TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 7/29/15 (Jarrett Hall of Fame)

Josh Boutwell reviews Impact Wrestling for 7/22/15
TNA Impact Wrestling

Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
July 29, 2015
Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s Impact opens up with highlights from the last few weeks and Matthews hyping up tonight’s event headlined by the culmination of the drama between The Revolution and Magnus/Mickie in what could be Mickie James’ final TNA match ever.

Austin Aries makes his way down to the ring and he says that he isn’t in a very good mood tonight. He says that people can say or think what they want about him but the one thing that everyone should KNOW about him is that when he is in the ring no one in the business takes more pride or works harder than he does inside those ropes. Aries says that the fans should also know that there is no one in this universe better than him. He says that when Bully Ray decided to make a new #1 Contender for the World Title he was upset that he wasn’t included. He says that wasn’t a small mistake but it was a great mistake. He says that Bully Ray hasn’t made a very good impression on him as TNA’s new “Law.”

Bully Ray comes out and gets in the ring with Aries. Bully says that Aries might not think he is doing a good job but the fans are the only ones that really  matter and they think he is doing a pretty good job. Bully says that he agrees that Aries is one of the best in TNA and he respects him and he reminds everyone that Aries did beat him before. Bully says that Aries always moves his mouth a little too fast. He says that he guarantees that Aries will get a shot at what he deserves but he can’t give Aries another shot yet because he already lost to Kurt Angle and he has to work his way back up. Aries says “fine” but he and Bobby should at least get another shot at the Tag Titles, but Bully says that they just lost the Best of 5 Series to the Wolves. Bully says that Aries can have a shot at the X-Divison Championship tonight but Aries says that he has been there and done that more times than he even can even remember. Aries says that title is made for people like Rockstar Spud who will never be at his level.

Spud interrupts Aries and walks down to the ring as The Pope tries to repair some of the damage done to the X-Division after Aries just shit on it by saying how great it is. Spud says he isn’t out there to get in Aries’ face and that he even looks up to Aries, but to hear Aries say that about Spud or the X-Division really hurts. He says that when he looks at Aries he sees someone that has overachieved and that he is one of the greatest champions in TNA history. Spud says that Aries created Option C to give guys like him a shot and it made people like him believe they had a chance at being a World Champion some day. Spud says that Aries not only created Option C but he cashed it in and became one of the best World Champions in the companies history. Aries says that he didn’t create Option C for guys like Spud, he created it for himself. Aries says that if he looks up to Aries so much then he should have listened to him and not cashed it in. He says that nine times out of 10 he will beat guys like Kurt Angle while Spud will lose to him 9 times out of ten, and now he has nothing to show for all of his work. Aries says that he will give Spud an opportunity to step in the ring with the greatest man that ever live and prove that he can hang with Aries. He says that at least then he will have something to show for all of his hard work.

Spud says that he has been proving people wrong his entire life and he has been showing people in TNA ever since he walked in that he belongs here. Spud says that Aries may be a former World Champion but he is Rockstar Spud and he thinks he can beat Aries! Aries says that he thought he could beat Kurt Angle and we saw how that went. Aries laughs that Spud calls himself a rockstar and says that if he can’t beat someone like Spud he doesn’t think he even belongs in a ring. Bully says that people have to give Spud credit because he has balls and all Aries wants to do is kick sand his face and disrespect him. Bully tells Aries to put his money where his mouth is and agree that if he can’t beat Spud then he is gone from TNA! Aries agrees but says that there has to be something in it for him so he will do the match if he agrees that if Aries wins then Spud has to drop the “Rockstar” in his name and from now on Aries will call himself “Rockstar” Austin Aries because he is the true rockstar and from now on Spud will just be “little old Spud” and then he sucker punches Spud and leaves.

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are shown arriving backstage.

Kurt Angle tells Chris Melendez that EY is a lunatic and he thanks Melendez for coming to his aide. Melendez says that he feels like he can’t advance in his career until he gets past this thing with EY. Angle says that he can beat EY but he can’t wait for him and he has to go after him.


Chris Melendez and Angle make their way down to the ring and Melendez says that he is man enough to admit that EY has gotten the better of him everytime they have been in the ring, but what he won’t admit is defeat and he won’t give up just like he wouldn’t give up overseas. Melendez says that he wants his rematch and he is sick of EY and everything he has been doing. He tells EY to get his “crazy ass” down to the ring right now.

EY comes out and says that he dropped Melendez on his head real bad so maybe he is confused. EY says that Melendez doesn’t want him to come in there and put his hands on him so he better quit while he is still breathing. Melendez says that he does want EY to get in the ring with him and he is going to beat his ass.

“Sarge” Chris Melendez vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

EY ducks under a lockup attempt from Melendez and slaps him on the back of the head repeatedly to taunt him. They lockup and Melendez gets EY in a waistlock and then takes him down to the mat. EY gets back to his feet and gets in Melendez’s face before slapping him. Melendez lays EY out and then EY takes Melendez down and lays into him with right hands. EY slams Melendez’s head into the turnbuckles and hammers on him with right hands before stomping him down in the corner. EY taunts Angle at ringside as he continues to beat on Melendez and choke him in the ropes. Melendez and EY begin exchanging strikes but Melendez gets the better of it with some stiff forearms until EY rakes his eyes. EY then hits the Spike Piledriver and gets the pin.

Winner: Young via pinfall (Spike Piledriver)


Backstage JB approaches Matt Hardy’s locker room and asks for a hint on what the stipulation for his title match will be. He says that “we” have been coming up with some great ideas but he isn’t giving any hints just yet, everyone will know what the stip will be later.

Footage of Brooke winning the Knockouts Title is shown and then we head to the ring for a Knockouts Title match.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Marti Belle w/The Dollhouse vs. Brooke Tessmacher (c)

Brooke attacks Jade and Terrell as she comes down to the ring and throws them into the steps. Marti then attacks Brooke but Brooke clotheslines both Marti and Jade. Brooke then chases Terrell into the ring which allows Marti to attack Brooke from behind to kick off the match as the bell rings. Marti chokes Brooke on the ropes and stands on her back as her throat was laid across the ropes. Marti puts the boots to Brooke and then lifts her up to the top rope and hits her with some forearms. Marti climbs up top with Brooke but Brooke shoves her off and then dives off the top with a Flying Clothesline. Brooke gets back to her feet and connects with a series of clotheslines and elbows. Brooke hits a Flying Forearm and then hits a Russian Legsweep for a nearfall. Brooke whips Marti into the corner and then runs right into a boot from Marti. Marti charges at Brooke but eats a Spear from the champ. Jade gets on the apron but Brooke drags her into the ring, but as the referee tries to get Jade out Terrell slams Brooke to the mat by the hair. The lights go out and then as they come back on The Dollhouse searches for Gail Kim only for  Brooke to catch Marti with the Butterface Maker for the pin.

Winner: Brooke via pinfall (Butter Facemaker)


More footage of Tigre Uno in his home town of Tijuana is shown. He talks about being a father and what being the X-Division Champion and a part of TNA means to him and his family. He calls TNA the best company in America and then talks about Lucha Libre and the importance of the masks in the culture as well as all of the athleticism and high flying. He says that the fans in Mexico become a part of the persona. He says that he has been wrestling for 17 years but becoming the X-Division Champion was a huge step in his career.

In the back Christy Hemme interviews Tigre Uno about Donald Trump not showing up tonight. He says that the Mexican people are a people of honor and action, and when someone attacks them they respond. He says that he challenged Trump but where is he now? He says that he is not afraid of Trump and the Mexican people are not afraid of him.

EC3 says that he is unbreakable and unbeatable so whatever the match stipulation is doesn’t bother him.


Jeff Jarrett is shown talking to Billy Corgan backstage.

EC3 comes down to the ring alongside Tyrus as the worst hour in Impact Wrestling all year has come to a close. EC3 says that in seven days he defends his title at No Surrender against Matt Hardy and the catch is that he was duped into Bully Ray allowing Hardy to pick the stipulation. EC3 says that if you can’t trust a egg sucking asshole New Yorker like Bully Ray then who can you trust. He says that the Hardyz are just a couple of hillbillies from North Carolina that have been romanticized by wrestling fans, but if this match was against Jeff Hardy instead of Matt then maybe he would be sweating it a little since Jeff is a former World Champion. He says that Jeff isn’t getting a shot because he had to be an “extreme daredevil” and fell off of a dirtbike and broke his leg. He says that Jeff has fallen off of everything imaginable in a wrestling ring but he breaks his leg on a dirt bike. He calls Matt Hardy the Khloe Kardashian to Jeff’s Kim.

Jeff Hardy’s music interrupts the champ and he makes his first appearance on Impact since he broke his leg earlier this year. Jeff is still walking with a limp but he is at least back to walking. Jeff says that he has been sitting at home and he has been doing a little crying too. He says that everytime he saw EC3 on Impact he didn’t cry, he just got sick. He says that EC3’s overconfidence will kill him and he doesn’t even know it. Jeff says that he conquers fears and his fear right now is that he may never wrestle the same because of his injury. He says that he is riding his bicycle every day and the next step is jogging and then running and before you know it he will be dropping titanium shin leg drops on EC3’s face! He asks all the fans if they think EC3 is a good champion and of course they boo. Jeff says this needs to change so the person that will change it and defeat EC3 for the title is his brother Matt!

Matt comes down to the ring and he says that their entire careers people have told them that they can’t do something just for them to do just that. He says that next week will be no different when he finally gets his shot at the World Title. Matt says that the only people that think Matt and Jeff compete to try and get more championships or have more success is ignorant jackasses like EC3. He says that they support each other and they have come together to think up some stipulations for next weeks match. Jeff says that there has to be something under the ring that could make the match more interesting. Matt pulls a table out from under the ring followed by a chair and then a ladder as Jeff says that the match will be Full Metal Mayhem! Matt says the other stipulation on the match is that no one will be allowed at ringside which includes Tyrus! Matt says that next week his dream of winning the World Title becomes a reality!


Backstage Magnus says this next match won’t be a match at all because it will be a fight. He says that tonight they fight for the last time and they bring this whole saga to an end. Mickie says that she can’t think of a better man to be standing next to in one last match in her career. She says that she can’t believe that Serena has let James Storm brainwash her and she is going to make her see the truth even if that means beating her ass.

Main Event
Mixed Tag Team Match
The Revolution (James Storm & Serena Deeb) vs. Magnus & Mickie James

This is Serena’s in-ring debut on Impact but she has worked a couple of One Night Only PPVs and she appeared on PPV one year when she challenged Awesome Kong in an Open Challenge I believe. This is also her last televised match ever as she has just officially retired. I believe she has struggled with concussion issues in the last couple of years which is the reason she has decided to retire. This is the first time Magnus and Mickie have ever teamed up as well I believe despite being engaged for quite some time. Storm is wearing new camo styled tights for this one. Mickie hasn’t worked a match in TNA in about two years. Magnus and Mickie hit the match and go right after The Revolution! Magnus and Storm brawl aroung ringside as Mickie and Serena watch from their respective corners. Magnus tosses Storm into the ring and is distracted by Serena allowing Storm to poke him in the eyes and take over control of the match. Storm whips Magnus into the corner but Magnus explodes out with a clothesline! Magnus hits the ropes but Serena hits him from behind and then Storm lays him out with an elbow to the back. Storm hangs Magnus up in the ropes and then goes to the apron and hits a Leaping Enziguri! Storm hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Storm taunts Mickie and then puts Magnus in a rear chinlock.


Mickie chases Serena around ringside as we come back from break and Storm hits Magnus with the Backstabber out of nowhere. Storm taunts Mickie again by blowing her a kiss and then he chokes Magnus in the ropes. Storm then distracts the referee as Serena chokes Magnus as well. Storm continues to taunt Mickie as he beats Magnus down. Magnus tries to fight back but as he bounces off the ropes Storm lays him out with a back elbow for another nearfall. Storm hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Leg Drop for yet another nearfall. Storm puts Magnus in a chinlock again but Magnus fights back to his feet and breaks the hold only to get laid out with a high knee. Storm tosses Magnus to the floor and then whips Magnus into the guardrail. Storm tosses Magnus back into the ring and catches Magnus with the Closing Time! Storm sets up for the Last Call but Magnus blocks it and then goes for a Lariat, but Storm ducks and then they both hit the ropes and crash into each other with cross body blocks. Both men tag out and Mickie lays into Serena with elbows and clotheslines followed by a dropkick! Mickie hits a Flapjack and then nips up to her feet! Mickie climbs up top and dives off with a Cannonball! 1…2…NO Storm pulls her off of Serena by the hair but Mickie slaps Storm only for Serena to catch her with a nasty Gutbuster! Mickie rolls to the floor and Serna follows as Magnus Spears Storm! Serena screams for Khoya to come out and then Khoya lays into Mickie with slaps and forearms. Serena whips Mickie into the steps and then Khoya runs down and tries to hit Magnus with the big stick! Magnus ducks and Khoya hits the referee! Magnus hits Storm with a nasty Powerbomb but then Serena jumps onto Magnus’ back. Magnus Snapmares Serena over and Mickie hits the Mickie-DT! 1…2…3!

Winners: Magnus & Mickie via pinfall (Mickie-DT)

After the match Mickie hits Storm with a Tornado DDT!


Footage of the rivalry between Anderson and Bram is shown as Anderson talks about his future. He says that he can go to that dark place that Bram is in but if he does go there it will get very ugly and nasty. Bram challenges Anderson to a match next week at No Surrender and he says that Anderson has been losing his mind a little bit because of Bram. Bram suggests that Anderson kiss his kids goodbye because this thing between them is personal and there is no way in hell that Anderson will even make it home after they face each other.

A video package highlights the career of Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay introduces Dixie Carter who then says that she is very honored to be finally inducting “THE TNA original.” She runs down the history of Jeff Jarrett and his family and talks about the first time she met Jeff years and years before TNA ever existed when they lifted in the same apartment building back in the day. She introduces Jeff as the 2015 Hall of Fame inductee and then Jeff makes his way down to the ring.


Dixie presents Jeff with his Rolex and then Jeff says that if anyone has ever purchased a ticket, a piece of merchandise, a PPV, or done anything else to support TNA he thanks you and if you have ever received a paycheck from TNA he thanks them as well. Jeff tears up as he thanks Bob and Janice Carter for believing in him and giving TNA a chance. He thanks all of the production people on both TNA and Ring ka King in the past. Jeff tears up as he talks about how much Mike Tenay means to him and he talks about the night that pyro set the ceiling on fire and Tenay kept the show going despite the fire department stepping in. He thanks Don West as well and then name drops wrestlers and says that if any wrestler was ever in an X-Division match he thanks them because those wrestlers put TNA on the mat. He says that they waited for years to start a ladies division and when they finally made one and they were incredible, he specifically name drops Awesome Kong and Gail Kim. He name drops AMW, Beer Money, Motor City Machine Guns, Triple X, and Team 3D as teams that really made TNA’s tag division special in the past. He talks about all the big stars that have come into the past and even name drops AJ Styles as well. He finally turns his attention to Dixie Carter and says that they have had their ups and downs but likes to think they’ve had more highs than lows. He says that without her he would be no Jeff Jarrett in the Hall of Fame so he has to thank her. Jeff tears up and says that seven years ago he and his father had a falling out over TNA and he thanks the lord that a few weeks ago they mended their fences. He says that his father made him the man he his today and he thanks Karen for everything she has meant to him and what she had done for him.

The TNA roster walks onto the stage and gives Jeff a standing ovation as he shakes hands with fans at ringside. The first guy there to shake Jeff’s hand is Bobby Roode.


1) Eric Young def. Chris Melendez
2) TNA Knockouts Title: Brooke Tessmacher (c) def. Marti Belle to retain the title!
3) Magnus & Mickie James def. The Revolution

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