TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 6/3/15 (Spud’s big decision)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
June 4, 2015
Commentators: Josh Mathews & D’Angelo Dinero  
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s Impact opens up with a 50’s style singing group in the ring singing EC3’s theme song while EC3 walks down the aisle with two lovely young ladies on his along with Tyrus behind him holding a “EC3 2015” sign. Matthews says that EC3 is celebrating because he has finally been ranked #1 in TNA’s Top 5. EC3 says that tonight is the night for America because he is finally #1 so they are going to let the celebration begin. The singers sing “for he’s the #1 contender” while balloons fall on EC3. EC3 says he couldn’t have done it without Tyrus and he makes a joke by saying Tyrus probably feels like dancing he’s so excited, and then asks the fans if they want to see him dance. Tyrus dances dancing but then EC3 says “TOO BAD! BECAUSE THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESs!” and he says that he has proven everyone that said that he can’t wrestle or that he has been given his opportunities because of his last name are wrong. A big “you can’t wrestle” chant starts up and EC3 says he disagrees because he is #1. EC3 says that the “great” George Bush once said “mission accomplished” and his mission has been accomplished with only one more mission left. He calls Kurt Angle out to the ring and the World Champ does not disappoint him or make him wait long.

Angle says that this is one incredible celebration and he has to admit that Verne Gagne and Lou Thesz would roll over in their graves if they saw this crap. Angle says that he can’t wait for the day to shut EC3’s ass up but the problem is that EC3 isn’t next in line for a shot at the belt. EC3 reminds Angle that he is #1 in TNA’s Rankings, but Angle says it isn’t a number but a letter that EC3 should be concerned with…X. Next week is Destination X and the X-Division Champion gets an opportunity to cash in his title for a shot at the World Title which means Spud gets that opportunity. EC3 gets pissed and says that he beat Spud’s ass once before and he doesn’t deserve that opportunity that EC3 has earned. EC3 says that he knows Rockstar Spud and he knows what makes him tick so he is going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. EC3 tells Tyrus to “book some broads and let’s go.” EC3, the ladies, and Tyrus leave the ring, but EC3 stops and tells the singers to sing goodbye to Angle. They start singing EC3’s theme again but Angle grabs one of them and hits the Olympic Slam!


“The Destroyer” Lashley vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

These two have had several very good matches in the last year against each other. Matthews reminds us about EY injuring Lashley back in April after a 3-Way between Lashley, Angle, and EY. Lashley tosses EY over the top rope and into the ring as he makes his entrance. EY rolls back out to the floor to try and escape Lashley but Lashley grabs him and slams him into the ring apron. Back in the ring Lashley goes for a Spear but eats a back elbow from EY. Lashley leapfrogs EY as he hits the ropes and then hits an elbow of his own followed by a Delayed Vertical Suplex! Lashley hits a Running Shoulder Block on EY in the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner, but EY floats up and over the charging Lashley. EY hits a Running Knee and then goes for a second one but Lashley moves this time and tosses EY into the corner. Lashley charges at EY but EY backdrops him over the top rope. Lashley lands on the apron but EY hits a Springboard Dropkick knocking Lashley off the apron to the floor. EY tosses Lashley back in the ring and hits him with a series of elbows and then chokes him in the ropes. EY rakes his shin across the face of Lashley and then hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a chinlock. Lashley fights the hold off but EY pokes him in the eyes and then hits a Leaping Neckbreaker! EY goes for a Figure Four but Lashley kicks him off sending EY through the ropes to the floor! EY climbs back up to the top rope and dives off but Lashley catches him in midair and hits a Belly-to-Back Overhead Suplex! Lashley follows up with a huge Spinebuster! 1…2…NO EY kicks out! Lashley goes for the Dominator but EY blocks it and hits the ropes only for Lashley to catch him with a Powerslam attempt. EY rakes the eyes of Lashley and connects with a Flying Forearm! EY goes for the Spike Piledriver but Chris Melendez is shown standing on the ramp. Lashley backdrops EY and hits the Spear for the pin!

Winner: Lashley via pinfall (Spear)

After the match Melendez hits the ring and EY rolls to the floor as Lashley holds Melendez back.

In the back Rockstar Spud is shown arriving and he says the X-Division Championship means more than him than about anything else, but now he has the option to trade all of his hard work to finally get that title for the biggest prize in TNA.

Footage of Terrell and Gail’s Cage Match last week is shown. The Dollhouse talks about that match and Terrell says that she no longer lives in Gail’s shadow. She says that she will give Kong a shot at the title next week and she will put the “X” in Destination X.


Backstage Melendez says what really pisses him off is that EY acted surprise that he showed up after what he did to him. Melendez says that this is above and beyond a wrestling match and EY put him in a place that he hasn’t been since he was in the war. He says he wants to fight.

Austin Aries approaches Spud backstage and he says that he knows what Spud is going through because it isn’t an easy decision. He says that he didn’t want to just throw away the X-Division Title like it doesn’t mean anything, but now he doesn’t know if Option C was such a good thing because no one ever keeps the title instead of cashing it in. Aries says that he knows Spud wants to be World Champion but sometimes grass isn’t greener on the other side. Aries says he isn’t trying to play mind games or mess with him because he already has his title shot in the back, he just wants to give him some food for thought.

Jade w/Marti Belle vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Jade charges at Brooke as she was making her entrance but Brooke leapfrogs over her and rolls her up for a quick nearfall. Brooke follows up with a Monkey Flip and then Brooke gets another nearfall with a Jackknife pin. Brooke goes for another Monkey Flip but Jade blocks this one and hits a Running Dropkick. Jade kicks Brooke to the floor and then slams her into the ring apron. Jade rolls back in the ring and distracts the referee as Marti clotheslines Brooke and tosses her back in the ring. Jade gets a series of nearfalls and then she mounts Brooke and rains down right hands. Jade hits a series of head kicks capped off by a big field goal kick. Brooke fights back with a series of forearms but Jade grabs Brooke by the hair and tosses her across the ring multiple times. Jade taunts Brooke and gets caught with another quick rollup from Brooke for a nearfall. Jade immediately gets to her feet and hits a big Running Yakuza Kick followed by another one as Brooke retreated to the corner. Jade whips Brooke to the opposite corner but runs into a boot from Brooke. Brooke climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Clothesline! Brooke then hits the ropes but eats another boot from Jade for a nearfall. Jade hits a Scoop Slam and then goes for a Lionsault, but Brooke rolls out of the way and hits a big Facebuster! Brooke covers Jade but Marti puts Jade’s boot on the bottom rope. Brooke grabs Marti by the hair and Jade goes for a Yakuza Kick, but Brooke moves and Jade hits Marti by mistake! Brooke hits her Tess-Shocker and gets the pin!

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher via pinfall (Tess-Shocker)

In the back JB interviews EC3, reluctantly, and EC3 says that Spud is an asset for the X-Division but EC# is the franchise for TNA built to carry the company.


Rebel congratulates Brooke about winning her match. As Brooke walks off The Dollhouse attacks Rebel and beats the hell out of her.

Six Man Tag Team Match
The Rising (Drew Galloway, Micah, & Eli Drake) vs. The Beat Down Clan (MVP, Low-Ki, & Kenny King)

MVP and Drake start the match off against each other. Drake hits a series of clotheslines and then a Suplex followed by a elbow off the top for a nearfall. Drake counters a Mafia Kick from MVP into a Powerbomb for a nearfall. Drake hits the ropes but King hits him from behind and MVP hits the Mafia Kick. King tags into the match and puts the boots to Drake. King hits a Snap Suplex and then floats over into a series of right hands. Ki tags into the match and he hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Basement Dropkick for a nearfall. The BDC do several quick tags while taking turns beating Drake down in their corner. MVP puts Drake in a Front Facelock as Drake fights to get to his corner but MVP forces him back to the heel corner where the BDC beats him down again. Ki tags in and hits a big Roundhouse Kick for another nearfall. Ki puts Drake in an Abdominal Stretch and then tosses him to the corner. Ki goes for a splash in the corner but Drake moves and tags in Galloway! Galloway manhandles Ki into the corner and puts the boots to him as Matthews says Galloway and Ki legit hate each other. Galloway goes for a Suplex but Ki blocks it with a knee to the head only for Galloway to shove Ki back into the corner. Galloway follows up with a Running Dropkick and gets a nearfall before King breaks it up. Micah comes in and tosses King to the floor. Micah then hits a Slingshot Plancha onto King on the floor! Galloway lifts Ki up to the top rope and attempts a Superplex, but MVP crotches him and hangs Galloway up in the tree of woe as Ki is still on the top rope. Ki goes for the Warriors Way as Galloway was hanging from the turnbuckles, but Galloway lifts himself up and Belly-to-Back Superplexes Ki off the top! MVP and Drake brawl to the floor as well. Micah lifts Ki up to his shoulders and Galloway dives off the top with a version of the Road Warriors’ Doomsday Device for the pin!

Winners: The Rising via pinfall (Doomsday Device)

In the back EC3 says he just had a conversation that is going to change Rockstar Spud’s life forever as he holds up his phone.


Footage of the drama last week between Mickie James and James Storm is shown.

Footage of Mickie James arriving in Nashville for the meeting that Storm set up. It sounds like she was on the phone with Magnus as she arrived at the office building. Mickie walks in but no one is there but Storm walks in as Mickie looks surprised.

Rockstar Spud comes down to the ring and JB asks whether Spud will cash in his X-Division Title for a World Title shot. Spud says this is a once in a million chance for someone like him but he needs more time to decide. JB says that Spud doesn’t have any more time and then Angle comes down to the ring.

Angle says that he likes Spud and he is the ultimate underdog so before he cashes in his shot he needs to fully understand who he will be facing. Angle says that he is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in pro wrestling and for the last decade he sets the standard for what a champion should be. Angle says that he trained more for his current title reign than any of his previous 12 before it so there is no chance in hell that he relinquishes it anytime soon.

EC3 comes down to the ring alongside Tyrus. He says that he knows a million different people are pulling him in a million different directions but he needs to take a look around him because he is a fish swimming with sharks. EC3 says that he is the one that told Spud he could be a champion one day but Angle is the greatest the pro wrestler to ever live…until EC3 came along. EC3 says that he just got off the phone with Aunt Dixie and they are willing to offer Spud a lifetime contract with TNA as the Chief of Staff. He says that he boys will ride together once again and he reminds Spud how much he loved that job. He says that all Spud has to do is not cash in his shot so that EC3 can get his shot. EC3 tells Spud to not risk it and to come back home.

Spud says that when he had nowhere to go and he became Chief of Staff he took so much pride in that title and he loved it. He says that he loved Dixie and would have done anything for her or EC3 because EC3 was like a brother to him, but then he fired Spud and slapped him around and bloodied and shaved him. Spud says that this isn’t about him and it has always been about EC3. He says that EC3 has been given everything and never had to work for anything. Spud says that he had to work for fourteen years while hearing people say he couldn’t do it while people like EC3 just laughs at him while EC3 never had to work at anything. He says that EC3 is a self entitled prick and he can take his job, his big ass nose, and Dixie and stick them all up his ass! Spud says that this might be a one in a million shot and he is cashing in his shot! Angle smiles and shakes Spud’s hand but then EC3 blindsides Spud and bails out as Angle chases him away. Angle says that if EC3 wants to fight then why don’t he and his “girlfriend” Tyrus team up tonight against Angle & Spud!

Backstage the Dirty Heels say that they will do whatever it takes to win tonight. Aries says that he has something for Roode and hands a t-shirt to him.


Storm and Mickie are shown again as Storm says that the people that Mickie is supposed to meet are just late. He says he just wants to make sure Mickie’s talents are finally recognized. He says that he can give her so much more too and he is talking about giving her something even bigger than the music. He wants her to join him in his journey and be by his side. Storm says that Magnus cannot give her what he can give her and that Magnus is just a “stain” on her life. Storm holds her hand and asks her to join him in his Revolution. Mickie gets upset and says that she loves Magnus with all her heart and that Storm says that after all this time that he has known her he should know she would never do that to Magnus. Storm gives her a death stare as she starts to walk away and then starts smiling and apologizes and says he must have misread things and hugs her. Storm makes an evil ass face as he hugs her.

Best of 5 Series Match #3
The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels

Aries and Roode are wearing new Dirty Heels t-shirts as footage of last week’s Wolves win is shown. The Wolves are down 2-0 in the series and if they lose here then The Wolves will win the Tag Titles in a clean sweep. The Wolves stop and see the title belts near ringside as they are being showcased. Aries and Davey will start the match off against each other. Aries hits Davey with a knee to the gut and then takes him down with a belly-to-back suplex. Aries gets a series of nearfalls on Davey and then quickly goes for the Last Chancery, but Davey manages to get to the ropes. Roode tags into the match and puts Davey in a wristlock, but Davey reverses it and quickly tags in Eddie. The Wolves take turns twisting on the arm of Roode as they quick tag in and out. Davey dives off the top with a Ghetto Stomp onto the outstretched arm of Roode. The Wolves whip Roode into the ropes and Eddie hits a drop toehold as Davey hits a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Eddie tags into the match again and continues to work on the arm of Roode. Roode manages to reverse the hold and tag in Aries. Aries charges into a backdrop from Eddie and then the Wolves take turns beating on Aries. They whip Aries into the ropes but Aries holds onto the ropes and gets his boots up at a charging Eddie. He then tosses Davey to the floor and goes for a dive, but Davey quickly rolled back in the ring. Aries gets on the apron but eats a Double Running Mafia Kick from The Wolves! The Wolves then set up Stereo Suicide Dives but Roode grabs their legs from the other side of the ring. The Wolves pull Roode up onto the apron and attempt a Double Suplex into the ring, but Aries comes in from behind and chop blocks them.


Roode hits a Front Suplex on Davey and then attempts to Catapult him into a forearm from Aries, but Davey forearms Aries instead and then breaks free from Roode and hits a Ghetto Stomp! Eddie reaches for a tag but Aries drags him off the apron as Roode drags Davey back to the Dirty Heels corner. Roode lights Davey up with chops but Davey fights his way out of the corner with forearms and chops, but as he runs to tag in Eddie Roode catches him only for Davey to catch Roode with a rollup and then he tags in Eddie! Eddie hits a series of elbows to both Roode and Aries knocking Aries off the apron. Eddie hits an Atomic Drop on Roode and then hits a Running Back Kick to the gut of Roode followed by the Shining Wizard! Aries runs right into an F5 from Eddie! Eddie hits a series of ridiculous chops on Roode but then Aries the dog sh*t out of Eddie from behind! The Dirty Heels go for a Double Suplex on Eddie but Davey catches him and then The Wolves toss the Heels to the floor. The Wolves then hit Stereo Suicide Dives onto The Heels on the floor! The Wolves toss Roode back in the ring and then Eddie whips Davey into a Forearm on Roode and then Davey hits a Flying Forearm of his own! Eddie gets Roode in a Waistlock and then Davey hits a Superkick on Roode as Eddie hits a German Suplex! Davey then rolls into a Jackknife Pin as Eddie bridged on the suplex! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! The Wolves go for the Powerbomb/Backstabber combo but Aries trips Davey and pulls him out to the floor where he tosses him into the guardrail. Aries gets on the apron as Roode catapults Eddie right into a Forearm Smash from Aries! Eddie falls backwards onto the knees of Roode and then Aries hits the Slingshot Corkscrew Elbow! Roode then pins Eddie with a Jackknife Rollup! 1…2…NO Eddie kicks out! Aries and Roode show the frustration and almost like they don’t know what else to do. The Heels whip Eddie into the corner and then Roode whips Aries into an IED attempt, but Eddie backdrops Aries over the top to the apron and then floors him with a back elbow. Roode then charges at Eddie but Eddie ducks and Roode knocks Aries off the apron sending him into the guardrail! The Wolves hit the Alarm Clock on Roode and then a Superkick/Brainbuster combo! 1…2…NO Aries breaks it up! Davey tosses Aries to the floor and then the Wolves climb up to opposite corners. Aries knocks Davey off the top and then Roode knees Eddie in the face. Roode climbs up top but Davey nails him with a Leaping Enziguri. Eddie then sets up for the Backpack Piledriver but Aries hits him with the IED from behind! Aries shoves Eddie into a Double-R Spinebuster from Roode and then Aries hits the 450 Splash off the top! 1…2…NO Eddie kicks out! Aries can’t believe that Eddie kicked out of that and goes to the floor to slam Davey into the guardrail. Aries grabs a steel chair and tosses it to Roode but Roode says he can’t use it and refuses to which pisses Aries off. Eddie rolls Roode up but only gets a two count. Aries distracts the referee allowing Roode to low blow Eddie and then blast him with the chair! It was all a ploy by those Dirty Heels! Roode covers Eddie and gets the pin!

Winners: The Dirty Heels via pinfall (chair shot) [Wolves lead series 2-1]

Roode smiles at Aries after the match and then both men look at the title belts and kiss them as they pass by up the ramp.
More footage of Storm and Mickie is shown at a train station, this time security footage, and as Storm distracts Mickie by saying her phone is ringing and then suddenly Storm shoves Mickie onto the train tracks. Storm grabs Mickie’s phone and calls Magnus saying that Mickie won’t be home for dinner. So I guess that means Storm just committed murder? Or at least attempt at murder? That is about as ridiculous as Kane throwing Paul Bearer off a balcony or JBL hitting someone with a car. Come on man this is 2015 we can’t be doing stupid angles like that these days.

Madison Reign is in the ring and she complains saying that if you aren’t Gail Kim or in the Dollhouse then you won’t get anywhere in TNA. Madison calls out Velvet Sky because she hates all the attention she has been getting. Velvet comes out and Madison slaps her immediately which results in Velvet Spearing her! Angelina Love comes out and says that Madison is a good friend of hers. Angelina sends her security guys down to the ring who eventually handcuff her as she fights them. Angelina runs in and attacks Madison as she is being cuffed. Angelina herself is then dragged out by another set of security!


Taryn Terrell says that she and Kong will show a whole new side to the Knockouts next week.

Main Event
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle & “The Ultimate Underdog” Rockstar Spud vs. Ethan Carter III & Tyrus

Spud starts the match off with EC3 and he unloads on EC3 with chop after chop backing EC3 into a corner. Spud continues his onslaught with elbow and dropkicks before Tyrus takes him out. Tyrus tags into the match and immediately destroys Spud with a huge Chokeslam. Tyrus and EC3 then proceed to double team Spud relentlessly for several minutes and after Angle manages to get the crowd behind Spud, Spud manages to get the hot tag to Angle. Angle goes crazy with Suplexes and throws. Angle goes up top but Tyrus cuts him off. Spud then makes the save with a big Missile Dropkick off the top on Tyrus leading ot Angle hitting the Olympic Slam on him for the pin!

Winners: Kurt Angle & Rockstar Spud via pinfall (Olympic Slam)

After the match Angle and Spud stare each other down until Austin Aries walks out and interrupts them. Aries say that he admires Spud’s heart but he questions his decision making. Aries says that while Spud intends to cash in his shot next week, Aries says he too has a title shot and he intends to cash it at Destination X too! Aries says that he will cash in his title shot on whoever wins the match between Angle & Spud!


1) Lashley def. Eric Young
2) Brooke Tessmacher def. Jade
3) The Rising def. The BDC
4) Best of 5 Series Match #3: Dirty Heels def. The Wolves (Wolves lead 2-1)
5) Kurt Angle & Rockstar Spud def. Ethan Carter III & Tyrus

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Rockstar Spud
– TNA World Title: Austin Aries vs. Angle/Spud Winner (c)
– TNA X-Division Title Tournament
– TNA Knockouts Title: Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Awesome Kong

TNA Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. TBA
-TNA Tag Team Titles Best of 5 Series Finals (if a Match 5 is needed)

Until next week… PEACE!

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