and Jeff again exchange rapid tags to isolate Davey Richards. Jeff takes a cheap shot on Eddie Edwards, sending him into the guardrail. The Wolves furiously battle back and isolate Matt Hardy in the process.

Matt stumbles around the ring and Davey Richards catches him with a huge right forearm. Matt’s laid out in the center of the ring as Davey flies off the top rope. Matt rolls out of the way and catches Richards with a Side Effect.

Both men crawl to their corners and Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards infuse the match with a quickened pace! Matt Hardy slows the pace by catching both members of The Wolves with a DDT to the arena floor! As The Wolves rise, Jeff Hardy runs along then flies from the top rope!

The Hardys double team Eddie Edwards until Edwards raises his knees to counter a Swanton from Jeff Hardy. Matt breaks the count, but Davey Richards is able to counter Matt. The Wolves attempt a double team to Jeff, but Matt rushes back onto the apron and makes the blind tag to Jeff.

Matt catches Eddie Edwards with another Side Effect before attempting a Twist of Fate. Edwards counters, sending Matt into Jeff, who’s poised on the top rope. Eddie Edwards stalks Matt Hardy and connects with a Twist of Fate of his own! He makes the cover – but Jeff interrupts the count with a Swanton!

Jeff Hardy tosses Davey Richards over the top rope and then connects with a Twist of Fate on Eddie Edwards! Matt hoists Edwards onto his shoulders and The Hardys connect with a double Twist of Fate for the three count!

Winners: The Hardys

Backstage: Bram gives his thoughts on next week’s Feast or Fired show! Bram says he and Magnus will each walk out with a briefcase.

Backstage: MVP and Kenny King say they control the World Heavyweight Championship now that Lashley’s champion again.

No Disqualification Match:
Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

“The “It” Factor” Bobby Roode clashes with Eric Young on the entrance ramp. Immediately, Roode launches Young face-first into the steel guardrail. Roode’s assault continues until EY catches Roode with a hard right fist. EY sends Bobby Roode into the guardrail.

Roode is rolled into the ring. Eric Young finds a steel chair beneath the ring – and from there, his assault is ferocious. EY attempts to piledrive Bobby Roode onto a chair, but Roode counters. Roode catches Young with an elbow to the face and a well-timed spinebuster by Roode shifts the momentum.

Roode attempts a Roode Bomb onto the chair, but Eric Young counters with an eye rake before sending Roode face-first into a steel chair. As Roode stumbles backwards, Eric Young catches him and piledrives Roode onto a chair!!!

Winner: Eric Young

Eric Young sends Bobby Roode face-first into a steel chair

Backstage: Austin Aries says he’ll defend his X-Division Championship against Low Ki.

Backstage: EC3 searches for Jeremy Borash.

Knockout’s Tag Team Match:
Brooke and Taryn Terrell vs. The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People are accompanied by The BroMans and DJ Z. At the opening bell, Brooke chases after Robbie E. Angelina Love catches her with a stiff clothesline. Brooke unleashes her fury, sending Angelina retreating to her corner, where she makes the tag to Velvet Sky.

Brooke tags the Knockout’s Champion, Taryn Terrell. Taryn catches Velvet with a swinging neckbreaker. Taryn and Brooke connect with a double dropkick, sending The Beautiful People to the outside. Taryn flies from the top rope to take out The BroMans and The Beautiful People.

Taryn leaps from the ropes and connects with a flying clothesline to Velvey Sky. Taryn tags, who’s immediately distracted by Robbie E. Velvet rolls her up for the win.

Winners: The Beautiful People

Post-Match: Awesome Kong enters the ring! She clotheslines Angelina Love and shoulder checks Velvet Sky. Kong delivers an Implant Buster to Angelina and a chokeslam to DJ Z! Havok rushes from the back to confront Kong!!! Security separates Kong and Havok.

Backstage: EC3 confronts Jeremy Borash. EC3 asks if they’re match is on for next week. JB says he’s not a wrestler. EC3 antagonizes JB until he agrees to a fight next week.

X-Division Championship:
Low Ki w/ The BDC vs. Austin Aries (c)

Low Ki catches Aries off guard with a kick to the sternum. Aries attempts to battle back, but the speed of Low Ki is too much, until Aries catches Low Ki off guard. Aries counters a charging Low Ki, sending him into the air. Low Ki gets hung up on the top rope and takes a nasty fall to the outside!

Aries locks in a Last Chancery, but Low Ki’s too close to ropes. Aries again sends Low Ki to the outside with another spill over the top rope. MVP whispers into Low Ki’s ear. Aries attempts a brainbuster but Low Ki counters and sends Aries to the outside.

MVP steps over Aries and throws his hands up into the air. Aries and Low Ki battle back and forth until Aries locks in a Last Chancery in the middle of the ring! Before Low Ki can tap, MVP and Samoa Joe distract the referee. Low Ki taps – but it’s unseen by the referee!

Aries knocks Joe and MVP from the apron. Across the ring, Kenny King jumps up – only to be taken down by Aries. Aries rushes across the ring and launches himself through the ropes with a suicide dive that connects with MVP and Samoa Joe.

As Aries climbs back into the ring, he’s caught with Ki Krusher and a three count! Low Ki is the new X-Division Champion!

Winner: Low Ki

Backstage: Lashley makes his way toward the ring.

The Beat Down Clan is in the center of the ring. MVP says that tonight they’ve gotten everyone’s attention. He says the World Heavyweight Championship has come home – then, he introduces “The Destroyer,” Lashley.

MVP points to Lashley and says the fans should worship and respect him because he made him. MVP says the title belongs to every member of the Beat Down Clan. Lashley disagrees, saying he’s the champ – and that the title is his.

MVP says the title is theirs – that Lashley owes it to them all because they put it on him. Lashley turns his back on the Beat Down Clan and tensions rise as MVP says he’ll be merciful as they go their separate ways. The Beat Down Clan assaults Lashley.

MVP smashes the title across Lashley’s face before hoisting it into the air. The assault continues and Impact ends with blood trickling from Lashley’s head as MVP leaves the arena with title saying, “The World Heavyweight Championship doesn’t belong to you Lashley – it belongs to the Beat Down Clan!’