TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 6/17/15 (Contract signing)

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IMPACT Results: Bell To Bell World Title Match Set, New Knockouts Contenders and More!

The Contract Signing

Following a recap of EC3’s attack on Kurt Angle, Mike Tenay welcomes the undefeated Ethan Carter III to the ring; Kurt Angle follows.

While holding the contract, Mike Tenay questions Kurt Angle about any comments before meeting EC3 in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match. EC3 interrupts, saying Angle is the best in the business. He notes that Angle’s beaten everyone from men you “can’t even see” and “dead men” to “phenomenal ones” and “icons.”

EC3 says the torch gets passed to him; he signs the contract.

Angle says EC3 is very talented, but that the big fights were made for him. Angle says EC3’s undefeated streak will come to a close because he’s healthy now. Kurt Angle signs the contract. Tenay officially announces the match and says that each man has agreed to “tune-up” matches, where they’ll pick one another’s opponents.

This week, Angle selects EC3’s opponent: Lashley.

A Golden Stipulation?

The Wolves enter the Impact Zone. Davey Richards says he and Eddie Edwards have sacrificed their bodies to become the best tag team in the world. He references defeating The BroMans, The Hardys and Team 3D, saying their hunt has them on a quest to reclaim the World Tag Team Championships.

Eddie Edwards challenges the Dirty Heels to match four, immediately.

Bobby Roode says The Wolves aren’t calling the shots and that Austin Aries isn’t medically cleared to compete following his title match with Kurt Angle. He says Aries is home resting and that match four will take place on the Dirty Heels’ time.

Eddie Edwards mocks Aries’ medical status before challenging Bobby Roode to a singles match. Roode accepts and proposes that the winner should be able to choose the stipulation for match four in the Best of Five Series.

Singles Match | Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Roode

Roode starts swinging. He connects with a couple of hard rights before being sent from the ring. Edwards sends Roode into the guardrail with a suicide dive. He lands a chop before bouncing Roode’s face off the apron and rolling him back into the ring.

Roode connects with a kick as Edwards reenters the ring. Edwards reclaims his momentum with an enziguri, but when he charges toward Roode in the corner, he’s taken down by a double boot to the face. Roode methodically controls the match and laughs at the fans cheering on Eddie Edwards.

Roode drops Edwards with a front-face suplex that he follows up with a running clothesline. He whips Edwards into the corner, but Edwards explosively emerges, taking down Roode. Both men reach their feet and trade a series of blows; Edwards capitalizes. He counters a Roode Bomb and scores a near-fall.

Edwards heads to the top rope. Mid-air, Roode dodges his airborne opponent and connects with a spinebuster and near-fall of his own. As Edwards regroups in the center of the ring, Roode taunts Davey Richards. Richards leaps onto the apron after Roode spits in his face!

While the referee’s distracted with Richards, Roode motions for someone from the back. Austin Aries rushes to ringside with a chair. Roode swings and misses, creating an opportunity for Edwards to score the pinfall with a school boy!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Post-match: Davey Richards announces match four will be Full Metal Mayhem!

Backstage: Joseph Park returns to accept Bram’s open challenge to face any past member of the Impact Wrestling roster.

Singles Match | Bram vs. Joseph Park

Prior to the opening bell, Joseph Park verbally assaults Bram who reacts physically. Bram takes him down and connects with a huge slap to the face. Josh Mathews refers to Bram as the “The Plague of Chesterfield.”

Bram’s assault continues until he leaves the ring to retrieve a chair. He swings at Park, but misses wildly. Park battles back, but by the time he’s situated himself and grabs the chair, Bram’s assault resumes. Bram withdraws a kendo stick and table from beneath the ring. He mounts the table in the corner and as he closes in on his target with the kendo stick, Joseph Park nails a low blow!

Joseph Park beats Bram with the kendo stick before planting him with a chokeslam! Park makes the cover; Bram’s out at two. Joseph Park attempts to send Bram into the table mounted in the corner, but Bram counters and spears Park through the table. Bram makes the cover for three.

Winner: Bram

Dollhouse Pillow Talk: Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell announces “Double or Nothing,” saying that if Brooke and Awesome Kong are able to defeat the Dollhouse, they both can have a shot at her title. However, if they lose, they’re never allowed to challenge her again.

Video: An ominous video airs, showing a woman’s fingers extinguishing a flame. The video declares, “For the wicked, playtime is over.”

Double or Nothing: Tag Team Match | Awesome Kong and Brooke vs. The Dollhouse

Jade and Marti Bell attack Brooke on the ramp, mid entrance. Kong charges down the ramp, taking out the Dollhouse in the process. Taryn hits Kong from behind, earning a death stare. Kong rolls Jade into the ring and the match officially begins.

Kong squashes Jade and Marti Bell and Brooke tags into the match. Brooke essentially repeats Kong’s order of attack. Taryn jumps onto the apron to create a distraction. Brooke grabs Taryn by the hair, but Jade uses the distraction to assume control of the match.

Marti Bell builds upon the advantage by using the middle rope to choke Brooke. She and Jade double team and work to isolate Brooke from Kong. Jade twirls her hair, taunting Kong; Kong swats at her, sending her fleeing across the ring to continue her assault on Brooke.

When Jade misses a dropkick, Marti Bell is there to answer with a kick of her own. The Dollhouse members exchange rapid tags and taunts; Marti uses Brooke’s hand to mock a tag to Kong. Jade tags back into the match as the isolation of Brooke continues. Jade misses a springboard moonsault, which allows Brooke to finally tag out to Kong!

Jade tags in Marti and Kong drives her to the mat. Kong sets up for the Implant Buster, but Jade makes the save with a dropkick. Jade and Marti attempt to suplex Kong, but she counters, sending the Dollhouse overhead instead. Brooke rushes into the ring to send Jade to the outside. Kong charges toward Marti in the corner, she counters.

Marti leaps from the turnbuckle toward Kong. Kong catches her with a chokeslam! Then, Kong tags Brooke and lifts her onto her shoulders. Brooke drops an elbow and makes the pin.

Winners: Brooke and Awesome Kong

Post-match: Taryn Terrell looks on in disbelief.

Video: Eric Young’s savage assault on Chris Melendez is played.

Chris Melendez Declares War on Eric Young

Christy Hemme asks Chris Melendez what he’s thinking. Melendez says that when Eric Young ripped off his leg after the Hardcore War, he disrespected the uniform he wore, the country and the flag. Melendez knows he’s got one foot in the grave and that he’s standing on his last leg, but he calls out Eric Young!

Eric Young claims to be trying to do Melendez a favor. He says Melendez volunteered to go to war – and for that, he paid a huge price and made a sacrifice. Young says he can’t take away the fact that Melendez is a living and breathing American hero, but that he doesn’t care. Young says he only cares about himself.

Eric Young says that in this chapter of Melendez’s life, he is the five-star general – he’s calling the shots – and that he is a God. Young says Melendez is nobody and nothing – that in professional wrestling, he’s at the top and Melendez is at the bottom.

Young says he knows Melendez wants revenge for what he did after the Hardcore War, but that his actions were spontaneous. He asks Melendez what he thinks will happen when he’s had time to think about what to do. Young says Melendez really needs to consider whether or not he really wants to be alone in the ring, on one leg, against a world class maniac.

Melendez says he does – and that he’ll meet Eric Young in the ring – next week!

Singles Match | “Mr. Pectacular” Jessie Godderz vs. DJ Z

DJ Z flies into the ring and connects with an early takedown and pop-up dropkick! DJ Z’s offense is fast and furious. DJ Z attempts a hurricanrana which is countered into a huge powerbomb by Jessie.

Jessie rakes his forearm across DJ Z’s face repeatedly; DJ Z tries to trap his arm. Jessie counters by lifting DJ Z and throwing him neck-first into the turnbuckle. DJ Z takes a nasty bump and Jessie locks in a Boston Crab. DJ Z taps out.

Winner: Jessie Godderz

Post-match: Jessie paces the ring and asks DJ Z if he thinks the decision was a mistake. He says the only time he felt like a loser is when he was part of the BroMans. He claims to be the reason behind the BroMan’s success and their two championship runs.

He grabs DJ Z by the throat and asks, “Do you feel that Zema, huh? Do you feel what it feels like to be a loser? Breathless. Alone. A nobody like everybody in the building?”

Jessie lifts DJ Z into a press slam. Before pressing DJ Z over the top rope, Robbie E makes the save!

In Mickie’s Honor

Magnus charges into the Impact Zone and says he’s halting the show until he sees James Storm. Security emerges and Magnus threatens to break them all in half if they touch him. He says he’s not leaving until Storm shows his face.

James Storm arrives.

Storm says Magnus tried telling Mickie – and the fans – that he was the bad guy, but that instead, Magnus came off as the bad, jealous guy. Storm tells Magnus that he was jealous that his fiancé was getting attention from another man. Then, he asks Magnus what he thought Mickie James was doing when the cameras were turned off.

Magnus explodes and tries desperately to reach James Storm, but security repeatedly stands in his way. Storm disappears from the stage momentarily and returns with a stroller. He tells Magnus to be more careful with whom he lets watch his son.

Storm claims that he’d never hurt a baby, but that the baby will now be his insurance policy, to make sure Magnus doesn’t do anything crazy. He says he gave Mickie a chance, but that she declined to pledge to The Revolution. He calls her a sorry excuse for a woman and says he sees why she’s with Magnus, because he’s a sorry excuse for a man.

Magnus breaks free and drops Storm on the ramp with a huge right! He clubs Storm from behind. Security separates the two again until Magnus fights them off. When Magnus charges toward Storm, Storm kicks the stroller off the stage!

Magnus panics and finds the baby was only a doll. Storm has disappeared.

Main Event | EC3 w/ Tyrus vs. Lashley

EC3 backs up to the ropes when Lashley moves toward him. Earl Hebner backs up “The Destroyer.” Lashley backs EC3 into the corner again, but EC3 again grabs onto the ropes. When Lashley finally gets his hands on EC3, he powers him to the mat repeatedly and nails a stiff shoulder block in the corner.

EC3’s sent out of the ring and when Lashley pursues him, Tyrus creates a distraction. EC3 rushes in the other side of the ring to catch Lashley with a dropkick. EC3 connects with a second dropkick that sends Lashley to the arena floor. EC3 delivers a snap suplex.

EC3 rolls Lashley into the ring and applies a chokehold. Lashley battles out and comes off the ropes; EC3 counters with a dropkick. Tyrus hands EC3 a chair, but Earl Hebner takes it away. EC3 and Lashley trade blows while Tyrus mounts the chair in the corner, between turnbuckle pads.

Lashley builds momentum in the meantime, connecting with a running power slam. EC3 counters a spear from Lashley, but he’s caught with a spinebuster! Lashley again charges toward EC3, but EC3 moves, and Lashley connects with the chair mounted in the corner. EC3 drops him with a DDT! He makes the cover, but Lashley’s out a two!

Lashley sends EC3 into Earl Hebner. Earl falls from the ring and Lashley connects with a spear! Without an official, Tyrus drops an elbow onto Lashley to break up the count. He pulls EC3 over Lashley and Brian Hebner emerges from the back! Lashley kicks out a two! Tyrus attacks Brian Hebner, and then he powers Lashley to the mat again. Another official rushes into the ring to make the count – and again, Lashley’s out a two!

Tyrus takes out the third referee. Then he turns into a spear from Lashley! The distraction allows EC3 a chance to connect with a chair shot and the One Percenter! Earl Hebner is just back in the ring to make the count and EC3 remains undefeated!

Winner: Ethan Carter III