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Hardcore Justice Results: Kurt Angle and Eric Young Stretcher Match, Gail Kim’s New Ally, New X Division Champion

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
May 1, 2015 | Hardcore Justice

Six-Man Tag | The Hardys & Davey Richards vs. The Revolution

The participants spill, brawling, from the back into the Impact Zone! The Hardys and Richards gain the advantage and introduce weapons into the bout before the opening bell. Richards rolls Manik into the ring, where he mounts him in the corner and unloads a series of rights. He whips Manik across the ring and connects with a back body drop. Richards lifts – and holds – Manik for an impressive and lengthy vertical suplex! Beyond the ring, Khoya smashes a trash can lid across Jeff Hardy’s face while Matt Hardy chokes Abyss with a kendo stick! Manik counters a charging Richards with a neckbreaker. Then, he attempts a vertical suplex of his own, but The Hardys make the save. They dispose of Manik and are rejoined by Davey Richards for a triple team assault on Abyss! After having a chair driven hard into his face, Abyss is caught in a Twist of Fate! Jeff heads to the top for a Swanton, but Manik trips him, allowing The Revolution to shift the momentum. Khoya rips Jeff from the turnbuckle and powers him down with a powerbomb-like side slam! Abyss and Manik assault Matt and Richards, respectively.
Manik catches Richards with a running dropkick and begins choking the lone Wolf. Abyss drives Matt face-first into the stairs, while Jeff sends Khoya tumbling from the ring with a dropkick. Manik’s assault on Richards is unrelenting; he connects with a series of suplexes.
Abyss drives Matt into the stairs again before attacking Jeff with a metal pipe. Wielding a chair, Matt rushes to his brother’s aid. He pummels Abyss – and Khoya. Manik drives Richards into the stairs before shifting his focus toward The Hardys! Manik is the last man standing. Manik brings the action back to the ring, where his battle with Richards resumes. Richards creates a slight amount of separation, enough to climb the ropes. Manik knocks him down and appears to be setting up a superplex when The Hardys make the save. The Hardys look poised to drop Manik with a double-team backdrop; the other members of The Revolution make the save! Khoya and Abyss powerbomb The Hardys, who in turn connect with their intended back drop to Manik, who connects with his superplex to Richards! Abyss is the first man to his feet and he reaches for a choke slam on Richards. Richards flips out mid slam and takes “The Monster” down with a dropkick to the knee. Abyss rolls from the ring and Richards connects with a suicide dive that sends him into the guardrail! Matt Hardy counters a mid-flight Manik with a Side Effect, setting him up a double stomp from Richards! Abyss interrupts the count and powers Richards to the mat with a choke slam before powering through Jeff Hardy with a back elbow! The Hardys regroup and prove too much for Abyss as they connect with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton for the win!

Winners: The Hardys & Davey Richards

Post-match: James Storm emerges to berate Abyss. The Hardys howl beside Richards.

Mr. Anderson enters the Impact Zone to discuss Ethan Carter III’s address from last week. Before revealing his intentions against EC3, EC3 and Tyrus interrupt. Despite the “You can’t wrestle / yes he can” chants, EC3 says that he’s the very first person to bring politics into professional wrestling – and that that can never be duplicated. Anderson tells EC3 that, instead of politics, if he wants to be champion, “Then freakin’ win it!” EC3 says he’s undefeated and unbeatable. Mr. Anderson unveils a campaign of his own: “Mr. Anderson: Beat the Streak.” EC3 says Anderson will merely be a footnote in his rise to champion. Anderson vows the streak will end, and then he suggests the fans decided the match. EC3 says democracy doesn’t work, but if that’s what it takes – challenge accepted.

X-Division Championship: Ladder Match| Mandrews vs. Tigre Uno vs. Kenny King vs. Rockstar Spud

The X-Division Championship hangs high above the ring, as Spud enters to meet his three challengers. Kenny King attacks Spud on the ramp and drives him into the guardrail, while Tigre Uno and Mandrews to battle in the ring. King stalks Spud outside, but Tigre Uno catches him off guard with a corkscrew dive over the top rope! Tigre Uno and King engage in a closed-fist battle until Mandrews surprises with an incredible Shooting Star Press from the turnbuckle! Mandrews slides a ladder into the ring, but he’s met by Kenny King upon entering the ring. As they engage over who will take control of the ladder, Tigre Uno falls onto the ladder with a leg drop that sends it into their faces! Tigre Uno positions the ladder and begins his ascent, but the X-Division champion shoves the ladder, sending Tigre Uno crashing into the turnbuckle! King assaults Spud as he begins his own ascent, and then he drops him to the mat with a hard right. King mounts the ladder in the corner. Mandrews re-enters the fray and King leaps over him to land on the ladder. King backflips over Mandrews, but Mandrews connects with a kick to the mid-section upon landing! Mandrews leaps onto the ladder – then he connects with a Tornado DDT to King!
Tigre Uno sneaks up from behind to catch Mandrews with The Cutter! He climbs the ropes – and is sent crashing into the guardrail by Spud! King drives the ladder into Spud’s abdomen and then he mounts the ladder in a different corner. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to King, Mandrews introduces another ladder to the match. When King spins around, Mandrews uses a drop toe-hold to drive King face-first into the second ladder! Mandrews positions the ladder beneath the title; he climbs! Mandrews grabs the title, but Tigre Uno engages him just in time! Tigre Uno climbs to Mandrews’ rung and executes a crazy suplex from the ladder! King and Spud return to their feet. King taunts Spud, unleashing the champion’s ferocious nature! Spud drops King with an enziguri. Then he and King began their climbs! King gets the advantage atop the ladder and just when he looks to be closing in on the victory, Tigre Uno springboards over Spud, to the top of the ladder! King drives Tigre Uno’s face onto the top of the ladder before tossing him down to the mat! Spud returns to the top – he bites King in the face and sends him to the mat with a momentous right! Spud is about to retrieve his title when Homicide interferes! Homicide pulls Spud from the ladder – Spud crashes onto the ladder King had mounted in the corner earlier! Homicide helps King up the ladder – and to become the new X-Division Champion!

Winner and new X Division Champion: Kenny King

Eric Young says, like the fans, Kurt Angle thought he knew him. He says Angle was right about one thing – the title did change him, by showing the world how good he really was. Positioned behind a stretcher, Young says that Lashley took his title initially and wound up on a stretcher. He says Roode and Aries ultimately suffered the same fates. He vows to defeat Kurt Angle in a non-title stretcher match. He says Angle is hurt and that tonight he’ll be hurt worse because he will do what countless legends, icons, “Superstars,” and champions couldn’t – end Kurt Angle’s career.

Backstage: Surrounded by the rest of The BDC, Kenny King declares his X-Division title win was just the beginning of their domination. MVP says The BDC’s future is in their hands.

Backstage: Rockstar Spud says that after fourteen years of hard work, a pack of thugs stole from him! Spud declares that he will be the X-Division champion again.

Knockouts Championship | Brooke vs. Taryn Terrell

Jade and Marti Belle accompany Taryn to the ring as a video recaps The Dollhouse powerbombing Awesome Kong through a table.
Brooke and Taryn grapple around the ring, until Brooke takes the advantage with a side headlock. Taryn shoves Brooke across the ring and Brooke counters with a shoulder block that she follows up with a hip toss. Brooke sends Taryn into retreat following a dropkick.
Taryn regroups with her Dollhouse members. Brooke takes down the champion with a neckbreaker and makes a cover. Taryn’s out at two, but she’s met with a back elbow and a diving clothesline. A distraction from Marti Belle and interference by Jade allow the momentum to shift in Taryn’s favor. She smashes Brooke’s face onto the mat and applies a chin lock that she releases into another face slam. Taryn suplexes Brooke and follows up with a swinging neck breaker. Her frustration mounts when Brooke repeatedly kicks out of all Taryn’s pin attempts. Taryn chokes her challenger with the middle rope before delivering her version of a curb stomp. Taryn heads to the top rope and misses a diving cross body. Brooke capitalizes and grounds the Knockout’s champion with a series of clotheslines and a running neck breaker. Brooke sends Taryn into the corner with a back elbow and then drives her onto the mat with a face breaker. Brooke appears poised to attack Taryn in the corner, but Marti Belle and Jade pull her from harm’s way. Brooke flies from the turnbuckle with a cross body that connects with The Dollhouse. Brooke remains in control as she rolls Taryn back into the ring and delivers a flapjack. Marti Belle distracts the referee while Brooke climbs up the ropes. Jade shoves Brooke from the turnbuckle and Taryn delivers the Taryn Cutter to retain her title.

Winner and still Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

Post-match: Marti Belle and Jade double team Brooke before Taryn stuffs a jawbreaker in her mouth. Taryn says that neither Kong, nor Brooke could defeat her; that she’ll never be beaten – because, “This is our house, The Dollhouse.” Gail Kim arrives on the scene to confront Taryn. Taryn screams that she’s tired of living in the Gail Kim shadow – and that now is the time for Gail to live in her shadow. Taryn reminds Gail that, against The Doll House, she’s all alone. Gail says she’s not alone and Awesome Kong emerges to stand beside Gail Kim!

Pipe on a Pole Match | Low Ki vs. Drew Galloway

Galloway and Low Ki intensely begin their battle, which Galloway instantly gets the best of. He sends Low Ki over the top rope with a vicious clothesline before dropping Low Ki throat-first onto the guardrail! Galloway’s assault continues as a fan holds Low Ki to the guardrail! Low Ki manages an escape, to which Galloway gives pursuit. Low Ki quickly grabs a folding chair, and with it, he begins commanding the brawl. Galloway dodges a swing of the chair by Low Ki. The chair flies from Low Ki’s hands and Galloway uses it to his advantage. With Low Ki reeling, Galloway suplexes him onto the ring apron! Galloway climbs the turnbuckle and reaches for the pipe on a pole, but Low Ki unleashes a series of kicks that take Galloway down. Galloway fights back and gets ready to deliver a powerbomb onto a chair, but Low Ki connects with an elbow to free himself. Low Ki backs Galloway into the corner and he unloads a series of hard rights.
Galloway counters and powerbombs Low Ki onto the steel chair in the center of the ring! This allows Galloway control of the match. Galloway gets Low Ki in position for a superplex, but he manages a counter, sending Galloway to the mat. With Galloway hunched over the folding chair, Low Ki delivers a Warrior’s Way!!! Somehow, Galloway’s out a two and Low Ki moves for the pipe on a pole! Galloway pursues him to the top of the turnbuckle where both men trade blows. Low Ki trips Galloway, hanging him up in the ropes. Galloway appears to be in trouble, but he sits up to pull Low Ki from the turnbuckle and sends him rolling into the chair! Both men are down, but Galloway reaches his feet first and grabs the metal pipe that’s been knocked to the mat. He jumps toward Low Ki, but he manages to counter and grabs the pipe himself. Low Ki swings and misses with the pipe and Galloway delivers a Future Shock DDT onto the steel chair for the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Post-match: MVP, Kenny King and Homicide attack Galloway. The rest of The Rising rushes to Galloway’s aid and a huge brawl ensues.

Video: There’s a package that recaps Bram and Magnus’ feud with Mickie’s involvement. The video shows how Storm saved Mickie and convinced her to give the fans “one more time.” Then we see Mickie, with her son Dominic, being approached by James Storm at the grocery store. Mickie lets Storm carry the baby as they walk across the parking lot.

Magnus appears to have something to say, but James Storm immediately interrupts. Magnus warns Storm to stop concerning himself with Mickie James. He said he appreciated Storm’s defense of Mickie against Bram, but that he doesn’t appreciate his manipulation of her.
Magnus says Mickie isn’t a member of The Revolution – and that he’s putting an end to Storm’s involvement. Storm says he’s known Mickie for a long time, longer than Magnus. He claims that Magnus has trust issues – and asks that if Mickie’s innocent – why didn’t she tell him about the grocery store? Storm leaves Magnus in the ring.

Backstage: Kurt Angle says his fight with Eric Young will be about violence – not wrestling, pins or submissions.

Stretcher Match | Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle

Young takes the fight to Kurt Angle right away, but Angle shows his own resilience by ferociously battling back. Young rakes Angle’s eyes, sending Angle to the outside. Angle counters an incoming right with a fist of his own before dragging Young around the ring, bouncing his head off the apron, guardrail and steel steps. Angle rolls Young into the ring where he whips him into the corner and delivers a clothesline. Young dodges a second clothesline attempt from Angle and instead drives the World Champion into the ring post. From that point, Young begins commanding the match until Angle catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex! Young retreats from the ring, where he reclaims his advantage by stomping Angle’s head onto the steel steps! Young retrieves the stretcher. Angle attempts to spear Eric Young into the apron, but catches a boot to the face for his efforts. Young takes the moment to try moving back into the ring, but Angle catches him on the apron, where he attempts a German suplex! Young fights out of Angle’s grasp with an elbow shot to the face. Angle falls to the arena floor. Young rolls Angle into the ring and twists his shin guard to be used as a weapon. Angle dodges the kick and connects with a series of clotheslines and a series of German suplexes. Young reaches for the ropes, trying to avoid another suplex and in the process exposes a turnbuckle! Angle connects anyway. Again, Young reaches for the ropes – and this time, successfully uses his leverage to pull himself (and Angle) to the outside. Angle slingshots Young into the ring post and connects with an Angle Slam onto the unforgiving arena floor! Angle retrieves the stretcher and begins to strap in his opponent. Young rakes Angle’s eyes and frees himself. He moves back into the ring and attempts a piledriver that Angle turns into an ankle lock! Young rolls through, sending Angle face-first into the exposes turnbuckle! Young connects with a piledriver! Unfinished, Young delivers a second piledriver before placing the TNA World Champion on the stretcher. He straps him in to win the match!

Winner: Eric Young