TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 7/1/15 (New TNA Champion)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 7/1/15

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#BellToBell Results: World Heavyweight Title Match, New Tag Team Champs! Knockouts Title Match and More

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
July 1, 2015 | Bell to Bell

Handicap Elimination Match; Losing Team Disbands | The BDC vs. The Rising

The BDC enters the Impact Zone, prepared for a 4-on-3 advantage in a handicap elimination match against The Rising. Drew Galloway and MVP start the bout, trading a series of hard blows in the center of the ring. MVP whips Galloway into a turnbuckle, but Galloway counters with an explosive clothesline. Galloway’s advantage sends MVP into retreat. Low Ki finds himself as the legal man as Galloway seizes control with an intense series of knife-edge chops! Galloway makes the tags out to Micah. Micah works to maintain control in the match, but he’s backed into The BDC’s corner and Kenny King enters the fray. King turns the match in his team’s favor before bringing MVP back into the match. MVP unleashes a rabid assault that leaves Micah reeling on the mat. King returns to the fold and he and Low Ki double team – and eliminate Micah. Eli Drake becomes the legal member for The Rising for a brief while before Galloway finds himself as the legal man, at the mercy of Low Ki. Galloway catches Low Ki with a back body drop. The move creates enough separation to allow Galloway the tag to Eli Drake. MVP enters the ring at the same time; Eli Drake nails a huge clothesline. He shifts his attention toward Kenny King and Galloway takes out Hernandez. Drake injures his ankle heading over the top rope and the referee calls for a medical assist. Drake is declared unable to continue and therefore eliminated. Galloway stands alone against The BDC. Hernandez enters the match for the first time. Galloway smacks Hernandez and his rage ensues. Hernandez and Galloway trade blows, but the numbers game begins to take over. Kenny King positions Galloway for a double team assault, but Low Ki misses a dropkick that connects with King instead. Galloway eliminates Low Ki and Kenny King! Hernandez and MVP capitalize on interference from Low Ki. Hernadez drops Galloway with a Border Toss. He tags MVP, who enters the ring to connect with a Playmaker and a Drive-By to earn the victory for The BDC.

Winners: The BDC

Backstage: The BDC celebrates their victory; Low Ki is revealed to be injured with a separated shoulder.

Mickie James Returns!

Magnus takes center stage to address James Storm. He warns Storm that the strongest force of nature is the spirit of a man whose family is in jeopardy. Magnus welcomes back Mickie James! Mickie thanks the fans for their words of encouragement, love and support in the preceding weeks. She thanks Magnus for looking out for her and says she should have listened to him from the start. She tells James Storm to bring his “coward ass” out. Storm enters with Khoya by his side. Storm tells Mickie she should thank him for not pushing her harder – for not confining her to a wheelchair. He says she should wonder what it’d be like to be unable to be there for her son. Storm says he never wanted Mickie James in his Revolution, rather he just wanted to show the world how easy it was to manipulate a woman. Storm says his Revolution always has room for one more. Mickie James challenges Storm to find one woman to stand beside him against her and Magnus.

30-Minute Iron Man Tag Team Championship | Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves

The Dirty Heels make their entrance first for their final encounter with The Wolves in the Best of Five Series for the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Davey Richards and Austin Aries start the match. Aries makes an early pin attempt, but Richards rolls through and backs Aries into the corner. Aries drives Richards into his corner where he makes the tag to Bobby Roode. Richards switches momentum and he and Eddie Edwards exchange rapid tags, controlling Roode. Roode makes his way to Aries and the Dirty Heels take command of the match. Roode and Aries isolate Edwards and exchange their own rapid tags. Edwards presses forward, driving Aries into his corner to bring Davey Richards back into the ring. The Wolves work Aries over with a double team combination. Roode rushes into the ring, but is treated to the same fate. The Wolves drive Roode to the outside and Aries picks his spot against Eddie Edwards. Aries attempts a brainbuster but Edwards counters into a suplex. Aries and Edwards tag out. Richards traps Roode into a leg lock. Roode writhes in pain, but forces the break by reaching the bottom rope. The Wolves trade tags again; Richards connects with a snap suplex. Roode capitalizes on a momentary lapse in time as Edwards tags into the match. Roode drives Edwards into Aries’ boot. Aries rakes his eyes before connecting with a neckbreaker. The Dirty Heels again isolate Edwards and Aries takes a cheap shot while Roode distracts the official. Edwards forces Aries to break a submission hold and then Roode reenters the match. He drives Edwards into the turnbuckle with a shoulder block before focusing his attack Edwards’ leg and ankle. The Dirty Heels execute repeated double team maneuvers and tags, but Edwards catches Aries and Roode with a double hurricanrana! Edwards tags out. Richards storms into the ring, catching the Dirty Heels with a double drop kick! Richards tosses Roode overhead to the mat for a near-fall! The Wolves keep Aries at bay as Richards executes a flying headbutt from across the ring! Richards scores a near-fall. The Wolves ascend the ropes, but the Dirty Heels counter, sending The Wolves crashing to the mat. The Dirty Heels shift momentum in their favor once again. Roode tosses Richards from the ring. He distracts Edwards and the official, while Aries connects with a double axe handle from the top rope. Aries rolls Richards inside, where Roode makes a near-fall. Roode positions Richards on his shoulders. Aries connects with a missile dropkick! He makes the cover; Edwards breaks the count! Richards counters a slingshot into Aries with a double stomp to the gut of Roode. Richards reaches for the tag, Roode tries to prevent it, but he breaks free and brings in Eddie Edwards! Edwards ducks under a clothesline from Roode and connects with a suicide dive to Aries! He flies back into the ring to score a very near-fall on Roode! Edwards executes a series of chops until Aries rushes up from behind. Richards saves Edwards from a double suplex and The Wolves work together, scoring another near-fall on Roode! The Dirty Heels make a furious comeback to score a near-fall on Edwards. Roode presses Edwards to the mat with a front-face suplex. Aries locks in the Last Chancery! Richards tries to break the hold, but Roode catches him! Just when Edwards is in danger of tapping, Richards connects with an elbow to the face of Roode and the hold is broken! The Wolves toss Roode from the ring. They climb separate turnbuckles , unleash their howls and fly! Roode just interrupts a count on Aries! The Wolves are poised for a second onslaught, when Richards is pulled from the ring and Aries connects with a 450 splash to Edwards for the first fall!

Dirty Heels lead 1-0 with less than five minutes remaining!

Aries and Roode toss Edwards from the ring after several more failed pin attempts. Richards moves to aid Edwards but Roode connects with a cheap shot. Roode lifts The Wolves into position to receive a suicide dive from Aries! Edwards finds himself on the apron battling the Dirty Heels at the two-minute mark! Aries drives Edwards into the corner and connects with a series of rights! The Wolves deliver the Force of Nature! Eddie Edwards scores a pinfall!

The Wolves and Dirty Heels are tied 1-1!

At the one-minute mark, Roode nails Edwards with a title belt. He makes a pin attempt, but Edwards manages to kick out! Roode positions Edwards for a Roode Bomb – but Edwards rolls through with a schoolboy to score another fall!

The Wolves take a 2-1 advantage!

A furious Roode locks in a crossface, but the clock runs out before Edwards taps! The Wolves become four-time TNA World Tag Team Champions!

Winners and new TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

Knockouts Championship Three-Way | Awesome Kong vs. Brooke vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

The longest-reigning Knockouts Champion hoists her title into the air, anchoring the Dollhouse before the match begins. Brooke and Kong back Taryn into a corner. Initially, they work together against the champion. Kong connects with a splash; Brooke follows up with a facebreaker! Taryn rolls out of the ring and Brooke shifts her attention to Kong! Kong applies a chokehold. She tosses Brooke across the ring, but then Taryn connects with a missile dropkick that sends Kong outside. Taryn repeatedly slams Brooke’s face into the mat before connecting with a snap suplex. She begins to gloat when Kong attacks! Kong drops the champion with a chokeslam! Kong is about to come off the ropes with a splash when Taryn’s Dollhouse playmates rip Kong from the ring! Brooke comes back with fury, ultimately connecting with a spear! She climbs the turnbuckle, but Jade and Marti Bell prove instrumental once again. Dealing with Brooke, Jade and Marti leave Taryn at the mercy of Kong. Kong appears to be closing in on a title victory, when again Taryn’s playmates make the save, just in time. Taryn delivers a Taryn Cutter for the win!

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

Post-Match: The “Playtime’s Over” videos are revealed to belong to Gail Kim!

Jeff Jarrett Interview, Pt. 1: Jeff Jarrett says returning to Impact Wrestling as the owner of Global Force Wrestling was surreal. Then, he says there’s a shocking future in store between the two companies.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Ethan Carter III w/ Tyrus vs. Kurt Angle (c)

Jeremy Borash conducts the introductions and the opening bell sounds.

EC3 and Angle lock up amidst a “You can’t wrestle!/Yes he can!” chant. EC3 applies a side headlock. Angle sends him into the ropes, EC3 counters with a shoulder takedown. Angle and EC3 exchange holds. Angle finds himself with an arm lock. EC3 delivers with an elbow to the face but Angle counters with a belly-to-belly suplex, followed up with two German suplexes! Before Angle connects with a third German suplex, EC3 grabs the top rope. Angle tosses him to the outside. EC3 counters a German suplex, but he’s caught with a second belly-to-belly. EC3 is rolled into the ring and Angle executes two more German suplexes. EC3 uses the ropes for leverage again, this time, shifting momentum to find himself in control. EC3 takes down the champion with a back body drop. He follows up with an “EC3 Splash” and a face/shoulder breaker. EC3 scores a near-fall! He presses Angle into the corner, but Angle counters, exploding with a series of rights. He charges toward EC3, but a side-step sends Angle crashing into the turnbuckle. EC3 drops Angle with a DDT on the apron! EC3 applies a full nelson. Angle escapes and rolls through EC3 with a huge clothesline! The crowd counts toward ten as both competitors reach their feet! Angle finally catches EC3 with a trifecta of German suplexes!

EC3 counters an Angle Slam, but Angle again nails three more German suplexes! EC3 misses a second “EC3 Splash,” allowing Angle to connect with an Angle Slam! EC3 kicks out just before three! Angle applies the Ankle Lock! EC3 rolls through, sending Angle outside. Tyrus plows over Angle with a clothesline! Angle rolls back into the ring and EC3 attempts a One Percenter! Angle counters into an Ankle Lock. EC3 counters again and Angle scores four more German suplexes! Tyrus climbs onto the apron before a fifth German suplex can be delivered; Angle sends EC3 into Tyrus! Angle connects with a second Angle Slam! EC3 again just kicks out before three! Angle locks in a third Ankle Lock! EC3 rolls through, almost sending Angle into the referee! Angle catches EC3 with a belly-to-belly, but this time, EC3 collides with the ref. Tyrus plants Angle, setting up the One Percenter! EC3 makes the cover; Angle just kicks out! EC3 looks on in disbelief!
Tyrus grabs a chair; he’s ejected from ringside! EC3’s disbelief lingers! EC3 attempts another One Percenter; Angle rolls through. EC3 counters with a roll through of his own, but Angle turns it into an Ankle Lock! EC3 crawls toward the ropes; Angle sits, cinching in his submission maneuver!

Angle stalks EC3 with an Angle Slam. EC3 rolls through with a roll-up for the three-count! Ethan Carter III is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, boasting a 620+ day undefeated streak! “The Reign of Carter” has begun.

Winner and new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Ethan Carter III