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IMPACT Results: Big Superstar Returns! Tag Titles Vacated, Guitar Shot Heard Around the World

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
May 8, 2015 | Live

Eric Young kicks off Impact Wrestling Live! He demands to know the identity of the special guest referee for his match against Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Bully Ray surprises the Impact Zone by declaring himself to be the man for the job!

Falls Count Anywhere or Arm Wrestling | EC3 w/ Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson

EC3 says he’s confident the fans have chosen the right stipulation against Mr. Anderson – an arm wrestling contest. Mr. Anderson charges into the arena as the stipulation is revealed: 85% of the vote is for Falls Count Anywhere. Anderson immediately clears the ring of EC3 and Tyrus. Just as Anderson begins to further his momentum, Tyrus pulls him from the ring. Anderson thwarts Tyrus’ assault by delivering a Mic Check that sends EC3’s accomplice face-first into the ring post. Anderson gives chase to EC3, bouncing his head off of the guardrails and ring apron, before connecting with a low-blow and making a pin attempt. Anderson pulls a pile of chairs from beneath the ring. He attempts a Mic Check to EC3 onto the chairs, but EC3 counters by sending Anderson crashing onto the ramp with a back body drop. Adding insult to injury, EC3 slaps Anderson and spits in his face! An enraged Anderson drives EC3 onto the pile of chairs with a Green Bay Plunge. He connects with a second Green Bay Plunge in the ring. Tyrus pays dividends in its wake by destroying Anderson and allowing EC3 to pick up the win – 554 days undefeated.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Backstage: Kurt Angle asks Bully Ray if he’ll call the match down the middle.

Backstage: Gail Kim asks Kong if she’s in against the Dollhouse.

MVP leads the Beat Down Clan to the ring. The BDC wears masks honoring their absent fourth member – Homicide. MVP says Homicide was injured earlier this week and must undergo shoulder surgery. He assigns the blame to Drew Galloway and The Rising. Galloway leads Mica and Eli Drake toward the ring. Galloway says the streets aren’t his playground, but that the ring is. MVP says, “I don’t give a damn about pro wrestling. All I care about is the money, the prestige and the power that comes with being a champion!” MVP says the lifestyle that comes with being champion is more important than wrestling fans or people cheering his name. He blames Galloway for not being the current World Champion. He instructs Galloway to collect his beat down so that he can decapitate The Rising. The Rising storms the ring to collide with The BDC.

Singles Match | MVP vs. Drew Galloway

MVP commands an early advantage against Galloway. His relentless assault includes a massive arm breaker in the center of the ring. Eventually, Galloway counters an Irish Whip from MVP with a kick to the face. MVP immediately returns a big boot, but Galloway returns another huge kick to the face. MVP rolls from the ring. When Galloway tries to pursue, MVP trips him, bouncing the back of Galloway’s head off the apron. MVP swings Galloway into the guardrail. Galloway grips his shoulder and MVP shoves him hard into the ring post! MVP rolls the leader of The Rising back into the ring and makes a series of near falls. Out of nowhere, Galloway connects with a Future Shock DDT to secure the win!

Winner: Drew Galloway

Post-match: Eric Young assaults The Rising with a chair! The BDC joins Young in the beat down, leaving the BDC standing tall.

Backstage: James Storm says he has a special gift for a very special friend.

From the ring, James Storm introduces Mickie James! Mickie enters to a tremendous ovation. Storm says he knows Mickie’s transitioning in her life – and that everyone can respect that – but he reminds her that she promised the fans one more match. He says that tonight, he wants to celebrate Mickie’s music because she’s an amazing singer, an amazing entertainer and above all – an amazing friend.
Storm holds up a gift and has the fans chant, “Open it!” Mickie opens the box to reveal a custom-made guitar. She celebrates with Storm by taking selfies until Magnus enters the arena to confront him. Magnus shoves Storm and tells Mickie to get out of the ring and leave the guitar. Storm says he’s got one final gift – for Mickie and Magnus’ son, Donovan. Magnus rushes back to the ring and smashes the guitar over Storm’s head!

Backstage: MVP asks Eric Young why he intervened. Young says he wants the World Title – and that the last time he worked with the BDC, the title changed hands. He wants to do business again, claiming MVP owes him.

Video: Taryn Terrell invades an event and gets close to Gail Kim’s step-daughters.

3-on-2 Handicap Match | Dollhouse vs. Gail Kim and Awesome Kong

Jade attacks Gail Kim before the bell sounds. Gail’s quick to change the complexion of the match with a hurricanrana. Gail tags Kong, who takes down Jade. Gail quickly tags herself back into the match, spurring an argument with Kong. Kong and Gail see Jade arguing with Marti Bell – and together, the legendary Knockouts take down two of the three members of Dollhouse. Marti Bell shifts the momentum and with a rapid tag to Jade, Gail Kim is in trouble. Jade lands a stiff kick to the back of Gail’s head before tossing her across the ring. Taryn takes a cheap shot, allowing Jade and Marti Bell to connect with a double team assault. Dollhouse attempts another double team, but Gail counters and locks Jade into a submission. Taryn breaks the hold and Marti Bell finds herself back in control. Marti Bell taunts Kong and attempts to shove her from the apron. Gail connects with a clothesline! Gail tags Kong! Kong tears down the Dollhouse! She attempts an Implant Buster to Taryn, but Jade and Marti Bell make the save. Gail tags herself in and connects with a missile dropkick and a near-fall. Marti Bell interrupts the count as Kong delivers an Implant Buster to Jade! Gail Kim sets up Marti Bell for an Eat Defeat, but Taryn rolls her up and grabs the tights to secure the win!

Winners: Dollhouse

Post-match: Marti Bell taunts Gail Kim, but she’s stalked by Kong. Marti Bell turns into an Eat Defeat from Gail Kim and then Kong puts the exclamation point on the moment with an Implant Buster!

Video: A recap shows The Hardys capturing their first-ever TNA Tag Team Championships – but news breaks the Jeff Hardy suffered a broken leg while riding a dirt bike.

Backstage: Matt Hardy heads toward the ring with the tag titles.

Backstage: Mickie James confronts Magnus. He says James Storm disrespected him. Mickie says Magnus has now disrespected her.

Jeremy Borash sets up the interview with Matt Hardy. Matt says he and Jeff proved that they’re still the best tag team in the world. He says Jeff is a daredevil 24/7 and that Jeff is hurt – meaning The Hardys must vacate the World Tag Team Championships. He says he’s going home to figure out what’s next. Matt Hardy leaves the Impact Zone as the Dirty Heels (Austin Aries and Bobby Roode) enter. Aries first vows revenge against Eric Young before saying his sights are now set on different gold. He says that the tag team titles seem cursed – noting that both sets of previous champions have been forced to vacate the championships. Bobby Roode says the titles don’t deserve to be forfeited – but that they deserve to be defended. He claims that the titles deserve to be around the waist of the best tag team in the world. Davey Richards interrupts, saying the titles do deserve to be around the waists of the best tag team in the world. He says that title belongs to The Wolves! Eddie Edwards makes his return and The Wolves are reunited! The crowd delivers a huge “Welcome back” chant as Eddie Edwards says he’s been cleared to wrestle. He says the Dirty Heels might believe they’re the best tag team in the world – but that The Wolves know they’re the best. Edwards suggests The Wolves and the Dirty Heels meet in a Best of Five Series! The Dirty Heels accept.

Backstage: Matt’s on his way out of the arena when Drew Galloway stops him. Galloway says he and Matt are a lot alike, with similar beliefs and principles.

Angelina Love addresses social media interactions. She says she doesn’t care about The BroMans breakup, the Dollhouse or the teaming of Gail Kim and Kong. She says she’s the record-breaking, six-time Knockout’s Champion – the most beautiful person in existence and the greatest Knockout ever. Velvet Sky makes a surprise return through the audience. Angelina says Velvet’s new look is interesting and daring. She says Velvet seems mad and then she apologizes for not getting in touch with Velvet – because she was too busy having a life. She claims Velvet has returned to once again steal her spotlight. Velvet spears Angelina before choking her using her own hair! A group of officials separate the former Beautiful People as the crowd chants, “Let them fight!”

Backstage: Eric Young confronts Bully Ray. Young asks Bully if he’s going to stab him in the back. Bully says he’s only been called to ref the match.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle (c)

The special guest referee, Bully Ray, is introduced first, ahead of the challenger Eric Young and champion Kurt Angle. Bully Ray hoists the TNA World Heavyweight Championship into the air just before the opening bell sounds. Kurt Angle takes down Eric Young with an arm drag, but the tenacious challenger battles back by stomping Angle’s head onto the mat! Angle counters Young’s charge with a belly-to-belly suplex. Eric Young is quickly back to his feet and in the champion’s face with a series of rights and back elbows. Angle and Young trade blows and ultimately, Angle connects with a suplex from the top rope! Young rolls out of the ring and when Angle gives chase, Young connects with a clothesline! The BDC enters the Impact Zone to stand atop the ramp! Eric Young connects with a neckbreaker as the BDC moves closer to ringside. Young targets Angle’s neck, locking him into a headlock. Angle fights out of the hold, then he and Young trade a huge series of rights. Angle ends the exchange with a back body drop and five German suplexes. Eric Young rolls through an Angle Slam into a pin attempt. Angle counters the pin into an Ankle Lock! Young again rolls through, sending Angle into BDC territory! Young low-blows Bully Ray and the BDC attacks! Chris Melendez and The Rising race into the Impact Zone to fend off the BDC! Eric Young attempts a piledriver to Bully Ray, but Bully counters, setting Young up for an Angle Slam! Eric Young somehow kicks out at two and turns Angle’s next Ankle Lock attempt into a piledriver! Angle surprises by kicking out at two and locking in a final Ankle Lock that forces Eric Young to submit!

Winner: Kurt Angle