TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 7/8/15 (Dixie Carter returns)

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IMPACT Results: EC3 In Charge! Rising Disbands, Dixie Carter Takes Care of Business

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
July 8, 2015 | The Reign of Carter Begins

A recap is shown of Ethan Carter III defeating Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship – beginning the Era of Carter.

Ethan Cater III Runs the Show

EC3 asks, “Do I have your attention now?” He says he’s never been pinned or submitted; he’s unbeatable. He claims to be the undisputed champion and greatest wrestler alive. Carter says despite his Aunt Dixie [Carter] making her return tonight, he’s been left in charge – and that he’ll defend his newly won title in three separate matches, thus making history. Matt Hardy interrupts claiming to have softened Kurt Angle and saying he should be next in line for a title opportunity. He mocks, “#MattForChamp.” EC3 credits Hardy for taking Angle to the limit, but claims to have taken Angle to the max before declining Hardy’s challenge. He says he already booked Hardy in a tag match. It’ll be The Hardys vs. Dirty Heels – except, Jeff Hardy is still out with a broken leg, so EC3 regretfully informs him it’ll be a handicap match.

2-On-1 Handicap Match | Matt Hardy vs. Dirty Heels

The Dirty Heels are on the offense early as they charge into the ring. As Hardy begins building momentum, the Dirty Heels take control. Aries and Roode trade tags and batter Hardy around the ring. EC3 looks on from commentary. Aries boxes Hardy’s ears before distracting the official, allowing Roode a cheap shot. Roode becomes the legal man, only to find himself caught in a chicken wing body scissor. He tags back out to Aries, who finds himself in the same hold. Dirty Heels then resort to dirty, double team tactics. Hardy drops Aries with a bulldog, while connecting with a dropkick to Roode. Hardy nails Roode with a Twist of Fate, but then Aries drills Hardy with a discuss forearm. Hardy attempts to suplex Aries, but Roode trips him from the outside and holds his feet while the official counts the three.

Winner(s): The Dirty Heels

The Rising’s Final Message

Drew Galloway declares The Rising finished. Galloway says there was a need for The Rising – to fight the injustice facing professional wrestling. Galloway says the time is coming for the Beat Down Clan and that the night is always darkest before the dawn. Galloway says he’ll continue to “#StandUp.” From the commentary booth, EC3 “cries,” telling Galloway what he’s done has been so touching. He says it’s too bad that he’d booked a six-person tag team match only to find Galloway has no partners. EC3 tells Galloway, “Cue up the violin, play a little ‘Nearer My God to Thee’ because this ship has sunk!” EC3 says Galloway looks healthy – so he’ll face a completely different faction.

Abyss leads Manik and Khoya to the ring, The Revolution arrives.

3-On-1 Handicap Match | Drew Galloway vs. The Revolution

The Revolution surrounds the ring and with the opening bell, Galloway is beaten to the mat. Abyss and Khoya clearly disagree on some front, leaving a window of opportunity for Galloway to powerbomb Manik into the turnbuckle. Abyss and Khoya reunite for a two-on-one assault. Abyss uses the center rope to choke Galloway. They whip Galloway across the ring, but he counters with a clothesline to Khoya and a cutter to Abyss. Galloway takes down Manik, but is caught with a powerbomb from Khoya. Khoya makes the cover. Before the official’s hand drops for three, Abyss interrupts the count! Abyss screams, “I want him!” Abyss and Khoya argue. Galloway connects with a standing dropkick, sending the two Revolution members outside. Manik flies off the top rope with a crossbody; he’s caught mid-air and powered down with a backbreaker! Galloway drops Manik with a running boot to secure the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Backstage: Mr. Anderson congratulates Ethan Carter III. Mr. Anderson offers to challenge for the title. EC3 declines, saying Anderson already has a match – against Bram.

Singles Match | Mr. Anderson vs. Bram

“The Human Hate Machine,” Bram arrives to confront Mr. Anderson. Bram connects with a nasty-looking elbow. He backs Anderson into the corner and drives his forearm across Anderson’s nose. Anderson counters a Irish whip with a series of takedowns before planting “The Chesterfield Plague” with a Green Bay Plunge. Anderson flies with a senton and scores a two-count. When Bram kicks out, Anderson attempts a Mic Check. Bram counters, only to be sent over the top rope with a huge clothesline. Bram uses a chair against Anderson, earning a disqualification.

Winner: Mr. Anderson (via DQ)

Post-match: Bram drives Anderson into the stairs. He physically intimidates a member of the production staff until Anderson’s mic is dropped from the ceiling. Bram drags Anderson to the top of the ramp and repeatedly bashes him in the head with the mic while laughing maniacally!

Street Fight | Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E

Robbie E attacks Jessie immediately! His furious onslaught leaves Jessie reeling outside the ring. Robbie smashes a trashcan lid across Jessie’s face and then he slams his former partner face-first into the steps. As Jessie slowly crawls through the ropes, Robbie pulls out a kendo stick. Robbie suplexes Jessie from over the top rope and then he positions the trashcan lid on Jessie’s groin. He smashes the kendo stick against the lid, which sends Jessie frantically to the outside. Robbie misses a diving crossbody and Jessie drives him spine first into the ring post. Jessie grabs a trashcan and smashes Robbie in the face. Robbie’s rolled into the ring and powerbombed into the turnbuckle! Jessie strikes Robbie repeatedly with the kendo stick. He loses the stick; it flies into the crowd. He mounts the trashcan onto the turnbuckle and then he grabs another kendo stick, but Robbie takes control. Jessie connects with a running dropkick. With Robbie grounded, Jessie fills the ring with a bunch of steel chairs. Robbie capitalizes by driving Jessie headfirst into the trashcan and dropping him onto a chair with a reverse DDT. Jessie’s out at two! Robbie positions two chairs facing each other before climbing the ropes. After knocking Robbie from the turnbuckle, Jessie powerbombs him onto the steel chairs! Somehow, Robbie is out at two! Jessie sets a chair up over Robbie and applies the “Adonis” (Boston) Crab. Robbie refuses to tap! Soon after, he passes out and the bell sounds.

Winner: Jessie Godderz

Backstage: EC3 talks to Tyrus about his upcoming triple title defense. EC3 declares that each of the three matches will be 5-star matches, for a total of 15 stars! Lashley approaches the champion. EC3 says if Lashley wants to fight, he can meet Tyrus.

Backstage: Kurt Angle vows to make EC3’s gauntlet and the rest of the night more interesting.

Jeff Jarrett Interview, Pt. 2: Jarrett says he created Global Force Wrestling on April 7, 2014 – and that since then, he’s crafted alliances with 13 promotions on five continents. He says he never dreamed TNA would be one of those alliances, but that “cooler heads prevailed and here I am.” Mike Tenay asks about the King of the Mountain title and Karen Jarrett says that it has a new home. Jeff Jarrett agrees, saying the title will be front and center of a promotion designed to create dream match-ups by bringing together multiple promotions. He suggests the title may well be contested in any of the aligned promotions.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Ethan Carter III (c) vs. ???

EC3 claims to be a believer in paying it forward – and that his first title defense will be against the man he first defeated: Norv Fernum. EC3 extends his hand. He kicks Fernum in the gut and drops him with the One Percenter to pick up the victory.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Post-match: EC3 says this is an important week – because it’s Shark Week on Discovery! He says he just beat a man from the land – but wonders if he could beat a man from the sea. He announces his next opponent: Shark Boy.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Shark Boy

EC3 asks Shark Boy if he believes he has a chance. Shark Boy screams, “Shell yeah!” Shark Boy unloads a series of rights that catch EC3 off guard. EC3 regroups and drops the fin-wonder with a clothesline and a One Percenter. Josh Mathews says, “This shark tale’s over.”

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Post-match: EC3 says, “That shark had bite!” He asks the crowd if they want one more. They do – and just as he’s about to announce his next challenger, Kurt Angle interrupts. Angle says EC3’s afraid to face real competition. Angle mentions his legally binding rematch clause stating he can have his rematch whenever he wants it. Angle tells EC3 he’s coming for his title – tonight.

Lashley’s music hits…

Singles Match | Tyrus vs. Lashley

Lashley and Tyrus appear immovable against one another, until Tyrus drops him with a facebreker and a body slam. Lashley applies a rear-naked choke, but Tyrus forces the break with the bottom rope. The two struggle to gain the advantage. Tyrus sends Lashley overhead. Lashley battles back with a series of kicks and stomps. Lashley’s sent back to the mat and Tyrus ascends the ropes. Lashley counters by lifting Tyrus onto his shoulders. Lashley connects with an electric chair drop! Lashley follows up with a spear and three-count.

Winner: Lashley

Jeff Jarrett Interview, Pt. 2 (concl.): Jarrett says the possibilities are endless for Global Force Wrestling and the companies he’s aligned with. He says they’ll unite over a common goal and that the sky’s the limit.

Singles Match | Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Before the bell, Madison says she’s a polished queen – and that whatever Velvet is doing with herself makes her, “look like these idiots.”
Madison tells Velvet that she belongs in the crowd, not in the ring. Velvet attacks and the bell sounds. Velvet drives Madison into the ring apron repeatedly while telling the fans her actions are for them. She sends Madison crashing into the steel steps. She rolls Madison into the ring – and that’s when “The Killer Queen” begins to take control. Madison drops Velvet with a shot to the knee and a big shoulder block. She follows up with a northern lights suplex, a headlock and a series of knees to the gut. Madison chokes Velvet with the middle rope, breaking just before the five-count. Madison drives Velvet’s face into the mat, but Velvet pops up with a series of kicks and a stunner for the victory.

Winner: Velvet Sky

TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III (c)

EC3 approaches, then retreats from the ring with a feared look on his face. His demeanor changes and the champion powerfully enters the ring. The bell sounds and EC3 rolls from the ring – then back in and out again. He climbs onto the apron and Angle drags him in over the top rope. Angle unloads with a series of punches and stomps. EC3 rolls out of the ring, while instructing the official to make a quicker 10-count! Angle gets EC3 back into the ring where he connects with five German suplexes! Tyrus is on the apron for the distraction, but Angle knocks him down and applies the ankle lock! EC3 purposely attacks Brian Hebner. With the official down, EC3 taps out as another referee slides into the ring calling for the bell. Earl Hebner rushes down the ramp to meet the other two officials and the winner is…

Winner: Kurt Angle (via DQ)

Dixie Carter Returns!

Ethan Carter is sitting in the center of the ring and says, “Well – got out of that one!” EC3 announces the return of Dixie Carter! She enters the Impact Zone for the first time in almost a year. Before speaking, she’s interrupted by EC3. He says he’s helped the Carter name ring throughout the wrestling world in her absence. Dixie again attempts to talk, with reserved congratulations, but she’s interrupted a second time. EC3 carries on about the Reign of Carter until she rips the microphone from his hand, demanding time to speak.

She says she hasn’t been on Impact in almost a year because of the Reign of Carter – because the last time she was in the ring, she was powerbombed through a table and broke her back. He says the man that did that was a monster. She disagrees and claims to have been the monster, responsible for manipulation and lies that hurt the company. She says EC3 is out of control and that he’s been lying for weeks.
He says, “We’re Carters. The world needs us.”

She says TNA doesn’t belong to the Carters, rather it belongs to all of the people that support it. She says EC3 earned the title, but that he has to defend it with his skill instead of his last name. Dixie says EC3’s actions tonight have been an embarrassment, but that he was right about one thing: Somebody needs to be in charge. Someone needs to be able to make tough decisions, stand against manipulation and make sure that Impact Wrestling is the best professional wrestling company on the planet. She says she knows exactly who that person needs to be, “It’s not me – but darlin’ it’s not you either.” She mouths I’m sorry as she walks away.