TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
May 15, 2015
Commentators: Josh Mathews & Mike Tenay
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

After a two week hiatus (day job issues) I’m back and this week’s Impact opens up with highlights from last week’s show. Mike Tenay is handling commentary with Mathews this week.

Kurt Angle comes out with Chris Melendez and talks about Melendez being a member of Team Angle tonight. He says that he may have won a gold medal but Melendez was willing to die and lost a leg for his country. Angle brings out The Rising and says that since they helped him last week he is offering them two spots on Team Angle tonight. Galloway calls Kurt “the best” and says he hopes to one day go one on one with him for the title.

Eric Young walks out and gets pissed off saying he fought for weeks to get his shot at the title and when he finally did Angle stacked the deck against him. EY says that Angle can’t beat him one on one and says he won’t stop until he is World Champion again. Angle tells him to shut and says he will get a rematch on Angle’s terms and it will be an I Quit Match! EY says he doesn’t care about Angle’s team tonight because he has surrounded himself with losers and then BDC attack Angle and his boys from behind. A big brawl ensues until Lashley hits the ring and Spears EY! Angle announces Lashley as the final member of Team Angle!


The Dollhouse (Jade & Marti Belle) w/Taryn Terrell vs. Brook Tessmacher & Rebel

The Dollhouse double team Rebel and then Jade goes to work on the queen of the Menagerie but Rebel manages to take Jade down with a kick to the gut. Jade comes back and goes back to work on Rebel putting the boots to her. Marti tags back in and chokes Rebel in the ropes before hitting a Running Guillotine to the back of Rebel’s head. Jade tags in and hits a series of palm strikes and round kicks but as she hits the ropes and attempts a dropkick Rebel ducks and tags in Brooke. Brooke hits a clothesline on Jade and then a running back elbow. Brooke hits a Flying Forearm on Jade and then follows up with a series of forearms. Brooke goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Jade blocks it and then lifts Brooke up for a Powerbomb, but Brooke counters into a Facebuster! Rebel tags back in and she dives off the top with the old Christy Hemme Split Guillotine Leg Drop. Jade moves out of the way and The Dollhouse grab Brooke and hit a Double Powerbomb on her and then one on Rebel as well! Jade covers Rebel and gets the pin.

Winners: The Dollhouse via pinfall (Double Powerbomb)

Terrell grabs a microphone and says that Rebel and Brooke just learned that playing with the Dollhouse isn’t just fun and games. Terrell says that she had a nice little playtime with Gail’s family and it is time for the world to hear this story so stay tuned.

In the back BDC and EY talk about Hardcore War tonight and about Homicide being out for the match tonight. EY gets pissed and gets in MVP’s face asking if Homicide will wrestle. MVP says Homicide can’t work and he is working on a backup plan. EY says he has a man for the job and if people think he is crazy wait to you see their partner. EY walks off and King asks MVP if they can trust “Looney Tunes.” MVP responds, “wouldn’t you want the Tazmanian Devil on your side?”


EC3 comes down to the ring alongside Tyrus and Josh Matthews says he cannot figure out how EC3 is not  #1 in TNA’s Top 5 Rankings. EC3 points out his “EC3 2015” button and says that button represents the hopes of a nation, a nation under EC3. He says that he tries to stay conservative with his words and liberal with his fists but TNA’s Top 5 list is a big steaming pile of red, white, and bull crap. He reminds us that he beat Mr. Anderson is Anderson’s choice of match but he is still not #1 even though EY, who is #1 still, lost his match. EC3 says that he demands answers and he doesn’t care if he has to go to Obama himself to get his answers.

Mr. Anderson interrupts EC3 carrying a chair. EC3 says that he is done with Mr. Anderson and that he already beat him. Anderson calls EC3 a little girl and says he wants to fight somebody tonight. Anderson suggests that he face Tyrus tonight and if he wins that match then he gets EC3 again. EC3 acts like he is going to agree but then says “nope” and they start to leave. Anderson asks Tyrus if he is always going to just be EC3’s little bitch. “That’s a huge bitch… but a bitch nonetheless. Don’t just stand there and be a bitch…you bitch.” Tyrus says, “bitch? I got your bitch! Bring me a referee!”

Mr. Anderson vs. Tyrus w/EC3

Tyrus hits the ring and Anderson puts the boots to him immediately and beats on him in the corner. Tyrus shoves EC3 away and then tosses him into the corner and lays into him with body shots. Tyrus goes for a clothesline but Anderson ducks and then hits a Running Clothesline in the corner. He hits a second one and then goes for a third but Tyrus catches him this time and hits a massive Spinebuster! Tyrus hits a series of elbow drops and then a Cannonball Splash for a nearfall. Tyrus hits a Side Slam for another nearfall and then hits a series of headbutts. Tyrus gets another nearfall and connects with a big back elbow. Tyrus hits a massive Powerbomb for another nearfall. EC3 tries to give Tyrus a chair but the referee takes it away from him and kicks EC3 out from ringside! Tyrus tells EC3 to leave because he can handle this. As Tyrus turns around Anderson pretends that he is knocked out cold and when Tyrus reaches to pick him up Anderson catches him with the Mic Check out of nowhere for the pin!

Winner: Mr. Anderson via pifnall (Mic Check)

Anderson says after the match that he doesn’t guess the bitch has anything to say anymore after he sticks a microphone in a knocked out Tyrus’ face.

The Wolves and Dirty Heels are shown getting ready backstage.


Footage of the drama between James Storm and Magnus last week is shown. Magnus comes down to the ring and he says that he will never apologize for smashing a guitar over Storm’s head. He says that he will smash a million guitars over his head because he is a sick son of a bitch and he deserves it. Magnus says that everyone knows Storm is full of crap so he wants Storm to come out and he will beat that crap out of him right now.

Abyss comes out in place of Storm and says that last week Magnus assaulted his leader and now he will realize there are consequences for his actions. Abyss says the consequence for last week is…ABYSS!

Magnus meets Abyss on the ramp and they begin brawling all around ringside with vicious strikes to each other. Abyss grabs a bunch of cookware, which was set up to promote some new Destination America show, and starts hitting Magnus with them. He even throws a grill into the ring. Abyss wacks Magnus with a lawn chair and then he grabs Magnus for a Chokeslam, but Magnus grabs a set of nearby tongs and grabs Abyss by the nuts! Manik runs down and dives off the top but Magnus catches him in midair and drops him with a suplex! Khoya runs out and hits Magnus with that big Revolution stick. The Revolution beat Magnus down and leave him laying in the ring.

A vignette airs hyping up the first match between the Dirty Heels and The Wolves.


TNA Tag Titles Best of 5 Series Match #1
The Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves

After the Hardyz had to vacate the Tag Titles decided to pit two of the top teams in TNA and two former Tag Champion teams in the Dirty Heels and The Wolves in a Best of Five Series to crown the next champions rather than hold another tournament. This is the first time Eddie Edwards has been in the ring since his heel injury earlier this year. Davey and Roode will start the match off against each other. They lockup and Roode gets Richards in a waistlock but Richards counters with an armbar and then he takes Roode down and puts him in a leg lock. Roode quickly escapes and they stare each other down. Eddie tags into the match for the first time and locks up with the former World Champ but Roode gets the advantage with a wristlock. Aries tags in and dives off the top with a Flying Axe Handle to the arm of Eddie. They exchange arm drags and then Eddie gets Aries in a headscissors but Aries escapes with a headstand. Davey tags into the match and The Wolves take turns twisting the arm of Aries and quickly tagging out continuingly working on the arm of Aries. Finally Davey dives off the top with a Ghetto Stomp onto the arm of Aries. Davey shoves Aries into the match as Eddie blind tags in and they double team Aries with some nice offense. They hit stereo Flying Elbows in the corner on Aries and then Davey trips Aries and Eddie hits him with a Running Elbow Drop. Davey catapults Aries into a forearm from Eddie and then Eddie hits a Flying Knee Drop as Davey held Aries across his knees. Eddie goes for a Back Suplex but Aries lands on his feet only to catch a back elbow. Eddie charges at Aries but Aries backdrops him over the top where Roode then nails him with a Big Boot knocking him to the floor. Aries dives off the top with a Savage Flying Axe Handle onto Eddie on the floor. Roode tagged Aries foot as he dove. Aries tosses Eddie into the ring where Roode catches him with a Knee Drop and then a Front Suplex. Roode then catapults Eddie into a Forearm Smash from Aries followed by a Slingshot Elbow Drop from Aries as Eddie was laying across the knees of Roode. Roode hits a Snapmare Takeover on Eddie and then hits a Rolling Necksnap to Eddie. Roode tags Aries back in the ring and starts exchanging wicked strikes with Eddie. Eddie attempts to reach his tag partner but Roode distracts the referee and then the Dirty Heels drag Eddie into their corner and put the boots to him. Roode knocks Davey off the corner and then the Dirty Heels whip Eddie into the corner. Roode whips Aries into an IED attempt but Eddie got his boots up. Roode charges into a boot from Eddie as well and then Eddie dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick on Roode! Davey tags back in and he lays both Roode and Aries out with clotheslines. Davey hits a Enziguri/DDT combo on the Heels and then hits a Running Forearm on Aries. Davey hits the ropes but eats a Forearm Smash from Aries. Aries whips Davey into the ropes but Davey back handsprings off the ropes into an Enziguri for a big nearfall! Aries answers with a Roaring Elbow but then as he hits the ropes The Wolves catch him with the Alarm Clock! Roode pulls Eddie out to the floor as Davey goes for a Powerbomb on Aries! Aries hurricanranas Davey to the floor and then hits the Heat Seeking Missile onto the Wolves on the floor! They toss Davey back in the ring where Aries hits a Missile Dropkick! Roode then whips Aries into the IED on Davey and Aries tosses Davey to Roode where he goes for the Spinebuster but Davey rolls him up for the surprise pin!

Winners: The Wolves via pinfall (rollup) [Wolves lead 1-0]

Aries tells Roode to calm down after the match because the series is just starting.

In the back Drew Galloway talks to his boys and says that they go to war together but tonight Kurt Angle has only given them two spots for Hardcore War. He says Micah is in and Drake tells them to tear it up. Angle walks up with Melendez and Lashley and says that this is one of the greatest teams he has ever been a part of in his career.

The Dollhouse are shown laughing about something. Terrell says that while Gail Kim was working out in the ring earlier today she spent some quality time with Gail’s stepdaughters. She says what is even more amusing is what she is going to wear for Gail’s husband later.


In the back James Storm screams at The Revolution for jumping Magnus because he did not ask them to do that. Storm says this is between him and Mickie James and has nothing to do with them. He slaps Khoya around as he back talks and then screams at them to leave.

The Dollhouse come down to the ring and Terrell says that this is her house, The Dollhouse. Terrell says she knows how everyone loves to be teased and that she teased earlier what she will wear for Gail’s husband later. She says that The Dollhouse are fantasies for everyone but that is all they will ever be because none of the fans can get them. Terrell introduces a few pictures of Terrell with Gail’s stepdaughters in which the girls look confused. She says she had an awesome time with them but she is going to have an even better time with Gail’s husband. Terrell shows off her lingerie and says what happens next with Gail’s husband is not for TV.

Gail Kim walks out and says that if Terrell wants to make this thing personal and bring her family into this then she better know she has crossed the line. Marti asks Gail why she is so serious and says she is a buzzkill. Marti says they are just playing around and asks her if doesn’t want to play. Gail snatches the microphone away and tells her to shutup before she shoves her sucker down her throat. Gail asks Terrell if she really wants to go down this road with her and if she wants to really prove she is the better Knockout then she should do it like a real woman, in the ring like she would. Terrell says it is time that the world knows that Gail is nowhere near the woman that Terrell is and Gail’s husband will learn that too! Gail sucker punches Terrell and chases The Dollhouse out of the ring!


Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz

This is the first singles match between the two former tag partners. They are no longer wearing matching tights anymore. Jessie and Robbie do a fist bump before the match and then Robbie immediately rolls Jessie up with an Oklahoma Roll and pins him!

Winner: Robbie via pinfall (Oklahoma Roll)  

Jessie gets pissed after the match and calls what just happened a fluke saying that no one wants to  see a five second match and he wasn’t ready yet. Robbie agrees to restart the match. They do another fist bump and then Jessie takes Robbie down with a waistlock takedown, but Robbie immediately trips him and catches Jessie with a La Magistral Cradle and pins him again!

Winner: Robbie via pinfall (La Magistral Cradle)

Jessie says he wasn’t ready again and he says his tights aren’t even tied yet pointing at the strings in his tights. He asks him to restart the match again and this will really determine who the best Bro-Man is. Robbie agrees and they lockup again as the fans hilarious count the seconds in the match. Jessie runs Robbie over with a shoulder block and then Robbie leapfrogs him and does a cartwheel taunting Jessie. Robbie hits a big clothesline but Jessie grabs him by the tights and pulls him into the turnbuckles. Jessie hits a dropkick for a nearfall. Jessie goes for a clothesline but Robbie catches his arm and rolls him with a Crucifix for another pin!

Winner: Robbie via pinfall (crucifix pin)

Jessie says he is tired of this and nails Robbie with the microphone! Jessie clotheslines Robbie and then throws the referee out of the ring. Jessie Press Slams Robbie over the top rope to the damn floor! Jessie pulls out a chair and wraps it around Robbie’s neck and slams it into the ring post!

In the back Kurt Angle talks to his troops and says they are going to do this together.

EY approaches The BDC and points to just off camera and says that he told them that he would do it. The BDC look over and all start smiling before Low-Ki screams at the cameraman and makes him leave.


In the back Mr. Anderson stands behind someone building a small cage. He wants EC3 in a match with Tyrus locked in a cage at ringside so he can’t get involved.

Main Event
Hardcore War
The BDC (Kenny King, MVP, & Low-Ki), Eric Young, & Bram vs. The Rising (Drew Galloway & Micah), Chris Melendez, Lashley, & Kurt Angle

They will do this match Wargames/Lethal Lockdown style with the entrants, a new member enters the match every 90 seconds and each man can bring a new weapon to the ring. The heels have the man advantage via cointoss. The match can’t end until all 10 men are in. Low-Ki and Drew Galloway enter the match first, both carrying pipes. Galloway and Ki duel with the pipes but eventually they spill out to the floor where Galloway slams Ki into the guardrail and then lights him up with vicious chops. Galloway Press Slams Ki onto the guardrail and the next man into the match is KENNY KING! King runs out with a kendo stick but Galloway ducks only to eat a Spinning Enziguri from King on the floor! King and Ki double team him and choke him with BDC shirts. They whip Galloway into the guardrail and then take turns chopping him. Galloway tries to fight back but Ki destroys him with a big forearm. The next man into the match is MICAH!

Micah runs out with a nighstick and lays King out before nailing Ki with it as well! He holds Ki as Galloway chops the hell out of him. Micah hits a Double Underhook Suplex on King while Galloway puts the boots to Ki. Galloway hits a Vertical Suplex on Ki and the next man in is ERIC YOUNG! EY comes out with a trashcan as Ki hangs Galloway up in the tree of woe. EY hits Micah and Galloway repeatedly with the trashcan lid and then crotches Micah on the top rope above Galloway. EY destroys Micah and Galloway with the trashcan lid and then climbs up with Micah and attempts to Superplex him off the top. Micah blocks it and then Galloway pops up and German Superplexes EY who in tern Superplexes Micah into Ki and King! The next man in is KURT ANGLE!

Angle hits a series of German Suplexes on King and then starts brawling with EY on the floor hitting him with repeated European Uppercuts.


Back from the break MVP and Melendez have entered the ring. King Suplexes Galloway on the floor and the next man in is BRAM for Team EY! Bram walks out with a kendo stick and lays into all the babyfaces. MVP whips Angle into a kendo shot from Bram. They toss Angle to the floor and then start working over Melendez. The final man into the match is LASHLEY!

Lashley runs out and destroys Bram with a series of shoulder blocks and clotheslines. EY attacks Lashley from behind but Lashley destroys him with a Spear out of nowhere! King swings and misses several strike attempts at Lashley and then Lashley kills King with a Dominator! MVP hits Lashley from behind with a kendo stick but then Lashley takes it from him and leapfrogs a charging MVP only to eat a Mafia Kick as he turned around for a nearfall! MVP goes for the Playmaker but Lashley counters into a Spear! Bram runs in and starts raking Lashley’s eyes. Bram then destroys Lashley with the kendo stick and hits the Brighter Side of Suffering! Micah runs in and hits a Side Slam on Bram only to eat a Springboard Blockbuster from King! Galloway hits a Flying Knee on King and then dives over the top with a Somersault Plancha onto several heels! Angle climbs up top and dives off with a Plancha onto everyone on the floor! In the ring EY pokes Melendez in the eyes only to eat a series of clotheslines! Melendez hits a Big Boot for a nearfall. Melendez whips EY into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but EY catches him with the Spike Piledriver! 1…2…3!

Winners: Eric Young, Kenny King, MVP, Bram, & Low Ki via pinfall (Spike Piledriver)

After the match EY lays out the referee and then pulls off Melendez’s prosthetic leg. Angle shoves EY and screams at him about what he just did. EY laughs and then hits Angle with the leg! EY chokes Angle with the leg as Impact goes off the air.


“Final Thoughts” will be up in a few minutes.  

1) The Dollhouse def. Rebel & Brooke Tessmacher
2) Mr. Anderson def. Tyrus
3) Best of 5 Series Match #1: The Wolves def. Dirty Heels (Wolves lead 1-0)
4) Robbie E def. Jessie Godderz
5) Hardcore War: Kenny King, MVP, Low-Ki, Eric Young, & Bram def. Drew Galloway, Micah, Chris Melendez, Lashley, & Kurt Angle

Scheduled for Next Week:

TNA Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. TBA

Until next week… PEACE!

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