TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 2/6/15 (Lockdown Special)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Lockdown
New York City, NY (Manhattan Center)
February 6, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

I was having issues as Lockdown started up with my stream but about five minutes in it finally cleans up.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Six Sides of Steel Cage Match
The Revolution (c) vs. Hardy Boyz

As my stream starts up Manik is trying to get in the cage but the Hardyz cut him off and Matt Superplexes him off the top as Jeff Superplexes Storm across the ring at the same time. The Hardyz Double Suplex Abyss and then pull out a pair of handcuffs and cuff Manik to the cage. Storm low blows Jeff and then he and Abyss treat Jeff’s legs like a wishbone. Storm tries to free Manik but Matt cuts him off and the two brawl around until Abyss lays him out and then rakes Jeff’s face across the cage wall. Storm slams Matt into the cage and The Revolution hit double headbutts on the Hardyz. They toss Matt and Jeff both into the cage and continue to work over the babyfaces slamming them into the cage repeatedly.


Back from commercials Abyss Catapults Jeff into a DDT from Storm for a nearfall! Abyss whips Matt into the ropes and hits a Sidewalk Slam! Storm climbs up top and then stands on the shoulders of Abyss and dives off with a Flying Elbow Drop on Matt! Abyss then hits a Big Splash and Storm covers him for another nearfall! The Revolution whips Jeff into the corner and then they both charge into elbows from Jeff! Jeff leaps to the top and dives off with The Whisper in the Wind! The Hardyz hit dual Twist of Fates on The Revolution and then Double Splashes! 1…2…NO they kick out! Matt climbs up top and goes for a Moonsault but Storm rolls out of the way as Manik clotheslines Jeff as he walked by him. Storm attempts to escape the cage but Matt cuts him off and then climbs up with him as the two begin brawling on the top rope. Matt hits a Super Twist of Fate on Storm off the top! Koya grabs Storm through the hole in the cage that is used for the camera and pulls him out! Koya slams Matt into the guardrail and then the cage! In the ring Jeff hits another Twist of Fate on Abyss and then climbs to the top but Sanada climbs up on the side of the cage and spits mist in him! Storm hits the Last Call on Jeff and covers him for the pin!

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champion: The Revolution via pinfall (Last Call)

After the match The Revolution pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up at ringside. Matt fights them off but then Koya Sky Highs him through the table! They pull out yet another table and slide this one in the ring. Abyss frees Manik from the handcuffs and then The Revolution lays Jeff out on the table as Manik climbs up top. He dives off the top with a Frog Splash but Jeff rolls off the table and Manik crashes through it! Jeff is on fire with dropkicks to Abyss and Storm! Sanada and Koya stop him from getting out of the cage so Jeff climbs to the top of the cage. Jeff kicks Sanada off the side but then as he is trying to climb down Abyss knocks him off causing him to be crotched on the cage door. Storm then climbs up with the cowbell and slams it against Jeff’s head causing Jeff to fall with an absolutely sickening bump onto the ring steps! Seriously words cannot describe how sick that bump looked and sounded as Jeff fell flush onto the steps from the cage. The Revolution taunts Matt and Jeff as doctors run out to check on Jeff.

In the back MVP talks to his troops about Lethal Lockdown tonight and he says they have to use the numbers to their advantage tonight. MVP says they are going to end Kurt Angle’s career tonight.

Back from the break more replays of Jeff Hardy’s bump are shown and Josh Matthews says that Jeff refused to be stretchered out but was helped to the back by medical staff.

The BDC come down to the ring along with Eric Young and MVP says that the steel cage is extremely dangerous, and is even more dangerous when the BDC are inside it. He said that everyone just saw what happened to Jeff Hardy and he says that he is hopefully never to be seen again in TNA. MVP says that it will be a bad night for anyone that dares to stand in their way and then EY takes the microphone away from him and says that he is going to make Roode bleed tonight and take everything from him. MVP says that EY has a lot of malicious intent tonight so he should just walk away instead of allowing his ego to let him do something that will end his career. MVP says that he needs to have a conversation with Angle right now. He says that they need to talk like two intelligent men rather than two idiots with a New York public school education.

Kurt Angle comes out along with Aries and Gunner in toe. MVP says that the BDC are not in a very forgiving mood tonight but he will give Angle once chance to save his teams career tonight. He tells Angle and his boys to walk away and not step foot inside the cage tonight. MVP says Lashley won’t help them out. MVP talks about Angle’s recent knee issues and says that if Angle doesn’t walk away from this match then he will make sure Angle can never walk again. Angle says after everything that has been done to him he is still standing and that his team came to fight. He says they won’t leave until they have kicked their asses and they don’t feel like waiting! Angle, Aries, and Gunner begin brawling with MVP, King, and EY but then Joe and Ki run out and the numbers advantage is too much for the babyfaces. Ki holds Gunner’s arm against the cage and Joe slams a chair into it!

A video package hyping up Kong-Havok is shown.


In the back a doctor is checking on Gunner’s shoulder but Gunner says not only will he wrestle tonight but he will start the match and nothing is going to keep him from it.

Steel Cage Match
Awesome Kong vs. Havok

Havok meets Kong in the aisle and the fight is on! Kong decks Havok with a vicious clothesline! Kong tries to drag Havok into the ring but Havok slams her face into the ring steps and starts beating on Kong with kicks and clubbing blows to the back. Havok slams Kong into the cage and then hits a series of forearms! Havok slams Kong into the cage repeatedly and pulls up the protective mats at ringside! Havok lifts Kong up in a Bear Hug but Kong boxes her ears and slams her into the guardrail. Kong whips Havok hard into the cage door! Kong throws Havok into the ring as the fans chant “better than divas.” Kong and Havok come face to face in the cage and start slapping the hell out of each other! Havok hits the ropes and connects with a Running Front Kick! Havok follows up with a Leg Drop for the first nearfall of the match and then Kong gets back up and gets right back into Havok’s face! Havok grabs her by the throat but Kong shrugs her away and grabs Havok by the throat! Havok shoves her hand away and then they grab each other’s throat at the same time! Kong kicks Havok and goes for the Implant Buster but Havok shoves Kong into the corner and hits a series of forearms. Havok attempts a Splash in the corner but Kong moves and Havok hits the cage! Kong hits a series of backhands and then attempts a Spinning Back Fist but Havok ducks and hits a Chokeslam! Havok celebrates but Kong gets right back up and hits a Chokeslam of her own! Kong climbs up top but Havok cuts her off and climsb up with her. Havok hits a series of round kicks to the head but Kong blocks her last one and hits a Super Awesome Bomb off the top! Kong then climbs up top and hits the Awesome Splash for the pin!

Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Awesome Splash)

A vignette hyping up the long history between EY and Roode is shown.


2 weeks ago Velvet Sky talks to Angelina Love about getting fired. Sky cries and Angelina consoles her but also smiles behind her back. After Velvet leaves Angelina says “finally” and slams the door.

Lashley is shown arriving backstage.

Six Sides of Steel Cage Match
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

Roode hits the ring and the fight is on! Roode lays into EY with rights and lefts and then he whips him into the ropes and connects with a big backdrop. Roode tries to slam EY into the cage but EY blocks it and tries to do the same to Roode. Roode blocks it and hits the ropes only to run into a back elbow. EY hits the ropes and Roode catches him with a clothesline. Roode whips EY into the ropes and then goes for another backdrop but EY kicks him and then slams him repeatedly into the cage! EY sandwiches Roode between the ropes and the cage and then starts slamming the back of Roode’s head into the cage over and over. EY hits a Running Cross Body sending Roode into the cage! EY hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for the first nearfall of the match. EY puts Roode in a rear chinlock but Roode fights it off and breaks it with elbows and right hands. EY whips Roode into the corner and charges into a boot from Roode, but then EY counters a charging Roode into a Powerslam for another nearfall. EY calls for someone to come out and then starts choking Roode as MVP walks out with a chair. MVP slides a chair in the camera hole in the cage and then swings it at Roode, but Roode ducks and goes for the Roode Bomb! EY blocks it and attempts the Spike Piledriver, but Roode counters into a Catapult sending EY into the cage! EY’s face is busted open so Roode goes to work on the cut with right hands. Roode slams EY’s face into the cage repeatedly and then hits the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO EY kicks out! Roode lifts EY up to the top rope and climbs up with him and attempts a Super Roode Bomb, but EY blocks it and slams Roode’s face into the cage multiple times before shoving him to the mat. EY then dives off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop for another nearfall. EY’s face has become the proverbial crimson mask at this point. EY grabs the chair from earlier and lays it over Roode’s body before climbing back up top. Roode tosses the chair at EY knocking him off the top and then nails EY with it repeatedly! Roode screams at EY and then hits the Roode Bomb onto the chair! 1…2…3!

Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall (Roode Bomb onto a chair)

In the back Angle approaches Lashley but Lashley just tries to walk away. Angle stops him and tries to talk him into joining Team Angle tonight. Angle gets in Lashley’s face and tells him to wake his ass up.


Handicap Six Sides of Steel Cage Match
Tyrus w/ECIII vs. Mandrews & Rockstar Spud

I don’t know if I am ever going to get used to calling Mark Andrews “Mandrews”, that may seriously be a top 10 worst wrestling name ever. How can you be so lazy as to just simply combine a guys first and last name to create one rather than actually come up with something original? That is unbelievable. EC3 has brought out some clippers to the ring. Mandrews and Spud attack Tyrus as he climbs in the cage but Tyrus shrugs them away and destroys them with a Double Clothesline! Tyrus hits a Side Slam on Spud and then a Big Splash on Mandrews in the corner! Tyrus stands on Spud’s back and then hits a Cannonball across his back. Tyrus lays Mandrews out and tosses Spud into the corner before hitting an Elbow Drop on Mandrews. Spud tries to fight back by kicking Tyrus repeatedly but Tyrus catches his foot and lifts him way up in the air and dropping him. Tyrus grabs both by the throat and just chokes them down with a Tongan Death Grip type of hold, but the babyfaces kick Tyrus repeatedly and then connect with Double Dropkicks! Mandrews hits a Basement Dropkick followed by a Sliding Dropkick from Spud! Mandrews hits a Shining Wizard and the babyfaces both cover Tyrus for a nearfall. Tyrus shoves them away and then hits a T-Bone Suplex sending Mandrews into the turnbuckles! Tyrus grabs Spud and goes for a Powerbomb but Spud fights it off with right hands and then he grabs the cage to block it. Spud holds onto the cage and stands on the top kicking Tyrus repeatedly. Spud climbs to the top of the cage and then dives off the top with an insane Somersault Plancha onto Tyrus in the ring! EC3 can’t believe what just happened! Mandrews climbs up top for the Shooting Star but EC3 grabs his leg through the cage and spits on him! Mandrews tries to grab EC3 through the door but EC3 sweeps his legs causing Mandrews to land hard on the ring steps! EC3 taunts Spud by holding Mandrews limp body at the door and then as Spud crawls over EC3 slams the door on Spud’s head! Tyrus grabs Spud and hits the G-Grip for the pin!

Winner: Tyrus via pinfall (G-Grip)

After the match EC3 says that it is “scalping time” and EC3 goes to shave Spud’s head, but JB cuts the cord on EC3’s shaver and then takes off running as EC3 gives chase.


Backstage Roode talks about his history with EY and says that fifteen years of friendship ended in a split second. Roode says he will never forgive EY for what he did to him and he made good on his promise to make EY bleed. Roode says his war with EY is over and it is time for him to move on and get back his World Title.

Robbie E issuing a challenge to Brooke Tessmacher to a race earlier is shown. Footage of their race into the cage is shown which ended with Brooke hitting Diving Hurricanrana off the top on Robbie, but as she was running up the ramp to win Robbie shoves her off the ramp into the guardrail. As it looked like Robbie would end Brooke low blows him and wins the race.

A video package hyping up Lethal Lockdown is shown.


Main Event
Lethal Lockdown Six Sides of Steel Cage Match
Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Gunner, Austin Aries, & Lashley) vs. The Beat Down Clan (MVP, Samoa Joe, Kenny King, & Low-Ki)

Gunner and Kenny King will start the match off. Usually weapons are lowered down into the cage in this match with the ceiling but there is no ceiling for this Lethal Lockdown and weapons are hanging from each side of the cage. King immediately goes to work on Gunner’s injured arm with round kicks and knees. King charges at Gunner but Gunner backdrops King into the side of the cage! Gunner slams King into the cage again but continues to grab his arm. Gunner hits King with a trashcan lid and slams him into the cage again. Gunner grabs a nightstick and chokes King with it and then tosses King into the corner. The next man in is LOW-KI from The BDC. Ki swings at Gunner but he ducks and hits a clothesline. Gunner hits a series of shoulder blocks on Ki in the corner but King hits him from behind with a trashcan lid and then Ki lays into him with a trashcan lid of his own. King hits Gunner with the nightstick and then they both choke him and stand on his shoulder. Ki holds Gunner as King hits a Running Elbow sending a trashcan lid into Gunner’s face! Ki hits a Snapmare Takeover and then a Standing Warriors Way! The next man in is Austin Aries of Team Angle! Aries hits a Jawbreaker and then an STO followed by a Muta Elbow on King! Gunner lifts King up onto his shoulders and then Aries dives off the top with a trashcan lid slamming it into King’s face! Aries hits a Leaping Elbow Drop on King with a trashcan lid laying n his face. Aries looks odd with those plain black long tights. Aries hits King with a bat and Gunner chokes Ki. Aries climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropick on King! The next man in is SAMOA JOE of The BDC! Aries kicks the middle rope into Joe’s balls as he comes into the ring but then Joe lays him out with a clothesline followed by one to Gunner and then a Running Back Elbow and Leaping Enziguri to Aries! Joe slams Aries into the cage and then slams a pair of trashcan lids into Aries’ head and then does the same to Gunner. King hits a Scoop Slam on Gunner and lays a chair across his arm as Ki stomps on it. Ki wraps Gunner’s arm around the top rope and puts him in an armbar. Joe hits Aries with a hockey stick and Ki continues to kick away at Gunner’s arm. The next man in is KURT ANGLE of Team Angle! Angle runs right into a hockey stick from Joe but then Angle ducks another shot and hits a German Suplex! Angle takes King down and starts punching away at him before slamming him into the cage. Ki hits a European Uppercut on Aries while Angle hits a Snap Suplex on King. Aries and Ki brawl on the top rope and Gunner lays Joe out with a kendo stick! Aries attempts a Superbomb off the top but Ki blocks it and then hits a Leaping Warriors Way onto Aries in a nasty spot! The next man in is MVP of The BDC! MVP hits Aries with the kendo stick and then lays into Gunner but as he celebrates Angle German Suplexes him! Joe lays Angle out with a cookie sheet.


MVP hits a T-Bone Suplex on Aries sending him into the corner while Joe puts Gunner inside a trashcan and Ki hits a Running Warriors Way onto the trashcan! They keep Gunner in the trashcan and MVP hits the Yakuza Kick! Angle starts laying guys out with a trashcan lid and then Gunner slams King into the cage door but eats a kendo stick for his troubles! Joe nails Angle with the kendo stick too and then MVP holds Angle’s leg while Joe slams the kendo stick onto the knee! Joe slams Gunner into the cage and King hits a Cartwheel Kick sending a trashcan into Aries’ face. Lashley’s music hits and the World Champ comes out to complete Team Angle! Lashley stops before attacking BDC and offers a handshake to MVP surprising him, but then turns on MVP and clotheslines him! Lashley hits a Power Slam on King and then Press Slams Ki into the cage! Lashley goes for a Spear but Joe grabs his leg and MVP jumps on top of him! BDC beats Lashley down and MVP chokes him with a shirt. Joe hits an Atomic Drop on Gunner followed by a Backsplash Senton onto a trashcan for a nearfall before Aries breaks it up. MVP hits a Scoop Slam on Aries and then an Elbow Drop. Joe goes for a Muscle Buster on Angle but he counters into an Ankle Lock while Aries counters a Hanging Dragon from Ki into the Last Chancery and Gunner reverses King’s move into the Torture Rack! Lashley Spears MVP and pins him!

Winners: Team Angle via pinfall (Spear)

“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight.

1) TNA Tag Titles Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: The Revolution (c) def. Hardy Boyz to retain the titles!
2) Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Awesome Kong def. Havok
3) Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Bobby Roode def. Eric Young
4) Handicap Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Tyrus def. Rockstar Spud & Mandrews
5) Lethal Lockdown Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Team Angle def. The Beat Down Clan

Until next week… PEACE!

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