TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 8/12/15 (TNA vs. GFW)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/12/15

TNA Impact Wrestling: TNA vs. GFW
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
August 12, 2015
Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Pope
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up this week with footage of Jeff Jarrett and members of the GFW roster arriving at the Impact Zone. Footage of everything that has been going down the last few weeks is then shown as it is revealed that tonight will hold a TNA vs. GFW theme.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett make their way down to the ring and Jeff says that he still can’t believe that one call from TNA management could lead to what has happened thus far after everything that went down between he and TNA. He says that his TNA career is complete and he has founded a new promotion called Global Force Wrestling. He says that promotion is based on the best competition possible and that is what will happen tonight. He says that rivalries create great moments in sports and that is what they are going to do tonight in creating a new rivalry. He says that they will have athletes from both TNA and GFW and they will face off tonight.

Jarrett says that Sonjay Dutt of GFW will face off against Tigre Uno of TNA, Awesome Kong of TNA will face Lei’D Tapa, The Wolves of TNA will face Trevor Lee & Brian Myers of GFW, and in the Main Event the King of the Mountain Championship will be on the line as Jeff vacates it and will crown a new champ tonight.

Eric Young comes down to the ring and EY mocks Jarrett claiming he is doing this for the fans. EY says he doesn’t care about the fans or Jarrett. He says that Jarrett walks around claiming to be the King of the Mountain but EY is the King of the World.

Jeff says he isnt here for himself or EY, he is here for the fans. He says that even before he wont that title that he wasn’t an active wrestler anymore. He says that the KOTM Title isn”t just a TNA Title, it is a title that will be defended all over the globe. Jarrett says that the title will be decided in the very first King of the Mountain Match on Impact (not true, there has been at least one in the history of Impact). He says that if EY wants in then he’s got it. EY attacks Jeff and the GFW roster hits the ring to make the save as EY retreats. Members of the TNA roster then come from behind EY and hit the ring to attack the GFW roster!

A huge brawl between members of both rosters breaks out in the ring!


Backstage members of the GFW are screaming about the TNA guys not respecting them. Jarrett walks up and says this isn’t some type of invasion, it is all about competing and proving how good their roster is. He says this isn’t about taking anyone out, they just need to win their matches.

Josh and The Pope talk about the attack on Bully Ray last week. They say that there is still no word on who attacked Bully and they have no idea when or if he will be back.

Lei’D Tapa (GFW) w/Royal Red vs. Awesome Kong (TNA)

Tapa worked in TNA for awhile last year, she is the niece of The Barbarian. I believe Royal Red is supposed to be her husband and is also her manager. This is the first time she and Kong will have ever faced I believe. Red cuts a promo before the match calling Tapa the “Queen of the Ring.” He says that she is the most powerful and fearful lady in the wrestling business. He says that Tapa will make any and all Knockouts bow down. Kong and Tapa lockup but Tapa shoves Kong away. Kong then hits the ropes and runs into Tapa but she just shrugs it off. They crash again and again neither woman goes down. Kong then levels Tapa with a series of forearms but as she hits the ropes Tapa slams into her. Kong whips Tapa into the ropes and then charges at her with a big splash in the corner followed by a Cross Body Block for a nearfall. Kong sets up for the Awesome Bomb but Tapa blocks it and then hits a series of forearms followed by a Big Boot for a nearfall of her own. Tapa chokes Kong and then she and Kong exchange forearms and chops before Kong lays her out with a series of clotheslines. Kong follows up with a Big Splash for another nearfall. Kong charges at Tapa in the corner but Tapa catches her with a back elbow followed by a Tongan Drop! 1…2…NO Kong kicks out! Tapa grabs Kong by the hair but Kong slaps her arms away and hits a series of back hands followed by a Spinning Backfist and then the Chokeslam! Kong hits a palm strike sending Tapa into the ropes and then she clotheslines Tapa over the top to the floor. Tapa lands on her feet and then grabs Kong by her feet and pulls her to the outside. Tapa slams Kong into the ring steps and continues to beat on her on the ramp as the referee counts them out!

Winner: DRAW via double countout

Kong and Tapa continue to brawl up the ramp until Kong Scoop Slams her on the stage!

In the back PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel) says that he is here to represent Global Force but he is also here to show everyone what he is all about.


In the back Drew Galloway says he will do whatever it takes to get the job done for TNA.

Bobby Roode comes down to the ring and he says that to say things around here are a little crazy right now is an understatement. Roode says that there are a lot of unanswered questions and unknowns and some of those concern him. He says that he is a little bit pissed off tonight with yet another Main Event put together with him not even considered for it. He says that if there is any wrestler in an promotion in the world that deserves it its him. He says that Jarrett knows it and if he has a problem with what he is saying he can come and say it to his face. Roode then calls out the man that defeated his partner and ended his TNA career last week, Rockstar Spud.

Spud comes down to the ring as footage of Spud’s win last week is shown. Roode says that Spud is as “proud as a peacock” and he should be after defeating Aries last week. He says that he beat a former World Champion and he proved without a shadow of a doubt that anyone could beat anyone on any given night, even little old Spud. Spud says that never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be standing in a ring with Bobby Roode and that Roode would be such a condescending prick. Spud says that he knows people like Roode look at people like him and think he doesn’t even deserve to be there. Spud says all the fans in the crowd believe he should be here and the reason is that he followed his dreams and accomplished them. Spud says that he defeated “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” last week and he doesn’t know what Roode has going on in his head but he doesn’t need to bring him into it. He compares Roode to a school bully and says that when you try to take his lunch money he won’t just let it happen, he’ll get back in his face and take it back.

The fans chant for Spud as Roode starts to smirk. Roode says that Spud is right and he has been an underdog his entire life only for him to overcome so much. Roode says that he defeated Aries with his ability and that maybe he shouldn’t be taking his aggression out on him, but he will anyway. He says that if was standing in the ring across from him in that same situation as last week he would end Spud’s career because he is the greatest World Champion in TNA history. He says he will take his aggression out on anyone he damn well pleases and there is nothing anyone else can do about it. Spud says that on any other day he might be right but there is one person that can do something about it and then he decks Roode!

Roode destroys Spud with a clothesline and then starts beating the ever loving hell out of Spud. Roode his the Roode Bomb on Spud as The Pope says to never “piss off a Dirty Heel.” Roode then picks Spud up by his pants and tosses him to the floor. Roode slams Spud into the ring steps and then puts him in the Crossface!


In the back Jeff Jarrett gets in Roode’s face about what he did to Spud. Jarrett blabs about competing some more and Roode screams at him that he isn’t letting him compete so he just gave Jeff and TNA a wake up call. Roode says that Jeff isn’t his boss anymore so he better get out of his face.

KOTM Qualifying Match
“The Man” Jessie Godderz vs. “The Destroyer” Lashley

I think someone may have just signed Jessie’s Death Warrant. The winner of this match gets a spot in the King of the Mountain Match. Jessie was about to attack Lashley from behind but he saw it coming and backs Jessie down. Lashley shoves Jessie away so Jessie responds by shoving him back only to eat a big Shoulder Block followed by a Gorilla Press Slam! Lashley goes for the Spear but Jessie rolls out of the ring only for Lashley to follow him and continue to whoop his ass on the outside. Lashley slams Jessie into the ring apron repeatedly and then rolls him back into the ring. Lashley hits a Running Shoulder Block in the corner and then hits the Delayed Vertical Suplex. Lashley’s power is scary. He goes for the Spear again and again Jessie sidesteps him only for Lashley to beat him down in the corner. Jessie finally gets a little offense with a knee to the gut and then a Snake Eyes in the corner. Jessie hits a Standing Dropkick and then lays into Lashley with a series of forearms on the mat. He puts the boots to Lashley and then lays his knee into the back of Lashley before dropping a series of elbows. Jessie puts Lashley in a Waistlock but Lashley counters into a Blue Thunder Bomb attempt! Jessie escapes only to eat a nasty Corkscrew Elbow! Lashley ducks a clothesline and then hits a German Suplex followed by a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Lashley hits a Spear in the corner and then picks him up and carries him to the center of the ring where he hits a Backbreaker! Lashley goes for the Spear but Jessie counters in midair with a Snap Powerslam! 1…2…NO Lashley kicks out! Jessie sets up for the Adonis Crab but he decides to taunt him first which allows Lashley to counter with a body scissors followed by the Spear for the pin!

Winner: Lashley via pinfall (Spear)

Clips of last weeks Full Metal Mayhem is shown.

In the back someone has attacked Drew Galloway and laid him out in the back.


Jeff and Dixie talk about what just happened with Drew. Karen says that someone is trying to work against the TNA-GFW relationship. Jeff says he will figure out who they will put in Drew’s place tonight. Dixie says she is going to go to the hospital to check on Drew.

EC3 maks his way down to the ring alongside Tyrus as more footage of Full Metal Mayhem is shown during his entrance. The Champ says that he was born and bred to carry TNA into the future and the title on his shoulder represents a culmination of his life’s work. He says that it means that he is better than everyone in the crowd and at home along with any man in any lockerroom in the world. He says that he didn’t defend his title in a match last week but instead defended it in a car crash. He says that Matt Hardy even got to pick the stipulation of their match but just like everyone else that faces him he lost. The fans start to chant “you suck” at him but EC3 says he doesn’t suck because he defends his title in “God Mode” rather than “Beast Mode.” He says that he is unbeatable and will be so forever!

Matt Hardy’s music interrupts EC3 and he limps his way out to the ring. Matthew says that he wants EC3 to know that he heard every word he has said. He says that EC3 really does hold a claim to be called the best in the world right now, and he didn’t think that EC3 could beat him in a match that he helped create but he did. Matt says he won’t make any excuses for his loss and EC3 has proven that he deserves to be considered great. He says that he won’t go away though and as long as EC3 remains World Champion he will remain in Matt’s focus until he finally wins that title. Matt says that failing in one match doesn’t make you a loser, what makes you a loser is to fail and not pick yourself up and march forward. Matt says that he is coming for that title because Matt Hardy “will not die!”

EC3 says that he respects Matt being humble in defeat and he admits that no one has ever hit him as hard as Matt did in that match. EC3 says that he will never get another title shot and he is done with Matt and looking past him. Tyrus blindsides Matt and they beat Matt down in the ring. He holds Matt as EC3 says that the only time he will ever see that title is when he sees EC3 holding it and now…as he blasts Matt in the face with it!


Next week Gail Kim will face The Dollhouse in a Handicap Steel Cage Match.

Backstage the former Chris Masters cuts a promo saying how he will prove GFW’s dominance over TNA and he will become the King of the Mountain. He is calling himself Chris Adonis now.

Non-Title Match
The Wolves (TNA) vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Myers (GFW)

Wrestling fans may know Brian Myers more as Curt Hawkins from his run in WWE. He is a former WWE Tag Team Champion while Trevor Lee is a really young wrestler from North Carolina. He has worked for PWG a lot the last year or so. Myers carries a cane to the ring for some reason now and his gear makes him look like a bootleg AJ Styles. Brian and Davey lockup with Brian getting Davey in a wristlock, but Davey reverses it and then tags in Eddie. Eddie twists on the arm of Brian before tagging Davey right back in. Davey works on the arm some more and tags Eddie right back in. Eddie dives off the top with an elbow to the arm of Brian. Davey blind tags Myers as he hits the ropes and the Wolves catch him with a Double Hip Toss. They hit a charging Trevor with a Double Hip Toss and then nail elbows to Brian in the corner. Eddie hits a Drop Toe Hold on Brian followed by an Elbow Drop from Davey for a nearfall. Brian comes back with a Scoop Slam to Davey and then he and Trevor attempt a Double Suplex, but Eddie comes in and catches his teammate. The Wolves send Trevor and Brian to the floor and then they hit Stereo Suicide Dives to the GFW boys on the floor! Eddie tosses Trevor back in the ring and they go for the Double Foot Stomps but Myers knocks Davey off the top and Trevor hits a big dropkick to Eddie. Brian tags back in and hits a Snapmare Takeover and puts his knees into the back of Eddie. Eddie fights back up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows but Brian trips to the legs of Eddie as he hit the ropes. Brian connects with an Elbow Drop and tags Trevor into the match. Trevor puts the boots to Eddie and tags Brian back into the match. They choke Eddie in the ropes and then Brian hits a Back Suplex for another nearfall. Brian tags Trevor back in and they go for a Double Back Suplex, but Eddie lands on his feet and hits a Double Rana on them! Davey tags into the match and hits a series of strikes to the heels and then hits a Dropkick/DDT on them! Davey hits a Flying Forearm on Trevor and then climbs up top and dives off with the Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Trevor kicks out! Davey hits a Springboard Back Elbow attempt but Trevor catches him in midair. Davey fights free with elbows and then they exchange forearms and headbutts! Davey hits the ropes but Myers catches him in mid move with a Flatliner! Trevor then hits a Bridging German Suplex for a nearfall! Trevor hits the ropes but the Wolves catch him with the Alarm Clock! They then hit the Force of Nature (Powerbomb/Backstabber) for the pin!

Winners: The Wolves via pinfall (Force of Nature)


In the back Lashley says the only reason he fights is because he thinks he can win. He says that he knows he can beat anyone and he is here to defend TNA. He says that he will destroy anyone that gets in the ring against him and if anyone is going to take the King of the Mountain Title it is him.

Non-Title Match
Tigre Uno (TNA) vs. “The Playa from the Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt (GFW)

Dutt is a former longtime member of the X-Division in TNA, wrestling for TNA for years and years. I’m pretty sure this is a first time ever match as well. The Pope says that Dutt is one of the greatest X-Division wrestlers to never win the title. They lockup and Tigre catches Dutt with a side headlock but Dutt quickly reverses it and they hit some reversals and counters on each other. Tigre hits a Running Dropkick on Dutt and then attempts a Basement Dropkick in the corner, but Dutt moves out of the way and then hits a hurricanrana sending Tigre to the floor. Dutt hits a crazy Running Dropkick through the ropes onto Tigre on the floor! Dutt then hits a beautiful Spinning Headscissors on Tigre on the floor. Dutt argues with some of the fans and then tosses Tigre back into the ring. Sonjay follows up with a Springboard Diving Splash for a nearfall. Dutt goes old school lucha on Tigre by ripping at his mask and trying to rip it off. Sonjay lifts Tigre up to the top rope and lights him up with a series of chops. Sonjay then climbs up with Tigre and hits a Frankensteiner but Tigre rolls right through it into the pin!

Winner: Tigre Uno via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Jeff Jarrett approaches EC3 and says how proud he is of EC3 because he sees how far he has come. EC3 cuts him off and tells him that he isn’t falling for his crap. He reminds Jeff what happened to the last Hall of Famers that have messed with him. Jeff says that EC3’s Title is going to be on the line next week against the winner of tonight’s Main Event. EC3 freaks out because Jeff is supposed to be in control for one week only.


Yet another vignette about Bram and Anderson is shown. Anderson says that Bram isn’t going to make him quit and he challenges him to a match next week. It is either going to be a Ladder Match or a Microphone On A Pole Match. I’m not sure which one.

Main Event
TNA KOTM Championship
King of the Mountain Ladder Match
“The Destroyer” Lashley (TNA) vs. “Showtime” Eric Young (TNA) vs. “Darewolf” PJ Black (GFW) vs. “The Adonis” Chris Mordetzky (GFW) vs. Drew Galloway Robbie E. (TNA)

If you have never seen a King of the Mountain Ladder Match here are the rules. To win the match a wrestler must take the title belt and climb up a ladder and hang the belt (rather than the pull it down from the ceiling in a conventional Ladder Match), but the catch is that a wrestler must first earn a pinfall or submission against one of his opponents to earn the right to hang the title. If a wrestler is pinned or submitted in the match he must then sit in the penalty box for two minutes while the man that pinned him gets a chance to try and win the match by hanging the title. In essence it is a Reverse Ladder Match. I have no clue how Robbie earned his shot in this match, he is the replacement for Drew Galloway who was attacked earlier. So what was Shark Boy busy or something? Technically Lashley is the only one that actually “earned” their way into this match as he was the only one to have to win a match to win his way into it. The bell rings and everyone squares off with each other. EY attempts a Piledriver on Lashley and eats a Superkick from Black followed by a Spear from Lashley! Lashley pins EY so that means Lashley is now eligible to win the match while EY has to go to the penalty box. Black hits a Springboard Sunset Flip on Chris and he pins him! Both EY and Chris are in the Penatly Box while Lashley and Black are eligible to hang the title. Robbie and Black double team Lashley but they eat clotheslines from the monster. Lashley hits a release German Suplex and then he clotheslines each one of them in separate corners. Lashley hits a Running Shoulder Block on Robbie and then goes for one on Black but he escapes through the ropes. Robbie hits a clothesline on Lashley and then Black hits a Flying Clothesline off the top on Lashley! They both go for pinfalls on Lashley and then start shoving and punching each other. Black hits a series of kicks but Robbie ducks the last one and hits Boom Drop for the pin! Black is now in the penalty box and Lashley Spears Robbie to pin him as well! Lashley is the only man left not in the penalty box! Just as Lashley goes to grab the title both Chris and EY are released from the penalty box.


Chris tosses Lashely into the guardrail while Black and Robbie brawl at the top of the penalty box for some reason. Robbie knocks Black off the penalty box while Chris puts Lashley in the Masterlock but Robbie dives off the penalty box with a Plancha onto Lashley and Chris! PJ Black grabs a ladder and slides it in the ring and then starts brawling with Robbie. Robbie whips Black into the penalty box and then Robbie starts setting the ladder up in the ring. EY is released from the penalty box but Robbie sees him and slams him into the box and then the ring steps. Robbie attempts a DDT on the ring steps but EY low blows him and then hits him with a Piledriver on the steps! EY covers Robbie and gets the pin so EY is now eligible to hang the belt! Lashley lays out EY with a clothesline but Chris clotheslines Lashley. Black grabs the title and starts to climb the ladder but Chris pulls him down and beats the hell out of him. Chris climbs up the ladder but Black pulls him down and hits him with a series of nasty strikes. Black grabs the title and starts to climb back up the ladder while Chris climbs up the other side of the ladder. They exchange right hands and then they play a tug of war over the title. Lashley comes in and shoves over the ladder and then Spears both Black and Chris! The Destroyer doing what destroyers do! Lashley climbs up the ladder but before he can hang the belt EY pushes the ladder over causing Lashley to crash into the corner turnbuckles. EY sets the ladder back up and then he blasts Chris with the title belt. EY climbs up the ladder but PJ Black springboards onto the ladder Spiderman style! They exchange strikes until EY rakes his eyes and then slams Black into the ladder. Lashley then dives off the top rope with a Super Spear onto EY knocking him off the ladder! Black hits a 450 Splash off the ladder onto Lashley where his knees actually landed on Lashley pretty hard! Black climbs up the ladder and hangs the title to win it!

Winner & NEW KOTM Champ: PJ Black via hanging the title

EC3 walks onto the stage and raises his title while Black does the same with his while pointing down at EC3.


1) TNA vs. GFW: Awesome Kong (TNA) fought Lei’D Tapa (GFW) to a DRAW
2) KOTM Qualifying Match: Lashley def. Jessie Godderz
3) TNA vs. GFW: The Wolves (TNA) def. Trevor Lee & Brian Myers (GFW)
4) TNA vs. GFW: Tigre Uno (TNA) def. Sonjay Dutt (GFW)
5) KOTM Title King of the Mountain Ladder Match: PJ Black (GFW) def. Robbie E (TNA), Chris Mordetzky (GFW), Eric Young (TNA), & Lashley (TNA) to win the vacant title!