TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/10/15

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Impact Coverage by Bobby James
April 10, 2015 | The Rising

TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle addresses the controversy surrounding the finish of last week’s main event. Angle invites Lashley to the ring. Lashley introduces footage depicting his shoulder off the mat. Lashley tells Angle that he didn’t win before asking if Angle was satisfied with that victory. Angle says he won’t back down from a title defense – and that the outcome will remain the same. Angle proposes the match for later on Impact! Eric Young interrupts, claiming to be the new number one contender, based on the weekly rankings. Young says he earned the spot by defeating Bobby Roode. Lashley tells Young to earn it again. Young rakes Lashley’s eyes and hits Angle with a low-blow! Lashley charges toward Young, but the spear connects with Angle instead.
An enraged Kurt Angle challenges both Lashley and Eric Young.

Video: A package chronicles the history between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong; as well as Kong’s return to TNA.

Number One Contender’s Match
Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

Gail and Kong trade punches when the bell sounds, but Kong’s size advantage takes hold as Kong hurls Gail across the ring. Gail mounts some offense, but for her efforts, she’s squashed! The pace slows incredibly as Kong locks in a camel clutch. Gail escapes the hold, but she’s quickly powered back to the mat. Kong chokeslams Gail! She kicks out at two! A loud “Let’s go Gail” chant erupts as Kong tries to expose a steel turnbuckle. Gail launches herself with a crossbody. She bounces off, finding herself on the mat again. Kong rips off the turnbuckle padding and Gail flies onto Kong, locking in a version of a dragon sleeper. Kong makes the break by ramming Gail into the turnbuckle before sending her to the outside. Gail connects with a running dropkick which sends Kong crashing into the guardrail! Both women struggle to get back into the ring. Gail lands a series of strikes, ultimately backing Kong into the corner. Gail connects with a diving crossbody from the ropes; Kong powers out at two! Gail attempts to make Kong Eat Defeat, but she powers out! Kong charges toward Gail. She sidesteps and Kong connects head-first with the exposed turnbuckle! Gail makes a cover; Kong again powers out at two! Gail connects with the second Eat Defeat, but again, Kong powers out! Gail counters a chokeslam by Kong into a headscissor submission hold. Kong turns the hold into a sit-out powerbomb and three-count to become the new number one contender for Taryn Terrell’s Knockout’s Championship.

Winner: Awesome Kong

Backstage: Mickie James thanks James Storm for intervening last week against Bram. Manik passes Mickie on her way out and inquires about her. Storm tells Manik to never question him.

The Revolution fills the ring. James Storm says he’s brought Manik, Khoya and Abyss into the ring to make a statement. He declares that each of them has failed him – and that they’re all at risk of being cut, like Sanada. Storm says that in The Revolution, there can always be room for one more, but that now there can always be room for one less. Storm demands a referee, declaring that the winner will be his tag team partner in the tag team tournament for the titles.

Three Way Match
Manik vs. Khoya vs. Abyss

Storm leaves his staff lying in the center of the ring. As the bell sounds, Manik is tossed from the ring and Khoya and Abyss collide. Khoya’s sent from the ring as Manik re-enters with a chair. Manik attacks Abyss, but “The Monster” quickly powers out, sending the high-flying Manik back to the arena floor. Abyss gains the advantage against Khoya, until Manik connects with a missile dropkick that sends Abyss falling backwards. Abyss attempts a chokeslam; Manik counters with a submission in the center of ring. Outside, Storm slaps Khoya as if to provide him with motivation. Khoya rushes into the ring and grab’s Storm’s staff.
Khoya uses the staff to assault his Revolution mates before powering Manik to the mat with a huge powerbomb.

Winner: Khoya

Backstage: Mike Tenay interviews Low Ki about the beginning of TNA and his wrestling career.

Drew Galloway enters with “The Rising.” Galloway tells the fans all he’s ever wanted to do was be a professional wrestler. He thanks them for their continued support and says the reason he came to TNA was to change professional wrestling with the “#StandUp” movement. Galloway turns the mic. over so that his teammates may introduce themselves. First, Myka, son of the legendary Haku, introduces himself and assures the fans that wrestling is pumping through his veins. Eli Drake introduces himself next. Drake says he – and his comrades are not “robots cut out in a factory,” that they’re not “Superstars,” but rather, they’re three professional wrestlers with something to prove. Together, they address The Beat Down Clan, warning them not to mess with The Rising. Galloway says MVP – and The BDC – doesn’t run Impact anymore. They vow a war. The BDC arrives on the scene. MVP advises The Rising not to try making their names off The Beat Down Clan. MVP assures The Rising will have a most tragic fall. Galloway counts down from three. At one, The BDC and The Rising collide! They battle all around the ring until order is restored and Galloway requests a referee.

Six Man Tag Match
The Rising vs. The Beat Down Clan

Eli Drake and Kenny King start the match. Kenny King slaps on a side headlock and attempts a shoulder block. King catches Drake with a back elbow against the ropes. Drake then catches King with a scoop powerslam before tagging out to Myka. Myka comes face-to-face MVP. MVP shoves Myka – and Myka explodes with a series of rights. Myka follows up with a standing dropkick and neckbreaker. Myka scales the turnbuckle and Low Ki distracts the ref. Kenny King shoves Myka from the top rope. Myka appears to have tweaked his knee with the fall to the outside. MVP brings forth Low Ki who commands the match and taunts The Rising. Kenny King tags into the match and capitalizes on the existing advantage. MVP quickly makes the tag and taunts Galloway and Drake as he drops Myka with a huge boot to the face. Myka counters a Black Out Kick with a Samoan drop! He and MVP make their respective tags! Galloway mows over Low Ki with a big kick before knocking King from the apron. Galloway powers Low Ki into the corner. Drake and Galloway clear the ring and Myka flies from the turnbuckle with a crossbody that connects with the all three members of The BDC! With their attention focused beyond the ring, a masked man enters with a steel pipe to attack The Rising! The man removes his mask as the bell sounds repeatedly! Homicide has returned to The Beat Down Clan!

Winners: The Rising (via DQ)

Backstage: Eric Young attacks Kurt Angle!

Backstage: Angle assures the trainer that he’s fine – and that the match is still a go.

X-Division Match
DJ Z vs. Davey Richards

Davey Richards displays incredible athleticism against DJ Z in the early goings of the match. Richards uses a bridge to kick DJ Z in the head. Richards follows-up with a shoulder block and dropkick. DJ Z rolls to the outside, but Richards catches him with a punt on the apron! DJ Z rakes Richards’ eyes and sends him crashing into the guardrail with a dropkick from the apron. DJ Z rolls the former tag team champion into the ring, as the crowd chants “DJ Reject!” Richards is floored with a flapjack, but then DJ Z misses a corkscrew moonsault! Richards and DJ Z trade blows once again; Richards takes advantage as he sends DJ Z over the top rope. The lone wolf dives, and connects with a crazy suicide dive that violently sends DJ Z into the guardrail! Richards rolls DJ Z into the ring and connects with a huge missile dropkick! He follows up with a kick to the DJ Z’s temple – it’s good for a two! DJ Z connects with a jawbreaker and a clothesline in the corner. As DJ Z climbs the ropes, attempting a superplex, the crowd chants, “Kill the peacock!”
Richards battles out, sending DJ Z to the mat with a headbutt! Richards howls and misses a top rope stomp! Richards counters with a huge kick and the Creepy Death! Peacock dead.

Winner: Davey Richards

Backstage: The Beat Down Clan re-introduces Homicide. They say, “We do what we do because we can.”

Video: A promo airs, introducing Jade and Marti Bell, “A Dollhouse Production.” Coming soon!

The Hardys enter to a massive ovation. Jeff gets the crowd to chant “Hardy’s revenge,” while declaring The Hardys intention to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions. Matt says he and Jeff are going to do the one thing they’ve never done in this business – become tag title holders in TNA! Matt’s interrupted by Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. EC3 describes The Hardys career as “fairly adequate” before describing his own 19-month undefeated streak in TNA. EC3 says that despite being undefeated, title shots have evaded him – that he’s never gotten a just shot at the World Heavyweight Championship – or any gold. EC3 says he’s making himself eligible for a championship opportunity. He vows to win the tag team title tournament with his new partner – Bram! Bram says he’s in a bad mood – and that the thought of teaming with anyone makes his skin crawl. He claims to hate everybody, but says he hates EC3 the least. Bram says he only cares about battering The Hardys and everyone in the locker room. The arena goes dark and Mr. Anderson appears. Anderson introduces his tag team partner – Rockstar Spud! Austin Aries tells them all to wait a second – that despite having a “Feast or Fired” briefcase with a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, he’s feeling greedy. He says next week, he’ll be in the tag team tournament with his partner – Bobby Roode!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Eric Young vs. Lashley vs. Kurt Angle (c)

Eric Young leaves the ring at the opening bell, leaving Lashley and Angle to do battle while he stretches outside. Angle and Lashley lock up in the middle of the ring. After trading holds, Lashley powers through Angle. Young trips Lashley as he comes off the ropes. Angle uses the distraction to his advantage and tosses Lashley with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle pummels Lashley with an uppercut and series of strikes. Young trips Angle next. Lashley and Angle agree to a double team on Eric Young. Young is powered to the arena floor when Angle whips him into a clothesline from Lashley. In the ring, Angle clotheslines Young and then Lashley. Lashley rolls over the top rope and Angle asserts his dominance until Young counters with a piledriver! Young makes a cover; Lashley breaks the count! Lashley tosses Young from the ring before powering through Angle with a running power slam. Lashley lifts Angle for a hanging vertical suplex. When Angle rises, Lashley connects with a spear! Lashley makes a cover; Young just makes the save! Kurt Angle delivers three German suplexes to each of his opponents before locking in an ankle lock on Lashley! Lashley writhes in pain, but manages to roll through, sending Angle to the outside. Young takes advantage of Lashley as he sinks into a figure four leg lock. Lashley reaches the ropes! Eric Young, unbeknownst to referee Brian Hebner, mounts a chair in the turnbuckle! Lashley catches Young with a long standing vertical suplex, but when he charges for the spear, Young sidesteps and Lashley connects with the chair! Angle rushes up behind Eric Young to score an Angle slam! Then, he delivers one to Lashley that’s followed with a moonsault! Angle scores the three-count!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Post-match: Eric Young swings a chair into the injured leg of Lashley! Young then locks Lashley’s ankle in the chair before crushing it! Young, with a metal shin guard, applies a figure four! When the hold breaks, Lashley scrambles in pain and Young gives a satisfied grin.