TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 3/27/15 (Six Sides of Steel)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
March 27, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s Impact opens up with highlights from last week and then we cut to the ring as The Revolution are coming out as we get a nice shot of TNA’s new stage and screens.

James Storm says that tonight is supposed to be Jeff Hardy’s revenge which starts a “Hardy” chant from the crowd. Koya is holding what looks like a melon painted like Hardy’s face paint. Storm says he did what he said he was going to do, cripple Hardy. He says that he took out Matt last week too and The Revolution is not in TNA to play games. He says that either you are in The Revolution are you get hurt by them. Storm says that Jeff is known for death defying falls and dives off of ladders and cages just like the cage he is standing in right now. Storm says that he gave what the fans wanted and he helped Jeff dive off the top of a cage. Koya hands Storm the melon and Storm says that melon is Jeff Hardy. Storm says that this is Jeff Hardy when you mess with The Revolution and then he tosses it off the top of the cage causing it to smash on the floor.

Jeff Hardy interrupts Storm and says that Storm did what no one has ever done in that Cage Match. Jeff says that he still doesn’t walk right but he can walk good enough to kick Storm’s ass. Jeff says that he is still standing and with the support his family and fans he is REALLY standing now. Jeff says that he asked TNA to set up that cage because the waiting his over for his revenge and so he can end The Revolution! Storm screams at Jeff to wait before he gets in the cage and then Manik attacks Jeff from behind. Storm says there is always room for one as Manik beats Hardy down. Storm tells Manik to break Jeff’s arm but Jeff fights Manik off and hits the Twist of Fate on the floor! Abyss then hits Jeff from behind as Storm says that Jeff is as stupid as he looks. Abyss slams Jeff into the cage and then goes to hit him with a chair, but Jeff ducks it and slams Abyss with the chair repeatedly! Jeff says Abyss and Manik aren’t going to help him and he can guarantee Koya won’t be helping him either as a ceiling lowers on the cage! The cage ceiling also has weapons hanging it from it. Storm says that Jeff will find out real quick that the hero is screwed in this story, but Jeff says that this story is all about Hardy’s revenge!

Footage of Rockstar Spud winning the X-Division Title is shown. Backstage the BDC bitch about what happened last week.


In the back James Storm freaks out about what happened with Hardy. He says that Manik and Abyss have failed him so he wants Koya to go find Jeff and dispose of him before the Cage Match. He says this is what he brought Koya into The Revolution for. He says that if Koya does not dispose of Jeff then he will dispose of Koya. He slaps Koya causing Koya to scream in anger as he leaves and Hardy laughs.

TNA X-Division Championship
Rockstar Spud (c) vs. Low-Ki

This is Low-Ki’s rematch after Spud cashed in his title shot last week after Ki had been beaten down. Ki comes out without the rest of the BDC. Ki checks Spud at the start of the match with a few leg kicks and then catches Spud in a front facelock. Ki forces Spud into the corner and then lays into him with a vicious chop! Ki puts Spud in a waistlock and takes him down to the mat before floating over into a front facelock. Ki then rains down with a series of punches and elbows before getting up and kicking Spud in the ribs. Ki hits Spud with a European Uppercut and then Spud tries to fight back with a series of chops but Ki lays him out with a big kick. Ki chokes Spud with his boot and then another European Uppercut. Ki whips Spud into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Spud kicks Ki and then goes for a Sunset Flip! Ki blocks it and then destroys Spud with a Standing Warriors Way! Spud fights back with a series of kicks and chops and ducks a clothesline attempt! Spud hits a Spinning Heel Kick and then a beautiful Spinning DDT Mistico style! MVP runs out and distracts the referee as King distracts Spud on the other side. That allows Ki to block the Underdog attempt. Drew Galloway walks out which distracts Low-Ki enough for Spud to catch Ki with an Inside Cradle for the pin!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champion: Rockstar Spud via pinfall (inside cradle)

Spud celebrates with Galloway after the match.


Back from the break MVP and the rest of BDC are still in the ring. MVP says that Drew wants to talk about doing the right thing for the fans, but he asks if it was fair that Drew got involved in his match with Lashley or when he attacked Low-Ki with a pipe. MVP says it is time for Drew to realize that the BDC is not into playing games, and when he is left in a hospital he will realize BDC isn’t about games. MVP says that either Drew comes out and fights them or they will start going into the crowd and slapping around some of the fans that Drew claims to love so much.

Drew comes back out and says that he knows what MVP is thinking. He says that MVP is probably thinking that Drew is either the bravest or dumbest person in the world. Drew says it is a little bit of both and he says that he could have laid down like a dog after Ki took him out a few weeks ago. Drew says that he decided to stand up instead and he wants to see who else is willing to stand up with him. He says that the fans are the voice of wrestling. He asks the fans if they are sick and tired of people like BDC being shoved down their throat which receives a resounding “yes.” Drew says that he has a movement going on right now, he says they have a “rising.” King says that other than the losers in the crowd there is no one willing to stand with Galloway. King says that Drew thinks he’s William Wallace but reminds him that at the end of “Braveheart” it was the “king” that took his head. Galloway says that he is willing to suffer for his cause just like Wallace was. Ki says that Galloway is standing by himself and he will kick Galloway’s ass by himself if that’s what he wants. Suddenly two guys jump the guardrail and hit the ring with Galloway and a huge brawl ensues!

The BDC retreats as Galloway stands tall with what looks like the former Camacho and one other guy. Galloway says this is The Rising! Those two are Myka, who was known as Camacho in WWE, and Eli Drake, who was known as Shaun Ricker in WWE’s NXT. Myka is the son of Haku/Meng who really never got much of a shot in WWE, other than being Hunico’s bodyguard, and supposedly impressed TNA officials at their last One Night Only PPV tapings.

Backstage a vignette plays highlighting Kong with a voiceover, that I believe is Kong herself, saying “they are all going to pay” and that the Knockouts Title is hers.


In the back BDC bitch about what we just saw but MVP laughs it off and says that if they want to play the numbers game no one can do it better than them. MVP says it is time for him to “make that call” and says that “he” is ready.

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Awesome Kong

Kong goes after Brooke at the bell but she ducks her and jumps on Kong with right hands and forearms. Kong just shrugs off all of the shots and destroys Brooke with a Shoulder Block. Kong whips Brooke into the corner and goes for a Splash, but Brooke moves out of the way and mounts Kong in the corner raining down right hands. Kong shoves Brooke off of the top and then goes for a clothesline, but Brooke ducks and attempts a Flying Cross Body attempt. Kong catches Brooke in midair and slams her to the mat with a Front Slam. Kong stands on Brooke’s hair and pulls her up before tossing Brooke across the ring by her hair. Kong chokes Brooke in the ropes and then Kong goes to pick Brooke up but Brooke kicks her repeatedly. Brooke hits a series of Running Forearms and then a Springboard Clothesline out of the corner but Kong never leaves her feet. Brooke hits the ropes but eats a boot from Kong followed by an attempt at the Awesome Bomb, but Brooke counters into a Facebuster! Brooke climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Elbow Drop for a nearfall! Brooke climbs back up top and she dives off with a clothesline attempt but Kong catches her in midair by the throat and Chokeslams her right to hell! Kong hits the Implant Buster and gets the pin!

Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster)

After the match Kong hits another Implant Buster and then pulls out a table from under the ring! Kong sets the table up at ringside but before she can put Brooke through the table Taryn Terrell runs out and jumps Kong! Kong shrugs Terrell off and slams her face first into the guardrail! Kong tosses Terrell into the ring and Terrell nails Kong with a series of forearms and dropkicks! Terrell hits a Missile Dropkick off the top but Kong gets back to her feet pissed off and charges at Terrell! Terrell drops down and Kong goes flying over the top to the floor! Terrell dives off the apron but Kong catches her in midair and Awesome Bombs her through the table!

A video package recaps Lashley-Angle from last week.

In the back Austin Aries says that the match between Lashley and Angle was amazing and that Angle deserves a celebration tonight, but he asks “what if we had two celebrations tonight?” while raising up his briefcase.


Backstage Jeff Hardy says that tonight is the night and Impact will never be the same after what happens inside the cage. Jeff says he will keep standing until The Revolution ends and suddenly Koya attacks him from behind! Jeff fends him off and slams a nearby ladder into Koya! Jeff beats the hell out of Koya with the ladder and then grabs a beer bottle of the trash and breaks it over his head! Jeff screams at Koya to stay down but as he tries to get back to his feet Jeff breaks a second over his head! Jeff dares Koya to get back up this time and when he tries to Jeff grabs two more bottles out of the trash and slams them over Koya’s head leaving him beaten and bloody! Jeff screams “stay down” and I’m pretty sure Koya will be abiding by that this time around.

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring celebrating his TNA World Title reign. I believe this is Kurt’s first reign with that version of the TNA World Title belt. Angle thanks all of the fans that have supported him throughout his career and he says that support is the main reason that he stands in front of the fans now as the World Champion. Kurt says that he has been the mountain top thirteen other times but this time is a bit different because it has been almost four years since he has been World Champion. He says that is the longest stretch without a World Title in his career and it took a big toll on his body and his mind over that time. He says that this is one of the proudest moments in his career that he could win that title again. He promises to be a defending champion but before he can say anything else EC3’s music interrupts him!

EC3 and Tyrus walk onto the stage and EC3 mockingly calls Angle an inspiration. He says that Kurt even inspires him and he says that Kurt did the impossible in beating Lashley EC3 says that something else that sounds impossible is going 18 months unbeaten and beating every single TNA Hall of Famer. EC3 says that he put the entire industry on notice and now he is putting Kurt on notice. He says that he will be the man that defeats Kurt for the TNA World Title, and there is nothing that he can ever do about it. Angle laughs and asks EC3 if he really thinks he is going to be the guy to take that belt off of him.

Bobby Roode’s music interrupts them and Roode says if there is going to be a discussion about that title it better involve the man that had the title stolen from him. Roode says that he has never had a fair one-on-one rematch for the title but EC3 taunts Roode and tells him to give him a break. Roode says that unless EC3 wants him to knock all of his teeth down his throat then he should shut his mouth. Roode says that he has nothing but respect for Angle and reminds him of their great matches together. He says that Angle has taken him to new limits and for that he deserves his moment, but that is all it is: a moment because Kurt knows that there is not a man on the planet that deserves a shot at the title more than him.

Eric Young comes out, I guess forgetting that Roode just beat his ass, and says that he is going to stop Roode from getting his shot. He says that it was EY that caused the belt to be stolen from Roode and he did it because he can and because he is better than Roode. EY says that he has always been better than Roode and Roode is a loser. Roode says that he has beaten EY over and over but EY asks Roode if he really thinks that beating him in a simple match is going to stop him. EY says that as long as he can draw a breath he will make sure that Roode NEVER touches that title again. He says that he holds the fate of the World Title, but then Austin Aries cuts him off.

Aries says he hears a lot of people talking about the fate of the World Title but he reminds everyone that he holds the fate in his hand as he holds up the World Title. Aries says this is supposed to be Angle’s celebration and he says that everyone in the ring has felt the feeling of winning a World Title…except for EC3 and he taunts EC3 about not being able to use Dixie’s money to buy that title. Aries opens up his briefcase and pulls out a bottle of champagne and he says he has that bottle to celebrate but asks if they will celebrate Angle’s title win or Aries’ title win. Angle asks Aries if he wants to cash in the briefcase and tells him that he is ready whenever he wants it. Angle says Roode, EC3, and EY can all have a shot because he will fight anyone, anywhere.

Angle starts to leave but Lashley’s music hits and the former champion walks onto the ramp and stares Angle down. Lashley says that no one else deserves his title shot and Angle says that if Lashley wants a rematch they can do it right now and gets in Lashley’s face! Security and referees run out and get in between both men as the fans chant “let them fight.”

Tyrus and EC3 attack Aries in the ring and EY attacks Roode! Mr. Anderson hits the ring and evens the odds!


6-Man Tag Team Match
Ethan Carter III, Tyrus, & “Showtime” Eric Young vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries, “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode, & Mr. Anderson

Back from the break the fight has turned into a match. Aries holds EC3’s arm as Roode dives off the top with an Axe Handle drop onto the outstretched arm of Carter. Roode hits a Front Suplex on EC3 and tags Aries back in as he Catapults EC3 into a Forearm Smash from Aries. EC3 falls down onto the knees of Roode and Aries slingshots into the ring with a Slingshot Corkscrew Elbow as EC3 laid on the knees of Roode. Anderson tags into the match and puts EC3 in a wristlock and then hits an Armdrag and slams his knee into EC3 repeatedly. Roode tags back in but as he hits the ropes EY knees him in the back. Roode knocks EY off the apron but Tyrus lays Roode out allowing EC3 to hit a Running Knee Lift. Tyrus tags into the match and hits a Corner Splash on Roode for a nearfall. Tyrus whips Roode back into the corner and attempts another Splash but runs into the boots of Roode this time! Roode dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body, but Tyrus catches him in midair and hits a Fall Away Slam. EY tags into the match and covers Roode for a nearfall and then hits a Knee Drop. EY whips Roode into the ropes and connects with a Running Back Elbow for another nearfall. EC3 tags into the match and chokes Roode in the ropes. EY kicks Roode in the head and then EC3 repeatedly stomps on the back of Roode. EC3 hits a Snapmare Takeover and puts Roode in a Half Nelson. Roode fights out of it with elbows and hits the ropes with both men running into each other headfirst. EY tags in before Roode can tag out and he stops Roode. EY goes for the Spike Piledriver, but Roode backdrops him and tags in Aries! Aries hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton on EY and then knocks Tyrus and EC3 off the apron. Aries hits a series of strikes on EY and then boxes his ears causing EY to fall through the ropes to the floor! Aries sets up for a dive but Tyrus clotheslines him only to eat a clothesline from Anderson! EC3 shoves Anderson to the floor but turns around into a Roaring Elbow from Aries that causing Ec3 to fall to the floor! Aries hits the Heat Seeking Missile onto Tyrus on the floor! EY goes for a dive off the top but Roode catches him and tosses him to the mat. Roode then whips Aries into the IED on EY! Aries shoves EY into the Double-R Spinebsuter from Roode! Aries climbs up top and EC3 grabs his feet! Roode knocks EC3 off the apron and Aries goes for the 450 Splash, but EY moves and Aries lands badly on his knee! EY immedialtey grabs Aries’ knee and locks in a Figure Four causing Aries to tap!

Winners: EC3, Eric Young and Tyrus via submission (Figure Four)


Bram comes down to the ring and calls Magnus a coward. He says that there is a million ways to describe Magnus but the biggest one is a coward. He says that Magnus is a coward because he hides behind his family and sends out his old lady to do his dirty work. He says that Mickie James is more of a man than Magnus will ever be and she has bigger balls than him. Bram says that he nearly forgot Magnus’ precious little baby boy but before he can say anything else Magnus interrupts him.

Magnus has Mickie with him and he says that if Bram says one more word about his kid again then this will be an issue for the police because of what he will do to Bram. He says that it is bad enough that he got Bram his job in TNA that he turned his back on Magnus, but now he put his hands on Mickie and that is crossing the line. Magnus says that Bram talks too much and Bram tells Magnus to get his “pathetic ass” in the ring and shut him up. Magnus says he will do just that but he wants to fight Bram anywhere and everywhere which Bram says he is all for. Bram says that the only thing he cares about is seeing the tears stream from Mickie’s eyes after he kicks Magnus’ head in. Mickie says the only tears that he will see from her are the tears of joy she has after Magnus rips the “pubes” off Bram’s face and whips Bram’s ass all over the building. Bram says that he is sorry for the empty house Mickie will be going home to after he kicks Magnus’ head in. Bram says that she doesn’t have to worry though because his door is always open for her.

That pisses Magnus off enough for him to go after Bram immediately! Bram low blows Magnus and hits a Spinning Heel Kick! Bram pulls out a turnbuckle from under the ring and he thinks about hitting Magnus with it but instead grabs Mickie by the hair and drags her into the ring! Bram screams at Mickie to kiss his boot but she refuses so he says that he has a better idea. Bram tells Mickie to give him a big sloppy kiss but Magnus grabs him and German Suplexes the hell out of him! Magnus grabs the turnbuckle and nails Bram with it repeatedly! Magnus and Mickie start to leave but then Mickie hits the ring and attacks Bram again! Magnus pulls Mickie away as Bram escapes and Magnus laughs.

A video package hypes up the Hardy-Storm match.


Backstage Angle says that Lashley is a beast. He says that he beat Lashley once and he knows that it will definitely be hard to do it twice in a row. Angle says that it doesn’t matter what his age is because he is at his best right now and he is putting it all on the line against Lashley.

A video package previews next week’s show saying the Roode-EY match is the “final battle” between the two.

Main Event
Six Sides of Steel Weapons Cage Match
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

There is a ceiling/roof on the cage with weapons hanging down. This match stems back to the Lockdown match between The Revolution and the Hardyz where Storm knocked Hardy off the top of the cage and onto the ring steps under him. Jeff has taken out the rest of The Revolution earlier in the night though I haven’t seen Great Sanada around yet. Jeff climbs in the cage and the brawl is on! Storm slams a trashcan into the face of Hardy and then he toys with Hardy kicking him in the head repeatedly. Storm hits an uppercut and then whips him into the ropes only to eat a clothesline from Jeff! Jeff tosses Storm into all six turnbuckles and then he hits a Spinning Headscissors out of the corner. Jeff hits a Flying Forearm and then sets a chair up and hits Poetry in Motion! Jeff goes for Poetry in Motion again but Storm ducks this time and Hardy crashes into the cage! Storm goes for Last Call but he eats an elbow and Hardy springs to the top, but Storm sweeps his legs causing Hardy to crash down to the mat.


Back from the break Storm lays Hardy out with a series of strikes and then he wedges a chair in the turnbuckles. Storm hits a DDT and then he attempts to whip Hardy into the cage, but Hardy counters into a Shortarm Clothesline. Hardy hits a Flying Forearm and then an Atomic Drop! Hardy Leg Drops the nuts of Storm and then hits a Sliding Dropkick for a nearfall. Hardy charges into a boot from Storm and then Storm attempts Last Call, but Hardy ducks and hits a Stunner and springs to the top! Hardy goes for the Swanton but Storm gets his knees up and then hits the Eye of the Storm! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out and Storm goes right back to work on Hardy hitting a Russian Leg Sweep. Storm rolls Hardy back to his feet and then hits Closing Time followed by a Backstabber! Storm hits the Last Call, 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out again and Storm can’t believe it! Storm grabs his cowbell and swings it at Hardy, but Hardy ducks and tosses Storm into the chair that Storm set up earlier! Hardy springs to the top and hits the Whisper in the Wind! Hardy climbs up top and hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out and Hardy is in shock! Hardy grabs Storm to hit the Twist again but Storm hits a blatant low blow! Storm decides he wants to escape through a hole in the ceiling but Hardy cuts him off with a trashcan to the back! Hardy climbs up with Storm and starts slamming Storm’s head into the cage! Hardy hangs onto the ceiling and starts kicking Storm and then hits a Super Frankensteiner off the ceiling of the cage! 1…2…NO and I’ll be damned if Storm doesn’t kick out again! Hardy grabs a trashcan lid and whacks Storm with it repeatedly! Hardy grabs the cowbell and lays Storm out with it! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate but instead of pinning Storm he climbs up top. Hardy starts scaling the ceiling of the cage like a jungle gym and then starts swinging back and forth until he swings right into a Splash off the ceiling for the pin!

Winner: Jeff Hardy via pinfall (Splash from the roof of the cage)

“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight.

1) TNA X-Division Title: Rockstar Spud (c) def. Low-Ki to retain the title!
2) Awesome Kong def. Brooke Tessmacher
3) Eric Young, Ethan Carter III, & Tyrus def. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, & Mr. Anderson
4) Six Sides of Steel Weapons Match: Jeff Hardy def. James Storm

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Lashley
– Falls Count Anywhere: Bram vs. Magnus
– Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

Until next week… PEACE!

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