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IMPACT Results: Doll House Debuts, New #1 KO Contender, EC3 Announces His Campaign for Champ and more!

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
April 24, 2015 | TKO: Night of Knockouts

Aries’ Declaration

Kurt Angle invites Eric Young to the ring to discuss their scheduled championship match. Angle wants to know which version of Eric Young he’ll be facing – the “lunatic” or the man who won the title? Young claims to have spiraled out of control – becoming more dangerous and unpredictable in recent months. He says Angle stopped the downward spiral and that he’ll face the best version of himself – the real Eric Young. Austin Aries interrupts claiming to have an announcement everybody wants to hear. Aries says the real Eric Young turned on Bobby Roode. That he’s a ticking time bomb that shouldn’t be trusted. Aries says he’s cashing in his “Feast or Fired” briefcase – and that he and Angle will have one of the most epic World Championship matches in the history of professional wrestling.

Backstage: Taryn Terrell says she’s prepared to face an opponent like Kong, and that she’ll retain her title.

Number #1 Contender Match | Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love vs. Brooke vs. Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne attacks Brooke as she moves down the ramp. Gail and Angelina battle to the outside as well. The match officially gets underway and Brooke hangs Angelina and Madison up on the top rope. Gail Kim connects with a double dropkick to both women, which sends Brooke from the apron into the guardrail. Gail alternates her offense between Angelina and Madison, but Angelina catches her with a clothesline. Madison joins her former partner in a double team effort against Gail. Gail counters Madison, while Brooke hops back onto the apron. Angelina drives Brooke face-first into the turnbuckle; Brooke’s again out of the equation. Madison and Angelina resume their double team on Gail by slamming her to the mat. Angelina calls for a repeat, but she’s met with a kick to the face from Madision. Madison stalks Gail, but Gail surprises her as she takes control. Gail charges toward the corner, in what appears to be a crossbody attempt, but out of nowhere, Brooke intercepts Gail with a spear! Brooke lifts Madison onto the ring post and connects with a facebreaker. Angelina gets back to her feet to trade punches with Brooke. Brooke nails a series of clotheslines and a flapjack. Madison clubs Brooke from behind, but Gail locks Madison in a headscissor. Angelina locks in a submission on Gail and finally Brooke puts Angelina a submission of her own.
Madison escapes the hold, but Brooke takes her down and heads to the top rope. She connects with an elbow drop! Gail hits Angelina with a missile dropkick and then Gail and Brooke connect with one another mid-air during crossbody attempts. Angelina rises to drop Brooke with a facebreaker. Gail connects with an Eat Defeat to Angelina. Before she’s able to make the cover, she’s caught with a Rayne Drop! Madison charges Brooke, but she counters with a schoolgirl roll-up for two. Brooke finishes Madison with a Tess-Shocker to become the new No. 1 Contender!

Winner: Brooke

Video: The Rising says this ends with The BDC falling while The Rising rises.

Grudge Match | (The BDC) vs. Mica (The Rising)

MVP says The Rising has engaged the crowd – that Galloway has made the fans “Stand Up.” He vows that this will be a one-on-one match. MVP dupes Mica into believing he’ll be representing The BDC. Kenny King takes a cheap shot and bell sounds. King chokes Mica with a t-shirt as MVP taunts him (and The Rising) outside. Galloway trips Kenny King as he comes off the ropes. Earl Hebner catches him and ejects Eli Drake and Drew Galloway from ringside. Mica delivers some offense, but a spinning roundhouse kick from King sends Mica over the top rope. Low Ki and MVP assault Mica while King distracts Hebner. King’s control resumes as he locks Mica in a chin lock. Mica counters with a back suplex.
King misses a second spin kick and Mica drops him with a slam. He makes the cover but MVP distracts Hebner again. Mica heads to the top rope and Low Ki interferes, allowing King to connect with another huge kick to the head. Mica’s out at two, but King counters with another kick to the back of his head. King sprinboards off the top rope – Mica counters into a Samoan Drop for the three!

Winner: Mica

Post-match: MVP and Low Ki attack Mica. Galloway and Drake make the save, until Homicide comes to the aid of The BDC! The BDC’s numbers take over and MVP hands Low Ki a metal pipe. Low Ki drives it into Galloway’s stomach.

Backstage: Drew Galloway challenges Low Ki to a Steel Pipe on a Pole match at next week’s Hardcore Justice!

Debut | The Doll House (Jade and Marti Bell) vs. Laura Dennis (“Cherry Bomb”)

Jade sends Laura across the ring with a hip toss. The crowd chants “Cherry Bomb” as Laura plants a dropkick in Jade’s face. Laura catches Jade with a crucifix pin. Jade’s out at two. Jade screams, “I hate you!” as she throws Laura to the mat. Jade argues with the referee before letting out a loud shriek and connecting with her version of a Shining Wizard. Jade repeats the Wizard and tosses Laura with a fall-away slam. While Laura recovers, Jade rushes over to Marti who feeds her – lets her lick – a jawbreaker? Laura fires back at Jade until Marti Bell interferes. The referee ejects Marti from ringside while Jade mounts and punches Laura in the ring. Marti appears to be leaving, but she turns around and plants a knee in the referee’s back that sends him head-first into the ring post. Marti climbs into the ring and together, The Doll House attacks Laura Dennis! Jade is disqualified, which sends The Doll House into a fit of rage. The Doll House attacks Christy Hemme. Christy is thrown into the steel stairs before Jade meets her with a dropkick. Marti shoves the jawbreaker into Christy’s mouth and The Doll House dances away.

Winner: Laura Dennis (via DQ)

Backstage: Angle approaches Eric Young. He says he knows Eric Young is the No. 1 Contender. Young says people keep stealing his opportunities. He says he’s done talking about it and that he needs to consider if he wants to be “here” anymore.

Mickie James’ Retirement

Magnus enters the ring to tell the fans how much he and his family appreciate their support over the past few months. Magnus says tonight isn’t about him though – it’s about his fiancée’s future in professional wrestling. He introduces Mickie James! “Hardcore Country” draws a huge reaction from the crowd as they chant “Mickie!” She thanks fans – and Magnus. Mickie says she’s shared the ring with the greatest women of our generation – and that she hasn’t just wrestled them, but that she’s beaten them all. She says her title reigns gave her purpose – and solidified that professional wrestling is what she was meant to do. Mickie says her life now has a new purpose – named Donovan. She says she couldn’t have asked for a greater career – but that, as of this moment, she’s going home to be a mom. She thanks the fans for their loyalty and hopes that they appreciate everything. A loud “Thank you Mickie” chant erupts. James Storm interrupts the chant. Storm says there’s no crying in wrestling – and that Mickie’s known him for a long time. He says when he looks at Mickie, he sees a woman who will stand up for something she believes in, no matter who she has to stand up to. He says he – and the fans don’t want to see Mickie go. Magnus says he appreciates Storm’s kind words and that Mickie’s retirement has been a difficult decision for both of them. Storm says if a decision is difficult, it shouldn’t be made. He reiterates that the fans don’t want her to go – he says Mickie’s one of the greatest entertainers on the planet, not just in TNA. Mickie says she’s made her decision – that being a full-time mom is the right decision. He says he understands that she loves her son and Magnus, but that “these people love Mickie James!” Storm says he’s not asking her to reconsider fully – but that he and the fans are asking her for one more time. The fans chant “One more time!” Mickie agrees as Magnus looks on with disbelief.

Backstage: Magnus says they talked about it. Mickie apologizes and says she was caught up in the moment. She asks Magnus for his support; he agrees. Davey Richards approaches Magnus, cautioning him against James Storm. Magnus says its Mickie he’s worried about.

Singles Match | Davey Richards vs. Manik

Davey Richards and Manik lock-up. They break and a rapid exchange culminates in a dropkick from Richards. Manik rolls outside, but Richards catches him in the face with running kick from the apron. Richards whips Manik across the ring and drives an elbow into his face. Manik turns a hurricanrana into a cross arm-breaker. Manik takes control, ultimately hyperextending Richards’ arm to send him to the outside. Manik regroups as Richards reels in pain in front of a “Magic Manik” sign. Manik connects with a dropkick to Richards’ vulnerable arm, followed up by a snap suplex and a back suplex. Manik gets a two-count. Manik applies an armbar/crossface combination. Richards battles out of the hold, only to be hung up over the top rope by Manik. Manik springboards off the ropes, but Richards counters with a stiff kick. Richards lands a huge series of kicks afterwards, followed by another big kick to Manik’s head. The lone wolf then connects with a German suplex. Manik kicks out a two! Richards ascends the turnbuckle to release his primal howl. He flies toward Manik, who counters when he gets his feet up. Manik attempts an elevated double chickenwing, but Richards rolls through into a victory roll. Manik is out two! Richards delivers the Creeping Death to secure the win.

Winner: Davey Richards

Post-match: Khoya and Abyss attack Davey Richards from behind! Abyss chokeslams Richards onto the apron! Abyss is about to deliver a second chokeslam onto the steel steps, but The Hardys make the save, ultimately delivering a “Check Fate” to Manik!

Backstage: Ethan Carter III teases an announcement and says it’ll have something to do with “#EC32015”.


Ethan Carter III begins his announcement: “Ask not what EC3 can do for you – but what you can do for EC3.” EC3 says he stands before the fans – not as a man – but as an ideal. He declares this is a day that will live in infamy. The fans reject his notion. He says that people will see him as a unifier with “golden aspirations.” He says he’ll unify the fans that chant, “You can’t wrestler” and “Yes he can.” He declares himself the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Tyrus waves around a poster reading “EC3 2015 for Champ.” He claims that historians say the title makes the man – but that he’ll be the man that makes the title. He says he’s been undefeated (pinned or submitted) since October 2013. He says it’s been 20 months of perfection. In those months, he’s defeated every TNA Hall of Famer (Sting, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle). He says there’s no one better suited to take TNA into the future for the next four – or eight years. EC3 says that as champion, unemployment will decrease by 79% – and that unmotivated children and lazy millennials will decrease by 67%. He says, “I love this speech too!” He claims the United States will become “Carter Country,” led by the Hardcore American Icon. He says he’ll take the title worldwide – and into space, to be defended in orbit, on the moon and against Martians on Mars! Mr. Anderson interrupts EC3. Anderson tells EC3 he has a bright future – just not as a world champion. Anderson says EC3 spews so much garbage that he’d be better suited for Washington, D.C. He suggests EC3 run for President. Anderson even suggests a running mate for EC3…Anthony Weiner. He says the ticket can be “Little Weiner” and “Anthony Weiner.” Anderson screams that you don’t win titles by politicking – it’s done through blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice. EC3 and Anderson scuffle, sending EC3 to the back.

Knockout’s Championship | Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

Taryn tells Kong this should be a match the fans deserve – a no disqualification match.

The bell sounds and Taryn quickly finds herself outside the ring. Kong’s domination is unwavering. Kong swings Taryn head-first into the guardrail! Kong withdraws two kendo sticks! Kong smacks Taryn with the sticks before slamming her into the apron. Kong lifts Taryn for a powerbomb aimed for the steel steps! Taryn counters, driving Kong face-first onto the top step. She stands on Kong’s hair, but Kong moves quickly and Taryn falls hard onto the apron! Taryn clutches her shoulder, but she’s able to avoid a splash from Kong! Taryn disorients Kong with a series of clotheslines. Taryn connects with a flying crossbody and Kong falls from her feet. The fans chant, “We want tables!” and Taryn slides one into the ring. Taryn grabs a kendo stick and returns to the ring. She rams the kendo stick across Kong’s throat and begins to set up the table. The Doll House emerges to watch from the ramp. Taryn drags Kong’s head over the table and then she attempts the Taryn Cutter; Kong counters. She slams Taryn’s face onto the table! With Taryn laid on the table, Kong climbs the turnbuckle. The Doll House grabs the kendo sticks – and they attack Kong! Kong slumps over the top turnbuckle. Taryn, with an assist from The Doll House powerbombs Kong through a table!!! Taryn seductively crawls on top of Kong for the three-count.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Post-match: Taryn grabs a mic as The Doll House brings her title into the ring. She says she’s putting everyone on notice. She says, “If you mess with me – you mess with my friends and we don’t play very nice.” Taryn stuffs a jawbreaker into Kong’s mouth, then she says, “This is our house – The Doll House!”

Backstage: Aries says he’ll become the new champion. Eric Young is shown leaving the arena with his bags.

Backstage: Magnus asks the camera crew to keep watch over Mickie James.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle (c)

Eric Young attacks Austin Aries from behind! Young grabs the briefcase and smashes it across Aries’ face! Aries is sent to the outside where Eric Young drops him with a piledriver! Young drags Aries onto the steel stairs and delivers a second piledriver onto the steps!
Aries’ body falls limp onto the floor and Kurt Angle rushes to his aid. Eric Young appears to be backing off, but when Angle checks on Aries, Young attacks! He slams Angle’s face into the stairs before stomping on his head! Eric Young exposes Angle’s surgically repaired knee and then he smashes a chair across it! Young locks in a Figure Four and security and referees rush to stop the carnage as Impact goes off the air.