TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/29/15

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IMPACT Results: May Mayhem! New X Division Champion, Who Said “I Quit”? What Did Taryn Steal From Gail and More!

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
May 29, 2015 | May Mayhem

“May Mayhem” opens with special “Earlier Today” footage from when Eric Young arrived to Stage 20 on the Universal Studios backlot. Angle’s outside the soundstage – waiting – and a brawl ensues as Josh Mathews hypes the main event: Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young in an “I Quit” Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Knockouts Championship: Six-Sides of Steel | Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

Gail Kim’s introduced first, followed by the Knockout’s Champion Taryn Terrell. Taryn’s accompanied by her Dollhouse playmates, Jade and Marti Bell. Before the opening bell, Gail assaults Taryn at ringside, taking out the rest of the Dollhouse in the process. Taryn attempts an early escape, but Gail rips her from the cage and connects with a huge clothesline followed by a face-breaker. Gail sends Taryn face-first into the cage sides before mounting her with a series of rights. As Gail’s offensive onslaught continues in the corner, Jade reaches through a camera hole in the cage, distracting Gail long enough for Taryn to connect with a clubbing blow from behind. Taryn shifts the momentum as she sends Gail crashing into the cage! She rakes Gail’s face across the unforgiving steel, as Jade and Marti Bell reach in for handfuls of Gail’s hair, pulling her face harder against the steel. Taryn focuses her attack on Gail’s arm, slamming it repeatedly against a one of the cage posts! Gail reels in the center of the ring and she’s caught with a curb stomp from the champion! Taryn makes the cover for two. Taryn drives Gail into the cage again, this time following up with a swinging neck breaker and suplex. Gail counters an attempted Taryn Cutter – and both women fall after a double clothesline. They reach their feet to trade blows until Gail furiously unloads a series of clotheslines followed by a knee breaker and flying crossbody. Gail begins her ascent toward the top of the cage where she’s met by Jade and Marti Bell. Marti Bell sends Gail crashing back to the mat. Taryn connects with the Taryn Cutter for a three-count to retain her title.

Winner and still Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

Post-match: Taryn instructs Jade and Marti Bell to lift Gail Kim. Referee Earl Hebner steps in, but he’s clotheslined for his efforts! Taryn pulls the cage door shut – as Awesome Kong’s music hits! The Dollhouse locks the cage as Kong looks on. Taryn sits atop the turnbuckle, twirling the key as Jade and Marti Bell assault Gail. Taryn squats over a battered Gail Kim and says, “I told you – you were nothing compared to me!” Kong tries valiantly to get into the ring by swinging a chair at the lock. Meanwhile, Taryn rips off Gail Kim’s wedding ring and holds it in her teeth as she slams and repeatedly stomps Gail’s left hand while screaming, “Put it back on your finger now Gail!”

In from the break, Josh Mathews and Al Snow report that Taryn Terrell broke Gail Kim’s finger and maintains possession of her wedding ring.

A “Hardcore Country” Address

Mickie James enters to a huge ovation, saying she’s agreed to come back for one more match. Mickie claims to be anxiously awaiting that match – declaring it will be one of the greatest of her career. She changes focus, highlighting her main purpose right now is to talk about friendships and family. Mickie says Magnus is her fiancé – her best friend – the father of her child and the love of her life. She goes on to say that James Storm has been a dear friend for as long as she can remember. Mickie says the situation is difficult to balance because it’s friction between a dear friend and her heart. James Storm emerges. Mickie offers him an apology for Magnus’ actions; Storm refuses, saying Mickie doesn’t owe him an apology. Storm says Magnus is jealous; Mickie interrupts. She defends Magnus by claiming he’s only trying to protect her – and their family. Storm asks Mickie what she needs protecting against before listing all the gifts he’s bought for Mickie and Magnus’ family. They disagree on the humor found – or not found rather – in Storm’s gift for Magnus (a helmet). Storm and Mickie agree to disagree. Storm says he’s been setting up important meetings on behalf of Mickie James – with country music megastars like Carrie Underwood and Big & Rich. He says Mickie looks conflicted, but that she should really consider it – and that no matter what she decides, he’s there for her. He hugs her and leaves the ring. Mickie calls out to Storm, “Tell ‘em I’ll see ‘em in Nashville!” Storm smiles and leaves.

Backstage: Kenny King vows to win the X Division Gauntlet match – because he has the advantage of entering last.

X Division Championship: X Division Gauntlet | Manik vs. Rocstar Spud vs. DJ Z vs. Mandrews vs. Argos vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Tigre Uno vs. Kenny King (c)

Representing The Revolution, Manik enters first. Josh Mathews describes the gauntlet as follows: Two men will begin the match. At timed intervals, additional competitors will enter. Eliminations occur when a challenger has been thrown over the top rope. When two competitors remain, the match officially begins for a single pinfall or submission. Rockstar Spud enters next. The bells sounds and Spud connects with a flurry of offense, until Manik counters with an early elimination attempt. Spud stays alive, attempting an elimination of his own. Manik misses a springboard crossbody, but connects with a facebreaker from the top rope as DJ Z makes his way to the ring. Upon his entrance, DJ Z and Manik collide. DJ Z sends Manik flying across the ring with a headscissor takedown, and then he and Rockstar Spud align for a double team assault. Manik rakes their eyes and sends Spud into DJ Z as Mandrews enters the fray. Mandrews flips into the ring. He’s caught by DJ Z, but counters into what appears to be a bulldog set up. Instead, Mandrews releases his grip, opting for a hurricanrana to Manik! Mandrews fends off DJ Z before he and Spud team up against Manik. Mandrews executes a standing corkscrew and Spud attempts an elimination. Manik again avoids being eliminated as DJ Z makes a play to eliminate Mandrews. Mexican sensation Argos enters the match, immediately catching Manik with a headscissor and following up with a springboard hurricanrana. Argos’ head connects with the mat and he’s down, which allows Mandrews an opportunity for a Shooting Star Press! Manik dodges an incoming Mandrews and Mandrews lands on his feet. Manik sends Mandrews over the top rope and connects with a standing dropkick. He drives Mandrews head first into the ring post. Mandrews is eliminated.
Crazzy Steve and Tigre Uno are the next two participants. Manik quickly eliminates Tigre Uno moments before the X-Division Champion, Kenny King, becomes part of the chaos. King blows through the remaining five challengers. Crazzy Steve is the first to his feet, but his attack on Kenny King is short lived. Crazzy Steve is eliminated. Across the ring, Argos is positioned against DJ Z on the top rope. Kenny King rushes over, connecting with an enziguri, to eliminate Argos. Spud stalks the champion and jumps onto his back. King slams Spud to that mat before turning into a Thesz Press and facebreaker from DJ Z. King counters an Irish Whip attempt from DJ Z, using the momentum to catapult DJ Z over the top rope. DJ Z is eliminated. Manik pleads with King for a double team on Spud. King agrees and Spud is nearly eliminated. Manik double crosses Kenny King and is eliminated for his efforts. Christy Hemme announces the match is now scheduled for one fall. Kenny King unleashes a furious assault as the crowd chants, “Let’s go Spud!” King lands a stiff kick to the ribs. He hoists Spud onto his shoulders, but Spud rolls through for a surprise three-count to become the new X Division champion!

Winner and new TNA X Division Champion: Rockstar Spud

Round #2 (Best of 5 Series) | The Wolves vs. Dirty Heels

An agitated Austin Aries says The Wolves snuck a victory in their first outing. He says tonight they’ll even the score. The Wolves appear: Let the hunt begin! Bobby Roode launches Aries into Eddie Edwards before the bell sounds. Davey Richards and Roode collide. Roode leaps over Richards who opts for a suicide dive onto Aries! As Roode moves for a dive of his own, Edwards sneaks in for a roll through and a quick two-count. The Wolves alternate chops and kicks to Bobby Roode. The double team ends when Aries returns to the ring. He and Roode double team Davey Richards until finally order is restored. Richards tags out to Edwards; Aries maintains his advantage and tags out to Roode. Roode drops Edwards with a facebreaker and then he knocks Richards off the apron. Richards attempts to exact his revenge, but the distraction allows the Dirty Heels to isolate Eddie Edwards. Aries makes a pin attempt, but Richards makes the save.
Edwards sends Aries into Roode, setting up the double team! The Wolves quicken the pace as they shift focus from Roode to Aries. Aries is sent to the outside and Roode becomes the isolated target. The Wolves exchange rapid tags as Aries makes his way back onto the apron. Richards locks Roode into a reverse Figure Four! Unable to make the tag, Roode rolls through, reversing the pressure of the hold. Richards breaks the hold and The Wolves pull through with a double team and a pin attempt that Aries interrupts. Roode counters a hold from Richards and powers out of the corner with an explosive clothesline to Edwards. Roode makes the tag to Austin Aries! Aries and Davey Richards trade blows. The Wolves find themselves tangled up in the ropes and on the receiving end of neckbreakers from Aries. Aries connects with a missile dropkick to Edwards and the Last Chancery to Richards! As Edwards is about to break the hold, Roode comes into the ring and catches him with a crossface! The Wolves struggle toward the ropes; Richards forces a break. Richards counters a brainbuster from Aries. Aries connects with a discuss forearm. Davey Richards lifts Aries for a Michinoku Driver and Edwards delivers a kick to Aries’ skull before the drop! It’s good for a near-fall. The Wolves climb to the top ropes. The Dirty Heels collide with them; Richards falls to the mat. Roode whips Aries toward Eddie Edwards; he connects with a dropkick to the face. Aries follows up with a 450 splash! Davey Richards interrupts the count! Richards thwarts a Dirty Heels double team attempt. The Wolves are poised to deliver a Force of Nature following a Pop-up, but Aries rolls through into the Last Chancery while Roode holds Richards against the ring post! Richards breaks free and comes down on Aries with a Hammer of the Gods to break the hold! The Wolves connect with the Force of Nature – and Eddie Edwards makes the pin!!!

Winners: The Wolves (Best of Five Series: Wolves lead 2-0)

Backstage: Angelina Love says she’s going to “handle” Velvet Sky.

Backstage: Kenny King repeatedly tries to get MVP on the phone.

“Darth Velvet”

Angelina Love confronts Velvet Sky (“Darth Velvet”), who’s standing behind the barricade with the fans. Angelina says Velvet is where she belongs – with all the other losers. She says she’ll deal with Velvet by using her friends. She brings out a group of men, hired to be “Love’s Security.” Angelina gets in Velvet’s face to say she’ll be hauled away if she touches her again. She says Velvet no longer works in TNA because she was fired (Fired – you freak!”). Angelina taunts her former best friend. When Angelina turns her back, Velvet jumps the guardrail and attacks! Love’s Security separates the two, but Velvet attacks the two guards and goes after Angelina again. Finally, Angelina’s security team is able to take control by handcuffing Velvet Sky.

Backstage: Mr. Anderson unveils a cage for Tyrus.

EC3 w/ Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson

EC3 says that despite what Mr. Anderson thinks, Tyrus will not be held in a cage. Then he plugs, “#EC3ForChamp.”
The bell sounds and Mr. Anderson attacks Tyrus instead, attempting to put EC3’s bodyguard in the cage. EC3 uses the distraction to command an early advantage. EC3 dominates the match with repeated facebreakers. EC3 sends Mr. Anderson into the ropes and Tyrus takes a cheap shot. EC3 connects with a shoulder block and two-count. Anderson sends EC3 into Tyrus. Then, he grabs a chair and beats Tryus into the cage! He locks the cage and rushes back into the ring where he meets EC3 with a series of rights, clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Mr. Anderson powerslams EC3; EC3 kicks out a two. Mr. Anderson gets hung up on the top rope and EC3 powers him down to the mat. Anderson’s out a two. EC3 attempts the One Percenter, but Mr. Anderson rolls through into a Green Bay Plunge and then he connects with a Swanton! EC3 is out a two. He counters a Mic Check from Anderson, but a second Mic Check connects for a very near fall! EC3 turns another Mic Check attempt into a Once Percenter for the victory!

Winner: EC3

Post-match: Mr. Anderson extends his hand; EC3 slaps it away.

Backstage: Rockstar Spud says winning the X-Division Championship for the second time has cemented his legacy. He says he’s now one of the best. When Destination X and “Option C” are mentioned, Spud says that maybe he needs a new goal (then, he compares himself to Disney/Pixar’s Nemo in that he just keeps swimming).

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: “I Quit” | Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle (c)

Both challenger and champion are escorted to the ring by security. Kurt Angle attacks Eric Young before Jeremy Borash finishes the introductions. Security separates the two until Brian Hebner signals for the bell. Angle and Young collide! Eric Young escapes to ringside, where he uses the guardrail to his advantage. When they meet back in the ring, a huge exchange takes place. Young rakes Angle’s eyes to create separation, but Angle recovers quick enough to land five German suplexes! Angle lifts Young deliver five more German suplexes! Angle reaches for Eric Young, but he’s sent to the outside. Young uses his protective shin guard against Angle and then he locks in a Figure Four! Angle refuses to quit and then he reverses the submission! Young releases his hold. He attempts an Angle Slam! Angle counters, but Young drops him shoulder first to the mat. Young locks in an ankle lock! Again, Angle refuses to quit! He rolls over and tries kicking out of the hold, but Young doesn’t relinquish his grasp. Angle turns Young’s ankle lock into a Figure Four of his own. The crowd chants for Eric Young to “Quit! Quit! Quit!” Young pulls himself to the ropes, breaking the hold! Young climbs the turnbuckle. Angle tries to stop him, but Young bites Angle in the face, then shoves him to the mat. Young flies from the top rope with a missile dropkick, but he doesn’t connect and Angle rolls him into an ankle lock! Eric Young taps out but doesn’t say “I Quit;” Angle breaks the hold by mistake and catches a low blow. Eric Young capitalizes with a piledriver – but Angle utters a no; he doesn’t quit! Young tells Angle to quit – or he’ll break his neck. Angle refuses and then rolls through a second piledriver attempt into an ankle lock. He sits on Young’s ankle and squeezes harder, forcing Eric Young to say, “I Quit!”

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle