TNA Impact Wrestling Results
New York City, NY (Manhattan Center)
January 23, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with a video package highlighting the history of Feast or Fired. Several TNA stars are already in the ring.

Feast or Fired Match
Rockstar Spud vs. Jessie vs. Robbie E vs. Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Samuel Shaw vs. Magnus vs. Bram vs. Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Gunner

For those that are unaware of the rules of this match. Four briefcases hang from four poles hanging above turnbuckles. One briefcase holds a World Title shot, one holds a Tag Title shot, one holds an X-Division Title shot, and one holds a pink slip. The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Crazzy Steve almost reaches one of the briefcases but Velvet Sky distracts him by shaking her ass and then kissing him. Robbie E hits Steve from behind and then Velvet pulls the briefcase down and gives it to Robbie E! Robbie wins the first briefcase. Steve gets pissed and chases Robbie and Velvet to the back. Spud almost reaches one several times but Jessie keeps pulling him down and taunting him. Magnus and Bram have some miscommunication and Bram accidentally hits Magnus. Spud dropkicks Bram out of the ring and then climbs back up a corner to reach a briefcase but Shaw drags him down this time and tosses him clear across the ring. Gunner stops Shaw from reaching a briefcase but then eats the IED from Aries! Spud tosses Aries to the floor and then climbs up on Shaw’s back and pulls a briefcase down! Spud wins the second briefcase! Aries stops Zema from reaching a briefcase but then Jessie shoves him off the top to the floor. The Wolves destroy Jessie with the Alarm Clock and then they set up for their double dive but Angelina stops them and shakes her ass to distract them. Zema charges at them but they hip toss Zema over the top onto the heels on the floor! Aries teases a dive but instead jumps to the top and pulls a briefcase down! Aries then hits the dive onto everyone on the floor! Gunner and Bram exchange some stiff shots and then they begin brawling on the top rope as they both reach for the briefcase. Gunner tries to Fall Away Slam Bram off the top but Magnus runs in and Superbombs Gunner! Gunner tosses Bram in the Super Fall Away Slam at the same time! Magnus pulls the final briefcase down as his buddy Bram yells “that was mine” at him!

Winners: Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, & Magnus

In the back Lashley is shown arriving and he says he is getting his “damn title” back tonight.


In the back Magnus says he is feeling good about his chances with the briefcase but Bram walks up and screams at his buddy that he screwed him over. Magnus tells Bram to get out of his face and says it was every man for himself and reminds Bram that it was him that got Bram employed in TNA. Magnus tells Bram to grow up and they start shoving each other as Bram screams that he is going to rip Magnus’ head off with security pulling them apart.

Lashley comes down to the ring as footage of the BDC beating Lashley down last week is shown. Lashley tells MVP to bring him his title, now. Kenny King walks out and says that Lashley couldn’t make it in the BDC because he was an ungrateful, unappreciative son of a gun. He says that he will teach Lashley a lesson and he reminds Lashley that he had help winning the title in the first place, and that they are no longer family. King says every member of the BDC are potential World Champions and he says everyone knows that he would be a better champion than Lashley. Lashley again tells him to bring him his title but King suggests they fight instead. King says he doesn’t want to wrestle in front of a bunch of jerks that don’t appreciate him so he would appreciate it if his BDC family come join him at ringside and watch him beat Lashley. The rest of the BDC walk out with MVP carrying the World Title on his shoulder.

Non-Title Match
“Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King w/The Beat Down Clan vs. “The Destroyer” Lashley

Lashley destroys King with a back elbow but misses a clothesline and King catches him with a Flying Knee! King chokes Lashley in the corner and then attempts to whip him into the opposite corner but Lashley reverses it and runs right into a boot from King. King dives off the top but Lashley catches him in midair and then Press Slams King over the top onto the BDC! Lashley tosses King back in the ring and goes hits a Running Shoulder Block in the corner followed by a Delayed Vertical Suplex! Lashley tosses King across the ring following a few body shots, and then he goes for a Back Suplex but King lands on his feet and hits a Spinning Enziguri! King follows up with a Springboard Blockbuster attempt, but Lashley sidesteps it and hits the Spear! Lashley covers King but the BDC attack him!

Winner: Lashley via DQ

MVP watches as Low-Ki and Joe beat on Lashley and MVP says Lashley only ever had that title because of him. MVP says that if wants that title back then he has to take it from him and if he wants to fight him then he will meet him on the streets of NYC where he will be waiting.


Lashley is shown selling his beatdown in the back.

A video package hyping Awesome Kong is shown. The vignette mentions her classic rivalry with Gail Kim in the past.

Gail Kim vs. Havok

Havok attacks Gail on the ramp but Gail sidesteps her and then Front Kicks Havok in the face sending her into the guardrail! Gail then dives off the apron with a Plancha onto Havok on the floor! Gail rolls Havok into the ring and then dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body for the first nearfall of the match. Gail hits a Running Body Splash in the corner but Havok catches her in midair and hits a Gutbuster! Havok chokes Gail in the corner with her boot and then hits a Splash! Havok chokes Gail in the ropes and then uses her ring jacket to choke Gail with. Gail tries to fight back as Havok argues with the referee but Havok hits a series of nasty kicks before hitting the Bear Hug Slam! Havok gets a nearfall and starts slamming Gail into the turnbuckles and connecting with forearms. Gail again tries to fight back as the fans get behind her but Havok cuts her off with a Running Knee! Havok taunts Gail and then as she reaches down to pick her up Gail kicks her in the face which just pisses Havok off more. Havok punches Gail relentlessly and then grabs the ring bell but the referee stops her so Havok shoves him!

Winner: Gail via DQ

Havok lifts Gail onto her shoulders and then drops her down onto the ring bell! Havok says that she isn’t done with Gail and rolls her back into the ring as Gail is selling an eye injury. Havok goes for a Chokeslam but the lights go out and Kong’s music hits! Kong appears in the ring as the lights come back on and the two massive women get in each others faces! They shove each other and then Kong clotheslines Havok over the top rope to the floor! Havok retreats up the ramp as Kong stands tall in the ring.


Footage of what happened between EC3 and JB is shown.

Tigre Uno vs. Koya w/The Revolution

Koya is the former Ring Ka King Champion from India that was formerly known as Mahabali Shera. Koya swings at Tigre but Tigre ducks and hits a series of round kicks. Storm gets pissed at Koya and slaps the piss at him. Tigre charges at Koya but he catches him and hits a Standing Falling Away Slam. Koya goes for a Splash in the corner but Tigre moves out of the way and hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick! Tigre hits the ropes but gets caught with a Sky High for the pin!

Winner: Koya via pinfall (Sky High)

After the match James Storm says that it has been noted that Matt Hardy has defeated the former demons of his life but when he steps in the ring with Storm tonight he is one demon that Matt cannot conquer. Storm says that he is a pill that you cannot beat and he tells Hardy that there is always room for one more in his Revolution.

Bobby Roode approaches Kurt Angle in the back and tells Kurt that he couldn’t care less about the tag match tonight because he wants EY one-on-one. Angle says that he wants exactly what Roode wants, the World Title, and MVP’s crew is screwing this up. Roode says that he finally got what he has been fighting to get back for two years and his best friend screwed him over. Angle says MVP’s boys are like a pack of dogs and they can join together and even things up or Roode can do things on his own and lose.


Josh Matthews, on camera, sets up the next match talking about the history between Roode and EY.

Backstage Rockstar Spud says when he first came to TNA he was a “gopher” doing everything the Carter’s wanted and now he is holding a briefcase that could potential give him a World Title or fire him. Spud says that if he is fired then he is going to walk up to EC3 and punch him in the face. He says this could be the biggest moment of his life or the end of his career.

“The World Warrior” Low-Ki & “Showtime” Eric Young vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle & “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

Taz called Angle “subhuman” on commentary, I think he meant “superhuman,” good lord. I think this is the first time Low-Ki and Angle have been in the ring together. Angle goes for a German Suplex but Ki elbows him repeatedly only to eat a clothesline. Roode tags in and the babyfaces whip Ki into the ropes and hit a Double Back Elbow. Roode hits a Vertical Suplex for an early nearfall and then stares EY down. Ki catches Roode with a knee to the gut and then a series of chops before tagging EY in. Roode Hip Tosses EY and then chops away at EY. Roode whips EY into the ropes and hits a backdrop and hten goes for the Roode Bomb but Ki nails him with a big round kick to the gut. EY follows up with a DDT for a quick nearfall. Ki tags back into the ring mounts Roode in the corner raining down elbows. EY tags in again and tosses Roode into the corner before hitting a series of rights. EY hits a Scoop Slam and climbs to the top for the Flying Elbow Drop, but Roode cuts him off and climbs to the top with EY and hits a Superplex! EY and Roode both tag out at the same time and Angle lays into Ki with clotheslines and then he German Suplexes EY! Angle hits a huge German Suplex on Ki and then knocks EY out of the ring! Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Ki and goes for the Ankle Lock, but EY hits him from behind only to eat a series of clotheslines from Roode! EY retreats and Roode locks Ki in the Crossface! EY grabs a chair but Angle grabs it from him. Angle then sees the rest of the BDC appear on the ramp and walks towards them with the referee chasing him. EY hits Roode with the chair and Ki covers him as the referee turns around and makes the three count!

Winners: Ki & EY via pinfall


MVP is shown on the street talking trash about Lashley saying that if he is man enough to come take his title back then he is waiting on him.

The history between EC3, Spud, and JB is shown in a video package.

EC3 comes down to the ring with Tyrus for his match with…Jeremy Borash…yes, you read that correctly. EC3 has a big brace on his left arm so I would assume he is still recovering from his surgery last year. EC3 does the introductions for this match and introduces JB as “hailing from Receding Heights, Baldimore.” JB comes out with Rockstar Spud. JB’s fiancé is shown at ringside along with British Bootcamp II winner Mark Andrews. As JB gets in the ring EC3 stops him and EC3 says he would like to commentate this match and starts doing his old school boxing announcer impression making fun of JB’s bald head throughout.

JB took the microphone from EC3 and says that the people like to say that EC3 can’t wrestle but he can’t announce worth a damn either and then he slaps the hell out of EC3!

Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus vs. Jeremy Borash w/Rockstar Spud

JB punches EC3 repeatedly but then EC3 slams him and starts beating the piss out of JB. Spud screams at EC3 so EC3 spits on him! Spud jumps on EC3’s back but Tyrus pulls him off and lays Spud out. Mark Andrews jumps the railing and hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick on Tyrus! EC3 sees this and decides to bail instead of fight the Brit. Tyrus attempts to Double Clothesline Spud and Andrews, but they duck and hit a Double Dropkick! Spud hits a Somersault Plancha off the top onto Tyrus and then Andrews hits a gorgeous Shooting Star Press off the top onto Tyrus, holy crap! “That guy is so white he is transparent” Taz says of Mark Andrews. Legit, I had my neighbor stop me one day while I was cutting grass and drop the same line, damn.



“Cowboy” James Storm vs. Matt Hardy

Storm and Matt lockup and then Hardy slams Storm into the corner. Hardy whips Storm into the opposite corner and hits a series of Running Clotheslines taking Storm down. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Storm bocks it and retreats to the floor, but Matt hits a Baseball Slide Dropkick under the ropes to the floor. Matt then Hip Tosses Storm on the ramp before rolling him back in the ring. Storm immediately rolls back out to the floor and Matt follows slamming him into the ring steps over and over. Matt dives off the apron with a Flying Elbow and then tosses Storm back into the ring for a nearfall. Hardy puts Storm in a side headlock but Storm lifts Matt up and hangs him up in the ropes before dropping him onto his knees with a Lungblower! Storm wraps Matt’s leg up in the ropes and then treats the other leg like a wishbone. Matt tries to fight him off but Storm rakes his eyes and then hits a jawbreaker. Storm hits the ropes but runs into a Side Effect from Hardy! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Storm and Hardy exchange slaps and then Storm counters a slam with the Closing Time! Storm attempts the Last Call but Matt ducks it and goes for the Twist, but Storm blocks it and goes for the Eye of the Storm! Matt escapes it and catches Storm with an inside cradle! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (inside cradle)

After the match Storm offers a handshake to Matt but he doesn’t fall for it. Abyss appears from behind and attacks Hardy and holds him for Storm to hit the Last Call! Abyss pulls Janice out from under the ring but before he can use it Jeff Hardy hits the ring and knocks Janice out of Abyss’ hand with a steel chair. Hardy hits a Stunner and The Revolution retreat as Jeff picks the chair back up. Jeff challenges Abyss to a Monsters Ball! Abyss accepts as the fans chant “monsters ball.”

In the back Christy Hemme welcomes the Feast or Fired winners into a conference room.


MVP is shown pacing the streets when Samoa Joe walks up and says they need to go hit Lashley now when he isn’t, but MVP tells Joe to back off because he wants to end Lashley since he made him. He tells Joe to make sure the rest of The BDC don’t get involved either.

Back to Christy Hemme Robbie sings to Velvet as he says he is going to get a World Title shot. Rockstar Spud opens his case and he gets the X-Division Title shot! Up next is Magnus who opens his case and he receives the Tag Title shot! Either Aries or Robbie E are getting fired. Robbie is freaking out about possibly being fired.

Lashley is shown heading out to the door to the streets to meet MVP.


Robbie continues to freak out about the briefcase and he comes to the realization that he wasn’t really the one that pulled down the briefcase because Velvet did and handed it to him. He demands that she open it and when she does it is revealed to have the pink slip! Robbie laughs while Velvet cries. That means Aries gets the World Title shot! Josh Matthews calls Robbie E a genius but then points out that no one has ever cashed in the World Title Feast or Fired shot and won.

Main Event
NYC Street Fight
“The Destroyer” Lashley vs. MVP

Lashley meets MVP on the street and they start going at it. Lashley tosses MVP into the side of a building but MVP fights back tossing Lashley into a nearby buildings doors before throwing a trashcan at him. MVP hits a series of knees and the fight then spills into the Manhattan Center where Lashley slams MVP into some guardrails. MVP tackles Lashley but then Lashley grabs a guardrail and slams it on MVP but Low-Ki comes flying out of nowhere on top of Lashley! Joe and King then join in and the BDC beat the piss out of Lashley and drag him into the street. EY joins in and holds Lashley as MVP lays into him with a big right hand. Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode run out carrying metal pipes and chase the BDC off. Roode realizes that the TNA World Title is lying on the ground and picks it up and stares at it. Roode then hands the title to Lashley and leaves.


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning.

1) Feast or Fired Match: Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, & Magnus def. The Wolves, Bro-Mans, Zema Ion, Bram, Gunner, Samuel Shaw, & Crazzy Steve
2) Lashley def. Kenny King via DQ
3) Gail Kim def. Havok via DQ
4) Koya def. Tigre Uno
5) Low-Ki & Eric Young def. Kurt Angle & Bobby Roode
6) Jeremy Borash fought Ethan Carter III to a NO CONTEST
7) Matt Hardy def. James Storm
8) NYC Street Fight: Lashley fought MVP to a NO CONTEST

Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA Knockouts Title Triple Threat: Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne
-Monsters Ball Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss
-Mark Andrews & Rockstar Spud vs. The Bro-Mans
-TNA World Title Fatal 4-Way: Lashley (c) vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode vs. MVP

Until next week… PEACE!

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